3.08 - In-Between
Transcript by Craig Best

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[Opening scene - Luncheonette. Montage of Adam and Crosby interviewing for a new receptionist.]

ADAM: And what relevant experience do you have that qualifies you for this job?

MAN 1: Define "relevant experience." You know?

WOMAN 1: I like music.

MAN 2: It's a job answering the phone. Been doin' that for my entire life. Yeah.

WOMAN 2: [Rachel] For starters, I know all the local bands.

CROSBY: Tell us about your last job.

MAN 3: Why? What have you heard?

ADAM: Where do you see yourself in two years?

MAN 1: Look, I don't even know where I'm goin' after this meeting.

MAN 2: Owning my own label.

WOMAN 1: Probably owning my own label.

WOMAN 2: [Rachel] Ultimately I'd really like to manage, so I'm hoping that I'll be on track to do that.

CROSBY: Anything else you want to tell us?

MAN 2: I don't make coffee.

WOMAN 1: I'm gonna need the entire month of November off.

MAN 1: I'd like health care. You know, 401K.

ADAM: Okay.

CROSBY: Great. This was great.

ADAM: Yeah.

CROSBY: I guess just one more thing?

ADAM: Yeah, uh, why did you drop out?

WOMAN 2: [Rachel] Honestly, because I knew in my heart that I'd rather be at bottom of the hill three nights a week, listening to the next great band than finishing my master's, and, um, as cheesy as it sounds, I think that life is just way too short to do anything other than what you love.

ADAM: Yeah.

WOMAN 2: [Rachel laughs.]

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette a short time later after the interviews.]

ADAM: Yeah, she was good.

CROSBY: Oh, she's just good?

ADAM: You know, we got some other people we have to see, we've got other applicants lined up.

CROSBY: Listen, she's smart, she's humble, she knows more about the music scene than I do, so I don't see what's the problem.

ADAM: It's a process, Crosby, we've gotta follow it through.

CROSBY: Yeah, we just took a look at what's out there. What is your hesitation?

ADAM: I...

CROSBY: Is it 'cause she's hot? It's 'cause she's hot.

ADAM: I barely even noticed that she was hot.

CROSBY: Oh, you... you didn't notice that she was hot? Did you have your eyes closed?

ADAM: [Laughs]

CROSBY: Listen, it does not make us sleazy if we hire a pretty girl. And this is not the shoe industry, okay? We have musicians in here. It would not kill us to have a little eye candy up front.

ADAM: I'm gonna pretend you didn't say that, okay? I know it's not the shoe industry.

CROSBY: Well, you're already pretending that you didn't notice how hot she is, so why not pretend that, as well?

ADAM: All right, you know what? I admit it. She was attractive. Okay? You happy?

CROSBY: Oh, okay, good. Here we go, now we're speaking honestly. Listen, is this a Kristina fear? You think she's gonna be threatened, or something? 'Cause she'll be fine.

CROSBY: Oh, really? And you know this how?

ADAM: 'Cause you guys have been married for 20 years, and you're somehow still hot for each other. It doesn't make any sense, but...

ADAM: yeah.

CROSBY: Or not? Hmm? What's the matter?

ADAM: Things aren't as... look, we're just experiencing the usual dry spell after a pregnancy, okay? It's no big deal. Don't have to talk about it anymore.


ADAM: All right.

CROSBY: Maybe you need to seduce her.

ADAM: I don't need to seduce her, okay?

CROSBY: I'm just sayin', you could make her a nice meal, and put on music, and light candles. That'll work.

ADAM: That's not what this is about, Crosby. You have no idea what this is. This is about the sensitive time after having a baby, when the woman has been through so much, the man can't initiate things, okay? She doesn't feel attractive, he's gotta be patient, it can go on for months. It's just...

CROSBY: Okay, I'm sorry I asked.

ADAM: You don't know what I'm up against here.

CROSBY: Back to Rachel. Are we gonna hire her? Yes or no? Before you answer, let me warn you, we can't rule her out, just because she's attractive. That's illegal.

ADAM: [Laughs]

CROSBY: And I do not want to end up in a lawsuit over this.

ADAM: Yeah, discrimination.

CROSBY: Exactly.

ADAM: Against attractiveness.


ADAM: Well...

CROSBY: It can go both ways.

ADAM: Thank you for keeping us out of the courtroom.

CROSBY: You're welcome.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman kitchen, Zeek is looking for something. Drew and Amy are nearby at the dinning table.]

ZEEK: [To himself] Aw, brother.

AMY: But as far as...

ZEEK: [To himself] I tell ya, I can't keep track of...

AMY: you said four.

DREW: Two.

ZEEK: Hey, guys.

DREW: This is not... [Laughs]

AMY: Hey, Mr. Braverman.

ZEEK: Hi, Amy. Grandson.

DREW: Hey.

ZEEK: You haven't seen my keys, have you?

DREW: Um, I don't think so, no.

ZEEK: Huh.

DREW: [To Amy.] Did you take his keys?

AMY: I didn't take... I didn't take your keys.

ZEEK: Hey, Drew, did you invite Amy to the... to the party?

DREW: No, I...

AMY: No, what party? Yeah.

ZEEK: You didn't tell her?

DREW: [Slowly] My uncles are opening a recording studio, and it's...

ZEEK: A recording studio, yeah, on Haight-Ashbury, right? There's gonna be music, and food, and free bar. Wait. I mean, forget that last part.

AMY: [Laughs]

DREW: It's gonna be a tough night, I mean, let's be honest.

AMY: It actually... it sounds pretty cool to me. Do you want to go?

ZEEK: Yeah!

DREW: You want to... I mean... Yeah, can we go? We can certainly go. I don't know if it's gonna be...

ZEEK: yeah, we're goin', okay. I'll put you on the list, and...

DREW: The list.

ZEEK: You're in, you're gonna have a great time.

DREW: There's a list.

AMY: We're on the list.

DREW: Whatever the list is.

ZEEK: Well, you should invite your girlfriend to stuff, Drew, come on, man. [Walking away.] And if you find my keys...

DREW: sorry, he's...

AMY: No.

DREW: I didn't say anything about this.

AMY: It's all good.

DREW: Good. I guess we're on the list.

[NEW SCENE - Relapse Inn, Sarah and Seth outside a room as they try to enter but the door has a stubborn lock.]

SARAH: Dude, you're gonna break it. Let me do it. Let me try it. Give it a little... a little love.

SETH: Ah, magic touch. [Stepping inside.] Hey. Um...

SARAH: I think housekeeping skipped a room.

SETH: [Laughs] Yeah, I know it sucks, but it's affordable.

SARAH: Oh, wow.

SETH: Um...

SARAH: Oh. Wow!

SETH: Yeah.

SARAH: Yeah, I mean... [Laughs] Really? It's so... it's so far.

SETH: Got a bus stop, right at the corner.

SARAH: Oh, okay.

SETH: [Sighs]

SARAH: So what are you... what are you gonna do now?

SETH: I'm just going to, uh, you know, take a few days and settle in, and I got a couple numbers for group from, uh...

SARAH: for meetings?

SETH: Just 'cause I'm outta there doesn't mean the work stops, right?

SARAH: Right. Do you have anyone, you know, like one of the guys you can call?

SETH: Uh, I don't... nah.

SARAH: That's not a good idea. Right. Well...

SETH: Come here. [He hug her.] Thank you. I appreciate it.

SARAH: Now I know what to get you for housewarming.

SETH: What?

SARAH: Anything. I know... 'cause I'll talk to you anyway. I'll talk to you later.

SETH: Okay.

SARAH: And I'll have the kids call.

SETH: Yeah, yeah. Say... say hey to Drew and Amber and... I'll call you. I will call you.

SARAH: Okay.

SETH: Okay.

SARAH: [Looking at the mattress.] You should get like a plastic bag for that, before you put anything...

SETH: You think? [Laughs]

SARAH: Else on it, but okay, all right.

SETH: Okay, will do.

SARAH: Well, I'm proud of you.

SETH: Okay.

SARAH: Okay. [Sarah leaves.] Okay.

[Opening credits - featuring “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan]

[NEW SCENE - Braverman kitchen, Sarah makes Amber a sandwich as they talk.]

SARAH: I guess I was just more surprised by the name of the motel, the Relapse Inn.

AMBER: [Laughter] Very funny.

SARAH: But please don't worry, he's gonna do great. It's just... it's farther away than I wish it were, and... and, uh, I don't know.

AMBER: Yeah. I mean, is it, like, gonna be detrimental to his recovery? I mean, is he safe? Is there, like... of cour...

SARAH: Yes, honey, it's, you know, he has a counselor... I don't know. I don't know. I don't think it's the most helpful environment, so we'll just hope for the... you know, hope for the best. Do you want chips on this?

AMBER: Yeah. [Sighs] Uh, this is gonna sound crazy, but... What if he stayed at my place? I mean, it's closer, and maybe...

SARAH: Where would you stay?

AMBER: I could stay here. If it's helpful.

SARAH: Oh, Amber, you can't do that. No, no, no. It's your new place.

AMBER: Mom, it's okay, you know, if it'll be helpful for you, and stuff. It's totally okay.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house exterior, Zeek is working on his truck.]

CAMILLE: Okay, so I'm off. Uh, just a heads-up, we're babysitting on Friday night.

ZEEK: Mm. [Pause as he takes in the news.] Oh, Friday night, no, no, no. That's the opening of... the launching out. We gotta be there.

CAMILLE: Adam asked us to baby-sit.

ZEEK: Yeah, but my gosh, this is a big night for Adam and Crosby, we gotta be there to support 'em.

CAMILLE: We're supporting them this way. We're watching their kids.

ZEEK: Golly.


ZEEK: This is Haight-Ashbury, you know? It's your stomping grounds. You are Haight-Ashbury. Can't they find somebody else?

CAMILLE: Well, you know, it's Kristina's first night away from the baby, so that's why they asked us. I think we have to be helpful. So see ya.

ZEEK: Uh... [Grunts] I don't get it.

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette, Jabbar is coloring.]

CROSBY: You ready to head out, buddy?

JABBAR: Mmm... yeah.

CROSBY: You want to pack up your markers?


CROSBY: What sweatshirt is... oh! You got a Hogwarts academy sweatshirt?


CROSBY: What are you, the coolest dude in the world?


CROSBY: I think I need one of these. Hey, speakin' of which, I was thinkin', tonight maybe we could order a couple gluten-free pizzas, and then get through the rest of Goblet of Fire. What do you say?

JABBAR: I'm up to it.

CROSBY: You're up to it?


CROSBY: I love Harry Potter.

JABBAR: Me, too. You know who else loves Harry Potter?

CROSBY: Jensen?


CROSBY: Sydney?

JABBAR: Dr. Joe.

CROSBY: Dr. Joe likes it. Well, most people do. Is he readin' all seven books like we are?

JABBAR: No, he watches the movies. The other night we all watched. Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince.

CROSBY: Dr. Joe showed you The Half-blood Prince?


CROSBY: Well... [Sighs] Buddy, that's like... that's the book after the next book.

JABBAR: I know, but it was so awesome.

CROSBY: Yup, that's awesome. All right, let's get outta here.

[NEW SCENE - Amber's apartment, she's packing a few things into her bag.]

SETH: Hey.

AMBER: Hey. Come in.

SETH: Oh, cool place.

AMBER: Thanks.

SETH: Wow, look at you, you're doin' it. I mean, you're on your own.

AMBER: Guess so.

SETH: Shoulda seen my first place. I shared this hell-hole with three guys, and I had to sleep in a closet, literally.

AMBER: Sounds fun.

SETH: I guess now that I think about it, I'm not doin' much better, huh?

ADAM: [Laughs] Uh, okay. So let's see, here's the keys. This weird-looking one is for the dumpster outside downstairs. Don't forget to lock it, okay? Trust me.

SETH: Okay.

AMBER: Um, you can have whatever's in the kitchen. [Laughs] Obviously, it's not much. Looks like oatmeal, some marinara, and some pop-tarts, so... Good luck with that. Um, the thermostat, [laughs] It's completely full of it, so don't bother. Oh, and the shower's really leaky, so just make sure you turn it really hard to turn it off.

SETH: Okay, I got it. Uh, lock the dumpster, uh, marinara, forget the thermostat, and leaky shower.

AMBER: You got it. Okay, well, I guess that's it. Um, I'm actually off to work, so see you later.

SETH: Okay. Hey, Amber? Thanks, you just... you don't know how much this means to me.

AMBER: I'm doing this for mom, just so we're clear. See ya.

[NEW SCENE - Night time, busy kitchen as Kristina prepares diner for the family. Zeek is visiting. Adam is on his Cell phone.]

KRISTINA: So cute.

ADAM: Well, is it easier if I just deal with it?

KRISTINA: Max, no snacks, honey, we're about to eat dinner.

MAX: I'm just having water then.

ZEEK: Yeah, yeah. [Nora coos]

ADAM: You okay, Nora? [To Zeek.] Just give me one minute.

KRISTINA: Are you gonna stay for dinner?

ZEEK: Uh, well, no, I just popped by to see Adam.

KRISTINA: Okay, well there's plenty if you want.

ZEEK: [Baby talk to Nora.]

HADDIE: Mom, these are not mashing right.

KRISTINA: No, don't mash them, it's vegetables.

ZEEK: Ooh, boy, I think there's been a problem over here?

MAX: Oh, God, I smell it!

ZEEK: Oh, hey, Kristina, Kristina...

KRISTINA: Okay, I got it.

ZEEK: There's an accident goin' on over here.

KRISTINA: Oh, poopie? Just a little poopie, huh?

ZEEK: Just... [Laughs]

KRISTINA: [To Haddie.] Okay, honey, do mom a favor, can you change her upstairs? I'm sorry.

HADDIE: Oh, yeah, okay.

ADAM: Yeah. Thank for that, honey. All right, what's the emergency?

ZEEK: Hey, ho, I need you to... over here.

ADAM: What?

ZEEK: On the Q.T.

KRISTINA: [To Max.] Honey, do Mom a favor?

[Adam and Zeek now in the dining area.]

ADAM: What's goin' on?

ZEEK: Well, it's kinda confidential.

ADAM: Yeah?

ZEEK: Uh, look, you know this whole thing, the babysittin' thing, your mom says she wasn't invited to the party, yeah, she feels, uh, well, a little hurt, a little upset...

ADAM: What are you talkin' about?

ZEEK: Well, she feels... shunned, slighted...

ADAM: Shunned? I talked to her, she didn't seem like she was interested in going at all.

ZEEK: Well, you know, that's how she is. I mean, she makes a commitment, she follows through...

ADAM: She's gonna watch the baby.

ZEEK: No, she follows through on stuff, but I think she really wants to go. I think her feelings are hurt, to tell you the truth, is what happened.

ADAM: Wow, really?

ZEEK: Yeah, I mean, she was a little upset, but you know how she is, she's gonna...

ADAM: Do you want me to talk to her?

ZEEK: Get another babysitters, maybe.

ADAM: Yeah, I'll... I'll talk to Kristina. I don't want mom's feelings to be hurt, I'll talk to Kristina, and we'll get a new babysitter.

ZEEK: There you go. That's all I'm askin'. Shake on it. Thank you.

ADAM: Okay.

ZEEK: Appreciate it. Okay, there you go. Phew! [To Kristina.] Okay, see you later.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman yard, night time. Sarah and Mark are seated outside drinking wine.]

SARAH: So it's Friday. Are you free on Friday to come to my brother's opening party?

MARK: I'm not afraid. [Laughs]

SARAH: You're not afraid to meet my entire family?

MARK: You don't want to keep me under wraps any longer?

SARAH: [Laughter] I have not been keeping you under wraps. I have been saving you from having to deal with...

MARK: Does... that's Amber.



MARK: Hi, Amber.

AMBER: [Laughing] Hi, Mr. Cyr.

MARK: You know, you can call me Mark.

AMBER: Really?

MARK: Yeah.

AMBER: You sure?

MARK: Yeah.

AMBER: Maybe we should just jump right to "dad." Is that...

SARAH: Oh, my God!

AMBER: What?

MARK: [Laughs]

AMBER: Well?

SARAH: What's wrong with you? How was work, huh?

AMBER: Uh, work was inspirational.

SARAH: Okay.

AMBER: You know, every time you see someone's eyes light up when you pass 'em that frothy beverage, it's just... it's like I'm giving a gift to myself, actually. I feel it, I feel the magic.

MARK: [Laughs]

AMBER: It's beautiful.

SARAH: Do you want to pull up a chair, and sit and...

AMBER: Just the three of us?

SARAH: Come on.

AMBER: No, I don't think so. I gotta go upstairs and get settled in anyway, so... all right. I'm gonna go to bed.

SARAH: Okay, honey.

AMBER: You kids have fun.

BOTH: All right.

AMBER: Not too much fun.

SARAH: You're killing me.


MARK: Bye.

SARAH: I'll make you a nice bowl of cereal in the morning.

AMBER: [Laughing] Oh, great.

MARK: [Laughs] Um, so what's going on? She's staying here? Did she move back, or...

SARAH: Sorry, I meant to tell you this. Seth is staying at Amber's place just for a little while.

MARK: Oh. I thought... I thought he was staying at a hotel.

SARAH: He was, but it... it ended up looking more like the place you go to do drugs, and not the place that helps you recover.

MARK: Okay.

SARAH: I mean, he couldn't stay here.

MAX: No, no. Yeah, that... no, it's... I'm surprised that... that's very generous of Amber.

SARAH: Yeah. So... The party...

MARK: Yes.

SARAH: Is gonna have everybody there, are you ready?

MARK: I'm... I'm in. [Chuckles] Um...

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette, Adam's office.]

CROSBY: I cannot believe shit like that happens.

ADAM: Talkin' about Potter-gate again, aren't you?

CROSBY: You know what? Yeah, I am, and don't call it that. Do you know how long it takes to read those books? I know it's not as important as your sex crisis at home, but it's important to me.

ADAM: Okay, one, that was uncalled-for, and two, Jasmine admitted wrong-doing, and apologized, so what more do you want?

CROSBY: You know, you should really think about being her attorney. You know, you're always takin' her side, you should really...

ADAM: I'm not always taking her side, this...

CROSBY: Consider it.

ADAM: Besides, this isn't about what Jasmine did or didn't do, okay? This is about Dr. Joe, and you feeling he's encroaching. And you know what? I think you gotta just rise above, and not just for Jabbar's sake, but for your own. You're just gonna make yourself miserable.

CROSBY: Yeah, well I hate rising above.

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette, Entry Foyer. Rachel is working at her desk as Kristina stops by, struggling to open the door.


RACHEL: Oh, here, let me help.


RACHEL: Oh, he's such a cutie.

KRISTINA: Oh, it's a girl, but...

RACHEL: She, I'm sorry.

[Nora babbles]


RACHEL: Um, so how can I help you?

KRISTINA: We're here to see Adam.

RACHEL: Okay. And this is regarding?

KRISTINA: Being his wife. I'm just here to say hi, and just...

RACHEL: oh, my God, I am so sorry.

KRISTINA: This is Nora. It's okay, who are you?

RACHEL: Um, I'm Rachel.


RACHEL: It's my first day. Here, let me help you.

KRISTINA: Um, you want to take this, then?


[NEW SCENE - short time later Kristina enters Adam's office, followed by Rachel.]

KRISTINA: Hey, honey.

ADAM: Hey.

KRISTINA: How are you?

ADAM: My beautiful wife, huh?

KRISTINA: Good, how are you? [To Nora.] Say "Hi, Daddy." [Baby voice.] "Hi, Daddy."

ADAM: How are you doing, Nora? How you doin', sweetie?

KRISTINA: Good. We just came by to say hi.

ADAM: Yeah. Great.

KRISTINA: We were cooped up in the house, I was just like, "I gotta get out, I gotta get out."

ADAM: Uh, honey, you just have a little bit of milk on your chin, and then a little spit-up in your hair.

RACHEL: Oh, I will grab you water.

KRISTINA: Oh, that's okay, it happens, you know what?

ADAM: Thank you, Rachel.

KRISTINA: It's totally fine. [To Adam.] Seriously?

ADAM: What?

KRISTINA: Your new hire. From T&A to T&A, honey, wow.

ADAM: Honey, she wasn't dressed like that at the interview.

KRISTINA: Oh, my God, you guys can afford to hire one employee, and you hire...

ADAM: She was dressed more conservatively, she was...

KRISTINA: How old is she?

ADAM: Kristina, she was really the best person for the job.

KRISTINA: Adam, I believe you.

ADAM: She's very smart. She's very...

KRISTINA: I just feel like it's just a little weird that she's like, I mean, like a supermodel. You know.

ADAM: What?

KRISTINA: Just... she's just...

ADAM: Yeah, I know. Honey... honey, did you talk to my mom?

KRISTINA: I did, I did, and she said that everything covered, the pitchers, the planters, the bowls...

ADAM: Great, awesome.

[Rachel re-enters the room.]

KRISTINA: To save on some money for... yeah, the rentals, so... which is really kind of cool.


KRISTINA: Thank you, sweetheart.

RACHEL: Of course.

KRISTINA: [Sighs] Wow, so, yeah.

ADAM: Okay, thank you.

KRISTINA: And, um...

ADAM: Yeah.

KRISTINA: I also spoke with Sarah...

ADAM: Oh, good, about the bartend...

KRISTINA: [Watching as Rachel bend over to pick something up.] And she said that, uh, she's gonna get the bar... hey, uh, Rachel, I'll get that.

RACHEL: Oh, no, it's okay. I got it.

ADAM: That was unfortunate.


ADAM: Huh?

KRISTINA: The bartender's covered, so... she's gonna help out with that.

ADAM: [To Rachel.] Yeah. Thank you.

RACHEL: You're welcome.

ADAM: Okay.

KRISTINA: She can get 'em for cheap.

ADAM: Yeah.


ADAM: That's good. Good to save some money.

KRISTINA: Real cheap.

ADAM: Cheap, good.

KRISTINA: We're gonna go. I...

ADAM: It's a recording studio, honey, it's not the shoe business.

KRISTINA: I don't want to keep you, I just... I got a lot of stuff to do, I got a lot of stuff going on.

ADAM: Okay, what do you gotta do?

KRISTINA: No, I got it.

ADAM: Give me a kiss, come on. Love you Honey.


[Adam kisses her forehead.]

ADAM: Okay.

KRISTINA: [Baby voice.] "Bye, Daddy."

ADAM: I'll see... I'll see you, sweetie. Bye-bye.

KRISTINA: "Have a good afternoon."

ADAM: All right. Thank you, honey.

KRISTINA: See you soon.

ADAM: I'll see you later, bye-bye.


ADAM: Oh. [Sighs]

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house, Drew's room. He is sitting on the floor with Amy, next to the bed, the door open.

DREW: Hey, I wanted to, um, say I'm sorry about my grandfather the other day, [Laughing] Oh. I mean, I didn't tell him you were my girlfriend, I just... I mean, he thinks he hears things, it's just... I mean, I was...

AMY: It's... [Laughs] It's okay. I mean, I totally get it. We hang out a lot, so... I understand why he got the wrong idea.

DREW: Yeah, um, you know, actually I was thinking we could, I mean... if we don't want to confuse the elderly, I mean, we could just tell him that you are… my girlfriend. If you wanted.

AMY: Yeah.

DREW: Yeah? I mean, well, we might as well, I mean, tell everyone, so no one...

AMY: [Laughs]

DREW: Gets confused.

AMY: Okay.

DREW: Yeah?

AMY: Yeah.

DREW: I mean, I'm being dead serious.

AMY: Me, too.

SARAH: Great. [Laughs] Cool.

AMY: Do you want to make out now?

DREW: Yeah.

AMY: Okay.

[Using his foot Drew closes the door.]

[NEW SCENE - Braverman kitchen, Adam is talking to Camille, Zeek is nearby reading the newspaper.]

ADAM: We've got this great DJ, and I would love it if you and dad could both make it to the party Friday night.

CAMILLE: Oh, that's so great, we'd love to come, but, you know, we're more than happy to watch the kids, really.

ADAM: Well, I... look, I know that's the plan, and I really appreciate it, but it's a big night for me and Crosby, we want our parents there to celebrate with us, and we can find a babysitter. We'll get a babysitter. [Camille looks at Zeek hiding behind his newspaper.] It's all good.

CAMILLE: Really, Zeek?

ZEEK: What's that?

CAMILLE: [Laughs]

ADAM: What?

CAMILLE: He told you I wanted to go to the party, right?

ADAM: Yeah. Wha... ?

CAMILLE: [To Zeek.] What is wrong with you?

ZEEK: Well, I mean, come on, it's a big deal, everybody's gonna be there. I think we should be there.

CAMILLE: Nobody's gonna be there. We discussed this.

ADAM: Well...

CAMILLE: This isn't just because it's Kristina's first night away from the baby. Now, I would feel more comfortable if I was watching the baby, so if you want to go to the party, go ahead. You go.

ZEEK: I'm in. I'm goin', then. Great, all right.

CAMILLE: [Surprised.] What?

ADAM: Okay, so you're comin'.

ZEEK: Yeah, put me... yes, I'm in.

[Dishes rattle as Adam knocks something over.]

ADAM: Oh, sorry. I'm sorry.

ZEEK: Oh, my God.

ADAM: Uh, listen...

ZEEK: Yeah, hey...

ADAM: You are goin', okay?

ZEEK: Uh-huh.

CAMILLE: [To Zeek] You're going to the party?

ZEEK: Yeah.

ADAM: And you're gonna watch the kids. Okay? Great.

CAMILLE: That's great.

ADAM: [Rushing to leave.] I'll see ya.

ZEEK: Oh, no, you gotta put me on the list, Adam.

ADAM: There's no list, dad, you just gotta show up.

ZEEK: Okay.

CAMILLE: Oh, great. That's great. You're great.

[NEW SCENE - Amber's apartment, Sarah enters.]

SARAH: I know you could do it yourself, but I brought you groceries.

SETH: [Laughing] Oh, God.

SARAH: Is that dumb?

SETH: No, it's very good. [Chuckles] Thank you.

SARAH: I just wanted to have an excuse to check up on you.

SETH: Well, I appreciate it.

SARAH: How's it goin'?

SETH: Good.

SARAH: What'd you do today?

SETH: Took a walk, and, uh, did some reading and some yoga.

SARAH: [Laughing.] No, you did not. Oh, you d... oh, you did?

SETH: Can you please resist the urge to mock me?

SARAH: No, no, I'm sorry. I didn't realize you did... like this?

SETH: Yeah, all that.

SARAH: Is that something?

SETH: I did it all.

SARAH: The tree?

SETH: [Laughs]

SARAH: I can't believe you did yoga!

SETH: Yeah, well, thank... talked to Drew.

SARAH: Oh, you did?

SETH: Yeah, who's this girl he's hangin' out with?

SARAH: This Amy? I don't... I know nothing. She's nice, and very sweet. They're cute together. But he doesn't tell me.

SETH: Well, 'cause you're the mom. He's 16, you're gonna get name, rank, and serial number.

SARAH: What'd you get out of him?

SETH: Oh, nothin', just every hairy detail of his first kiss.

SARAH: Shut up.

SETH: Yeah.

SARAH: I didn't know any of that.

SETH: Father/son kind of stuff.

SARAH: No, tell me.

SETH: No way.

SARAH: [Gasps] Why you?

SETH: [Laughs]

SARAH: Tell me a hairy detail.

SETH: Ain't gonna happen.

[Seth opens a drawer, only to have the bottom fall out.]

SARAH: Oh! Hey. Oh, God. [Laughs]

SETH: Are y...

SARAH: It's okay. Everything's broken in here. Look at this. Ugh.

SETH: Oh, man. [Sighs]

SARAH: [Chuckles]

[They sit on the floor to pick up the mess.]

SARAH: What?

SETH: It's a birthday card, from when she was eight.

SARAH: From who?

SETH: From me. Probably the only one I ever sent her.

SARAH: Let me see.

SETH: I can't believe she still has that thing.

SARAH: I can.

SETH: [Sighs] We would've made a great family, huh? I want to make this right.


[Seth leans in and the kiss, Sarah doesn't pull back, touching Seth on the shoulder before they stop, smiling she has mixed emotions about what just happened.]

SETH: [Sighs]

[NEW SCENE - Braverman kitchen, Sarah is taking to Camille. Amber is outside listening to the conversation.]

SARAH: I'm so happy with Mark. It isn't that I'm... you know, I look at him and I think, "what am I, crazy?" I... [Laughs] I have the best thing I've ever had in my life. Really. I mean, it's not...About...Him. It's just... To see Seth becoming the man I always thought he could be all those years, it is kind of moving. And I do picture it.

CAMILLE: Mm. He's the father of your children. It has to do with your whole sense of being a family again.

SARAH: No, mom, I... I picture the two of us... Together.


SARAH: And then the timing is just so strange, because I've never been happier. Mark keeps asking me if there's anything to worry about, and I keep saying no. I'm so happy with him.

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette, Crosby sitting alone on the stairs as he watches Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince on his laptop.]

HARRY POTTER: [On DVD.] Okay, yeah, give it a go. [Luna casts the spell.] Oh! Oh. Oh… How do I look?

LUNA LOVEGOOD: Exceptionally ordinary.

HARRY POTTER: Brilliant.

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette, Adam's office, Rachel enters wearing a low cut top and short skirt.]

RACHEL: Hi. Coffee?

ADAM: Hey, uh yeah, thank you. I just don't understand what's goin' on, there should be printing.

RACHEL: Hmm. Is it connected to the router?

ADAM: Uh, yeah... I think it is.

RACHEL: Here, let me try something. [As Rachel leans in her cleavage is unmissable.] Hmm, just one more second.

ADAM: All right. [Trying to resits the urge to look.]

CROSBY: [Entering the room.] Oh, hey.

ADAM: Hey!

CROSBY: Shall I come back? I didn't realize you guys were partying.

RACHEL: Uh, no.

ADAM: [Flustered.] We were just... Gettin' the printer...

RACHEL: I think, actually... I think it should be working.

ADAM: Oh, look at that.

RACHEL: We got it.

ADAM: It's all working.

CROSBY: Oh. You got it.


ADAM: Thank you, Rachel.

RACHEL: No problem.

ADAM: Thank you.

CROSBY: [Grunts] Needed a little help there? Couldn't figure out the printer?

ADAM: [Laughs]

CROSBY: How's your heart rate?

ADAM: That's... I'm fine.

CROSBY: Oh, really?

ADAM: Yeah.

CROSBY: Yeah, you look flush. You okay?

ADAM: Crosby, knock it off.

CROSBY: That was a very compromising position.

ADAM: She came in here, she helped me out. I didn't know what was goin' on.

JABBAR: [Entering the room.] Daddy!

CROSBY: It looked like she was helping you out.

ADAM: Oh, look who's here!

CROSBY: [Laughs] Thank goodness!

ADAM: Hey!

CROSBY: [Laughing] Hey, buddy.

ADAM: Jabbar.

JABBAR: Hi, Uncle Adam.

CROSBY: How you doin', buddy? You just saved Uncle Adam.

JABBAR: Mommy's downstairs.

CROSBY: Oh, okay. Let's go say good-bye to her.


CROSBY: Hey, I watched Half-blood Prince.

JABBAR: You did?



CROSBY: I can't wait to talk about it with you.

JABBAR: Me, too.

[As they leave Adam drinks his coffee then sighs.]

[NEW SCENE - Kristina's bedroom, Julia is there.]

KRISTINA: Oh, no, I'm not wearing this.

JULIA: Why not?


JULIA: Kristina, let me see it.

KRISTINA: [Sighs] Julia, it's just... it's not... it just doesn't feel right.

JULIA: Well... Okay.

KRISTINA: I don't know, it's just a little bit like... [backing out of the bathroom.]

JULIA: Very pretty from the back.

KRISTINA: The color's pretty. [Covering her chest.]

JULIA: Uh-huh.

KRISTINA: But it... [Laughs] I just feel really self-conscious in it.


KRISTINA: I just feel like it's just not, like...

[Julia gasps as she drops her arms.]

KRISTINA: I mean, looking...

JULIA: Whoo!

KRISTINA: Stop it.

JULIA: Your boobs are huge.

KRISTINA: They're so huge.

JULIA: It's amazing.

KRISTINA: Okay, that is why I don't... I don't want to wear this.

JULIA: It's wonderful.

KRISTINA: It looks ridiculous.

JULIA: It's ridiculously hot. Look at... look at yourself.

KRISTINA: I look like Dolly Parton.

JULIA: No. [Laughs]

KRISTINA: Yes, I do. It's just... I'm, like, really uncomfortable in this. And I just...

JULIA: Kristina, you look hot.

KRISTINA: I don't even want to go tonight. I don't want to leave Nora alone, and if I drink, I'm gonna have to pump...


KRISTINA: Yeah, pump and dump…

JULIA: Oh God.

KRISTINA: When I come home, and it's just like this big ordeal.

JULIA: Let me see... Kristina.

KRISTINA: [Laughs]

JULIA: Kristina.

KRISTINA: It's so terrible.

JULIA: Okay, we're gonna be standing there next to 20-year-olds in size 0 little miniskirts and things.


JULIA: So you need to break out the big guns.

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette, Adam's office. Crosby is at the desk while Jabbar plays video games on the couch.]

CROSBY: Hey, how cool was it when Harry went in that cave, and the things came out of the pool?

JABBAR: Um, that was pretty cool.

CROSBY: Yeah. Were you scared? I was... I was scared.

JABBAR: I was a little scared, not that much, though.

CROSBY: Ooh, and then Bellatrix showed up at the Weasley house?

JABBAR: [Videogame sounds] Daddy, I don't want to talk about the movie anymore.

CROSBY: [Sighs] Okay.

JABBAR: I want to talk about football!

CAMILLE: Oh, really, you want to talk about football?


CROSBY: Now, that's something I can talk about. I happen to be somewhat of an expert on football.

JABBAR: I'm going to a game.

CROSBY: What kind of game?

JABBAR: I'm going to a game with Dr. Joe. He got tickets. We are going next Sunday.

CROSBY: To a football game?


CROSBY: You and Dr. Joe?


[NEW SCENE - Dr. Joe's office.]

CROSBY: You got a second?

DR. JOE: Crosby. Yeah. Dude, come on in. Is everything okay?

CROSBY: No, it's not okay, Joe. I'm fine with you datin' Jasmine. That's terrific. But I need you to recognize that there are moments I want to share with my son, me and him, not you and him. Harry Potter? That was one of 'em, but I don't think you knew about that, so I let it go. And now the football game? I am not letting you take him to his first football game. I deserve to be there with him. I'm the one that gets to see his face light up when he sees the field for the first time, and I'm the one who gets to relive that moment for the rest of my life, not you. So I need you to respect that.

[Crosby leaves Dr. Joe to think.]

[NEW SCENE - Amber's apartment, she comes to the open door and knocks. Seth is at the table cutting up vegtables.]


SETH: Hey.

AMBER: I just forgot my lipstick, and I have to go to this party, so can I get it really fast?

SETH: Yeah.

AMBER: Thanks.

SETH: Wow, you look great.

AMBER: Thanks.

SETH: Hey, I tried to fix that shower head in there, but it was beyond repair, so I just swapped out the hardware. I hope you don't mind. Is that all right?

AMBER: Thanks. You didn't have to do that, but... thanks.

SETH: Well, it's the least I could do. Got some good news, I think I found a pretty great apartment downtown, not too far from your mom, and I got a lead on a job givin' guitar lessons.

AMBER: Wait. So you're not gonna tour anymore?

SETH: Well, no, that whole life is just... it's not good for me. I want to, you know, set down some roots, and, I don't know, start over?

AMBER: Good for you. [Pause.] Well, I gotta go, but, um, enjoy your ratatouille, or whatever.

SETH: Okay. Have fun at your party.

AMBER: Thanks.

[NEW SCENE - Luncheonette, the party is in full swing. Adam and Crosby are greeting guests. The following starts with a montage of scenes.]

BOTH: Hey!

CROSBY: I've never seen you without your guitar.

ADAM: Hey, how are ya?

CROSBY: Hey, good. I hope you come record here.

ADAM: How you doing? I'm Adam.

CROSBY: I'm Crosby.

CROSBY: [To Adam.] This not hot shot here.

ADAM: That guy?

ADAM: Some of your clients come in and record with us. ...And, uh, played me some of your music, it was fantastic. Okay? There you go.

[Drew and Amy approach Julia, Kristina and Amber.]

JULIA: Though you were gonna be dancing.

KRISTINA: I cannot believe you made me wear this dress. I look like a Hooters girl.

JULIA: No, you don't. Hooters girls…

DREW: Guys, um...

KRISTINA: They wear hot pants.


DREW: Sorry, um, this is... this is my girlfriend, Amy.


AMY: [Laughs] Hi.

[They hug]

KRISTINA: Cool. Good to see you. Hi, Amy.

JULIA: Hi, Amy.

AMY: Hi.

JULIA: Nice to meet you. I'm aunt Julia.

KRISTINA: I'm aunt Kristina. I just had a baby.

AMY: Oh, congratulations.

DREW: Well, we should probably get a drink, on that note, so...

AMY: Okay. [Laughs]

DREW: Just though you should meet…

AMY: Nice to meet you.

TOGETHER: [Amber, Julia and Kristina] Nice to meet you.

JULIA: Way to go, Drew.

[Near by Haddie is talking to a young ma, Adam approaches.]

HADDIE: Like, are you a musician, or...

MAN: um...


MAN: Hey.

ADAM: She's 17.

HADDIE: That's my dad.

MAN: Nice meeting you.

[He walks off.]


JULIA: Where is your boyfriend?

SARAH: Yeah, he's here. He's, uh, he's over there.

JULIA: Oh, my gosh.

SARAH: Isn't he so cute?

JULIA: He's really cute.

SARAH: Dad wanted to talk to him, and ask him some questions.

JULIA: Oh, no.

AMBER: Uh-oh.

[Over with Mark and the Braverman men.]

CROSBY: You know, when you guys first met, she was on the fence, because, you know...

ZEEK: Ridin' your little bike around the neighborhood...

ADAM: [Laughs]

ZEEK: When she's learnin' how to drive.

MARK: I gave that bike away.

ADAM: Whatever happened with that whole cell phone picture scandal? You get sent to the principal's office for that?

MARK: I did. Uh, that was embarrassing.

[Crosby sees Jasmine enter so he makes his was to greet her.]

ZEEK: What happened with the cell phone?

ADAM: Uh, he kissed Sarah, and some kids took a picture with a phone, and...

MARK: Yeah, it was...

ADAM: It kinda upset Drew. Yeah, it's cool.

ZEEK: You kissed my daughter at school?

MARK: Everyone was supposed to be in class. These were two late comers.

[Now at Crosby and Jasmine.]

JASMINE: Oh, hey.


JASMINE: I made it.


JASMINE: It's awesome. Really, really nice.

CROSBY: Yeah, thank you. I mean, can you believe this place?

JASMINE: You know what? I actually can. You probably don't remember this, but when we first met you talked about opening your own studio.

CROSBY: Really?


CROSBY: I did.

JASMINE: You did. [Laughs] And here you are now, eight years later, holding court.

CROSBY: Yeah, I don't know about holding court, but... [Laughs]

JULIA: You're doin' it. You done good, Crosby. You should be proud.

CROSBY: Thank you.

JASMINE: You're welcome.

CROSBY: I feel kinda proud.

JASMINE: You should be.

CROSBY: You want a drink?

JASMINE: I'd love one. Thank you.

[Back at Sarah and the other ladies.]

SARAH: Does he look like he's having a bad time?

JULIA: No, he looks like he's dealing with it well.

SARAH: I think I maybe should go rescue him.

ZEEK: Like a peck?

MARK: Yeah, like a peck. They were so fast with the camera phone.

ZEEK: Sarah, what were you kissing...

SARAH: Hi, I have to talk to you about that very important topic that we were discussing.


SARAH: I think you've had enough time here, right?

MARK: [Laughs]

ADAM: No, he was enjoying talking to us.

MARK: Okay, well, who wouldn't? I... I will. Okay. I'll see you guys...

[Sarah and Mark laughing as they leave.]

JULIA: They look happy.

AMBER: Yeah. [Laughs]

JULIA: She deserves that. It's good.

[Kristina alone downing a glass of champagne.]


RACHEL: You should try the dumplings. They're insane.

KRISTINA: Oh, yeah? Did you have one?

RACHEL: Yeah, I had a couple.

KRISTINA: Did you?

RACHEL: Mm-hmm.

KRISTINA: They are, they're crispy, yet tender. [Laughs]

RACHEL: [Laughs] Exactly.

KRISTINA: So how are you doin'? You like workin'...

RACHEL: Oh, I love it.

KRISTINA: For my husband?


KRISTINA: He's great, huh?

RACHEL: He is great. The guys are totally great, and it's just, um, oh, I think you spilled something...


RACHEL: On your dress. Sorry.

KRISTINA: Oh, my God. No, I didn't. Um, I'm breast-feed... I'm leaking.

RACHEL: Oh, here. Take my jacket. Here.

[Taking of her jacket Rachel is wearing a low cut top underneath, Kristina can't help but look.]

KRISTINA: Are those... I can borrow it for two seconds?

RACHEL: Yeah, of course.

KRISTINA: Thank you so much.

RACHEL: No problem.

[Zeek talking to a group of young ladies.]

ZEEK: In the 60s this was here, and I actually met Grace Slick.

WOMAN: Oh, wow. Grace who?

ZEEK: Slick. Grace Slick, she, uh... Jefferson Airplane?

WOMAN: [Laughs]

[The ladies walk off.]

ZEEK: Uh, [Clears throat]

[NEW SCENE - Same time, Adam upstairs he enters his office.]


ADAM: Hey.


ADAM: There you are. What's goin' on? I was wondering what happened to you.

KRISTINA: Oh, nothing, I was just, um, standing next to that goddess that you hired, and I started leaking, and...

ADAM: Oh, what, breast milk?

KRISTINA: No, honey, oil.

ADAM: [Laughs] Okay.

KRISTINA: Yeah, breast milk.

ADAM: Okay.

KRISTINA: No, it's not okay, Adam.

ADAM: It's no big deal.

KRISTINA: It was mortifying, okay? It is a big deal to me.

ADAM: Okay.

KRISTINA: I'm feeling insecure enough as it is, and being mixed in with all these people, I just like, I felt... [Shudders]

ADAM: Okay. All right.

KRISTINA: I'm good. [Pause] I'm sorry, I just...

ADAM: You don't have to apologize, Kristina, I get it.


ADAM: You know, for what it's worth, though? I think you are beautiful.

KRISTINA: Well, you always say that.

ADAM: I mean it.

KRISTINA: You mean it.

ADAM: Look at me.

KRISTINA: I'm looking at you.

ADAM: Kristina, if you could just see yourself the way that I see you. You are so beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

KRISTINA: Thanks. You're nice to me.

ADAM: And you know what else? You know what else? [Kiss]


ADAM: Kristina, I am so horny for you.

KRISTINA: Oh, I don't like that word.

ADAM: And I want you so bad.

KRISTINA: Okay, okay, stop.

ADAM: What?

KRISTINA: [Laughs]

ADAM: Come on.


ADAM: You need some help with that?

KRISTINA: Okay, no, I'll get there.

ADAM: You sure?

KRISTINA: I'm just... yes.

ADAM: I want to get there, too.

KRISTINA: [Laughs] No, I know. [Laughing] Stop. You're nice.

ADAM: I love you, and you are beautiful to me.

KRISTINA: You, too.

ADAM: Okay.

KRISTINA: I'll get there, I promise.

ADAM: All right.

KRISTINA: I'm just a little bit... I had some champagne.

ADAM: Did you?

KRISTINA: And I miss Nora. I had thought it'd be easier, going out on a date. It isn't really a date.

ADAM: You know who else I miss?


ADAM: You. I do.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house, Camille is in the living room with Max, Jabbar and Sydney play with Lego blocks.]

ZEEK: Captain's on board. Where are them rascals at? Hey!


ZEEK: Hi, rascals.

SYDNEY: Hi, Grandpa.

JABBAR: Hi, Grandpa!

CAMILLE: Wow, you're home early. How'd it go?

ZEEK: Heck with them. I'm gonna bring that party right over here. Yeah.

CAMILLE: Oh, no, Zeek.

ZEEK: Huh?

CAMILLE: No, no, no. The baby is sleeping.

ZEEK: Well, that's Adam and Kristina's problem, isn't it?

[Zeek puts on a record, Jefferson Airplane's “Somebody to Love”]

ZEEK: I don't think I can stop.

[Zeek and Camille start dancing, Sydney and Jabbar notice.]

SYDNEY: Grandma, dance with me. Ready? Spin me. Grandma, Grandpa's got the fever like Uncle Adam.

ZEEK: I've got the fever, that's right.

JABBAR: Come on, Max!

CROSBY: [Laughs]

[NEW SCENE - Amber's apartment, Seth playing his acoustic guitar. There is a knock at the door]

SETH: Yeah?

AMBER: [Door opens] Hey.

SETH: Hey, honey. How was the party?

AMBER: It was good. It was fun, you know... Party. [Laughs]

SETH: Are you okay?

AMBER: Yeah, I'm okay. [Starts to sob] Just... I need your help on something.

SETH: Yeah.

AMBER: Um, I just am struggling, because... You know, mom has been really happy the past couple months, and I haven't seen that in a while, but now that you're back, [Sobs] You can see that she still... And...

SETH: I get it. I'm... I'm gettin' in the way, aren't I?

AMBER: [Crying] I'm sorry. [Cries]

SETH: [Sighs]

[NEW SCENE - Next day, Luncheonette. Crosby is playing the drums.]

DR. JOE: Hey.

CROSBY: Hey. You, uh, you here to record some tracks?

DR. JOE: Well, since you just barged right into my place of work, I figured I owed it to you to do the same.

CROSBY: Yeah, um, about that, I... I shouldn't have...

DR. JOE: Listen, forget about it, I just stopped by to give you these. [Hand him some football tickets] Uh, you should take Jabbar. I mean, there's nothin' like your first football game, right?

CROSBY: Man, these are really good seats. I don't know what to say, man, I... thank you.

DR. JOE: Sure.

CROSBY: That's, um, crazy nice of you.

DR. JOE: Crosby, I, uh, listen, man, I understand where you're comin' from. I really do. I do, but there's something that you need to understand. I'm not going anywhere. I really like Jasmine and Jabbar. This is for real. So, like it or not, I am going to be in your boy's life. Hey, enjoy the game.


[Catch the wind plays over the final few scenes.]

[NEW SCENE - Seth sitting outside Amber's apartment looking at the old photo of his family.]

[NEW SCENE - Morning, Braverman yard as Sarah picks up the newspaper.]

SETH: Hey.

SARAH: [Laughs] Hey. [Her expression changes when she see's his luggage.]

SETH: You remember my cousin, Eric? I wrote him a couple letters in rehab, and we started talkin' on the phone again after all this time. He offered me a job and a place to live.

SARAH: [Sighs]

SETH: But it's up in Tahoe. I know that's a long way away, but I'm gonna get down here as much as I can. Probably not a lot at first, but I will. [Sighs]

SARAH: [Sniffs] Yeah. [Pause.] Are you sure?

SETH: I just need a fresh start. Everybody gave up on me. I gave up on me. You're the only one who didn't.

SARAH: I never will.

SETH: I love you, Sarah.

SARAH: I love you, too.

[They hug for a few moments before Seth kisses the top of her head.]

SETH: Okay, I gotta go.

SARAH: Yeah.

SETH: Thank you.

[Sarah is clearly sad Seth is leaving.]

[NEW SCENE - Adam and Kristina still in bed.]


ADAM: Hey.

KRISTINA: What are you doing?

ADAM: What are you doing? [Kristina moves to be on top of Adam.] Nothing. [The Kiss.] Hi.


ADAM: What are you doing?

KRISTINA: Nothing.

ADAM: Honey. Honey.

[He smiles as Kristina moves down his body.]

[NEW SCENE - Amber's apartment, she arrives home. Finding to packages one for Drew and the other for her, full of missing birthday cards. She laughs as she reads them.]

Episode End
3.08 - In-Between
Original Airdate (NBC) November 8, 2011
Written by Eric Guggenheim
Directed by Patrick Norris

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