4.08 - One More Weekend With You
Transcript by Craig Best

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[Opening scene - Adam and Kristine's house.]

ADAM: You kept this from me because you know it's crazy.

KRISTINA: I didn't keep this from you.

ADAM: Honey, you just had chemo.

KRISTINA: It just came up. Three days ago, Adam. I'm totally fine. Just fine.

ADAM: You know, you're supposed to take it easy, and, as much as I love Micah, taking care of a kid in a wheelchair over the weekend's not taking it easy.

KRISTINA: Okay, what was I supposed to say to these people? They were in a pickle, okay?

ADAM: Well, you say no.

KRISTINA: I can't say no.

ADAM: Yeah, you do. You say, "I wish I could help you, but I can't right now because I have cancer."

KRISTINA: I can't say that to them. They don't know that I have cancer. They would feel awful.

ADAM: Well, who cares if they feel awful?

[The front doorbell rings.]


ADAM: Oh, look at that. They're here already.

KRISTINA: I'll... it's gonna be fine...

ADAM: How about that?

KRISTINA: And fine. Just relax. [They make their way to the front door.] I need you to be on board with me, okay? Max is excited about the sleepover. Wipe the scowl off your face. Don't get funny.

ALL: Hey.

ADAM: How's it going?

VAL: Oh, Kristina, thank you.

KRISTINA: Of course.

DOUG: I really appreciate this one, Adam.

ADAM: Not a problem. Not a problem.

ADAM: Let me take that from you.

KRISTINA: Hi, buddy. Did you get some new wheels? Looking good.

ADAM: Hey, Micah. Shake her up. There we go.

KRISTINA: You're looking good, buddy. You excited?

MICAH: Hi, Max!

MAX: Look at Otis. He's grown like a foot exactly. Come on, let's go.

MICAH: No way.

DOUG: All right, Micah, have fun, buddy.

VAL: We're so sorry, but we're running a little bit late. Everything's packed. His medicine is in this bag.

ADAM: I got it. I got it. Okay, we know the drill.

DOUG: Great.

KRISTINA: You guys have a great time.

ADAM: Where are you headed?

KRISTINA: We're so jealous.

DOUG: Vegas. Yeah. We've been waiting for this.

VAL: [Laughing.]

ADAM: Vegas.

DOUG: Looking forward to this for a long time, huh?

VAL: You know what they say about Vegas?

DOUG: What happens there, stays there, right? Am I right?

ADAM: Is that what they say?

KRISTINA: Always. So true. That is so fun.

DOUG: Yeah.

KRISTINA: You guys should go. We have this under control. Yeah, have fun.

DOUG: You guys are life savers.

VAL: Thank you.

KRISTINA: You bet.

DOUG: Thanks so much.

KRISTINA: Have fun.

VAL: We'll see you.

KRISTINA: Go play some roulette.

DOUG: Bye, guys.

VAL: Oh, thank you.

ADAM: Bye. Have fun, guys. [Adam closes the door.] Okay. So that was the big emergency, huh, Vegas?

KRISTINA: Honey, I didn't know they were going to Vegas.

ADAM: You didn't know?

KRISTINA: Okay? I'm sorry.

ADAM: You didn't know that we had to be there for them for their big weekend of sin?

KRISTINA: Oh, my God. Calm down, okay?

ADAM: What? I'd like to go to Vegas.

KRISTINA: Do you remember what happened last time we went to Vegas?

ADAM: Yeah. That's why I want to go again.

[NEW SCENE - Crosby asleep in his bed, Jasmine comes into the room and starts kissing him.]

JASMINE: Time to get up. Rise and shine.

CROSBY: No, no, no, no, no. Mama, it's Saturday.

JASMINE: I know. I let you sleep in.

CROSBY: No, go away, go away, go away, go away, please?

JASMINE: It's almost 9:00, and I've been up for three hours. I need your help.

CROSBY: Did you stay up till 3:00 in the morning? No.

JASMINE: No, I didn't.

CROSBY: What do you need my help with?

JASMINE: The party.

CROSBY: What par...

JASMINE: The party.

CROSBY: Oh, my... That's this weekend?

JASMINE: Mmhmm. Yes, we're gonna have 18 parents from Sycamore here expecting an authentic Italian dinner.

CROSBY: No, no, no, I don't want them to have Italian dinner at our house.

JASMINE: Too late. I need you to go by the party place and pick up the rental chairs.

CROSBY: I don't even know these people, okay? I don't have time to see the people I want to see. They haven't even been vetted. They could be animals.

JASMINE: [Laughs]

CROSBY: And you've invited 'em into our house, and they're gonna tear the place apart, all right?

JASMINE: Come on. Get it together. Go pick up the chairs, take Jabbar with you so he'll be out of my hair, and, um, it'll be fun. I promise.

CROSBY: Isn't he old enough to send him?


CROSBY: With a little basket on his...

[Jasmine tosses him a shirt.]

JASMINE: Get up.

[NEW SCENE - Baseball field. Victor is with the team, Joel, Julia and Sydney are waiting outside the field.]

TEAM: Three, two, one, panthers.

JOEL: He played so good.

SYDNEY: You said we would be done an hour ago.

JOEL: Syd, your brother got to pitch the last inning, and we won. That's huge.

SYDNEY: I want to go skating.

JOEL: Hey, guys.

JULIA: [To Sydney] We will be. We're going right now, okay?

JOEL: Nice job, Eric.



JOEL: What a stud.

VICTOR: Chase and Emmett are going out for burgers and shakes. Can I go?

JULIA: They invited you?

VICTOR: Yeah, all of us. Can we go?

BOTH: [Julia and Joel.] Yes.

JOEL: Sounds great, honey.

VICTOR: Okay, great, so you guys can just follow us, and I'll ride with them.

JOEL: All right.

JULIA: Okay.

SYDNEY: I don't want burgers.

JULIA: Oh, sweetie. Okay, we'll make it fast.

SYDNEY: You said we were going skating.

JOEL: Yeah I know, Syd, but your brother's excited about celebrating, so we're gonna go to lunch, have a good time, and then we can go do something else, okay? Come on.

JULIA: Fast.

JOEL: Super fast.

JULIA: Come on, come on.

JOEL: It'll be good.

JULIA: Let's go.

JOEL: You hungry? Come on.

JULIA: Milkshakes!

[NEW SCENE - Amber's apartment, she is writing at her table. There is a knock at open front door.]


AMBER: Hey. Come in. You don't have to knock. Good morning. If you're here to pick me up for dinner, it's about 12 1/2 hours too early.

RYAN: I'm sorry. I can't make it to dinner.


RYAN: Yeah.

AMBER: What's up? Sit down.

RYAN: Well, it's just this thing came up last minute, and I'm gonna have to take a trip down to Bakersfield.

AMBER: Oh. Is that all you can give me? A mysterious Bakersfield awaits kind of thing?

RYAN: No, it's just a last-minute... it's a... it's... it's a funeral.


RYAN: It's one of the... one of the guys from my old unit.

AMBER: Ryan.

RYAN: So everyone's kind of...

AMBER: I'm sorry. Are you okay?

RYAN: Yeah. Yeah, so I'll make it up to you.

AMBER: Yeah.

RYAN: Okay? Sorry.

AMBER: Would you want me to go with you? I mean, I genuinely love road trips, and I'm also pretty fond of you. And I think it could be fun. Not fun. But, you know, just nice to be together, and I... If you wanted that, I'm here.

RYAN: Yeah.

AMBER: Yeah?

RYAN: Yeah.

AMBER: Okay.

[NEW SCENE - Mark's apartment, he enters to loud music playing in Drew's bedroom.]

MARK: Drew? Are you in there? [Knocks before opening the door.] Hey. Oh, my God.

DREW: What the hell?

MARK: Oh, sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't...

[Mark closes the door and stands there stunned.]

[Opening credits - featuring “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan]

[NEW SCENE - Dinner, Victor's team is celebrating, Julia and Joel watch from the counter as they talk to other parents.]

MAN: Victor is awesome!

JULIA: Yeah!

JOEL: Thank you.

[Victor is at a near by table with his team mates and Sydney.]

SYDNEY: What are you doing?

VICTOR: These are our fries. Why don't you go buy your own?

MAN: He was on the Yankees, right?


JOEL: No, we just adopted our son.

VICTOR: Okay, go order more. That's the power of money.

JOEL: I'm sure he didn't play last year.


VICTOR: Why don't you go order more?

MAN: That's so cool.

JULIA: It is. [Seeing trouble brewing between Sydney and Victor.] Pardon me for just one sec.

MAN: Oh, sure.

JULIA: Hey, hey, hey, what's happening?

VICTOR: Make her stop. These are our fries.

SYDNEY: I just want some chili fries.

JULIA: Okay, well, so we can get some chili fries. Just let your brother eat fries with his friends.

SYDNEY: [Forceful.] He's not my brother.

JULIA: Sydney.

VICTOR: Just go away. These are our fries, okay?

JULIA: Hey, Syd. Hey, Sydney.

SYDNEY: You ruin everything!

JULIA: Sydney, we are not going ice skating.

SYDNEY: I don't care anymore. [To Victor.] I hate you so... it's not fair! He doesn't let me do anything.

JULIA: Let's go outside.

SYDNEY: It's not!

JULIA: Calm down.

SYDNEY: Just let me ..

MAN: Is she adopted too?

[The both laugh.]

[NEW SCENE - Mark's apartment, he waits for Drew and Amy to come out of the bedroom.]

AMY: Bye.

MARK: Bye.

[Amy quickly leaves the apartment, Drew closing the door.]

DREW: Look, I'm really sorry about that.

MARK: Dude, I'm sorry too.

DREW: Yeah, I thought you were monitoring the S.A.T.

MARK: Yes, I was. I got off a little early. Um, wait. Just wait a second, Drew. I just need to talk to you. I know that I'm not your dad, but I just want to make sure, just between you and me, are you... you're being smart?

DREW: Yeah… Yeah.

MARK: Okay, you're wearing condoms...

DREW: Yes. Yes. That's what's smart. I thought that's what you meant, yeah.

MARK: Good. And is Amy on the pill? Or is...

DREW: Why, that's no one's business. That's weird.

MARK: Well, you kind of made it my business when you had sex in my house. If she got pregnant, I'm accountable.

DREW: I get it I'm sorry. Look, she has a prescription. She hasn't decided.

MARK: Okay.

DREW: So, no, not right now.

MARK: Well, if she does go on the pill, you might start to wonder what it feels like without a condom or something. Do you wear condoms every time or just sometimes?

DREW: Yes, every time.

MARK: Okay. 'Cause, you know, I don't know... I don't really know her that well, but there are STD's, and has Amy been with other guys?

DREW: She's been with one other guy. If that's what you needed to know.

MARK: I'm sure it's fine. It's no judgment on her. There are just... you can still get STD's. If you get one, you contract it for life. You have to tell every other...

DREW: I know.

MARK: Partner. Okay.

DREW: Like, will you not... Will you not tell my mom?

MARK: Um...

DREW: Like, I know. I get it. But please?

MARK: All right. Yeah.

DREW: Okay. Um, thanks. I'm sorry, seriously.

MARK: No, no. No problem. Just keep... you know, keep being responsible and, you know...

DREW: Yeah.

MARK: Umm, 'kay.

[NEW SCENE - Amber is driving Ryan to Bakersfield in her old car. Music is playing on the radio.]

AMBER: So... Your friend, what was his name?

RYAN: Evan.

AMBER: Were you guys close?

RYAN: Yeah.

AMBER: So, I mean, do you even know what happened? Or, I mean, was he, like, over there and...

RYAN: No. It happened here.

AMBER: It happened here?

RYAN: Yeah, it was an accident. So, at this rate, we should be there in six days?

AMBER: I'm going as fast as I can.

RYAN: You said we were taking a car.

AMBER: [Laughs] That's very, very rude, if you must know. Just enjoy the ride.

[NEW SCENE - Micah and Max are playing video games, Nora is crying as Kristina and Adam work on lunch in the kitchen.]

ADAM: Okay I'm gonna cleaning.

NORA: [Crying]

ADAM: I know, it's just a spill.

KRISTINA: I know, I'm almost done with this, okay?

MAX: Mom, where are those nachos?

ADAM: Hey, Max, okay, we're working on it.

MAX: We're hungry.

ADAM: We're just cleaning up.

MAX: Otis is peeing on the carpet.


ADAM: Max, if he starts peeing... You know what, honey... pick him up, Max.

KRISTINA: Don't worry. I got it, honey.

MAX: Why? He's already peeing on the carpet.

ADAM: I got it.

KRISTINA: Honey, I can do that.

ADAM: I got it. I got it, honey. Are you okay?

KRISTINA: I'm good.

ADAM: All right. Ah Otis. Max, you can't just sit there and play your game, okay? Max, up here. Come on. Okay.

MICAH: Hit him with a rolled-up newspaper and then stick his nose in it too.

ADAM: No, we're not...

MICAH: That's what my grandpa does.

ADAM: Ah-ha, okay, no, no.

[Kristina is not looking well.]

KRISTINA: Okay, um...

ADAM: You know what Max you have to take responsibility for the dog.

KRISTINA: Honey...

MAX: He's already done.

KRISTINA: Hey honey, um.

ADAM: No, no, take the dog outside.

ADAM: Honey, are you okay? What's going on?

KRISTINA: I'm going upstairs for a second. I'm not feeling so good.

ADAM: [Touching her.] You're okay, Nora. You're okay.

ADAM: What is it, honey? You all right?


ADAM: Kristina. What is it? [Kristina throws up on the banister.] Oh, God.

KRISTINA: [Coughs]

ADAM: Okay. You're okay. You're okay. Okay, honey, I got this. Can you make it to the bedroom? [She nods.] Okay. Come on, let's go.

KRISTINA: I'm sorry, honey.

ADAM: I'm gonna walk with you. Don't be sorry. You're okay.

NORA: [Crying]

ADAM: Be right there, Nora. You're okay.

MAX: Nora, shut up.

ADAM: Max.

KRISTINA: I can... just go. I got it.

ADAM: Honey, just let me make sure you get upstairs safe.

KRISTINA: I'm fine. I just had to get that out.

ADAM: Okay. You got it, honey?

KRISTINA: I'm good.

[NEW SCENE - Crosby at home helping Jasmine while watching TV.]

TV COMMENTATOR: This'll be a 43-yard field goal attempt for Kurt Bailey.

CROSBY: He should go for it. 43-yard field goal. Oh, my God, it's a fake, it's a fake, it's a fake. Oh, my God. He's getting into the end zone. They just faked a field goal. Did you see that?

JASMINE: No. I didn't realize it takes 30 minutes to wrap five napkin things.

CROSBY: What? Here, I'm just done now. Look.


CROSBY: Finito.

JASMINE: Okay, good. Now I need you to go to the store. I need some sparkling lemonade and flowers.

CROSBY: Right now? I got to go to the store right now? The party's not till tomorrow. Honey, the game is on. Sweetie, I'm watching... I'm watching that.

JASMINE: I don't care about the game. I need you to go now.

CROSBY: You know what, you're right. Tomorrow's ruined. We might as well ruin today too. Let's make it a whole crapshoot for the whole weekend.

JASMINE: You know what, this isn't fair. You want everyone to think that you're such the great parent, but you won't do the work.


JASMINE: You're a freeloader.

CROSBY: Oh, oh, I'm a freeloader?

JASMINE: Yes, you are.

CROSBY: Really? You know what you are?


CROSBY: You're a dictator.

JASMINE: Oh, please.

CROSBY: Yeah, a dictator of my time. Have you failed to notice that I've been basically working two jobs since Adam left?

JASMINE: Yes, Crosby. That's why I only asked you to do a couple things. You can't even do that.

CROSBY: Okay, I worked till 3:00 in the morning last night, and I worked till 4:00 in the morning the night before that. This weekend, it's all I got, and you've over-scheduled me to hang out with people I don't even like.

JASMINE: It's one stupid weekend.

CROSBY: Yeah, my stupid weekend.

JASMINE: It was your idea.

CROSBY: [Laughing] Oh! It was my idea?

JASMINE: You wanted to do this.

CROSBY: Okay. Yeah, that sounds like me. Yeah. Let's have strangers over.

[Crosby leaves the house.]

[NEW SCENE - Mark's apartment, Sarah and Mark are cleaning up after dinner.]

SARAH: Why doesn't anybody eat the kale?

MARK: I don't know.

DREW: Hey, can I borrow the car?

SARAH: Where are you going?

DREW: Um, just to a friend's.

SARAH: [Laughs] What friend's?

DREW: Um, Amy. We, like, got back together kind of, so...

SARAH: Oh, really?

DREW: Yeah.

SARAH: Since... since when?

DREW: Um, it's pretty recent.

MARK: Here. Take my car.

DREW: Oh. Great. Thank you.

MARK: Just one scratch, and you're dead. Right? That's the...

SARAH: Is that good news, I guess? That's good news, right?

MARK: Ah, yeah.

SARAH: Wait, I want to know the story.

DREW: I'll tell you later. I'll tell you later.

SARAH: When?

DREW: It's a long story. Tonight.

SARAH: Have fun.

MARK: Be careful.

SARAH: When did he and Amy get back together? What happened to the guy... the summer camp guy, I wonder?

MARK: The which wha...

SARAH: Amy liked another guy.

MARK: Oh, that... Yeah, I don't know. I don't know what happened. The hell with that guy. I never met that guy.

SARAH: You didn't?


SARAH: You never met the guy that Amy went to summer camp with?

MARK: No, I never met...

SARAH: What...

MARK: God.

SARAH: Have you committed a murder?


SARAH: Is there a cover-up?


SARAH: What's going on?


SARAH: You're the world's worst liar. Did you see them together in school?

MARK: No, I... All right. I have to tell you something. I... I walked in on Drew and Amy having sex this morning over in that room.

SARAH: Oh, my God.

MARK: But I handled it. We had a great talk. And, you know, I talked to him about condoms and being responsible...

SARAH: Yeah, no, no, no. Thanks. He knows all that.

MARK: I know, but I...

SARAH: This is more an issue of you can't... you know, he can't just be doing that in the house, I mean...

MARK: Well, yeah.

SARAH: What are the ground rules, right? We're not, like, running a brothel here. Now he's going over to her house. I don't even know if there's parents there.

MARK: I was discouraging, but, wait, before you call him or anything, um, okay, I-I-I know he's your son, and, um, but I've been trying to also sort of transition from being his teacher to his parent-like figure...

SARAH: Of course.

MARK: And he asked me not to tell you, and I told him that I wouldn't.

SARAH: Mark.

MARK: I know.

SARAH: I'm his mother.

MARK: I know. That's why I told you.

SARAH: This is a major issue.

MARK: I know, and that's why I just told you. But I literally promised him this morning, and, if he finds out that I just turned around and told you, this is the first time he confided in me.

SARAH: I understand, but why make him that kind of promise? I get it.

MARK: I think it's fine. He's being responsible, and we had this talk, and, if you just trust me with this one, I would greatly appreciate it.

SARAH: Okay.

MARK: Okay. Thank you.

[NEW SCENE - Night time. Sydney comes down the stairs at her home, dragging her bag with wheels as she goes.]

JULIA: Where you going?

SYDNEY: I'm running away. You can't stop me.

[They smile at each other before following Sydney out the house.]

[NEW SCENE - Same time, outside the house.]

JULIA: Hey. Where are you going, sweetie?

SYDNEY: Molly's house.

JULIA: Molly's house.

JOEL: Oh, how you getting there?

SYDNEY: I'm taking a taxi.

JOEL: Okay, maybe I'm not sure there's taxis out this late.

JULIA: And you need money for a taxi.

JOEL: Yup.

SYDNEY: I have piggy bank money.

[Julia and Joel can't help but smile.]

SYDNEY: Stop it. It's not funny. You guys are so mean.

JULIA: No, sweetie.

JOEL: We're not laughing. Come on.

JULIA: Hey, hey.

JOEL: Sydney, come back here.

SYDNEY: [Crying] You said after the baseball game, Victor time would be over, it would be my time. We were supposed to go skating. You said you were quitting your job so you can spend more time with us, no. What you really meant is you want to spend more time with Victor.

JULIA: Oh, sweetie, that's not true.

SYDNEY: Yes, it is. You went to his baseball game instead of my recital. You let him do anything he wants. And, in case you forgot, I was here first.

JOEL: Syd. [She walks off but Joel follows.] Sydney.

[NEW SCENE - Bakersfield motel parking lot, Ryan and his friends have gathered to remember Evan.]

MIKEY: You guys remember that time we're all in the barracks, we all got Evan down, and we pantsed him? He had to run out...

AMBER: Oh, no.

MIKEY: Tell about the ice cream.

KEITH: Yeah.

RYAN: So...

AMBER: Ew, what's the ice cream? That can't end well.

RYAN: We had acquired some ice cream somehow, and we decided that it would be good to store the ice cream in his undergarments on his person.

AMBER: Ryan!

RYAN: And tie him with his hands behind his back. There was a post thing outside. We kind of encouraged the dogs.


RYAN: To snack on his ice cream.

AMBER: [Laughter] That's awful.

RYAN: You get bored.

KEITH: Glasses up. Glasses up. Glasses up. Here's to private first class Evan Wilson. He was a good soldier. He was our brother. He died a hero.

RYAN: Amen. Thanks.

AUSTIN: I'm sorry. Are we talking about the same dead guy? Because no brother of mine would have chosen to leave this world. Mikey here has one very good reason to complain. What'd Evan have to complain about? He came back in one piece.

MIKEY: All right, Austin. We've all had a few pops. Settle down.

AUSTIN: Don't tell me to settle down.

KEITH: Hughes. Show some respect.

AUSTIN: Is anyone really surprised he took the coward's way out?

AMBER: What is this guy's deal?

RYAN: He's an idiot.

AUSTIN: Look I'm just saying what we're all thinking. This is bull. And you all know it.

[Ryan gets up.]

AMBER: Ryan.

KEITH: Settle down. Settle down. York. York.

RYAN: I'm turning in. Let's go.


[They walk off to their room.]

[NEW SCENE - Kristina in bed, ragged breathing.]

ADAM: Hey.


ADAM: I just brought you some fresh water. You okay?

KRISTINA: It hurts. How are the kids?

ADAM: They're fine.

MAX: [Entering the room.] Yeah, I'm not sleeping downstairs anymore.


MAX: Dad, I'm not gonna sleep downstairs anymore. Micah's being annoying.

ADAM: Max, shh, your mother's not feeling well. In the hallway.

MAX: Why is she not feeling well? Is it because she's doing chemo?

ADAM: Yes. Listen, come here.

MAX: What?

ADAM: You're sleeping downstairs. That was the whole point of the fort, Max.

MAX: No, Micah's being annoying, and now I want to sleep upstairs alone in my bed.

ADAM: I want you to sleep down...

MAX: I'm sleeping in my bed.

MICAH: Mr. Braverman!

ADAM: Yeah.

MICAH: I'm scared of the dark.

MAX: Micah needs help downstairs.

ADAM: Yeah, I know, Max.

[Max closes his door.]

[NEW SCENE - A short time later in Max's room, Adam has placed Micah on the floor.]

ADAM: All right. You gonna be able to sleep down there?

MICAH: Yeah.

ADAM: Sorry the fort didn't work out, bud.

MICAH: It's okay.

ADAM: All right. Good night.

MICAH: Night.

ADAM: Good night, Max.

MAX: Yup.

[Adam turns out the light.]

MICAH: Oh, I need that on. Can you leave the light on, please?

MAX: No. No, you don't. I can't sleep with the light on.

ADAM: Right.

MICAH: But I can't sleep with one off.

MAX: No, I can't have it on. I can't sleep with the lights on. That's ridiculous.

MICAH: But I have a light.

ADAM: Okay. Guys, guys, tell you what we're gonna do. We're gonna compromise, okay? I'm gonna turn that light off, leave the hall light on. I'm gonna leave the door slightly open. Okay?

MAX: We'll see.

MICAH: Mr. Braverman?

ADAM: [Sighs] Yeah.

MICAH: I have to go to the bathroom.

MAX: Just go to sleep already. Your bladder is the size of a walnut.

ADAM: Max.

MICAH: Your brain is a walnut.

MAX: No, it isn't. That's just not true.

MICAH: Yes, it is.

MAX: My brain is a brain.

[NEW SCENE - Bakersfield motel, Ryan exits his room, Austin is getting it as they pass.]

AUSTIN: What's up, Ryan?

RYAN: What is up, Hughes?

AUSTIN: I don't know, man. Why don't you tell me? Trying to be some kind of tough guy out here in front of your girlfriend tonight?

RYAN: You need to quit running your mouth.

AUSTIN: Or else what? This whole thing is a joke. It wasn't even line of duty. He's getting full honors?

RYAN: Shut up.

AUSTIN: Oh, 'cause he couldn't deal like a man? Is that what's up?

[Ryan pushed Austin against the wall.]

RYAN: Shut your mouth. You hear me?

AUSTIN: Get off me. [Grunts] Get off of me.

[They start to hit each other, Austin ends up on the ground as Ryan starts to hit Austin hard.]

KEITH: Hey, Ryan! Ryan, get off him.

AMBER: Ryan.

RYAN: He wasn't a coward! You hear me?

AMBER: Ryan!

RYAN: He wasn't a coward! You hear me?

AMBER: Stop!

KEITH: Get off of him.

AUSTIN: Get off of me!

AMBER: [Screaming] Ryan! Stop! [Breathless] Oh, my God. What happened?

KEITH: Is he all right?

AMBER: Are you okay?

RYAN: [Sobbing]

KEITH: Are you all right?

[They sit on the ground as Ryan sobs.]

[NEW SCENE - Next morning, Julia and Joel are having breakfast.]

JOEL: You know, I've been thinking, we should do something special with Syd today.

JULIA: Yeah, like what?

JOEL: I don't know. Golden gate park or cable cars. Ice skating.

JULIA: Wow. You think Victor will be into that?

JOEL: Oh, I was thinking we could drop Victor off at your parents' house and just go the three of us.

JULIA: Her tantrum worked on you.

JOEL: No, her tantrum didn't...

JULIA: No, we can't reward her for acting out. That'd be sending the wrong message.

JOEL: Well, she made some damn good points honey. I mean, maybe she deserves a little reward here. We've been spending so much time focusing on Victor, and you know, I love what you've been doing to help our boy, but, man, maybe... Maybe Syd is acting out because she has been getting the short end of the stick.

[NEW SCENE - Rizzoli Photography. Sarah is working at her desk, Hank is near by also working.]

SARAH: So I promised I wouldn't say anything, and now, if you can believe it, I can't say anything.

HANK: How do I get that same arrangement over here?

SARAH: Ha ha.

HANK: Like, what's the rate? What's the annual rate on that?

SARAH: Don't you think it's odd that I'm not allowed to know an entire portion of my kid's life?

HANK: I think it's weird that you want to know about it.

SARAH: I don't want to talk about the details, but it's a life moment. It's something to acknowledge that normally I would be able to discuss...

HANK: How much did we spend on the Rosenthal bar mitzvah?

SARAH: I don't know.

HANK: Then why are we still talking about your son's sex life?

SARAH: We're not talking about my son's sex life. We're talking about my life and the fact that I have been shut out of an area of his life.

HANK: All right, look, here's what I tell my daughter. There's no secrets in parenting. She tells me something, then she can assume her mother has the same info and vice versa.

SARAH: That's very helpful. Does that work?

HANK: Yeah, when my ex isn't lying to me.

SARAH: Hmm. Hmm.

[NEW SCENE - Max's room.]

MICAH: Max, it's not fair.

MAX: Okay, why... why do you keep doing this? I just want to read. I don't want to play any more stupid checkers with the jumping and the jumping and the more jumping. With all the jumping!

MICAH: But you said we'd be able to play a game of checkers.

ADAM: Hey. Hey, hey, hey. Guys, guys, quiet, okay?

MAX: What?

ADAM: I just got Nora to sleep, all right?

MAX: So?

ADAM: What is the problem?

MAX: Okay, I'm reading... I want to read, and he wants to play more stupid checkers.

MICAH: Because you quit, and you said that we could play three games.

MAX: No, I didn't. I didn't say that.

MICAH: Yes, you said.

MAX: I didn't say that.

MICAH: Yes, you did.

MAX: No, I didn't.

ADAM: Thank you for being quiet, Micah. Pipe down. Listen to me.

MAX: What?

ADAM: Stop, okay. All right, listen, Micah, I'm sorry. Okay.

MAX: I'm not a sore loser.

ADAM: Max.

MAX: All right? I just want to read.

ADAM: Micah is our guest. You know what, I want to talk to you in the hall right now.

MAX: What.

ADAM: Come on. Privately...

MAX: No, I don't want to.

ADAM: In the hall... Max, in the hallway now. Sorry, Micah.

MAX: Why are you doing this?

ADAM: Come here.

MAX: What?

ADAM: Thank you. Come here.

[In the hallway.]

MAX: What?

ADAM: What is going on?

MAX: I want alone time.

ADAM: Is this because he beat you at checkers?

MAX: No, I want alone time.

ADAM: You can have alone time later, Max. Right now, I want you to play with him. Be nice.

MAX: No, no, I'm tired of being nice.

ADAM: Max, he's our guest. I want you to be nice. That's what friends do.

MAX: Mom would let me have alone time.

ADAM: Well, your mother's not here right now, okay?

MAX: Yes, she is.

ADAM: Do not bother your mother right... Max!

MAX: Let go of me.

ADAM: Do not bother your mother right now. I don't want you to go in there. Damn it, Max. I said don't go in there.

[Max goes into the bedroom.]

MAX: Mom, where are...

ADAM: Max, just leave her alone.

[Finds her in the bathroom.]

MAX: What are you doing on the floor? That... that's disgusting. There's germs, microbes, fecal matter.

ADAM: All right, Max, go to your room.

MAX: Why? Is it chemo?

ADAM: Because I said go to your room.


ADAM: Honey. Honey, I'm sorry, honey. Oh, baby. Give me your hand. Honey, come here. Let's get you to bed, and I'm gonna clean you up. Can you do that? Okay. Come on. Come on. I got you. Come on, babe. Come on.

[NEW SCENE - Bakersfield motel room, Amber is helping Ryan.]

AMBER: Does it hurt?

RYAN: No. I'm really sorry that you had to see that last night.

AMBER: Hey, it's okay.

RYAN: No, no, it's... It's not okay. I get it if you don't want to be with me anymore. I mean, I understand.

AMBER: Hey. I'm not going anywhere, okay? Okay?

RYAN: Okay.

[Amber kisses Ryan.]

AMBER: Um... Your friend Evan... He killed himself, didn't he?

RYAN: Yeah.

AMBER: I really can't imagine what that's like and what you've been through, and it's scary.

RYAN: Hey, hey. Hey. I'm not him. Okay?

AMBER: Okay. Okay. Okay. This is my first funeral.

RYAN: Me too.

[NEW SCENE - Grave side, the funeral has ended, people are leaving but Ryan is the last to go. Amber walks up to his side.]

[NEW SCENE - Jasmine and Crosby's party.]

WOMAN: What's this?

JASMINE: Dulcia Domestica it's dates stuffed with pine nuts cooked in a little bit of wine.

MAN 1: This music is amazing.

JASMINE: Oh, great. Crosby made the playlist.

MAN 2: Well, he is a genius. The Stones, The Roots, and Dean Martin? It's really good.

MAN 1: Crosby's awesome.

JASMINE: Yeah, he is.

[Nearby Crosby is the life of the party opening a bottle of Champagne.]

CROSBY: Oopah!

[There are cheers from the people watching, Jasmine is not happy.]

CROSBY: Who's first, huh? All right.

MAN 2: Can I have one?

[NEW SCENE - Kristina in bed.]

KRISTINA: Everything hurts, honey.

ADAM: Okay. Listen, honey, it says here you can have two more if you think that'll help.

KRISTINA: They're not working.

ADAM: All right. I don't know what to do. I hate this.

KRISTINA: I'm sorry.

[Adam has a realization.]

[NEW SCENE - Short time later down stairs.]

ADAM: Hey, Max, Micah, guys, turn the TV off. Max, TV off.

MAX: Why?

ADAM: Because I said so. Just do it.

MICAH: Max, put it on pause.

MAX: No, you're being weird.

ADAM: We're going out.

MICAH: Max, put it on pause.

ADAM: Okay, here, put Otis on the leash.

MAX: Where? Where are we going?

ADAM: Oh, come here, Nora, sweetie. We're gonna go out and help your mom, all right? Max, I said TV off.

MAX: What are we doing?

ADAM: TV goes off.

MAX: Dad, you have to tell me what we're doing or we're not doing it.

ADAM: Micah, I need you to put the game down, come to the front door. Come on, guys.

MICAH: Come on, Max.

MAX: Otis.

[NEW SCENE - Jasmine and Crosby's place, the party is in full swing.]

CROSBY: Uhoh. Oh, boy.

WOMAN: Oh my god.

[There is a knock at door, but no one inside hears it.]

CROSBY: Something tells me this is gonna turn into a swinging party.

[The knocking at door continues but is drowned out by laughter.]

MAN: Swing it.

CROSBY: They're really changing the dynamic. Right?

[The front door opens and Adam with the kids come inside.]

ADAM: Hey, hi, hi. Hey, very sorry. We were knocking, and it just... Sorry. Do you mind if we come in?

CROSBY: We're having a party.

ADAM: I know you're having a party. I'm very sorry. Hi, Jasmine. I'm sorry, everybody. I just need to talk to him in private. It's past her bedtime. Can you...

JASMINE: Come here, sweetie.

ADAM: Go see your auntie, okay?

JASMINE: Come here.

ADAM: There's auntie Jasmine, okay, who loves you. All right. Thank you.

JASMINE: Come here.

ADAM: Take that. Guys, behave. Sorry, guys. I'll be right back. Just got to talk real fast.


JASMINE: You guys hungry?

MAX: I'm starving.

JASMINE: Yeah. Come on. Yeah.

[NEW SCENE - Mark's apartment, Drew is studying.]

SARAH: Here you go, sweetie. It says chamomile, but it smells like peppermint.

DREW: Thank you.

SARAH: Oof. Algebra?

DREW: Yeah.

SARAH: So school's good?

DREW: Yeah, it's fine.

SARAH: You're really seeing a lot of Amy, huh?

DREW: Yeah.

SARAH: Yeah. And that just miraculously came back together?

DREW: Um, Yeah, I mean, it just kind of... You know.

SARAH: No, what?

DREW: When we were together, I mean, it's kind of like the same thing.

SARAH: It's the same as...

DREW: It's like the same as...

SARAH: I know, but you broke up, and, you know, it just seems like you've been seeing even more of her, and I just worry, 'cause you were devastated when she broke up with you, and I just want you to be careful, and, you know, really...

MARK: I told your mom.

DREW: You promised you weren't gonna tell her.

SARAH: Oh. I'm sorry. We can't have secrets like that in this house, okay? I'm your mom, and...

DREW: He's not my parent. Like, it's different.

SARAH: Well, that's a whole... You can't ask him to keep secrets like that from me, Drew.

DREW: Yeah, but he's not my parent.

SARAH: If you're gonna be with a girl here in this house... I know, but I am your parent, and we're figuring this out together.

DREW: Yeah, I know. You can...

SARAH: I was just asking what was going on, okay?

DREW: Well, ask him what's going on. All right? He knows everything. [Drew goes to his bedroom and closes the door.]

SARAH: It just came out.

MARK: I thought we agreed that I was handling this.

SARAH: I know. I just... I was only asking him... I didn't say anything.

MARK: You didn't have to. He could... All right.

[Mark goes to the other bedroom and closes the door.]

[NEW SCENE - Back at the party, the kids are fitting right in with the adults.]

MAN: Everybody hated Jar Jar Binks. That's why he was banned from Naboo.

MICAH: No, that's not true. He was the first Gungan to represent his people in the Galactic Senate. He saved everyone from the droid army.

JASMINE: Hey, hey, Max. No, no, no. Please don't use your fingers. There's a spoon right there and a plate.

MAX: Oh, no. No, don't worry. We're fine like this.

JASMINE: No, no, don't feed...

MICAH: [Still talking to the other man.] But the best part about that was...

MAX: I'm fine without a plate. Don't worry. This is great. Oh, can you get me some Tiramisu?

[NEW SCENE - Same time in the bedroom.]

ADAM: Sorry for barging in on your party. I just didn't know what else to do.

CROSBY: Look, well, I am a little offended that you just assumed that I have pot at all times in the house.

ADAM: Well, so far you don't. So what's the big deal?

CROSBY: Well, I'm married now. And I have a boy that wanders around, so I gotta be more careful.

ADAM: Well, what about your sock drawer? That was always your secret, go-to hiding place.

CROSBY: Ooh. Ooh. Sock drawer. You're right. That's a good idea. Okay.

ADAM: [Picking up some of Jasmine's underwear.] Is there a difference between a g-string and a thong?

CROSBY: Hey, perv, put that down.

ADAM: What?

CROSBY: Ooh, ooh-ooh, I got something. Bingo.

ADAM: I'm just curious. Kristina...

CROSBY: Yup, I bought this little sack when we went camping at the shoreline.

ADAM: Okay.

CROSBY: Now let me warn you. This is not the ditch weed that we smoked in high school, okay? This is high-power, genetically-modified ganja.

ADAM: Okay.

CROSBY: She's gotta take a very little puff.

ADAM: That's good to know.

CROSBY: Take small, small hits.

[Jasmine enters carrying Nora.]

ADAM: [Still hoping Jasmine's underwear.] Hey.

JASMINE: Whoa, whoa. What are you doing?

ADAM: [Stammers] We were looking for this?


[NEW SCENE - Ice ring, Sydney is skating with her parents.]

JOEL: Hey, your mom and I wanted to talk to you about something.

JULIA: Yeah, okay. Bug, you know that Uncle Adam and Uncle Crosby are my brothers, right?


JULIA: Okay. So, when we were kids, we used to fight...

SYDNEY: Uh-huh.

JULIA: And they would make me so mad, but now it's so cool to have brothers. I can't even tell you. It's so cool.

JOEL: Yeah, and, you know, Victor, even though he's new to our family, he's as much a part of this family as you are, as I am, as your mom is. Does that make sense?

SYDNEY: Yeah, I-I get it.

JOEL: Okay.

JULIA: That's my girl. Hey, what do you think? Should we pick Victor up some hot chocolate or something on the way home?

SYDNEY: Mm... Nah.

JULIA: [Exhales]

[NEW SCENE - Kristina in bed smoking the pot.]

ADAM: Is it helping?


ADAM: Yeah.

KRISTINA: It's strong.

ADAM: You think maybe you had enough, hon?


ADAM: Okay. It's making you feel better, though?

KRISTINA: Oh, yeah.

ADAM: Oh, okay, good.

KRISTINA: Yeah. You want some?

ADAM: No. No.

KRISTINA: It's pretty powerful.

ADAM: Feeling good enough to have some food? Want me to make some soup?


ADAM: Okay.

KRISTINA: Just save this, okay?

ADAM: Okay. How about a washcloth? You want a washcloth? Not feeling clammy anymore? Good. How about some fresh water? You want some fresh water?

[Kristina goes off to sleep.]

[NEW SCENE - Jasmine and Crosby's place, the party is over and the last of the guests are leaving.]

CROSBY: Thanks for coming! [Opens the front door.] Night you guys, take care.

WOMAN: Great to see you.

MAN: Really so good. Really good. Really, really, really good.

WOMAN: Okay, you've been over-served. Let's go. Thank you. Bye.


WOMAN: Come on. Go, go.

[Crosby shuts the door.]

CROSBY: You killed it.

JASMINE: We killed it.

CROSBY: That was a good party.


CROSBY: I'm sorry I was such a brat and didn't help.

[They kiss.]

JASMINE: It's okay.

CROSBY: And you know what?


CROSBY: Some of those people I didn't hate.

JASMINE: [Chuckles]

CROSBY: Isn't that great?

JASMINE: That's awesome.

CROSBY: Yeah, I'm growing.

JASMINE: Why don't you go clean up after those people you don't hate?

CROSBY: Oh, so I'm gonna cle... what are you gonna do?

JASMINE: I'm gonna go take a hot bath.

CROSBY: Oh, you're gonna take a bath?

JASMINE: Yeah. If you hurry up, you can join me.

CROSBY: Oh, okay.

[NEW SCENE - Sarah and Mark in bed reading, Mark looks at Sarah.]

MARK: Hmm.

SARAH: I'm sorry. [There is a pause.] I realize that I don't have very much experience parenting with somebody.

MARK: Me too.

SARAH: I want you to be involved.

MARK: Me to, I don't have any experience with this. Yeah. I just felt like I had this opportunity to... Get closer to Drew, and... I don't know. I'm just trying to figure out my place in this family, you know.

SARAH: I'm trying to figure it out too.

[NEW SCENE - Kristina is awake and looking much better. Adam comes into the bedroom and falls onto the bed.]

ADAM: Oh, God. [Groans] It's official. Micah has left the building.

KRISTINA: Oh, thank God.

ADAM: [Groans]

KRISTINA: How were Doug and Val?

ADAM: Oh! You're not gonna believe this.


ADAM: They won over $1,000 playing roulette. Doug said he's got some sort of secret technique.

KRISTINA: [Laughs]

ADAM: Yeah, and then they went to see Zumanity, and Val said: Doug brought Zumanity back to the hotel room. Like I need to hear that.

KRISTINA: What's Zumanity?

ADAM: You know, it's that naked people circus.

KRISTINA: Oh! [Laughter] Nuhuh.

ADAM: Can you imagine Doug...


ADAM: Jumping up and down on the bed with that face.

KRISTINA: I'm begging you. I'm begging you. It hurts. Stop.

ADAM: You feeling better?

KRISTINA: I feel better, but don't do that. Oh.

ADAM: You look better, hon.

KRISTINA: I am so much better. I just... I'm gonna need some more weed. It helps.

ADAM: Oh, yeah? Yeah, you are feeling better.

KRISTINA: Yeah. It helps. Oh, God.

ADAM: That was a rough patch, hon.


ADAM: Yep.

KRISTINA: Listen, I just... I think you're awesome. I got us into this mess this weekend, and you handled it beautifully.


KRISTINA: You're the best nurse. Thank you so much...

ADAM: 'Tweren't nothing.

KRISTINA: For taking care of me.

ADAM: Come here.

KRISTINA: And you're the best husband in the world. You know, it's kind of stupid. I just...

ADAM: What?

KRISTINA: I don't know. I thought I'd be the one person that wouldn't get sick from chemo. Like I... Could just sort of power through it.


KRISTINA: [Snorts] I guess I'm not wonder woman, am I?

ADAM: You are to me.

[Joachim Cooder 'Being Alone' (Feat Robert Francis) starts playing through the final scene.]

[NEW SCENE - Amber driving Ryan back home, they are on a freeway.]

RYAN: You okay?

AMBER: Yeah. Are you okay?

RYAN: Yeah.

AMBER: It was intense, huh?

RYAN: Yeah. Hey, I know that this weekend wasn't any fun, and it was really intense and heavy, and... I just want to say thank you so much for coming. Really.

AMBER: Hang on.

[Amber revs the engine.]

[NEW SCENE - A beach at sunset. Amber and Ryan start stripping down to their underwear before going into the water to have some fun.]

Episode End
4.08 - One More Weekend With You
Original Airdate (NBC) November 20, 2012
Written by Monica Beletsky
Directed by Lawrence Trilling

Transcribed by Craig Best
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