4.03 - Everything Is Not Okay
Transcript by Craig Best

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[Opening scene - Lincoln Middle School, Max and Micah go down the hall way between classes, there are lots of other students around.]

MAX: All right, so they said the vending machine was in the hall near the water fountain.

MICAH: Doritos, baby.

MAX: Now, skittles cost 75 cents, and I've got $5, so I'm definitely getting two packets of those, and then something else. This is great. I can get whatever I want, and no one can say no to me.

MICAH: Wait, this is where the water fountain is.

MAX: Where's the vending machine?

BOY: They took it away last June.

MAX: No.

MICAH: Aw, man.

MAX: No. No, it's not fair! No. It's not fair! How could they do... [panting] No.

[Max walks off, Micah follows behind.]

BOY: Man, chill out.

[NEW SCENE - Doctor Bedsloe's office waiting room.]

ADAM: Well, I am so glad I've had the chance to check out the 2007 December issue Woman's day. I feel like I've rediscovered my holiday spirit. I now know five amazing ways to reuse gift wrap. Well, it's official... our appointment was two hours ago.


ADAM: Can you believe that?

KRISTINA: Yeah, I know.

ADAM: I mean, what kind of a way is that to run a practice?

KRISTINA: I don't know, Adam. It's just the way it is.

ADAM: It's a crappy way to run a practice.

KRISTINA: It's crap, okay? It's crap.

GWEN: It's your first time, right? New kid on the cancer block? Your hair's a dead giveaway.


GWEN: Plus the husbands stop coming after a while.


GWEN: I'm Gwen chambers.

KRISTINA: Hi, I'm Kristina.

GWEN: Nice to meet you.

KRISTINA: This is my husband Adam.

ADAM: Hi. How are you?

GWEN: Nice to meet you.

ADAM: Nice to meet you.

GWEN: So what stage?

[Adam's iPhone vibrates, message from Amber “Band still waiting for you, Where are you???”]

KRISTINA: I'm sorry?

GWEN: What stage?

KRISTINA: Oh, I don't know. We're just here for the first time.

GWEN: Oh, I was 2b.

KRISTINA: I'm not 2b.

GWEN: Oh! That is the question.

KRISTINA: [Laughs] That's funny.

GWEN: I had to do a lumpectomy, chemo, and radiation. The triple crown. Hello medical marijuana, huh?



NURSE: Gwen chambers?

GWEN: Oh. One sec, Carmen. Listen, all this really messes with your head. You're gonna get really confused, really fast. Call me. Seriously. [Gwen hands Kristina her card.]

KRISTINA: That's nice. Okay.

GWEN: Don't worry, I won't try to get you to take shots of wheatgrass. That crap made me more nauseous than the chemo.

ADAM: I'll bet.

KRISTINA: Thank you. Have a good visit.

ADAM: I can't imagine why her husband stopped showing up.

KRISTINA: [Sighs] Adam.

ADAM: I know you've probably never met a pirate before. I've got cancer just like you.


ADAM: What?

KRISTINA: You're just rotten.

[They both laugh.]

[NEW SCENE - Rizzoli Photography

CARRIE: I know that this is, like, really last minute.

SARAH: Yeah.

CARRIE: But we're desperate. Our wedding photographer, who we booked a year ago... hello... has West Nile virus.

SARAH: [Chuckles] Oh, my... sorry, it's not funny at all. It's just you hear about it.

CARRIE: No. I know.

SARAH: It's real.

CARRIE: And our wedding is less than a week away, so...


CARRIE: Bad timing on our part.

SARAH: Right. According to the books, we're free, so we'll... Hank! This is Dan and Carrie.

DAN: Hello.

SARAH: And they're getting married on Saturday, and they are looking for a photographer...


SARAH: For their wedding.

CARRIE: I heard that you did journalistic style?

SARAH: Oh, um...

HANK: Journalistic?

SARAH: Yes. Well, he can do so many different styles. He's so talented. And, um, so what kind of things were you looking for?

CARRIE: Well, we really want something that's more kind of...

DAN: Slice of life.

CARRIE: Yeah, candid. So, like, pictures of me getting ready before the ceremony...


CARRIE: And then the ceremony when we, like, release the doves.

SARAH: Doves!

DAN: Yeah.

SARAH: Hank, could we do that?

HANK: Yeah.

SARAH: Big wedding, huh?

CARRIE: I've been on the paleo diet for, like, eight months.

SARAH: I mean, obviously it works. I just... you know.

DAN: Babe, you look amazing.

CARRIE: Well, you better believe I want my picture taken.

SARAH: Yeah.

HANK: You know, I'm actually booked on Saturday.

SARAH: No, we're... sorry, he's wrong. We're free. We're free.

HANK: Nope.

SARAH: Sorry. What do we have?

HANK: It's not in the book. I'm taking a personal day on Saturday.

SARAH: Can it... can it be another day for your person?

HANK: It's a "me" day. I can't. It's a...

SARAH: it's a "me" day?

HANK: It's a "me" day! It's for me. That's the day that me wants it, so... Hey, look, I'm sorry. I can't take your wedding photos.

SARAH: I'm so sorry.

CARRIE: Even if we were, like, to pay extra?

DAN: Baby, let's go, come on.

SARAH: I'm so sorry.

CARRIE: We're really desperate.

DAN: Don't worry about it.

CARRIE: If it changes, please call me.

DAN: Come on.

[The door jingles as they leave.]

SARAH: Seriously?

HANK: I don't do weddings. I need help here.

SARAH: [Sighs]

[NEW SCENE - Zeek is driving the kids to get ice cream. Max is in the front, Jabbar, Sydney and Victor are in the back.]

MAX: So yeah, there was a vending machine in the school last year, but they took it out.

VICTOR: Max, give it up. They took the vending machine.

MAX: It's not fair.

ZEEK: You're gonna have to learn life is not fair. [Missing his turn.] Oh, damn, crap, hell!

[The kids in the back laugh and giggle.]

MAX: Why are you being so loud?

ZEEK: Well, that was our turn. Hey, don't tell your parents I said any of that, all right? [Zeek does a U turn.] Hold on here, fellas.


[A police cars siren sounds, and it's lights on as it pulls in behind them.]

VICTOR: Busted!

ZEEK: Huh? [The police car chirps again.] Oh, crap. Damn it. [He starts to pull over.]

MAX: You have to pull over.

ZEEK: Yeah, that's what I'm doing is pulling over.

MAX: Oh.

ZEEK: Oh, damn it.

MAX: What's so bad about this?

ZEEK: Oh, he's a young guy.

MAX: Why is that bad?

ZEEK: It's bad because he doesn't have any patience, I bet you.

POLICE MAN: License and registration, please.

ZEEK: Hi. Yeah, so what's the problem here, officer?

POLICE MAN: Could I have your license and registration, sir?

ZEEK: Yeah, I'm getting it.

SYDNEY: Are we in trouble?

ZEEK: No, honey, everything's fine. There you go.

POLICE MAN: Sir, are you aware that your driver's license expired more than a year ago?

ZEEK: Are you sure?

[The Officer starts writing out a ticket.]

ZEEK: Oh, that's a mistake. Hey, listen, officer, I'm with my grandkids. I mean, you can see that. Couldn't you just give me a warning this time? Maybe? What, are you writing the ticket already? Hey, uh, let me handle this.

POLICE MAN: Sir, get back inside your car.

ZEEK: Yeah, no... I just wanna talk to you, just for one second.

POLICE MAN: Do you hear me, sir? Get back inside your car right now, sir.

ZEEK: I don't think you heard me! I... I... you're not listening to me. [Zeek steps towards the officer.] Wha... ow! Hey! Easy! [Zeek is quickly restrained with hand cuffs.]

SYDNEY: Grandpa! Do you hear me? No! No! No!

ZEEK: It's all right, kids! Just eat your ice cream, kids! I'm staying still. What, I'm gonna run? [The handcuffs click.] Damn.

[Opening credits - featuring “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan]

[NEW SCENE - Doctor Bedsloe's examination room, Kristina is getting a breast exam, Adam is watching nearby.]

DR. BEDSLOE: When can we get her in?

NURSE: We have... Morning of the 26th.

DR. BEDSLOE: Good. That works. You can cover up now, Mrs. Braverman. Mrs. Braverman, I understand that your oncologist is Dr. Gardner? Yeah, um, we just met him, so I mean, I guess he is. He said that your practice was the place to go, and if his wife had cancer, he'd send her to you.


ADAM: Hey, listen, doctor, if there's anything you could tell us now, you know, we've been in the dark. We've been waiting outside for 21/2 hours. We'd appreciate it.

[The Doctors cell phone rings, he answers it.]

ADAM: [Looks at Kristina.] What?

KRISTINA: It's fine. I'm just trying to find out... We're here now.

DR. BEDSLOE: Yeah. Mm-hmm. Well, let's make sure we get all the results back first before we jump to conclusions. I need the results on the Braca ASAP. Yeah. Well, call the geneticist at City of Hope and tell him I need it.

ADAM: What is he doing?

KRISTINA: I don't know.

DR. BEDSLOE: All right, Mrs. Braverman. Your cancer is 1.6 centimeters, and is located in the lower outer quadrant of your left breast, near the chest wall. There's no evidence of cancer elsewhere in the breast.

KRISTINA: Okay, 1.6 centimeters. That seems...

DR. BEDSLOE: It's a small tumor.


ADAM: Good, so she may not need chemo.

DR. BEDSLOE: Well, we don't know yet. The size of the tumor is just one of the characteristics we look at. A small tumor can be very aggressive. We need to know more about the character of the cancer. That will affect our treatment. Regardless, we need to do a lumpectomy.

KRISTINA: A lumpectomy. That means what?

DR. BEDSLOE: We surgically remove the cancer while preserving the breast.

KRISTINA: So there's surgery involved…


KRISTINA: Right off the bat there's...

DR. BEDSLOE: You'll have a scar. There will be a slight to moderate disfigurement.

KRISTINA: Yeah. I don't care about the scar or any of that. If there's any...

ADAM: Okay.

KRISTINA: If my breast looks weird. I don't care. I just want the cancer out, you know.

DR. BEDSLOE: Mrs. Braverman. I'm really very good. I'll give you a good result. Now when we do the lumpectomy, we will also remove two sentinel lymph nodes from your arm pit. We'll analyze the nodes, and that will tell us whether or not the cancer has spread to your lymphatic system.

KRISTINA: And if it has spread...

DR. BEDSLOE: Well, depending on the level of involvement, we need to consider doing another procedure to take out more. It will also mean that you'll need chemotherapy.

ADAM: Wait, if it spreads to the lymphatic system... I mean, is there another way of doing this, other options? Or is this...

DR. BEDSLOE: I just told you what I think you need to do.

KRISTINA: Right. Well, we just found out about this, like, less than a week ago. I mean, so we don't know what we're doing.

DR. BEDSLOE: Mrs. Braverman, a lumpectomy performed sooner rather than later, offers the best chance of remission. And I have an opening Friday the 26th at...

NURSE: Eight.


[The doctors cell phone rings again.]

ADAM: Okay. Doctor, I just...

DR. BEDSLOE: [Answering his phone.] Yeah? No! He's your cousin.


[Adam look mad.]

DR. BEDSLOE: He does not know how to read a pathology report. He's also a veterinarian. Let me read the report, all right? Let him take care of your dog.

[NEW SCENE - Mark's apartment, he is preparing dinner.]

SARAH: I'm working for a crazy person. What am I washing these?

MARK: Yes, please.

SARAH: With soap?

MARK: No. Just rinse them.

SARAH: I'm just kidding. [Chuckles] He's presented with a huge payday. A wedding. Which seems a perfectly normal thing for a photographer to do. But no. He doesn't do weddings. Like that's somehow beneath him. He made the bride cry.

MARK: He's really getting under your skin, huh?

SARAH: Well, he's really insulting and difficult to work for.

MARK: You should convince him to do it.

SARAH: I can't imagine how I would do that.

MARK: Here, look. [Imitating Hank] I don't want to do a wedding.

SARAH: Wait, that's him?

HANK: Yeah. I'm being him.

SARAH: Okay, much less charming. You have to be much more angry, and you don't like women.

MARK: [Imitating hank] I don't like to do weddings.

SARAH: Nice.

MARK: I don't like anything.

SARAH: But, Hank, you should do weddings. You'd make so much money.

MARK: I don't like money. I don't believe in it. I don't know.

SARAH: Close enough.

MARK: Okay.

SARAH: Okay, but I am an assistant, and I could use some valuable experience.

MARK: But I don't care about you.

SARAH: That's true.

MARK: [Chuckles]

SARAH: Well, you know, you were rude to these people and they'll go tell their friends, and that's really bad for business, and you're incredibly patronizing when you talk to everyone, especially me. I think I've realized what bothers me the most. You're insulting and patronizing to me. I wish you would be nicer.

MARK: And Hank's heart grew two sizes that day.

SARAH: It did?

MARK: [Laughs] I think so.

SARAH: Did I get you?

MARK: I thought you were very reasonable, yeah.

SARAH: Okay.

[NEW SCENE - Police Station, the family has gathered to bail out Zeek. Julia and Joel talk to Sydney and Victor.]

JOEL: I don't understand, he was...

JULIA: Wait, was he speeding? Was he driving really fast?

VICTOR: He was awesome…

SYDNEY: We got to ride in the back of a police car.

JOEL: Great. Back of a police car.

JULIA: That is exciting.

[Nearby Crosby and Jasmine talk to Jabbar.]

CROSBY: It was kind of a cool adventure, really. That he was on.

JASMINE: Please don't act like this is nothing.

CROSBY: I'm just trying to...

[Adam and Kristina with Max.]

KRISTINA: This is silly. I don't understand what's going on right now.

ADAM: There he is. Dad! What the hell happened?

ZEEK: Some overzealous cop is trying to fill his weekly quota of tickets. That's what the hell happened.

CAMILLE: Okay, Zeek, let's try and keep calm, okay?

ZEEK: They got no oversight and no accountability in this place.

[They start to leave.]


ZEEK: I ought to sue!

JULIA: Hey, whoa. Jeez!

ADAM: Let's get outta here before they arrest him again.

MAX: How could they arrest him again? He hasn't broken any laws.

[NEW SCENE - Julia with the rest of her siblings in her kitchen.]

ADAM: I'm saying I think he made a bad call. I really don't appreciate the fact that he was yelling in front of the kids.

JULIA: Right.

ADAM: But he's gonna retake his driver's test, pay his fine.

SARAH: We've said that before.

ADAM: End of story.

JULIA: Yeah, well hopefully that's the end of the story. But maybe not. Maybe there's a reason why he's let his license expire by a year.

CROSBY: I'm just praying he's not delinquent on his smog test.

JULIA: I know. God. Should he be driving?

ADAM: Julia, come on.

SARAH: I think he's fine.

CROSBY: Just one poorly timed u-turn, I think.

SARAH: I think he's fine.

JULIA: He's driving our kids around. Making illegal u-turns.

SARAH: I'd be more worried about Amber driving your kids around.

CROSBY: And he is on heart medication. I don't know if that's impairing...

SARAH: With his what now?

JULIA: What?

CROSBY: Motor control or something.

ADAM: What heart medication?

SARAH: He's not on heart medication.

CROSBY: It's not a big deal. He just had a really small heart episode last year.

ADAM: He had a heart attack?

JULIA: Dad had a heart attack?

[Everyone talking at once.]

CROSBY: Okay. Whoa, whoa, whoa. He did not have a heart attack, okay? He had some fluttering, he's now on medicine that is...

SARAH: How did you not tell us this about the fluttering?

CROSBY: I don't...

JULIA: Crosby.

CROSBY: ...because he asked me not to...

SARAH: So he is on something, well that a whole...

CROSBY: That's not what we're talking about, okay? This is about dad driving without a license. I'm only suggesting maybe this very mild medication he's on could be impairing his driving.

JULIA: Okay well, maybe he needs to not be driving on the medication. This is entirely relevant.

[Adam's cell phone chimes with a message from Kristina “Pick up Dinner? XOXO K.”]

SARAH: But again, don't you think he would know if he needs to be not driving?

JULIA: Well, maybe that's why he's not taking the test again. That's my point.

SARAH: But he wouldn't put the kids in the car if he's on some medication that's making him drowsy or whatever.

JULIA: I would hope not, but, Adam, would you let him drive Nora?

ADAM: Uh, I don't know. I gotta go. I'll see you later.

SARAH: What?

JULIA: All right.

[NEW SCENE - Adam and Kristina's bedroom, she folds some cloths on the bed as they talk.]

KRISTINA: So Max was calling it a low-speed chase, which I think probably offended your dad, but it was really hilarious.

ADAM: Hey, Kristina. Can I say something?


ADAM: I really didn't like that doctor.


ADAM: I didn't like the way he made you wait. I didn't like the way he answered his phone every time it rang when he was supposed to be focused on you. I feel like he's distracted. And I want somebody who's going to be sensitive to what you're going through. Obviously, honey, it's your call. But I just feel like we should find the right person. The person who's going to nip this thing in the bud and take care of you.

KRISTINA: I know, but honey he also said that we shouldn't wait, so...

ADAM: I know and I agree. We should make an appointment for surgery so that we don't lose the date. But we should get another opinion quickly.

KRISTINA: Okay. That's fine. That's fine.

ADAM: Okay. All right. Honey, just trying to do the right thing here.

KRISTINA: I know. I know.
ADAM: You're gonna be okay. Hey. You're gonna be okay.

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette, Adam enters the lobby area where Amber works.]

ADAM: Unbelievable.


ADAM: Hey.

AMBER: I have some calls for you. Here.

ADAM: Thanks.

AMBER: Oh, uh, I just heard that the band that we missed the meeting for the other day uh, they just booked at West End, so...

ADAM: So we just lost them.

AMBER: Uh, yeah.

ADAM: Nobody covered for me, and we just lost them.

AMBER: Yeah. Well I... you weren't answering your phone, and Crosby was in a recording session so, you know, I didn't...

ADAM: Well you should have just pulled Crosby out of the session, Amber.

AMBER: Well, I didn't know that I mean, you specifically told me I'm never to go into a session.

ADAM: Okay, well now I'm telling you that if somebody wants to book our studio for four weeks, that you go and you get Crosby out of a session, okay? We lost $10,000.

AMBER: Okay, I...

ADAM: Why does it smell like burnt coffee in here?

AMBER: Because I burned some earlier...

ADAM: All right, well can you deal with that? And can you please find a place to put all these magazines that are lying all over the place? Stack them up so it doesn't look like coyotes have been scavenging through a doctor's office? Crosby!

[NEW SCENE - Lincoln Middle School, Max and Micah at their lockers.]

MICAH: Could you believe John? He was just mouthing off in front of the entire class to our teacher. It was just crazy.

MAX: [Turns to some nearby girls.] Did you know there used to be a vending machine by the water fountain?

GIRL: Yeah. There was one last year.

MAX: Okay, so you used to be able to buy candy anytime you wanted.

GIRL: Yeah.

MAX: Not during class, obviously, but recess, before school, after school. You can't do that now. Those days are gone.

MICAH: Max, let's go.

MAX: It seems unfair that there are hundreds, probably thousands of kids who got to have skittles anytime they wanted. We're new students coming into the school and we don't have that. It's obviously unfair.

GIRL: Right. Good luck with that.

MAX: It has nothing to do with luck. We need to find a way to get the school top bring back the vending machine! [The girls giggle as they leave. Turns back to see Micah leaving.] Where are you going?

[NEW SCENE - Doctor Haryana's office.]

DR. HARYANA: So before we start, would you like water? Tea? Anything?

ADAM: Uh, wow. Um, no.

KRISTINA: I'll have a beer. Just kidding. [Laughs] Nothing for me. Thanks. I'm just nervous. Sorry.

ADAM: It's okay.

KRISTINA: No, thank you.

DR. HARYANA: So I familiarized myself with your tests and medical records this morning.


DR. HARYANA: How are you doing?

KRISTINA: I mean, it's overwhelming, but I figure a lot of women deal with it, so it's fine. Like, it's...

DR. HARYANA: And so many women do. But I'm here to make it less overwhelming for you.

KRISTINA: Thank you.

DR. HARYANA: Let's discuss the best course of action. I believe a lumpectomy would be the right course of action, but it's not the only way to go. The research shows that with surgery, followed by radiation, our chance of cure is the same as the mastectomy.

ADAM: Okay.

DR. HARYANA: Look, I see you recovering. You're gonna come back from this. It's gonna be a tough year... But you're gonna make it.

KRISTINA: Thank you.

[They seam happier with this doctor.]

[NEW SCENE - Rizzoli Photography, Hank is working at his computer as Sarah enters.]

SARAH: [Sighs] Hey. I was wondering if I could talk to you.

HANK: Oh, that can't be good.

SARAH: Listen, it's none of my business if you want to tank your business, but if you could possibly speak more respectfully to me, that would be great.

HANK: What are you talking about?

SARAH: Sorry. It's just a small thing. It's just... I don't know if you're aware of... I'm just talking about how you talk to me.

HANK: Yeah. No, I mean... what do you mean, "tanking my business"?

SARAH: Well, I mean, you know. Just turning everything down. [Chuckles]

HANK: This is about the wedding thing again, right?

SARAH: For example, yeah. It is about the wedding.

HANK: I don't do weddings. Just on principle.

SARAH: Okay. It's a principle I don't understand.

HANK: Look, weddings are hassles. It's mothers and bridesmaids. And everybody's drunk, and if I have to see another chicken dance, I'm gonna kill everybody, okay? It's doves crapping all over the place, it's just... it's horrible.

SARAH: That's the craziest thing I've ever heard. A wedding is supposed to be the most beautiful day in a couple's life. I think it's just your attitude.

HANK: That is my attitude!

SARAH: Right.

HANK: Wedding's suck. So I don't do them.

SARAH: I just don't understand why you seem to take pride in pushing people away. And business.

HANK: Look, I don't have to take every job.

SARAH: You don't take any job! We've got a date book full of empty pages. You know what I think? I think you are a true artist, but you're afraid that if you're an artist who's also a guy who shoots weddings, then somehow you're a failure.

HANK: That's what you think that I think I am? A failure?

SARAH: No, no, no, no. I, uh...

HANK: 'Cause that would make you a failure's assistant.

SARAH: Okay. Look, you know, my only point was I think you should have done the wedding.

HANK: I thought your point was how I talked to you.

SARAH: [Sighs] That too.

[NEW SCENE - Night time. Braverman house, the siblings have gathered to talk to Zeek and Camille.]

ZEEK: Oh, I can guess what this is all about.


ZEEK: One of my grandkids ratted me out, right?

SARAH: Well...


JULIA: No, what?

ZEEK: I was unlawfully detained by the way.

ADAM: I'm pretty sure it was legal to pull you over.

JULIA: Arrested for making an illegal u-turn.

ZEEK: Yeah.

SARAH: Then you got lippy with the cop.

ZEEK: Lippy? Yeah, lippy. Well, I may have used some inappropriate language. In the heat of the moment, I may have.

JULIA: What did you say?

ZEEK: You know, language your kids are gonna hear when they get out in the world, you know? They're gonna hear those kinds of words. I mean, it's adult language.

JULIA: Actually that's not what we're here to talk to you about.

ZEEK: It's not?

JULIA: What we came to talk to you about was your driving with an expired license.

ZEEK: Yeah, the plates expired.

TOGETHER: No, your license was expired by over a year.

ZEEK: Oh, yeah. I forgot.

JULIA: You forgot, okay.

ZEEK: To renew it.

SARAH: For a year, dad?

ZEEK: I guess. That's the way it looks.

JULIA: You forgot.

SARAH: [To Julia.] He forgot.

ZEEK: Yeah, it slipped my mind.

JULIA: So you're not avoiding it.

ZEEK: What are you implying, Julia?

JULIA: Just a year.

ZEEK: The district attorney is now...

JULIA: I was just asking.

ZEEK: Yeah?

JULIA: I'm just asking, okay? We're only bringing this up because, you know, our kids were in the car and it ended up being a bit of a...

ZEEK: Oh, come on. Let me tell you something.

ADAM: Dad we want to…

ZEEK: Hold on. I mean, do you really think that I would ever put the grandkids in danger? Do you think...?

ADAM: No, dad, that's not what we're saying.

ZEEK: Honestly do you think that?

ADAM: That's not what we're saying.

JULIA: Well, I would assume not. But it is what brought us to this point here.

SARAH: We're just wondering what's going on dad?

JULIA: With your driving our kids.

ADAM: We're just all a little concerned here. We want to check in on this. That's all this is.

ZEEK: Hm. So you've been talking behind my back.

ADAM: You were handcuffed in front of the grandkids for some...

ZEEK: Oh, for God...

[Zeek leaves the room and goes outside.]

CAMILLE: Well, I hope you're proud of yourselves.

JULIA: No, mom, we just felt the topic needed to be addressed, so...

CAMILLE: He's not an invalid.

JULIA: No, clearly.

CAMILLE: He's not ready to be put out to pasture. He's not there yet. He's not even close. You know, he forgot to send in his renewal. Big deal. Shame on you.

[Camille leaves the room.]

[NEW SCENE - Adam joins Zeek outside.]

ADAM: Dad?

ZEEK: I don't want to talk about it, Sonny.

ADAM: Okay.

ZEEK: And I'm pissed at all of you. That's why I left. I just want to calm down. I'd just like a few minutes to myself.

ADAM: Okay. I know about your heart condition, dad.

ZEEK: Adam, I'm gonna be all right, okay? [Sighs] Then again, you never know what's gonna happen, do you?

ADAM: I guess not.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman guesthouse, Mark is sitting on the couch with a beer as Sarah gets something out of the refrigerator.]

SARAH: He's really talented and I get the thing of wanting to be true to your art or whatever, but it's just such a waste. There's just so much potential there, you know? And, like, he could be an artist and run a successful business. Do you see what I'm doing? I'm eating ice cream straight out of the container...

MARK: That's how I know that you're upset.

SARAH: I know.

MARK: I can tell. [Laughs]

SARAH: But this is a cliche, you realize. And I'm just perpetuating it. Here, switch with me.

MARK: [Laughs] Okay, perfect.

SARAH: I feel really good. It just... it matters to me.

MARK: Mmhm.

SARAH: And I want it to matter to him.

MARK: I totally... Get that. Do you feel like talking about something else?


MARK: Okay.

SARAH: [Sighs] Yeah. Sorry.

MARK: No, no. No. This ice cream is delicious.

SARAH: [Laughs] See?

[NEW SCENE - Micah is visiting Max at home, they are in the living room. Kristina and Nora are nearby in the dining area.]

MAX: So this site says that if vending machines...

ADAM: [Entering the room.] Hey! Hey, girls. Hey.

NORA: [Baby] Da-da!

ADAM: Honey, you're not searching for anything you're not supposed to be searching for, are you?


ADAM: Dr. Haryana specifically said not to do that.

KRISTINA: I'm not.

ADAM: We gotta stay positive. Do everything we can. We can't put negative things in our minds.

KRISTINA: I'm not being negative. I'm just looking and researching, okay? It's nothing.

[Micah comes over in his wheelchair.]

ADAM: Hey.

KRISTINA: Hey, buddy. How you doing? You ready for a snack?

MICAH: I wanna go home.

ADAM: Oh. Okay.

KRISTINA: Did something happen?

MICAH: I just... Wanna go home. Can you call my mom?

ADAM: Sure.

KRISTINA: Honey, did you and Max get into a fight? Or was he being rude? Because if he was I can go talk to him.

MICAH: Max just won't stop talking about the vending machine. We're not playing anything.

ADAM: Okay.

KRISTINA: Why don't I go talk to him.

ADAM: I got this, honey. You stay here and rest, okay? I got it, all right?

KRISTINA: Honey, I can do that. It's fine. It's not a big deal.

MICAH: Mrs. Braverman?

KRISTINA: Yeah, bud.

MICAH: Have you ever thought about putting skittles in Max's lunchbox? Because he's seriously obsessed.

[NEW SCENE - Zeek is driving in his truck with Camille.]

CAMILLE: You are approaching a rail road crossing with no warning devices. You are unable to see 400 feet down the track. What is your speed limit?

ZEEK: 15 Miles an hour.


ZEEK: Yes!

CAMILLE: Once again.

ZEEK: Man, I am gonna ace this, and I'm gonna send the score to that Gestapo SS storm trooper that arrested me.

CAMILLE: Well, it was ageism, that much is clear.

ZEEK: Yeah.

CAMILLE: Sweetie, careful. You wanna stay two whole car lengths behind the car in front of you.

ZEEK: Yeah, I got it.

CAMILLE: Okay. Remember when you were teaching Crosby how to drive?

ZEEK: Oh, please.

CAMILLE: He had some nerve.

ZEEK: He couldn't tell left from right. That was the first indication there was a problem with the kid.

CAMILLE: Really. Some nerve being critical of you.

ZEEK: Or how about Sarah?

CAMILLE: Yeah, how about Sarah?

ZEEK: How many accidents did she have her junior year?

CAMILLE: Three. Four. I think. I remember our insurance went through the roof.

ZEEK: You're telling me.

CAMILLE: You know, there's a flashing red light coming up. You have to stop. No matter what. That's an automatic fail if you don't.

ZEEK: Huh? It's in the vision. I got it. Hey, uh, you wanna maybe pull over in one of these little side streets and park? I mean, do a little smooching?

CAMILLE: [Laughs]

ZEEK: Just relax me before I get into the grind of the test.

CAMILLE: [Laughs]

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette kitchen, Amber is cleaning.]

AMBER: [Humming]



CROSBY: What are you doing here still?

AMBER: Just trying to get this freaking burned coffee smell out of the kitchen. I just cannot do it. Every time I think I've got it out, I just... I catch another little breeze of it, and it's just driving me freaking crazy.

CROSBY: Hey, it's quarter to ten. You're really freaking out about a burnt coffee smell right now?

AMBER: Uncle Adam got really stressed out at me the other day because I burned coffee, and then the magazines weren't organized, and... I don't know, I just really want to have it taken care of and show him I can get the job done.

CROSBY: That's just Adam being Adam. He does that.

AMBER: Maybe the reason I'm not doing well is because I'm not doing anything creative, and that's, like, the only thing I'm good at is, like…

CROSBY: Ah-ha.

AMBER: …helping out with music stuff, and...

CROSBY: You're good at burning coffee.

AMBER: Thank you.

CROSBY: Very few people can do that, you know, with these things. I mean, they... they pretty much go on their own, I think. Listen, tomorrow, when the Tri-Tones come up for their session, why don't you come into the booth, and I'll show you the ropes.

AMBER: No, you don't have to do that...

CROSBY: Yeah, start your apprenticeship. Well, I know I don't have to do that. I don't have to do anything. I own half of this dump, believe it or not.

AMBER: [Giggles]

CROSBY: I would like you to come up to the booth, and I would like you to be my apprentice, 'cause I'd like to kick back and watch you do some of the work, 'cause Adam's not learnin', okay?

AMBER: Great, yeah. Thank you.

CROSBY: Okay. And let this thing with Adam just roll off your back. He's crazy, okay, and he goes through these little moods, but I'm sure it's nothing serious, okay?

AMBER: Okay. Thank you.

CROSBY: All right. Go home! All right.

[NEW SCENE - Adam at home doing some online research about Kristina's cancer. He closes the laptop and exhales.]

[NEW SCENE - Same time Kristina has just showered and it at the bathroom mirror. She opens he rode and starts to cry.]

ADAM: [Knocks on door] Kristina? Hey, how 'bout we, uh, watch a movie? That sound good?

KRISTINA: Yep. I'll be right there.

[NEW SCENE - Next day. Max's room, Adam is tossing a football with Max.]

ADAM: Toss it back. So have you been enjoying having Micah come over?

MAX: Sometimes.

ADAM: Yeah? Well, he seems like a good friend.

MAX: Yeah, but it's annoying when he wants to do something boring.

ADAM: Yeah, you know, I, uh, wanted to talk to you about that.

MAX: What, about doing something boring?

ADAM: Just about how friends compromise. If you're playing video games, taking turns. If you're spending time with a friend how you take turns doing what interests your friend and then what interests you.

MAX: Did you talk to the principal about the vending machine?

ADAM: Max, I really want you to hear what I'm saying to you about having a friend, 'cause I think Micah is a great one. Do you hear what I'm saying to you about taking turns? Max? Max?

MAX: Yep, all right.

ADAM: Okay.

MAX: So are you or are you not gonna call the school about the vending machine?

ADAM: Max, I know the vending machine is a disappointment, okay, but you've gotta stop talking about it...

MAX: It's not fair.

ADAM: All the time, especially at school...

MAX: It's not fair.

ADAM: I know it's not. Okay? I know it's not.

[NEW SCENE - Café Kristina and Gwen talking over coffee.]

GWEN: Well, there's a cycle.

KRISTINA: For chemo?

GWEN: No. Actually, for how everybody treats you. First, everybody you know in your whole life and a bunch of people you don't know are gonna pay way too much attention to you and the phone's gonna ring so much till you wanna shoot yourself. And then, a little while after that, people, they go back to their own lives, their own problems, and that's when you find out. That's when you find out who your real friends are.

KRISTINA: Yeah, well, I haven't really told any of my friends, or... My family doesn't know it. It's just Adam, so... and here's how it's gonna go with your husband who is very cute, by the way.

KRISTINA: Thank you.

GWEN: Oh, yeah. He's got that protective lion thing going.

KRISTINA: He does.

GWEN: Yeah.

KRISTINA: He's a little lion.

GWEN: Yeah, he's gonna wanna solve everything. He's gonna really wanna take charge, and he's gonna tell you to stay off the Internet. He'll freak out every time there's a left turn, and there are a lot. He's gonna have a friggin' heart attack over all the waiting. There's so much waiting, and he can't have a heart attack, 'cause you're gonna need him.

KRISTINA: Yeah, I am gonna need him.

GWEN: Have you scheduled your surgery yet?

KRISTINA: No, not yet. I'm just...

GWEN: What are you waiting for?

KRISTINA: I didn't really like Dr. Bedsloe. I thought he was kind of...

GWEN: Really?

KRISTINA: Yeah, kind of rude, and...

GWEN: He saved my life. What didn't you like about him?

KRISTINA: When we were there for my appointment, he took two phone calls within, like, five minutes of us being there. It was just dismissive...

GWEN: You know who he's talking to? His patients. I mean, he gives you his cell phone number, and he answers it every time. Honey, listen, you don't need a friend. You need a doctor. He's not there to make you happy. He's there to cure you. I must've called him a thousand times the three days before my surgery. He answered the phone every time. He never once screened my calls.

KRISTINA: Yeah, I just feel like I need more information. Like, maybe there's a better doctor, or...

GWEN: I really think you have all the information that you need. You really do. I think you need to get it the hell out, okay? Don't waste time.

KRISTINA: And I, uh... I also feel like I'm kinda scared, you know?

GWEN: Of course.

KRISTINA: I feel like I can talk to you. I don't even know you. It's like you're a stranger but I can't really... I can't really talk to my husband.

GWEN: Yeah, why do you feel like you can't talk to him?

KRISTINA: Because he is so positive. He's like this relentlessly positive person who can fix everything and make everything better, and it's like...

GWEN: That's-that is a good man who wants to protect you from anything bad happening, and here's the thing. The bad thing is already happening.


[NEW SCENE - Braverman guesthouse, Hank knocks on the door.]

SARAH: [Slowly] Hi.

HANK: Yeah, hi. Can you get ready in like, uh, five minutes?

SARAH: For what?

HANK: Location shoot. For the wedding thing. It's at the Hillcrest Country Club.

SARAH: The wedding?

HANK: Yeah, can you get ready?

SARAH: [Exhales, stutters] Okay. You don't have anything else you'd like to say to me?

HANK: Bring a sweater or something. It's gonna run late...

SARAH: Great, oh... that's what I wanted, uh-huh, okay.

HANK: It's inside, but...

SARAH: Seriously...

HANK: Hey, hey.

SARAH: Yeah?

HANK: You got anything to eat, 'cause I'm starving...

SARAH: Oh, my God.

HANK: You got a Granola bar or somethin'?

SARAH: No, I don't have anything...

HANK: I just feel like...

SARAH: There's no full kitchen in here.

HANK: Isn't a Fig Newton laying around or somethin'?

SARAH: I have time to make you a snack...

HANK: Whatever, whatever, let's go. I'm gonna sugar crash.

SARAH: Seriously. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Wait, I... hold on. I didn't even lock the... oh, God. Here we go.

HANK: You really have to lock that?

SARAH: Well...

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette upstairs offices.]

ADAM: Amber!


ADAM: Hey.

AMBER: Hey, what's up?

ADAM: Listen, I need you to pick up Max for me from school at 3:45, okay...

AMBER: No, no, no.

ADAM: But you have to be there early, so you're there when he comes out...

[They make their wait to Adam's office.]

AMBER: Uncle Adam, I can't do it today.

ADAM: What?

AMBER: I already told Crosby I'd help him in his session with the Tri-Tones today, and he's gonna show me stuff on the board...

ADAM: You're gonna have to do it another day. I need you to pick up Max. 3:45. Get there early.

AMBER: Can I talk to you for a second?

ADAM: What?

AMBER: Um, I love working here. I love it, okay?

ADAM: Okay.

AMBER: Um, but I sort of feel like you've been treating me like your girl Friday, you know? "Do the dishes, and clean up the kitchen, and, you know, don't say anything." I mean, I'm happy to help you with whatever you need, but I can really be a valuable asset here, and I wanna be a part of the team. And I kinda feel like you've been blowing me off a little bit lately.

ADAM: Can, can you sit down for a second? You're right, you're right, about all of it. Kristina... Kristina's sick. And, uh, I'm... Sorry that I've been acting like a jerk. I'm just distracted, and, uh, that's what's goin' on.

AMBER: I mean... what do you mean sick?

ADAM: I can't give you all the details. You're the first person I'm telling, so... Sorry some of this stuff is gonna fall on you…

AMBER: Uncle Adam.

ADAM: …but I'm gonna keep asking you to do some of these things for me because I'm gonna need your help.

AMBER: Okay.

ADAM: All right.

[NEW SCENE - Lincoln Middle School, exterior, Max walks up to the cars.]

AMBER: Max-a-roonie! [She beeps the horn.] Hey, dude.

MAX: What are you doing here?

AMBER: I'm your ride today.

MAX: Well, mom usually picks me up at school.

AMBER: I know, but...

MAX: Sometimes, it's my dad, but even that's rare. It's almost always my mom.

AMBER: Okay. Well, I'm your ride today, so jump on in. Here we go.

MAX: Where is my mom?

AMBER: Well, she's busy right now, but, uh, you'll see her in a little bit, okay?

MAX: I had something important to talk to her about today.

AMBER: You did?

MAX: Yeah.

AMBER: Well, I'm all ears.

MAX: What does that mean? What does "all ears" mean?

AMBER: Um, just means I'm listening.

MAX: Cool. Anyways, you used to be able to buy candy anytime you want, not during class, obviously, but before school, after school, recess.

AMBER: Yeah.

[NEW SCENE - Department of Motor Vehicles, Camille is waiting for Zeek.]


ZEEK: Hey.

CAMILLE: How'd it go?

ZEEK: Oh, well, it went.

CAMILLE: What do you mean?

ZEEK: Well, they took two points off 'cause I didn't adjust my rearview mirror. I only got 98%. Oh! Gotcha.

CAMILLE: [Chuckling] You...

ZEEK: He said I had the best three-point turn he'd ever seen.

CAMILLE: Well, I could've told him that.


CAMILLE: [Chuckles]

[NEW SCENE - Night time. Hillcrest Country Club, the wedding shoot is over. Hank picks up a bottle of Champaign and goes over to Sarah.]

HANK: Here, this is not horrible.

SARAH: Great. Thank you so much.

HANK: Thought they would, like, go chintzy on this, but they didn't.

SARAH: All right, that was our wedding. Good job.

HANK: It went okay.

SARAH: Yeah, see? I'm proud of you. Congratulations. Yeah.

HANK: All right, thank you.

SARAH: Look at the people. Look at them, the kids. They're so happy with their little wedding...

HANK: They are your kids, right?

SARAH: Situation. So young.

HANK: They are young.

SARAH: Very young.

HANK: They're whole little life ahead of 'em.

SARAH: [Laughs] You think the world's your oyster? You're wrong.

HANK: That'd be horrible, to just the end the night, "listen, here's what's gonna happen..."

SARAH: [Chuckles] Mm. [Moans] Meanwhile, I was probably younger than that when I got married.

HANK: Oh, yeah, me too.

SARAH: Oh, really? Oh. [Clicks tongue] Maybe that's why you don't like weddings?

HANK: It's a factor.

SARAH: Okay. Fair enough. Well, I thought I was gonna be married forever.

HANK: Well, of course, that's how you always think, right? That's what I thought. And now, you're gonna do it again, right?

SARAH: Yeah, but this is different. This time, I am gonna be married forever. It does happen, you know?

HANK: Yeah.

SARAH: It might happen for them. I hope it does. I hope it happens for them.

HANK: Me too. Here... here's to them. Come on, we did a wedding.

[NEW SCENE - Adam enters his bedroom, Kristina is in bed reading.]

ADAM: [Sighs] Oh, my God, honey, I gotta get a new CD to put Nora to sleep. Those songs are driving me nuts.

KRISTINA: Hey, Adam.

ADAM: Yeah?

KRISTINA: Um, can I talk to you a second?

ADAM: Yeah, sure. What's up?

KRISTINA: [Exhales] I wanna go to Dr. Bedsloe.

ADAM: Honey, really? The guy who made us wait for two hours, and then gave us two minutes of interrupted conversation...

KRISTINA: I've done my research. I've considered all of my options, and I want Dr. Bedsloe to do my surgery.

ADAM: Honey, obviously, it's your call, okay? I just want you to have the best care possible...


ADAM: I feel like you should at least talk to Dr. Haryana...


ADAM: What?

KRISTINA: I trust him.

ADAM: Okay. Well, then, you know what? That's what we're gonna do. It's like Dr. Haryana said. If you feel something positive, go with it. Just, you gotta stay positive...

KRISTINA: And I'm scared.

ADAM: Okay, that's okay that you're scared.

KRISTINA: Please, stop.

ADAM: What?

KRISTINA: Adam. I know that you're trying to make everything okay for me. You always have our whole lives. And I love you so much for that, but you have to let me be scared. I wanna be able to come to you and just say, "Adam, I'm... I'm really scared today," [Almost crying.] and I just want you to hear it. I don't want you to tell me to think positive or to... that everything is gonna be great, 'cause right now, I'm not sure that it's going to be. And I just want to be able to feel scared. That's just what I need from you right now.

ADAM: Okay. I can do that.

KRISTINA: I love you.

ADAM: I love you too, so much.

KRISTINA: [Laughs]

ADAM: Kristina, I'm sorry. I'm not gonna let you down.

KRISTINA: Oh, honey...

MAX: [Entering the room.] I've got news! I'm running for student council president. I'm going to win. I'm going to get elected. I am going to get the school board to bring back the vending machine.

ADAM: [Laughs]

MAX: Are you excited?

KRISTINA: [Laughter]

MAX: Yes!

[Max leaves the room.]

ADAM: Uh, yeah.


[They look at each other.]

Episode End
4.03 - Everything Is Not Okay
Original Airdate (NBC) September 25, 2012
Written by Bridget Carpenter
Directed by Sam Jaeger

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