3.16 - Tough Love
Transcript by Craig Best

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[Opening scene - Bob Little's campaign headquarters, Amber walks into his office carrying his coffee.]


BOB: Hey.

AMBER: I leave you alone for five seconds, you're shredding important documents again?

BOB: It's like Watergate in here.

AMBER: Here, I'm sorry.

BOB: Thank you.

AMBER: Sorry it took so long, I had to get cream from downstairs.

BOB: [Taking a sip.] Oh.

AMBER: Is it bad?

BOB: Wow. It's like real coffee beans were involved in making this.

AMBER: [Laughing] Listen, Saturday's getting really, really busy and...

BOB: I need you to clear all my commitments this weekend, because I got invited by the Sacramento Valley small-business league to speak at their conference.

AMBER: Oh, okay.

BOB: In Sacramento.

AMBER: Congratulations.

BOB: Thank you.

AMBER: I will...

BOB: I need you to clear your schedule as well.


BOB: Yes, I need you there to help me.

AMBER: Really?

BOB: Yes.


BOB: I am a disaster without you.

AMBER: I see. And would this be strictly business?

BOB: We will do the business first, and then if there's any time left over, we will just play it by ear.

[They smile at each other.]

[NEW SCENE - Sycamore Charter Elementary Gym.]

TEAM CAPTAIN 1: We'll take Gabe.

TEAM CAPTAIN 2: We'll take Jessica.

TEAM CAPTAIN 1: Mm, Alyssa.



TEAM CAPTAIN 2: We'll take Ricky.

MAX: No, wait, no. This doesn't make any sense. I'm better than all of these people. Why aren't you picking me?

PE TEACHER: Uh, Max, why don't you play on Alan's team?

TEAM CAPTAIN 2: What? No, we're all full.

MAX: I'm just not going to play.

PE TEACHER: I'm sorry Max, but you have to play.

MAX: Well, Micah doesn't have to play. Why can't I just sit out with him?

PE TEACHER: Max, Micah isn't playing because Micah has a disability.

MAX: Oh. Well, I have a disability too. Yeah, I have Asperger's.

[The PE Teacher is lost for words.]

[NEW SCENE - Pharmacy. Crosby is waiting at the counter as the Pharmacist brings over some prescriptions and places them on the counter.]

CROSBY: Um, you know what, I think there might be a little confusion here. Um, I'm here to pick up my allergy medication.

PHARMACIST: Braverman, right?

CROSBY: Yeah, Crosby Braverman.


CROSBY: These are for Zeek Braverman.

PHARMACIST: Sorry about that. These were called in a week ago, and he never picked them up.

CROSBY: Oh, right, right, right. Well, that's my dad. Hey, can you tell me, what's all that medication for?

PHARMACIST: I can't give you that information, sir. It would breech his confidentiality. Sorry.

CROSBY: You know, I could Google it and just find out. Or you could just tell me what...


CROSBY: Okay. Just the cat allergy medicine, then. I am going to Google it, just so you know. So I will find out.

[NEW SCENE - Daytime, Street, Julie bring Zoe back from a doctors appointment.]

ZOE: No, I'm good.

JULIA: You got it?

ZOE: I got it.

JULIA: But you know what I mean, though? Like...

ZOE: Kids get lollipops. I didn't get a lollipop. I didn't get a sticker. I didn't get anything.

JULIA: You did great.

ZOE: I did great.

JULIA: So, um, I know bed rest is not the most fun thing to hear, but at least we know what to do about your high blood pressure, so that's good.

ZOE: Oh, my God, you're stressing out because the doctor happened to mention that I'm stressed out.

JULIA: I'm not stressing out.

ZOE: Yes, you are.

JULIA: I'm just thinking it'll be great to locate what it is that's stressing you out and fix it.

ZOE: Okay, well, let's see. I'm 81/2 months pregnant, I have no boyfriend, no job, I'm confined to a futon, and I have no idea when my life won't suck. [She opens the front door.] How about that?

JULIA: Well, I'm sure there are a couple things on that list we can tackle though, you know?

ZOE: You know what, your trying to control my stress is really stressing me out, okay?


ZOE: Thanks, bye.

JULIA: So this is where you live?

[Zoe's closes the door and locks Julia outside, not allowing her in.]

[NEW SCENE - Braverman Guesthouse, Sarah is working on her laptop at the desk. Drew enters.]

DREW: Hey, mom, can I borrow your toothpaste?

SARAH: Mm-hmm.

DREW: Thanks.

SARAH: Grandma out of toothpaste?

DREW: No, but it's, like, natural.

[Drew enters the bathroom.]

SARAH: Oh, gross, they should have less natural flavors like cupcake and cheeseburger and peanut butter would be a good flavor.

DREW: Um... Are you pregnant?

SARAH: What?

DREW: What is this?

SARAH: Oh, my God. Uh, I'm not pregnant, I'm not, it's um... that's an ovulation kit... uh, test, it's a...

DREW: For what?

SARAH: It's something that you use when you are trying to… get pregnant.

DREW: Um, why? I don't... why are you trying to get pregnant? That doesn't make sense.

SARAH: Well, I'm with somebody I love, and we're serious. It's the next natural step. Look, I didn't want...

DREW: Yeah.

SARAH: I would have talked to you about it, but there are a lot of variables, you know.

DREW: I don't know, I'm sorry, it's just really weird.

SARAH: Wait, wait, hey, hey, hey, wait. What do you think?

SARAH: I don't know. I don't understand why you want another baby. It just doesn't make sense to me.

DREW: I can't see it.

SARAH: Well, honey, it's a big shock and it's brand-new, but...

DREW: Yeah, I mean, it's just already have Amber and I. I don't understand why you're going to... I mean, there's not much to say. I mean, I guess, good luck or whatever.

[Drew leaves.]

SARAH: Oh, God.

[Opening credits - featuring “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan]

[NEW SCENE - Exterior Braverman guesthouse. Daytime. Sarah and Mark are sitting on the steps.]

SARAH: He just kept saying it's, it's weird, I don't know "it's just so weird."

MARK: Ah, well, I mean, it is... it is weird.

SARAH: Yeah, well, that's what I thought later. It is weird, because he has no idea how close we've gotten.

MARK: Right.

SARAH: How fast things have gone, and now, of course, he doesn't understand where we are.

MARK: No, I mean, it's sort of been my fault. I've tried to keep my distance from him, especially after the whole photograph incident.

SARAH: Mm-hmm.

MARK: Just, like, try not to embarrass him. But maybe that was a mistake, maybe... maybe now I should just take him out and say, "hey, man, I'm not going anywhere, neither are you, so let's talk it out."

SARAH: Do you start all your best talks with, "hey, man"?

MARK: Yeah, that's the key. They're like "whoa, this guy speaks my language."

SARAH: You're like the teenager whisperer.

MARK: I am.

SARAH: I can't even believe you're...

MARK: Hey, man.

SARAH: Oh, wow.

MARK: And they just calm down immediately. “Whoa, this guy... this guy's hip.”

SARAH: Would you take him out for a burger or something?

MARK: Yeah.

SARAH: Yeah, I think that's a good idea. I think... I want him to feel like we're all a family.

[Mark leans in and they kiss.]

MARK: And we are.

[Sarah giggles before they both laugh.]

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette, upstairs offices. Crosby and Lily are on the couch with the laptop.]

CROSBY: Oh, my God, it's used for aneurysms and blood clots?

LILY: Mm-hmm.

CROSBY: I wonder if he had, like, a heart attack and didn't tell us.

LILY: Or he just hasn't had time to talk to you about why he's taking it.

CROSBY: Well, I think you'd find the time to tell everyone you've had a heart attack.

LILY: You don't know that he's had a heart attack. It's just, he could be taking it for something completely minor, like...

CROSBY: No, I bet it's this... "Antiphospholipid Syndrome." Thane's an auto-immune disease. That could be worse than a heart attack.

LILY: Okay, you know what, this is the worst thing. They say you should never Google your symptoms. Wikipedia bad.

CROSBY: All right.

LILY: To relax.

CROSBY: It was a lot of pills.

LILY: I think it's going to be okay.

[NEW SCENE - Exterior of Drew's school. The bell rings and students exit. Mark pulls up in his Jeep, honking his horn.]

MARK: Drew.

DREW: Oh, hey.

MARK: You want a ride?

DREW: Oh, no, I'm fine, the bus stops, like, right there, so...

MARK: Well, I mean, I'm going to the same place.

DREW: Yeah, I mean...

MARK: Come on.

DREW: Yeah, sure.

MARK: All right.

[Drew gets in.]

MARK: All right. Here we go.

[NEW SCENE - Short time later driving home.]

MARK: So how was school today?

DREW: It was fine.

MARK: I know, uh, Mrs. Griscom really likes to pile on the homework this time of year, so...

DREW: Yeah, she really... big pile of work.

MARK: Well, I was thinking maybe we could, uh, you know, go out and get a burger sometime, you know? Just like a casual thing just get to know each other.

DREW: Yeah, yeah, I feel like my mom told you specifically to ask me to get a burger.

MARK: [Laughs] No, no, no, I... she... your mom did not put me up to this. This is something I wanted to do just to sort of... get to know you better, you know? I barely...

DREW: Yeah, I guess. I mean, sure.

MARK: Some burgers, some milkshakes. Just two dudes eating burgers, hanging out.

DREW: Yeah, pretty classic scenario.

MARK: Well, cool, all right. Cool.

[NEW SCENE - Zoe's apartment, she is seated at a table with Julia.]

JULIA: Okay, here's the surprise. My friend at my old firm called me and she needs a new paralegal. And I told her about you...

ZOE: I really have no idea what that... I don't know what a paralegal does. I don't even... I don't know anything about the law.

JULIA: I know, but you're a smart girl, trust me. You're smarter than most of the paralegals I work with. You can pick it up, quick.

ZOE: But didn't they, like, go to school and they're all going to apply for this job? I have no experience. I mean, I know how to make coffee.

JULIA: Okay, I have a little bit of pull.

ZOE: What, do you have connections?

JULIA: She's my friend, I talked to her about you, and how special you are.

ZOE: Pretty gangster of you.

JULIA: So if you're interested, she needs the application by 6:00. I know you can do this.

ZOE: I don't even know what this means. Salary requirements?

JULIA: Oh, you can leave that blank. Actually, the salary is set at 48.

ZOE: 48 what?

JULIA: 48 grand.

ZOE: Holy balls, are you serious? For no know-how of how to do this job?

JULIA: You can learn on the job, like I said. Zoe, I know you can do this.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman kitchen, Camille is sitting at the breakfast table. Crosby enters.]

CAMILLE: Hey, Goose.

CROSBY: Hey, mom.

CAMILLE: Is this a laundry visit or a food visit?

CROSBY: Hey, I come over here all the time when I don't need anything. I resent that.

CAMILLE: Oh, it's too bad, because there's a cheesecake in the fridge.

CROSBY: Um, I was actually hoping to talk to dad. Is he around?

CAMILLE: Just give him a good shake. He'll wake up.

CROSBY: You know what, I'm going to let him rest. Uh, it's probably better if I talk to you anyways.

CAMILLE: Oh, yeah, what's up?

CROSBY: Well, I went to pick up… [Looks back at Zeek.] my allergy medication at the pharmacy, and they gave me a bunch of dad's pills by accident. Warfarin? I Googled that. It's a very serious medication.

CAMILLE: Your dad doesn't want you to worry. And really, there's nothing to worry about. It's preventative more than anything.

CROSBY: Well, but, for what, what happened?

CAMILLE: Look, Goose, I'd really like to talk to you about this, but dad was very specific about my not discussing his health with you kids. You know how private he is.

CROSBY: He's on an erectile dysfunction commercial. I don't think he can claim privacy as his number one priority any more. Mom, you can tell me what's going on. I'm not 13 years old. I mean, if I need to be worried, then tell me I need to be worried and I'll start helping...

CAMILLE: It's just that your dad... wants to appear strong to you kids. It's important to him.

CROSBY: Mm-hmm.

CAMILLE: And if there's anything that turns out to be, you know, worrisome, I'll let you know.

ZEEK: [Still half asleep he clears throat.]

[NEW SCENE - Max's bedroom. Adam and Kristina are talking to him.]

ADAM: Look, Max, we're just trying to understand why you don't want to play… basketball's your favorite sport, you love playing with Alex.

MAX: I don't like it the way they play it. There are too many kids on the team.

ADAM: Well, it's certainly different when everybody's out there on the court, but that can also make it really fun too. That's how you learn teamwork, working together.

MAX: You know, Micah probably has more fun because he gets to play video games during basketball.

ADAM: Well, you get to play plenty of video games.

MAX: But he has this one where you're, like, a knight and...

ADAM: We're talking about basketball.

MAX: You go around slaying dragons.

KRISTINA: We're not talking about, we're talking about basketball right now. You get to play plenty of video games, okay?

MAX: Well, you know what, I can't play, 'cause I have a disability.

KRISTINA: Okay, do not use that as an excuse.

ADAM: Max, having Asperger's makes certain things challenging, but we know for a fact you've got a great lay-up, so...

MAX: Well, yeah, I know I have a good lay-up and I tell the other kids that, but they still don't pass me the ball.


MAX: Okay, look. My P.E. Teacher says that if you write her a note, she'll let me skip. It's problem solved.

ADAM: Well, Max, we don't want you to sit out. We want you to feel included and...

KRISTINA: You can play basketball, Max, you can.

MAX: But it's the easiest solution.

KRISTINA: It's not.

MAX: Look, if I'm so good at basketball, then... Then why do I always get picked last?

[Plastic clattering as Max plays with his Lego.]

ADAM: I don't know, pal.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman yard next day, at the basketball hoop next to the shed.]

ADAM: Alright, Max remember basketball is all about working together, so I want you to try and pass the ball two times before you take a shot, okay?

[Nearby Crosby and Zeek exit the house carrying a cooler.]

CROSBY: Did you do anything this morning to limber up?

ZEEK: Yeah, I limbered up.

CROSBY: What'd you do?

ZEEK: Took a shower.

CROSBY: No, that doesn't count as limbering up, dad.

ZEEK: It does at my age, I'll tell you.

ADAM: [To Max] Just pass that ball, all right? Remember, if your teammate makes a basket, say, "good shot," if they miss, "nice try."

MAX: That doesn't make any sense...

[Overlapping chatter as Zeek and Crosby approach Max and Adam.]

ADAM: You're a team. You're a team of friends.

ZEEK: Can we just play basketball?

ADAM: Yeah, all right.

MAX: Wait, what are the teams?

CROSBY: I want Max.

ZEEK: I want Max.

ADAM: I thought we'd do father-son, father-son.

MAX: Uncle Crosby, no, he's the best and you two are old.

CROSBY: This kid is wise beyond his years.

ADAM: All right, pass, pass, pass, ready?

ZEEK: The gauntlet has been thrown, so to speak.

ADAM: Pass it to Uncle Crosby. Good pass, all right. [Quietly to Crosby.] Hey, do me a favor, all right and pass a little more than normal, I'm trying to teach him about teamwork.

CROSBY: [Quietly to Adam.] Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh, and keep an eye on dad.

ADAM: Why?

CROSBY: Does his coloring look a little weird to you?

ZEEK: Hey, can we just get going, please?

ADAM: Yeah, yeah, yeah, we got it, you ready? All right.

ZEEK: May we start?

ADAM: All right, ball in, ball in.

ZEEK: Ooh, chatty.


ADAM: All right, Max, pass it off, pass it back to Crosby.

CROSBY: I'm open, pass it back.

ADAM: Pass it to Uncle Crosby.

[Max pushes Zeek back.]

ZEEK: You can't do that.

ADAM: Pass it back... all right, good shot, Max.

ZEEK: Flagrant foul.

MAX: Whenever I pass, I never get the ball back.

ADAM: Now, Max, I'm going to pass to you, check it with me. Come on, come here.

MAX: No, I don't get the ball back when I pass.

ZEEK: Ah, jeez.

ADAM: The old give and go.


MAX: Passing sucks.

CROSBY: Put it up, pop, put it up!

ZEEK: Yeah! Thank you, very much.

CROSBY: All right, pop, go, run it, run it.

CROSBY: Yeah, all right, come on.

ADAM: All right.

CROSBY: [To Zeek.] You all right?

ZEEK: Yeah, I'm fine. Jeez, I'm fine, let's go. Let's go!

CROSBY: You got it, pop.

ADAM: Good one, pop, nice.

[Zeek is looking tired.]

CROSBY: You good?

ZEEK: Yeah.

ADAM: All right.

CROSBY: Go with it.

ADAM: Yeah.

CROSBY: You know what, hey, let's take, like, a five-minute water break.

ADAM: Yeah, okay, sounds good. Yeah, I'm pretty thirsty.

CROSBY: Dad, water.

ZEEK: Huh?

ADAM: [To Max.] Hey, hey, hey, come on, shoot, okay, ready?

CROSBY: [Tossing him a bottle.] Dad.

ZEEK: Whew!

CROSBY: You all right?

ZEEK: Yeah, I'm fine. Just can't get more... my breath.

CROSBY: You're out of breath?

ZEEK: [Breathing hard] I just want to catch my breath. I'm not going to be having a little conversation.

CROSBY: Well, I'm just... do I need to call a doctor? Is all I'm asking.

ZEEK: Oh, for God's sake, "call a doctor."

CROSBY: I'm being serious.

ZEEK: I'm just out of breath, Crosby, would you just shut up?

CROSBY: What's going on?

ZEEK: Nothing's going on.

CROSBY: Okay, I went to the pharmacy to get my prescription, and they gave me four of yours.

ZEEK: Oh, come on.

CROSBY: All right, so I know that you're taking a bunch of pills, and then I asked mom and she won't tell me anything, but clearly she's scared.

ZEEK: Yeah, well, your mother, all she does is worry. All right, you shouldn't have said anything. You shouldn't have... you know, Crosby, just leave it alone, will you? Whatever you do, don't tell Adam, all right? God almighty.

CROSBY: You have nothing going on?

ZEEK: Nothing.

CROSBY: They prescribed you pills for nothing?

ZEEK: Oh, come on.

[NEW SCENE - Amber's apartment, Haddie is helping her pack for the trip to Sacramento.]

HADDIE: [Whistles] Cute. Cool, right? Mm-hmm.

AMBER: Thank you.

HADDIE: Very Rihanna.

AMBER: Okay, that's not exactly a ringing endorsement.

HADDIE: Super work-appropriate.

AMBER: That's funny. It's really not that big of a deal. I just want to look nice. Try to get me to a formal occasion. This is what I've got.

HADDIE: You can't avoid being super sexy.

AMBER: That's funny, can't help it.


AMBER: I don't even know if I'm going to wear these or not yet. I just am bringing a bunch of stuff.

HADDIE: Mm-hmm. Either these or these. [Holding up tow sexy high heel shoes.]

AMBER: Or others.

HADDIE: For what? Are you guys... is there, like, a bunch of you clubbing afterwards or something?


HADDIE: Who are you dressing for? Bunch of sexy interns?

AMBER: Bunch of work people. No, no sexy interns this time. Just... just me and Bob.

HADDIE: Just you and Bob?

AMBER: Yeah. I mean, I'm his assistant so, you know, I got to assist him.

HADDIE: Mm-hmm. Whew! [Looking at one of the shoes.] He's cute, right? He's, like, young too. Do you want to, like, hook up with him?

AMBER: Haddie, why would you even say that?

HADDIE: I don't know, it could be...

AMBER: Of course not, please don't.

HADDIE: He's young. He's at least young.

AMBER: Haddie, it's not funny, you know, he's my boss. So please, you know, don't go making those kinds of jokes to your, like, mom and stuff. Just forget that completely, okay?

HADDIE: All right, yeah, forgotten.

AMBER: Just don't even know what you're talking about.

[NEW SCENE - Night. Max is playing a computer game in the living room. Kristina is cleaning up after dinner.]

ADAM: Hey, Max, could you turn that off please?

MAX: Just one more.

ADAM: I just want to talk to you for one minute.

MAX: Can I have one more level?

ADAM: No. I want you to just pause it for a second.

MAX: It's paused.

ADAM: Thank you. Did you have fun playing basketball with Uncle Crosby and grandpa Zeek today?

MAX: Yeah.

ADAM: Good, well, you were really great at the passing when you were focused. And I just want you to remember that when you go to P.E. Class tomorrow.

MAX: Please don't make me play.

ADAM: Max, I just want you to try, that's all, just try. Your mother and I want to see you have fun playing basketball again. That's all this is.

MAX: Well, I can't have fun if I'm playing with those losers.

ADAM: All right, Max, we don't call other kids losers, okay?

MAX: Why not? They call me a loser.

ADAM: Who calls you a loser?

MAX: Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Victor, Carlos, Louise...

ADAM: All right, Max, listen to me, you're not a loser.

MAX: Gabe, Gavin, Jessica...

ADAM: Okay? You're awesome. You're an amazing kid with a super jump shot, all right? Hey, Max... You're not a loser, all right? [To himself.] Those kids are losers.

MAX: But, wait, you just said it's not okay to call someone a loser.

ADAM: Yeah, I know I did, Max.

MAX: First you said it's not okay to call people losers, and now you're calling them losers.

ADAM: I know, I'm sorry, Max, sorry.

MAX: So since they are losers, I shouldn't... it's not fun to play with them, so just let me skip for one day. One day.

ADAM: Okay, pal, just one day.

MAX: One day.

ADAM: Okay.

MAX: One day.

[Adam walks over to Kristina.]

ADAM: I know. You don't have to say anything.

KRISTINA: You shouldn't have called those kids losers.

ADAM: I know.

KRISTINA: They're not losers.

ADAM: I know.

KRISTINA: They're jackasses.

[NEW SCENE - Night. Joel and Julia's bedroom.]

JOEL: It took three chapters, but that tyrant finally went down. [Kisses Julia as he gets into bed.] What is it?

JULIA: Mia just called, and Zoe never turned in her application.

JOEL: Oh, you're kidding me.

JULIA: Nope, they gave her the benefit of the doubt. They waited till 7:45.

JOEL: Hon, I'm so sorry. I know you had your heart set on her getting that job.

JULIA: I wanted this for her, I did…

JOEL: I know.

JULIA: But, I mean, they had to go with somebody else, obviously.

JOEL: Right.

JULIA: But it was hers for the taking. It was perfect for her. All she had to do was send it in. I really don't understand... what is she thinking?

JOEL: I know, honey, this baby's coming soon, okay, and... Eventually we're going to have to cut ties with Zoe. You know?

JULIA: Yeah. I do... I do know that. But I'm trying to set her up for that point, instead of just throwing her to the wolves when...

JOEL: Well, honey, it comes to a point where, I mean, she's going to have to make her own decisions.

JULIA: Maybe she doesn't want to feel indebted to us. I mean, especially if she's changing her mind about the baby, that's... that would make more sense.

JOEL: Honey, you cat do that. You can't go down this road every single time Zoe changes her mind, okay? And...You just have to be prepared for whatever decision she makes.

[NEW SCENE - Sycamore Charter Elementary Gym. Max sits on a bench next to Micah in his wheel chair as the other kids play basketball around them.]

MAX: No, you can't put that there. You're gonna miss the zombie.

MICAH: Oh, okay.

MAX: I'm not supposed to tell other people when they're doing something wrong. I'm very sorry, Micah.

MICAH: It's okay. I was going to miss the zombie.

MAX: Do you want to try mine? Even though it's my favorite game in the whole world.

MICAH: Here, let's trade.

MAX: Okay, press down and then "a" if you want to start a new game.

MICAH: Okay, press start and then "a" if you want...

MAX: Yeah, yeah, I've played it before.

[They start playing the games.]

MAX: I should probably try and say something funny now, but I'm not really sure how to do that.

MICAH: It's okay. I don't like to joke that much.

MAX: Me either.

MICAH: I've always been kind of a serious kid.

MAX: I like being serious too.

MICAH: Cool.

MAX: Cool.

[NEW SCENE - Sacramento conference. Bob is talking in front of a room full of people. Amber is watching from the audience.]

BOB: It's been such an honor to talk and to meet so many of you all this evening. Small business is the heart and soul of our economy. So this room, more than any other room in the state, represents our potential for an economic recovery. Thank you all so much for coming out this evening. It has been a pleasure to have you here.

[The audience politely clap.]

BOB: Thanks so much.

MAN: Bob.

AMBER: [Whispering to Bob, as not to draw attention.] Fuentes.

BOB: Mr. Fuentes. Good to see you, sir. Yes, how is the Almond farm going? I'm glad to hear it. Thanks so much for coming out.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house, Night. Drew is about to leave.]

SARAH: Hey, wait, wait wait. I just want to give you some cash, you know? In case he tries to stiff you with the bill.

DREW: Thank you, yeah.

SARAH: So, where are you guys going?

DREW: I don't know, we'll see, I guess.

SARAH: Wait, what are you going to talk about? Me? You're going to talk about me?

DREW: Yeah, we're going to talk about you.

SARAH: Okay, books, or baseball guy stuff.

DREW: Books and you.

SARAH: Give him a chance, okay? Don't...

[Drew leaves the house. Sarah watches from the window as Drew and Mark shake hands before leaving.]

[NEW SCENE - Zoe's apartment. Night. Julia enters with groceries.]

JULIA: Oh, sit, sit, sit. No, I got it. Pop this stuff in the fridge.

ZOE: So, uh... I meant to say thanks for recommending me for that job, but I decided not to take it.

JULIA: Yeah?

ZOE: Yeah.

JULIA: Why not?

ZOE: Just wasn't for me, you know? Besides, I don't really think it's my thing to wear nylons every day.

JULIA: Right.

ZOE: Not my style, you know? But I just... I don't want you to be disappointed. I mean, it was super nice of you, and I really appreciate it. So thanks for sticking your neck out.

JULIA: It's fine.

ZOE: Okay.

JULIA: [Approaching Zoe.] Okay, Zoe, it's not fine. Actually I am disappointed. I don't understand. I don't understand why you wouldn't take that job.

ZOE: I don't know, I just... it's not for me, so...

JULIA: Look around here. You can do something about this. You have to do it, though.

ZOE: About what?

JULIA: About your situation, about your life.

ZOE: My situation?

JULIA: You can make it better. Yeah, it's possible to change things.

ZOE: Nothing about my situation...

JULIA: It's pretty easy... If you stop resisting.

ZOE: Is hurting your baby, okay?

JULIA: I'm not worried about...

ZOE: I'm eating right, I'm resting, and that's all you need to worry about.

JULIA: Zoe, you know that that's not all that I'm worried about.

ZOE: So...

JULIA: You have to know that I'm worried about more than that by now.

ZOE: I know exactly what you're worried about. You're worried that the baby's going to come out dumb like me.

JULIA: I'm not... oh, my God.

ZOE: That's what you're really worried about.

JULIA: You're not dumb, but would you stop acting like it? This was easy.

ZOE: It's not that easy.

JULIA: This job had your name on it, waiting for you.

ZOE: How dare you say it's that easy? How dare you?

JULIA: I arranged it. It was setup for you.

ZOE: You "arranged it"? You think can just come in here and arrange everything from my life, right? You buy some organic crap groceries, and you bring it in and you fix everything. So, when you leave, everything's going to be fine, right? Well, guess what, I don't even have a high school diploma. It says, right there on the application, "high school diploma required." So how easy are things looking now?

[NEW SCENE - Night. Kristina is resting on her bed as Haddie enters the room.]



HADDIE: Um...Never mind.

KRISTINA: Honey, I'm up. I'm just resting my eyes. What's going on?

HADDIE: I don't know if I'm just freaking out about nothing. How do you feel about Bob little? Like, do you think he's a good person? Do you like him?

KRISTINA: Yeah, Haddie, I work for the man. Of course I think he's a good person. I mean, I think he's a great politician and he's just...

HADDIE: Mm-hmm.

KRISTINA: What are you getting at? What?

HADDIE: Oh, God, I bet I probably sound crazy right now.

KRISTINA: You don't, what?

HADDIE: And this might be off. But, Amber, I just don't want her to make any bad decisions. And maybe she would listen to you if she's doing anything.

KRISTINA: Okay, what are you talking about right now? I just... we went from there to there.

HADDIE: Well, she was packing for this trip, and she was bringing, like, pretty sexy clothes. [Kristina gets up.] What are you doing?

KRISTINA: Nothing. Never mind.

HADDIE: What's with the... mom.

KRISTINA: I'll be back.

[She leaves the room, Haddie follow.]

HADDIE: What are you doing? Mom.

KRISTINA: [Off screen.] I'm doing nothing.

[NEW SCENE - Sacramento conference. Bob and Amber are having drinks in the bar hotel.]

AMBER: Uh, I have a mom.

BOB: I hope so.

AMBER: I have a dad somewhere. And I have a brother… named Drew. He's very sweet, very sensitive.

BOB: Yes.

AMBER: Actually he just text messaged me earlier to tell me that apparently my mom is having a baby. Or wants to with her new boyfriend.

BOB: Really?

AMBER: Yeah.

BOB: So that would be a half-sibling then, that you're going to have?

AMBER: Yes. I guess.

BOB: Exciting.

AMBER: Is it going to look like me?

BOB: Half.

AMBER: Half of its face will look like me?

BOB: I've got quite a few of those half-siblings.

AMBER: Oh, yeah?

BOB: Half of whom, I really like.

AMBER: That's funny.

BOB: The other half, well, not so much.

AMBER: Yeah, not so much.

BOB: I'm glad you came.

AMBER: Yeah, me too. It's fun.

BOB: You're making me look like I'm a political rock star, coming here with somebody like you.

AMBER: Thank you. I'm glad I could help.

[Amber's cell phone rings, it's Haddie.]

BOB: Need to get that?

AMBER: Um, no.

BOB: You sure?

AMBER: I am sure.

[They smile and look at each other for a few moments.]

AMBER: Good.

[NEW SCENE - Restaurant, Drew and Mark are having their meal, no one is talking.]

MARK: Good?

DREW: Yeah, it's pretty good.

MARK: So I heard you went on a school trip.

DREW: Yeah.

MARK: How was that?

DREW: It was fine, I guess.

MARK: So, um, I get the sense that small talk isn't your favorite thing.

DREW: Yeah.

MARK: Um...[Clears throat] So, uh, I know that your mom talked to you about us having a baby.

DREW: Yeah.

MARK: And, um, I know that's a... quite a big thing to...

DREW: Yeah, it's... I don't know, I mean, we talked about it already, you know, it's just an uncomfortable situation.

MARK: I know.

DREW: It just makes me feel a little weird. I'm sorry.

MARK: Okay. No. You don't have to be sorry. But I want you to tell me all those things, that it makes you uncomfortable. I want you to be direct with me. I'm gonna be in your life.

DREW: Yeah.

MARK: We're going to have some kind of relationship. And it can be a bad relationship or no relationship, but I hope it's neither of those. So I want us to be able to be direct with each other and tell each other what's going on.

DREW: I know…

MARK: Because otherwise, I just get one-word answers and I don't know what you're thinking.

DREW: I'm sorry.

MARK: And then I second-guess everything... not for you to apologize.

DREW: It's just a weird situation.

MARK: So tell me about it.

DREW: I don't understand why you don't understand that. It's just uncomfortable.

MARK: I do understand that it's weird, but I want you to tell me exactly how you feel about it. You can tell me anything. This is your opportunity to tell me you hate me, tell me, I'm a, you know...

DREW: I don't hate you. That's not it. It's just, you know, I don't understand why everyone pretends, like, it's not a big deal when it is. You know, it's a huge... it's a huge deal. And it just makes me feel weird, you know, and I have to see you at school, and you're significantly younger than her. And it's just, all of it, as a whole, I'm sorry. I mean, you know, it's like, it hurts, you know. It feels like she's just going to go off and start some new family with you or something. You know, and it hurts. [Starting to cry.]

MARK: Okay, drew, I... she's not trying to start a new family, all right?

DREW: That's what it feels like, so...

[Wiping his eyes Drew leaves the table.]

MARK: Drew. [He follows.] Drew... Drew.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house, night. Outside they pull up in Marks' Jeep.]

MARK: Right, well...

DREW: Thanks.

MARK: Thanks for doing that.

[Drew quickly gets out.]


DREW: Hey. [Doesn't look at his mom.]

SARAH: How was dinner?

DREW: [Off screen.] It was fine.

SARAH: [To Mark.] Oh, no, what happened?

MARK: Uh... Uh, well... I got him to open up. Um, and he told me how he really feels. Yeah, it was...

SARAH: What did he say?

MARK: Um, I think maybe you should just talk to him or... about it. I... I guess I'm not the teenager whisperer that I thought I was. But, um, he's a really incredible kid, though.

[NEW SCENE - Zoe's apartment. Night. Julia knocks on the door.]

JULIA: Hi, Liz, um, probably think I'm crazy for coming back right now, but I...

LIZ: Julia, she doesn't want to talk to you.

JULIA: I think you should go. I'm going, but could you just make sure that she gets these? Please.

ZOE: What?


ZOE: What is that?

ZOE: [To Liz.] Thanks. Sorry. [To Julia.] What?

JULIA: G.E.D. Flash cards. Um, I know you don't want me in your life right now, but I don't know how to do that, so... Call me if you want to practice. I'm really good at that kind of thing.

ZOE: Okay.

[Zoe is crying as she looks at the cards.]

[NEW SCENE - Sacramento. Hotel room, Amber and Bob are on the bed kissing, partly undressed. There is a knock at the door.]

BOB: Wow.

AMBER: Okay.

BOB: [To the person knocking.] Hold on one sec. [Bob gets up and answers the door.] Kristina, hey.

KRISTINA: Hello, Bob.

BOB: What are you doing in Sacramento?


AMBER: Hi, aunt Kristina. What are you doing here? It's pretty late. Is everything okay?

KRISTINA: Um, what is going on right now? [To Bob.] Do you understand how this looks?

AMBER: Aunt Kristina, can you calm down?

KRISTINA: It doesn't look very good.

BOB: Kristina, just a moment, we're two adults here who had a nice, long, hard day at work, and now we're having a drink.

KRISTINA: Uh-huh, she's 19, you're 28.

AMBER: Just…

KRISTINA: Do you understand that we're in the middle of a campaign and we're working together, do you get that?

BOB: It would be really cool if this doesn't get out...

KRISTINA: Bobby, shut up. You should probably leave.

BOB: Excuse me, just before this whole thing spirals...

KRISTINA: You should probably leave.

AMBER: It is not a big deal, aunt Kristina, I'm an adult.

KRISTINA: [To Bob.] Please stop talking to me. Just get out. [To Amber.] We'll talk in the car.

AMBER: I will deal with it, okay?

KRISTINA: I'm going to go ahead and pack up your lingerie. I'm trying to remain calm right now.

AMBER: I know you're upset.

KRISTINA: I'm trying to remain calm.

AMBER: I will explain the whole thing to you. We have...

KRISTINA: Amber, I'm extremely disappointed right now. This is my fault. Go get dressed. Go. [Sniffles] Come on, I have to get home to Nora. [She starts packing for Amber. To herself] It's just... [Sighs]

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house.]

SARAH: Hey. Hey, I was just coming to talk to you.

DREW: I'm going to go to Amy's so...

SARAH: No, honey, hey, hey.

DREW: What?

SARAH: It's too late to go to Amy's tonight.

DREW: Why?

SARAH: Because it's 10:00.

DREW: All right.

SARAH: What happened?

DREW: Nothing. I know he told you what happened...

SARAH: He didn't tell me. He said you should tell me.

SARAH: [Sighs] Mom, nothing, I mean...

SARAH: Did you guys didn't get along?

DREW: I cried in front of him, all right, I cried. So it was very embarrassing. I don't know, I don't want to talk about it. Can I just at least go outside or something?

SARAH: Why did you cry, Drew?

DREW: I don't know. It's just a weird situation, and he kept pushing me. And he's trying to be close to me, and it's just not... I don't know. I don't know, mom. Have you even told dad about this? I mean...

SARAH: No, I haven't told anybody, you... but... but I will.

DREW: I just...

SARAH: Why... why dad?

DREW: I thought that maybe when dad got better, you guys would get together or something. [Crying again.] And I know it's stupid, but...

SARAH: [Also upset and starting to cry.] It's not stupid.

DREW: Can I just go outside?

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house. Night. Crosby approaches the open shed where Zeek is working on something electrical. While listening to sports on the radio.]


ZEEK: Hey.

CROSBY: I've decided to let you be a baby about this and keep all this to yourself. I'm not going to bug you any more about what's going on. And I apologize for getting into your business.

ZEEK: That it?

CROSBY: Yeah, that's it.

ZEEK: Okay. [Turns off the game.] Okay, here's the deal, son. I went to the doctor for a checkup. And he says, "Mr. Braverman, you have this condition called Atrial Fibrillation.” irregular heartbeat. And, uh, Crosby, I gotta tell you, it just scared the hell out of me. You know? And I didn't want anybody to know. That's all, so...

CROSBY: Well, it scared me too. You know, I saw all those pills and, um, I don't know, I don't like the idea of you getting older. I don't want you to. I don't want you to go anywhere.

ZEEK: I'm not going anywhere.

CROSBY: Okay, all right. Thank you for telling me.

[They hug.]

ZEEK: Okay. I love you, Crosby.

CROSBY: Now, did the doctor say that this was like a hereditary condition? Because you and I share a very similar frame.

[They both chuckle]

[NEW SCENE - Morning. Adam and Kristina in their kitchen doing a crossword puzzle.]

ADAM: You got it?

KRISTINA: I think it's "adrift".

ADAM: It's not.

KRISTINA: It's "adrift".

ADAM: No, "drafty".

KRISTINA: It's not "drafty".

ADAM: It's "drafty". [Max enters the room.] Hey, Max, I was thinking about shooting some hoops at the park, what do you say?

MAX: Okay, so my bedroom door is 34 inches wide. Is that wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair? Because Micah's pulling into the driveway.

BOTH: [Kristina and Adam.] Who's Micah?

MAX: He's my friend from school.

ADAM: Uh...

KRISTINA: That's great.

[The doorbell rings.]

MAX: Oh, there he is.

ADAM: [To Kristina.] Friend from school. That's good.

KRISTINA: [Whispering to Adam.] I'm scared. [Normal voice.] Okay.

[At the front door.]

ADAM: Okay, hon.

KRISTINA: Let's go meet Micah.

[Max opens the door.]

MAX: Hi.

TOGETHER: [Micah and his parents.] Hi.

MAX: The video game I was telling you about is this way.

MICAH: Oh, that's so cool.

KRISTINA: Hi, Micah.

ADAM: Hey, Micah, I'm Max's dad, Adam.

MICAH: Nice to meet you, Adam. Hi. [As Max wheels him into the living room.]

KRISTINA: I'm Kristina.

DOUG: How are you? Doug.

ADAM: Uh, Adam.

DOUG: Pleased to meet you.

ADAM: Come on in.

DOUG: Oh, thank you.

KRISTINA: I'm Kristina. It's so nice to meet you.

VAL: Thanks so much. We are so thrilled that Max invited Micah over here today.

KRISTINA: Yeah, of course.

ADAM: Well, good, we're happy to have him here.

DOUG: Actually we have, uh, just a couple of things to go over with you guys, just special instructions. I went ahead and I wrote them down for you.

VAL: Micah has Spina bifida, so he needs a little extra help. You know, it's not just the chair, it's a couple more things. We're so sorry. We know it's a lot to ask.

ADAM: It's okay.

DOUG: Again, I got to say how grateful we are that Micah's got a friend.

VAL: He's never had a friend before.

DOUG: It's all right, sweetheart, it's okay.

ADAM: Well, we are really happy that Micah's here and that Max has got a new friend too.

KRISTINA: It'll be fun.

ADAM: Yeah.

DOUG: Thanks.

ADAM: So don't worry about it. We got him.

VAL: Okay.

[“The Shape of Us” by Ian Britt starts playing over the next few scenes without dialogue.]

[NEW SCENE - Julia helping Zoe with the GED card at her apartment. Things look happy between them.]

[NEW SCENE - Adam and Kristina helping Micah up the stairs in his wheel chair before Max wheels him into his room as Adam and Kristina watch.]

[NEW SCENE - Braverman guesthouse. Sarah takes a deep breath before making a phone call.]

[NEW SCENE - Restaurant kitchen a cell phone rings, Seth answers it.]

SETH: Hey, Sarah Braverman.


SETH: It's been a while.

SARAH: Yeah, it has. How are you, Seth?

SETH: I'm good. Hey, listen to this. You know what that is?

SARAH: I can't imagine.

SETH: That's my 90-day chip.

SARAH: Oh, no way.

SETH: Yeah, 90 days, clean and sober. You believe it?

SARAH: Yes, I can. Wow, good for you, so...

SETH: Okay, I know your voice. There's some nervousness there, what's up?

SARAH: Oh, God. You know, I, uh...

SETH: Come on, what is it?

SARAH: It's really about Drew.

SETH: What's the matter with him?

SARAH: Well, um, I think he might call you and, um, things with Mark are getting serious, and so...We're trying to have a baby.

SETH: [Silent for a moment.] Wow… jeez. You're gonna try to have a baby, wow, that's... that's a... that's great.

SARAH: Yeah?

SETH: Yeah, yeah that is. It's wild but... why not? Yeah, I think that'd be great. Do the kids know?

[Looking out the window Sarah sees Drew go outside the main house and sit down.]

SARAH: Just Drew. And... I don't know... He got really upset. I think he'd love to talk to you.

SETH: I bet you he's taking it hard, huh?

SARAH: Yeah, you know him.

SETH: Yeah.

Episode End
3.16 - Tough Love
Original Airdate (NBC) February 14, 2012
Written by Monica Henderson Beletsky
Directed by Lawrence Trilling

Transcribed by Craig Best
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