4.07 - Together
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[Opening scene - Suburban street, Amber is driving Drew to Amy's house.]

AMBER: Look, for the record, I really think this is an awful idea.

DREW: Yes, I know you think this is a bad idea.

AMBER: I'm serious. It's terrible. I mean, what are you even thinking?

DREW: You know, she's sick. It's just a nice, like, get-well basket.

AMBER: You're her ex-boyfriend.

DREW: I know.

AMBER: Why are you giving her...

DREW: But I'm trying not to be her ex-boyfriend. That's the whole point.

AMBER: This is not the way to do it. She's gonna think that it's creepy and... and sad. I mean, what is this stuff even?

DREW: This is her house. That one. I don't want to talk about it.

AMBER: Like tea, and like, a filtering water bottle? Where did you even get this?

DREW: I got it from aunt Kristina. She got a bunch of baskets and told me I could take it.

AMBER: Wait a second, I'm sorry. You're re-gifting a cancer patient's...

DREW: Yes, I know it sounds bad, but she told me to take it.

AMBER: Gift basket to your ex-girlfriend who doesn't even want you to come over.

DREW: Oh, my gosh.

[Drew get out of the car.]

AMBER: Please don't do it. We can have lunch.

DREW: Just wait here for me.

[Drew walks to the house, looking through the glass door he sees Amy asleep on the couch before the family dog jumps up and barks at him. Amber sees the commotion. Drew drops the basket and runs just as Amber wakes.]

DREW: Um... [grunts] Go, go, go, go, go.

AMBER: What happened? What the hell?

DREW: I don't know what happened. I don't know. Oh, my God.

AMBER: What is this?

[Amber revs the cars engine and the tires squeal as they pull away.]

[NEW SCENE - Adam is in the kitchen, at the blender.]

ADAM: All right. Hey, Max. This is the third time. I'm asking you nicely. Please take Otis for a walk.

MAX: I'm busy, dad.

ADAM: Put the video game down. Do I have to take that away from you?

MAX: No, you don't, actually.

ADAM: Max, when we got this dog, you promised that you would help take care of him.

MAX: I am taking care of him. I'm petting him. Giving him love and affection.

ADAM: You know what? Cut the crap, Max.

MAX: That's of huge importance right now.

ADAM: Get outside and take the dog out for a walk now.

KRISTINA: Good morning.


KRISTINA: What's going on?

AMBER: Good morning. Nothing, nothing. Everything's great, honey. Everything's just fine.


ADAM: We got it all under control.


ADAM: All under control.

KRISTINA: If your dad asked you to take Otis out, you need to take Otis out.

ADAM: Max, Otis!

KRISTINA: You wanted this dog...

MAX: What?

KRISTINA: Oh, geez.

ADAM: He's peeing on the floor.

KRISTINA: I cannot watch this right now.

ADAM: Outside, outside, outside.


ADAM: Oh, look at that. And he's all done peeing.

KRISTINA: Max, you gotta listen, okay?

MAX: We could just get him a litter box or something.

ADAM: No, no, no, no, no, no. Honey, just... I got everything, okay?

KRISTINA: You're doing too much.

ADAM: It's not a big deal. I've got this taken care of.

KRISTINA: You're overdoing it.

ADAM: The eggs are burning. Look out.

MAX: I can't eat those now. They're too burnt.

KRISTINA: Adam, you don't need to do all of this.

ADAM: Listen, honey, I got it under control.


MAX: Dad, I also asked for sunny-side up.

ADAM: Eat. Listen, I talked to my mom. She said she can be here at 9:00 A.M. tomorrow. Okay?

KRISTINA: No. Actually, you know what? I talked to my mother, and she may be able to come now. I just talked to her on the phone. So I think she's gonna probably be able to come. She's gonna really try hard, so grandma might come.

ADAM: She said she may be able to be here.

KRISTINA: Yes. Honey, she's got a lot on her plate.

ADAM: Until then, my mother will be here.

KRISTINA: It's not necessary. I can handle this.

ADAM: Honey, you just had surgery. You're gonna have chemotherapy. You need help.

KRISTINA: I don't need help.

ADAM: You're not supposed to lift anything. You're not even supposed to lift Nora right now. You can't drive. Okay?


ADAM: Like it or not, you're gonna need some backup, okay? Look what I got for you here.

KRISTINA: What is that?

ADAM: This is pure health. It's got kale and carrots and calcium. Powder protein, powder everything. The doctor said to put some agave syrup in there so that it's nice and sweet.

[Adam pours two glasses full of the green drink from the blender.]

MAX: Whey protein's one of the most disgusting things I've ever had.

ADAM: Like I said, we're in this together. You're gonna have it, I'm gonna have it. Solidarity. [They clink their glasses together.] Ready? Down the hatch.

[They both take a drink, not really liking it.]

ADAM: It's good. That is good.

KRISTINA: Mm-mmm. [She goes to the sink and turns on the tap.]

ADAM: Yeah.

[NEW SCENE - Baseball field, the boys chant after their practice session.]

GROUP: One, two, three. Panthers!

JULIA: Hey, big guy.


JULIA: Good hustle out there.

VICTOR: Thanks.

JULIA: Want some grapes?


JULIA: Way to run down those grounders.

VICTOR: Yeah. Thanks.

JULIA: Hey, what's... what's going on over there?

VICTOR: I don't know. I think they're just going to Leo's house or something like that.

JULIA: I thought you were friends with Leo.

VICTOR: I never said that.

JULIA: Well, do you want me to go talk to them? I'm sure they would love to have you.

VICTOR: No, it's... it's okay.

JULIA: Victor, I'm sure if they knew you were free...

VICTOR: Can we please go now?

JULIA: Yeah.


[Victor gets into the car then watches the other boys gathering to go to Leo's house. Julia watches before opening the car door.]

JULIA: Okay, back seat, buddy.

[NEW SCENE - Night time. Amber and Ryan on a date at mini golf.]

AMBER: [Giggling] Am I winning?

RYAN: This... You're... you're killing me right now.

AMBER: Tell me I'm winning.

RYAN: And just for that reason, I want you to maintain your handicap.

AMBER: [Laughs] Okay, I don't need charity.

RYAN: By putting you super close.

AMBER: I'm gonna bank it off that wall over there.

RYAN: The bank. Okay.

AMBER: Mm-hmm. The old bank shot.

RYAN: This is a technical golfing term.

AMBER: That's right. I'm doing good. Let me just get in the zone.

RYAN: Hang on. Amber, do not let these eyes distract you.

AMBER: [Laughs] All right, here we go. Got to give it enough power.

RYAN: Let's see it.

[Amber swings the golf club hard.]


RYAN: Oh, crap.

AMBER: Oh, my God. Are you okay?

RYAN: [Laughs] Yeah.

AMBER: Did I hit you?


[They both laugh.]

RYAN: I'm gonna give you a mulligan. That's golf speak for a do-over.

AMBER: A mulligan?

RYAN: A mulligan. That's what they call it.

AMBER: How do you know that? What am I even doing? Is this right?

RYAN: Well, the grip is... Just hold it... oh, gosh. [Ryan stands behind Amber.] Okay. Give me the thumbs.

AMBER: Okay.

RYAN: One hand there, here we go.]

AMBER: Is this…

RYAN: Ease up the thumbs.

[The both giggle but then things get serious, they start to kiss. Amber turns, the mini golf is forgotten. The Antlers' 'I don't want love' plays.]

RYAN: Amber, I still think that we should take it slow.

AMBER: Okay.

[NEW SCENE - Amber's apartment, the door slides open as Amber and Ryan can't keep their hands off each other. Clothes start coming off as they make it to the couch.]

AMBER: Are you okay?

RYAN: Yeah. You?

AMBER: Yeah.

[Opening credits - featuring “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan]

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house, next morning. Adam pulls up in his car as Camille comes out the front door.]

ADAM: Hey.

CAMILLE: I was just on my way to Kristina's. I thought you were at the studio today.

ADAM: Yeah. No, I'm on my way. I just wanted to stop by…

CAMILLE: What's up?

ADAM: …and say thanks for doing this and also just to check to make sure you got my email.

CAMILLE: Yeah, I got the email.

ADAM: Okay? Got the diet?


ADAM: Low sugar, low caffeine, high fiber.

CAMILLE: Yeah, I got it.

ADAM: Okay, 'cause that's... She's got to stick to that regimen, and she's not always gonna want to, so you gotta...

CAMILLE: I'm on it.

ADAM: Stay on her a little bit. And she's not gonna want help, but she needs help.

CAMILLE: I got... I got the email.

ADAM: Okay, all right. And here are her keys. She can't drive. She's gonna try to drive. Don't let her drive. And please use our van...


ADAM: To go get the groceries and take Nora with you so she can get some rest. What?

CAMILLE: It's gonna be okay.

ADAM: [Exhales] All right, I know. I'm just freaking out, mom. I love you.

CAMILLE: I love you too.

ADAM: Thank you. Okay. All right. I'll see you. [Runs back to his car.] Ah! Thanks.

[NEW SCENE - Amber's apartment, she is in bed with Ryan. Amber wakes up.]

RYAN: Good morning.

AMBER: Good morning.

[They kissing before Ryan reaches for some pills.]

AMBER: What are those?

RYAN: [Grunts] It's what two tours in Afghanistan, they'll get you.

[There is a knock at door.]

AMBER: I completely forgot. It's my mom.

RYAN: Your mother?

AMBER: yeah, it's fine, it's fine.

SARAH: [Off screen.] I'm hungry!

AMBER: Hang on! [Amber grabs Ryan's shirt and starts putting it on.] Don't worry about it. She's more than cool. It's just I told her I would have breakfast with her this morning, and I forgot.

SARAH: [Off screen.] You better be ready.

RYAN: Do you want me to leave?

AMBER: Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

RYAN: Should I... I should probably...

AMBER: No, no, no. It's fine.

RYAN: Okay.

AMBER: I'm just gonna tell her I'm gonna do it a different day, okay? I'll be back. Just stay here.

[Knock on door]

RYAN: Okay.

SARAH: [Off screen.] I'm gonna use my key.

AMBER: Hey, hang on, mom. [She opens the door.] Hi.

SARAH: And you have no pants on.

AMBER: Yes. I know. It's...

SARAH: Gonna be a problem.

AMBER: Well, I-I can't go. I can't go today.

SARAH: I have been waiting all week for pancakes.

AMBER: I am sorry.

SARAH: The line at Huck's is getting long, and I want pancakes.

AMBER: Mom, I cannot go today. Okay?

SARAH: Why are we whispering?

AMBER: Just, I can't...

SARAH: [gasps]

AMBER: Because... please be quiet. Stop.

SARAH: Who do you have in there?

AMBER: Mom, nothing. Just stop.

SARAH: If you're gonna cancel breakfast, you have to give me facts. You robbed me of my breakfast time.

AMBER: I've been kind of, like, seeing him.

SARAH: Really?

AMBER: Yes, it's different. I really like this guy.

SARAH: [Smiling.] Really?

AMBER: Yes, a lot, okay? So please.

SARAH: Who is it?

AMBER: I can't talk about this now. He's inside.

SARAH: Talk about it. You give me some facts.

AMBER: [Groans]

SARAH: Or I'm gonna come in.

AMBER: Stop! Okay. You met him.

SARAH: [Gasps] I did? Who?

AMBER: Yes, so be quiet. That's enough. Isn't that enough?


AMBER: At a baseball game.

SARAH: [Gasps] The army guy?


SARAH: Grandpa's friend?

AMBER: Don't call him the army guy.

SARAH: Well, what's his name?

AMBER: His name is Ryan.

SARAH: Hey, grandpa likes him.

AMBER: I know. I really like him too.

SARAH: [Squeals]

AMBER: Listen, you have to go.

SARAH: No, I'm excited.

AMBER: Please, just...

SARAH: Introduce me.

AMBER: No. Please get out here.

SARAH: Good-bye.

AMBER: I love you.

SARAH: Bye, Ryan!


[They both laugh. Amber goes back inside.]

RYAN: Uh...

AMBER: That's my mom.

RYAN: You stole my shirt so I...

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette, Adam enters, there has clearly been a party and no one has cleaned up yet.]

ADAM: Hey, Crosby. Crosby! [Crosby is working in the control room and can't hear him.] Hey! [Throws something at the window.] Hey.


ADAM: What the hell's going on? I'm gone for a couple of days. The place is a disaster area.

CROSBY: Good morning to you too.

ADAM: What, is this a joke? What happened?

CROSBY: The Dave Ray Trio happened. Those jazz nerds, they know how to party, man. They turned into Gremlins last night.

ADAM: Where's Amber?

CROSBY: Amber texted me. She overslept. I told her just to show up at lunch. And it's gonna be fine.

ADAM: [Clearly upset.] Oh, it's fine for her to come in late in the day and then just gonna sit here.

CROSBY: It's fine.

ADAM: Crosby, that is unacceptable! You can't let her skate by 'cause she's a family member.

CROSBY: Okay. I'm sorry.

ADAM: You know what?

CROSBY: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

ADAM: I want you to come down here.

CROSBY: You're right.

ADAM: And I want you to help me clean this. [gets something on his hand.] Look at that. That's real nice, isn't it? Tell you what. You clean it up.

CROSBY: I will clean it up.

ADAM: Okay, all right?

CROSBY: I will.

[Adam knocks over something.]

CROSBY: Leave it. I'll get that too.

[NEW SCENE - Kristina at home with Camille.]

KRISTINA: Camille, you don't have to do all of that. You can leave it.

CAMILLE: Oh, that's okay. I don't mind. I mean, I'm here to help.

KRISTINA: I know, but it's actually Max's job.


KRISTINA: He um… we're on a whole sticker system so it sort of gives him incentive to do...

CAMILLE: Of course.

KRISTINA: You know.


KRISTINA: But thanks.

CAMILLE: Okay. So can I get you anything?

KRISTINA: How about a big jug of wine? [Laughter] Should hit the spot right about now.

CAMILLE: Yeah, you wish.

KRISTINA: I know. It's just sort of ironic I can't have any alcohol considering I'm about to pump poison into my body in the next couple of days.

CROSBY: You know, I have a friend who recently went through chemo.

KRISTINA: Oh, yeah? How are they doing?

CAMILLE: She's doing great.


CAMILLE: 18 months now, cancer-free.

KRISTINA: That's great.

CAMILLE: So but anyway, she said that it's best not to think of it as poison but more like a platoon of soldiers that have entered your blood stream to...

BOTH: Fight the enemy...

CAMILLE: Disease.

KRISTINA: I've read all the pamphlets.

[NEW SCENE - Julia and Joel at home in the kitchen.]

JULIA: I hate this. The whole reason I got him involved in baseball was so he could make some friends.

JOEL: I know.

JULIA: How could they not invite him?

JOEL: He's new. Kids have groups, cliques. I'm sure he'll, you know, invited soon.

JULIA: You don't think it's because he's...

JOEL: He's what?

JULIA: Be-because...

JOEL: Because he's Latino?

JULIA: Yes, because... I don't know, because kids are weird. And maybe... I just wish one of their parents would have thought to invite him.

[Victor enters, and gets a juice box from the fridge. Julia and Joel look at him.]


JULIA: Nothing.

JOEL: Hey, bud. Your mom and I were just talking that you know, you haven't had anybody over to the house yet. You think maybe you might want to, you know, have a buddy over for a playdate or...

VICTOR: Playdate? Isn't that for, like, for little kids?

JULIA: Oh, yeah. No.

JOEL: Oh, yeah, no. It is.

JULIA: So not a playdate. A hang-out.

JOEL: Hang-out.

JULIA: Yeah. Would you be into that?


JULIA: Great.

JOEL: Cool.

JULIA: Who should we invite?

VICTOR: Maybe Miguel.

JULIA: Okay.

JOEL: I don't know Miguel. Which one's...

JULIA: Is he on the baseball team?

VICTOR: No, he used to live in the apartment above mine.

JOEL: Oh, you... [Groans] You mean in the old neighborhood.

VICTOR: Yeah. He's cool.

JOEL: Yeah, well, we'll look into it.

VICTOR: Great.

JULIA: Can we do that?

[NEW SCENE - Coffee shop, Zeek and Ryan sit down at an outside table.]

ZEEK: Well, these are job prospects courtesy of the V.A. Here you go. Hey, you know what? You could put in an application in here. Amber used to work here. She liked it. She'll put in a good word for you.

RYAN: You're really invested in my employment situation, I see.

ZEEK: Yeah, I mean, it's... It's just great to have somewhere to go in the morning or a reason to get up. Just makes you feel better about yourself. Believe me, I know.

RYAN: Okay, I'll... I'll take a look. Sprinkler technician, Berlin-miro landscape architecture. Starting salary... Wow, that's low.

ZEEK: Yeah, well, okay. That's not a good one there. But check out the other ones.

RYAN: Uh, Norell family farms, irrigation consultant for mid-sized wheat farm.

ZEEK: Wheat. Kid from Wyoming... Must know something about wheat.

RYAN: Yeah, I do know a little something about planting wheat, but not from Wyoming.

ZEEK: Yeah, where?

RYAN: Well, one of my jobs in Afghanistan was to talk to the local farmers there. We'd offer them seeds, fertilizer, better irrigation. Try to gain their trust, you know. Win the hearts and minds. And then, you know, we wanted them eventually to switch out their opium plants for wheat crops.

ZEEK: Mmhmm. How'd it work out?

RYAN: It didn't always work out so good.

ZEEK: What happened?

RYAN: We met this one opium farmer outside of Marjah, and we worked on this guy for a while. And then finally he agreed to plant the wheat. A couple of weeks after we helped him switch out the poppy plants, he was killed. Uh, I guess they were sending a message to the rest of the farmers.

ZEEK: Oh. That's tough.

RYAN: We killed that guy, Zeek. We didn't drop any bombs or pull any trigger, but we killed that guy.

[NEW SCENE - Kristina in her kitchen looking for something and talking to herself.]

KRISTINA: I don't know where it is. Try again up here.

CAMILLE: [Entering the room.] Can I get something for you?

KRISTINA: I was just looking for the chamomile tea. It's up here.

CAMILLE: Oh. [Laughs]

KRISTINA: It probably...

CAMILLE: I moved it. I'm sorry. You know, I figured with your stitches, you know, you wouldn't be able to reach.

KRISTINA: Thank you very much, Camille. That's great.

CAMILLE: Sure. And I'll get the water.

KRISTINA: Thank you.

[Stove clicks as Camille turns on the stove.]


CAMILLE: Is that sugar?


CAMILLE: Don't you have any Stevia?

KRISTINA: I don't have Stevia here. I don't usually use it.

CAMILLE: Well, it's actually good for you. Stevia, it's a nutrient.

[The front doorbell rings.]

KRISTINA: It's only one scoop. Okay.

CAMILLE: Is that your door?

KRISTINA: You're right. That's my door. I'll get it. Okay

CAMILLE: No, no, no. I've got it. I've got it.


CAMILLE: Oh, hi.

SUZE: Hi, we're the Lessing's, Adam and Kristina's friend's.

CAMILLE: Of course you are. I remember you.

PHIL: She knows who we are. [Hugging.] Camille, where is she? Where's our girl?

[Kristina is listening from the kitchen, not in the mood for the Lessing's. Nora can be heard in the background.]

SUZE: Stop it, Phil. He does this. He's excited because she's like family to us.

CAMILLE: It's okay. Come in. Kris?

KRISTINA: Oh. [Laughs] Hey.


KRISTINA: Thanks for that, Camille.


SUZE: Sorry to barge in like this. We wanted to see how you were doing.

KRISTINA: I'm good. I'm home. Oh, and you brought a chicken.

PHIL: We're here for you, Kristina.

KRISTINA: Thank you very much. This is... this is beautiful. Thank you. [Opening the fridge.] Let's see where I'm gonna put... Okay.

PHIL: Oh, you got a few. [Chuckles]

KRISTINA: Thank you. Yeah. A lot of chicken.

PHIL: It's good.

KRISTINA: Thank you. Yeah. You know. Good to see you. Everything good?

SUZE: Yeah.

KRISTINA: I'm glad to see you're back together.

SUZE: Oh, yeah, well, we're in counseling, you know.

PHIL: Sex therapy.

KRISTINA: Can't have that... That's very important.

PHIL: It is.

KRISTINA: So you know what, I actually... It's her naptime, and I wish I could stay and visit longer. And thank you for...

CAMILLE: Oh, I'll do that, Kris.

KRISTINA: I'm gonna take her up.

CAMILLE: No, I've got her.

KRISTINA: Camille, I got it.

CAMILLE: Visit with your friends.

KRISTINA: Thank you.

CAMILLE: No, really, of course.


CAMILLE: You stay, visit with your friends.

PHIL: Thank you.

CAMILLE: [To Nora] Say "bye-bye."

PHIL: Bye.

SUZE: Bye, honey. [Turning to Kristina.] How are you holding up?

KRISTINA: I'm good. I'm good. I mean, this as a surprise...

SUZE: [sobbing] I'm sorry.

KRISTINA: Oh, Suze. It's okay. This…

SUZE: I'm sorry. I told myself I wasn't gonna do this.

KRISTINA: Aww, it's okay.

SUZE: I'm sorry.

[Suze moves in and hugs Kristina.]

KRISTINA: Oh! I'm a... A little sore.

SUZE: [Gasps] Oh, my God. [Pushes herself away.]

KRISTINA: It's okay.

SUZE: Oh, my... I'm sorry.

KRISTINA: It's okay.

PHIL: Just a-a gentle, gentle hug.


SUZE: [Sobbing] Be careful. Don't touch her.

KRISTINA: Can I get you a tea or something? You guys want anything to eat?

PHIL: It's just not right.

SUZE: I would love a tea, actually.

KRISTINA: Want some chicken? Why don't you have a seat? Okay?

PHIL: Do you have English breakfast?

[NEW SCENE - Julia coming down the stairs at home.]

JULIA: I just spoke to the social worker.

JOEL: And?

JULIA: And she doesn't think it's a good idea. She thinks we should keep working on establishing him here. Not open up old wounds.

JOEL: Which is what we expected, so no Miguel.


JOEL: What?

JULIA: I think we should do it anyway. I think that it would be really good.

JOEL: Honey, the social worker said it's a bad idea.

JULIA: She didn't say we couldn't do it.

JOEL: Are you "lawyering" me? Is that what this is?

JULIA: I'm Victor's mom-ing you. And I think that my opinion should weigh as much as hers.

JOEL: [Sighs] We should be helping Victor establish new friendships. That's what we should be doing right now.

JULIA: I know, but he needs a friend right now. He just needs a friend.

JOEL: He's gonna make friends. He just...

JULIA: Babe, he was really pretty heartbroken. You should have seen it when they left him out. I'm telling you he needs this.

JOEL: Okay.

JULIA: Okay.
[NEW SCENE - VA Centre.]

ZEEK: Good to see you. Okay, Brian. Take care. Yeah.

[Sarah enters carrying a large box.]


ZEEK: Sarah. Good heavens.

SARAH: [Laughs] Hi, how are you?

ZEEK: So Sarah Braverman. Give me a kiss.

SARAH: Mwah.

ZEEK: Hi, sweetheart. What are you doing here?

SARAH: Well, I wanted to see where you work, and also mark and I have all these doubles of things now that we moved in together.

ZEEK: Hey, wait a minute. [Puts the box down on a table.]

SARAH: Coffeemaker and stuff.

ZEEK: Thank you, honey. Sammy, Sammy, Sammy. I want you to meet somebody. This is my daughter, Sarah Braverman.

SARAH: Hi, nice to meet you.

ZEEK: Sammy was a pilot. He got shot down.

SAMMY: Sarah, hi. Well, we hear a ton about you around here. Young fiancé and the kids.

SARAH: That-yeah. Oh.

ZEEK: She's pretty though, huh?

SAMMY: Oh, yes.

SARAH: You told them he's young?

ZEEK: Hey, Zach.

SARAH: Nice to meet you.

ZEEK: Zach. I want you to meet somebody. Zach's a world war II vet.

ZACK: Well, hi, there, honey. [Shaking her hand.]

SARAH: Hi, there.

ZEEK: Okay, that's good. He's a ladies man.

SARAH: [Laughs]

ZEEK: And then... Henry! Henry, look. This is my daughter, Sarah.


HENRY: Your dad doesn't know crap about the game of baseball. But he's cool.

ZEEK: Hey, hey, hey. Thanks, Henry. That was really nice. Yeah.

SARAH: You're like the mayor.

ZEEK: [Laughs] Yeah.

SARAH: That's so cool. Hey, is Ryan here?

ZEEK: No. Why?

SARAH: Oh. Hmm. Well, he's, you know, Amber's new flame. Thought I'd check him out.

ZEEK: Amber's new flame?

SARAH: Yeah, he and Amber started dating after... I guess they hit it off at the baseball field. He didn't tell you?

ZEEK: They've been seeing... No, we just had lunch together, Ryan... He didn't say anything, and we talked about Amber. He didn't tell me.

SARAH: Well, you're an intimidating guy. You like him though, right, dad?

ZEEK: It's, uh... Yeah, um... let me show you my office, honey. Come here.

[NEW SCENE - Adam and Kristina talking on the phone, Adam at work, Kristina 'hiding' in Max's room.]

ADAM: Well, how exactly is she driving you crazy?

KRISTINA: She's a hovercraft. She's in the kitchen. She's moving everything around in the house. She's so frustrating to me. Oh, by way, the Lessing's stopped by today, and they brought a chicken.

ADAM: Another chicken.

KRISTINA: They stayed for 2 1/2 hours. She took Nora upstairs while I had to sit downstairs and entertain them. I had to make Phil Lessing tea. It's just so frustrating. I don't know what to do. I feel like a prisoner in my own home.

ADAM: Oh, sorry. Listen, I'll... I'll talk to her.

KRISTINA: [Sighs] I just... I don't want you to do that, okay? I mean, look. She's fine, she's helpful. She's trying to be there for me. I just... It's frustrating to me, honey, because I don't like being taken care of. Okay? I'm not used to it. I want to take care of people. And I feel just... I just... I feel helpless right now. You know?

ADAM: Oh, honey.

KRISTINA: Just I wish... [Sighs]

ADAM: What is it, hon? Go ahead.

KRISTINA: I want to be able to pick up my baby. I want to be able to take her upstairs and read her a book at nap time. I want to be able to not eat this crappy food that's making me feel yucky and supposed to be healthy for me, okay? And I want my mom. I want my own mom to consider me important enough to get on a plane and come here to see me. And I know I sound like I'm complaining right now, but I just sometimes wish that things were back to normal. And I wish that I could just crawl up in a ball and cry over it, but I can't because... Because your mother's here.

ADAM: I'm really sorry.

KRISTINA: I'm sor...

CAMILLE: [Off screen.] Krissy?

KRISTINA: Um, I gotta go. I'm fine. I'm just having a moment. I love you.

ADAM: All right, love you too. Bye. [Adam hangs up then exhales.]

[NEW SCENE - Amy's house, Drew rides up on his bike and knocks on the door.]

DREW: Hey.

AMY: Hey.

DREW: You are alive. Not dying. I hadn't seen you at school, so I just assumed you were sick and...

AMY: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm actually going in today, so...

DREW: Oh, yeah?

AMY: Thank you for the basket, by the way.

DREW: Oh, yeah.

AMY: That was really sweet.

DREW: I just kind of left it. But I'm glad you got it.

AMY: Yeah. Um, you know, I should finish getting ready.

DREW: Yeah, I just wanted to say hey, and...

JAKE: Who's there, Ames?

AMY: It's just my friend, Drew.

JAKE: Oh, right. You know, I heard a lot about you.


AMY: This is Jake.

[They shake hands.]

DREW: Hey.

JAKE: Ah, so senior year, huh?

DREW: Yeah.

JAKE: Man, I wish I was still a senior. I mean, don't get me wrong. I love college. But senior year is a special kind of awesome. I envy you, dude.

DREW: Oh, wow. Thanks. I'll just see you at school.

AMY: Okay.

JAKE: Hey, you know, I just dropped by to take Ames to school. We can give you a ride if you want.

DREW: It's-it's fine. I have my bike, so...

JAKE: You sure?

DREW: Yeah. I'll see you there.

AMY: Okay.

[NEW SCENE - Julia and Joel in Victor's old neighbourhood, Intense pop music plays.]

JOEL: I was thinking it'd be a good idea if I took Syd out so, you know, Miguel and Victor could have some time alone. That sound like a good idea?

JULIA: Yeah. Yeah, definitely. Oh, this is it.

JOEL: This one. Yeah, here we go.


[They get out of the car.]

JOEL: Hey, you must be Miguel. I'm Joel. It's good to meet you, buddy.

[NEW SCENE - Zeek is in his shed working at home.]

SARAH: There he is.

ZEEK: Hey.

SARAH: The radio's not working again?

ZEEK: Jiminy Christmas. Twice in two days. I think I saw less of you when you lived here.

SARAH: Well, I-I know how much you miss me, so...

ZEEK: Well, I kind of miss Drew a little more.

SARAH: Thanks, dad. Appreciate it. Hey, there wasn't anything else about Ryan and Amber that you wanted to tell me, was there? I feel like something was a little off.

ZEEK: No, well, I... Yeah, he just didn't tell me he was dating my granddaughter. That kind of was screwed up.

SARAH: Uhoh. That's it, though? Nothing else to worry about?

ZEEK: Damn it. This isn't the right tool. [His leg hits the chair.] Ouch. What'd I do with that?


ZEEK: [Exhales] I don't know, Sarah. I mean, the kid just got back from Afghanistan. You know, he's been in a war. Got a lot of stuff going on. That's normal. I mean... I was the same way when I got back. Just gonna take some time to get some balance in his life. [Exhales] Well, you know when you're going through it, it's usually the people you love and the ones that are closest to you that get hurt the most. That's...

SARAH: [Sighs]

ZEEK: He's a good kid, Sarah.

[NEW SCENE - Julia cooking while Victor and his friend Miguel are playing with a basketball near the back door. They are speaking Spanish, laugh and are clearly having a good time, Julia smiles as she watches.]



[The basketball goes into the house. Julia goes to get it, tosses it to Victor.]

VICTOR: Gracias.

[They continue to play, speaking Spanish.]

[NEW SCENE - Kristina on the phone at home.]

KRISTINA: Yeah, I know, mom. I understand. Yeah, if Roy has a kidney stone, I mean, those can be pretty painful. So it's probably not the best time for you to be out of town. Yeah I'll be okay tomorrow, Adam will be there. I'll be fine. All right. I love you. [Kristina hangs up the cordless phone.]

CAMILLE: Is everything okay?

KRISTINA: Yeah. It's just bad timing. You know, it turns out my mom's not gonna be able to... To get out here right now. But she just wanted to say thank you so much for covering for her.

CAMILLE: I'm sorry. I know how much you wanted her to come.

KRISTINA: It's fine. I mean, it's not a surprise. She's been like this for as long as I can remember. You know. I mean, I... I wanted her to want to be here. You know what? I'm actually... [sighs] I'd like to go get Max.

CAMILLE: Oh, no, I was just going to pick him up now.

KRISTINA: It's fine. Honestly, I've been cooped up in this house for a week. And I just... I'm... I'm just wanting to get out.

CAMILLE: And you think you're okay to drive?

KRISTINA: Camille, I'm completely fine. Okay? I'm able to pick up my daughter, I'm able to pick up my son from school. I can make my own tea. I know how to take care of everything. Just... can I have the keys?

CAMILLE: Of course.

[Kristina leaves the house.]

[NEW SCENE - Drew at his school locker, Amy approaches.]

AMY: Hey.


AMY: Look, I'm really sorry about earlier. That was really awkward for all of us.

DREW: Yeah, was that your camp friend?

AMY: Um, well, we kind of met there.

DREW: Was he like a lifeguard or something? Isn't he, like, embarrassed? He's like a college guy dating some high school girl. I mean, he looks like 30. I don't understand. Isn't it illegal also on top of it?

AMY: Wow. Really?

DREW: It probably is illegal.

AMY: Drew, I'm sorry. And I mean, I know that this morning was probably really hard for you.

DREW: All right, whatever. Don't give me that, all right? Enough bad stuff is happening to me. I'm pretty much used to it at this point, so...

AMY: Why? What do you mean?

DREW: Nothing. My mom decided to move in with Mr. Cyr. So you know, now I live with him in this two-bedroom apartment, and we found out my aunt has cancer.

AMY: What?

DREW: Yeah, my aunt Kristina. She has cancer, so it's serious. And the basket that I gave you was her cancer basket. So you can thank her for that one. I gotta go. Whatever.

[NEW SCENE - The school bell rings, Max approaches Kristina sitting in her car.]

KRISTINA: Surprise.

MAX: You're driving.


[Max gets in the passengers seat.]

MAX: You're not supposed to be driving. Dad said.


MAX: And you're eating ice cream.


MAX: Dad says you're not supposed to do that either.

KRISTINA: That's an it's-it sandwich treat. [Hands Max a paper bag.] Here's how this is gonna go down. You did not see me eat this ice cream cone. And you did not see me driving. Are you listening?

MAX: Yeah.

KRISTINA: What happens here stays here. Okay?

MAX: So it's like in Vegas?

KRISTINA: Kind of. And if dad asks, grandma picked you up. I did not pick you up. You got it?

What do I get if I say that?

[NEW SCENE - Light music playing as we see Kristina and Max at an amusement arcade playing games and having a good time.]

[NEW SCENE - Night, Julia at home as Joel comes home.]

JOEL: Hey.


JOEL: So, how'd it go?

JULIA: Really, really well.

JOEL: Yeah?

JULIA: Yeah. It was kind of amazing, actually. He was so happy. I mean, he was like a different kid. He was so engaged, and he was having... He was having a wonderful time. It was really something. [Sighs]

JOEL: What?

JULIA: But I wish that we could bring that out in him. I wish that we could make him that happy. I really thought that we were making progress... [Laughs]

JOEL: We are, honey.

JULIA: We are. But it's not enough. There's a whole world inside him. We're just not getting in there. And I want to see that version of him. All the time.

JOEL: We will.

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette, Crosby is whistling as he comes to Adam's office.]


ADAM: Hey.

CROSBY: What are you still doing here?

ADAM: Um, uh, Kristina went to sleep early, and mom and dad are watching Max and Nora. So I just wanted to catch up, you know. You know what? I have some questions here for you about these bookings and expenses right here. Can you take a look at those for me?


ADAM: What?

CROSBY: Could you do me a favor and just stand up for a second?

ADAM: You need to look at these.

CROSBY: I will look at those tomorrow but you need to stand up right now. We need to go out to a bar and get you a cocktail.

ADAM: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. That is the last thing I need to do.

CROSBY: Have you looked at yourself recently?

ADAM: No, I have not.

CROSBY: You're a man who's in desperate need of a cocktail. Let's go, now.

ADAM: I'm on a no-alcohol diet. I'm in solidarity with Kristina right now. Okay? So I'm not... I'm not going out to a bar.

CROSBY: I promise you she will never find out. And all this stuff will be waiting for you tomorrow. You can do it then. Okay?


CROSBY: I'll tell you what I'm gonna do.

ADAM: What?

CROSBY: One-time offer only. I will pay.

ADAM: [Mockingly gasps]

CROSBY: It's that serious.

ADAM: Do I really look that bad?


[NEW SCENE - Short time later at the Bar, Adam talks to Crosby about his problems.]

ADAM: I try to help out Kristina by having mom come over, and then she gets upset, and I gotta go call mom. And say, "listen, we want you to stop moving stuff around the cupboard."

MAN: Hey, my friend. Two beers. [Bumping Adam.]

ADAM: Excuse me. And you know, I can hear hurt feelings on the phone. She gets all quiet. I'm just saying, "mom, we appreciate what you're doing, but we just don't want you moving stuff around the house." You know. It's all it's... Excuse me. Could you please stop bumping into me?

MAN: It's crowded.

ADAM: Well, it's not that crowded.

MAN: So why don't you relax?

ADAM: I'm not bumping into you.

MAN: Jerk.

ADAM: Oh, I'm the jerk?

CROSBY: Okay, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.

ADAM: Just try being a little more considerate.

CROSBY: Go back to your Oktoberfest there with your beer Stein. Let's go down here.

ADAM: People are really starting to piss me off.

CROSBY: Okay. Here we go. Here's two stools.

ADAM: Walk out of my house the other day, going to the car, the neighbor comes up to me, says, "Adam, I just want you to remember God only gives you what you can handle." What the hell is that? Is that supposed to help me watch my wife suffer? She starts chemotherapy tomorrow. You should see these women after they've been in chemo. They look like ghosts. Just, man, the thought of Kristina having to... Go through that is... It's scary. It's really scary, Cros.

[Neil Halstead's 'Full Moon Rising' plays in as the scene ends, the song continues into the next scene.]

[NEW SCENE - 4:30 am Amber wakes up, Ryan is sitting at the table. She goes to him and sits in his lap.]

AMBER: Hey, buddy.

RYAN: Hey.

AMBER: What are you doing up?

RYAN: [Sighs] Oh. I couldn't sleep.

AMBER: You okay?

RYAN: Mm-hmm.

AMBER: Is there anything you want to talk about?

RYAN: You should go back to sleep.

AMBER: Okay.

RYAN: Okay.

[NEW SCENE - Next day, Adam at home next the stairs when Camille enters the front door.]

ADAM: Hey. I was just writing you this number. This is the main desk…


ADAM: …'cause we can't have our cell phones in the treatment room, so call us there. I'm gonna put the car seat in your…


ADAM: …car in case you and Nora want to go someplace.

CAMILLE: Uh, good idea. [Adam leaves as Camille goes to the kitchen.] Good morning.

KRISTINA: Hey. Good morning. How are you?

CAMILLE: Good. How are you feeling?

KRISTINA: I'm feeling ready to go. Adam made pancakes if you're hungry.

CAMILLE: Oh, I ate. Thanks. Maybe coffee later.

KRISTINA: Yeah. There's plenty of coffee.

CAMILLE: Um, I brought you something. Remember I told you about my friend who had just gone through chemo? She gave me this to give to you. Her aunt who had been through the same thing gave it to her. So it's been passed from person to person. And you will be the seventh person to wear this during chemo.


CAMILLE: I understand it gets really cold. And that's warm and cozy. It's also... It goes on and off real easy. You know, just in case.

KRISTINA: This is really thoughtful. Thank you.

CAMILLE: Kristina.

KRISTINA: [Sniffles]

CAMILLE: You know when Adam first brought you home to meet me, I really didn't think you were right for him.

KRISTINA: [Laughs] Really?

CAMILLE: I've never been so happy to be so wrong about anyone.

KRISTINA: [Whispers] Thanks.

CAMILLE: And I know I'm not your mom. I would never try to replace her. But I love you, Krissy. I'm here for you. I'd do anything for you. Anything.

[Kristine hugs Camille.]

KRISTINA: Thank you. [Sniffles]

[Adam watches as they hug]

[NEW SCENE - Marks apartment, there is a knock on the door, Drew opens it.]

AMY: Hey.

DREW: Hey.

AMY: Sorry to just show up like this. I called your cell phone, but you didn't answer.

DREW: Yeah. Um, sorry.

AMY: Can I come in?

DREW: Um... Sure, Amy.

AMY: Wow. So this is where Mr. Cyr lives.

DREW: Yeah.

AMY: All of my friends would die if they knew I was in here. They're all in love with him.

DREW: Yup. Everyone. Everybody loves him. I-I just want to say I'm sorry really quick about everything.

AMY: It's okay. I get it. And Drew, if you need space, just tell me. I mean, I would really like to be friends. But if you don't, I understand. And anyway, I just well, I was just stopping by 'cause I wanted to tell you that I'm really sorry about your aunt.

DREW: Oh. Yeah, thanks.

AMY: It's so horrible. Is she gonna be okay?

[Alabama 'Shakes' alone' starts playing and continues into the closing scenes.]

DREW: I mean, I hope so. We all hope so. Um... You know, it's like I... like, I feel like I should do something. You know, like, you know, I feel like I want to help somehow. But I don't know how to. There's nothing for me to do, you know. And I just kind of feel guilty.

AMY: Drew. Look, you're... you're amazing, and... You'll find a way.

DREW: It's just so upsetting, you know. She's starting chemo today.

[They start kissing, Drew closes the apartment door.]

[NEW SCENE - Julia at home learning Spanish on her laptop. Victory sees this as he comes down the stirs.]

JULIA: Un hombre. Hombre. Nino. Un nino.

[NEW SCENE - Amber brushes her teeth as she watches Ryan take another pill. They smile at each other.]

[NEW SCENE - Hospital, Kristina is starting her chemo treatment, Adam is by her side, he puts the jacket on that Camille gave her.]

Episode End
4.07 - Together
Original Airdate (NBC) November 13, 2012
Written by Eric Guggenheim
Directed by Millicent Shelton

Transcribed by Craig Best
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