3.06 - Tales from the Luncheonette
Transcript by Craig Best

This is a Beta copy
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[Opening scene - Early morning, Braverman guest house. Sarah is treating Seth's injuries.]

SARAH: What Happened?

SETH: Just... Dumb bar fight.

SARAH: Who gets in a dumb bar fight anymore? You're not 18.

SETH: I know. Oh, thank you for taking care of me. 0Holding her hand he kisses it.] You're always looking out for me, huh? I appreciate it.

SARAH: When is this gonna stop?

SETH: It's just a stupid bar fight.

SARAH: No, no, no. This... This whole thing's got to stop. No, don't smoke. Don't smoke in the house.

SETH: Hey, are the kids here? I'd like to take 'em to breakfast or something.

SARAH: Are you crazy?

SETH: I mean, are they here, or did they eat already?

SARAH: Do you know what you look like? Seth, you need help.

SETH: [Sighs] Yeah, you're right. I gotta go.

SARAH: Wait, do you know that? Do you know how many years I've been cleaning you up? If you don't get help, you can't see these children anymore. [Louder.] If I have to get a restraining order, that's what I will do.

SETH: Will you just calm down?

SARAH: No, I will not calm down.

SETH: Please…

SARAH: Your life is a mess. Look at yourself. Your life is a mess, and I'm done picking up after you. Why don't you see what I see? You're bleeding, and you want to take your children to breakfast? You have to go to rehab, or you're not seeing them again. That's it. I'm done.

[Seth lights his cigarette before leaving the guesthouse.]

[NEW SCENE - Drew's room, Amy is on his bed, Drew is watching her as they listen to music.]

AMY: I love this band.

DREW: Yeah.

AMY: Yeah. Yeah, they're sort of, like--like the Decemberists meets Wild Horses.

DREW: I can see that.

AMY: Hey, I, um, I sort of rammed my shoulder the other day. It's really killing me. Would you mind... Rubbing it?

DREW: Yeah. Yeah, sure. Um, yeah.

[He joins Amy on the bed.]

AMY: Yeah, it's just...

DREW: Like, right here.

AMY: Yeah.

[Amy is clearly enjoying the massage and after a few moments looks at Drew.]

DREW: Um...Yeah, I should--I should get you aspirin or something I wouldn't want you... [Gets up and leaves.] Ah...[Mutters to himself.].

[NEW SCENE - Kristina and Adam entering the house with baby Nora. Zeek is filming the event.]

ZEEK: All right, there they are! [Laughs]

[Family chatter are they walking through the front door.]

ZEEK: Hey, welcome home, Nora Braverman. You sweetheart.

CAMILLE: How was it?

ZEEK: [Camera on Kristina.] Oh, and there's mom. Hey, mom. How you doing? Say hi.

KRISTINA: No. No, Zeek. I got to take a shower. I'm smelly. It's okay.

ZEEK: Big smile. There's dad.

ADAM: Hey.

ZEEK: Here's dad.

[Overlapping statements as the make their way to the kitchen.]

KRISTINA: Let mom get her in.

[Adam turns of Zeek's camera.]

KRISTINA: Max, Max. Hey, Max, you want to help me, honey? Good job.

CAMILLE: Hi, sweetheart.

KRISTINA: Just give her one second, sweets.

MAX: I want to hold her. No, I want to hold her now.

KRISTINA: You can hold her in a moment, okay?

MAX: You guys said I could hold her.

KRISTINA: Honey, you're gonna hold her in a second.

HADDIE: Max, come on.

MAX: You said I can hold her.

KRISTINA: Honey you can hold her in a second.

HADDIE: Let's go get something out of the car.

KRISTINA: [To Haddie.] Can you grab the balloons and my purse?

HADDIE: Okay, purse, balloons, plants. Got it.

CAMILLE: Wow, you know, Adam...

KRISTINA: That's okay.

CAMILLE: She looks just like you.

ADAM: Do you think?

ZEEK: Gosh, what a shame.

CAMILLE: [To Kristina.] She doesn't look anything like you. That's for sure. [Laughing.] Just joking.

CROSBY: [Entering the house.] Where is she? Oh, there she is.

CAMILLE: Here's the little girl.

CROSBY: I've known you longer than your dad has.

ADAM: All right, knock it off. Give it a rest.

CROSBY: Hey, Adam.

ADAM: What?

CROSBY: Can I talk to you about something real quick?

ADAM: Okay.

[Indistinguishable chatter with Camille, Zeek and Kristina as Zeek continues to take photos.]

ZEEK: Get in there.

CAMILLE: She's smiling at me.

[Adam and Crosby move to the dining room.]

ADAM: What, is something wrong?

CROSBY: Jerry Ragavoy is dead.

ADAM: Oh, my God, I'm sorry.

CROSBY: Well, you don't need to be sorry. I don't know him.

ADAM: Who is he?

CROSBY: You don't know who Jerry--he's a huge songwriter. Really, really epic.

ADAM: Okay.

CROSBY: You know, you're in the music industry now, you might want to learn this stuff eventually.

ADAM: All right.

CROSBY: So a bunch of artists are gonna do a tribute album, and one of them wants to record at our studio.

ADAM: Really? That's great. Well, who?

CROSBY: God, I hope you know this name. Cee Lo Green.

ADAM: Cee Lo--yeah. Cee Lo Green.

CROSBY: Oh, good, good, good.

ADAM: Forget you.

CROSBY: Yeah, Forget You. You got it.

ADAM: Dude.

CROSBY: Yeah, dude.

ADAM: This is awesome.

CROSBY: I know. But...

ADAM: We're not ready.

CROSBY: No. Nowhere close to ready. That's what I told the guy, but I wanted to come here and clear it with you before I told the guy no.

ADAM: No, no, no, no, you can't say no.

CROSBY: But we're not ready. You just said it.

ADAM: No, no, we're not ready, but we're gonna be ready. We have to seize the day. This is something that could put us on the map. Okay, Crosby, we can do this. Okay? You remember the lemonade stand? Remember that? We kicked butt. It was winter.

CROSBY: Listen…

ADAM: We have to get him in the recording studio…

CROSBY: I love your enthusiasm…

ADAM: And record there.

CROSBY: We haven't done one thing…

ADAM: We will devote ourselves 24/7. I can do this. You just tell me what needs to be done, I will get it done. If there's one thing I know how to do, it's work.

CROSBY: You just brought a baby home.

ADAM: I know. Okay, but this is an opportunity from the Gods. We do this for the baby. We're doing it for the whole Braverman family. Come on, man. This is amazing.


ADAM: Okay?


ADAM: It's a big deal.

CROSBY: I will try. I will try.

ADAM: This is amazing. Hey, everybody…

CROSBY: No, no, no, no, no. There's no need to tell them.

ADAM: Relax. Relax. Everybody, this is amazing. Okay? Crosby here has arranged for Cee Lo Green...

CAMILLE: Oh, wow.

ADAM: To record at our studio.

CROSBY: No, no, no, maybe.

MAX: Who's Cee Lo Green?

ZEEK: That's wonderful Braverman news.

HADDIE: That's really cool.

ZEEK: Come on. Let's get a shot.

ADAM: I'm excited.

KRISTINA: I'm so tired.

ZEEK: My sons got their first client. Nora Braverman's home. Everybody got to squeeze in a little bit. One, two, three...

CAMILLE: I love it.

ZEEK: Cee lo!

TOGETHER: Cee Lo Green.

[Opening credits - featuring “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan]

[NEW SCENE - Adam dressing in his usual shirt and jeans rushes down the stairs on his way to the kitchen.]

ADAM: [On his cell phone.] Kenny. Kenny. Listen, I appreciate that but tomorrow's still not soon enough, okay? We really need to get that piano in there by the end of today. All right? Yeah. No, I can hold. Happy to hold. Okay.

[Kristina with Nora in a baby sling as she loads the dish washer.]

KRISTINA: Hey, babe.

ADAM: Hey.

KRISTINA: Honey, I thought you guys had a piano.

ADAM: We do. We have an upright, but we need a baby grand. It's a totally different sound. Hey, where is that box of Welsh Spring Water that I got? Remember those?

KRISTINA: It's by the back door. That stuff is really expensive. I was looking at the price tag. I never knew there was Welsh…

ADAM: Yeah, well, you know, here's the deal, honey. You know, it's just, I'm trying to be hip, cutting-edge. We're gonna make all the money back. It's an investment.

KRISTINA: Yup. I would drink it…

HADDIE: Okay, hello, good morning. I'm going to school.


HADDIE: I just want you to know I'm gonna send in my college essay. I just don't want you to freak out later.

KRISTINA: No, you can't do that. I have to look at it first before you send it out.

HADDIE: Do you have time to do that?

KRISTINA: Of course I have time.

ADAM: [Coming back inside, on the phone again.] Ah, I got to get those speakers! That's great, honey. Thank you so much for doing that for her.

HADDIE: Then I'll print it out for you, uh, I don't know, when I get home.

KRISTINA: Just print it out and leave it either on my bed or down here.

HADDIE: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Bye.

KRISTINA: Do you want to take this?

ADAM: All right, we got the piano.


ADAM: I am off to conquer worlds. Okay?

KRISTINA: All right. Very exciting.

ADAM: I don't know when I'm gonna be back. It might be days.

HADDIE: Okay, I'm leaving. Good luck. Tell Cee Lo what's up.

KRISTINA: [To Adam] Love you.

[Quick kiss on the lips.]

ADAM: Thank you so much for doing everything you do here.

KRISTINA: I'm happy to see you like this.

ADAM: ...Little one. [Kissing Nora.] Mwah. You're a Saint.

KRISTINA: I am so happy to do it.

ADAM: Hey, honey, I love ya.

KRISTINA: Proud of you.

ADAM: [Laughs]

[Nora fusses and cries as Kristina looks around the now empty but messy house.]

[NEW SCENE - Julia and Joel at home with Zeek and Camille.]

JULIA: Joel and I are adopting a baby.

[Cheers from Zeek and Camille.]

CAMILLE: Told you. [Laughter]

[They high five each other]

ZEEK: You were right on. I owe her 50 bucks.

CAMILLE: You know I'm gonna collect. That is so cool.

ZEEK: That's better than a promotion.

CAMILLE: So great.

ZEEK: Is it born yet?

JULIA: No, he's um...


JULIA: It's a boy.

CAMILLE: It's a boy.

JOEL: Deliver in a few months.

CAMILLE: So the agency finally came through.

JULIA: Um, no. The agency was not quite very helpful at all.

CAMILLE: You switched agencies.


ZEEK: How'd you get hooked up with the baby then?


JULIA: Um... There is a young woman who works at my office who is pregnant. She actually--she works at the coffee cart. And she is not keeping the baby. And we are adopting it.


JULIA: So it's pretty amazing.

CAMILLE: A coffee cart.

ZEEK: You're getting a baby from a coffee cart. Do you know her?

JOEL: You know what, we…


JOEL: Typically in situations like this, you don't really know anything about the parents at all.

JULIA: Right.

CAMILLE: But the agency knows. Usually. I mean, they know something. They have a background.

ZEEK: Right. Seems a little weird, though, doesn't it?

CAMILLE: It's different.

JULIA: It's not weird.

ZEEK: Well, do you have a contract with her or something?


CAMILLE: But you have an agreement.

JOEL: Yeah.

JULIA: Yeah, yeah. She's agreed to let us adopt her child. Lovely girl. We've had her over here.

ZEEK: She ask you for money?

JULIA: No. We, um... We're covering her medical expenses, which is obviously in our best interest.

ZEEK: And you're sure that she's pregnant?

JULIA: Yeah.

JOEL: What's that supposed to mean?

JULIA: That's a valid question. She's definitely pregnant. She's definitely…

ZEEK: Okay...

JULIA: I've been to the hospital with her.

ZEEK: It's stuff you got to ask, you know.

JOEL: No, we have asked. We're taking care of it. So...

[NEW SCENE - Braverman guesthouse, Mark and Sarah lying on her bed kissing.]

SARAH: What?

MARK: What is that?

SARAH: What?

MARK: Feels like paper. [Gasps] Busted. You've been smoking?


MARK: Is this a new playwright?

SARAH: I can quit anytime I want.

MARK: [Laughing] Smoking in bed, that's pretty serious.

SARAH: They're not mine. So...

MARK: What do you mean?

SARAH: It's...

MARK: Whose are they?

SARAH: Ah, they're Seth's.

MARK: Um...

SARAH: Let me explain.

MARK: Yeah, what do you mean?

[Now both sitting up on the bed.]

SARAH: I was gonna tell you this, and we just got distracted. He got, he was very drunk. He got in a fight. He called me. I went to get him. And he just… I just brought him back here for a couple of hours.

MARK: And he slept here, and where did you sleep?

SARAH: It was just to sober up, and I slept here in my clothes.

MARK: Next to him.

SARAH: Only for a couple of hours. Yeah.

MARK: Okay. Is there something going on with you guys?

SARAH: Oh, my God, no.

MARK: You need to tell me. You can just tell me anything.

SARAH: No. I'm done... Helping him.

MARK: The fact that your ex-husband slept here…

SARAH: Yeah.

MARK: …and you slept there and there's cigarettes, even as a trusting person, just a little hard for me not to get bumped by that.

SARAH: I adore you. I wouldn't...

[NEW SCENE - The Luncheonette, studio tour with Cee Lo Green and his entourage.]

CEE LO GREEN: Show me the place.

CROSBY: Yeah. This is the main studio.


CROSBY: A lot of history here. Smell that?


CROSBY: It smell like Jerry Garcia's socks kind of in the air here.

CEE LO GREEN: [Laughing.] Yeah. You know, it's awesome, and I really, really love this place, man.

ADAM: You know, I'm gonna tell you something cool. Janis Joplin herself recorded in this very room.


ADAM: Yup.

CROSBY: Yeah. I mean, we're gonna record upstairs, which is also a great space. This room isn't set yet.

ADAM: Yeah.

CEE LO GREEN: I have an idea. I want to record in here. It's Janis. Don't you feel it? It's perfect.

CROSBY: Well, do you want to check upstairs out and see if…

CEE LO GREEN: It won't be necessary.

CROSBY: 'Cause that one's really…

MAN 1: [Part of Cee Lo's entourage.] Nah, nah, nah. Nah, nah. The spirit of Janis in the room while he recording? Come on, man. That's that fire right there.

CEE LO GREEN: That's that fire right there.

ADAM: That's that fire.


ADAM: Fire.

CEE LO GREEN: Fire. Adam knows what I'm talking about.

ADAM: [Drawn out.] Fire.

CROSBY: By Wednesday?

ADAM: Yeah. We can get this ready. Sure. Uh-huh.

MAN 2: I was thinking that we'd record on tape to get that classic feel.

ADAM: Sweet.

CROSBY: Yeah, man, I love tape.

ADAM: Tape it is.

CROSBY: I love tape, but, you know, if you want to cut and paste--just throwing it out there.

MAN 1: Dude, dude, dude, this is Cee Lo, man. He going to hit you with a couple straight takes all the way through, and we good, all right?

MAN 2: Tell 'em again.

MAN 1: You guys can handle that?

MAN 2: It's Cee Lo, man.

ADAM: We can handle it. You want to tape it, we're gonna tape it.

CEE LO GREEN: What's my name? What's my name?

ADAM: Cee Lo. [Adam hugs Cee Lo.] We're gonna make it work.

[Overlapping statements and laughter]

CROSBY: All right. [Snapping his fingers.] Girls, Southern Comfort, incense, turkey burgers, chicken wings, drumlets...

[NEW SCENE - The Luncheonette. A short time later, Cee Lo and his entourage have left the studio.]

ADAM: Oh, man. You know, I got to admit, I was a little starstruck. I mean, Cee Lo Green was here. Cee Lo Green…

CROSBY: Really, you were starstruck? I couldn't tell. I mean, 48 hours to get this whole room wired up?

ADAM: We gotta get some pictures of him in the lobby.

CROSBY: Are you kidding? This two-inch machine is 60 years old.

ADAM: Well, isn't that exactly what they're looking for? They're looking for this right here. All right, this is what's gonna deliver that classic sound…

CROSBY: You can't just will this to work. All right? I've done it. I know what I'm talking about.

ADAM: All right. Take a breath. All right? We have to give the customer what he wants. If Cee Lo wants it, we give it to him, because he's got to walk out of this place loving it.

CROSBY: Yeah, I know.

ADAM: All right, so what do you need me to do? Let's make a list. Prioritize. What's the first thing that has to happen?

CROSBY: Start tearing down Studio "A".

ADAM: All right, I'm on it.

[Adam leaves the room.]

CROSBY: [To himself.] Oh, my God.

ADAM: Let's go.

[Crosby looks over the studio thinking what have they got them selves in to.]

CROSBY: You know what, actually don't tear cables out of anything. I'll do it.

[NEW SCENE - Sarah on the steps of the guesthouse typing on her MacBook Pro. She looks up when Seth approches.]

SETH: [Sighs] You're right. I want to get help. I'll go to rehab. Whatever it takes.

[Sarah doesn't say anything as she gets up to hug him.]

SARAH: Okay. Okay.

[NEW SCENE - Morning. Julia reading in her living room, Joel comes down the stairs.]

JOEL: Hey.


JOEL: Wait, why are these out? I thought we were done with these.

JULIA: Um, yeah, I'm just looking again at how the agencies screen the mothers.

JOEL: Does this have anything to do with your dad? 'Cause you know how he gets, honey.

JULIA: I know how he gets, but he had some valid points...

JOEL: Okay.

JULIA: Actually, so...

JOEL: Well you know, all the points that he brought up are points that we actually already covered, so...

JULIA: I just don't want to--I don't want to regret anything. I don't want to do anything stupid.

JOEL: Okay, well, you're not stupid. I'm not stupid. We're not going to do anything stupid.

[Julia nods.]

JULIA: I'm gonna get dressed.

JOEL: Okay.

JULIA: [Sighs]

[NEW SCENE - Ambers apartment.]

DREW: I'm gonna apologize in advance for asking this. Um.

AMBER: Oh, my God. I can't give you drugs.

DREW: Okay. Um... How do you exactly... Kiss someone?

AMBER: [Laughs]

DREW: I should just leave.

AMBER: This is so exciting.

DREW: I should just go.

AMBER: Wait, w-wait. Is it Amy?

DREW: Yeah.

AMBER: You're gonna kiss Amy on the mouth.

DREW: Yes.

AMBER: I'm so excited. Okay, I'm sorry. I mean, is she into it? Like, have there been moments that you feel…

DREW: I feel like yes.


DREW: But I can't--I mean, I'm not positive.

AMBER: Okay, all right, all right. Calm down, calm down.

DREW: How do I gauge what's happening?

AMBER: Okay, I can help you with this.

DREW: All right, I appreciate this.

AMBER: So, first, you know, go kind of, like, sit next to her or something.

DREW: Uh-huh.

AMBER: And put like your leg next to her leg. You know, like, so it's touching a little bit.

DREW: Man, I can't...

AMBER: What? You come to me, you ask me…

DREW: I know, I know.

AMBER: I'm telling you.

DREW: It's just weird, okay.
AMBER: Just listen. So just, like, if she doesn't move her leg, then she's probably into it, okay? So phase two is, you know, you're sitting next to her, and you just kind of want to give her a look.

DREW: It's…

AMBER: You know, and you just kind of keep her eye contact, and, if she doesn't look away, you just kind of... [pretending to kiss]

DREW: No. I can't.

AMBER: Come on.

DREW: Oh, man.

AMBER: I know. I'm sorry. It's a lot easier than it seems. Honestly.

DREW: Yeah.

AMBER: I'm sure she wants to kiss you. And I'm sure it's gonna be great.

DREW: Thank you.

AMBER: No problem.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house, living room. Sarah sits opposite her parents.]

ZEEK: All right, so how many times has he tried to get clean?

SARAH: I don't know. A lot.

ZEEK: [Sighs]

SARAH: This is different.

ZEEK: How? Why?

SARAH: Because every other time he's tried to get sober, he has tried to do it by himself. This time, he's saying he wants help. He's going to rehab.

ZEEK: Oh, man, why aren't we throwing him a party?

SARAH: Okay.

CAMILLE: Well, it is--it is different.

ZEEK: Sarah, he's playing you.

SARAH: He's not.

CAMILLE: Well, that's not fair. Come on. Let's just listen.

SARAH: You know, I don't even owe you an explanation, okay? He's made a decision for himself for his family. He's looked into places. He would be there today, but there's a waiting list at the state facility, and the private facilities are expensive, and he's figuring that out.

ZEEK: Hey, here it comes. Here it is.

SARAH: What is here? What is coming?

ZEEK: He's working you for money.

SARAH: He's not working me for money.

ZEEK: Oh, honey, please. Sarah, my God. Your loser ex-husband shows up after all this time...

SARAH: That's nice.

ZEEK: And, what, he decides he's got to clean up his act, but, oh, there's a problem. "I need some money." So where's he gonna get it from? Gotta come from you.

SARAH: He has not asked me for one penny.

ZEEK: Not yet.

SARAH: I'm done with this. So... [Goes to leave.] And you know what, Dad? Actually, I don't care if you believe in him or not, because I do. I believe he can change. I really do.

[Sarah leaves the house.]

CAMILLE: Damn it. [Gets up and follows Sarah.]

ZEEK: Don't give her any money, Camille.

CAMILLE: I don't have any money.

[NEW SCENE - Haddie arrives home, to a messy house, looks for her mother.]

HADDIE: Hello? Hellooo? Mom. Mama. Mom. Mom. [Finding Kristina asleep on her bed next to Nora.]

KRISTINA: [Snoring]

[Haddie takes her college essay and leaves.]

[NEW SCENE - The Luncheonette.]

ADAM: Have 'em put all the drumming equipment right over here in the corner. All right, you got it? Great. [To Crosby.] Hey. The load in. We're getting there, aren't we?

CROSBY: Yeah. We're gonna be there right as they walk in to record. I don't think this was such a good idea, man.

ADAM: Hey, it was the only idea.

CROSBY: Or we could have told 'em we weren't ready.

ADAM: Well, we're gonna be ready. We have to be ready.

CROSBY: Look, this isn't a job that a monkey can do, you know. I have to be present. I have to make decisions and be mindful, you know. I need to be awake.

ADAM: I know. And we're gonna get all this stuff done, get a sound check in, so you can get some rest before you got to do your thing tomorrow. Okay? [His cell phone rings.] Hey. Honey, how are ya? Is everything okay?

KRISTINA: [At home, sounding tired.] Hey. How are you? I'm just... Just checking in. Everything's fine. I just... wanted to say that we miss you.

ADAM: Oh, I miss you too. How's our little Nora?

KRISTINA: [Giggles] She's great. She's hungry. She just ate again. She's pooping a lot. So do you think you'll be able to come home at all tonight or...?

ADAM: Uh, no. Honey, it's not gonna happen. We're gonna be setting up until they get here. You know, I got a lot to do, and I got to be here for Crosby, so...

KRISTINA: Okay. No problem. I just called to say that I love you and that everything's great.

ADAM: I love you too. Hey, you just tell Nora that I'm doing this for her, okay? She'll understand.

KRISTINA: I will. Bye.

ADAM: Good night.


ADAM: [Sighs]

[NEW SCENE - The Luncheonette. Next day, Cee Lo and his band are set up and rest to record.]

CROSBY: Okay. Here we go. Here we go. [Adjusting the equipment.] All right. And we mark that. Okay.

ADAM: You all set?

CROSBY: Yup. [Into the mike.] Ragavoy tribute, take nine, Cee Lo Green.

ADAM: All right, this is the one.

CEE LO GREEN: One, two, three. Ah.

[Janis Joplin's Piece of My Heart]

CEE LO GREEN: [Singing.] I want you to come on come on, come on come on [Clears throat] Sorry, man.

CROSBY: There a problem?

CEE LO GREEN: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I want to switch this old microphone out. I don't like how it sounds.

CROSBY: Uh, happy to do that. It sounds great in here, though.

ADAM: Yeah, awesome. You were shredding it. It's on fire, burning like a torch.

CEE LO GREEN: I mean, that's cool, but it's got to sound good to me, guys.

MAN 1: I hear what you're saying, Cee Lo.

CEE LO GREEN: Thank you.

CROSBY: Okay. You know, I'll switch it right now.

MAN 1: Yeah, it definitely sounded thin.


ADAM: Said it sounded kind of thin? Yeah. It sounded good, but yeah. [Pause.] Okay, I'm gonna just see if he needs a hand here. [To Crosby.] Hey, this is all normal, right? I mean, it's cool, right?

CROSBY: I don't know what to tell you, okay? Maybe this is normal for him. Maybe it's not. I don't know.

ADAM: So this is not normal? [Going to change the mike.] Okay. Here we go.

KRISTINA: [Sounding tired.] Hey, Haddie.


KRISTINA: Did you take your college essay back?

HADDIE: Yeah, I took it back.

KRISTINA: Oh, well, I wanted to read it.

HADDIE: I took it 'cause you were sleeping on it.

KRISTINA: Oh. Honey, I'm so tired. That's all there is, I'm sleep-deprived. You cannot take that personally.

HADDIE: No. I'm not taking it personally. I know you're really tired. Uh, that's why I didn't ask you to do it.

KRISTINA: I understand, but, Haddie, I want to read it. You know that I want to read it, right?

[The pause hearing Nora crying from the other room.]

HADDIE: Yeah, I know…

KRISTINA: [Whispering.] It's not a big deal.

HADDIE: There's a lot of stuff going on right now, and we don't necessarily have time to do everything we'd like to do.

KRISTINA: I'm gonna get to it. You've got to understand that.

HADDIE: I'm gonna go to the library, okay?

[Kristina lies down on Haddie's bed.]

[NEW SCENE - The Luncheonette.]

CEE LO GREEN: [Singing] You know you got it if it makes you feel good.

CROSBY: [Over the mike.] That was great.

ADAM: Yeah!

CEE LO GREEN: Let's take five.

MAN 1: Let's go talk to him, man.

[The other men leave the mixing room, leaving just Adam and Crosby.]

CROSBY: [Rubbing his eyes.] Mm.

ADAM: What's going on? I thought that sounded great. I mean, if I'm the audience, that was stellar. I don't think we have to go again. I mean, he nailed that from top to bottom. But they got to have another conference. Is this normal for them to…

CROSBY: [Snapping.] Can you stop asking me if everything is normal? I need you to get out of here so I can work, okay? Please!

ADAM: I'm just trying to help out. I'm trying to understand what's going on.

[The men come back.]


MAN 2: We're gonna go again.

ADAM: I just--I got some stuff to do. Excuse me. Excuse me.

CROSBY: We're going again?

MAN 2: Yeah, we'll go again.

CROSBY: [Into Mike.] Ragavoy tribute, take 29. 29. Cee Lo Green.

[NEW SCENE - Julia's house, she is with Sarah in the dining area.]

SARAH: [Sobbing.] I'm so embarrassed. But I just don't know who else to ask. And I did look into the state facilities, you know.

JULIA: Yeah.

SARAH: And there's such a long waiting list, and I really do feel like he's ready, you know. He's so ready to change. He's so full of hope, and, I mean, he wants to change, you know. He really wants to be there for them. And who else does he have, you know? And, what, I'm supposed to watch him go to jail or worse?

JULIA: No. Yeah, no.

SARAH: I mean, he's their dad.

JULIA: We're gonna--we're gonna figure something out.

SARAH: Don't say yes if you don't want to, really. Don't feel like you have to do this right now.

JULIA: No, it's important. It's important. I get it. Of course I'll help.

SARAH: Thank you so much.

JULIA: Of course.

[NEW SCENE - The Luncheonette.]

CROSBY: This is a disaster. They are conferring in there and wanted to do that without me there.

ADAM: Crosby, we can't do that again. We can't lose it in front of the clients, okay? And you can't kick me out of the control booth.

CROSBY: Okay, you know what, that's the least of our worries right now.

ADAM: Well, maybe to you, but to me, it's of vital concern, okay? We are business partners. We're not just brothers, okay? We can't bring that in front of those people…

CROSBY: Look, you got to be sensitive. We are failing in there. Do you understand that? You need to see what's going on here.

[They go to the doorway and watch Cee Lo and his crew.]

CEE LO GREEN: [Talking to his crew.] I don't know, man.

CROSBY: [To Adam] He hasn't liked a single take. I don't know what's wrong. You know, I've done this 100 times.

ADAM: Maybe it's not you. Maybe it's something else.

CEE LO GREEN: I just want to go.

CROSBY: You guys taking a little break?

CEE LO GREEN: No. No. We're done for the day.

ADAM: See you tomorrow.

MAN 2: We'll be in touch.

CROSBY: Well, I think we were probably just fired.

[NEW SCENE - Night, Mark is driving with Sarah in the passengers seat, they look at each other.]

MARK: What?

SARAH: Mark.

MARK: Yeah?

SARAH: Seth's gonna go into rehab, he told me.

MARK: Okay. Um... Well, that's good. That's great.

SARAH: Yeah.

MARK: And great for your kids too.

SARAH: Yeah, I think he's really trying to be there for them.

MARK: What does that mean? For you, I mean? Is he trying to be there for you too?

SARAH: I'll see him through it.

MARK: Okay.

SARAH: What do you think of that?

MARK: I don't know. I understand why you... need to get involved, and I-I mean, I would expect nothing less of you.


MARK: I don't like it.

[NEW SCENE - Morning. The luncheonette. Adam comes into the studio where Crosby is sitting.]

ADAM: Good morning.

CROSBY: Good morning.

ADAM: Well, what's the word? Are we fired yet?

CROSBY: Yeah, I don't think they're coming back, Adam.

ADAM: That how they do it? They just don't show up? Is that how we're gonna get fired?

[They make their way to the lobby area and sit at the bar.]

CROSBY: No, maybe they'll call us or they'll probably just send an assistant down to grab all their equipment. I mean--I mean, ugh. Who knows? Oh, man.

ADAM: All right, well, so that's it then.

CROSBY: I'm so sorry. I feel like I let you down and your whole family and the new baby.

ADAM: We'll get other musicians in here to record. We weren't ready. But you know what we did? We gave it our all. And that's all anybody can do ever. Learn from your mistakes. We hit a little bump.

[Adam gets a carton of lemonade out of the refrigerator.]

CROSBY: [Smiling.] What's this?

[He pours 2 glasses.]

ADAM: Well, I got this so that we could toast wrapping up this job. Guess we're just having it a little earlier than I thought we would. To the lemonade stand.

CROSBY: To the Luncheonette.

[Cee Lo and his crew enter.]

CEE LO GREEN: Yo. Good morning.


MAN 1: What's up, guys?

ADAM: How are ya?

CROSBY: All right.

CEE LO GREEN: You guys ready to hit it again?

ADAM: Any time you want. We're ready to go.

CROSBY: Oh, yes.

CEE LO GREEN: Yesterday was kind of like a suck ass day, man.

ADAM: Yeah.

CROSBY: Yeah [Laughing.]

CEE LO GREEN: I was kind of caught up in trying to do it like Janis, and I really wasn't feeling that.

ADAM: Right.

CEE LO GREEN: But I found this other approach to it. Erma Franklin's version. Have you ever heard that?

CROSBY: Yeah, yeah. It's a little more soul.

CEE LO GREEN: Exactly.

CROSBY: Yeah, yeah.

CEE LO GREEN: It's my thing, so we'll try that today.

CROSBY: That's gonna be good.

CEE LO GREEN: All right, cool, so I'll see y'all in there.

ADAM: Yeah.

CROSBY: All right.

ADAM: Cool.

CROSBY: Peace.

ADAM: Good to see you, gentlemen. [To Crosby] Oh, man. Listen to me.


ADAM: Don't worry about my family here ever, okay? We are business partners here. That is not your responsibility. You just got to go in there and make great music.


ADAM: All right. Kick ass.

[Crosby leaves for a moment before returning.]

CROSBY: Yeah, hold on. Hey, Adam.

ADAM: Yeah.

CROSBY: I need you, man.

[Adam smiles, leaves his lemonade and joins Crosby in the studio.]

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house, dining table. Zeek, Camille, Julia, Joel and Sarah.]

ZEEK: [Grumbles]


JOEL: No way. She's really out, right?

JULIA: She is knocked out.

ZEEK: Hey.


ZEEK: Oh, wait a minute

JULIA: She's asleep…

ZEEK: I got to propose a toast here if you don't mind. Get ready.

JULIA: Get ready.

ZEEK: Kristina and Nora. Okay, they're not here.


ZEEK: And to Adam and Crosby and their new business venture.

JULIA: Of course.

SARAH: What about Jabbar?

CAMILLE: Cheers.

JOEL: And to the rest of 'em. There's other people, but they're irrelevant.

JULIA: Thank you for dinner in advance.

ZEEK: You're welcome. Oh.

[Overlapping conversations.]

SARAH: I didn't know about the absent people toast.

JOEL: Yeah.

SARAH: If you're not here then who knows about it?

JOEL: That's a whole side of him...

CAMILLE: [To Julia.] So Sydney was really, really wiped out.

SARAH: I'm so hungry.

JOEL: [To Sarah.] By the way...

JULIA: It's softball.

JOEL: She told me about the thing, and we are happy, more than happy, to help out.

SARAH: [To realising at first.] Oh. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

JOEL: Anyway, we're...




SARAH: Nothing, Mom. Nothing.

ZEEK: It's a secret. Is it a secret?

CAMILLE: Seems like it.

ZEEK: Come on.

JULIA: Oh my.

ZEEK: Oh, there is something going on. What's happening?

JULIA: This is junior high.

ZEEK: No, I want to know what's going on. What's up?

JOEL: [To Sarah.] I'm sorry.

SARAH: Mom and Dad, Joel and Julia are giving me money to put Seth in rehab.

ZEEK: Are you kidding?


ZEEK: Why? I mean...wait a minute.

SARAH: Dad, this is how I'm handling it.

ZEEK: What the hell did he ever do for you? You're kidding, right? I mean, after we talked, Sarah. This is what you're--he didn't ask you for money? Julia, you can't give this guy money.

JOEL: Zeek. That's enough. I respect that you're trying to protect your family. I understand that. I do. But you have to respect the decision that my sister-in-law made here. You raised two smart, wonderful girls. And this one, I mean, she's opened her heart here. And anytime you do that, it's the right choice. And, you know what, even if you're not comfortable with it, we're gonna give money to whoever we want. And we're gonna adopt from whomever we want however we want. And you're gonna have to be okay with that.

[NEW SCENE - The Luncheonette. Cee Lo is singing Piece of My Heart and everyone is loving it.]

[As he finishes there is applause.]


[Cheers and applause, Cee Lo give the thumbs up.]

CROSBY: We have it, come on. Yeah, we got that.

[NEW SCENE - Early morning, Adam returning home.]

KRISTINA: Nora, come on, burp, honey. Can you burp?

NORA: [Murmurs]

ADAM: Hey.


ADAM: You're up.

KRISTINA: I'm up. I'm sort of up.

ADAM: Ah. I'm finally finished. Honey, it was great. [Kristina hands Nora to Adam.] Oh.

KRISTINA: She didn't burp.

ADAM: I got her.

KRISTINA: So try to get her to burp a little bit.

ADAM: Honey, it was fantastic.

KRISTINA: Good job.

ADAM: I think this recording studio is going to work, you know.

KRISTINA: I think so.

ADAM: All right.

KRISTINA: I gotta go lay down.

ADAM: All right. I got her.

KRISTINA: I got to lay down.

ADAM: Okay.

KRISTINA: Just for a little bit.

ADAM: I got her honey. Get some rest. Come on.

[On her way up the stairs Kristina pickup up a hand puppet laying on the banister.]

NORA: [Burps]

ADAM: Ah. There we go. You mind if I use this? [Puts on a neck pillow.] See if we can get some sleep, huh?

[NEW SCENE - Haddie's room. Kristina enters, sheep puppet on hand.]

KRISTINA: Haddie. [Laughs]

HADDIE: Mm-hmm. I'm awake. I'm just laying here.

KRISTINA: [Sighs she sits on her bed.] I read your essay.

HADDIE: We don't have to talk about it. It's fine.

KRISTINA: It's awesome. It's really, really awesome. [Laughs]

HADDIE: I'm glad you like it.

KRISTINA: You should be really proud of yourself.

HADDIE: Thanks. Thank you.


HADDIE: I feel good about myself. Do you have notes?

KRISTINA: I don't really have any notes.


KRISTINA: Not a note. Not even one. It's that good. I'm sorry it took me so long to read it, you know.

HADDIE: It's okay. Sorry that I got upset. I guess I just miss you a little bit.

KRISTINA: I miss you too, kiddo. [Lies down.] Oh, babe. I love you.

HADDIE: I love you too.


[Kristina has the puppet on her hand. Haddie murmurs something.]

HADDIE: The alarm didn't go off yet, right?

KRISTINA: A few more minutes.

HADDIE: Two or three minutes.

[NEW SCENE - Morning, Braverman kitchen, Amy and Drew are mixing a smoothie.]

AMY: Do you like mango?

DREW: I hope. I've never actually eaten it, so...

AMY: My mom's allergic to mango. I mean, I'm not.

DREW: Should we--do we want these?

AMY: I don't know. Do you like blueberries?

DREW: I mean, we may as well, right? Just for the color.

AMY: Yes.

DREW: All right.

AMY: That's gonna be one big, blue smoothie.

DREW: Yeah. [Looking at Amy he can't take his eyes off her.]

AMY: Okay, so we have blueberries, bananas, mango, yogurt, and we need... A bowl of fresh strawberries.

[Drew seizes the moment and moves in for the kiss, Amy likes it, touching his neck.]

[NEW SCENE - Later outside Drew and Amber walk towards the Braverman guesthouse.]

AMBER: This can't be about me. She can't get me in trouble. I don't even live here.

DREW: Why would she need a talk?

AMBER: I mean, I am nervous, though. What did you do, you perv?

DREW: Nothing.

AMBER: Did you do something wrong?

DREW: Hey, I made eye contact, took your advice.

AMBER: How did it go?

DREW: It went well.

AMBER: Did you get a kiss?

DREW: To say the least. Yeah.

AMBER: My little brother got a big kiss.

DREW: Maybe that's what she called the meeting for.

[They are stopped in their tracks as Seth opens the guesthouse door.]


SETH: Hi, son.

[NEW SCENE - Short time later, inside they are all seated. Drew and Amber on chairs opposite their parents on the couch.]

SETH: [Sighs] It's been a long time coming. I know that, and I'm sorry. But your mom's helped me come to an important decision in my life, and I want to tell you about it. I'm gonna go to rehab, and I know it's gonna be a long, hard road. It's gonna be difficult. But I'm gonna do it. And I need your support. And we can get through this. As a family.

[Seth and Sarah holding hands, the kids are speechless as the screen fades to black.]

Episode End
3.06 - Tales from the Luncheonette
Original Airdate (NBC) October 18, 2011
Written by Kerry Ehrin
Directed by Allison Liddi-Brown

Transcribed by Craig Best
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