3.18 - My Brother's Wedding
Transcript by Craig Best

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[Opening scene - Montage of scene with Yellow Ostrich's “Bread” playing. First at the Luncheonette Crosby is watching Lily playing the cello. Next Jasmine pulls up in her car out side a house where Joe is getting the keys. They wave, how is Jasmine going to break the news. Back at the Luncheonette Crosby walks up to Lily and breaks the news. Jasmine breaks the news to Joe and he looks disappointed. Luncheonette, Lily storms out of the studio.]

LILY: I hate you.

CROSBY: Lily, hey, hey. This is not fair to you and I'm sorry.

[Back at the house with Jasmine and Joe.]

DR. JOE: I don't hate you.

[Jasmine smiles as he takes the news well.]

[Back at the Luncheonette.]

CROSBY: I'm really sorry.

LILY: No, don't.

[Jasmine and Joe hug, they part on friendly terms. Lily leaves the Luncheonette not looking at Crosby.]

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house.]

CROSBY: We're getting married!

ZEEK: Aah! No!


ZEEK: Oh, congratulations.

SARAH: [Entering the house] What is going on?

CAMILLE: Finally.

SARAH: Hey, what happened?

JABBAR: My mom and dad are getting married.

SARAH: No way. What are you talking about? How did that happen?

JABBAR: Camping!

SARAH: Camping, of course!

JASMINE: We went on this... we went on this camping trip, and I realized how much I love this man here, and that, no matter what happened, I want to spend the rest of my life with him.

CAMILLE: That is so sweet.

ZEEK: You...Realized it?


CROSBY: Yeah, dad. She proposed to me.

JASMINE: Yeah, we want to do it right away.

CAMILLE: This summer?


JASMINE: Well, no, actually, we were thinking later this week.


ZEEK: Yeah.

CAMILLE: This week?

JASMINE: [Laughing]

CAMILLE: Oh, my God.

CROSBY: Well, I mean, we'll have a big party in a couple months, but we're gonna go down to city hall this week.

ZEEK: Uh, no. No. Let's do it here. What do you say?


JASMINE: Are you sure? Right here.

ZEEK: Yeah.

JASMINE: This seems like a...

CAMILLE: Oh, no. We could do it outside.

JASMINE: We still have to talk to Renee about that, but, yeah, I mean, I think... it'll work.

[Overlapping chatter]

ZEEK: Well, in my mind it's settled. Let's go have some champagne. We'll have a toast.

CROSBY: Okay, I'll get the champagne.

[NEW SCENE - Amber's apartment. Sarah is visiting and they are both sitting on the couch.]

SARAH: So a family wedding is quite a big event.

AMBER: Oh, gosh, I'm just so excited.

SARAH: You know what a lot of people do in preparation for a wedding?

AMBER: What?

SARAH: Shower.

AMBER: [Chuckles] That's funny. Because you think I'm dirty?

SARAH: No, no. I know you are. [Laughing.]

AMBER: Okay. Yes. Uh...

SARAH: And I understand, I mean, you're going through something...

AMBER: I'm going through something. Yeah, clearly it's not my finest hour.

SARAH: Have you talked to him?

AMBER: No... I haven't.

SARAH: Why not?

AMBER: Because... What am I gonna say? He's called me. I just... I don't know if I can work there and still be with him, and I...

SARAH: Maybe you have to pick one.

AMBER: Yeah, therein lies the problem. I mean, he's a... he's a pretty cool guy. So...

SARAH: Well... That's pretty rare.

AMBER: Yeah.

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette, Crosby is working in the Studio listening to a track. And doesn't hear Adam enter the room. A few moments pass before he turns to see him.]

ADAM: Hey.

CROSBY: [Chuckles] Dude, you just scared the crap out of me. You should announce yourself before you...

ADAM: I didn't get a chance to tell you earlier that I met with Richard Gilchrist while you were away.

CROSBY: You met with... Gilchrist while I was away.

ADAM: Yeah, he called me, and he wanted to meet, said right away, so... look, the important thing is he upped the offer, and I think that we should discuss it. Look... [Gets out the napkin.]

CROSBY: I was away for one day.

ADAM: He more than doubled the offer.

CROSBY: [Scoffs]

ADAM: I want to sell.

[Crosby gets up and goes to the door before turning back to look at Adam.]

CROSBY: I'm getting married this week.

[Crosby walks off.]

ADAM: [To himself.] I know.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house, the family has gathered.]

ZEEK: As everybody knows, in 72 hours, we're having a very big wedding here.

[They all cheer as Zeek tries to bring them under control again.]

ZEEK: I need everybody's undivided attention. Okay.

SARAH: Undivided. I can do that.

ZEEK: Here we go… Now, thanks to Renee and Camille, we have a crackerjack list of wedding assignments. [They cheer again.] Thank you very much, ladies. Here we go. Julia.


ZEEK: Honey, you are in charge of cake.


JULIA: Yum. On it, boss.

SARAH: Oh, it's a good one.

ZEEK: And you gotta make it big enough for 40 people, sweetheart.

CAMILLE: Actually, it's more like 57.

JASMINE: Wait, how did we get to 57?

RENEE: The church group.

CROSBY: The whole church?

SEKOU: The church has to be up in here.

ZEEK: Shh! Hey. Hey, hey. Amy. Amy, Amy. [Kissing Drew.] Could I separate you and Drew for just a second? [There are giggles from the room.] You guys are gonna be on the Jordan almond wedding favors.

AMY: Ooh, yay.

ZEEK: Sarah.

SARAH: [Raising her hand.] I'm Sarah!

ZEEK: You are on a rose-petal duty, my darling.

CAMILLE: Oh, nice one.

SARAH: Wait. What is rose-petal duty?

AMBER: Bummer.

CAMILLE: The rose-petal path that the bride and groom go down.

AMBER: That's the embarrassing job.

ZEEK: Joel, Joel, are you paying attention?

JOEL: Yes, sir.

ZEEK: In deference to our partial Jewish ancestry, you will be making the chuppa.

SARAH: It's "khuppa," dad. It's not even Jewish. Why do we keep pretending we're even...

ZEEK: Well, the "hoopa… huppa."

JOEL: I'll make them both. Great, all right.

ZEEK: Adam! As best man, you are in charge of the bachelor party. I need you to keep watching over, make sure he's safe and sound.

ADAM: Will do.

CROSBY: All right? There's, um, actually been a change in the wedding party. So, uh, Billy's in town. He's gonna be the best man. I'll tell him about the bachelor party.

ZEEK: What?

SARAH: Who's Billy?


CROSBY: Seriously, I'm not joking.

ADAM: Come on, Crosby.

CROSBY: Yeah, well, you weren't being very best manly, so I replaced you with someone who is up for the job.

AMBER: Oh, my God, are you serious?

JASMINE: Crosby don't do this right now.

AMBER: Wait, is this real?

ADAM: You wanna talk about this, we can talk about this, but let's not talk about it here. Let's take it outside.

CROSBY: No, let's talk about it right here if you wanna talk about it. Yeah, I'm sure they would all love to hear about it.

[Overlapping chatter continues.]

ZOE: What the hell's going on here?

CROSBY: What the hell is going on... [Pointing.] Adam met behind my back and negotiated to sell the Luncheonette.

ADAM: I didn't try to sell the Luncheonette. He made an offer.

KRISTINA: That is not even how it happened.

CROSBY: Well, how did it happen, and how would you know? Are you a partner?

KRISTINA: Excuse me?

CROSBY: Are you the one who told him to take the money? 'Cause that's so important!

KRISTINA: I did not!

ADAM: Do not talk to my wife like that!

CROSBY: Billy's gonna be the best man. Just move on.

ADAM: Fine. You know, Billy's an idiot, just like you, so it should work out perfectly.

CROSBY: Oh, really? He may be an idiot, but he's never screwed me over, okay?

ADAM: I didn't screw you over!

CROSBY: Someone flashes money in front of your face, and then everything changes? How do you live with yourself?

ADAM: Do not... mom, I didn't do anything! It's all him! It is all him!

CROSBY: You didn't do anything because I met behind your back? No, I think you met behind my back.

ADAM: Do not speak to me like this in front of my family.

CROSBY: Then why don't you just leave?

ADAM: You know what? We will. Haddie, Max, Kristina, let's get going. Let's get out of here. All right? Yeah, we're leaving. I'll see you later.

[He tries to knock the drink from Crosby's hand, spilling it on him.]

CROSBY: You know what?

[Crosby tosses the remains on Adam's back.]


AMBER: Oh, my God.

KRISTINA: Honey...

AMBER: Did that just happen?

CROSBY: You like that?!

ADAM: Yeah, oh, that was real good. Oh, man, that was real... just great!

[Adam pick up a bowl of food, tossing the liquid on Crosby. There is over lapping shouting as the fight escalates.]

CROSBY: Let's go.

CAMILLE: Crosby.

JASMINE: Hey, hey, hey!


ZEEK: Let him go! Adam! Let him go. Let him go.

[The overlapping shouting continues as they wrestle on the floor.]

[Opening credits - featuring “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan]

[NEW SCENE - The Graham's baby's room, Camille and Joel packing the baby things.]

CAMILLE: This is tough.

JOEL: Yeah.

CAMILLE: I'm so sorry, Joel.

JOEL: Thank you. Thanks, Camille.

CAMILLE: This is what we were worried was gonna happen, what we were hoping wouldn't.

JOEL: Yeah.

CAMILLE: I just want to put my arms around her, but... You know Julia. I'm worried that she needs her space. I... and sometimes I just don't know what to do.

[The door opens and Julia enters.]

JULIA: [Smiling.] You guys don't have to do this, you know. Got it?

CAMILLE: [Chuckles]

JULIA: I'm okay.


JULIA: It's wedding week. You just gotta keep me busy.

CAMILLE: [Chuckles] Yeah, you got it. No problem.

[NEW SCENE - Krisina's office, they is talking on the phone.]

KRISTINA: Yeah, I mean, 8,000. We could make it an even 10,000. For the trail legacy level. Then we could have a company sponsor to match it. 10? Yep, think big. [Bob enters and closes the door.] Vote Little. Wonderful. You have a great day. Bye-bye.

[She hangs up the office phone.]

BOB: Kristina, we need to talk.

KRISTINA: Yes, we do. I just got you $10,000 more for this campaign. This is a pretty good system I've come up with…

BOB: Kristina, we still work together…


BOB: We're 15 feet away, and you're sending me emails.

KRISTINA: Yes, I am. Bob, look, I'm just gonna be honest with you, okay? I think that you're... you're a great politician, and I think that we have a great shot at winning this election. I do, but... I don't trust you any more. I just don't, I mean, everything that happened with Amber in Sacramento... and it's really hard to look at you face-to-face every single day, and... and lie about it. That I will not do. I put my little girl in day care to come work for you, and I like my job, I really do, but this is... Amber's my niece.

BOB: Kristina, we've known each other for a long time. You know I'm not a bad guy. Now, forgive me that I've developed feelings for a capable, smart, beautiful, young woman whom you put into my life because you trusted her and you believed in her. So I hope you'll be able to accept that and move on, because I need you on this campaign. Those are your favorite muffins from golden's bakery. They're delicious.


[NEW SCENE - Whiskey Mike's. Sarah working behind the bar, Mark is seated.]

MARK: So they're getting married?


MARK: That's crazy.

SARAH: Yeah.

MARK: I love that. Uh, where are they doing it?

SARAH: Uh, at the house in the backyard.

MARK: Very nice.

SARAH: Yeah. Will you be my date?

MARK: Yes, please.

[The both chuckle.]

MARK: I just thought it would be cool to have, if you're gonna do a last-minute wedding, have it in Ireland.

SARAH: Really?

MARK: Yeah.


MARK: It's so romantic out there. Home of Thomas Moore and Van Morrison.

SARAH: How would you get everybody, you know, there? Let's say there's a baby. Is there... the baby...

MARK: Baby can come. Strap on the back.

SARAH: Uh-huh.

MARK: Or carry-on.

SARAH: Yeah. It changes, you know. Being able to do something last-minute, you know? It's not like that for a while.

MARK: Yeah. No, I-I...

SARAH: And it's possible that [whispering.] I, you know, won't get pregnant, you know?

MARK: No, you will get pregnant. Look, I was saying that I think Ireland is a cool, romantic place. But we could just go there.


MARK: Just take our baby and go there.

SARAH: Okay. [Chuckles] I'll be right back.

MARK: Okay. [Chuckles]

[NEW SCENE - Kristina and Adam preparing a meal. Max and Haddie sit at the counter.]

MAX: So dad was winning, right?

HADDIE: He doesn't seem pleased.

MAX: No, 'cause he was...

ADAM: Guys, we're not gonna discuss it, okay?

MAX: No, then Uncle Crosby was on top of him.

KRISTINA: Neither one of them won, because they both lost track of their emotions and acted like children.

MAX: Well, that doesn't make any sense.

ADAM: Thanks for the help.

MAX: Both people can't lose. [Haddie waves her hands in front of Max.] Stop... stop it!

KRISTINA: You stop fighting. That is not what we learn here, okay?

MAX: Yes, it is. Dad just did it.

HADDIE: Grandpa!

ZEEK: Hey, honey, how you doing?

KRISTINA: Say, "it's me!"

ZEEK: Grandson.

KRISTINA: [To Adam.] I didn't know he was coming over for dinner. Do you want some dinner?

ADAM: Hey, pop.

ZEEK: Adam.

KRISTINA: How you doing?

ZEEK: Good. How are you?

KRISTINA: We're good. We're just making some beef Bourguignon.

ZEEK: Ooh.

HADDIE: We're peaceful here.

ZEEK: Beef bourguign... what?

ADAM: Beef stew.

ZEEK: Hey, Adam, can I talk to you for a second?

KRISTINA: I'm sorry, I didn't know you were coming.

ADAM: Yeah.

KRISTINA: I would've made stew. I'll finish up.

HADDIE: [Gasps]

MAX: Does dad get a consequence for fighting with Uncle Crosby? [As they move to the next room we here Max continue talking.] 'Cause I think he should, 'cause I got a consequence for fighting with Jabbar.

ZEEK: [Grunts]

ADAM: All right, what do you want to talk about?

ZEEK: Well, your brother's getting married in less than 48 hours.

ADAM: I'm well aware.

ZEEK: I really don't want the two of you arguing during the week he's gonna get married.

ADAM: Well, I don't either, but it was his decision to announce to the entire family that I'm no longer his best man. I did not deserve that…

ZEEK: Well, you went behind his back to meet with that guy.

ADAM: You know what? This is our business, all right? You don't need to be involved.

ZEEK: All of a sudden, I am involved. I mean, my God, I had a world federation-wrestling match in my living room, for Pete's sake.

ADAM: Well, I'm sorry about that. I'm sorry about that.

ZEEK: Adam, Adam, please. Listen. Just listen to me!

ADAM: You know what? We got a significant...

ZEEK: [Shouting.] Would you listen to me for a minute? [Lower voice again.] I need you to make up with him. We don't want that crazy bastard Billy as my sons best man…

MAX: You guys sound like you're fighting.

ADAM: We're not fighting.

MAX: If you're fighting, mom's got some salsa in the kitchen.

ADAM: We're fine, Max.

ZEEK: No, it's not a fight. Hey, do you have a new pet or something?

MAX: Yes, I have a bearded dragon. It's upstairs. Do you wanna see it?

ZEEK: Yes, I'd like to see the bearded dragon.

ADAM: Yeah, you should check it out.

MAX: Let's go.

ZEEK: [To Adam.] Fix it, please.

MAX: Grandpa, let's go! You wanna see it, let's see it.

[NEW SCENE - Jasmine's apartment, she is loading the dishwasher as Crosby come up from behind. And wrestle playfully, jasmine chuckles.]

CROSBY: Have I ever told you how much I love the way you load a dishwasher?

JASMINE: Really?


JASMINE: 'Cause if you're not happy with it, I can... I can change it...

CROSBY: No, it's perfect.

JASMINE: If that's better for you.

CROSBY: No, it's so good.

[They kiss.]

JASMINE: Hey, I hope you're not bummed about my mother doubling the size of the wedding. Um, I had nothing to do with that.

CROSBY: No, no, no. The more church folks and relatives, the better.

JASMINE: You sure?


JASMINE: Okay. Now what's going on with you and your brother?

CROSBY: You mean other than the fistfight and me replacing him as best man?

JASMINE: Yeah, yeah, other than that.

CROSBY: That's pretty much all the developments.

JASMINE: Come on, babe, you need to figure that out. You can't be arguing with your brother on your wedding day.

CROSBY: Okay, well, you go fix him, and I'll stop fighting with him. This is the same cycle we've always been in, where he's right and I'm wrong. No matter what I do, he's right. I mean, it was my idea to start the Luncheonette, not his. I'm the reason that we have this thing that's worth millions, okay, not him. Yet somehow, he still doesn't see me as his equal.

JASMINE: Baby, you are taking this way too personal. It's not personal. It's business. Your brother wants to be in a business, and you want to be in this business. And maybe it's not the same thing, but... It's not personal. He's still your brother.

[NEW SCENE - Drew's bedroom, The Jordan almond wedding favors are half done while they make out on his bed.

DREW: What?

AMY: I think I'm ready.

DREW: Y-yeah, me... me too. Should I get, like...

AMY: Yes.

DREW: Stuff? Okay.

[NEW SCENE - The Graham's. Night. The doorbell rings. Julia is coming down the stairs but Joel is at the open door.]

JOEL: Meet up on the weekend or...

JULIA: Who is that?

ZOE: [Sighs]

JULIA: No. Make her wait. [She goes to get something.]

JOEL: Honey, I'm not gonna... Julia, just... just... honey, come on.

JULIA: No, Joel, I need to talk to her. Zoe. [Looking at the waiting taxi.] Is that your mom?

ZOE: Yeah.

JULIA: That's good. She's helping. Troy?

ZOE: No Troy.

JULIA: Good.

ZOE: I didn't know.

JULIA: Um...

ZOE: [crying] I... I swear to you I didn't know until he was born. And I'm so sorry.

JULIA: How is he?

ZOE: He's beautiful.,, Julia... you changed my life.

[Julia gives Zoe back her grandfather's watch, starting to cry Julia walks back inside. Zoe exchanges a look with Joel.]

[NEW SCENE - Mark's apartment, Sarah lets herself in.]


MARK: [Chuckles] Hi. I'm glad you're alive.

SARAH: Yeah, sorry I didn't call.

MARK: What, is your brother getting married in a couple days? Um, I'm glad you're here. I need to ask you a serious question about expiration dates. These are just them covering their bases, right? They don't actually go bad? All right. You hungry?

SARAH: Mm, I don't know. [Sighs]

MARK: What's going on? You okay? What's wrong?

SARAH: [Smiles.]

MARK: Sarah.


MARK: What are you thinking about?

SARAH: [Sighs] I was... Up all night.

MARK: Yeah?

SARAH: Honey, what if I can't have children?

MARK: Then we... then we can't have them.

SARAH: I'm not sure I want to... Have any more. I mean, I want to... For you. But I'm not sure it's the right thing for me.

MARK: I... I thought... I thought you were... I'm sorry, I thought you were sure. I...

SARAH: I thought I was too.

MARK: ell... Then, uh... then I don't... I don't have to have kids.

SARAH: Don't say that.

MARK: I don't. I don't need that.

SARAH: [Crying] You don't know that. I mean, you don't know, you know? And ten years from now, it may be too late to... Change your mind.

MARK: [Voice breaking up.] I don't care, I love... I love you, and you love me, and that's... that's all that matters.

SARAH: No, it's not. I couldn't take that away from you. Do you understand?

MARK: So are you breaking up with me?

[She reaches for his hand but Mark doesn't take it.]

SARAH: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's better that I do it now. You know? I'm sorry.

[Sarah leaves, Mark is upset.]

[NEW SCENE - Adoption agency. Morning. Julia and Joel there.]

JULIA: We'd like to widen our net. Um, just any qualification can go.

LORETTA: Great, well, that definitely accelerates the process.

JOEL: All races, ethnicities, boy, girl. We're open.

JULIA: We just want a baby.

LORETTA: I understand. May I talk to you about one other option?

JULIA: Yeah?

JOEL: Yeah.

LORETTA: Do you know what a sky baby is?

JULIA: Uh, no.


LORETTA: Sometimes a mother hasn't made arrangements in advance to have her child adopted, and so that can happen really suddenly. Would you be open to that?

JOEL: Yeah.

JULIA: Yeah, definitely.

JOEL: Yeah.

JULIA: Uh, I have a question. In these situations, is it ever possible that they... Take the child back from you?

LORETTA: Honestly? Yes, that can happen. It's rare. But...it is something you need to know.

JOEL: Um, we're ready for anything at this point.

[NEW SCENE - Adam on his couch feeding Nora, the back door opens, and Crosby enters.]

ADAM: Hey.

CROSBY: Hey. Look, I've, um... I've thought about it, and I can't make you want to work at the Luncheonette forever. So you have my blessing to sell it. You know, if you want to call Richard and take the offer, then... Feel free.

ADAM: [Adam stands to face Crosby.] Uh... Crosby, listen. I'm really sorry I went behind your back. Can we...At least have a couple beers and talk this thing through?

CROSBY: Well, there's nothing really to talk about. You know? [The door opens again.] I'll... I'll see you at the wed... I told you to stay in the car.

BILLY: It was either that or crap on the front lawn. I'm not in high school any more. [To Nora.] What's up, buddy? How you doing, little guy? What's up little guy? Hi, buddy. [Laughs]

ADAM: Yeah, he's a girl.

BILLY: Cool. Hey, um, I just want to say thanks again for abdicating the old throne there. You know what I mean?

ADAM: Yeah.

BILLY: All right, Crosballs, you ready, bro? Bachelor party time. Bachelor party!

CROSBY: I mean, come on.

BILLY: Sorry, my bad.

CROSBY: Yeah, it's his...

ADAM: All right, have a good time, guys.

CROSBY: I'll see you in the car...

BILLY: Hey... Can I use the crapper real quick?

ADAM: Really?

BILLY: Yeah. What?

ADAM: Yeah, go ahead.

BILLY: Thanks. Make it quick. Appreciate it. No, no, no. I'm on it. [off screen] Oh, man! [Running footsteps he closes the door.]

[NEW SCENE - Braverman yard, wedding day. Sydney lays rose petals as the choir sings, “Make you feel my love” We have a montage of shots as the music plays. Crosby smiling is waiting for Jasmine. Jabbar is with him. Billy looks disinterested. Jasmine's mom and brother walk her down the isle. The families stand as the start down the isle, she is beaming. Crosby whispers something to Jasmine making her laugh. We see shots of the families as the ceremony progresses. Adam looks at the disinterested Billy standing in his spot. Jabbar hands them the rings. They put them on each other, Jasmine winks to Jabbar. They cheers and applause is heard as the newly married couple kiss.]

[NEW SCENE - The party is underway, Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO is playing. Billy is clearly drunk and annoys a pretty lady as they dance. Haddie dances with Drew and Amy as Adam watches. The music changes to Chicago's Color My World]

ADAM: Dance with your dad?

HADDIE: Okay. We go out here?

ADAM: Haddie.


ADAM: You don't have to be worried about Cornell any more. It's all gonna be fine.

HADDIE: I wasn't worried.

ADAM: Oh, yeah, well, me neither.


[They both laugh]

ADAM: I love you, kid.

HADDIE: Are you drunk?


HADDIE: A little bit?

ADAM: Not at all... haven't had anything to drink.

HADDIE: I love you too.

[Near by a drunk Billy is groping the lady he is dancing with. Sydney and Jabbar dancing, Julia and Joel smiling. And Jasmine and Crosby dancing closely to the slow music. Sarah watches as she dances with Zeek.]

ZEEK: Sarah bear.

SARAH: [laughs] What? You haven't called me that in a million years.

ZEEK: Hmm. What happened to Mark?

SARAH: We broke up. It's... I didn't want anybody to know.

ZEEK: Hmm. You okay?

[Sarah shanks her head before resting it on her fathers shoulder. Near by Max is reading. And Kristina is talking to two women with Haddie.]

WOMAN 1: We heard about Cornell. That's so exciting.

WOMAN 2: So exciting.

HADDIE: Mm-hmm, I know.

WOMAN 1: Kristina, you and Adam must be so proud.


KRISTINA: We're gonna miss her, though.

[A new song playing "She's So Cold" by The Rolling Stones, Sarah is talking to the ever drunk Billy.]

BILLY: Ooh. Damn, woman. You still look every bit as fine as you did the day I met you. [Chuckles/burps]

[Sarah pulls a face of disgust.]

BILLY: It's still there, isn't it? The chemistry.

SARAH: Is that what it is? God, I've been wondering what that feeling I had was.

BILLY: [Sniffs] You wanna get out of here?

SARAH: You know, I would, but, um... It's my brother's wedding, so... I think no for tonight.

BILLY: Nah, nah...

SARAH: Very, very charming offer, though.

BILLY: Check back with you later.

SARAH: [Clicks tongue]

[Near by Amber sends a text to Bob.]

JASMINE: What is it?

JULIA: I tasted it. It's chocolate and rosewater frosting.


JULIA: And are we ever gonna get it? It's getting late. Are we gonna cut that thing open?

JASMINE: Yeah, yeah.

JULIA: Dig into that?

[They look over to Joel and Crosby.]

JASMINE: Oh, look at...

JULIA: [Murmurs] My hubby.

JASMINE: Cheers.

JULIA: [Laughs]

[Mean while on the balcony Amy and Drew are kissing to "Ribbon In The Sky" by Stevie Wonder.]

DREW: Um... Do you wanna go to my room?

AMY: Yeah.

DREW: Yeah?

AMY: Yeah.

["Wild Night" by Van Morrison playing as Crosby gets a drink.]

CROSBY: Thank you.

ADAM: [Approaching.] Hey.

CROSBY: Hey. So did you talk to Gilchrist?

ADAM: I did.

CROSBY: You did?

ADAM: Yeah.

CROSBY: So it's... it's all done.

ADAM: Well, there's... Paperwork. We gotta make it legal. But, basically, yeah, it's done.


ADAM: Cros...

CROSBY: No, no, you know. I shouldn't have even brought up business at the wedding. I wasn't gonna do that, so I apologize. I shouldn't have said anything.

ADAM: Crosby.


ADAM: Congratulations.

CROSBY: Congratulations.

[NEW SCENE - Amy and Drew are alone in his room, "Porcelain" by Lucy Schwartz plays as they undress before getting into bed.]

[NEW SCENE - Same time back at the wedding outside. Sekou is toasting the new couple.]

SEKOU: Jasmine, you have always been there for me and in more ways than I care to mention, especially with mom standing right there. I'm so happy for you, to see your dreams come true. My man, Crosby...

[The crowed laughts.]

SEKOU: We've definitely tussled. But, uh, we're cool now. And Jabbar's in good hands. We straight? We good?


SEKOU: Okay, cool. To the bride, to the groom. Congratulations.

JULIA: Cheers.

SEKOU: Cheers.

ALL: Cheers.

SEKOU: Hear, hear! Okay, so now I'm supposed to hand it off to the best man, Billy Garner.

[Short pause.]

CROSBY: Billy!

SEKOU: Billy.

CROSBY: Billy!

JABBAR: Billy!

SEKOU: Billy.

CROSBY: Bill...

JABBAR: Billy?

SEKOU: Oh, wow. [Noticing him half asleep nearby.] Okay, okay. There he is. He, uh... he's enjoyed the evening a little too much, and he's over there sleeping it off, so... I'm gonna hand it back over to the DJ, and we can just keep this party rolling. Okay? Thank you.

ADAM: Oh. [He steps up to the stage.]

SEKOU: [Handing over the mike] Okay, cool.

ADAM: Hi, I'm... I'm, uh, Crosby's older brother Adam. Uh, Crosby, uh, is a unique character, and he's taken a lot of flack over the years for a lot of different things. Uh, for letting his mom do his laundry well into his 30s.

[More laughter from the crowed.]

ADAM: Being careless, when borrowing things from his brothers and sisters and forgetting where they are and borrowing money and not paying it back.

CROSBY: Such a nice toast, thanks.

ADAM: Ah, I know. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. But he's a great guy. And I was lucky enough this year to go into business with him. And because of all those things, I told my wife, she looked at me like I was out of my mind. But, uh, the business did very well. So well, in fact, that we got an offer recently... a huge offer from someone to buy the business from us.

["Heart & Bones" by The Pines starts playing.]

ADAM: Last couple years have been really tough for me, my family. I lost my job, and... Boy, this business came along at a great time. And, uh, this offer, boy, it's... it's an offer that changed my life. Standing here looking at my brother and the rest of my family... I don't want my life to change. 'Cause not only do I have three wonderful kids and a perfect wife... I get to go to work every day with my brother Crosby. And every day, he makes me laugh about life, about myself, and I don't know what I'd do without that. So, uh... Believe it or not, this is how I got the offer. I got it on a napkin, originally. Here it is. [Holding up the napkin.] And here's what I think about this life-changing offer. [Tears it up.]

[Scattered cheers and applause from the crowed. Zeek looks on proudly.]

CROSBY: Well, what's Billy gonna do? I already decided to go into business with him. I love you. Thank you.

[More cheers and applause as the hug.]

ADAM: Hey, congratulations, Crosby and Jasmine.

[NEW SCENE - Short time later the party continues, "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer is playing.]

JOEL: [On the phone.] I understand. Now? Right now? Thankyou.

[Near by.]

SARAH: I'm going to the bar! Do you want anything? [Spotting Amy and Drew leaving the house.] Hey! Where have you guys been?

DREW: Uh, it was super, super loud.

AMY: I just had to go to the bathroom.


SARAH: What?

DREW: Super, su…

AMY: What?

SARAH: Are you okay?

DREW: Yeah, are you?

SARAH: Yeah. Why are you all sweaty? [Touching his hair.]

DREW: Ow. Um...

AMY: The lights look so gorgeous. Don't they?

DREW: Yeah.

SARAH: They do.

DREW: Yeah.

SARAH: Okay.

AMY: Okay.

[NEW SCENE - Same time. The Bob Little campaign offices. Bob is the only one there as Amber enters.]


BOB: Hey, Amber.

AMBER: Sorry I haven't called you back. Just been... Trying to figure stuff out, you know? [Crying] And I want you to know that I like you so much. I think you are incredible, and I want to be with you. Um... But... I feel like my whole life, I've... Been making decisions based on emotions and not really paying attention to what is good for me. I can't... I can't work here and be with you. It's... it's too much. I can't do it. And so I have to somehow now ask you if I can work here, um, as your assistant. [Tearful laugh] And... Just your assistant.

BOB: Amber... You have a job here.

AMBER: Really?

BOB: Yeah. And I'm disappointed... and sad.

AMBER: Me too.

BOB: But... Be a privilege to have you come back... As my assistant.

AMBER: [Tearful laugh]

[They hug.]

BOB: Okay?

AMBER: Okay.

[NEW SCENE - Back at the party Be my Witness by the Bahamas' is playing as different couples dance.]

SARAH: [Twirling Sydney.] Yeah. Don't get dizzy. Pretty.

BILLY: Sarah. Hey.


BILLY: Hey, Sarah.

SARAH: Uh, hi.

BILLY: I've been looking for you.

SARAH: I've been looking for you. I want to get a drink. You go this way. I'll go that way. I'll meet you.

BILLY: All right.

SARAH: Okay. [Relieved he has gone but then she feels someone touching her and taking her hand.] Billy, seriously, I...

MARK: Hi. [Sarah smiles as he leads her onto the dance floor.] Hi.


MARK: Um... I think I made a tactical...

SARAH: No, it's me.

MARK: Error with you. No, it's not. I-I think... I think we skipped over something when we started talking about having a baby. And, uh, the truth is that I... I wanna be with you. And I also... you know, I would like...Children, but... People who want to be together... They make a decision to... To be together. And then... and then they see, and then life brings what it brings, but at least they're together. And, um, that's... That's where we belong. And I wanna... I wanna do this right. And... I wanna take it one step at a time but in the right order. So... Sarah Braverman, will you marry me?

[She smiles as we cut to a short time later, there are cheers and applause as Jasmine and Crosby are leaving. Are You Ready Yet? By Clare Bowditch plays. Crosby leads Jasmine to his sports car, opening the door for him. The crowed are blowing bubbles.]

CROSBY: [To Jabbar.] Bye, buddy! You be good!

JABBAR: I love you…

[Laughter and cheers continue as she drive off, cans tied to the read bumper. Jabbar and Sydney run after the cars for a short distance. The happy couple drive off into the dark.]

[NEW SCENE - Same time. Night. Outside Julia and Joel's house, they wait as a minivan pulls up. The Loretta from the adoption agency gets out.]

JOEL: Hey.


JOEL: What's the, uh... what's the situation?

LORETTA: His mother's been incarcerated. She's released the rights of her child to keep him out of the foster system. I can tell you more later, but what I need from you now is a verbal confirmation that this is something you want to do.

[Joel looks at Julia as he holds her.]

JOEL: Yes.


[Joel and Julia smile at how quickly things have happened. As Loretta goes back to the minivan, opening the sliding door to let out a Latino boy of about 7 years old.]

LORETTA: This is Victor.


JOEL: Hi, Victor, I'm... I'm Joel. And this is Julia.

JULIA: Hi. [Short pause.] Do you want to come inside?


JULIA: All right. All right.

JOEL: This way.

JULIA: Hey, Victor, are you hungry?

VICTOR: A little bit.

JULIA: All right. We can... we can deal with that.

[Soft guitar music plays as they go inside to the kitchen. The camera pulls back and the scene fades to black.]

Episode End
3.18 - My Brother's Wedding
Original Airdate (NBC) February 28, 2012
Written by Jason Katims
Directed by Lawrence Trilling

Transcribed by Craig Best
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