3.14 - It Is What It Is
Transcript by Craig Best

This is a Beta copy
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[Opening scene - Luncheonette, Crosby and Lily playing bluesy piano and cello music.]

LILY: [Laughs and giggles as they play.]


LILY: Yes!


LILY: Thank you. That was some hot blues.

CROSBY: Yeah, you can play the hell out of that thing.

LILY: Oh, well, thank you.

CROSBY: That was cool. You just made that thing kind of cool. I thought those things only played nerd music.

LILY: Yeah.

CROSBY: I'm so wrong. I wanna see you play this live, like wh-- You don't call it shows, do you?


CROSBY: Per--uh, a performance. I wanna see a performance.

LILY: Yes, I do, actually. This, uh, this Sunday night.

CROSBY: Really?

LILY: In Golden Gate Park. I'm part of a quartet.

CROSBY: I would--I would love to come, but I have my son that day on Sunday.

LILY: Okay, well y-- I mean, you can bring him because I can get more tickets.

CROSBY: Oh, ok-- Yeah.

LILY: Okay.

CROSBY: Yeah, he will like it...Hmm.

LILY: Classical music? I…

CROSBY: I wanna play this thing. I think I can play this. Maybe even better than you is my guess.

LILY: Oh, really?

CROSBY: Yeah. I mean, it's just a big guitar, right?

LILY: Oh, nice.

CROSBY: That's all it is, right? Wait, where are the frets? What happened to the-- Where did those go?

LILY: Okay, so don't--

[Crosby plays chord]

CROSBY: Pretty good, right?

LILY: You could-- I could call in sick, and you could take my place on Sunday.

CROSBY: Really?

LILY: Yeah. You're that...That talented.

[They both laugh before there is a moment of silence and they start to kiss.]

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette. Same time, Jabbar and Jasmine enter the lobby.]

JABBAR: Can I get some soda?

JASMINE: Yeah, one of the small ones.

[Jasmine goes to the partly open door of the studio and sees them kissing.]


SARAH: Hi. Thank God.

DREW: What's up? What are you doing?

SARAH: I'm writing. I need an interruption. Badly.


SARAH: How was school?

DREW: School was...Good. I got an "A" on that test, so...

SARAH: Oh, good, "A" in chemistry. Very well done. You want me to make you something?

DREW: Um, well, I'm about to leave and go to Amy's.

SARAH: Again?

DREW: I'll eat there. Yes, again, I'm sorry.

SARAH: All right.

DREW: Also, um... Amy's parents are taking her to UC Davis.


DREW: To look at the school, and she asked me to go so is that okay?

SARAH: Is that a school you're interested in?

DREW: Um, I mean…

SARAH: Because if you are, we could make a whole thing out of it and do a tour and.

DREW: Yeah.

SARAH: You know?

DREW: Well, yeah, I mean, but I don't really know yet. Just looking around-- It's not, like, anything serious. That big of a deal.

SARAH: Oh, that's...

DREW: It's okay if I go?

SARAH: Sure. Yeah, you can go.

DREW: All right, great. All right, I guess I'm out of here.

SARAH: Really enjoyed our time together.

DREW: It was really nice.

SARAH: You will come home at some point though, right, because…

DREW: I-- Maybe.

SARAH: I'd like to see you again.

[NEW SCENE - Kristina cooking in her kitchen.]


ADAM: Hey.

KRISTINA: Hey. How are you?

ADAM: Breakfast for dinner?

KRISTINA: I know, I know, I just wanted to do...

ADAM: Come on.

KRISTINA: Something a little different. It's all I had in the house.

NORA: [Flatulence]


ADAM: Oh, hello.

HADDIE: [Entering the room.] Oh, my God, you guys.

ADAM: What's going on, Nora?

HADDIE: You're home.

KRISTINA: She's a little gassy.

HADDIE: [Sounding serious.] Um, hi, I have to talk to you. I have news.

ADAM: What?

KRISTINA: What's wrong, what happened?

ADAM: Are you okay?

KRISTINA: Why-- What?

HADDIE: I just have to tell you that I got into Cornell early admission.

ADAM: You did? Haddie, congratulations! That's fantastic. [They hug.]

KRISTINA: You stinker, I was worried. [The hug.]

HADDIE: Thank you.

MAX: Why is there yelling?

ADAM: Your sister got into Cornell.

MAX: Okay, well, college or university? Because there's a difference.

ADAM: University.

HADDIE: University.

MAX: Okay, well it's not, you know, Harvard or Yale or Princeton or MIT... And Cornell…

HADDIE: Shut up!

ADAM: Cornell University, Max.

MAX: Cornell's not bad.

KRISTINA: Give me a hug. I'm so proud, I really am.

HADDIE: Thank you, thanks.

KRISTINA: I am, I knew you could do it.


ADAM: That's fantastic, Haddie.

HADDIE: [To Nora.] Did you hear? [To Adam.] Thank you.

ADAM: Fantastic.

KRISTINA: Yay! Sister got into Cornell.

[NEW SCENE - Medical room, montage of scenes as Zeek is having his physical. Camille is waiting in the hallway outside. Whitley's “Lost in Time” is playing.

DOCTOR: And blood pressure looks good, so a lot of positives here.

ZEEK: Yeah, all right.

DOCTOR: But, there is something we need to talk about, Zeek.

ZEEK: What?

DOCTOR: Well, your tests show that you have a condition known as Atrial Fibrillation. It's a sort of abnormal heart rhythm. In fact, it's the most common one amongst men your age. It means, the, uh, upper chambers of the heart aren't working correctly, so the blood isn't moving through properly.

CAMILLE: It's serious?

DOCTOR: Not immediately life-threatening. But it can cause blood clots. It greatly increases your chances of having a stroke. It can also lead to heart failure.

ZEEK: Well-- No wait a second, see. I mean, I feel great. I run, you know, I take care of myself.

DOCTOR: You can have AF and show no symptoms. It's not uncommon.

CAMILLE: So, it's-- It's treatable?

DOCTOR: Yes. For now, I'm gonna put you on a blood thinner, a beta blocker and recommend a program of diet and exercise. We'll follow up in a little while and see how you respond. If the condition gets more serious, then we can discuss surgical options then.

CAMILLE: Surgery?

DOCTOR: For now, we really just need to monitor... And see how it goes. That's a little ways down the road.


[Opening credits - featuring “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan]

[NEW SCENE - Adam and Kristina's bedroom. Late as night Adam is out os bed sitting in the darken room.]


ADAM: Hey.

KRISTINA: You okay?

ADAM: Just can't stop thinking about the cost of tuition at Cornell.

KRISTINA: It's like 50, 50--

ADAM: Closer to 60.

KRISTINA: 60,000?

ADAM: That's just one year. College is four years.

KRISTINA: I've done the multiplying over and over in my head. I just-- You know, Cornell has great financial aid.

ADAM: They're gonna calculate based on what I was earning at T&S, and that's only gonna get us to about $7,000 a year.

KRISTINA: What about loans?

ADAM: I just-- I don't want Haddie to be saddled with all this debt when she gets out of school.

KRISTINA: I can get another--

ADAM: It's not just tuition, you know? There's gonna be airfare to and from.


ADAM: Pocket money.

KRISTINA: She's gonna need an entire winter wardrobe, too. She doesn't even own mittens, just...

[NEW SCENE - Graham's house, Julia is in the babies room using a power drill she has safety glasses on.]

JOEL: [Entering the room] Careful, don't strip it.

JULIA: Hey, my husband's a contractor. [Joel laughing] I know how to do my-- my thing here, all right?

JOEL: Those are awesome glasses.

JULIA: Yes, safety first.

JOEL: Yeah, you know you really don't need to worry about that with, uh-- No, keep on doing what you're doing, it's…

ZOE: [Off camera.] Hey, guys.

JULIA: Okay, take this.

JOEL: Wait--

JULIA: Shut the door, all right?

JOEL: Why?

JULIA: Because this is for the baby that she's giving up. It might be awkward, just...


[Julia closes the door just in time as Zoe makes it to the top of the stairs.]


ZOE: Hey.

JULIA: How's it going?

ZOE: Whoo. Good.

JULIA: Yeah? So... How are you? What are you doing?

ZOE: Oh, you know, just... Gonna go lay down and then pee and then lay down and then pee again in ten seconds, so...

JULIA: Great. Oh, um, gosh, I almost forgot. I actually did sign us up for that birthing class…

ZOE: What?

JULIA: That's this week. Yeah... Remember?

ZOE: Yeah, but I told you I'm just gonna go and immediately get my epidural on, and then that's it. You know what I mean? So do we really need to do that?

JULIA: Yep, that is completely understandable. But in order to birth at this hospital, we do have to.

ZOE: Okay, whatever, let's do it. Awesome. Cool.

JULIA: Let's do it.

[NEW SCENE -Kristina's office.]

KRISTINA: Jeff Wormely, he's hosting the fundraiser. He's got tons of friends with tons of money.

BOB: Wormely?

KRISTINA: Why are you looking at me like that?

BOB: Does that not concern you?


BOB: Wormely? Or is it "Warmly"?

KRISTINA: He's loaded, I promise you. So you need to bring the charm.

BOB: It's been brung, okay?

KRISTINA: It's been brung, don't…

AMBER: [Entering the open door.] Hey. Sorry to interrupt. I'll come back.

BOB: No please, come in, come on in.

KRISTINA: Come on in.

AMBER: It's fine, I can come back. I just wanted to give you the proofed copy of…

KRISTINA: Thank you very much.

BOB: No, we're just talking about the fundraiser on Sunday. Something wrong?

AMBER: No, no, no, no. Please don't read it. It's not ready.

KRISTINA: It's fine. She's really, really good, I promise.

AMBER: It's...

KRISTINA: [Whispers] It's good.

BOB: This is great.

AMBER: Okay.

BOB: This is terrific.

AMBER: Right, I'm sure.

KRISTINA: She's good, right?

BOB: This is great; she's gonna be there on Sunday, yes?

AMBER: At the Wormely affair?

BOB: Yes.

AMBER: Are you sure?

KRISTINA: Wormely…

AMBER: I don't know what I will do there.


AMBER: I don't think so.

BOB: You see, it's nearly impossible to not make fun of that name.

AMBER: It's funny. [Laughs]

KRISTINA: You're gonna go. It'll be fun.

AMBER: I don't, uh, okay.

BOB: [Leaving Kristina's office.] Great, thanks for your work.

AMBER: Sure. Hey.

KRISTINA: I'll see you in a sec.

AMBER: Why am I going?

BOB: Okay.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman kitchen, Camille is sorting Zeek's new medication. Zeek enters the house.]

ZEEK: Hey.

CAMILLE: Perfect timing. I just got back from the drugstore. I picked up your prescriptions, and I got you a little pillbox here that has all the days of the week on it so you won't even have to think about it. I also found these, uh, good heart-healthy recipes in a magazine I'm gonna make. And you have to read these, uh, instructions here on the medications.

ZEEK: Hey, you know-- You know what?

CAMILLE: Because there may be possible side effects.

ZEEK: You know, I've been thinking, I don't think we should tell the kids right now. I wanna just hold off on it. I gotta get my head around it. So...ls that all right?


ZEEK: Yeah.

[NEW SCENE - Jasmine's apartment.]

CROSBY: So he has, uh, some addition math and some solar system crossword puzzle, I guess. That has to be done for tomorrow.


CROSBY: Hey, um, do you remember the girl you met at the studio the other night, Lily?

JASMINE: Lily? Yeah, the cellist?

CROSBY: Yeah, the cellist.

JASMINE: Yeah, mm-hmm, yeah, I remember her.

CROSBY: What's that-- What was... What's that smirk about?

JASMINE: Nothing, I just, um... I, uh, saw you guys kiss.

CROSBY: What do you mean you saw us kiss? You were creeping around the hallway?

JASMINE: No, I just--I... I mean, it's not a big deal. It's just that Jabbar was there.

CROSBY: Jabbar saw, too?

JASMINE: No, that's because I got to the door first and when I saw you were busy, I, um, ran interference.

CROSBY: Hmm. Aw, thank you. I-- I didn't realize we were being watched; That's embarrassing.

JASMINE: Look, I know you're gonna have hook ups, and I'm not saying don't. Just when you know your son's on his way--

CROSBY: For the record, it's not a-- a hook up. I actually, you know, I like this girl.

JASMINE: Oh, okay.

CROSBY: She's really cool. And she's, um a really great musician. And that's why I-- Why I brought her up, because I was gonna ask you if I could take Jabbar to see her perform this weekend in this concert.

JASMINE: What-- what concert?

CROSBY: It's this outdoor thing at Golden Gate Park. It's supposed to be really cool.

JASMINE: Oh, the WC Series.


JASMINE: Oh, wow. I can't believe Lily is performing in that. It's supposed to be amazing.


JASMINE: Well, I was actually thinking about getting tickets for me and Joe.

CROSBY: Really, you were planning on going with--

JASMINE: Yeah, I mean... Can you help hook that up?

CROSBY: Get some tickets for you and--

JASMINE: Yeah, I mean, unless that's weird for you. I mean, is that weird?

CROSBY: No, I'll, um, yeah, I'll ask her.


CROSBY: Yeah. Um, I'll get the tickets.

JASMINE: Just making sure, you know. I want you to be comfortable.

CROSBY: Right. This will be, uh--


CROSBY: Mm-hmm.

JASMINE: Thanks.


[NEW SCENE - Amy's house, Drew is helping serve dessert with Amy's father.]

DREW: This is really, really hard.

PAUL: Well, this is a good way to get out anger.

DREW: It just makes me more angry, though, that I'm not strong.

TERRI: Well, you know, ice cream therapy's very trendy these days.

DREW: It doesn't work at all.

[The doorbell rings]

TERRI: Oh, hang on.

PAUL: Just a little bit more…

AMY: I should probably try it.

DREW: You wanna try it?


TERRI: Hey, hey, hey good to see you.

SARAH: I'm just stopping by quickly. Drew forgot something.

TERRI: Oh. Well, we're in the kitchen. You remember my husband?

SARAH: Hi, Paul.

PAUL: Hey. How are you?

SARAH: Hi, Amy.

AMY: Hey.

DREW: [Concerned.] Hi.

SARAH: You forgot this. You said you would text me. How can you text me without your device? [Hands over his cell phone.]

DREW: Exactly... You brought this to me.

SARAH: Yeah. I thought I'd walk it down...

DREW: Thanks.

SARAH: Because I know, you know, how you get without your phone. So, I was just in the neighborhood…

TERRI: Oh, wait, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. Here, I'll pour you a glass.

SARAH: No, that's okay.

TERRI: Please! I'm gonna pour you a glass.

SARAH: Well, okay.

TERRI: We're just finishing up.

SARAH: Thank you so much. Um, thank you again for making him dinner. I can't believe it.

PAUL: We love having Drew here.

AMY: Yeah.

SARAH: And you guys are going to Davis on Saturday?

PAUL: Yes. We both went to school there; that's where we met.

SARAH: Oh, you went there.

PAUL: Mm-hmm.


SARAH: Uh, I've been there, um... Drew's dad played some gigs, and all I ever think about when I think of Davis is this Mexican restaurant where we would eat every day.

BOTH: [Terri and Paul] El Coyote.


PAUL: Yes!

SARAH: Is that still there?

PAUL: It's incredible. The best Margaritas. It's amazing.

TERRI: Oh, with a little bit of the salt on top, it's so good.

PAUL: You should come with us.

SARAH: [Gasps] To the. Oh, no, no, no.

PAUL: Just come up, we'll all have lunch there.

TERRI: We were gonna take the kids anyway.

PAUL: Yes.

TERRI: Just come.

PAUL: It'll be great.

TERRI: It'll be great. There's no excuse.

SARAH: Oh, God, I mean... It's worth the trip, really.

PAUL: You mean a short trip.

SARAH: I'd love to see the school. That would be great. I'm excited. It's the beginning of our college tour, you know.

[NEW SCENE - Haddie's room, she is on her bed with her MacBook. Her parents knock at the door.]

HADDIE: Come in.


HADDIE: Hi. What you doing?

ADAM: Hey.

HADDIE: I'm looking at the campus. It's really pretty, and there's a museum and stuff, and I think it's gonna be cool.

ADAM: Yeah.

KRISTINA: That's beautiful.

HADDIE: It just looks, like, exciting and it's fun to look at.

KRISTINA: I've never been there.

ADAM: That's great.

KRISTINA: It's so pretty.

HADDIE: So...Yeah.

KRISTINA: That's very cool.


ADAM: Listen, Haddie, your mother and I, we couldn't be prouder. Getting into an Ivy League school is a great achievement and, uh...

HADDIE: [Giggles.]

KRISTINA: It's a remarkable achievement.

ADAM: I've dreamt that for you since you were a little kid.



ADAM: But we wanted to talk to you about keeping your options open.

HADDIE: Mm-hmm.

KRISTINA: Just to have a backup.

ADAM: As you know, it's been a tough year with me losing my job at T&S, and…

KRISTINA: Financially, it's been a rollercoaster.

ADAM: It hit our savings pretty hard, and then going into business with Uncle Crosby pretty much wiped out our savings.

KRISTINA: Max's expenses, you know, for Dr. Pelikan alone are colossal.

ADAM: Colossal. Social skills group and…

KRISTINA: Tutoring all the…

ADAM: Nora.

HADDIE: Mm-hmm...Sure.

ADAM: And even though both your mother and I are working, our combined income isn't nearly as much money as when I was working at T&S, so... We just want you to keep your options open. Maybe think about Berkley. It's a great school. You could live at home. When you got out of school, you wouldn't have a huge mountain of debt.

KRISTINA: Oh, the student loans alone would be...

HADDIE: Mm-hmm. Yeah, okay, so, uh... Yeah, it's nice that I got in in the first place, so y-- I don't have to go.

ADAM: Just keep options open until we figure out what we can do. Okay?

HADDIE: All right.

ADAM: All right.

KRISTINA: We're sorry it has to be like this. This is just…

HADDIE: No, I understand.

KRISTINA: Okay. [pause] Okay.


[[NEW SCENE - Braverman house, front yard. Day time, Zeek pulls up in his pickup truck towing a trailer. He beeps the horn.]

ZEEK: Get out here! You gotta look at this baby. [Camille goes to the window.] Isn't this a beauty? Hey, come here. [Camille exits the house.] Hey. [Zeek whistles]

SARAH: [Gasps] Dad, do we own that?

ZEEK: Whoo hoo! Are you ready for some fun?

SARAH: Dad, what did you do?

ZEEK: What did I do? I got this! Isn't it beautiful?

SARAH: Is this ours?

ZEEK: It's ours? No, it's mine.

SARAH: That's awesome. Mom, isn't it so awesome?

ZEEK: You know, thank God for residuals and I know, Milly, you're wondering. I got it at a good price. It was a steal, really.

SARAH: Wondering? [To Camille.] You didn't know he was gonna... buy that?

ZEEK: A surprise. It was kind of a surprise.

SARAH: Well... I'm gonna let you guys work that out.

ZEEK: Okay.

SARAH: All right?

ZEEK: You like it?

SARAH: I...Like it.

ZEEK: Yeah?

SARAH: Yeah, good luck, dad. [Goes running back to the guesthouse.]

ZEEK: What?

CAMILLE: I didn't say a word.

ZEEK: Yeah. All right, well... Hey, Drew-- Is Drew here? Hey, Drew! Hey, kid, you gotta see this baby. [Whistles]

[NEW SCENE - Graham house, Zoe opens the door to the babies room. Julia is on the floor building something.]


ZOE: Hi.

JULIA: Um, I was just...

ZOE: Working on the nursery, right?

JULIA: Yeah.

ZOE: I know.

JULIA: I didn't want to be insensitive to you, so I kind of tried to keep it away from you.

ZOE: Yeah. I totally get it, you know? Baby has to sleep somewhere, right?

JULIA: Right.

ZOE: I really don't want you to worry about it, okay?

JULIA: Thank you.

ZOE: Cool?

JULIA: Yeah.

ZOE: Okay, cool. [Looking around she sees some sample colors on the wall.] Oh, whoa.


ZOE: Nice.

JULIA: Oh, yeah?

ZOE: Yeah. I really like this one.

JULIA: Me too.

ZOE: [Laughs] Wow, it's all getting so real, huh?

JULIA: Yeah.

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette, Crosby is listening to cello music in the control booth. He hums along.]

ADAM: [Enters] Hey.


ADAM: Thought you were finished with that project.

CROSBY: Uh, I am.

ADAM: Yeah?

CROSBY: I was just listening to it 'cause I like it.

ADAM: You like the music or you like the musician?

CROSBY: Oh, I think it's both that I like. The music and the musician.

ADAM: Yeah, I could tell.

CROSBY: She's, uh... She's pretty cool. She's really unique. I like her.

ADAM: That's great, Cros, I'm happy for you.

CROSBY: Thank you. Um, there is a little bit of a wrinkle, though.

ADAM: Yeah, what's that?

CROSBY: Well, I asked Jasmine if I could take Jabbar to see her perform, right, in the park this weekend. And then she invited herself and Dr. Joe to join us. And she knows that we've kissed. Pretty weird, right?

ADAM: That's not weird, that's stupid.

CROSBY: It is stupid. It's a bad idea.

ADAM: Well, have fun with that. I'll see you.

CROSBY: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. How do I get out of it?

ADAM: Uh, you could call Jasmine and you could ask her not to come.

CROSBY: What if I acted like the performance had been canceled?

ADAM: [Laughs] Yeah, do that. Tell her the concert's canceled. Good luck.

CROSBY: Thank you.

[Crosby turns up the volume on Lily's music.]

[NEW SCENE - Haddie's room, Kristina knocks on the door]





KRISTINA: What you up to?

HADDIE: Just looking at, um, other campuses. Other schools that I applied to. 'Sup?

KRISTINA: Listen, Haddie, I know how unfair this is. I know that you've worked so hard. You've taken all the AP classes. You've done everything the right way. I mean, this shouldn't be an issue. Our finances should not be an issue. I mean, dad and I made sure of it when you were little.

HADDIE: Mom, I hope that you don't…

KRISTINA: We started saving…

HADDIE: Mom, I hope you don't think that I'm upset about your finances.

KRISTINA: Then why are you upset?

HADDIE: I don't wanna talk about it.

KRISTINA: Haddie, tell me.

HADDIE: Honestly, it's just another situation that I feel like because Max needs something I don't get to do something that I want.

KRISTINA: Well, you know... Honey, I'm sorry, I mean, we have to spend a lot of money on Max. Dr. Pelikan alone…

HADDIE: Yeah, I know.

KRISTINA: Huge expense, like dad and I told you. But this is…

HADDIE: I know. Don't explain to me that I need to understand Max's situation or anything.

KRISTINA: I'm not asking…

HADDIE: Like, I get it. If he has to see Dr. Pelikan and fulfill all his needs and I can't go to school...

KRISTINA: I'm not asking you to understand, okay?

HADDIE: Then, like, that's what it is.

KRISTINA: Okay, I just, um... We are trying, and, you know... I'm just asking you not to be upset because…

HADDIE: Mom, if I can't go to the school that I want to go to, that's fine; people don't get to do stuff that they don't.. That they wanna do all the time. But you can't ask me to not be upset about it. Okay? You have to just let it be what it is.

KRISTINA: Okay. I'm sorry.

HADDIE: That's fine.

[NEW SCENE - UC Davis, Drew and Amy's are on the tour with their parents.]

SARAH: What do you think? You like that?

DREW: It's nice, you know. Love the pillars, love the building.

SARAH: Can you imagine yourself in a classroom there?

DAMIEN: I can imagine myself, yeah.

SARAH: Yeah?

PAUL: This spot right here is where I met your mother.

TERRI: We met at this ridiculous sit-in.

[They share a peck on the lips.]

SARAH: [Turning to the kids.] Do you know what a sit-in is?

AMY: [To her parents] Guys, that's nasty.

DREW: No, I don't know what a sit-in is.

SARAH: You know Occupy Oakland?

AMY: Guys.

SARAH: It's like that.

DREW: Oh, wow, like Wall Street.

SARAH: Well... [Laughs]

PAUL: Come here, I'm gonna show you where we used to play ultimate frisbee.

TERRI: Sorry about that.

SARAH: This is great.

TERRI: It is nice, huh? They look so cute together, don't they?

SARAH: Yep, never seen him hold a girl's hand before.

TERRI: And Paul, I think he's living out some fantasy about finally having a son, so... thank you.

SARAH: Oh, thank you.

TERRI: [Laughs] Oh, there's the science building. We should go see that one.

SARAH: Oh, yeah, is that where you studied?

TERRI: Me? No, no, no. That's Paul all the way. He was the biology science major, and since Drew and he have been talking...

SARAH: About science?

TERRI: Biology, yeah, since he wants to be a biology, you know...

SARAH: Major? Drew? Oh, right.

TERRI: It's exciting, very exciting.

SARAH: Yeah.

TERRI: Hey, guys, wait. It's right over here, the science building.

[NEW SCENE - Bob Little's office. Amber knocks on the open door.]

BOB: Oh, hey.

AMBER: Hi. Um, I have the list of all the people that are gonna be at the event. Wives and interests, etcetera, so...

BOB: Brilliant, hey you know you created the single most important document in the entire campaign.

AMBER: That's very motivational. Thanks.

BOB: I'm not being motivational. You know, the funny thing about politics-- In order to do good things for people with no money, you gotta be really good at seducing people with money.


BOB: The country clubbers.

AMBER: Ah, well, I did work at a country club, so maybe I have a leg up.

BOB: Hey, me too-- I worked at the country club as well. What did you do?

AMBER: I was a waitress.

BOB: Huh.


BOB: I was a caddy.


BOB: Uh-huh.

AMBER: Well... Your parents were probably members, so I'm sure they were nicer to you.

BOB: My parents were never members of a country club. My father's an assistant manager at a family restaurant. He didn't even go to college.

AMBER: Hmm. I see. And yet, here you are. Your face on a poster. How did you do it?

BOB: Uh, truthfully?

AMBER: Mm-hmm?

BOB: I worked my friggin' ass off. I'm sickly motivated. It's that or something that happened around the time I was two.

AMBER: Huh, I see. Okay, well, um, if you need anything else, let me know.

BOB: Amber, I'm really excited that you're gonna be there on Sunday.

AMBER: Ha. Thank you... Me too.

[NEW SCENE - Graham's house, Julia is making tea when Zoe enters the kitchen.]

ZOE: Hey, so, um, I was going through some of my old stuff.

JULIA: Yeah.

ZOE: And, um, I found something I really wanna show you.

JULIA: Oh, wow.

ZOE: Yeah.

JULIA: It's beautiful.

ZOE: Yeah, that was my grandfather's watch.

JULIA: Cool. [Goes to hand it back.]

ZOE: I was wondering, um, if you might give that to the baby for me? Yeah, I know that, um, the baby's never gonna meet my grandfather, but, uh, he was really good to me, so it would just mean so much to me if the baby had it.

JULIA: Yeah... Yeah.

ZOE: Yeah?

JULIA: Yeah, sure, yeah.

ZOE: Okay, thanks... So much. All right.

[NEW SCENE - Back with Drew and Sarah walking alone at UC Davis.]

SARAH: So biology, huh?

DREW: I mean, yeah.

SARAH: When did that come up as uh, a major?

DREW: Um... I don't… I mean, I really like the class at school. It's like…

SARAH: I knew that. But, you know, you didn't tell me you were, like… Is it because…

SARAH: It's not that... important.

SARAH: Amy's dad is in biology and…

DREW: No, I like biology, it means.

SARAH: Look, I just, I want you to know that I understand. I understand you wanting advice, you know, from somebody who finished college and has a cool career. But I'm here, and keep me in the loop.

DREW: Well, yeah, I like biology. Now you know, so...

SARAH: Okay.

DREW: You're in the loop now.

SARAH: Thanks.

[NEW SCENE - Night time. Adam and Kristina taking in their bedroom.]

KRISTINA: Honey, we have to send her.

ADAM: Kristina.

KRISTINA: I don't care if we have to beg, borrow, or steal to do this. Okay, it's not fair to her. She deserves this. She's worked so hard. In high school she maintained a 4.1 GPA the entire time.

ADAM: I know this... I know all these things.

KRISTINA: And she's been so supportive with Max.

ADAM: There are other great schools out there. We've a got a great school right here in Berkeley.

KRISTINA: She's a great kid. But that's not her dream school. Berkeley is not her dream school.

ADAM: I know it's not her dream school. I'm sorry she's gonna be disappointed, but she can get out of school without any debt, she can have a part-time job.

KRISTINA: This is killing me.

ADAM: Doesn't make good sense.

KRISTINA: Okay. Then we need to tell her. We have to be honest with her and tell her she can't go.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman Guesthouse. Zeek and Sarah talking on the couch.]

ZEEK: What did you learn on your big trip?

SARAH: Well, I learned that Drew has become very interested in biology. Um... He and Amy hold hands no matter what. He doesn't really wanna tell me about his relationship or about his plans or really about much of anything. He's pulling away from me.

ZEEK: Mm-hmm. Well, that's what they do, you know? That's what they do. [laughing] And then, um... The time is so fleeting. I mean it just... It just goes by so quickly, Sarah.

[A moment of silence broke when Sarah's cell phone rings.]

SARAH: [Answering the phone] Hi. Dinner? Um... I'm... going to... hang out with my dad. Okay. Thanks though, I'll call you later. You too.

ZEEK: Would you like to have dinner in the Airstream?

SARAH: Are we allowed to eat in there?

ZEEK: Most certainly.

SARAH: Can we order pizza from Rocco's?

ZEEK: Oh, Rocco's.

SARAH: So much cheese.

ZEEK: Yes. [He claps]

[NEW SCENE - Fund Raiser at Mr Wormely's house.]

KRISTINA: And I can promise you both not one penny will be cut from the education budget at all. So I want you guys to relax, have fun, eat up and drink up, because I'm gonna hit you up for a lot of money later.

AMBER: Come right over here. [To Bob] Can I steal you for a second?

BOB: Yes.

AMBER: Sorry, this is, uh, Celia Gould.

CELIA: Hello.

BOB: Mrs. Gould, Bob little. Thank you so much for the incredible work you've done on behalf of the Clean The Bay committee.

CELIA: Oh, my God, how did you know about that?

BOB: Are you kidding me? The invitation that you guys sent out for the event at the end of the month, the, um, the...

AMBER: Moonlight and Merlot ball.

BOB: Yes. Forgive me, but you guys are bringing sexy back to local advocacy, Mrs. Gould.

CELIA: [Laughs] Well, I don't know about that, but thank you very much.

BOB: We were just talking about it at the office actually. Right, Amber?

AMBER: Um, yes. Yes we were. We're big fans over there. We really appreciate everything you're doing.

BOB: Absolutely.

CELIA: Wonderful, thank you.

BOB: So please, I hope we'll be able to talk more about it later in the evening.

CELIA: Me too.

AMBER: I can show you the bar if you'd like.

BOB: Thank you.

CELIA: Thanks you. Sure.

BOB: Thank you so much. [Whispers] Thank you, Amber.

[NEW SCENE - Cut to Kristina talking to Mr Wormely, he is clearly drunk.]

KRISTINA: Mr. Wormely, Um, I just wanted to say once again thank you so much for hosting tonight.


KRISTINA: It was such a-- a nice gesture and I just--

MR WORMELY: Who are you?

KRISTINA: Uh, I'm Kristina Braverman. I'm with the Bob little campaign. We just met before; your wife…

MR WORMELY: Oh, my wife roped me into this yesterday. I would rather be anywhere, anywhere!

KRISTINA: You know what, I was thinking, um, since you're going to be introducing Bob why don't we go into the kitchen…

MR WORMELY: I am going to wing it. No worries, I can do that.


MR WORMELY: I can't believe you got that guy to come to my house.

KRISTINA: Well, it's really nice of you.

[NEW SCENE - Golden Gate Park, night time for the concert.]

CROSBY: Oh, hey guys.

JASMINE: Hello, here's my boy.

JABBAR: Hi, mommy.

JASMINE: Hi, sweetie.


DR. JOE: Hey, little man. Hey, Crosby, thanks for thinking about us, man. Jasmine told me that you got us the tickets.

CROSBY: Well, you gave me those great football tickets so I thought it was the least I could do. I mean, now we're definitely even.

JASMINE: [Laughs]

DR. JOE: Probably not.

CROSBY: [Seeing Lily.] Oh, hey.

LILY: Hey.

CROSBY: There she is.


CROSBY: How are you?

LILY: Good, good.

CROSBY: You remember Jabbar.


LILY: Yes, hello.

CROSBY: And Jasmine.



LILY: Nice to see you again. Those are beautiful earrings, wow.

JASMINE: Thank you, beautiful dress.

CROSBY: This is Dr. Prestidge.

DR. JOE: Joe, just call me Joe.

LILY: Hi. Lily, nice to meet you. You guys got the tickets okay?

DR. JOE: Yeah.

JASMINE: Thank you very much.

LILY: No, no problem. Wow, that is an awesome suit, Jabbar. You look-- You look very handsome this evening. Are you excited? Are you ready for the concert?

JABBAR: Yeah, my dad said if I pretend not to be bored, he'll give me ice cream on the way home.

LILY: Oh, nice.

[All laugh]

LILY: Very clever. Actually, wanna know a secret? Classical music can get a little boring. But, tonight there is actually a piece of music that has a section that's my favorite ever because it's fun and it sounds like the instruments are talking to each other, and it's really cool. So I am going to be sitting in that chair right over there. So if you keep your eye on me, I can give you, like, a secret signal when the fun part happens so you don't miss it. What do you think; sound good?

JABBAR: Awesome!

LILY: Awesome?

JABBAR: Awesome.

LILY: Great. [They high-five.] There you go. Excellent. Okay.

[NEW SCENE - Back at the fund raiser. Bob, Amber and Kristina walking away from the host.]

MR WORMELY: That's important stuff!

BOB: You're absolutely right.

KRISTINA: Stop with the sauce.

BOB: I mean, absolutely hammered... out of his mind. Stan.

STAN: Hey, don't forget about me and those building permits, right?

BOB: Come on, are you kidding me? Good to see you. [To Amber and Kristina as they walk.] Somebody needs to run Interference because there's no way he can get out there in front of everybody and introduce me.

KRISTINA: Okay, no problem.

SUSAN: Hey, Bob.

BOB: Hey, Susan.

SUSAN: Thank you so much for everything. You are amazing.

BOB: Very generous of you.

KRISTINA: You look beautiful, by the way.

BOB: Oh, just…

KRISTINA: Bob I can do this. I can introduce you, it's not a problem, okay? [To Amber] You're gonna have to watch the drunk guy, though. Because I can't do both.

AMBER: Sure, yeah, no problem.

BOB: You can handle him?

AMBER: Handling drunk guys? It's my specialty.

BOB: Really?


AMBER: All right.

BOB: Thank you.

KRISTINA: Good to go.

AMBER: Shall we?

BOB: Yes.

[NEW SCENE - Back at Golden Gate Park, the concert is under way, classical music playing.]

[Lily gives Jabbar the signal and he smiles, Jasmine notices and doesn't look pleased. She also sees how happy Crosby looks, Joe notices Jasmine looking at Crosby.]

[NEW SCENE - Back at the fund raiser, Kristina is at the podium.]

KRISTINA: Hi. Okay, uh, my-- my name is Kristina Braverman and I have the privilege of introducing you tonight to the man you are all here to meet.

[Same time Amber is inside watching Mr Wormely, still drunk but now drinking coffee.]

MR WORMELY: Potholes, they are wreaking havoc with my Bentley.

AMBER: Don't worry about it.

MR WORMELY: I'm not worried at all.

AMBER: You can just relax, sit here. Have fun with me.

MR WORMELY: But hey-- Let me talk-- Okay, but I wanna talk to you.

AMBER: Oh, talk to me.


AMBER: That's what I'm here for.


KRISTINA: And now, I give to you, the next city councilman of the 10th District. Mr. Bob Little! [All cheer and applaud] Thank you.

BOB: Thank you.

KRISTINA: You're welcome.

NORA: That was a very generous introduction by Kristina Braverman.


MR WORMELY: Are you sure I'm not supposed to do that?

AMBER: I'm totally positive.

MR WORMELY: My wife is gonna kill me if I screw this up.

AMBER: You know what, I'll handle your wife. I'll handle it all, don't you worry about it.

MR WORMELY: Good for you then, all right.

[NEW SCENE - Haddie's room, she is reading a book on her bed when there is a knock at her door.]


ADAM: Hey, Haddie, can I come in?


ADAM: Just wanted to talk with you about Cornell.

HADDIE: Right.

ADAM: Your mother and I have been discussing it and we wanna make a decision that's best for you in the long-term.

HADDIE: Mm-hmm.

ADAM: So... We're gonna do whatever it takes to make it happen. Okay? I want you to have the…

HADDIE: Okay, yeah, no dad.

[She hugs her dad.]

ADAM: College experience that you've been dreaming about, okay?

HADDIE: Dad, okay.

ADAM: All right.

HADDIE: Thank you. Wha-- I mean, we're gonna, what? Take more financial aid, like, I don't…

ADAM: I don't know how we're gonna do it but we'll figure it out. Okay, it's gonna be tough on everybody.


ADAM: You're probably gonna have to get a job.


ADAM: Sometime soon.

HADDIE: Yeah, whoa.

ADAM: [Laughs]


ADAM: Yeah.

HADDIE: Okay. Thank you.

ADAM: You bet. I love you, honey.

[NEW SCENE - Birthing class, a number of couples sit on the floor including Julia and Zoe.]

MRS CHOPRA: [In a calm voice] Hello, everyone. Welcome, I'm Mrs. Chopra. I'll be your instructor. Okay. Let's start with the bad news. Childbirth is painful. There's no point in sugar-coating it. You've all heard it, and it's true. It hurts a lot. But, what's also true is this... [Now in front of Zoe.] The greatest joy you'll ever feel in your life is the first time you hold your baby in your arms. I mean it. It's magic. Are you exhausted in a way you never thought possible? Yes. But trust me. When you hold that baby, it won't matter. Everything will be perfect in that moment.

ZOE: Okay, all right, excuse me. [Zoe gets up and leaves the room.] Excuse me.

JULIA: Sorry. Um, pardon me.

[NEW SCENE - Outside the birthing class.]


ZOE: Hi. Sorry.

JULIA: No, I'm sorry about that. I didn't really... Think about, um, what it was gonna be like. And if I had, I wouldn't have... Made us come, so... You okay?

ZOE: Mm-hmm.

JULIA: Okay.

ZOE: Just hurts. It hurts more than I thought it was gonna hurt. But it is what it is, right? I don't want you to worry about this, okay?

[NEW SCENE - Back at the fund raiser, most of the guest have gone. Amber and Kristina are sitting at a table.]

KRISTINA: I feel like I'm drunk, I'm telling you...

BOTH: I'm so tired. [Both laugh]

KRISTINA: I think we did pretty good.

AMBER: I think so too.

KRISTINA: I mean, look at all this money.

AMBER: Is he gonna have to write individual thank you notes? Are we gonna have to do that for him?

KRISTINA: No, no, no, I think he'll probably just call them or email them. I don't know it depends-Wow look at the size of that donation.

AMBER: Oh, boy, he's getting-- He's getting a home visit.

KRISTINA: He really is. Can you do me a huge favor?

AMBER: Yeah.

KRISTINA: Can you gather all of this and, like, put it all together? And then brief Bob on how tonight went? I just-- I really wanna get home to Nora. I miss her, I haven't spent any time with her at all.

AMBER: I totally understand. No problem.

KRISTINA: Okay. Thank you very kindly.

AMBER: Sure, okay.

KRISTINA: And I do wanna say, I'm really impressed with you. You did awesome tonight.

AMBER: Thanks.

KRISTINA: You saved the day.

AMBER: Thank you, you were awesome; you did great.

KRISTINA: My speech wasn't very good.

AMBER: It was great.


AMBER: And you looked great.

KRISTINA: I'm not good in front of crowds.

AMBER: You look amazing.

KRISTINA: You're sweet. Okay.

AMBER: Good night.

KRISTINA: Good night.

AMBER: Thanks again for everything. Love you.

KRISTINA: Love you too. Thank you Mr. Wormely.

MR WORMELY: Thank you.

KRISTINA: Keep on that coffee.

MR WORMELY: It was lovely to have you.

KRISTINA: It was a pleasure to meet you.

MR WORMELY: Get home safely.

KRISTINA: I am going to do that.

MR WORMELY: She was lovely.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house, night time. Camille is at the computer when Zeek enters.]

ZEEK: Hey. Hey, I wanna show you something. Come here.

[NEW SCENE - They go outside to the Airstream.]

CAMILLE: Wow. [Laughs] Look what you did.

ZEEK: Mm-hmm, pretty nice, huh?

CAMILLE: Champagne.

ZEEK: Yeah, I thought we'd christen her, you know?

CAMILLE: It's not a ship.

BOTH: [Laughs]

ZEEK: Look it, Milly. I know you been worried. [Sighs] I gotta tell you, you and me are together... It's so good, and then, I go see this doctor and he puts a grenade in my lap and says "Here, there you go. There's the rest of your life. How about that?" And it--it... [Sighs]

CAMILLE: Well, it's scary.

ZEEK: Yeah, yeah, it is.


ZEEK: Yeah.

CAMILLE: But you're not alone in it. I'm here with you. I'm scared too. But we have to keep it in perspective, right? This isn't a death sentence. The d-- The doctor said that this is quite common for men your age. You're otherwise healthy. And it's treatable. None of us know what's gonna happen to us or when.

ZEEK: Yeah. Right, so I mean, that's why I got this. See, I'm thinking let's get out. Let's pack up and go. We can go to Yosemite. We can go to Yellowstone. We'll stop along the way and you can paint every mission from here to Canada and you can do what you've always wanted to do. I-- you get out there and just ge--

CAMILLE: I can't believe that you remembered that. That was so long ago.

ZEEK: Yeah.

CAMILLE: I wanted to paint every mission.

ZEEK: Come on, kid. Let's do it. [They hug] Let's just go do it.

[NEW SCENE - Jabbar's bedroom.]

JASMINE: Time for you to go to sleep. You stayed up late tonight.

JABBAR: Okay, I love you, mommy.

JASMINE: I love you too.

JABBAR: Mommy?


JABBAR: I like daddy's new friend. She was really nice.

JASMINE: Yeah, she is.

JABBAR: Daddy seemed really happy tonight.

JASMINE: Yeah, he did. Okay, get some rest, okay?

[Jasmine goes back to her bedroom.]

[NEW SCENE - Outside the Wormely house used for the fund raising. The parking attendant gets some car keys.]

AMBER: Here you go. [He goes off to get the car.]

BOB: Hey.


BOB: Thank you so much for tonight.

AMBER: Please.

BOB: Really.

AMBER: Thank you, that was amazing. You did so well.

BOB: Yes, we, uh…

AMBER: Right?

BOB: We did, shh.

AMBER: Tell me.

BOB: 130,000.


BOB: I know.

AMBER: Congratulations. It's that smile. Gets 'em every time.

BOB: Yeah, right, well, when I run for president, you can say that you completely and utterly saved my first campaign.

AMBER: President, my goodness. That's some lofty goals.

BOB: Yes, well, we certainly don't have any self-confidence issues apparently.

AMBER: [Laughs] Clearly, well, maybe I can run your presidential campaign too.

BOB: Oh, it would be an honor.

AMBER: I'm sure. [Laughs]

BOB: Miss Amber Holt. [They shake hands.] Thank you very, very much for tonight.

AMBER: You're welcome.

BOB: This is me. Are you, um, are you hungry? Do you wanna get a bite to eat?

AMBER: I would like that, but I have to be up really early working for you. [Laugh]

BOB: Hey, totally get it. Hey, we'll do it another time. It's um…

AMBER: Okay.

BOB: It's, uh, it's no big deal.

AMBER: Yeah.

BOB: Okay?

AMBER: That sounds-- sounds good.

BOB: Thank you again.

AMBER: Good night.

BOB: Have a good night.

Episode End
3.14 - It Is What It Is
Original Airdate (NBC) January 17, 2011
Written by Eric Guggenheim
Directed by Michael Weaver

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