3.13 - Just Smile
Transcript by Craig Best

This is a Beta copy
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[Opening scene - Luncheonette. Adam is in the make up chair getting ready for the photo shoot for the magazine.]

MAKEUP ARTIST: That little crease will not go away.

ADAM: Okay, we about done?

MAKEUP ARTIST: No, no, you have a very shiny "T" zone. I'm just getting started, really. It's a lot of work, all right.

CROSBY: You know, I always tell him he should exfoliate, and he just won't listen to me.

ADAM: It's just, you know, I'm a businessman, right, I'm the behind-the-scenes guy, I don't understand why the readers of the San Francisco Weekly are going to care whether or not I have a shiny "T" zone. No offense.

CROSBY: Okay, Adam, can you stop saying "businessman"? That's... you've got the wrong magazine.

ADAM: That's what I am.

CROSBY: You're a partner in a very cool and hip studio.

ADAM: All right, business partner in a cool, hip studio. I don't think they're going to really care about me. [He gets a tissue and wipes his nose.]

MAKEUP ARTIST: Really? Just wipe it away, just wipe my work away. That's 20 minutes gone. We have to start over now.

ADAM: All right, sorry.


[NEW SCENE - Bob Little campaign offices, the place is busy with phones ringing and people working hard.]

WOMAN: [On the phone as she walks.] No, okay, see, that's not gonna work for me. I'm gonna need you to fax that over as soon as possible.

AMBER: [Asking the woman.] Sorry, do you know where the copy room is? [She blows Amber off.] Was that even a motion? [Asking someone else.] Do you know where the copy room is? [To herself.] Yeah, I didn't think so. I'm feeling invisible. Do you...

KRISTINA: Hey, Amber.


KRISTINA: What's wrong?

AMBER: I don't... I guess I'm invisible today. I-I can't find the copy room, and...

KRISTINA: Honey, right there. Copy machine. Just, there's just one, and we don't have a room.

AMBER: Just okay, yes. Got it. Thank you.


AMBER: Doing great. Really doing good here.

KRISTINA: Good job, honey.

AMBER: Thank you.

KRISTINA: You're welcome.

AMBER: [Inhales] Okay, I can figure this out, can't I? This is... people do this everyday. Come on, buddy. Let's just get one thing going here.

BOB: Can I sneak in for one copy?

AMBER: [Not looking up.] I'm sorry. I'm sorry, you can't because I'm having a really stressful day here, and I just got to get this done, okay?

BOB: Yes, absolutely.

AMBER: [Looks up.] Wait... for Bob Little. [Laughs]

BOB: Hi.

AMBER: Hi, I'm Amber.

BOB: Amber, it's so nice to meet you.

AMBER: Sorry.

BOB: No, no apology. Let me just get a copy real quick.

AMBER: Yes, go for it, obviously.

BOB: Thank you.

AMBER: It's your campaign.

[Bob quickly makes his copies.]

BOB: Thanks.

AMBER: Sorry.

BOB: No, no.

[He walks off.]

AMBER: [To herself.] Great. It's great. [She tries to work the copier once again.]

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette, Crosby leads the interviewer, photographer and Adam through the studio as he talks.]

CROSBY: Uh, well, I can't remember a time when I didn't want to do this actually. Well, except second grade. I wanted to be Evel Knievel. You remember that, Adam?

ADAM: Yeap.

CROSBY: …with jumping the milk crates?

ADAM: Absolutely.

CROSBY: Um, but then I took my first guitar lesson so I guess you can say music kind of saved my life.

INTERVIEWER: That's cool.

CROSBY: Yeah. That's the guitar, actually, that I first learned to play on.

INTERVIEWER: Sentimental... I love it.

CROSBY: Yeah, well, this place has so much music history I felt I should add my own to it so I keep all my old instruments here. In fact, this sg here is the first guitar I learned to play Stairway to Heaven on.

INTERVIEWER: That's a beauty.


INTERVIEWER: Let's get that shot.

[The Photographer takes some shots.]

CROSBY: Oh, you know what, I have my guitar from my Punk Rock phase upstairs. That might be a cooler picture. I'm gonna grab that.

ADAM: He's always looking for the next great guitar, you know.


ADAM: He went through quite a few of them.

INTERVIEWER: Yeah, and what about you? Tell me your relationship with music.

ADAM: I enjoy music. Um, my brother's the one who's got all the passion.

INTERVIEWER: Well, yeah, but you must share it on some level, right? Otherwise, how do you undertake such a huge endeavor at this risky time?

ADAM: Well, honestly, I am still shocked that I wound up here because I used to work in the shoe industry...


ADAM: For 15 years, but then I lost my job, so...

INTERVIEWER: Oh, sorry. Like a lot of people in America.

ADAM: Yeah, yeah, I guess. It's funny, I-I see those unemployment statistics in the newspaper, and you don't think it's going to be you, and suddenly, there I was. Unemployed, two kids, another one on the way.

INTERVIEWER: That's scary.

ADAM: It was scary. My wife was really freaked out. You know, pregnant and I lined up this other job that was a step down, and... but anyway, Crosby, you know, my knob-headed younger brother came running at me with this idea, this big crazy idea.


ADAM: And he saw this place, and he had a vision, you know, and it was
crazy, you know, it truly was crazy.


ADAM: But, I don't know. It was like a dream. And it was at a time when I desperately needed a dream, so I guess you could say that music saved my life. [Almost knocks over a stand as he picks up one of the guitars.] Whoa.

INTERVIEWER: Oh, yeah. [Laughs] Yeah. Natural.

ADAM: Yeah, yeah, I'm a real... a real rock star. [Posses with the guitar.]

INTERVIEWER: Let's get this shot, please.

[Adam posses for some more shots.]

[NEW SCENE - Gynaecologist office, Sarah is being examined.]

DOCTOR: Okay, so everything looks great, Sarah, and unless you have any questions, I will see you...

SARAH: Uh, just one, one, uh... something.

DOCTOR: Mm-hmm.

SARAH: I was wondering about. I was wondering about, hypothetically, just the odds or the possibility of me having another baby.

DOCTOR: Really? Well, no, that's a third. That's fantastic.

SARAH: It's a hypothetical at this point. I was just wondering if it's even possible. I'm in this relationship with a guy who's younger and he kind of brought it up and then he dropped it, but so I haven't really even talked to him about it, but I just thought, you know, I should ask. I mean, is this even possible? Yes, biologically, it is possible.

SARAH: Great.

DOCTOR: So you think about, and when you make a decision, come on in, we will run some panels, we'll test your levels to make sure everything's a-okay.

SARAH: Panels and levels...

DOCTOR: Yeah, it's just... it's a little more complicated. You know, for older women like you.

SARAH: Hmm. [She cringes at the thought.]

DOCTOR: And um, if it doesn't work the natural way, then you've got options.

SARAH: I thought 40 was the new 30.

DOCTOR: Not for your ovaries, no.

SARAH: I think that about covers it.


SARAH: Put my pants on and leave.


SARAH: Okay.

DOCTOR: Take care, Sarah. Let me know.

[The doctor closes the door as she leaves the room.]

SARAH: [Sighs] Oh, my God.

[Opening credits - featuring “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan]

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house. Night time. Crosby, Joel and Adam are outside having a drink before dinner.]

CROSBY: Ooh, I got it. How about my buddy, Billy?

ADAM: Billy?

CROSBY: Mm-hmm.

ADAM: From high school?

CROSBY: Mm-hmm.

ADAM: No, no, no, no, no. Uh-uh.

CROSBY: What's wrong with Billy?

ADAM: He's insane. No way. That's a veto.

CROSBY: You don't get to veto. You get to vote.

ADAM: I vote no.

JOEL: Until I know more of the facts about this guy, I can't put in my vote, so.

[Sarah walks up.]

SARAH: What are you talking about?

[And takes a drink from Adam's beer.]

ADAM: [To Sarah.] You haven't got any lip-gloss on have you?

CROSBY: We're trying to find another player for our poker game.

ADAM: Yeah, and Crosby wants Billy.

SARAH: Billy from high school?

ADAM: Yeah.

SARAH: He's insane.

ADAM: Out of his mind.

JOEL: Oh, perfect.

CROSBY: No, he's uniquely eccentric.

SARAH: Why don't you guys ask Mark?

ADAM: Mark who?

SARAH: Mark, my boyfriend.

ADAM: Oh, right, Mark.

CROSBY: Her boyfriend.

ADAM: Well, you know, we... it's not a casual game. It's a serious game, and we take it pretty seriously, and we've been playing with each other for a long time, and we plan on playing with each other for a long time.

SARAH: I don't under... he's too casual for you? What?

ADAM: [Sighs]

JOEL: Um...

ADAM: [To Crosby.] Want to take this?

CROSBY: Look, when you guys break up, we're going to be stuck with an empty seat at the table, and we don't want to put ourselves in that position. You know.

SARAH: Who says we're breaking up?

CROSBY: Well, we got to play the odds. We're poker players.

ADAM: You know what, you know what? We'll think about it. We're going to think about it.

SARAH: Oh, my God.

JOEL: That Lasagna smells good.

SARAH: Now guys, why don't you have him in your... where are you going? Mom didn't call dinner.

CROSBY: I think she did.

SARAH: Wait.

JOEL: I heard somebody.

SARAH: I don't understand.

[NEW SCENE - Graham House, Next morning.]

JOEL: Hey, Syd. Grab your sweater. It's cold out today.

JULIA: Hey, tell Zoe we have to leave in ten as well, would you?

[The house phone rings]

JOEL: No, I can't do that. That is just too weird.

JULIA: [Laughs] That's...

[The phone continues to ring.]

JOEL: Why do we still have a home phone? The only people that call us on it are telemarketers.

JULIA: And my parents.

JOEL: Exactly. Where is it?


[The answering machine beeps.]

TROY: Hey, this is Troy. Zoe's boyfriend. Look, she won't return any of my calls. Uh, I know she's been staying over there for the last couple of weeks. Have her call me. We need to talk.

[Joel takes the handset from Julia.]

JULIA: What are you doing? What are you doing?

JOEL: Calling him back. I don't know how he got this number, but he is never calling here again.

JULIA: Listen.

JOEL: What?

JULIA: Just because she lives with us doesn't mean we can screen her calls.

JOEL: Julia, he treats that girl like crap. And I don't want him in her life, I don't want him in the baby's life. As far as I'm concerned, we delete the message and pretend he never called.

JULIA: We can't do that.

JOEL: What do you mean? Can we do that?

ZOE: [Sighs] Don't mind me. I'm just a giant coming down the stairs. Morning.

JULIA: Morning.

JOEL: Morning.

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette, Crosby is in the booth as a cellist (Lily) plays in the studio.]

LILY: It sounds tinny.

CROSBY: Sounds great in here. Might just be your... your headphones.

LILY: Are... are you sure, like...

CROSBY: Yeah, well, I'm sure it sounds great in here.

LILY: Well, just hold on.

CROSBY: [To himself.] Coming on in. Just barge in here. Here we go. [To Lily.] So, okay.

LILY: Can I just hear it...

CROSBY: Yeah. Uh, you want to hear it?

LILY: Back for a sec?

CROSBY: It sounds great.

LILY: No, I be... I believe you that it sounds great. I'm just... okay, I'm just... I'm sorry. I'm being a little control-y about this, but I just...

CROSBY: [Mocking] Oh, no. You think so? No, it's fine.

LILY: No, I just... I just... I need to hear that it sounds great. And then I can focus, you know.

CROSBY: All right, let's... let's hear it together. [Sighs] See, not tinny. Sounds good.

LILY: No, it's thin, though.

CROSBY: Oh, you think it sounds thin.

LILY: Yeah, it does sound thin. And it does.

CROSBY: It sounds... it sounds pure. It sounds like a cello.

LILY: [Sighs]

CROSBY: I mean, we could start manipulating the sound, but I think then it's just going to sound like a synthesizer, and you wouldn't want that.

LILY: No, I don't, I don't.

CROSBY: Right?

LILY: Yeah, but...

CROSBY: Look, you're an artist. And I think you're nervous, and I understand, but you just need to trust that I'm going to make it sound really good.

LILY: [Sighs] I don't need it to sound good. Like, I need it to sound great.

[Crosby's cell phone rings.]


LILY: So that's why...

CROSBY: So sorry. Can we just... sorry about this.

LILY: You can just...

CROSBY: Hello? This is Crosby.

LILY: Okay. [Mouths] One second.

CROSBY: Uh-huh.

LILY: One second.

CROSBY: [Laughs] No... The cover? [Laughs] Oh, this is great. Um, yes. Yeah, I will tell Adam right away. That is such great news, thank you. Oh, my gosh, don't be intimidated, but you are now working with the guy who just booked the cover of the San Francisco Weekly.

LILY: Oh, that's awesome. That's cool.

CROSBY: Not a big whoop. Just the cover.

LILY: Cool, that's awesome.

CROSBY: Can you give me five seconds?

LILY: Yes.

CROSBY: I just need to run and tell my brother really quick.

LILY: Do it.

CROSBY: Okay, I'll be right back. Thank you. And um, hey. Lily. It's going to be fine, believe me. It's just one cello track. A monkey could engineer this. It's going to be great. [Rushes off] Oh, my goodness. The cover.

LILY: [Scoffs]

[NEW SCENE - Bob Little campaign office, stair way. It's lunch time.]

AMBER: Hey. You guys mind... mind if I sit with you?

LARRY: Yeah, sure.

DONNA: Go ahead.

LARRY: Hey, you're Kristina's new assistant, right?

AMBER: Uh, yeah. I'm... I'm Amber.

LARRY: Hey. Larry, Donna, Maggie.

DONNA: Hey, nice to meet you.


DONNA: We're just the interns, so you must be, like, our new boss or something.

AMBER: Oh, my gosh, really? That's... that's so weird. I don't know, I guess. I mean, I just trying to figure it out, too. I couldn't find a place to sit, either.

MAGGIE: Well, you must have done something right to score the job.

AMBER: Yeah, well, just lucky I guess.

MAGGIE: I think it had to be more than luck. I mean, I graduated from Harvard, top of my class, and I spent the summer volunteering on a senator's campaign, and I could hardly get an internship, so.

AMBER: Yeah, wow. Well, at least you went to Harvard.

MAGGIE: Harvard-Harvard, actually. Undergrad-grad.

LARRY: Georgetown-Yale.

DONNA: Don't let these Ivy League snobs intimidate you. Nothing wrong with a State education. Go bruins.

AMBER: [Laughs]

DONNA: Um, so where did you go?

AMBER: Uh, I went to Roosevelt high school. [Laughs] Go rough Riders. [Growls]

LARRY: High school.

DONNA: Cool.

[Awkward pause as the continue having their lunch.]

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette, Adam's office Crosby is sitting in front of Adam's laptop.]

CROSBY: Come on. I'm going to hit refresh.

ADAM: It refreshes automatically.

CROSBY: I'm refreshing.

ADAM: Could you just stop touching...

CROSBY: No, sometimes it helps if you nudge it.

ADAM: Listen, she said she was going to send the cover art as soon as it was ready, okay? So just relax.

CROSBY: You know, it wouldn't kill you to let yourself get excited.

ADAM: I am excited.

CROSBY: It's the cover of the San Francisco Weekly.

AMBER: I am excited. I'm just not, like, overly excited.

CROSBY: Tell your face that you're excited.

RACHEL: Champagne.

ADAM: Look, champagne for dinner. Look who else is excited?

RACHEL: Is it here yet?

CROSBY: I'm refreshing. Oh, my God, it's here, it's here. We got it.

[They look at the screen as the cover slowly reveilles it's self.]

[[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette a short time later, still in Adam's office.]

CROSBY: You look real good in this photo, Adam.

ADAM: Thank you.

CROSBY: Mm-hmm.

ADAM: You mad?


ADAM: Are you sure? You seem kind of mad.

CROSBY: Not mad.

ADAM: All right.

CROSBY: But what is this chord, though, you're playing? Is this some kind of new power chord you've invented? Because I'm not familiar with this...

ADAM: Hey, I wasn't looking for this. You know, she started asking me questions, and then the guy snapped the photo.

CROSBY: No, I get it, I just... I didn't realize you could do an entire interview in the two minutes that I was out of the room. Like, that's impressive.

ADAM: Okay, you're mad.

CROSBY: I'm not mad.

ADAM: Crosby, this isn't my fault, okay? Let's just try to look at the positive side here. We got the Luncheonette on the cover of the San Francisco Weekly.

CROSBY: Yeah, I can... I can almost make it out behind your head, here. I see an "I" and an "E."

ADAM: Crosby, would you give me a break?

CROSBY: You're right. It's good. It's good for business.

ADAM: And so are we good?

CROSBY: Yeah, we're good. [Clears throat]

ADAM: Where you going?

CROSBY: I got a deal with this angry cellist.

ADAM: Don't you want to read the article?

CROSBY: Do I want to read a chat with owner Adam Braverman?

ADAM: Yeah.

CROSBY: No, I'm good. I know the story. I mean, it's slightly different the story I know than the one that's depicted on the art.

ADAM: All right, you're mad.

CROSBY: Not mad.

[Crosby closes the door as he leaves the office. Adam takes a look at the article.]

ADAM: Hmm.

[NEW SCENE - Mark is walking down a street when he makes a call on his cell phone.]

ADAM: [On the phone.] Adam Braverman.

MARK: Hi, Adam. It's Mark. Cyr. Calling you back.

ADAM: Oh, yeah. Hey, uh, Mark, listen. I just... I want you to know that I talked to all the guys, and so you're officially in.

MARK: Great. In where?

ADAM: The poker game. [Pause as Mark thinks.] I guess Sarah hasn't had a chance to mention it to you. We have monthly poker game, and she told me that you're a... you're a great poker player.

MARK: Oh, well, that's... that's generous of her. I haven't played poker in years.

ADAM: Really? Ah... well, we're petty serious about it, Mark.

MARK: Oh, okay. Um...

ADAM: And you know, since you're getting more serious with Sarah, it's probably a good idea that we get to know each other anyway.

MARK: Oh, she... she said that?

ADAM: Ah, listen, Mark. I tell you what. Why don't you think about it? We play the last Thursday of every month which would be tomorrow, so, just think about it, get back to me, okay?

MARK: Oh, okay. Yeah, all right.

ADAM: Bye.

MARK: All right, thank you.

[Adam hangs up his phone]

ADAM: [To himself.] Good lord.

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette studio. Crosby and Lilly in the booth listening to her cello music.]

LILY: [Humming cello melody, clicks her tongue as she taps Crosby on the arm.] Can you try to pretend like you're into this, or...

CROSBY: I'm into it. I think it sounds great.

LILY: Okay, because I was thinking that it needed to be compressed down just a bit.

CROSBY: You think it needs to be com... okay.

LILY: Just... just a touch. [He adjusts the controls.] Well, don't... don't do it, just...

CROSBY: Don't do the thing you just asked me to do?

LILY: No, don't do it just because I suggested it. Like, I want your opinion. I want the famous cover boy sound engineer's opinion. I am paying for your opinion as well. I'm paying for…

CROSBY: That's actually my brother, so maybe you need his opinion. He's...

LILY: I don't know.

CROSBY: You know what, I'm a little bit fried.

LILY: [Sighs]

CROSBY: Maybe we could pick this up tomorrow.

LILY: Fine.

CROSBY: [To himself] Okay, take a little break from the neuroses.

LILY: What? What was that? Neuroses?

CROSBY: I didn't mean...

LILY: Like I'm neurotic because I really care about this project? Because I'm not famous, and I'm paying out of my pocket, and I'm paying an hourly rate and it's really important to me? No record label is paying for my session with you? Okay, this means a lot to me, so I don't think a little respect from you is...

CROSBY: It's not that I don't respe... what... what is that?

LILY: Cramp.

CROSBY: What are you doing?

LILY: Cramp, cramp, cramp.

CROSBY: What, what, what, what?

LILY: Bad one, my bow hand.

CROSBY: Do you want me to call a doctor or...

LILY: No, it's a hand cramp, not a heart attack. Just help me.

CROSBY: How do you I help you?

LILY: Help me just rub it. Just rub third... third metacarpal.

CROSBY: Rub right here?

LILY: Yeah, yeah, yeah. [Groans]

CROSBY: Yeah, push?

LILY: Yeah.

CROSBY: That's good? This is what I do for a Charley horse. Is that... is that working?

LILY: [Sighs] Oh. That's from practicing ten hours a day.

CROSBY: Ten hours?

LILY: Ten hours. I would practice more than ten hours, but I have to stop at 10:00 P.M. Because my neighbors were complaining. That's how much this means to me. So I don't think that a little effort from you is too much to ask. Do you understand what I'm saying?


LILY: Okay.

CROSBY: Does it feel better?

LILY: It's...

CROSBY: You're welcome.

LILY: Thank you.

CROSBY: Oh, my goodness. You do know that word. Oh, that must have hurt like hell.

LILY: Hey, well, it feels better now, so... Thank you.

[NEW SCENE - Bob Little Campaign Office.]

BOB: Hey, guys. Can you please raise your hand if you're under 25? [A number of younger staff raise their hands.] All right, I need a focus group. You guys are my demographics. So let's meet in the Bullpen in five minutes, okay? Five.

[Amber looks around, and goes into Kristina's office.]

KRISTINA: Thank you so much. Then it's confirmed for the 14th. Wonderful. Okay, bye-bye.


KRISTINA: What's up?

AMBER: You're probably not even going to care. Uh, I'm not going to go to this meeting. I'm going to go home. Anyway, I...

KRISTINA: The focus group?

AMBER: Mm-hmm, yeah.

KRISTINA: Honey, you have to go.

AMBER: I can't.

KRISTINA: You have to go.

AMBER: I have no scope of what I'm doing. No information, like, nothing. And they do, so I'm going to go home and study. I have a plan. Listen, I have a plan.


AMBER: I know you want me to go, but listen, I'm going to hide behind you.

KRISTINA: Okay, okay, you're not leaving Amber. Listen to me this is a big learning curve right now…

BOB: Amber, can we steal you? We're about to get started.

KRISTINA: He called you Am. [Smiling.]


BOB: Thanks.

AMBER: Here I come.

[Quiet discussion at the table as Amber joins Bob and the interns.]

BOB: You have something to write with?

AMBER: Thank you. Uh, yes. A pencil.


[NEW SCENE - Short time later they are watching the end of a campaign video.]

BOB: [On the Video.] I'm Bob Little, and I approve this message.

BOB: Okay. Comments? And don't think, just... Would you vote for this guy?

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: Yeah.

MAGGIE: Love it.

LARRY: Amazing. You come across strong, decisive, and... and, uh, what's the word I'm looking for here?

MAGGIE: Presidential.

LARRY: Yeah.

MAGGIE: It's the word I'd use. Presidential.

BOB: Okay. Amber, what's your reaction.

AMBER: To the video?

BOB: Yeah.

AMBER: Uh, well. You know, it's... it sounds very professional.

BOB: Would this guy get your vote?

AMBER: Um... If you want me to be honest, I didn't really connect with it. Feels a bit, um, stiff. I don't know. I mean, to me, you seem like this really personable guy. I mean, I don't know, it just doesn't really come through with this video.

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette studio.]

LILY: Bye.

CROSBY: See you tomorrow.

LILY: See ya. [Sees a print out of the San Francisco Weekly on the front desk and picks it up.] Oh, my. [Clears throat] Is this the, um...

CROSBY: [Laughs]

LILY: Is this the...

CROSBY: Yeah, that's the cover that I wasn't cool enough to be on.

LILY: Mm-hmm.

CROSBY: But whatever, you know. It's great publicity for the studio, and that's all that matters, right?

LILY: I told myself something similar when I made second chair...


LILY: And it still sucked, though. Who is this... Adam...


LILY: Chat with Adam...

CROSBY: That's my brother.

LILY: Want me to stab him in the face with my bow?

CROSBY: No. He's a nice guy. But maybe you can stab the reporter in the face. I would like that.

LILY: I can do that.

CROSBY: I was giving this lady gold. I mean, I was being as charismatic as I have ever been. And then, nothing.

LILY: Oh, but man, this... this doesn't matter. This is gonna, like, end up in somebody's trash can. Like, making music, doing what you do, day in and day out, that's what matters. That's what's really cool... In my humble opinion.

CROSBY: Hey, listen. Um, we have an extra studio upstairs that we don't use. So...

LILY: Yeah?

CROSBY: If you ever want to practice there, and it's past 10:00, and you want to do whatever weird things you do with this instrument,

LILY: [Giggles]

CROSBY: …past 10:00, I want you to know that, you know, it's open and available to you. If you want. Just sitting there.

LILY: Okay. I'll think about that. I will think about it. Um... Thank you. And I am going.


LILY: Good-bye.

CROSBY: Don't hurt anyone with that thing.

LILY: [Laughs]

[NEW SCENE - The Graham's house, Joel is reading on the couch.]

JULIA: Babe.

JOEL: Hmm.

JULIA: I did something today that you're not going to like.

JOEL: You told Zoe that Troy called.

JULIA: Yeah, did she tell you?

JOEL: No. I just know you. And I know you can't not do the right thing. It was the right thing.

JULIA: Ah. I don't know if it was or not.

JOEL: How'd she take it?

JULIA: I couldn't tell you. She just shut me out. She wouldn't talk to me at all.

JOEL: Yeah.

JULIA: I mean, she's in such pain, and she won't let me help. I don't know.

JOEL: You think she's going to call him?

JULIA: You know, she said she would make sure that he didn't call here, so that implies some kind of communication.

JOEL: Yeah.

JULIA: Not a damn thing I can do about that.

JOEL: [Joking] We can lock her in her room.

JULIA: You're so full of good ideas.

JOEL: Mmm.

[NEW SCENE - Kristina puts the Magazine cover on the refrigerator.]

KRISTINA: You look like a Beatle.

ADAM: What are you doing? Oh, come on, honey.

KRISTINA: You look like... like Paul McCartney or someone. No, I think it's great. This is where we house all of our greatest accomplishments, like Haddie's S.A.T. Scores.

MAX: Wait, what about my math warrior's certificate? And your math warrior's certificate.

MAX: No, that didn't go up there.

KRISTINA: Yes, it did. Look, honey.

ADAM: It's not a big deal.

KRISTINA: It's such a big deal.

HADDIE: It's pretty cool. You're on the cover of a magazine.

ADAM: Really, Haddie?

KRISTINA: Very sexy.

HADDIE: I mean, uh, I don't know how to... you look good, I guess.

KRISTINA: Okay, all right.

ADAM: All right.

[Kristina's cell phone starts to ring.]

KRISTINA: I like it. Hey, honey. I need to stop by Amber's in a bit. I have to drop some campaign material off. Sorry.

ADAM: All right.

KRISTINA: Okay, got it?

ADAM: Yup.

KRISTINA: [Leaving the room to answer her phone.] Hello.

ADAM: What do you think, Max? Think I look cool on the cover of the Weekly?

MAX: I think it's awesome.

[NEW SCENE - Next day. Mark and Sarah walking down a street with shops.]

MARK: I'll be courageous no, and then, you know, he just was... it just sounded so intense, and he wants this big, crazy commitment.

SARAH: Why? Where you're going?

MARK: No, nowhere, but your brother's a little intimidating.

SARAH: Oh, my God. What... in what universe is Adam intimidating?

MARK: Uh, in the universe where I'm dating his little sister, and he's a full foot taller than me and has a deep, scary voice.

SARAH: You don't have to arm wrestle. He's just, you know, trying to get to know you.

MARK: Well, just the way he said it, it was like...

SARAH: Aw. [They stop at a baby shop.]

MARK: I don't know, I... maybe I'm over-thinking it.

SARAH: Aw, look. Slippers, but it's a bunny.

MARK: This isn't a big deal, right? I mean, you don't really care if I play poker with your brothers or not.

SARAH: About the game? No.

MARK: Ok, ok.

SARAH: Of course not. Whatever you want to do.

MARK: Okay.

SARAH: I thought it would be nice for you guys to know each other, but you know, whatever.

MARK: Okay, well, I'll... I'll give it a shot, and then, if it doesn't work out, then who cares?

SARAH: Yeah, if it doesn't work out, who cares?

MARK: Okay. Good.

SARAH: Okay.

MARK: Whew.

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette, the poker game.]

KAL: So what can you tell us about this Mark guy?

ADAM: Yeah, he's a high school teacher. He's a... he's a nice guy.

KAL: Nice guy? Can he play cards?

ADAM: Yeah. My sister Sarah says he's a really good poker player.

JOEL: [Finding the magazines.] Whoa, check out the famous Braverman.


JOEL: Julia said you guys got interviewed. She didn't say you made the cover. Look at that. What a photo.

CROSBY: I thought that came out tomorrow?

ADAM: Yeah, well, the reporter came by and dropped off some advance copies. Forgot to tell you.

CROSBY: How nice of her.

JOEL: "Music saved my life. We chat with Adam Braverman."

ADAM: Joel, come on.

KAL: That is freaking adorable.

ADAM: Thanks a lot, Joel.

KAL: You look good in that jacket.

JOEL: Man, that's huge.

KAL: I love that.

[Mark enters the room.]

ADAM: Hey, look who's here. Hey, Mark.

JOEL: Hey.

MARK: Hey, guys. I-I brought biscotti.

KAL: Is that right? That's nice.

MARK: Not a real poker game without biscotti, right? I'm kidding. That was a joke. These are Philly Cheesesteaks from the place on the corner. They gave me a pink box, and I... a little scared there.

[Laughter and overlapping conversation]

ADAM: Mark, Kal, Jon. This is Mark.

JON: Mark.

ADAM: All right. Philly Cheesesteaks. Lets get rid of these. [Picking up the magazines.]

[Overlapping chatter]

KAL: All right, enough with the kissing. Here comes the pain. What we're doing is hold 'em, and the blinds are two and five. Let's get to it. Come on.

JOEL: [Holding the magazine.] Did everybody get a copy?

ADAM: Come on, man.

JOH: Hey!

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette a sort time later the poker game is underway.]

MARK: I am... I will raise.

JOEL: Um, wait, you can't. Not yet.

MARK: What?

JOEL: Your raise has to match the big blinds.

MARK: Oh, okay.

ADAM: You remember that there?

MARK: Ah, yes. Then I will check.

KAL: Nah, nah, you can't check, rookie. You got to make that bet whole.

ADAM: Give him a break, Kal.

MARK: Nah, I'm fine. Just how much do I put in? One of the reds.

KAL: Well, let's rewrite the rules of poker.

MARK: I will...

ADAM: Can you check? Don't feel the pressure of it.

KAL: Yeah, a little, little partial raise. I'm going to make a proper raise.

ADAM: Oh, really?

KAL: And there it comes.

ADAM: So proper.

KAL: Big cojones.

ADAM: Do you really think your flush is going to take this there, Kalcification?

KAL: Yes, I do, and to quote you...

ADAM: No, put it down.

KAL: [Reading the magazine.] "It is a dream in a time in my life when I desperately need a dream."


ADAM: All right.

JOEL: I'll fold.

ADAM: Okay.

JOEL: All right. I fold. You know, [Reading the magazine.] "Some men were born to take risks, and some men have risks thrust upon them because there's simply no other option." Just off the top of my head.

ADAM: Et tu, Joel? Et tu?

JON: "And I, like other Americans, need to believe that there's still hope out there."

KAL: That one made me cry/barf.

JON: [Laughs]

CROSBY: You know what, this is a really hysterical bit, but it's getting a little long in the tube, so I'm all in.

KAL:Oh, well, we call that an anger raise.

MARK: That's the term. I will go all in as well.

KAL: That's... angrier.

JON: Hear that? Big time.

MARK: Getting so angry.

KAL: [Grunts] That means I'm out.

MARK: See you.

CROSBY: I'm sorry, Mark. I got the boat on the river.

JON: Oh, yeah. There it is.

KAL: Oh, wait a minute. You got a boat, queens up. That means he trapped you, big boy.

JOEL: He got you beat.

MARK: It's all right. I win?

ADAM: Yup.

CROSBY: Oh, my God.

JOEL: Take all our money.

KAL: A real sandbagger.

JON: All right.

MARK: I like poker.

KAL: We're going to need you to run out for biscotti.

[NEW SCENE - Graham house, same time the sisters are having a night in together, drinking wine and talking about their problems.]

JULIA: You know, I can't keep pouring, sister.

SARAH: It's the first relationship I can really imagine going all the way, you know? He said to me the other day, "I could totally see having a baby with you." And I...

JULIA: What?


JULIA: What?

KRISTINA: He said that?

SARAH: Yeah.

JULIA: That's amazing.

SARAH: And it felt so good, and then we never talked about it again. So then I'm just carrying it around.

KRISTINA: You think he forgot?

SARAH: I don't know…

JULIA: [To Kristina.] No, he's not a knucklehead. He didn't forget.

KRISTINA: I don't know him very well.

SARAH: Maybe he's not serious, and he's sort of changed his mind.

JULIA: No, maybe he really loves you, but it scared him.

SARAH: But I don't know. What am I going to ask? Do you really love me?

[Overlapping discussion]

JULIA: Be honest and…

KRISTINA: I think you need to…

JULIA: Zoe? Hi.

ZOE: Hey.


JULIA: These are my sisters.


JULIA: So you're going out?

ZOE: Yup.

JULIA: Okay.

ZOE: You know.

JULIA: Um, it's late. Do you need a cab...

ZOE: No, I'm good, so.

JULIA: Okay. Have fun.

ZOE: Mm-hmm.

SARAH: Where is she going?

JULIA: I don't know where she's going. I know where I hope she's not going, but I'm trying to be respectful of her privacy. Even though she is living in my house, and she is carrying my baby.

KRISTINA: I think that... that's good.

SARAH: That's so hard.

JULIA: I'm having a rough time with it. I'm really curious.

KRISTINA: Tracking device in her car. [Laugh] I'm just kidding.

SARAH: Listen, you can't tell me I have to ask my boyfriend if he wants to have a baby with me, and then you not tell... you not ask...

JULIA: This is apples and oranges.

SARAH: No, it isn't.

JULIA: Listen. You just make him a nice breakfast, and have a conversation.

KRISTINA: You need to talk to him. Like, hey, everything's wonderful.

SARAH: [Laughing] It's like a business meeting?


SARAH: Thank you for coming for eggs. There's something I need to talk about...

ALL: My eggs! [Laughter]

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette, back at the poker game.]

JOEL: My new goal is to go home with gas money. You like that?


JOEL: Aim high.

KAL: Mm-hmm.

CROSBY: I can't believe this.

[Shuffling cards]

KAL: Lots of beers left.

CROSBY: Hey, Adam, will you throw me 20 bucks, and I'll get you tomorrow?

ADAM: Here we go. Your poker debt is well into the six figures, my friend.


ADAM: I think you might want to just walk away.

CROSBY: Six figures. Are you serious?

ADAM: Huh. All right, you know what? Never mind.

JOEL: You're not. Don't do it, don't do it.

CROSBY: Oh, you threw a "you know who in there."

KAL: [Laughs]

JOEL: It's a slippery slope.

CROSBY: Hey, if you're going to cop an attitude over loaning me 20 bucks...

ADAM: I wouldn't have an attitude if you ever paid me back.

KAL: Oh...

JON: Going down.

CROSBY: And you're being serious?

ADAM: What? You know what, let's go. Let's play the game. Come on.

CROSBY: Alright, I'll tell you what. I'll sell you my quote for 20 bucks. You already took the quote, so now we're straight.

KAL: Girls, girls, you're both pretty.

ADAM: Dude, chill.

CROSBY: Hey. I am chill. I've been chill all night long while you sit there and pretend that you're annoyed by all this attention. Very convincing.

ADAM: Yeah, you're really chill, aren't you? Okay, well, why don't we just talk about it later?

CROSBY: Actually, you know what, I'm going to leave.

JON: What are you doing?

ADAM: You take it back.

CROSBY: You guys have fun.

JON: Crosby, come on, sit down.

CROSBY: No, I'm good.

ADAM: Crosby, come on, man.

CROSBY: Have fun playing. Beer in the fridge.

ADAM: [To Joel.] You had to bring those magazines here, didn't you?

JOEL: Yeah.

JON: They'll work it out.

[NEW SCENE - Crosby walks up stairs, Adam follows.]

ADAM: Hey you think you can get over yourself and come back to the game? What is the problem? I asked you if you were mad, you said you were cool about it.

CROSBY: Yeah, I said I wasn't mad because I was being nice. That's what partners do. They also apologize to one another when they screw each other over.

ADAM: Really?

CROSBY: All you got to do is say, "I'm sorry."

ADAM: I don't have anything to say, "I'm sorry" for, okay? I just answered a couple simple questions, and you went to get your punk phase guitar so you could get back to grandstanding in front of the reporter. I'm sorry she happened to like my angle better.

CROSBY: You know what, if I had gone into the shoe business with you, and they named me the most important shoe designer of the year after I've been in the business for five seconds, that would bother you because that's your dream, and I would say, "sorry."

ADAM: I didn't want to be on the cover of the magazine. I had no idea that your need for attention was so great.

CROSBY: Oh, this is crap.

ADAM: Oh, no, it's not.

CROSBY: Just admit it. Admit you like it.

ADAM: Okay, Crosby, I admit it. I like it, okay? I like being on the cover of the magazine. I like the fact that the reporter found a little chapter of my life interesting. I like that my son who doesn't pay any attention to me suddenly thought I was cool, but you know what? Tomorrow, everything is going to return to normal, and I am going to be the boring business guy, and you get to go back to being cool, hip Crosby, all right?

CROSBY: I'm calling it a night.

[Crosby closes the door to his office.]

[NEW SCENE - Marks apartment. Late at night someone is knocking on the door. Mark looks though the peephole before smiling and opening the door.]


MARK: Hello.

SARAH: [Sounding a little drunk.] Surprise.

MARK: Surprise. I am surprised. Hi.

SARAH: Hi. Kiss... no, do it for real. [Giggles] Hi, get off. I have an important matter to discuss with you. Get off me.

MARK: Okay, sorry. Sorry, I just attacked you.

SARAH: But...

MARK: Hi. How are you? Had a couple drinks? Me, too. I had a beer with your brothers.

SARAH: Gross.

MARK: I know.

SARAH: No, I would never.

MARK: You're totally drunk.

SARAH: I have a very serious matter to discuss with you.

MARK: What's going on?

SARAH: There's a matter that we need to discuss that both Kristina and Julia and my doctor, gynaecologist, doctor lady... we have been instructed to discuss, and that is why I am here.

MAX: Okay, so both Kristina, Julia, and your gynaecologist. Both of all three of those people.

SARAH: Both of them.

MARK: Okay.


MARK: Uh, what is it?

SARAH: [Inhales then exhales.] You said you wanted to have... maybe have a baby, and then we never talked about it again.

MARK: I said... yes, that's true. I did. I did say that. I... [Inhales] I think this is a conversation we should have when we're sober. In the morning.

SARAH: Why? Why not... I'm fine.

MARK: No, I-I'm... I would feel more comfortable if we did it tomorrow in the light of day.

SARAH: I like...

MARK: With all of our faculties functioning. It's all right.

SARAH: Don't you... there's an invisible line.

[Sarah gasps as Mark pushes through the invisible line.]

MARK: I know. You okay? You want any water or...

SARAH: I do need some water, yeah. Come in here, though.

MARK: Okay.

[They go into the bedroom.]

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette. Still late at night, the poker game has broken up and everyone has gone leaving Crosby alone. His cell phone rings.]


LILY: [Walking down a street.] Hey. Hi. Um, I know it's late, and actually I don't know if you were serious about using your studio as a rehearsal space, but, um, if you were... [Sighs] Ever had one of those totally crappy days where you just have to play some music or you're going to totally lose it?

CROSBY: Um... [Chuckles] Yeah. I'm at the studio now. You should come down.

LILY: All right. Thanks.

[NEW SCENE - Graham house. Late night, Joel arrives home, Julia is sitting in the kitchen.]



JULIA: How was poker?

JOEL: Oh, your brothers practically got into a fistfight, and Mark took all my money, so good.

JULIA: Good.

JOEL: Yeah.

JULIA: Sound great.

JOEL: What are you still doing up?

JULIA: I'm working.

JOEL: Yeah?

JULIA: No. I'm waiting up for Zoe. That's what I'm doing.

JOEL: Where is she?

JULIA: I don't know.

JOEL: Well, how long has she been gone?

JULIA: Long enough to get back together with her ex-boyfriend.

JOEL: [Sighs]

JULIA: And if that's what's happening, I'm going to respect her decision as an adult that she is. I don't...

[The front door opens.]


JOEL: Hey.

ZOE: Hey. Think fast. [She pretends to trough then an envelope, before passing it.] Here.

JULIA: What's this?

ZOE: That's a present. Um, and Troy will never, ever be calling here ever again. We had our official breakup tonight, so... yay. [Laughs]

JOLE: You okay?

ZOE: Mm-hmm. I mean, it was for the best, you know, and besides, I'm a single woman now. On the prowl. I'm so tired, so I'm going to go to bed. Okay. Night.

JULIA: Sleep well.

ZOE: Mm-hmm.

JOEL: What is it?

JULIA: He signed the adoption papers.


[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette. Crosby is cleaning up after the poker games. Lily is playing the cello without a bow in other room. Crosby goes to listen.]

CROSBY: That's how you wanted it to sound.


[They share the moment in silence.]

[NEW SCENE - Coffee shop, next day. Amber is working behind the counter.]

AMBER: Here you go. Have a good one.

BOB: Hey there.

AMBER: Hey. How's it going?

BOB: Very well, thanks. How are you?

AMBER: I'm okay.

BOB: Good.

AMBER: [Looks at the cup.] Wait a second. Is this is you? Bobby with the extra sweet caramel latte?

BOB: Yes. I think your aunt believes that people will only elect a "Bob", but, um, deep down, I'm still Bobby who likes his coffee covered in caramel.

AMBER: Wow. I did not see that coming.

BOB: I'll take it as a compliment, I guess. Amber, listen, about what you said about my ad earlier...

AMBER: Yes, uh, I meant to talk to you about that. I'm sorry, I...

BOB: I want to say I think you were right on. And I really appreciate you having the guts to speak up. So thank you.

AMBER: Wow. Okay. Great. That's great.

BOB: I'll see you soon, Am.

AMBER: Okay.

BOB: Thanks.

MAN: Large coffee.

AMBER: What?

MAN: Large coffee, please.

AMBER: Oh, okay. Sorry.

[NEW SCENE - Mark's apartment, Sarah is under the covers of his bed. Mark enters with coffee.]

MARK: Morning.


MARK: [Laughs] How you feeling?

SARAH: I don't know yet.

MARK: I brought you some coffee to help you figure it out.

SARAH: Thanks.

MARK: If you would like that. It might help.

SARAH: Sorry.

MARK: Don't... no. Don't be sorry. I'm glad you brought that up.

SARAH: No, no. It's okay.

MARK: No, I think it's something we should talk about.

SARAH: No, it's obviously, it's... if you brought something up and didn't bring it up again, it's because…


SARAH: It's something you don't want to think about or you know, changed your mind, forgot, whatever.


SARAH: And it's okay because I just didn't want to tell you, I don't want to push it.

MARK: Sarah, I-I-I didn't forget about the baby thing. I've been... I've been thinking about it a lot, actually. Because I... it sort of freaked me out when I said it, you know, and since then, I've just been thinking about what that would mean. I mean, not... not just a baby…

SARAH: Yeah.

MARK: But everything that that would mean. Like, what that means for us, and what that would mean for our lives, and how things would change, and it does still kind of freak me out...

SARAH: Me, too.

MARK: But in a good way. In a good, kind of excited sort of way. So... I guess it is something that we should talk about. [Short pause] But would you like some breakfast first?

SARAH: I could use some toast.

MARK: Some toast? All right.

[Sarah nudges Mark with her foot, he kisses the lower part of her leg.]

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette, Crosby is working when Adam enters.]

ADAM: Hey.


ADAM: Got you a double shot there. Thought you might need it.

CROSBY: Oh, thank you.

ADAM: What you doing?

CROSBY: Well, the paper came out today. So... [He hangs a framed copy of the cover up on a hook.] Looks pretty, cool, huh?

ADAM: I appreciate the thought, but you know, I've got one hanging on the fridge at home. That's good enough for me.

CROSBY: Well, this could be your only shot at looking cool. You might want to take it. You never know.

ADAM: Yeah, you're probably right.

CROSBY: [Picks up the coffee Adam bought him.] Thanks.

ADAM: Listen, you know, I was just screwing around when I said, "Music saved my life." That's not true. You did.

[Adam starts to walk off before stopping to look at the cover.]

Episode End
3.13 - Just Smile
Original Airdate (NBC) January 10, 2011
Written by Jamie Duneier
Directed by Michael Weaver

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