4.11 - What To My Wondering Eyes
Transcript by Craig Best

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[Opening scene - Its Christmas time, we start at Julia and Joel's house. Joel comes up to Julia carrying some mistletoe.]

JOEL: Ho, ho, ho, ho.

JULIA: [Laughs] Well, happy holidays to you too!

[Sydney and Victor are nearby, looking for their presents.]

VICTOR: Shh. Come on!

[They look in a cupboard.]


[They enter Julia and Joel's bedroom.]

SARAH: This is where they hid them last year. You look in that one. I'll look in this one.

JULIA: Hey, what's going on here, guys?

VICTOR: Hey, Julia. I was just helping Sydney look for her shoes,


VICTOR: 'cause she, like, couldn't, like, find her shoes.

JOEL: In our closet. Good idea.

JULIA: I see. Mm-hmm.

JOEL: This isn't what it looks like, is it?

VICTOR: Pst, no.

JULIA: You know Santa doesn't bring presents to kids who are too snooping around.

VICTOR: Santa's not real.


JULIA: Yes, he is! Of course he's real, and he will know.

JOEL: Yeah.

VICTOR: He's a big fat guy in a suit. Everyone knows that.

SYDNEY: Is that true?

[NEW SCENE - Ambers apartment, they are making Christmas cookies.] The over timer dings.]

AMBER: Ooh! These are done! Mmm, buddy, get prepared for more cinnamon-y greatness.

RYAN: Oh, I'm out-sugared.

AMBER: Yes, I need you to.

RYAN: I can't. I don't think I can.

AMBER: Hey, buddy... Mm, take a big bite.

[She feeds him some.]

AMBER: [Laughs]

RYAN: It's so hot! Are you kidding me?

AMBER: It's not bad. Just blow on it. Mm. I'm sorry, but we need to fatten you up before you go back to Wyoming.

RYAN: I like them more cinnamon.

AMBER: Your family's gonna be so confused when they see you and you have a big Santa belly.

RYAN: Oh, um, hey, you know, I didn't mention, but I'm sticking around for Christmas.

AMBER: What do you mean?

RYAN: I'm not, uh, I'm not gonna go back.

AMBER: Really?

RYAN: Yeah. It's just better to--I don't wanna make the trip, and--


RYAN: I just wanna be with you, anyway.

AMBER: Yeah, I was gonna say. I guess I'm kind of glad, 'cause you get to hang out with me and my family on Christmas.

RYAN: Yeah.

AMBER: It'll be great! They're gonna love you, okay? Come on. Let's eat more of these. Just one more bite.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman kitchen, Sarah sitting at the table and is looking at the family picture they took a few months before, it's now their Christmas card. Her mother enters the room.]

CAMILLE: I'm not saying a thing.

SARAH: What? I'm signing it.

ZEEK: Seems like the best thing that could've happened. You know, I mean, he wasn't the right guy. You know? We're moving on. Glad to have you back here, though.

CAMILLE: You're always welcome here.

SARAH: Oh, my God. Can we please stop talking about it? It's fine. Everybody's fine. You know, I'm worried about Drew more than anything, just back and forth, the transitions and…

DREW: [Enters the room happy.] Um, sorry, guys. I'm going to Amy's. I'll be back later. Merry Christmas, everyone. Bye.

CAMILLE: Looks like he's gonna survive.

[NEW SCENE - Adam and Kristina's bedroom. She is on the been wrapping gifts.]

KRISTINA: [Coughs]

ADAM: Wait, Haddie. Have they cancelled the flight?

HADDIE: [Cut to Haddie in an airport lounge] Uh, no, not officially. But no flights are taking off. Not to Oakland, not to Portland, not, like, L.A., nowhere west. Sorry, excuse me.

ADAM: Okay, here's what you're gonna do. You're gonna book a hotel room in case you get stuck there, all right?


ADAM: But do it now just in case all the rooms are taken.

HADDIE: Um, let me call you back. They're making an announcement.

ADAM: Haddie, hang on, make sure it's a nice hotel, okay? Don't worry about the money.


ADAM: All right, I love you. [Hangs up the cell phone.] They're calling it "The Snowpocalypse."

KRISTINA: I know, but she has to come home. She's coming home. I have, like, a thousand presents for her. This is ridiculous.

ADAM: Yeah, no kidding. You went overboard this year.

KRISTINA: I mean, I got everything on her list, and I just want this to be, like, the best Christmas they've ever had in their entire lives.

ADAM: Okay.

KRISTINA: [Coughs] And look what I got.

ADAM: Hey.

KRISTINA: [Coughs] What?

ADAM: Are you feeling okay?

KRISTINA: I'm feeling fine.

ADAM: I think we should call Dr. Bedsloe about that cough.

KRISTINA: Oh, my God. I knew you were gonna say that. You're freaking out over nothing, okay?

ADAM: I'm not. He said to call about anything.


ADAM: You've had this cough for quite a few days.

KRISTINA: Okay, I understand that. I will tell you when it's time to call. I'm fine. Just look what I got. [Toilet flushing sound]

ADAM: [Chuckles]

TOY: Byebye, pee-pee!

ADAM: [Laughter]

KRISTINA: It's so cute. [Coughs]

ADAM: Yeah.

[Adam looks worried.]

[NEW SCENE - Crosby and Jasmine on their couch reading to Jabbar. "But I heard him exclaim, 'ere he drove out of sight, 'merry Christmas to all...'"

BOTH: "'And to all, a good night.'"

JABBAR: That was an awesome story.

JASMINE: [Laughs]

CROSBY: That's a good one.

JASMINE: Isn't this great?


JASMINE: Our first Christmas all together, not out fighting the crowds in the malls, and shopping, and stuff--

CROSBY: Yeah, that's no fun.

JABBAR: But I still get to get presents, right?

JASMINE: Of course.


JABBAR: And a tree?

CROSBY: Uh, yeah.

JASMINE: We found the place where we get to go pick out our own tree and chop it down ourselves.

CROSBY: That's right. Are you ready to get your Paul Bunyan on?


JASMINE: [Laughs]

JABBAR: Wait, who's Paul Bunyan?

[NEW SCENE - Late at night, Kristina and Adam are in bed asleep.]

KRISTINA: [Hacking and coughing] Oh God.

ADAM: Hey.

KRISTINA: [Coughs]

ADAM: Kristina.

KRISTINA: [Coughs] I'm fine, honey.

ADAM: Honey.

KRISTINA: I just--God.

ADAM: Honey.

KRISTINA: [Coughs]

ADAM: My God, honey, you're drenched in sweat.

KRISTINA: I'm good. I just gotta get some...

ADAM: Hey, honey.


ADAM: Honey, you've got a fever.

KRISTINA: Honey, I'm good.

ADAM: Listen, Dr. Bedsloe said we gotta get you into the E.R. if you got a fever.

KRISTINA: [Coughs] Honey, who are you calling?

ADAM: I'm going to call Crosby.

KRISTINA: No, no, no.

ADAM: I'm gonna get him over here. We've gotta take care of you. [On the phone.] Hey, Crosby, it's Adam. Listen, I have to take Kristina to the E.R. You gotta get over here, and watch the kids, okay?

KRISTINA: Please tell him not to come.

ADAM: All right, thanks. Bye.


ADAM: All right, he's gonna be here as soon as he can, all right?

KRISTINA: [Coughing]

ADAM: Honey. Try and lay down, okay? I'm gonna get dressed.

KRISTINA: [Coughs] It's Christmas Eve. [Exhales]

[Opening credits - featuring “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan]

[NEW SCENE - Morning. Crosby is watching the kids, holding a crying Nora while on the phone to Adam, who is at the ER.

ADAM: You should be able to find it in the kitchen. If you can find her bunny, that should work.

NORA: [Crying]

ADAM: When in doubt, find the bunny.

CROSBY: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got her bunny. Okay, whoa. Okay, here we go sweetie.

ADAM: Good, and also, I left some Cheerios up on the counter. You can give her some Cheerios if you want. It should help too.

CROSBY: I see-I see Cheerios.

ADAM: But not too many, okay? Because then she'll have too much sugar, and you don't want that.

CROSBY: Okay, and how's Kristina? Is she good?

ADAM: Uh, you know, she's doing all right. They've got her on some fluids, and they ordered a chest X-ray, 'cause they think there might be an infection, but they don't have anything back yet.


ADAM: Hey, listen, Crosby. Don't tell mom or dad or anybody, okay? I'm hoping this is a quick thing. We can get some fluids in her and get out of here. I don't want to ruin anybody's Christmas.

CROSBY: Okay, well, I don't think it's gonna ruin anyone's--

ADAM: Crosby, please, just don't tell anybody. I don't want 'em getting hysterical, and I don't need dad freaking out...


ADAM: And making a bigger deal out of this than it already is, okay?


ADAM: Thanks. Bye.

[NEW SCENE - Julia and Joel putting the final touches to the Christmas tree.]

JULIA: You know, she's too young to not believe in Santa Claus. I don't want that, and you know how old I was when I found out?

JOEL: 26.

JULIA: [Laughing] No.

JOEL: 27?

JULIA: I was 11.

JOEL: [Cringes] That's not normal.

JULIA: Babe, I just want her to have that... Magical feeling for as long as possible.

[The door bell rings and there is knocking.]

JOEL: You just--you can't be innocent forever, honey. That's the way it is.

JULIA: Well, but for a little longer.

[Joel opens the front door.]

AMBER: Good morning!

JOEL: Good morning, Mrs. Claus.

JULIA: Hello!

JOEL: Enter.

AMBER: I bring good tidings for the little ones.

JOEL: Wow.

JULIA: Look at you! Hey!

JULIA: That's awesome! Come in, please! Would you like some coffee? We have fresh coffee.

AMBER: Oh, God, no. I'm pretty loaded already. This is, like, my big day.

JULIA: Um, how is Ryan?

AMBER: He's great.

JULIA: Yeah? That's good. I'm glad that he's good.

AMBER: Yeah. Why?

JULIA: Yeah, um, just because the work thing didn't go well.

AMBER: What do you mean?

JULIA: He didn't tell you about that.

AMBER: I guess he didn't. What happened?

JULIA: I guess just he broke a window on his first day, and then he was upset about it, and so he left, um, but Joel hasn't been able to talk to him since then, so--

AMBER: I had no idea. I'm so sorry. No, I didn't--

VICTOR: [Enters the room and rushes towards Amber.] Hey!

AMBER: Hi! Hey-oh!

JULIA: All right.

AMBER: You know, I'm just gonna throw them away. Nobody wants them.

VICTOR: No, I want them!

[NEW SCENE - Crosby is trying to put a dipper on Nora, Max enters the kitchen/living area.]

CROSBY: [To Nora] Aunt Jasmine's gonna be here in a second, and she's gonna help with--oh, hey, Otis.

MAX: What are you doing here?

CROSBY: We gotta get this diaper on. Oh, hey, Max.

MAX: Where are my mom and dad?

CROSBY: They went out to take care of some things.

MAX: What could they possibly have to do? It's December 24th.

CROSBY: Um, you know, they just had some stuff to do, I think.

MAX: But what are they doing? Spit it out. That's an idiom.


MAX: It means you should tell me.

CROSBY: Here's what happened. Um, your--your mom is in the hospital. Your dad took your mom to the hospital. [To Nora] Ayay, there we go, sweetie.

MAX: Oh.

CROSBY: Oh, jeez.

NORA: [Crying]

CROSBY: It's nothing serious. Are you okay?

MAX: No, I'm not okay. How could I be okay? Is-- is my dad gonna be home in time to take me to the mall?

CROSBY: To--to the mall?

MAX: Yes, to the mall.

CROSBY: Um, I don't know.

MAX: Every year, on December 24th, we go to the mall. Is he going to be back home in time to take me?

CROSBY: [To Nora.] Okay, you sit here. Um, you know, I don't know if they're gonna be back in time to...

MAX: No, but he has to be back, because we have to go to the hobby store, so I can pick out the train that runs underneath the tree at grandma and grandpa's house. I do it every year without exception.

CROSBY: Okay, can I make you some breakfast?

MAX: Yes, eggs.

CROSBY: You want eggs.

MAX: I want eggs.


NORA: [Crying]


[We see Nora walking up the hall.]

MAX: Nora doesn't have any pants on.

CROSBY: Huh? Where?

MAX: Over there.

CROSBY: Oh. Okay. Come here, sweetie.

NORA: [Crying.]
CROSBY: Yeah. [Zeek enters the front door.] Take her!

ZEEK: Oh, no, no, doesn't have any pants on.

CROSBY: Yeah, I can see that.

ZEEK: Well, get the kid some clothes, for Pete's sake. [They enter the kitchen.] Hi, Max.

MAX: Mmhmm.

ZEEK: Okay, where's Adam and Kristina?

CROSBY: They had some errands to run.

MAX: Why would you lie? All right, my mom's in the hospital.

ZEEK: What?

MAX: My mom's in the hospital.

ZEEK: What's he talking about?

CROSBY: [To Nora.] Hey, hey, hey.

NORA: [Crying but reaching for Zeek.] Mommy!

CROSBY: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Nora, Nora, Nora, Nora, Nora.

ZEEK: Sweetheart, come here.

CROSBY: Oh, okay. [He hands her over.] Um, Kristina had a rough night last night, and her white blood cell count apparently dropped because of the Chemo, and so Adam asked me not to tell anyone 'cause he didn't want anyone to worry.

[Nora has calmed down.]

ZEEK: What the hell is wrong with him? What hospital is-- St. Michael's?


ZEEK: Right. All right.

CROSBY: Wait, wait, hey, hey! Hey, dad, where you going? Where you going?

ZEEK: Here. [Hand Nora back.]


ZEEK: I'm gonna go to the hospital and see my daughter-in-law.

CROSBY: Okay, no, dad. Please! That's exactly what he didn't want to happen.

ZEEK: Yeah, thanks, Cros.

CROSBY: Okay. [Zeek leaves.] No, no, no, no! No, Otis, you can't crap inside!

NORA: Mommy, mommy!

[NEW SCENE - Mall Santa Booth. Hanks is taking photos as Sarah deals with the customers.]

SANTA: Ho, ho, ho.

[Camera shutter clicks]

HANK: Okay, we got a good one. Who's next?

SARAH: [Off camera] It's $74.98
WOMAN: But I want package “C”, I just want an extra 5x7, instead of the wallet size.

SARAH: [Dressed in an Elf costume] But an extra 5x7 makes it package “D” so why don't you just get package “D”.

WOMAN: But I don't want package "D". Isn't it bad enough that you're screwing over all these parents? You're overcharging for these crappy photos. You gotta make me buy stuff I don't even want?

[Hank looks over from his camera.]

SARAH: These are not crappy photos. This is one of the best photographers in the city.

WOMAN: Yeah, sure, great.

SARAH: You're lucky that he's here in this place.

WOMAN: Look, I don't have to buy anything, all right? I took a picture of the kid on my iPhone. Turned out great.

SARAH: That's really, that's stealing. We have signs, says no…

HANK: Hey, what's going on? What's going on?

WOMAN: What's going on is you have a mean elf here. And that's the problem.

SARAH: I'm not a mean elf.

WOMAN: All I want is package "C." I want an extra 5x7 instead of a wallet size.

HANK: I see.

SARAH: Which makes it package--

HANK: Okay, okay, but here's what we're gonna do. First--oh, he's already been up there, right?

WOMAN: Yes, this is Robbie.

HANK: [Being charming.] Oh, yeah, he did some great shots. He's got that great smile. That's where he gets it from.

WOMAN: [Laughs] Stop.

HANK: All right, here's what we're gonna do. We're going to give you package "D" and charge you for package "C."

WOMAN: Thank you.

HANK: Yeah, and we'll let Danny take care of it, and let's switch places.

SARAH: Why? I'm halfway through.

HANK: Uh, we need you up there.

SARAH: Have a nice day.

HANK: Merry Christmas.

WOMAN: Merry Christmas.

HANK: Good job, buddy.

SARAH: What are you doing?

HANK: Okay, you've gotta go.

SARAH: I was in the middle of a transaction.

HANK: You gotta take a break, all right? Go get a key made or something.

SANTA: You are fighting with each and every one of these women! That's the third argument you had this morning!

SARAH: It's not an argument.

SANTA: Will you just leave the customers alone? I am here on a percentage, all right?

HANK: I got it, Santa. I got it. [To Sarah.] What's going on? What's-

SARAH: What?

HANK: What's going on?

SARAH: What are you talking about?

HANK: You gotta stop this. You think I wanna be here? What all right? I don't like lying to the lady, all right? This pays my rent for a year.

SARAH: I know, I know. I'm trying. [Sighs]

HANK: Let's get through this, all right? We'll get drunk later. Just smile, please. [She puts on a smile.] Come on. Stand here, be nice, or I'm gonna put you both in mall jail, all right?

SANTA: I liked the girl you had last year better, a lot better.

SARAH: I smell the rum from here.

[NEW SCENE - Hospital, Kristina is in bed the EKG beeping. Adam is sitting next to the bed as the EKG beeps faster.]

ADAM: [Stands up.] Kristina. Kristina! Kri… [Rushes out of the room.] Excuse me, nurse, there's something going on with my wife. There's an alarm going off.

NURSE: Okay.

ADAM: Can I--there's something going on with my wife.

DOCTOR WILLIAMS: What's going on?

ADAM: I'm not sure. At a blood pressure, or something. I tried to wake her up, and I couldn't do it, and I called earlier because she was acting disoriented.

DOCTOR WILLIAMS: Okay, disoriented in what way?

ADAM: Just saying things that didn't make any sense, like she was dreaming or something.

DOCTOR WILLIAMS: Okay. Mrs. Braverman?

[The monitor is beeping rapidly.]

DOCTOR WILLIAMS: I need a central line kit. Grab the pacer pads. Pacer pads, crash cart.

NURSE: Got it.

ADAM: What's going on?

[We see Zeek in the back ground.]

DOCTOR WILLIAMS: Mr. Braverman, your wife is in septic shock.

ADAM: What is that?

DOCTOR WILLIAMS: It means that her immune system isn't able to deal with the infection. When was her last chemo treatment?

ADAM: Uh, it was a week and a half ago.

DOCTOR WILLIAMS: Okay, her white blood cell--

ZEEK: Adam, What's going on?

ADAM: I don't--dad! What are you doing here? I don't know.

ZEEK: What infection?

ADAM: Dad, please, can you just give us some space?

DOCTOR WILLIAMS: I need a C.V.P. Line. You'll have to sign for that.

ADAM: Sign for that? - Why do I have to sign for that? Is that dangerous?

ZEEK: Adam, if she wants to put her on a C.V.P --

ADAM: Dad would you just back off, okay? She said that I had to sign for it. I didn't understand why I've gotta do this, all right?

ZEEK: Adam, I-I really want to just help.

ADAM: Well, dad, you're not helping, okay? So just go home.

[NEW SCENE - Hospital, Some time later, Adam is waiting in a chair.]

ADAM: Uh, excuse me, Dr. Bartlett?


ADAM: Can you tell me how my wife is doing?

DOCTOR BARTLETT: Uh, yeah, she's responding well. Her kidney stones are removed, and she's doing much better.

ADAM: My wife doesn't have kidney stones. Kristina Braverman? She's right there, room four?

DOCTOR BARTLETT: Right. I'm sorry, we're a little short-staffed today.

ADAM: Well, can I talk to Dr. Zisk? He's the head of critical care, right?

DOCTOR BARTLETT: Mr. Braverman, I promise you, your wife is getting excellent care. We got her on a strong antibiotic, and we're monitoring her closely. We're concerned about her, but we think she is likely to turn around.

ADAM: Likely. What does that mean, likely?


ADAM: Is there a chance that she's not gonna turn around?

DOCTOR BARTLETT: Your wife's white blood cell count is still extremely low. This often happens seven to ten days after chemo treatment. Now, there are many cases, many, where patients in septic shock can improve radically and quickly. However, I have to be honest with you. It can go the wrong direction. It can sometimes lead to other organs in her body failing, and that's what we want to avoid.

ADAM: Yeah.

DOCTOR BARTLETT: Okay? So we're gonna monitor her closely. We are gonna give her the best care that we can, but unfortunately, there just are no guarantees. Excuse me.

ADAM: [Sighs]

[NEW SCENE - Amber's apartment, she is Ryan enters.]

RYAN: Hey.

AMBER: Hi. [Laughs] Aw. Thanks.

RYAN: Best gift that you've ever gotten in your whole life.

AMBER: I believe it.

RYAN: More cookies.

AMBER: You know me. So I went to Joel and Julia's today.


AMBER: Uh-huh.

RYAN: How are they doing?

AMBER: Well, uh, they're okay.

RYAN: Okay. Cool. Hmm.

AMBER: Is there something you want to talk to me about? What happened?

RYAN: I don't know. I'm sorry.

AMBER: It's okay. Buddy, don't apologize. It's okay. It's all right if-- you know, I'm just-- I'm confused, 'cause I thought you were excited, and you seemed like it was going well, and--

RYAN: No, it didn't go well. It was--it was a mess.

AMBER: Really?

RYAN: Yeah. It was not the right job for me, but...

AMBER: Okay.

RYAN: I'm really sorry. I handled it completely wrong.

AMBER: It's okay. I do feel like we should clear this up with Joel, though. Obviously, right? I mean, did you-- did you have a plan for doing that, or--

RYAN: A plan? Like...

AMBER: [Sighs] You should go now. They're there. I mean, you should just go. Take my car, and go.

RYAN: Are you serious?

AMBER: Yeah. Just explain, just, you know-- he's very cool. He understands, okay?

RYAN: Okay.

AMBER: Yeah?

RYAN: Yeah. You're right. Okay.

AMBER: Okay?

RYAN: Mmhmm.

AMBER: I'll see you soon.

RYAN: All right.

[NEW SCENE - Back at the Mall Santa Booth. Hank is taking photos of Santa with Jasmine and Nora. Max is talking to Hank.]

MAX: So I'm not supposed to tell the little kids this, but that whole Santa thing is a sham.

HANK: How's that?

MAX: Well, first of all, it's mathematically impossible. There are 7 billion people in the world, which translates to roughly a billion or so households, maybe more, and how could one fat guy in a red suit and a beard cover that kind of ground in one night? And this guy is definitely not real. He's got a fake beard.

HANK: Yeah.

SANTA: Ho, ho, ho!

HANK: Listen, you're my favorite from that whole tribe of yours, so I'm just gonna give you some advice.

MAX: We're not a tribe.

HANK: Yeah, but here's the thing: It seems appealing to be the cynical guy. It's not. It's much cooler to be a "go with the flow" kinda guy.

MAX: Yeah, I can't do that.

HANK: Yeah, me neither.

JASMINE: Thanks Hank.

MAX: Jabbar.

SARAH: Alright, here you go. Bye guys.

MAX: We're going to Brookstone. Let's go to Brookstone.

JABBAR: Mom, can we go to Brookstone?


MAX: Yes we're going to Brookstone.

CROSBY: No, no, no, guys, guys, guys. We've been here all day, okay?

MAX: Right.

CROSBY: We gotta go to Webb's ranch to cut down our Christmas tree.

MAX: No, Brookstone has the world's best everything. It is way better than a--

JABBAR: Can we do it after?

MAX: You can get a tree anywhere. You can only get Brookstone stuff at Brookstone.

JASMINE: [Sighs]

MAX: We are going to Brookstone.

JASMINE: Brookstone is awesome.

JABBAR: Yes, let's go!

MAX: All right, let's go to Brookstone.

JABBAR: Let's do it.

[They walk off.]

CROSBY: You're awesome. That was very big of you.

[NEW SCENE - Hospital, Adam is sitting next to Kristina's bed again, the EKG is beeping normally. He is dressing in a mask and surgical covers. Kristina wakes up.]

ADAM: Hey. Honey? Oh, I'm so glad you're awake.

KRISTINA: I don't feel very good.

ADAM: I know.

KRISTINA: Am I gonna be okay?

ADAM: You're gonna be okay. They're taking great care of you, and you're the strongest person I know.

KRISTINA: Honey, there's a, um...

ADAM: What?

KRISTINA: There's a file on my computer...

ADAM: Okay.

KRISTINA: That I made for the kids. I want to make sure the kids have it, okay? Can you promise me that?

ADAM: Okay, listen to me, Kristina. Anything you want to say to our kids, you can say to them in person, in our home, by the Christmas tree. Okay?

KRISTINA: Okay. [Exhales]

ADAM: I love you.

[NEW SCENE - Amber's apartment, she is talking on her phone.]

AMBER: Hey, buddy, it's me. Um, just calling to check in. It's been a little bit. Um, wondering where you are, what you're doing. Perhaps you're in Mexico, uh, with my car. [Laughs] Um, but anyway, seriously, just give me a call back, or text me to let me know that you're okay. Um, okay. I'll talk to you soon. I love you. Bye.

[NEW SCENE - Mall Bar, Sarah and Hank are drinking.]

SARAH: All right, well, cheers.

HANK: Okay. That day is done.

SARAH: [Gags and Coughs]

HANK: Really?

SARAH: There's a lot of Vermouth in there. That is not a good Martini.

HANK: That's what it-- it's one of the ingredients.

SARAH: Yeah, but it's not supposed to be, like, half vermouth. It's, like, too much vermouth. I could make a better Martini than this in my sleep.

HANK: So that's how bad it is. So the complaining from this morning--

SARAH: I'm not complaining. I'm just saying I'm a good bartender. It's my one skill. Can you leave me that?

HANK: So now it's complaining and bragging. Now you're bragging.

SARAH: [Laughs] There's gotta be a word for that.

HANK: Pathetic. That's the word.

SARAH: Oh. Well, I am pathetic, so that's fine.

HANK: No, I'm sorry.

SARAH: No, no, no, it's--I am.

HANK: That's horrible to say.

SARAH: It's all right.

HANK: That's horrible.

SARAH: So I'm horrible and pathetic.

HANK: You're not horrible. You're not pathetic. I'm pathetic.

SARAH: I'm pathetic.

HANK: You wanna challenge me?


HANK: All right. Uh, I'm sitting in a mall, and my daughter is in Minnesota, and it's Christmas. You're up.

SARAH: [Sighs] I'm 42.

HANK: Mmhmm.

SARAH: And I just moved back in with my parents.

HANK: You win.

SARAH: [Cackles]

HANK: You win the prize.

SARAH: You know... Sitting in a crummy mall in a terrible bar with an awful drink, dressed like one of Santa's helpers, and I feel so good. And I think... It's because of you. [Chuckles]

HANK: [Laughs] Well... I feel good because of you.


HANK: Yeah. Yeah. You know, I'm happy I met you. I am. I'm not happy, 'cause... You know, I'm never gonna be happy. I've accepted that. But... I'm almost happy.

[Sarah reaches and touches Hanks hand, they smile at each other.]

[NEW SCENE - Hospital, the same time. Adam still sitting next to Kristina's bed. He sees Zeek outside, Adam goes out of the sealed ICU room.]

ADAM: Hey.

ZEEK: Hi. Oh, here. Yeah, I, uh, brought you your computer.

ADAM: Thanks.

ZEEK: And I brought you some-- some clothes, you know, and stuff you might need. And then I made you a sandwich. It's like ham and cheese? Your favorite?

ADAM: Thanks.

ZEEK: Yeah, well, you need to take care of yourself, son.

ADAM: Okay.

[Zeek looks at Kristina for a few moments.]

ZEEK: Okay. Well, okay, just, um, please... Tell her I love her.

ADAM: I will, dad.

ZEEK: Please.

ADAM: I will.

ZEEK: Okay.

ADAM: Yeah.

ZEEK: And listen, son, I am so sorry.

ADAM: No, you don't have to--

ZEEK: You know, I come in here. I'm frantic. I'm sorry.

ADAM: It's all right.

ZEEK: Okay.

[They shake hands.]

ADAM: All right.

ZEEK: Anyway.

[He starts to walk off.]

ADAM: Hey, dad.

ZEEK: Yeah?

ADAM: Could you, uh, could you stay a while longer?

ZEEK: Sure.

ADAM: I'm sorry.


ADAM: I'm sorry.

[They hug.]

[NEW SCENE - Hanks bedroom, Sarah is in bed with him, there is an awkward silence, they have clearly just had sex.]

SARAH: [Sighs]

HANK: [Laughter]


HANK: Yeah. In the right place at the right time, I mean, right?

SARAH: What? What does that mean?

HANK: Ah, I got no idea.

SARAH: What do you mean you're in the right place at the--what?

HANK: I got no idea. No, I just-- ah, it's weird. It's just a little weird now. Right? And I get it, you know. We're--we were drunk, and, um, you know, we work together. So...


HANK: It's gonna get too weird. We should just-- you know, let's forget this ever happened and--

[Sarah's cell phone rings]

SARAH: Um, this is my dad.

HANK: Your dad?

SARAH: But I have to take it because it's a family thing. [On the phone] Hi--hi, dad.

ZEEK: [Quietly on the phone.] Sarah, Kristina's gotten worse.

SARAH: Oh, God. What--what's happened? Okay, so we're at the house? Do you want me to call anybody? All right. I'll be there in like 20 minutes. [Hangs up.] Uh, I have to go. I'm sorry. It's, uh--my sister-in-law is in the hospital.

HANK: Want me to drive you? Or you want me to…

SARAH: Uh, no, that's okay. No, I have my…

HANK: Well, are you okay? You all right?

SARAH: Yeah. Just gotta run, so…

HANK: All right, uh…

SARAH: Okay.

[NEW SCENE - Amber's apartment. She is calling Ryan again.]

AMBER: Ryan, it's Amber. I'm starting to get really stressed out, like I should call hospitals or something, so please text me back right away. [Exhales shakily]

[Amber here's a car approaching, tires screech as it stops. Amber grabs her coat.]

[NEW SCENE - Outside, we see there is damage on the side of Amber's car, he is holding the side mirror as he gets out, clearly drunk.]

ADAM: Ryan, are you okay? What happened? You scared me! Why didn't you pick up the phone? Are you all right?

RYAN: Yeah, I'm fine.

AMBER: Are you sure?

RYAN: Yes, I'm fine.

AMBER: Oh, God, why didn't you pick up? Where were you?

RYAN: [Clears throat] I was, uh---

AMBER: [Noticing the damage.] What the hell happened to the car?

RYAN: Well, I...

AMBER: What's going on?

RYAN: Well, I was trying to leave the parking lot, and there--and one of the yellow, uh, pole things that was…

AMBER: [She sniffs his breath.] Are you drunk?

RYAN: No, I'm not drunk.

AMBER: You're drunk!

RYAN: No, I'm not. I had a couple of beers.

AMBER: You're lying to me! You're clearly drunk. You're--

RYAN: I'm not.

AMBER: You're slurring your speech.

RYAN: [Scoffs]

AMBER: You're…

RYAN: I'm not drunk.

AMBER: I'm sorry. Can you just explain to me the sequence of events...

RYAN: Yeah. Yeah.

AMBER: That you-- you went to Joel's, and then you decided…

RYAN: No, I didn't go to Joel's because I--

AMBER: You didn't even go? Huh?

RYAN: No, I didn't even go. I just--

AMBER: [Crying] Why would you not go?

RYAN: Because--

[He hits the car.]

AMBER: What happened?

RYAN: The reason I didn't go is because I want to talk to him when I want to talk to him.

AMBER: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

RYAN: Not because you're forcing me...

AMBER: Why didn't you say that?!

RYAN: To make an ass of myself on his front doorstep.

AMBER: I didn't know!

RYAN: So you can judge me even more? And I don't want to go.

[They are now yelling at each other.]

AMBER: I'm trying to help you!

RYAN: You're trying to change me!

AMBER: Everything I did, and now you're mad at--

RYAN: You're trying to fix me into something that I'm not.

AMBER: Oh, please. That's--

RYAN: so that maybe I can go--

AMBER: That's crazy.

RYAN: Oh, I am crazy! I'm sorry!

AMBER: Stop!

RYAN: I'm not going to your Christmas with your family so they can judge me and everyone can think I'm crazy.

AMBER: They're not gonna judge you.

RYAN: I'm sorry about your freaking car, and it's my fault!

AMBER: [Sobbing] Ryan, come here! Ryan, come back!

RYAN: What are you looking at?!

AMBER: Stop! Stop, stop! Ryan, come here!

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house, Max has set up the train under the Christmas tree. The kids are in the living room.]

MAX: Nice.


MAX: Oh, it's up. Here, come up. Let's go. Stop, stop, stop, stop.

[NEW SCENE - Same time the adults are in the kitchen.]

JULIA: What are the doctors saying?

ZEEK: Well, they're saying that they-- they hope her fever breaks, and that her white blood cell count will come up so her body will start fighting on its own. That's what they're hoping for.


SARAH: But they're hopeful, right?

ZEEK: [Sighs]

[Jasmine (holding Nora) coughs then clears her throat and leaves the room. Crosby follows.]

JASMINE: [To Nora] Want to sit here?


JASMINE: Sit with your auntie. [To Crosby] Hey.

CROSBY: You okay?

JASMINE: [Sighs] I just--I can't believe this is happening.

CROSBY: Yeah. She's strong, though. You know, she's an Ohio buckeye.

JASMINE: [Chuckles]

CROSBY: She'll make it.

JASMINE: I don't know. These last couple of days with Kristina and, you know, having Nora... [Kisses Nora on the top of her head.] Just made me think how life is short.

CROSBY: Yeah, uh, painfully short.

JASMINE: I want to have another baby. I--maybe I'm-- I don't know. Maybe I'm just emotional and... Attached to this one. [Laughs]

CROSBY: I want to have another baby too.

JASMINE: Really?

CROSBY: Yeah, really. Like, pretty bad.

JASMINE: Really?


[They kiss.]

NORA: [Coos]


CROSBY: [Whispers to Nora] You're a troublemaker. Look what you started.

NORA: Cookies.

[NEW SCENE - Short time later in the living room, Camille is handing out blankets.]

CAMILLE: Red or green?

JABBAR: Mom, is it true there's no such thing as Santa?

JASMINE: Who said that?

JABBAR: Victor. He said Santa's just a fake guy in a red suit.

JULIA: I'm so sorry.

ZEEK: Hey, hey, grandson. Hold on, hold on, hold on. Come here a second. Sit down here. Hey, uh, granddaughter, where are you? You guys, I got, uh-- come on in here. I want to talk to you about something that's really, really important. Okay, now, if there's anybody sitting here that does not believe in Santa, [Max raises his hand.] I gotta tell you, you are wrong. I met him. Long time ago. I saw him with my very own eyes.

Now, if your grandfather, who is pretty old, still believes in Santa Claus, I think you should too. You know, I was just a little kid. And we used to go visit my grandmother and grandfather on Christmas Eve, and we didn't have a lot of money back then, so we had to take the bus. But anyway, late one night, Christmas Eve-- it was turning into Christmas morning. It was like 12:00. It was very dark. And we were getting on the bus, and I was taking the first step, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw something. Big red suit and this long, white beard, and had a sleigh with reindeer and--

JABBAR: Did you see Rudolph?

ZEEK: I saw Rudolph and this big bag filled with presents. I swear to God, I saw him. And he winked at me.

JABBAR: He did?

ZEEK: Yeah, he did. Santa... Is real. And Christmas... Is magic. Christmas brings... Miracles. And, I mean, it's easy to say you don't believe and, you know, be called what some people say. You know, naysayer. But if you keep looking, truly watching, you'll see.

[Some of the kids laugh]

ZEEK: [To Victor] You got that, grandson?

VICTOR: Yes, sir.

ZEEK: Good.

[There is a knock at door.]

CAMILLE: I got it.

[NEW SCENE - Front door.]

HANK: Hey.

CAMILLE: Oh, hi.

HANK: Hi, how are you? Merry Christmas. And I'm sorry--I know it's a rough time for your family, and I don't want to intrude, and--

CAMILLE: Oh, no. [Calls for] Sarah. Not at all.

SARAH: What?

HANK: Thank you.

SARAH: What are you looking at?



[NEW SCENE - They go outside, Sarah closes the door.]

SARAH: [Clears throat loudly]

HANK: Got a big group in there, huh?

SARAH: We do.

HANK: How's, uh, how's your sister-in-law?

SARAH: Um, we don't know. We're not sure yet.

HANK: Oh. I'm sorry about that.

SARAH: Thanks.

HANK: Uh... I got you this.

SARAH: It's really nice wrapping paper.

HANK: Yeah, it's nothing. It was just lying around.

SARAH: It's.

HANK: But, uh, open it later.

SARAH: Do you want to come in? Have an Eggnog?

HANK: That might be a little much.

SARAH: I didn't really mean it. Just trying to be polite. Christmas spirit.

HANK: No, I'm not drunk, so I'm just gonna say this fast. About what I said before.

SARAH: Mmhmm.

HANK: That we could make this a one-time thing?


HANK: Well, if that's what you want, I'm good. That's--that's fine, if that's what you want. But I just want to, um, to clarify... Yeah, that's, um, that's not how I feel. I feel pretty much the opposite. [Sarah smiles.] Yeah.

SARAH: Yeah?

HANK: You're not horrible. That's what I came to say. You're, uh, you're incredible.


HANK: Good night.

[Hank leans in and they kiss.]

[NEW SCENE - Adam is once again sitting with Kristina.]

ADAM: [Sighs]

[He opens up the MacBook Pro and runs Kristina's video.]

KRISTINA: [Video] Oh, it's on? Hi, guys. Um, it's mom. Duh. [Laughs] I, uh, I figured out how to use the computer, so I thought I'd leave you a little...

So we'll start with Haddie, because you're the oldest. Haddie--golly, um, I am so incredibly proud of you. Honey, you are my beautiful... Strong, smart, sensitive, lovely angel. And I know, no matter where you end up in this life, no matter what you do, you're gonna shine. Plain and simple. You have so much to give this world. And I know that you're gonna make a difference in this world.

Max, buddy... Wow. How you've grown. I'm so proud of you. How you've faced challenges and pushed through and became president. [Laughs] Buddy, my wish for you... Is for you to... Go out into the world. Step out of yourself, and let the world see how beautiful you are and what an amazing person you are.

[Voice shaking] Nora. Oh, honey, I am... [Exhales and Sniffs] This is so very hard, leaving you. I'm kind of mad. Nora, I wish that I could pick you up right now and hold you and love you and squeeze you. Honey, you have to know... [Exhales] That you have the most-- the most amazing daddy in the whole world. He knows how to take care of us, and he knows how to love us.

So I say to all three of you... [Exhales slowly] All three of... [Sniffs] My beautiful kids... I may not always be with you the way that I want to be... But I will never leave your side. I'll always be with you. [Sniffs] And I'm so lucky I got to be your mom.

[Closes the MacBook Pro.]
ADAM: [Sighs he takes hold of her hand.] Please don't take her from me. Please don't take her from us. [Sniffles] Come on, Kristina. Come on.

[NEW SCENE - Next morning, Braverman living room, they are opening the gifts, Joel is handing them out. “Wishlist” by Pearl Jam is playing.]

CROSBY: Jabbar.

CAMILLE: Thank you so much.

CROSBY: I want jabbar.
96135:59,741 --> 00:36:00,842

ZEEK: You need a light.

[Overlapping chatter.]


SYDNEY: Ohh...

[All chattering]


ZEEK: Look at that.

JULIA: He's going to college. He's got to...

ZEEK: Yep, rack 'em.


VICTOR: These are awesome.

AMBER: Thank you for this, grandpa. I appreciate it.


SARAH: Family scarves.

AMBER: Family scarves.

[Overlapping chatter]

CROSBY: Wave it around. Whoa! All right. I wanna see your fishing rod.

[Sarah opens her gift from Hank, she smiles. It's a framed picture he took at the wedding “Looking Pretty at Wedding” Henry Rizzoli 2012]

JULIA: Oh, you want more? Greedy little girl.

SYDNEY: [Laughs]

[More overlapping chatter as the music gets louder.]

[Amber gets a text message on her phone from Ryan “I'm Outside”.]

[NEW SCENE - Amber goes outside to see Ryan.]

RYAN: Hey.


RYAN: Aren't your toes cold out here? Amber, I'm so sorry. I just was so ashamed and so embarrassed to go to Joel and to come to your family's Christmas. I don't have a family like this.

AMBER: [Crying]

RYAN: I didn't feel like I'd fit. You know, I hate the way I treated you. You should never be treated that way. I'll do anything.

AMBER: [Exhales]

RYAN: I'll will, like...

AMBER: [Crying] You don't have--

RYAN: Hang out with your grandpa more.

AMBER: Just stop. It's fine.

RYAN: I want to fix it.

AMBER: Ryan, I love you. I'm in love with you. [Tearful laugh] But... I watched my mom, like... Get completely dragged down by somebody, you know, who just couldn't even stand on his own. And she just threw everything she had at it, and it didn't make him better, and it didn't make her better. And I just know-- I just know that that's not how to love. I think we just need time apart. I think that's the only way. Okay? I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I wish there was another way.

[She kisses him goodbye.]

AMBER: [Exhales] I'm sorry.

[Sobbing quietly as she walks back to the house.]

[NEW SCENE - Hospital, Adam wakes up, clearly exhausted from his long vidual. EKG beeping steadily, he sees Kristina talking to the Doctor.]

ADAM: Hey.

KRISTINA: That's the best part. [Seeing Adam is awake.] Hey.

ADAM: Hey. [To the Doctor] Hey, how's she doing? She doing okay?

DOCTOR WILLIAMS: So much better.

ADAM: And her white blood cells?

DOCTOR WILLIAMS: Her count is coming up. Her vitals have normalized.

ADAM: You're saying she's gonna be okay? She beat this?

DOCTOR WILLIAMS: With septic shock, things can turn around for the better very quickly. She needs a day or two of rest. We're gonna monitor her very closely. But, yes, we think she's gonna be fine.

KRISTINA: [Chuckles]

ADAM: Good.

DOCTOR WILLIAMS: I'm gonna give you two a moment alone.

ADAM: All right, thanks.

KRISTINA: Thank you very much. How are you?

ADAM: I'm fine. How are you feeling?

KRISTINA: I feel like, um... A thousand bucks. I feel good.

[They both laugh.]

ADAM: That's good.

KRISTINA: I feel really, really good. Thanks for hanging out with me, honey. How are the kids doing?

ADAM: They're fine. They got their presents. They're at my mom and dad's.

KRISTINA: Did Nora get the baby doll?

ADAM: She did, she got the…

KRISTINA: The toilet. The potty doll.

ADAM: She got the potty doll, yeah.

KRISTINA: And Max got his train?

ADAM: He got the train. I was afraid I was gonna lose you, you know?

KRISTINA: Not gettin' rid of me.

ADAM: Honey, I love you so much.

KRISTINA: I love you too. Merry Christmas.

ADAM: Merry Christmas. [Adam's cell phone rings.] Oh. Why don't you say hello to your daughter?

KRISTINA: Nora's calling?

[They both laugh.]

KRISTINA: I'm just kidding.

ADAM: It's Haddie.

KRISTINA: Hey, honey. Yeah, no, I'm-- I feel so much better. You're getting on a plane? She's getting on a plane.

ADAM: Oh, good. Good, good, good. Good, good, good.

[NEW SCENE - Hospital. The elevator dings, and we see Zeek and Camille followed by the rest of the family.]

ZEEK: Oh, my gosh. Santa.

SANTA: Merry Christmas.

ZEEK: Merry Christmas.


SARAH: Hello.

JASMINE: Hi, Santa.

CROSBY: Merry Christmas.

SANTA: Ho, ho, ho.

JULIA: Oh, my gosh. Hey, are you dropping off some last-minute gifts, Mr. Claus?

SANTA: Oh, just a little something extra for the ill children.


SANTA: Yeah, I'm heading back to the North Pole now. Say, did I treat you children good this year?

VICTOR: Yes, Santa.

SYDNEY: I love my baby doll.

JABBAR: Thank you, I love my robot.


JABBAR: Thank you.

SANTA: {Noticing the new shoes.] How'd you like the sneakers?

VICTOR: How did you know?

[Magical chime as Santa disappears.]

SANTA: Ho, ho, ho, ho.

[Bells jingling, Victor doesn't see where Santa went and it surprised.]

[NEW SCENE - Around at the nurses station.]

ZEEK: There you go. This is for you and the staff. [Hands them a basket.] I got 14 members of my family here, the Braverman clan, and what I'd appreciate is if you didn't see what you are seeing. Do you see what I mean there?

NURSE: 14?

ZEEK: 14.

[“Glorious” by Melissa Etheridge starts playing as the family moves into Kristina's room, now out of the ICU.]

[NEW SCENE - Inside the room the family we see the family great Kristina one at a time. Giving her the family scarf and the picture of Jasmine and Nora with Santa. Finally Haddie turns up and they have a long hug.]

Episode End
4.11 - What To My Wondering Eyes
Original Airdate (NBC) December 11, 2012
Written by Jason Katims
Directed by Hanelle Culpepper

Transcribed by Craig Best
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