3.15 - Politics
Transcript by Craig Best

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[Opening scene - Adam and Crosby walking down a busy sidewalk.]

CROSBY: You know, I think you're underestimating how cool this new analog equipment is, we have to get it.

ADAM: I'm sure it's very cool, but we can't afford it right now. You know, we haven't even paid off that renovation.

CROSBY: Well, then we'll put it on a credit card.

ADAM: Putting anything on a credit card... we can't go into any more debt until we start turning a profit.

CROSBY: It's an investment, you got to spend money to make money.

ADAM: You're underestimating how much money we have. Where you going?

CROSBY: Come on, record store.

ADAM: We gotta go back...

[They enter the old style record store, rock music is playing in the back ground as Crosby approaches someone he knows.]

CROSBY: [Statching a record from him.] dude, you're not authorized to...

BRENT: Crosby, what's up man? How are you?

CROSBY: Good, this is Brent.

ADAM: How you doing.
CROSBY: He was the second best sound engineer over at Bayview.

BRENT: Oh, because you were the best.

CROSBY: But now, you're probably the best. Right, it's so cute to say.

ADAM: How you doing? Adam, I'm his partner.

BRENT: Good, Adam. Nice to meet you.

ADAM: Business partner and brother.

BRENT: Right. Oh, uh, luncheonette, right?

ADAM: Yeah.

BRENT: How's it going?

ADAM: Good.

CROSBY: Oh, so much better than Bayview. No sid.

BRENT: Yeah.

CROSBY: How's sid, everyone still hate him?

BRENT: Yeah, absolutely. The guy is the worst boss ever, it's horrible. But, you know, we're busy so...

ADAM: That's cool.

BRENT: But you know what? Actually, I got to get going. The guys from Dawes are coming down they want to look at the new set-up and all that.

ADAM: Oh, cool.

BRENT: Sid wants me to seduce them, which...

CROSBY: Seduce them?

BRENT: Yeah, I don't know what that means.

CROSBY: I didn't know they were in town.

BRENT: Yeah, yeah.

CROSBY: Say, "hi," to Griffin and Taylor, those guys are...

BRENT: Oh, you know those guys?

CROSBY: Yeah, little bit.

ADAM: How do you know them?

BRENT: Then you got to give me some pointers on how to seduce them.

CROSBY: Oh, they're super laid back. You just be yourself, they'll love you.

BRENT: All right, cool man, it was really great seeing you. [To Adam. Joking.] And if you need a better sound engineer…

ADAM: Ah-ha.

BRENT: When things get going, definitely give me a call, that jackass has got my number. Alright dude.

ADAM: [Joking] I probably will, because I'm a little dissatisfied with the guy I have right now.

BRENT: All right, guys, see you later.

ADAM: Take care. [To Crosby.] So, what's the deal? You know Dawes?

CROSBY: Yeah, I mean, I don't text with the guys, but I know them.

ADAM: You know, we have to try to seduce them.

[NEW SCENE - Kristina's office.]

KRISTINA: Amber, I'm just going to go ahead and cut to chase here.

AMBER: Okay.

KRISTINA: You can't be my assistant any longer. I'm sorry.

AMBER: [Confused.] I'm sorry, I don't... I don't understand.

KRISTINA: [Smiling.] You got a promotion. You got a big, fat, juicy promotion. Bob wants you to be his assistant. I am not even joking. I am so insanely proud of you.

AMBER: Uh, whoa.

KRISTINA: I'm so excited, I'm coming over to give you a hug.

AMBER: Hug? Okay, I'm just...

KRISTINA: I know this is totally unprofessional, but come here. I'm so proud of you.

AMBER: Great.

KRISTINA: I'm so happy.

BOB: [Entering the office.] Hey. I'm guessing Kristina told you the news.


AMBER: Yeah, thank you, I'm surprised, I'm...

BOB: on't be surprised, you've earned it.

KRISTINA: Yes, you did.


[NEW SCENE - Graham's house, night. Julia and Joel are in the kitchen preparing dinner. Sydney is having a tea party in the next room when Zoe approaches and slowly sits on one or the tiny chairs.]

SYDNEY: [To herself.] Here you go.

ZOE: Oh, hello.

SYDNEY: I want to name my baby brother "Andy." What do you think his name should be?

ZOE: [Lost for words.] I don't know, Syd.

SYDNEY: Do you think my baby brother can sleep in my room sometimes or will he always sleep in your room?

JULIA: You guys good?


JULIA: Good, dinner's almost ready.

SYDNEY: Here's your tea, and here's some more of my special...

[NEW SCENE - Jasmine's apartment, she is look at houses on his laptop.]

DR. JOE: Well, wait until you see the backyard.

JASMINE: Whoa! A pool?

DR. JOE: You know something else? It's in this amazing neighborhood, Jasmine.


DR. JOE: I mean, right at the end of a cul-de-sac just... I mean, seriously I kept waiting for some kid to ride by with E.T. In his bike basket.

JASMINE: [Laughs]

DR. JOE: And you know something else?


DR. JOE: It would be a great place for a kid to grow up. Move in with me, Jasmine. I shocked you. You're shocked, your eyes are big and you're shocked.

[They kissing.]


DR. JOE: Listen, I know it's fast, okay, I do. But, I don't care. This is something that I've been thinking about a lot. Every time I go look at a house, okay, I imagine you in it. You, me, Jabbar. And I want you to know that I'm ready for this. I mean, so ready, in fact, I've never been more sure about being ready for something in my life, baby. I just need you to say yes.

[Opening credits - featuring “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan]

[Mark's bedroom, Sarah and Mark are laying face down on the bed looking at his year book.]

SARAH: [Laughs.] Show me more.

MARK: That's don. He's the one who's getting married.

SARAH: Great, don, got it.

MARK: So you'll meet him.

SARAH: Where are you? Come on.

MARK: All right, we'll get to me. But the purpose of this whole thing is to show you who you'll be meeting this weekend at the engagement...

[They turn the page, Mark tried to cover a picture.]

SARAH: Oh! [Laughing]

MARK: Oh, God, I knew this was going to happen.

SARAH: Let me see. Look at your little outfit.

MARK: Don't call it a little outfit.

SARAH: Aw, you look so cute.

MARK: Look at that man costume.

SARAH: No, I mean, you look very strong and very tough.

MARK: Yeah, it's manly, it's intimidating.

SARAH: A little pale.

MARK: Thanks. I believed you that time. I love you.

SARAH: I love you. Okay.

[They kiss.]

MARK: Okay, okay, you can see my picture. Oh, gosh, it's one of the worst ever. It's on this page, there it is.


MARK: I picked out that jacket.

SARAH: The thing is, you look exactly the same.

MARK: No, I don't.

SARAH: Yes you do.

MARK: No, I don't.

SARAH: And then I can see it's taken you ten years just to grow this in that much. [Touching his facial hair. Mark laughs.] But besides that, you look exactly the same, wow.

MARK: I look like a completely different person. I don't know what you're talking about.

SARAH: Let me see your superlatives. "Best eyes."

MARK: I don't know who...

SARAH: [Smiles.] Obviously. Oh, here's your quote, "and now before us, lie deserts of vast eternity." That's pretty.

MARK: That's from an Andrew Marvel poem, I ripped it off.

SARAH: I like it.

MARK: I... thanks.

SARAH: Cutest couple.

MARK: Yeah.

SARAH: With Kirsten Mattai.

MARK: Kirsten, yeah.

SARAH: Oh, sorry, Kirsten.

MARK: No, no, that's all right…

SARAH: No, no.

MARK: No, no, that's fine.

SARAH: Dude, let's see her.

MARK: Uh, okay, let's see.

SARAH: Where?

MARK: There she is.

SARAH: Oh, hmm.

MARK: Yeah, so, anyway, that's Kirsten.

SARAH: It's a shame about her face.

MARK: Yeah.

SARAH: Because it's not pretty. And it's not gorgeous.

MARK: Well, you're right, not as pretty as you, definitely.

SARAH: How long were you guys... it was a long one, right?

MARK: Uh, it was six years, yup.

SARAH: Six years?

MARK: Yeah.

SARAH: I thought it was just high school.

MARK: No, junior, senior year, then all through college. And then that was enough.

SARAH: [Laughs]

MARK: Yeah, no, she was, like, my only serious girlfriend, um, until you. And then you guys will get a chance to meet this weekend. Won't that be so much fun and not awkward at all.

SARAH: No, it will be, I'm excited to meet her.

MARK: Is that one of those things that you're... utilizing sarcasm again?

SARAH: No, I'm excited to meet her.

MARK: You are?

SARAH: Yeah.

MARK: Oh, okay.

SARAH: Why don't you show me some wrestling moves so I can pin her when I see her! Let's see.

MARK: Wrestle a bit? All right.

SARAH: [Girlie voice.] Oh, pin me, oh, I can't move. [Laughing]

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette studio, Lily is playing her cello, Crosby is in the control room.]

CROSBY: [Intercom.] Okay, I'm going to spice this up, make a little psychedelic version.

LILY: Should I be frightened?

CROSBY: You're going to like it.

LILY: Okay.

ADAM: [Entering.] Hey, I want to talk to you about this Dawes thing.

CROSBY: What Dawes thing?

ADAM: Well, I was online and I read a bunch of interviews, and these guys were inspired by a lot of the folk...

CROSBY: [Intercom.] Apparently my brother wants to have a conversation.

ADAM: Hey, Lily, sorry.

CROSBY: Just bear with us.

ADAM: Bob Dylan, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and I think they would love vibe here at the Luncheonette.

CROSBY: Uh, of course they would.

ADAM: Well let's get them in here.

CROSBY: Everyone would love the vibe here, we have a great studio.

ADAM: Well, let's get them in here, let's make it happen.

CROSBY: I don't know them, know them. I've only met them a couple times.

ADAM: Well, that's enough of a relationship to reach out.


ADAM: Crosby, the initial buzz in this place is going to wear off and then where are we going to be? We got to be proactive, we got to get new clients in here.

CROSBY: Well, I'm with a client, right now.

ADAM: I can see that. Well, is she even paying for the time?

CROSBY: Yes, in a sense, she is paying for the time.

ADAM: Yeah, well, in a sense doesn't pay the bills, all right? I want you to reach out, okay?

CROSBY: Okay, mm-hmm. All right, great. Thanks, coach. [Intercom.] Are you ready?

LILY: I don't know if I'll ever be ready. Let's do it.

[Psychedelic violin remix plays through the studio.]

LILY: Stop. Shut it down. It's music from the future.

[NEW SCENE - Bob Little's office.]

BOB: You did such a great job at the fundraiser, I, uh... I figured you would be the perfect person for this, uh, kind of insane project.

AMBER: Okay.

BOB: Yeah, basically I take notes on conversations I've had with people. [He opens a folder.]


BOB: Yeah, what we've talked about, what's important to them, you know, anything that's kind of relevant. This is kind of creepy to you, but I meet so many people that it's kind of become a necessity. And now I'm, like, completely overwhelmed.

AMBER: Yeah.

BOB: I could use some focus. Or somebody to transcribe it or something like that.

AMBER: Yeah, sure, um, I could do that. I could also, like, load them onto your phone or something...

BOB: That would be great. If you can read my chicken scratch handwriting, go to the races.

AMBER: Let's see, um, "James Stodder, head of the zone five neighborhood council, thinks The Giants are underrated this season, especially Pablo sandoval." Ain't it the truth.

BOB: Now, while you might think this is irrelevant, you know, people, they like to be remembered. Next time I see James Stoddard, I will let him know that he was right about Sandoval.

AMBER: Aka Panda.

BOB: Panda.

AMBER: I'll put that in.

BOB: Yes, thank you. Is this, like, politician skeevy or...

AMBER: No, I mean, it is, but just enough. Actually I was just worrying about what stupid thing I said that's going to make it on my post-it.

BOB: No, no, Amber you're not in here because these are people that I'd otherwise forget. You're not in that category.

[His desk phone starts to ring. Bob looks at the phone then Amber.]

AMBER: Oh, that's me.

BOB: First one, good luck.

AMBER: All right, here we go. [Into the phone.] Bob little's office, this is Amber speaking.

BOB: [Quietly.] That's nice.

AMBER: Uh, let me check if he's available, please hold. I don't know how to tell you this, but it's your mom.

BOB: Well, this is totally embarrassing.

AMBER: I'm going to give you some privacy.

BOB: No, please do not, she's just calling, I'm sure, to nag me for something. If I make a...[Mock choke]

AMBER: You will have a very important meeting, yes.

BOB: You got it. [Into the phone.] Mom, how you doing? You know, I have not called grandma, but I can assure you that I will be doing it before the end of the day.

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette, meals area. Crosby has made 2 chocolate milkshakes.]

CROSBY: [Whistling] Okay, here you are.

JASMINE: Thank you.

CROSBY: Okay, what did you want to talk to me about?

JASMINE: Uh, Joe asked me to move in with him.

CROSBY: That's, uh, that's pretty big.


CROSBY: Uh, what about Jabbar?

JASMINE: Obviously that's something you and I need to discuss.

CROSBY: Are you asking my permission or...

JASMINE: No, no. Just opening it up for discussion.

CROSBY: Well, that's a... a lot of change, you know. We have moved him around a whole lot, the last year. My opinion, I... you know, I don't know.

JASMINE: Yeah, I... I hear you. But the house is in the Berkeley hills, so he'd still be close to his friends and to school and the house is actually right up the street from that great park with, you know, soccer...

CROSBY: So you already found a house? Why are we even having this conversation?

JASMINE: Well, I didn't find the house, Joe found the house. And I haven't said yes yet. He's been looking to buy for a while. And whether or not I'm included in this house is still up for discussion, that's why I'm here. Because I didn't want to make a decision without talking to you first.

CROSBY: Well, you know, you could have started by saying, "we found a house." Because you did find a house, right? You guys...

JASMINE: Crosby, I'm just trying to have an adult conversation here about this. That's all.

CROSBY: Okay, okay. That's fine.

JASMINE: Look, I know this is a lot to process. So, take some time, think about it, I'll do the same, and we'll come back together in a couple of days. And talk about it, okay?

CROSBY: Okay. [Short pause.] So is it, uh, is it nice, the house?

JULIA: It's, um... it's nice.

[NEW SCENE - Julia is in her office working, she checks her watch and its time for coffee. Smiling she gets up and goes to the coffee cart.]

JULIA: You're not Zoey.

GUS: Gus. What can I get you?

JULIA: Where's Zoey?

GUS: Oh, you mean the girl that had the job before me. No idea. All I know is I'm your regular coffee guy, now. So do you want anything?

JULIA: No, no, thank you.

[NEW SCENE - Bob Little's campaign offices, night-time and Amber is still working. Listen to music through her headphones someone touches her shoulder.]

AMBER: Hey. Oh, my God! You scared the pants off of me.

BOB: Listen, I am sorry.

AMBER: I didn't even know you were still here.

BOB: Well, you know, when it's quiet and late at night, it seems like the only time I can ever get any work done.

AMBER: My heart.

BOB: I didn't mean to scare you. What was so funny?

AMBER: Just all of these notes. I mean, they're really funny. It's amazing. I feel like I can see the world through your eyes.

BOB: Mm.

AMBER: Like, this... but this guy look, afraid of Jacuzzis. I mean, what is there to be afraid of? Getting overly relaxed?

BOB: A lot of chlorine in those sorts of things.

AMBER: Ah, yes, germs.

BOB: I don't even remember meeting that guy.

AMBER: What? How could you forget about Jacuzzi guy?

BOB: Yeah, well, you know, they all kind of... Blend together.

AMBER: Like in a Jacuzzi. Well, if you don't remember Jacuzzi guy, there is absolutely no way you remember meeting me.

BOB: Oh... I remember meeting you. It was right over there by the copy machine. It was a Thursday morning, it was your first day. I think you were wearing something a bit more professional than you are now. [Amber smiles.] You were giving me a pretty hard time about trying to get in a few quick copies in between your major copying session.

AMBER: Mm-hmm.

BOB: See, no notes for you.

AMBER: Mm-hmm. I think I also remember talking a lot, because I get a little chatty when I get nervous.

BOB: Why were you nervous?

AMBER: Because... I get nervous... Around you. And I just feel the need to keep talking and talking and...

[Bob moves closer and the kiss.]

[NEW SCENE - Graham's house, Zoe's bedroom. Joel looking at a note, Julia starts to strip the sheets off the bed.]

JULIA: Well, mystery solved.

JOEL: Yeah, I mean, at least she left a note.

JULIA: Yeah, such economy with words.

JOEL: Julia, you want to talk about this?

JULIA: No, there's nothing to talk about. She moved out. And we have our room back. Nice to have the space.

JOEL: Hon.

JULIA: Yeah.

JOEL: It's going to be okay.

JULIA: No, it's not going to be okay. Joel, she moved out. She quit her job. Why would she do that?

JOEL: don't know, maybe she just needed some separation. You know, maybe she needed to make peace with this decision.

JULIA: She wants to keep the baby. She's freaking out.

[Joel holds his wife to comfort her.]
JOEL: It's okay.

JULIA: [Crying]

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette. Adam's office.]

ADAM: It turns out that Dawes is checking into the Chamberlain hotel.

CROSBY: Dawes is checking... how do you know that Dawes is checking into the Chamberlain hotel?

ADAM: Fan Tweeted about it. Listen.

CROSBY: That's pretty creepy.

ADAM: Yeah, well, it's good intel for us. Just listen to me, okay, you told me that you're not comfortable calling them. But I figure, you're probably comfortable enough for us to stage a random bump-in at the hip bar there at the Chamberlain. What do you say?

CROSBY: And then, you're joking, this is a joke?

ADAM: What, do you have a better idea? We've got to keep the business moving here.

CROSBY: Yeah, uh, respect their privacy. That's a good start for a working relationship.

ADAM: Crosby, come on, man, this is just about doing business. That's all this is.

CROSBY: This isn't... I don't want to do business like this.

ADAM: You know what the problem is? You don't have any business experience. You have to go after clients.

CROSBY: I did not go to Wharton, okay? But I've played monopoly, and I don't remember a square on the board that says "stalk future clients" or "screw over ex-bosses."

ADAM: Monopoly is a game. This is real business. We are going after a client, okay? It is sink or swim time for us, and I am tossing and turning over this stuff every night. I've got a daughter who's going away to college. I've got a son with special needs, I got a baby... I got to keep this business going and make money. This place isn't going to succeed on its own, Crosby. Okay? We have to make it succeed. Do you get that?


ADAM: You got to man up. You're a co-owner in this business. Start acting like it.

[NEW SCENE - Amber arriving for work at the campaign offices.]

AMBER: Hey, hi, good morning, how are you?

KRISTINA: Hey, sunshine.

AMBER: Just going to jump right in to work here.

KRISTINA: How you doing?

AMBER: Fine, yeah, just fine, you know.

KRISTINA: Yeah, I heard your first day went wonderfully well. Bob said that you did some amazing things for him, so I'm really happy to hear that. I was a little bit uneasy at first, but I think it's going to work out great.

AMBER: Great.


BOB: Good morning, Kristina.

KRISTINA: Good morning, how are you?

BOB: Amber.


BOB: Doing okay. [Goes to his office.]

KRISTINA: Great. Sounds good. [To Amber.] So, you need anything? Are you good?

AMBER: I should be just fine.

KRISTINA: Okay. Keep up the good work.

AMBER: All right.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman guesthouse. Sarah is asking her mom for advice on what to wear.]

SARAH: How about this?

CAMILLE: Let's see.

SARAH: Huh? A little red?

CAMILLE: Turn around, turn around, turn around.

SARAH: I never wear red.

CAMILLE: It's cute.

SARAH: Yeah?

CAMILLE: Oh, yeah, is it lace?

SARAH: Yeah.

CAMILLE: That works for an engagement party.

SARAH: No, no, this isn't for the engagement party, this would be for drinks.


SARAH: For drinks tonight. You know what? It's too much. It makes me hot. I don't like it.

CAMILLE: Huh, for drinks, what's the big deal?

SARAH: Because, mom, I'm meeting his friends for the first time.


SARAH: Well, it's a big deal, I just... you know, want to look... I want to look nice.

CAMILLE: You're great the way you are, just be yourself.

SARAH: Mom, I'm not great the way I am, all I do is just wear black, and it's not...

CAMILLE: Be yourself. You're a beautiful woman. You always look beautiful, Mark loves you the way you are, they're going to love you that way too. Such a big deal out of it.

SARAH: Mom, it is a big deal, this is...


SARAH: A serious relationship.

CAMILLE: Are you guys talking about getting married?

SARAH: We're talking about lots of things.

CAMILLE: What other things?

SARAH: You know.

CAMILLE: No, I don't know. What? [Sarah just looks at her mom.] Are you guys talking about having a baby?

SARAH: Yeah.

CAMILLE: Really? Wow.

[NEW SCENE - Night time, Sarah and Mark enter the bar, "It Makes You Feel So Bad" by Insight Out is playing.]

MARK: See, it's a Hawaiian theme. The disco ball is as well.

SARAH: Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh. Where are they?

JUSTIN: Mark! Look at this guy. Mark the shark from Menlo Park!

[Overlapping chatter, laughter]

MARK: This is, uh, this is Sarah.


MARKS FRIENDS: [Together] Hi, Sarah.

MARK: How are you?

JUSTIN: Wow. [Hugging one of his friends.]

MARK: Oh, sorry, this is Tai.

TAI: Nice to meet you.


MARK: Nikki, Nate, Justin.

JUSTIN: Hi, Sarah.

SARAH: Hi, Justin?


SARAH: Wow, what a grip.

MARK: Mitch and Kirsten.

SARAH: Oh, hi. Hey.

KIRSTEN: Kirsten.

SARAH: Oh, I've heard so much about you, nice to meet you.

KIRSTEN: Nice to meet you too.

MARK: Hi, everybody, all right. [He hugs his friends.] You guys look good too.

JUSTIN: Nice sweater, buddy. Who picked that one out?

MARK: Sorry we're a little late.

[Overlapping greetings]

JUSTIN: All right, Sarah, get comfortable. Because we're going to tell you some great shark tales.

NIKKI: Oh, yeah.

MARK: I'm sure.

KIRSTEN: Don't worry, Mark was like the sweetest.

MARK: I should have told you, I'm Mark the shark.

TAI: Least rebellious guy ever. Justin's got nothing.

[Indistinguishable chatter]

MARK: [To Kirsten] Uh, it's good to see you. Thank you so much for that Christmas card by the way, that looks amazing. I can't believe you finally did it.

KIRSTEN: It was life-changing.

SARAH: [To Tai.] Yeah, he's from, uh, Oakland, he grew up there.

MARK: Yeah, I can't even imagine.

SARAH: What was life-changing?

MARK: Kirsten, sorry... Kirsten spent all year training to hike Mount Kilimanjaro.

SARAH: Just the... that's what you... for a year? That's amazing.


MARK: Yeah.

KIRSTEN: Yeah, it was incredible. 19,341 feet.

SARAH: Wow, that's very, very tall.

KIRSTEN: Yeah, you guys should try it sometime. I mean, it was just unbelievable.

SARAH: I've been meaning to try...

MARK: We'll train for a year then...

KIRSTEN: No, but what about you? Are you still going to do Machu Picchu?

MARK: Yes, one day, so...

SARAH: What are you talking about?

MARK: Uh, Machu Picchu. One day I will do it. But as far as now, I still have a bunch of student loans and things like that, so...

KIRSTEN: I hear you.

MARK: Not yet, but one day.

KIRSTEN: You know, you're the only person I know who's actually doing what they set out to do.

MARK: Yes.

KIRSTEN: Did mark tell you he's wanted to be a teacher ever since kindergarten?


KIRSTEN: I mean, who knows what they want to do in their life in kindergarten?

SARAH: Mark does, lucky.

MARK: I'm a boring guy.

BOTH: [Sarah and Kirsten.] You're not boring.


TAI: How did you two meet?

SARAH: I mean, you would have to consider it a little bit of a scandal.

MARK: Yeah, it was.

[Surprised reactions]

SARAH: It was at the time a little bit. Mark was my daughter's teacher her sophomore year. And now she's graduated high school.


TAI: Very cool.

SARAH: My son is a junior.

JUSTIN: Two kids.

SARAH: Two kids. Two Kids.

MARK: I don't teach him though. I teach his girlfriend.

KIRSTEN: That's so great, you have kids.

MARK: Yeah.

KIRSTEN: It's great.

SARAH: It can be great.

NIKKI: My older sister just had a baby.

TAI: That's right.

SARAH: What?

NIKKI: My older sister just had a baby.

MARK: Congratulations.

SARAH: Oh, really? So, what did she have?

NIKKI: She had a girl.

MARK: Aw, Aunt Nikki.

SARAH: Because you get one or the other.

MARK: Do you ever see Dave around any more? He totally dropped off.


[Sound fades out ask Sarah looks concerned and feeling out of place.]

[NEW SCENE - Morning. Braverman guesthouse, Mark and Sarah are in bed, he is texting.]

SARAH: [Smiling.] What do you have going on on that phone?

MARK: [Laughing.] I'm sorry. I'm texting Justin and he's stupid. But he says he likes you a lot.


MARK: Mm-hmm.

SARAH: Did I get good reviews last night?

MARK: You passed the test, well, like there was any doubt.

SARAH: They were nice.

MARK: They are nice, very good folks.

SARAH: It's so funny, all the things that I don't know.

MARK: Like what? Shark tales?

SARAH: Like you have always wanted to climb Machu Picchu.

MARK: Oh, yeah that was just this... something I said once. In high-school, we were studying the Incas, and I just thought it would be cool to see those ruins.

SARAH: It would. What else is on your list?

MARK: Mmm...Lots of things. There's a lot of things I want to see.

SARAH: I always wanted to go to Morocco. I read somewhere that Jack Kerouac always wrote at the same bar in Morocco. And I thought, I want to go there, sit and write, see what that feels like.

MARK: Did you go?

SARAH: No. Besides going to Mexico once on spring break, I haven't really... been anywhere.

MARK: Well, then it sounds like we have some traveling to do.

[Sarah looks concerned.]

MARK: [Phone buzzes] Oh, my God. Justin is an idiot.

[NEW SCENE - Campaign offices, Amber and Kristine returning to work.]

AMBER: Oh, also, Bob asked me to give you some notes on your draft of his speech, is that weird for you?

KRISTINA: No, it's not weird. You're working for him now, so...

AMBER: Don't be mad.

[They see flowers on Ambers desk.]

KRISTINA: Wow, hey.

AMBER: Uh, that's weird. Who knows, weird.

KRISTINA: Somebody got some flowers.

AMBER: Yeah, who cares, whatever.

KRISTINA: Who are they from?

AMBER: I don't know, just one of those weirdoes.

KRISTINA: Well, why don't you open the card?

AMBER: No, I'll do it later. I'm going to go through these notes first, okay?

KRISTINA: I'm opening it.

AMBER: No, no, no. Aunt Kristina, please don't.

KRISTINA: I never get flowers.

AMBER: Please, please I don't...

KRISTINA: Wow. They're from Bob. [Amber is speechless.] I'm just kidding, they're from your mom.

[The both chuckle]

KRISTINA: Aww, she's so proud of you.

AMBER: That was funny.

KRISTINA: I know, I am funny. Here, let me take your photo. So I can send it to her. Sometimes when you hire a florist, you never know what you're going to get. Ready? Come closer. Say cheese.

AMBER: Cheese.

[NEW SCENE - Julia is at work when her phone starts buzzing]

JULIA: Zoe, hi.

ZOE: Hey.

JULIA: Where are you? Are you all right?

ZOE: Look, I'm really sorry I fell off the grid. I've just been dealing with some stuff and, um, I was having some pains so I went to the doctor.

[Zoe is outside a run down apartment building.]

JULIA: What... what happened? Is everything okay?

ZOE: I have something called, "An Incompetent Cervix." Pretty great, right? Even my cervix is incompetent. He put me on bed rest, so I had to quit my job and now I'm just trying to figure everything out, so...

JULIA: Is there anything I can do to help?

ZOE: No, no, I can... I got it. I just had to apply for disability and do all the paperwork and...

JULIA: Yeah, I can... I can help you with that.

ZOE: No, it's okay. I can handle it.

JULIA: Okay.

ZOE: Anyway, I'm going to go. I should go, okay?

JULIA: Well, Zoe, Zoe, um, just why did you decide to move out? Um, I mean, you're eight months pregnant, and, you know, it can't be easy to deal with roommates and rent.

ZOE: Actually, my roommates are really great and I'm going to pay my rent with my disability, so... you know, I'm just going to start taking care of myself for a change.

JULIA: Right, well...

ZOE: But I'll see you around.

JULIA: Zoe...

ZOE: I gotta go.

JULIA: Zoe, just...

[NEW SCENE - Braverman guesthouse. Night, Sarah is on her cell phone as she walks outside.]

SARAH: How does it feel? Tell me everything.

AMBER: It's just a promotion, mom.

SARAH: No, it's not, uh... did you get the flowers?

AMBER: They're very nice, I'm looking at them right now. [Amber is looking out the window at the campaign offices.] You didn't have to do that, mom.

SARAH: Come on, Kristina said she'd never seen anybody get promoted that fast. I'm so... I'm so impressed.

AMBER: It's honestly not a big deal, okay? It's just lucky.

SARAH: Honey, you're special, take that in, okay?

AMBER: [Sighs]

SARAH: Honey? Amber.

AMBER: Yeah, uh, hi, sorry. I'm just um, I'm just right in the middle of something right now, can I call you back later?

SARAH: I totally understand. Please memo me later.

AMBER: Okay, um, love you.

SARAH: I love you too, yay!

[She hangs up as ? walks over.]

MAGGIE: Amber, congrats on the new position.

AMBER: Thanks.

MAGGIE: Bob wants to see you in his office.

AMBER: Oh, um, you know, I was actually just leaving. Um, I'm feeling really sick. So could you just tell him that I had to go home?

MAGGIE: Yeah, okay.

[NEW SCENE - Chamberlain hotel bar. Crosby and Adam are at the bar with drinks. “Never on Sunday" by The Rassle is playing.]

ADAM: See him?

CROSBY: [Drinking.] Mm-h.

ADAM: Why don't you take it easy?

CROSBY: I'm loosening up. Can I get another one of these?


CROSBY: Thank you so much. Scotch. [Dawes walks in.] Oh, showtime.

ADAM: All right, listen, I know you don't want to do this, all right, so thank you.


ADAM: Go get them.

[Crosby walks off and pretends to run into the band.]

CROSBY: Oh, hey. Taylor, right?

TAYLOR: Hey, man, yeah. Crosby, right, yeah.

CROSBY: Yeah, yeah, yeah, Griffin.


TAYLOR: This is Tay and Wylie.

CROSBY: Hey, guys. How's it going? Nice to meet you, I'm a huge fan.

TAYLOR: Thank you.

CROSBY: Your band is so great. Um, what are you guys doing here?

GRIFFIN: Just checking out the scene. You're with, uh, Bayview recording studios, right?

CROSBY: Oh, God, no, uh, I left a few months ago.

TAYLOR: Not a good place?

CROSBY: Well, uh, you know, it wasn't for me. It was not a good fit. It's pretty corporate over there. They, uh, you know, weren't great with fans, all about the bottom-line. I didn't love it, so I started my own place, actually. Why, what's, uh...?

TAYLOR: We're actually considering recording there.

CROSBY: Oh, okay, well, that's awkward. I take it back then.

TAYLOR: Well, what's the deal over there? Because we're, like, minutes away from signing the dotted line.

GRIFFIN: Yeah, we checked it out yesterday. We met with an engineer named, uh, Brent, is he good?

CROSBY: Um, Brent. He's a... he's a... he's a really good engineer. He's, you know, he's a good friend of mine. He'll do a great job, I think. Well, good luck with it. I'm going to get back to my brother.

TAYLOR: All right, man.

CROSBY: Great seeing you guys.

GRIFFIN: What the hell was that all about?

ADAM: How'd it go?

CROSBY: I can't do it. I can't do it. They met Brent and they like him and now...

ADAM: It's okay, let's get the check, let's get out of here. All right, thank you for doing that. [To the bartender.] Excuse me.

TAYLOR: Hey, guys. Hey, I don't mean to bug you guys. Um, but it seemed like maybe there was something you weren't saying back there. Which I respect, not talking trash another studio. But this album's really important to us. We were wondering if we could maybe buy you a drink.


ADAM: Hey, how you doing? I'm Adam.

TAYLOR: Taylor.

ADAM: I'm Crosby's business partner. How you doing? I'm a big fan, guys.

TAY: Thank you.

ADAM: Yeah, we got time for a quick one. Let's close out this check and grab a table, all right?

TAYLOR: All right.

CROSBY: [Gulps]

[NEW SCENE - Amber's apartment, Bob knocks on door, which Amber opens.]

BOB: Hey.


BOB: I, uh, I heard you weren't feeling well. So I thought I'd bring some soup.

AMBER: I don't know if I can... Do this... And work for you. I don't know. You know, my aunt gave me this incredible opportunity, and I have to be careful.

BOB: Amber.

AMBER: Also, I have to ask you. Did you give me this job because you thought I would be good at it, or because you want to sleep with me?

[Short pause]

BOB: You are smart and you are funny and you think for yourself. That's why I gave you the job, Amber. And to be honest, that's why I kissed you. You are tough, but you have this vulnerability about you that is just incredible. So I hope you will come back to work. And not walk away from this. [Bob hands Amber the soup.] Try the soup.

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette, Lily enters to find Crosby lying on the counter.]


LILY: Hey.

CROSBY: You did it.

LILY: Uh-oh.

CROSBY: You made it.

[He tries to sit up.]

LILY: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

CROSBY: Did you take a cab? What...

LILY: Oh, you're coming here? [She sits on the counter and puts Crosby's head in her lap.] Here, no, don't get up. Here, how about...

CROSBY: Oh, yes, please.

LILY: Much better.

CROSBY: Oh, I like this.

LILY: Yeah, I take it tonight didn't go so well.

CROSBY: No, we did a good... we got Dawes.


CROSBY: Victory is ours.

CROSBY: Did you take Bart here?

LILY: Hey, I'm sorry you had to do something that made you feel uncomfortable.

CROSBY: Hmm. It's okay. It's just part of being an adult. You know, you have to do things that you don't want to do. Like, horrible things. Like drink scotch. You know, when you're an adult, you have to drink scotch, and it sucks.

LILY: It sucks.

CROSBY: And so does... so does selling your friends out, that sucks. Pretending you don't care your ex-fiancee's moving in with her boyfriend sucks, it all sucks, really.

LILY: Jasmine's moving in with Joe?

CROSBY: Yeah, it's not going to last, I know it. So original, Joe too, he bought her a house. I mean, is... is... I hope he bought insurance, because I bought her a house before and she still broke my heart. So, good luck, Joe. You're really nice, Lily.

[NEW SCENE - Mark and Sarah in his car, night time.]

MARK: Since I saw you this morning, I've been reading up on Kerouac because I, um... you told me he spent some time in Morocco and embarrassingly enough, as an English teacher, I did not know that. But then, I found out that William S. Burroughs lived in Morocco too, did you know that?

SARAH: I did.

MARK: We should do that. Just leave the country for a year, be an expat for awhile, we could go to Morocco and rent a cheap, little apartment. And you could work on your writing. I could, uh, I don't know.

SARAH: Can you pull the car over? Can you pull over?

MARK: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You okay? [He stops the car on the busy street, Sarah gets out. Mark follows.] Sarah, what's going on? You're making me nervous.

SARAH: I'm 40.

MARK: I know, I know.

SARAH: [Almost crying] I'm afraid if we wait, it'll be too late. If we want a baby, we have to do it now. And I don't want to put that pressure on you. I don't want to feel like I'm wrecking your dreams.

MARK: You're not.

SARAH: You should go to Morocco if you want to go.

MARK: I don't need to go to Morocco, I just was... I'm... I'm ready. I don't need to do any of that other stuff. I love you. And if we have to have a baby now, then let's do it. Okay?

SARAH: Okay.

MARK: Maybe not right now.

[NEW SCENE - Campaign offices, Amber enters.]

AMBER: hi.

BOB: Good morning, Amber. How are you?

AMBER: I'm good.

BOB: Good enough to dive right back in?

AMBER: Absolutely.

[NEW SCENE - Outside Zoe's new apartment. Zoe's is slowly walking with her shopping.]

JOEL: Thought you were supposed to be on bed rest?

ZOE: Yeah, well, my assistant took the day off. What are you going to do, right?

JOEL: Here. [Helping her carry the bags.]

ZOE: Oh, I got it, it's fine.

JOEL: No, no, that's all right, come on.

ZOE: So, I guess Julia told you about the incompetent cervix thing? But seriously, I'm fine, you know. So, thanks for stopping by.

JOEL: Hey, look, look. Julia doesn't know I'm here. But there's a question I got to ask you. And my wife's too scared to, but I'm too scared not to.

ZOE: Okay.

JOEL: Are you changing your mind about the baby?

ZOE: No.


ZOE: No.

JOEL: You're sure? Just be honest. It's going to be hard, but if, I mean, if we could go much further into this, my wife is just going to... it's going to tear her apart, Zoe.

ZOE: Okay, well, I'm not changing my mind.

JOEL: Okay, then what is it? What is it? Why'd you move out?

ZOE: Because I need my own space. This is why I wanted a closed adoption in the first place, and I told her that. I need my own space. I need to be separate. The baby's going to come and then what?

JOEL: I understand.

ZOE: Do you?

JOEL: Are you sure you're okay?

ZOE: I'm fine.

JOEL: Here, just... here's some... here's 30 bucks.

ZOE: I don't need your money, okay?

JOEL: Just take it anyway, would you?

ZOE: I'm going to be fine. I promise.

[NEW SCENE - Crosby's house, Jasmine is dropping Jabbar off.]

JABBAR: Daddy!

CROSBY: Hey, how are you, little man?


CROSBY: How are you, little man's mom?

JASMINE: I'm good, you mind if I come in for a minute?

CROSBY: Yeah, you don't have to ask. Come on in.

JASMINE: Sweetie, can you go play so I can talk to your dad?

JABBAR: Okay, mommy.

JASMINE: House looks good.

CROSBY: Thank you, I, uh, finally got around to decorating it. Or rather, my mom decorated it. Same difference... I can't take credit for the throw pillows.

JASMINE: Those are nice. Pottery barn?

CROSBY: You know, I'm not sure. Is that what you came over to talk about, pottery barn?


CROSBY: What's up?

JASMINE: I want to move in with him.



CROSBY: Yeah, okay.

JASMINE: Anything else?

CROSBY: Um, congratulations.

JASMINE: That's not what I mean.

CROSBY: Look, you know how I feel about yanking Jabbar around. So, if you're saying it's serious, I trust you.

JASMINE: Uh, we still have some work left to do. There's a 30-day escrow, so I was thinking about holding off on telling him until we're closer to the move-in date. You know how hard it is for him to process things until they're happening.

CROSBY: Right. That's a good idea.


CROSBY: All right.

JASMINE: Well, thanks for, uh, being mature about this.

CROSBY: You're wel... oh, I have something for you. Hold on one second.

JASMINE: Is this a door knob?

CROSBY: Yeah, but these are the ends of a ballet bar that I found. I made it for you when I was redoing the house but, um, I never got around to putting it on the door. So, if you like it...

JASMINE: I love it.

CROSBY: Well, think of it as a housewarming gift.

Episode End
3.15 - Politics
Original Airdate (NBC) February 7, 2012
Written by Sarah Watson
Directed by Peter Krause

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