3.11 - Missing
Transcript by Craig Best

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[Opening scene - Morning, Jasmine's bedroom.]

JULIA: Oh. [Groans realizing what happened. She then sees the clock.] Mm, Crosby, Crosby, Crosby, get up, get up. Come on. You gotta go.

[Jasmine rushes to put on her robe then starts throwing Crosby's clothes at him.]

CROSBY: What is it?

JASMINE: You gotta go now. Get up now!

CROSBY: What's happening?

JASMINE: You gotta go.

CROSBY: Oh, boy, this happened.

JASMINE: My mother is dropping Jabbar off at 7:30…

CROSBY: Okay do you want…

JASMINE: …That means you got seven minutes to get up and get out of bed. Come on. She's never been late for anything in her life.

CROSBY: You wanna talk about…

JASMINE: Obviously we'll talk about it. We can't talk about it right now. We got no time. Get up.

CROSBY: Okay, okay, I'm going. I'm going.

JASMINE: [Sighs] Oh, man.

CROSBY: Do you--are you--is everything okay?

JASMINE: No, everything is not okay! [She leaves the bedroom.]

CROSBY: Okay, I'm coming. Hold on. Oh, boy.

JASMINE: Come on!

CROSBY: Okay, okay. I'm coming. I'm coming, coming, coming. All right, um--

JASMINE: Here, here, here.

CROSBY: Alright…

[Jasmine checks through the peep whole before opening the door.]

JASMINE: Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go.

CROSBY: Um...okay, Jasmine, uh…

JASMINE: Yeah, I know, I know, we'll talk. We'll talk later.


[Jasmine closes the door and exhales.]

[NEW SCENE - Julia's working in her office when Zoe comes to the open door.]

ZOE: Hey.


ZOE: I was just coming over here to see if you needed anything, but you're all set. So Peet's. [Seeing the coffee.]


ZOE: They're good.

JULIA: I thought it might be easier if we gave each other some space for a little while.

ZOE: Yeah, I...I get that.

JULIA: Great.

ZOE: I mean, I totally understand if--if you and Joel need time to think about it. I get it, so I understand. No problem.

JULIA: Zoe... There's nothing for us to think about. What you're asking is not going to happen. We don't need time to think about it, we need time to get over it. Would you just shut the door behind you?

ZOE: Oh. Okay.

JULIA: Okay.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house, the family has gathered.]

ADAM: So what's going on with Jasmine and Dr. Prestidge?

CROSBY: We'll--we'll get to that, but what's with the frostiness going on with you and the old lady?

ADAM: Oh man…

CROSBY: [Seeing Sarah and Amber.] Uh-oh.




ADAM: Hey, ladies.

CROSBY: hi, gals.

AMBER: Lets be subtle.

SARAH: [pointing to Amber.] Who's more appealing than this? No one.

ADAM: Nobody.

AMBER: You're giving the wrong message.

SARAH: What?

AMBER: It's not a big deal at all. I'm just…

SARAH: Come on.

AMBER: [groans]

SARAH: Amber needs a job. She needs some work.

AMBER: Okay…

SARAH: Do you guys have anything at the studio that she could do?

ADAM: Uh, boy would that have been nice.

SARAH: She's needing some money.

AMBER: I love music.

SARAH: She's so very musical.

AMBER: Can you blame me?

SARAH: Your assistant?

CROSBY: Yeah, we already have an assistant.

ADAM: We already have an assistant.

CROSBY: Working already.

AMBER: You already have an assistant.

CROSBY: I mean, we would love to have you but it kinda…

JOEL: Your dad wants to give a speech here.

ADAM: Okay. Be right there, pop.

KRISTINA: What are you talking about?

SARAH: Amber's looking for …

ADAM: Amber's looking for work, but we--you know.

SARAH: Okay.

KRISTINA: If you had an assistant?

BOTH: [Adam and Crosby] But we have…

KRISTINA: Yeah, you guys have a great assistant. Actually, I'm working on a campaign. And maybe I can get you onboard. I don't know if there's any openings. Um. Bobby Little--he's running for city council.

SARAH: That's amazing.


ADAM: This guy, he used to be her intern. We called him "Little Bobby Little."

KRISTINA: You called him "Little Bobby Little."

AMBER: Oh, wow.

SARAH: I think you would be great at that.

ZEEK: [whistles] Come here. Come. Come on!

HADDIE: We're ready... we're waiting…

[Overlapping chatter as the family moves to in front of the TV.]

ZEEK: Yeah. I just want to say a few words. Nothing, no big deal.

KRISTINA: [To Adam.] I think that would be great.

ADAM: What are you doing? 'Cause I can't hire her, now you're going to hire her?

KRISTINA: No, you have an assistant. If you would have fired Rachel, you'd have a spot open. But you didn't, so I'm going to try.

ZEEK: Adam?

ADAM: Yeah, sorry. Sorry, Pop.

JULIA: Where's mom?

SARAH: Yeah where's mom?

ZEEK: You know, at my age, you start thinking well, there just couldn't be any more surprises, but, uh...


ZEEK: Well, no.

DREW: The break is on--this is it.

[There is chatter at they look at the TV.]


ZEEK: Quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet! [He sits down.]


ZEEK: Shh.

LADY: [On the TV.] Are you worried about a storm?

ZEEK: [On the TV.] Nope. Looks like clear skies ahead.

CROSBY: Oh, my God.

ZEEK: [Mouths] A lot of life left in me.

[Screaming as they watch.]

CROSBY: Look where her hand is.


[More cheering and clapping.]


CROSBY: Holy--you're not afraid of no storm.

[NEW SCENE - Night, Kristina is in her bathroom, Adam on their bed, with his laptop.]

KRISTINA: I need you to take Max to school in the morning. I have to stop by the office.

ADAM: Okay. I thought you didn't start work until Monday.

KRISTINA: I don't, but Bob wants me to meet the team, so...

ADAM: All right. [Pause.] How long are you going to be mad at me?

KRISTINA: I don't know.

ADAM: Hmm.

[Kristina closes the bathroom door.]

ADAM: [Sighs]

[Opening credits - featuring “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan]

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette, kitchen area Sarah is having lunch with Crosby.]

CROSBY: Hey, we would totally hire Amber if we had the money. I would love to have her working here.

SARAH: Oh yeah.

CROSBY: I think it'd be really fun.

SARAH: Don't you think it'd be so great with her music and everything?

CROSBY: No, it would. But she needs money, and we're not in a position to pay her.

SARAH: I don't know how much money she's going to make on a campaign, but…

CROSBY: Well, maybe it will lead to something.

SARAH: Yeah that's.

CROSBY: I think it was cool, though, of Kristina to offer, right?

SARAH: I thought it was cool too.

CROSBY: Yeah. So speaking of Amber, uh, trying to get a job, I slept with Jasmine the other day.

SARAH: [coughs]

CROSBY: Oops. I was hoping that maybe you've done the same thing with Seth and could advise me on said situation. Has that ever happened?


CROSBY: That's a yes? [chuckles] Good, so this is something that happens. Pe-people do this.

SARAH: It's the mother of your child, you know. It's a pretty special connection.

CROSBY: Yeah... Yeah, it's complicated. You know, we were telling Jabbar that we weren't getting married, and it was kind of sad. We were--we were both sad. And then we started drinking wine, and--and then... [laughs] You know.

SARAH: Yeah I know.

CROSBY: I haven't talked to her. I don't really know what I'm supposed to say to her. Do you think this is going to make everything different?

SARAH: It depends on whether or not you want everything to be different.

CROSBY: Mm-hmm. What if I don't know?

[Sarah parts Crosby on the shoulder.]

[NEW SCENE - Campaign office for Bob Little, Kristina enters.]

BOB: [Taking to a staff member.] So you did the Embarcadero yesterday? And you were on today? Can you call representative Porter to make sure that he's on board? Terrific. All right, great. Ah... Kristina!


BOB: :Thank God you're here.

KRISTINA: How are you?

BOB: :Ready to hit the ground running?

KRISTINA: So nice to see you. Wow, you look great.

BOB: :Thank you, thank you, thank you.

KRISTINA: Grown up.

BOB: Donna, can you send Kristina my calendar, get her set up with everything that she needs, and get her directions to the S.E.I.U. meeting tomorrow?

KRISTINA: Anything you need.


KRISTINA: I'm Kristina.

DONNA: Hi, Donna. The meeting's here, and the notes for the meeting are on your desk.

BOB: Well, you probably don't need directions for the meeting.

KRISTINA: There's a meeting here tomorrow?

BOB: Yes, oh, crap. Did you not get a call?

KRISTINA: I didn't get a call.

BOB: I'm sorry, is this a problem?

KRISTINA: I'm actually taking my son to the dinosaur exhibit. Tomorrow's Saturday, so I thought I would be off.

BOB: I am so sorry.

KRISTINA: That's okay.

BOB: Donna, will you please go yell at somebody?

KRISTINA: I mean I was probably gonna…

DONNA: Yes, I'm so sorry, we're still trying to work out the kinks.

KRISTINA: Don't worry.

BOB: Listen heads are going to roll for this.

KRISTINA: Don't make any heads roll.

BOB: I promise you.

KRISTINA: It's fine.

BOB: Please tell me you can make this meeting tomorrow. I don't have to tell you what an endorsement from the S.E.I.U. would mean to us.

KRISTINA: I know. I will be here.

BOB: I need you on this.

KRISTINA: I'm here, I'm here for you. Okay?

BOB: Okay, Good. Come on.

DONNA: We're going to win this.

BOB: Come on, Donna.


BOB: Donna, get her the info. Kristina, let's go.


BOB: Come on, let's go up here.

KRISTINA: There's, okay.

BOB: Yes ma'am.

KRISTINA: Winner, I'm, I'm coming.

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette, Crosby in the sound booth listening to a song. There us a knock on door.]



RACHEL: I think I need to quit.

CROSBY: Why is that? Have you broken something?

RACHEL: No. I really hoped that everything would blow over, but it's not. At all. I feel like I just ruined everything over one drunk mistake.

CROSBY: So you want to throw it all away over one drunk mistake.

RACHEL: Yeah. I don't know what other choice I have.

CROSBY: I think life might go on. You're not quitting.

RACHEL: Really?

CROSBY: Yes, really. It's going to blow over. You just have to give it a little time. Between, you and me, it's not even about Adam. It's stuff he's dealing with at home with his wife.

RACHEL: His wife knows?

CROSBY: Yes, his wife knows.

RACHEL: Oh, my God.

CROSBY: Despite my advice not to tell her.

RACHEL: She must hate me.

CROSBY: Yeah, she probably does. But, hey, she hated me two months ago. I mean, she really wanted to kill me. And now she seems to like me.

RACHEL: Really?


RACHEL: How'd you get her to forgive you?

CROSBY: I delivered her baby.


CROSBY: That might not be an option for you, so you might have to think of something different.

RACHEL: [sighs] I feel so stupid.

CROSBY: Hey, it's okay. You don't need to feel stupid. You're a good person. You screwed up. You made a mistake. You're human. That's what we do.

RACHEL: Okay. Thank you.

CROSBY: You're welcome. Now go work. Yeah?

RACHEL: Yeah. Okay. [laughs]

CROSBY: Chop chop?


[NEW SCENE - The Piping Cup. Amber is behind the counter, no customers around as she does a crossword.]


KRISTINA: Hi, kiddo.

AMBER: How's it going?

KRISTINA: Good. Working hard?

AMBER: Oh, yeah.

KRISTINA: It's freezing out there.

AMBER: Yeah, it's crazy, I know.

KRISTINA: What's for special today?

AMBER: Ohh, we have, uh...

KRISTINA: I'm fighting a little bit of a cold.

AMBER: Some lovely coffee or lovely tea.

KRISTINA: Uh-huh, tea.

AMBER: Yeah, those are sort of--those are our specialties here.

KRISTINA: All right.

AMBER: How's it going?

KRISTINA: Very good, very great. Everything's awesome.

AMBER: Did you come here to break the news gently to me? No job, stuck here forever?

KRISTINA: Actually, it's the complete opposite. Uh, I'm coming to tell you that there is one job available.

AMBER: I'll take it.

KRISTINA: [laughs] Really? You don't know what it is.

AMBER: I don't care I just got to get out of here.

KRISTINA: How would you like to be my assistant? They gave me a budget for an assistant, and I immediately thought of you. I want you to work with me.

AMBER: Oh, my gosh, wow.

KRISTINA: It's a lot of work, Amber. I'm not going to lie. I mean, you have to be up with me in the mornings, very early sometimes. You're not going to sleep a lot, you're going to be running errands nonstop. You're going to be sitting in on meetings, writing copy for the press.

AMBER: Oh, my gosh.

KRISTINA: I know, it sounds intense because it is. But I just think that this could be so great for you. I know you can do this.

AMBER: Wow. I--it sounds great. I'm…

KRISTINA: Yeah, but?

AMBER: I-I'm--I'm scared. I mean, let's be honest, I--I don't have the best track record when it comes to family business, and I don't want to let you down.

KRISTINA: Amber, stop, stop, you're not going to let me down, okay? I think that you're smart, I think that you're resourceful, I think that you have this amazing ability to talk to anybody. You're like a diamond in the rough. I think you need to give yourself more credit. Honey, the way that you were with Max. I'll never forget that. So, what do you say?


KRISTINA: Yes? So 9:00 A.M. Monday morning.

AMBER: I'll be there.


AMBER: Gotcha.


[Kristina starts to leave the coffee shop.]

AMBER: Hey, um... thank you.

KRISTINA: You're welcome.


KRISTINA: Work hard.

[NEW SCENE - Night, Kristina preparing to serve dinner for the family, Max is at the counter on his laptop.

KRISTINA: Max, honey, I am so bummed that I won't be able to see the dinosaurs tomorrow with you. And I'm so sorry…

MAX: Well, there are no actual dinosaurs. They're extinct.

KRISTINA: Right, I know.

MAX: They just have the bones.

KRISTINA: That's very true. Very true. Are you upset that I'm not going?

MAX: Well, no, 'cause dad can take me. I'm super excited to see the tyrannosaurus.

KRISTINA: You boys are going to have so much fun. I'm so excited for you. I heard it's amazing.

MAX: Yeah, it's going to be cool. [The back door opens.] Dad!

ADAM: Yeah? Hey.

MAX: Okay, so the museum says to expect crowds and, you know, delays in lines, so what we should do is We should get there early. Probably before it opens…

KRISTINA: I got Chinese food because I was at the office late.

ADAM: Just give me one second, Max. That's okay. I love Chinese. Thank you.

KRISTINA: You're welcome.

ADAM: I can take all that out.

KRISTINA: I got it.

ADAM: Max, just let me talk to your mom for one second. Honey, I have to go in to work tomorrow. There are some people who want to check out the studio. They can only come in tomorrow.

MAX: No, no, you're not working tomorrow. No, you can't work tomorrow because tomorrow is Saturday.

ADAM: And I know that I said I was going to go, but I can't…

MAX: [Louder.] No, dad, we're going to the museum tomorrow!

KRISTINA: Okay, Max.

KRISTINA: Listen to mom. I need you to calm down and take a deep breath.

MAX: I--no! We're--


MAX: What's going on? [breathing deeply] We can't--we're going to go tomorrow!

KRISTINA: Plans change, and this is one of those times. And we'll work through…

ADAM: Max I'm sorry…

MAX: We have to go! [He leaves the room.]

ADAM: I wanted to go too. Why is he so upset? He never cares whether I go or not.

KRISTINA: It's not about you, Adam, okay? I have to work tomorrow, therefore, no one can take him to the museum.

ADAM: Since when?

KRISTINA: That is what this is about. Since…

ADAM: This is news to me.

KRISTINA: I have a meeting tomorrow. It was just called. I can't control it.

ADAM: Well, a heads-up would have been nice.

KRISTINA: What, should I have called your secretary?

ADAM: Very funny.

KRISTINA: Should have given her a ring.

ADAM: I would have just appreciated a heads-up, that's all.

KRISTINA: Oh, okay. Next time I will call her. Um, don't worry, I got this. I'll figure it out.

ADAM: Okay.

KRISTINA: Yup, got it.

ADAM: All right. [sighs]

[NEW SCENE - Haddie's room a short time later.]

HADDIE: Mm-mm.

ADAM: Haddie, come on.

HADDIE: I'm sorry.

ADAM: Haddie, we wouldn't be asking if we weren't desperate.

HADDIE: I understand. I've done it so many times, but I can't.

ADAM: I've gone through all the Bravermans, your grandmother--everybody. And you're the best at babysitting Max.

HADDIE: Yeah, I just have a giant…

ADAM: Why don't you just think real hard about something you've always wanted from us and just shoot for the moon.


ADAM: Go for it.

HADDIE: Okay. Give me a car.

ADAM: A car--tell you what. I'll meet you halfway. $10 an hour.

HADDIE: That's not halfway.

KRISTINA: Just stop. Stop, stop, stop. No money is exchanging hands right now, okay?

ADAM: Kristina.

KRISTINA: Tomorrow you're going to watch your brother. Only your brother. I'll make sure that Nora's covered. I'll also make sure he leaves you alone while you're studying. This is not a negotiation. You got it?




KRISTINA: Okay. [Leaves the room.] God.

[NEW SCENE - Next day outside the Braverman guesthouse.]

KRISTINA: Thank you so much for doing this. I really appreciate it. You're a lifesaver. This is so last-minute, I know.

SARAH: Are you kidding? It's my pleasure.

KRISTINA: Everything's in here--her bottles, her nook, and all of her play toys are in there.

SARAH: I can't nurse her.

KRISTINA: Diapers…

SARAH: She's still on...

KRISTINA: Breast milk.

SARAH: Okay.

KRISTINA: Yes, you don't have to worry about that.

SARAH: I don't… I can't provide that.

KRISTINA: I didn't think so. Here you go.

[Hands Nora to Sarah.]


KRISTINA: Say hi, Aunt Sarah. She's sleepy, sleepy, sleep.


KRISTINA: She fell asleep in the car.


KRISTINA: She's so tired.

SARAH: Look at her.

KRISTINA: I know, that's the outfit you got her.

SARAH: Yeah, I like a jean jacket on a baby. What can I say?

KRISTINA: [sighs] You have style.

SARAH: Thank you for taking care of Amber. She's so excited.

KRISTINA: Oh, my God, did she tell you? I'm so excited that she's going to do it. I--at first, she was, like, "I am not sure," and she was hesitant, but…

SARAH: She's just nervous.

KRISTINA: But she'll be fine.

SARAH: Yeah.

KRISTINA: I believe in her, so...

SARAH: Well, I don't want you to worry. Mark's coming over later. He'll help out and call you if anything…

KRISTINA: I'm no worried at all. I'm not. I promise you I'm not worried.

SARAH: I remember the first day I left Amber. It's tough, you know, so I don't want you to feel…

KRISTINA: It's a little tough.

SARAH: Yeah.

KRISTINA: I mean, I feel a little guilty, but... I'm lying, actually. I am so excited to go to work.

SARAH: Get out of here.

KRISTINA: And be around other people, other adults. And I dressed up, I mean…

SARAH: You look great.

KRISTINA: Thank you.

SARAH: Live it up. Go, don't worry.

KRISTINA: Thank you for taking care of my baby.

SARAH: Thank you for taking care of my baby.

KRISTINA: You're welcome. Call me for anything, okay?

SARAH: I will. Have fun.

KRISTINA: Thank you, I will.

SARAH: [Whispers] Say, "Bye" to Mommy.

KRISTINA: Bye. Okay, call me.


[NEW SCENE - Haddie's room, she is on her bed doing home work with her laptop.]

MAX: Haddie.


MAX: I figured it out.


MAX: Come on, no, look.


MAX: Okay, so here, look.

HADDIE: What did I tell you five minutes ago?

MAX: Take the number 18 bus to Alston…

HADDIE: I'm still studying.

MAX: …and walk one half block up Shattuck, then we take the downtown Berkeley B.A.R.T. to the Embarcadero station, and then we transfer to the Municipal.

HADDIE: Max. Get out of my room.

MAX: And from there, we just take it...

HADDIE: I'm sorry.

MAX: ...five miles to the museum.

HADDIE: I need to have just an hour more.

MAX: No.

HADDIE: What did I tell you? We're not going to the museum.

MAX: No, no, no.

HADDIE: We're just hanging out at home tonight.

MAX: No, Haddie, this isn't fair. Mom and dad are the ones that broke their promise…

HADDIE: Oh man.

MAX: …so why am I being punished?

HADDIE: I don't know. Why am I being punished?

MAX: You're not being punished. I am. I'm not getting to go to the museum.

HADDIE: Max, I'm sorry.

MAX: You could easily take me to the museum.

HADDIE: Mom and dad are both working. I have to study!

MAX: No, but we can't…

HADDIE: I'm sorry I have to…

MAX: …no, this isn't fair.

HADDIE: Max, you need to get out.

MAX: This isn't fair.

HADDIE: You need to get out of my room. I'm sorry. It's not fair to me either.

MAX: [Leaving the room.] Haddie, this isn't fair!

HADDIE: [Closing the door.] Bye-bye. [Whispering to herself.] Crazy. Crazy... Crazy.

[NEW SCENE - Bob Little's Campaign office.]

BOB: Yeah, we've got most of them working on Telegraph Hill--

KRISTINA: I can go over that with you late… [Her cell phone rings.] Oh, hold on one second, Bob. This is my husband. I'm gonna take it real quick, okay?

BOB: Do it.

KRISTINA: Thanks. Be right there. [On the phone.] Hey, what's up?

[We cut to Rachel at the Luncheonette.]

RACHEL: Kristina, hi, it's Rachel. Am I catching you at a bad time?

KRISTINA: It's not a great time, Rachel. What?

RACHEL: I'm sorry to call you on the weekend. I'm sure you're really busy with the kids.

KRISTINA: Actually, I'm working. Is Adam okay? Does he need something? What? What's going on?

RACHEL: No. I just--I--I can call you back when it's a better time.

KRISTINA: Rachel, what is it?

RACHEL: I just wanted to say that I'm really, really sorry, and I know that you're upset with Adam and you really shouldn't be. He absolutely did nothing wrong. It's completely my fault, and I have no excuses for my bad behavior, and I am so, so, so sorry.

KRISTINA: Okay, I have to go.

[Kristina takes a moment before returning to Bob and the other.]

BOB: Good?

KRISTINA: Yeah. All righty. Yes.

BOB: You remember Sally and Barney?


[NEW SCENE - Outside the Braverman, Sarah and Mark montage playing with Nora. Mark is taking some photos and video on his iPhone. “Hey Mama” by Mat Kearney plays over the montage.]

SARAH: Here, baby. Here, baby.

MARK: That pacifier is not working No, I-- That's okay...

SARAH: What's wrong? Here you go. Snot doesn't make it look good.

[Overlapping comments]

SARAH: [Dancing to quieten the baby.] Do that with me.

[Sarah taking photos.]

MARK: [Holding the baby.] I'm so sorry.

SARAH: You don't hurt the baby!

MARK: [Showing Nora some photos as they site on the steps of the guesthouse.] I'm serious. See you did alright.

[Sarah is clearly happy. She kisses Mark on the cheek.]


HADDIE: Max, I'm taking a break. [Looking for her brother.] What's going on? Max... Oh, little Maxy. Max? [Going down stairs.] Max, you hear me? I'm calling your name. Max, what the heck? [TV is still on.] Max? Max! [Opening the back door.] Where are you?

[NEW SCENE - Street side bus stop, Max is alone. He gets onto a bus, pays before taking a seat.]

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette, Adam in his office with potential some clients.]

ADAM: I'd have to ask my brother, but I think if you guys are willing to pay the rate, he could be agreeable to being available for 24 hours a day. [There is a knock at door] Come on in.

RACHEL: I'm so sorry to interrupt. Your daughter's on the phone. She says it's urgent.

ADAM: Okay. One second, guys. [On the phone.] Haddie, you okay?

[NEW SCENE - Adam driving fast in his car, taking on the hands free device.]

ADAM: I cannot believe this, Haddie! How could you let this happen?

[Haddie is still at home, now in the front yard on her cell phone.]

HADDIE: I said I'm sorry. Can you please not yell? I'm scared. I'm sorry.

ADAM: I'm not--I'm not yelling. Okay, listen, you just got to stay at the house and make sure that you're there in case Max comes home or calls or anybody calls, okay?


ADAM: I'm gonna go to the museum.

HADDIE: Okay, the police are here.

ADAM: Haddie, wait.


ADAM: You got to let 'em know that he's autistic


ADAM: …and that he's gonna behave erratically…


ADAM: …and that he's not used to being alone. You got that?

HADDIE: I know.

ADAM: Do you hear me?

HADDIE: I know.

ADAM: Haddie.

HADDIE: Okay. I will. I'll tell them.

ADAM: Okay.

HADDIE: Okay. Bye. [To the Police Officer.] Hi.

[NEW SCENE - Adam still driving fast. He presses a button to make a call.]

ADAM: Call Kristina.

CAR VOICE: Calling Crosby.

ADAM: [Slower] Call Kristina.

CAR VOICE: Calling dry cleaner's.

ADAM: [Yelling.] Oh, my God! Call Kristina.

[NEW SCENE - Park, Crosby and Max sit on a wall talking.]

CROSBY: You and mom have fun last night?

JABBAR: Uh-huh. We watched Nemo.

CROSBY: Ooh. Nemo, that's a good one.

JABBAR: But mom didn't see the end. She had to go to her room, because she got too sad.

CROSBY: Well, it's kind of a sad movie.

JABBAR: I guess. [An ice cream van pulls up a short distance away.] I wasn't supposed to tell you that she was crying. [Pause] Can we get ice cream?

CROSBY: Yeah. Only if you beat me there first.

JABBAR: Oh, yes. [He jumps of the wall and falls.] Oh! Ow!

CROSBY: Oh, buddy. Are you okay?


CROSBY: What happened? Your wrist? Hold on, hold on. Just hold it still.

JABBAR: It hurts.

[NEW SCENE - Adam outside the Museum, going down the steps.]

ADAM: [On the phone.] Hey, you hear anything?

HADDIE: [At home.] No, nothing. So you didn't find him?

ADAM: No, I went through the entire museum like five time, I talked to every security guard. Nothing. Listen, can you think of anything else that he said? Is there any other place that he might be? Can you think of anything?

HADDIE: Um... No. I mean, I don't know. I'm sorry, Dad.

ADAM: It's okay, all right? We're gonna find him.

HADDIE: I didn't think that he was just gonna leave.

ADAM: Just stay put, all right? I'll be home in a little bit. I love you.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman guesthouse, Mark, Sarah and Nora are on the bed.]

MARK: This is officially the littlest baby that I have ever held.

SARAH: This is?

MARK: Mm-hmm. This one right here.


MARK: [laughs] I mean, not that I've held too many babies. None of my friends have them yet.

SARAH: I had two by your age.

MARK: That's true. I am falling behind. Slackin'. I'm a late bloomer.

NORA: [Giggles then shrieks]

MARK: Ohh.

NORA: [babbles]

MARK: I know. I know.

NORA: [muttering]

MARK: Don't--that's my nose.

[Sarah smiles as she watches them.]

[NEW SCENE - Graham house, Julia and Sydney.]

JULIA: So here's what I'm thinking--the park, the one with the big, honkin' slide?


JULIA: Then library for story hour.

SYDNEY: Park and story hour?

JULIA: Yeah. It's on.

SYDNEY: Yes! [There is a knock at door] Coming! Who is it? [Opening the door.]

ZOE: Hey.

SYDNEY: Hi, Zoe.

ZOE: What's up, pretty girl?

JULIA: Give me just a minute, okay?


JULIA: All right. [Closing the door.] Hi. I don't want her to see you. It's, you know, a little hard to explain.

ZOE: Well, I just came to tell you that Troy is not a bad guy.

JULIA: Zoe...

ZOE: I haven't had what you would call a cushy life, okay? And Troy just thinks that this could finally make things easier for me. I know it looks like he's being a huge jerk, but it's just 'cause he really loves me. You know?

JULIA: All right.

ZOE: You've been so nice to me. And you're this amazing woman that's done all these amazing things, and I'm just some pathetic girl that listens to whatever her boyfriend tells her to do, right?

JULIA: No, Zoe. You're not pathetic. You're strong. You're probably stronger than you know. But right now I have to take my daughter to the park.

ZOE: I'm so sorry.

JULIA: Me too. I would have been a great mother to your baby.

[NEW SCENE - Adam at home.]

ADAM: [On the phone.] No, we don't have any idea where he might be right now, but, if you hear anything, just please give me a call back. All right. Thank you.

HADDIE: I found this picture of Max in the sweatshirt he was wearing. Who were you talking to?

ADAM: Great. Ah. The police asked me to call all of Max's friends, and since he doesn't have any friends, I'm just going down the list of his class and calling all those households. And now I'm gonna try your mother. [Dials the phone.] Again.

[NEW SCENE - Bob Little's Campaign office, Kristina is in a meeting.]

BOB: To go do all the drinking with the college students.

KRISTINA: I knew you were gonna say that. I was gonna say that too. [She checks her phone and sees Adam's name.]

BOB: [laughing]

[NEW SCENE - Back with Adam and Haddie at home.]

ADAM: And it goes straight to voice mail. [Tosses his cell phone onto the counter.] I can't believe this. [sighs]

[NEW SCENE - Max on the bus, checking his directions.]

[NEW SCENE - Max walking on a busy sidewalk.]

MAX: Walk 1/2 block up Shattuck to downtown Berkeley B.A.R.T. [Talking to a homeless man.] Excuse me, sir. Excuse me, sir. My name is Max Braverman, and I'm looking for the downtown Berkeley B.A.R.T. station.

MAN: You got any money?

[Max turns to walk away, bumps into another man.]

MAN 2: Hey, hey, watch it, man.

[Max starts running, with sirens wailing and lots of noise Max is confused.]

[NEW SCENE - Dr. Joe's office, one of the consulting rooms.]

DR. JOE: Hey, little man. How you doing?


JABBAR: It hurts.

DR. JOE: I know, but we're gonna get you fixed up. [To Crosby] Sorry about the wait, man. I got here as fast as I could. I was coming down from the Cal game, and traffic on the Embarcadero was a nightmare.

JABBAR: Did we win?

DR. JOE: We were up 14-9 when I left.

CROSBY: You left in the middle of a Cal game to come down here? That's... [laughs] That was really nice. Thank you.

DR. JOE: This sure is a beauty.

JABBAR: Dad, it hurts.

CROSBY: I know. He's gonna fix it.

DR. JOE: Take my hand. That's okay. Now give me a squeeze every time it hurts, okay? Now, if it hurts really bad, squeeeeze really hard. All right? Psst, what kind of ice cream did you get?

JABBAR: A snow cone.

DR. JOE: Nice.

JABBAR: My Dad didn't let me eat it. He made me put it on my wrist.

DR. JOE: That's cause your Dad's a really smart guy, because he did the exact right thing. Now I want you to keep ice on your wrist for the next 24 hours, okay? [To Crosby.] 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off.

CROSBY: So it's not broken?

DR. JOE: It's just a minor sprain. But I am gonna send you guys home with some real ice packs so you can save the ice cream for your tummy.

JABBAR: [Giggles] I know where the ice packs are. Can I get them?

DR. JOE: Yeah, go for it. [Jabbar leaves the room.] Jasmine and Jabbar have spent, you know, a few afternoons here, so... He likes to help me out.

CROSBY: Yeah. He's a good helper.

DR. JOE: Yeah.

CROSBY: I really can't believe you left in the middle of a Cal game. [Laughing] I mean, that's... You do that for all your patients?

DR. JOE: Well, I wouldn't ordinarily leave a seat on the 50-yard line in the second quarter. But he's worth it.

[NEW SCENE - Bob Little's Campaign office, Kristina still in the same meeting.]

BOB: You know whose job would be perfect?

KRISTINA: I cannot do that. I will get in trouble. That is not happening. Forget it.

[Still ignoring the calls from Adam to her cell phone.]

[NEW SCENE - Adam and Haddie wait in the front yard of their house.]

ADAM: Kristina, it's Adam again. I am starting to get worried about you too. Could you please give me a call back? Thank you. Bye.

POLICE OFFICER: Okay, here's what we have so far, Mr. Braverman...

[NEW SCENE - Bob Little's Campaign office.]

BOB: [laughter] We're all set.

KRISTINA: I'm way too old for that.

BOB: She's on it, guys.

KRISTINA: Bobby, I'm not doing that.

BOB: You're on it.

DONNA: Don't let him do it.

KRISTINA: No. [Finally she notices the 26 missed calls on her phone. She gets up to call Adam.] Sorry.

[NEW SCENE - Back with Adam talking to the Police officer.]

POLICE OFFICER: We have a squad car on the way, and like I said...

[Adam's cell phone rings]

ADAM: Excuse me. [Oh the phone.] Hey.


ADAM: He's all right. Metro cop found him in Oakland walking around, and they're gonna bring him home.

KRISTINA: Found who?

ADAM: Max. Look, honey, I'll explain everything later, okay? Just come home.

[NEW SCENE - Short time later, Kristina has returned home.]

KRISTINA: Yeah, well, my phone was off for one meeting. [A police siren can be heard approaching.] That's it. I mean, you could have...

ADAM: Here he is.

KRISTINA: …you could have texted me or…

ADAM: Let's just try and stay calm and give him some space, okay? Try not to smother him.

KRISTINA: I'm not gonna smother him. I just want him home, and I'm just gonna make sure he's okay.

ADAM: Hey, look who's home.

KRISTINA: Hi, honey.

MAX: I got to ride in a cop car.

ADAM: Yeah.

MAX: Pretty fun.

ADAM: Welcome home to the adventurer.

MAX: I'm gonna go to my room now.

ADAM: Well, how about we all just hang out here, you can tell us about your adventure?

KRISTINA: Are you okay?

MAX: No, I got to feed my lizard.

KRISTINA: Okay. That's fine, okay, okay.

ADAM: You don't want to tell us about the ride in the police car?

MAX: No, 'cause I have to feed my lizard.

KRISTINA: Are you hungry, honey?

HADDIE: Are you serious? We're not gonna have a conversation about this?

KRISTINA: Haddie, please, not right now. Let him feed his lizard.

HADDIE: But, you two are not gonna talk to him?

KRISTINA: Honey, just let him be. He's been through a lot today.

HADDIE: No, that's not fair. No, Max, stop.

KRISTINA: Let him be.

HADDIE: Max. [Looks at her parents.] Max, do you understand what happened today?

MAX: Well, I wanted to go to the museum.

HADDIE: Yes. Um, we know. And when you just wanted to leave and didn't say anything, do you understand that we had to spend our entire day worrying about you and wondering where you are?

MAX: Well, I didn't go to the museum. I didn't get to go to the museum.

HADDIE: Okay. Okay. Well, do you get that? Do you care?

ADAM: Max, can you look at your sister?

HADDIE: Do you care? No, you don't care, 'cause you never care. Of cour-- like...




HADDIE: What, no! This isn't fair. Max, you have to think about other people. You only think about yourself! I mean, what am I supposed to do? Everything becomes so hard! Why? Like, why don't you think about anybody but yourself?


HADDIE: [Tearing up.] It's so hard! It's not fair.

ADAM: Haddie.

HADDIE: We try so hard to make things normal, and it's just not. [Haddie goes inside.]

MAX: Is she gonna get in trouble for yelling? I'm gonna go feed Guacamole.

ADAM: Okay. [sighs]

[NEW SCENE - Haddie's room, a short time later. She is sitting on her bed.]

ADAM: [Knocking on the open door.] Haddie.

HADDIE: I know. I'm in trouble.

ADAM: No. No, you're not in trouble.

HADDIE: I'm really sorry.

ADAM: Can you scoot over?

HADDIE: Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to lose Max. And I can't yell at him for something that's not in his control.

ADAM: What happened today wasn't your fault, Haddie. If anything, your mother and I should have... done a better job rescheduling for Max. You were upset, and you've got a right to be upset. You handle a lot, Haddie, and you handle it really well. And sometimes your mother and I forget how hard it is on you. It's okay.

HADDIE: It's fine.

ADAM: No, it's not fine.

HADDIE: I guess it's not fine, but it is the way that it is, right, so...

ADAM: Yeah. I'm sorry it's hard.

HADDIE: I mean, I know it's not his fault, but... it just sucks a little.

ADAM: Yeah, it does. [Pause] Come here. [Haddie rests against her dad.] I'm very proud of you, you know that?

[NEW SCENE - Later in Adam and Kristina's bedroom, she is sitting on the bed. Adam walks out of the bathroom.]

ADAM: You okay? [He sits on the bed in front of her.] Hey. We're gonna figure this out, okay? If we're both gonna be working, we have to. Just got to communicate better and... we're a team, right?


ADAM: Okay.

KRISTINA: Adam, we almost lost a kid today. I mean... how is this...

ADAM: We did lose a kid today.

KRISTINA: We did lose a kid today. And it was my fault. [Adam shakes his head.] Yes, it was.

ADAM: No, Kristina. It's not your fault.

KRISTINA: Honey, I had my phone on silent because I was mad at you. It's my fault. Okay? I'm his mother.

ADAM: Well, I think you had a right to be mad. I said I'd fire her and I didn't, so I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

KRISTINA: I'm sorry too. I don't like fighting with you.

ADAM: Hey. You're my best friend.

[A quick kiss on the lips]

KRISTINA: You're my best friend.

ADAM: I love you.

KRISTINA: I love you more.

ADAM: [laughs]

[NEW SCENE - Jasmine's apartment. She is sitting on the couch with Crosby.]

CROSBY: You know, when Jabbar hurt his wrist yesterday, Dr. Joe was at a football game. Like, in the middle of the game at the 50-yard line. And he came to help Jabbar. Which was really nice. It was super nice. And he treats Jabbar really well. And I'm guessing that he treats you the same.

JASMINE: He does.

CROSBY: And you deserve that.

JASMINE: [scoffs] No, I don't.

CROSBY: Yes, you do.

JASMINE: No, I don't.

CROSBY: Yeah, you do.

JASMINE: No. How? I'm doing the same thing you did to me. I can't believe I'm about to put him through that.

CROSBY: Well, then, don't.

JASMINE: Not say anything?

CROSBY: I mean, it's your decision, but, speaking from experience, I don't think you should lose everything you have for something that shouldn't happen in the first place. There's always gonna be a part of me that loves you. That's just how it is. But I'm really sorry that that part keeps doing horrible things to you. You don't deserve that. [He stands] You deserve better. [He kisses he on the top of her head.]

[Crosby leaves.]

[NEW SCENE - Kristina at home, using the house phone she's calling someone.]

RACHEL: Hi, the luncheonette. This is Rachel.

KRISTINA: Hi, Rachel, it's Kristina Braverman, Adam's wife.

RACHEL: Hi, Mrs. Braverman. Um, Adam isn't in.

KRISTINA: I know. I'm actually calling to talk to you. That thing that you did with my husband--not cool. Don't ever do it again. You got it?

RACHEL: I will not ever. Ever again.

KRISTINA: Good. Then I guess we're good. Have a great day, Rachel.

[Kristina hangs up, relieved.]

[NEW SCENE - Marks apartment, Sarah is resting against Mark on the couch.]

SARAH: What are we doing today?

MARK: Um, we could do lots of stuff. We could sit on the couch all day.

SARAH: [snickers]

MARK: We could sit over there all day.

SARAH: [chuckles]

MARK: I'm so tired.


MARK: It was fun, though.

SARAH: It was really fun.

MARK: I don't know if I ever showed you this video.

SARAH: Oh, my God. Are you kidding me?

[Mark pulls out his iPhone.]

SARAH: [On the video.] Look who's up?

MARK: [On the video.] Nora, look how pretty you are.

SARAH: [On the video.] Who's that? Do you see right here?

MARK: [On the video.] I'm serious. I wasn't joking around.

SARAH: [On the video.] You see right here. Who's that? [gasps] Aw.

MARK: [On the video.] She's concerned. It's me. I'll cut out the scary...

MARK: I could totally see having a baby with you. [Catching Sarah by surprise.] Um, I'm sorry. Is that a weird--I didn't... [Sarah sits up to look at Mark as he back tracks.] I just said that out loud. I'm--I'm really tired. And I'm not thinking about what I'm saying. I'm sorry. [Laughing] I--my brain usually filters that stuff out. Did that, are you freaked out? Scale of one to ten, how badly are you freaked out? You can be honest.


MARK: Two where one is low and ten is high? Then regular... two.


[Sarah smiles.]

[NEW SCENE - Adam, Kristina, Haddie, Max and Nora at the museum for the Dinosaurs.]

[NEW SCENE - Night, Julia opens her front door.]

ZOE: [Crying] I told him I didn't agree with him, and we got into a huge fight, and he told me not to come home. I didn't know where else to go.


ZOE: I can't promise you he's ever gonna come around. He's really mad at me. I don't think he's ever gonna sign those papers. I don't know what's gonna happen to the baby.

JULIA: Zoe, just come in.

[Sobbing Zoe uses Julia for support.]

Episode End
3.11 - Missing
Original Airdate (NBC) November 29, 2011
Written by Sarah Watson
Directed by Dylan K. Massin

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