3.05 - Nora
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[Opening scene - Max is sitting at the bottom of the staircase, while Adam and Kristina talking to him.]

MAX: So I don't get lunch?

KRISTINA: No, honey, you get lunch. You just--you have to eat in a classroom. That's all.

MAX: I'll be alone?

ADAM: Yeah, but it's just one week during lunch. One week lunch detention, then it's over.

KRISTINA: Yeah, and they also want you to write a letter of apology to Jabbar. Just a quick letter.

MAX: What's Jabbar's punishment?

KRISTINA: I--I think he might have a different punishment than you.

MAX: So he doesn't get detention?



MAX: Does he have to write me a letter?

KRISTINA: No, honey, he doesn't have to write you a letter.

MAX: He hit me first.

ADAM: Max, I know it doesn't make sense, but the reason that they're doing this is because you're in the fifth grade. He's in the second grade, and they want you, as the older kid, to set a good example.

KRISTINA: You're older, and that's the reason…

MAX: It's not fair! This isn't fair! He hit me first, and then I get lunch detention? What genius thought that up?

ADAM: You're right to be angry, okay? Sometimes in life things happen, and you just, this is one of those things where you just gotta suck it up and do it.

MAX: Suck what up?

ADAM: Ah, it's just an expression.

MAX: Don't use expressions. You know I hate expressions.

ADAM: Okay, just--it means it's something you have to do whether you like it or not. You just have to do it.

KRISTINA: It's just a week.

KRISTINA: Honey, we're sorry. We're so sorry.

[Max sobs, Adam sit next to him but Max pushes him away.]

ADAM: Max. Buddy, hey.

KRISTINA: It's okay.

MAX: [Sobs]

[NEW SCENE - Night-time, unknown street outside restaurant.]

CROSBY: Now, look, I know a lot of guys would have valeted on a first date. But I'm not gonna pass up a spot like that. And I just saved six bucks. Pretty good, huh? And when all the other idiots are waiting for their car, we're just gonna zip out, fast getaway.

TUF: You are so financially responsible and smart.

CROSBY: Thank you. Well, I try. I think that's a good quality of mine actually.

TUF: I think it's a great quality.

[Crosby sees Jasmine exiting the restaurant.]



CROSBY: What are you, uh… [Sees her date.] oh, wow. Okay. Um…

JASMINE: You remember doctor…

CROSBY: Yeah, Dr. Prestidge. What a coincidence.

TUF: Hi, I'm Tuf.


TUF: Yeah.

JASMINE: Tuf, hi. Jasmine.

DR. JOE: Hey.

TUF: Tuf.

DR. JOE: Nice to meet you. You guys gonna eat?

CROSBY: That's the plan, yeah. [Seeing his car pull up.] This you?

DR. JOE: Yeah.

CROSBY: Oh, man, that's, uh--that's nice.

DR. JOE: Thanks.

JASMINE: See you later.


[Dr. Joe opens the car door for Jasmine.]

JASMINE: Thank you.

DR. JOE: Voila.

[NEW SCENE - Night-time, Sarah and Mark pull up outside the Braverman house and get out of his Jeep.]

SARAH: He doesn't say, "I knew it was you."

MARK: I know…

SARAH: He says, "I know it was you, Fredo."

MARK: Well, then he should have said, "and you are breaking my heart."

SARAH: Oh, my God.

MARK: I mean he didn't have to…

SARAH: I can't believe you're getting it wrong.

MARK: I just and to say…

SARAH: He says, "I know it was you, Fredo…”

MARK: I said…

SARAH: “You broke my heart.”

MARK: Listen to me…

SARAH: “You broke my heart."

MARK: [Holding her head with his hands.] And holds… [And kisses her.] he goes like this…

[They hear a sound from outside the guesthouse.]

SETH: [Sounding drunk.] Hello, you two. [He waves.] Hey.

SARAH: [Stunned.] Hi.

MARK: Who is that?

SARAH: Just give me a second. [To Seth.] Hi.

SETH: Hey.

SARAH: What's going on?

SETH: Just--nothing. I'm hanging out in town.

SARAH: Back in town, huh?

SETH: Wanted to hang, you know, like the old days. Get the music out and play guitars and just, you know, hang out and sing. You got a guitar in there?

SARAH: You're drunk.

SETH: No, I'm not. [To Mark.] Hey, Captain Morgan, why don't you just give us a little minute here, huh?

SARAH: Come here. Come over here and talk to me.

SETH: I had a drink.

SARAH: I can't believe you're drunk.

SETH: I had one drink.

SARAH: What happened, Seth? What happened?

SETH: I quit the band.


SETH: Well, they fired me, but then I quit.

SARAH: Seth, you gotta go.

SETH: Oh, man, why, 'cause I'm interrupting your time with your boy toy. Hey, Captain, I told you to give us some privacy.

SARAH: Don't talk to him. Listen to me. Listen, why don't I call you a cab, okay, and you can just go?

SETH: I got nowhere to go, all right? I'm staying at this hotel. I got--I couldn't get my credit card into the thing, so...

[Zeek approches from the main house.]

SARAH: Do you need money?

SETH: I got money in the bank.

SARAH: Okay, well, what was your plan? What are you gonna do?

SETH: I just need a place to crash.

ZEEK: Sarah, what the hell is going on?

SETH: Oh, God.

SARAH: Oh, God.

SETH: Papa bear.

SARAH: Dad, I got it.

ZEEK: The hell you do.

SARAH: Dad, it's okay.

ZEEK: No, it's not okay.

SETH: Papa bear.

SARAH: No, it's, uh…

SETH: Hey, why don't you mind your own business, old man? [Steps towards Zeek.]

SARAH: Hey, hey, hey, no!

[Seth falls to the ground drunk.]

ZEEK: Get the hell outta here! You want Drew to see you now, you drunken…

SARAH: Dad, please, please I got it under control!

ZEEK: Get your ass outta here now! Go on!

SARAH: Drew's gonna hear.

[Seth gets to his feet.]

ZEEK: I'm talking to you.

SARAH: You guys, no, no. Stop.

ZEEK: Get off my property son. [Seth stands his ground.] Come on.

SETH: Okay, I'm leaving.

ZEEK: Yeah, let me see.

SARAH: Dad, he's drunk. He needs a cab.

SETH: I can walk.

ZEEK: Son of a bitch.

[Zeek goes back inside as Seth walks off.]

SARAH: Sorry.

MARK: That's okay. That's Seth? That's your ex-husband I'm assuming.

SARAH: Really sorry.

MARK: No, no, no, it's fine. You don't think I look like Captain Morgan, do you? The rum pirate guy? He has curly things and a longer… come here.

[He hugs Sarah.]

[Opening credits - featuring “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan]

[NEW SCENE - Julia's office, Zoe is seated on her couch, breathing heavily, Julia enters.]


ZOE: Hi.

JULIA: Okay, what's going on?

ZOE: Uh, nothing. I'm fine.

JULIA: When did this start?

ZOE: What?

JULIA: How long has it been happening?

ZOE: Um, I've just had a cramp for the last couple of hours.

JULIA: Couple hours straight?

ZOE: Like every ten minutes.

JULIA: How long does it last?

ZOE: For, like, two minutes.

JULIA: Mm-hmm.

ZOE: I think it's just gas.

JULIA: Okay.


JULIA: That's okay.

ZOE: I'll get out of your hair.

JULIA: Don't worry about it. Okay.

[Zoe starts to stand but exhales deeply and sits back down.]

JULIA: Okay, we're going to the hospital.

ZOE: I can't--I can't go to the hospital. I'm not going to the hospital. I'll get fired.

JULIA: You can't get fired for this. [Helping her up.] And you are definitely going to the hospital.

[NEW SCENE - Hallway outside Ambers apartment.]

KRISTINA: [Through the intercom.] Hello?

AMBER: Yeah?

KRISTINA: Hey, Amber, it's Aunt Kristina. Hi, honey.


KRISTINA: I just wanted to see if I could talk to you for one second.

AMBER: Hang on, let me…

KRISTINA: Oh, hey.

AMBER: [Sleepy.] Hey.

KRISTINA: I woke you up, didn't I?

AMBER: No, no, I just--I just got up.

KRISTINA: Can I come in for a second?

AMBER: Yes, of course.

KRISTINA: I was gonna call you, and then I thought, well, I'll just come over and say hello. I haven't seen this place yet. It's beautiful. Very cool. Very, very cool first apartment.

AMBER: Thanks.

KRISTINA: Just wanted to ask you a little--sort of a weird favor.

AMBER: Are you okay? Do you wanna sit down? You should sit.

KRISTINA: Yeah, just for a second.

AMBER: Here. Please. Let me see if I can, clean glass.

KRISTINA: Amber, you know the thing that happened with Max and Jabbar at school?


KRISTINA: They got into a big fight. And now his detention is that he has to spend an hour alone for this week at lunchtime by himself.

AMBER: That's extreme.

KRISTINA: I was wondering maybe if you could just go and just sit with him for an hour?

AMBER: Sit in--sit with him in…

KRISTINA: His classroom.

AMBER: In his classroom.

KRISTINA: I already cleared it with school, and they said it would be fine. And just to make him feel comfortable, because I can't be there.

AMBER: I'm just--I'm nervous because I haven't spent as much time with him. I don't know him as well. I mean, I'm not even sure he'd be comfortable with me being there.


AMBER: Am I really equipped to…

KRISTINA: You are. You're family. And basically I don't have any other options right now. So if you can help me with this…

AMBER: There it is.

KRISTINA: No, Amber, I swear, I would ask you anyway, but…

AMBER: Please, I'm not offended.

KRISTINA: So, um, he has to write a letter of apology to Jabbar.

AMBER: Right.

KRISTINA: And he doesn't want to do it. He's gonna be really defiant about it…

AMBER: Okay.

KRISTINA: …and kind of, I don't know, standoffish…

AMBER: Standoffish.

KRISTINA: …but I really need you to persist and, and get through to him.

AMBER: Of course.

KRISTINA: You'll do it?

AMBER: Of course. It'll be fun.

KRISTINA: Today at noon.

AMBER: Today at noon, okay.

KRISTINA: I love you.

AMBER: Love you too.

KRISTINA: You have a good day, and call me for anything. And just be persistent with him. Okay, persist.

AMBER: Persist.

KRISTINA: Okay. Bye.

[NEW SCENE - Adam and Crosby on the street about to enter their new studio, the Luncheonette.]

CROSBY: I asked her point blank, "What if this Dr. Joe asked you on a date?"

ADAM: Yeah.

CROSBY: Wanted to go out for dinner? She said, "no way."

ADAM: Right.

CROSBY: And where would I run into her? At a place where they just had dinner.

ADAM: Really?

CROSBY: On a date.

ADAM: Huh.

CROSBY: Textbook date. I mean, how unprofessional is this guy?

ADAM: You know what that sounds like?

CROSBY: He's dating his patients? That's where he's pulling from?

ADAM: That sounds like she changed her mind.

[Adam unlocks the door and they enter.]

CROSBY: Well, clearly she changed her mind. I would never do that.

ADAM: Yeah, well, tell you what, why don't we do a little work, get your mind off it, okay? You said you were gonna fix that board in studio "A."

CROSBY: What, are you gonna watch in a recliner or…

ADAM: No, I'm gonna be working on that contract for the meeting on Friday.

CROSBY: The contract?

ADAM: Yeah, for the meeting with Mister R.A.Y.

CROSBY: Mistah R.A.Y.

ADAM: Mister R.A.Y.

CROSBY: Mistah.

ADAM: Mistah.

CROSBY: You're saying mister.

ADAM: Mistah.


ADAM: [Deep-voiced] Mistah. Mistah R.A.Y.

CROSBY: Ah-ha.

ADAM: Mistah R-A-Y. R.A.Y.

CROSBY: You don't have to use to a different voice when you say Mistah.

ADAM: Mistah R.A.Y. are you ready to lay down some sweet tracks with Dr. Cros?

CROSBY: That's great. He's gonna love that.

ADAM: [Laughing.]

CROSBY: On the topic of your hipness…

ADAM: Yeah.

CROSBY: …do you think maybe on Friday you could go untucked? Maybe drop a button or so? Just hip it up a little?

ADAM: Hip it up?

CROSBY: You know, just you don't wanna go in there looking like a tax auditor. You follow me?

ADAM: Alright. Yeah, okay.

CROSBY: Yeah. Great.

ADAM: Okay, okay. Hip it up. Well, why don't you go work on that soundboard? I'm gonna review this contract and get some work done.

CROSBY: No, no, Adam, you cannot bring the contract there on Friday, okay?

ADAM: Why not?

CROSBY: We gotta go there--the meeting's about us convincing him to record here. Not about contracts.

ADAM: What are you talking about? Crosby, you told me that Mistah R.A.Y. was gonna record his next album here at The Luncheonette. You told me this. It's a part of our business…

CROSBY: And he is going to.

ADAM: This is the money that we're counting on when we go and we find other people to record here.

CROSBY: Adam, you're getting all revved up, and you don't really know what you're talking about.

ADAM: Oh, I don't? I don't know when you lie to me? I know when you lie to me. You can't do this if we're gonna be in business together. You can't lie to me.

CROSBY: You're gonna have to trust me. Friday is gonna be fine. He loves me. I'm gonna lock the whole thing down. You just need to relax and chill out on the contracts.

ADAM: Well, I thought that we had this locked in.

CROSBY: We have it locked in, okay? I'm gonna go work on studio "A."

ADAM: Okay, good. I'm bringing the contract.

CROSBY: Oh, great, 'cause he's not gonna want to see it.

[Crosby leaves the room, leaving Adam talking to himself.]

ADAM: I'm gonna hip it up. I'm gonna call him Mistah R.A.Y. So that I don't embarrass my little brother 'cause I'm not cool. I'm not hip enough. Hip it up. [Sighs]

[NEW SCENE - Amber sitting with Max in the empty class room at lunch time.]

AMBER: Mmm, how's that squishy cold sandwich?

MAX: Good.

AMBER: Okay. Oh, cool, is this--is this about beetles? Oh, look at that one's nose.

MAX: I don't wanna talk.

AMBER: [Taps table] Hey, you know what, we should probably start working on that apology to Jabbar maybe.

MAX: No.

AMBER: Okay, but, you know, you have to, so maybe…

MAX: He hit me first. I have nothing to apologize for.

AMBER: Okay. I actually understand that, but, you know, the principal says you gotta do it, so…

MAX: I'm not doing it.

AMBER: You know, your mom actually asked me…

MAX: I'm not apologizing.

AMBER: Great.

MAX: No cell phones.

AMBER: Thank you.

[NEW SCENE - Hospital, Julia enters Zoe's room.]


ZOE: Hey.

JULIA: Found the doctor. You are perfectly healthy, and so is the baby.

ZOE: Okay, and the contractions?

JULIA: Braxton Hicks.

ZOE: Who?

JULIA: It's very common early false contractions. You're fine.

ZOE: Okay.

JULIA: They do wanna keep you overnight though. Got you a little present. Toothbrush, toothpaste. I'm gonna put these here by the sink. And you have my cell if you need anything.

ZOE: That's okay. It's really, really late. So you can go. I mean, I'm totally fine.

JULIA: Yes, okay. You get some rest, okay?

ZOE: Okay. Thanks.

JULIA: All right. Um, are you expecting anyone?

ZOE: Um, Troy's working the late shift tonight, so...

JULIA: Troy?

ZOE: That's my boyfriend.

JULIA: Okay. And your folks?

ZOE: They were--they live really far.

JULIA: Okay.

VOICE: [On television] You have 75 minutes.... Starting now.

JULIA: Is this Cupcake Wars?

ZOE: I don't know. Do I look like I watch Cupcake Wars?

JULIA: Well, I gotta tell you something, I do. It's one of my favorite shows. [Moves a chair to sit down and watch.] Turn it up. [Hands Zoe the remote.]

ZOE: Are you serious?

JULIA: I'm serious. Yeah.

VOICE: [On television] It's a guava cake with cheesecake filling. Pipe the cheesecake filling inside the cupcake before we bake it. Topped with cream cheese icing and rolled in Graham cracker crumbs, decorated with two white chocolate leaves. The third cupcake is a…

[NEW SCENE - Adam trying on clothes in his bedroom, “Click Click Pow” by Lexicon plays loudly.]

SONG: That your crews lack and go who dat? You know the name type it in caps the life of the party with straws and we siphon the pabst drunk as a bum canoga brown bag it and blaze fraggin' your regiment, rip every dragon I slay off of respect I step like I'm walking on props so high that when I drop rhymes…

KRISTINA: [Entering room.] Hey.

ADAM: [Laughs]

KRISTINA: Sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt.

ADAM: [Turns the volume down.] No, no, no.

KRISTINA: What are you wearing?

ADAM: What do you think?

KRISTINA: I don't know.

ADAM: I'm just--I'm putting together some different looks, 'cause Crosby asked me to hip it up for this meeting.

KRISTINA: [Covering her eyes.] Stop and--to hip it up?

ADAM: Kinda fit in.

KRISTINA: You can't wear that.

ADAM: Why?

KRISTINA: It's awful.

ADAM: I know it's a little dim sum, but it's clean.

KRISTINA: [Laughs] Honey--Honey, why don't you just wear a suit?

ADAM: I can't wear a suit. I gotta try and fit in with these guys. You know, we gotta try and land this account.


ADAM: You know, this is important. We want to get these guys in the recording studio.

KRISTINA: Wait a second, wait a second.

ADAM: What?

KRISTINA: You landed the account.

ADAM: Ah, well, not exactly.

KRISTINA: What do you mean?


KRISTINA: You said that you had the account.

ADAM: I thought we did.

KRISTINA: Did Crosby lie to you?

ADAM: He exaggerated.

KRISTINA: No, no, that's a lie, Adam. He lied. Just say it, he lied.

ADAM: Okay.

KRISTINA: Okay, you know what, Adam, I'm really trying to have patience with your brother. I really am.

ADAM: Yeah I know.

KRISTINA: I mean, this is ridiculous. He's having you wear these…

ADAM: I know, I'm trying.


ADAM: Listen, okay, I know that my brother does a lot of stupid things, okay? But this recording studio was a good idea, okay? And I'm not just his brother right now. I'm his business partner. Okay, so I need you to be on our side. Can you do that?


ADAM: And I'm just trying to figure out an outfit that's not gonna be, you know, too much but is gonna help.

KRISTINA: That ain't it.

ADAM: Wow, this is just awful.

KRISTINA: That's hideous.

ADAM: That's bad.

KRISTINA: I'm out. [Leaves the room.]

ADAM: Did you get me this?

KRISTINA: Hideous. I never got that for you. Think your mom did.

ADAM: All right.

[NEW SCENE - Classroom with Max and Amber, she has some Tootsie Rolls.]

AMBER: All right, I'll sit here and eat the whole bag. I don't care.

MAX: Okay, I'll do it.

AMBER: All right. With feeling.

MAX: Jabbar, I'm very sorry for hitting you.

AMBER: Okay. Now like you mean it for two.

MAX: I did.

AMBER: Really?

MAX: Yes.

AMBER: Okay, how 'bout this, I'm gonna say it two times, and you can tell me which one you think means more, okay?

MAX: Okay.

AMBER: Jabbar, I'm very sorry for hitting you. Or... Jabbar, I'm very sorry for hitting you. Okay, which one means more?

MAX: I'm not sure.


MAX: Which one?

AMBER: You really can't tell which one means more?

MAX: No. Can I have a Tootsie Roll?

[Amber tosses him one.]

[NEW SCENE - Julia arrives home with Zoe.]

JULIA: - Hi.

JOEL: Hey!

SYDNEY: Hi, mommy.

JOEL: You're just in time. I got some great asparagus at the Farmer's Market, and this girl is making--what's the soup again?

SYDNEY: Pink, purple, polka dot soup.


JOEL: Polka dot soup.

JULIA: That sounds delicious.

[Kisses Joel.]

JOEL: This girl--it's the polka dot that's delicious.

[He sees Zoe.]

JULIA: Zoe, this is Joel.


ZOE: Hey.

JULIA: This is Sydney. [She kisses her daughter.] Mwah. You guys, this is Zoe. She's staying with us for dinner. I'm gonna grab some stuff out of the car.

JOEL: Okay. Hey, nice to meet you.

ZOE: Hey, sweet house.

JOEL: Oh, thank you. I'm just gonna help her with the groceries. I'll be right back.

ZOE: Okay.

SYDNEY: Wanna play with me?

ZOE: Uh... Yeah, what the hell.

[NEW SCENE - Outside the house.]

JOEL: Hey.

JULIA: I know. I know, I know. I just--I couldn't drop her off alone at her apartment. She had kind of a bad scare. Her boyfriend seems like a jerk. She couldn't even call her mother.

JOEL: Oh, okay.

JULIA: So she's gonna get back on her feet in the morning.

JOEL: Wait, the morning? The morning? She's spending the night?

JULIA: Yeah, it's one night.

JOEL: I'm glad we discussed this.

[NEW SCENE - Jasmine's apartment, she opens the door and lets Crosby in.]


CROSBY: Oh, hey. So, uh, looks like we're gonna have to get another pediatrician, huh?

JASMINE: Didn't we agree that we were seeing people? What's the problem?

CROSBY: Yeah, people. Not our son's pediatrician.

JASMINE: Oh, okay, so now we're judging each other choices here? How's Tuf?

CROSBY: Oh, Tuf.

JASMINE: Yeah, Tuf.

CROSBY: Well, if Jabbar has a fever of 102, do you have to call Tuf? That's the difference. I have to call your boyfriend if my kid's sick. You can keep dating him, but we have to get another doctor.

JASMINE: Okay, look, I understand, okay? I understand that this is a bump for you. I get it, I do.

CROSBY: Okay. Thank you. [Sits down.] You can pick whoever you want to take him to.

JASMINE: Whoa, let me finish. He's the most sought-after pediatrician in the area.

CROSBY: [Mumbles]

JASMINE: No, really. Kristina said that his waiting list is, like, six-month long.

CROSBY: Why were you talking to Kristina about him?

JASMINE: 'Cause she called me because she needed my help to get an appointment with him.

CROSBY: What'd you say?

JASMINE: What do you think I said? I said of course I'd help. I called him, I asked, and now they're all set up.

CROSBY: Oh great, great. Yeah.

JASMINE: When the baby's born, like, they're good.

CROSBY: That's awesome. You should call Julia and see if Sydney'd like to go to him too. You know, maybe get the whole Braverman clan...

JASMINE: Crosby!

CROSBY: With Dr. Joe as their main physician.

JASMINE: Where are you going?

CROSBY: I'm gonna try to drum up more business for Dr. Joe. [Slams the door shut as he leaves.]

[NEW SCENE - Sarah visiting Mark at school, she enters his empty classroom.]


MARK: Hi. Hi, how are you?

SARAH: How have your last 24 hours been?

MARK: They've been good.

SARAH: That was a good date.

MARK: It was a good date. Started off perfect.

[They move closer.]



[They kiss.]

SARAH: I'm sorry it was like The Jerry Springer Show at my house.

MARK: You don't have to, apologize.

SARAH: It's just, uh…

MARK: I'm.

SARAH: I'm Sorry.

MARK: It's okay.

SARAH: Just so you know, he's been doing great for a long time. He slipped.

MARK: Okay, so that was--okay. That makes sense. I wasn't sure if that was, like, a thing that happens, but he's been sober for a good chunk of time?

SARAH: Yeah. Look, it's, um... It's a choice I made 20 years ago that I'll live with the rest of my life. And at times he's been really great, you know? And even when he's not great, he's still family.

MARK: Yeah, I understand that. I mean, everyone has members of their family that are difficult to deal with for one reason or another.

SARAH: Do you?

MARK: Yeah.

SARAH: Like--like who's--Who in your family is the…

MARK: Yeah, I mean, like…

SARAH: You don't really have one, do you?

MARK: I'm sure I do, I'm sure I do. But no, I mean, the point is that at least I understand. I've read a lot of books about people, you know.

SARAH: Um... [Raises her hand.]

MARK: Sarah Braverman.

SARAH: I've just wanted to do that since I came in. [Mark Laughs.] Mr. Cyr.

MARK: Yes?

SARAH: Did what you see make you want to run away? 'Cause I would understand if it did.

MARK: [Shakes his head.] No.


MARK: No, I do not want to run away.

SARAH: Good.

MARK: Yeah.

[NEW SCENE - Morning at the Graham house, Sydney is painting Joel's fingernails. Julia is cooking.]

SYDNEY: It needs some... more of that...

JOEL: Ooh, more sparkle. Do you think it's the right shade on me though?


JULIA: I think so too.

JOEL: I think it's gonna go with the new sander.

[Zoe, listens to the perfect family from the other room before entering.]

JULIA: Oh, you've got a purple sander?

SYDNEY: You know, I really think purple is your color.

JULIA: These are turning out good. Should I make more, do you think?

JOEL: Oh, yeah.


JULIA: Morning.

SYDNEY: Hi, Zoe.

ZOE: Hey.

JOEL: How are you?

ZOE: Morning. Good.

JULIA: Look, we've got another sleepyhead in the house.

JOEL: Yeah, you beat her. That's a pretty big accomplishment.

SYDNEY: That's, like, pretty hard.

ZOE: Are you getting your nails painted?

JOEL: No. Why? Oh, God, how'd this happen?

ZOE: Purple, huh?

JOEL: Mm-hmm.

ZOE: Figured you more of, like, a red--red kinda guy.

JOEL: Oh, you did, huh?

SYDNEY: Let that dry for a minute.

JULIA: Made you decaf. Milk, sugar?

ZOE: Yeah, milk and sugar. Thank you. Get used to that.

SYDNEY: Can I paint your nails next?

ZOE: You got black?

SYDNEY: I've got sparkly black.

JOEL: Mmm.

ZOE: Ugh, okay.

JOEL: [Chuckles]

SYDNEY: Can I touch your baby?

JULIA: Baby.

JOEL: Sydney, no.

SYDNEY: What, Aunt Kristina lets met.

JOEL: Aunt Kristina's family.

JULIA: It's a little different.

ZOE: It's okay. Come on. Get on it.

SYDNEY: Cool. Are you having a boy or a girl?

JOEL: Sydney.

JULIA: Respect her privacy, baby.

ZOE: I'm having a boy. It's a boy.


[NEW SCENE - Adam walks out of a shop, all hipped up he walks down the street as Hip-hop music plays, "Nobody Hot as Me" by Ku.]

SONG: Y'all hear the drums. Take you back to Africa. It's Cudi, man. Bring back on the track. Let's get in, man. Yeah, whoo. Cutty's back in the building folks and the oohs and the ahhs what he still provokes…

[The music fades out as Adam sees his self in the reflection of his car window, takes the cap off he dials his phone.]

[NEW SCENE - Crosby driving his car, the phone rings.]

CROSBY: Hello.

ADAM: I look like an idiot.


ADAM: I made a mistake. Okay, you asked me to hip it up, and I hipped it way up, so I need to change.


ADAM: I look ridiculous, okay? [Gets into his car.] I went into this store, and this guy at the store's a big Mistah R.A.Y. fan, and he said that I needed to look like today. Not yesterday, but today. And he hooked me up with this stuff, and I look like a clown. So where are you right now?

CROSBY: I'm at College and Eighth.

ADAM: Well, listen, you're closer to my house than I am. I don't have time to get there. I'm by Mistah R.A.Y.'s. You gotta go to my house, get me some normal clothes. Get me some jeans, a jacket, and a tie. Normal Adam Braverman clothes, okay?

CROSBY: Okay. I just wanna get this straight. So your plan is to get naked in front of Mistah R.A.Y.'s house?

ADAM: Yeah, I'm wearing bulldog, [Tries to take off the necklace.] Oh, my God, a bulldog necklace, Crosby.


ADAM: Just go to the house and get me some normal clothes.

CROSBY: All right, I will.

ADAM: Thank you.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman kitchen.]

CAMILLE: Zeek, you're gonna have to apologize to Sarah.

ZEEK: I'm gonna have to what?

CAMILLE: Gonna have to apologize to Sarah. Come on, it's been three days.

ZEEK: You want me to apologize for kicking that scumbag off our property, do you?

CAMILLE: Oh, come on, you don't have to talk about him like that.

ZEEK: I'm not gonna edit my feelings for you, for Sarah, or for anybody else, Camille.

CAMILLE: Come on, Zeek, they were married for 12 years. He's Drew and Amber's dad.

ZEEK: Yeah. Oh, yeah. Well, I was there too, you know? I mean, what'd he do, spend half those years drunk, loaded? What'd he do to Drew? What'd he do to Amber? What'd he do to Sarah? I mean, he's the reason for most of her pain, for her heartache.

CAMILLE: He has a disease.

ZEEK: My God, Camille, jeez. Ugh, you always had this soft spot in your heart for that…

CAMILLE: He needs help.

ZEEK: Yeah, well, he needs help. I tell you what, I'm gonna get him some help. He shows up here drunk or loaded again, I'm gonna call the cops.

CAMILLE: No, you're not gonna call…

ZEEK: I'm gonna call the cops on Seth.

CAMILLE: No, you're gonna stay out of it.

ZEEK: No, I'm not gonna stay out of it. I'm gonna handle it. [Sarah comes to the back door, unseen by Zeek or Camille.] She can't handle it. She never could. My God, a disease?

[Sarah leaves without going inside.]

[NEW SCENE - Classroom with Amber and Max, they watch a video on a very old Apple iBook. *Note this model computer was made in the late 90s.]

BILL CLINTON: [On laptop video.] I want to say again to the American people how profoundly sorry I am for what I said and did to trigger these events and the great burden they have imposed on the Congress and on the American people.

MAX: What did he do?

AMBER: The details aren't really important, but what do you think he was feeling?

MAX: Sad.

AMBER: Yes. Okay, so why do you think he was feeling sad?

MAX: Because he's saying, "I'm sorry."

AMBER: Yes, that's true, but what about his face or what about his eyes, what are they doing?

MAX: Well, his eyes are facing down.

AMBER: Yes, his eyes are facing down. Very good. [Makes a nite.] Facing down. Right, okay. So what else? Like, is he smiling or…

MAX: No, he's not smiling.

AMBER: Not smiling, okay.

MAX: And his voice, it sounded real low.

AMBER: Mm-hmm.

MAX: [Low voice.] Like this. And he wasn't very loud.

AMBER: Yes, great. These are good notes. You ready to try one?

MAX: Yes.

AMBER: Okay.

MAX: Jabbar, I'm very sorry for hitting you.

AMBER: Okay, your eyes.

MAX: Jabbar, I'm very sorry for hitting you.

AMBER: And your voice.

MAX: [Softly] Jabbar, I'm very sorry for hitting you.

AMBER: Max. That was so good. Oh, my gosh.

MAX: Okay, now I want another one.

AMBER: Okay.

MAX: Jabbar, I'm very sorry for hitting you.

AMBER: Very good. Oh, wait, what do we say?

MAX: Thank you.

AMBER: Eyes.

MAX: Thank you.

AMBER: Tone.

MAX: Thank you.

AMBER: Oh, beautiful. [Tosses him a Tootsie Roll.] My favorite student.

[NEW SCENE - Kristina is asleep in her couch, with her laptop and a note pad. Crosby enters the back door waking Kristina.]

CROSBY: Oh, sorry, I didn't knock. I didn't know you were in here. Um, Adam had a big shopping disaster, and I need to get a suit for him. So may I go upstairs?

KRISTINA: [Slowly getting up.] Yeah. You know what, I can help you.

CROSBY: I can get it.

KRISTINA: I thought you guys had that meeting.

CROSBY: Yeah, I'm on my way there now.

KRISTINA: Crosby, I can help you. Hey.

CROSBY: I can get it.

KRISTINA: What is the matter? You okay?

CROSBY: Do you know that Jasmine's seeing Dr. Joe?

KRISTINA: Yeah, she may have mentioned it to me.

CROSBY: So you know that, and then you still tried to get an appointment with him?

KRISTINA: Well, he's a pediatrician, and we need a pediatrician, Crosby.

CROSBY: Yeah, there's a ton of pediatricians in this city. You have to have that one?

KRISTINA: Okay, what is the problem? I just feel like…

CROSBY: Oh, what's the problem? What if you and Adam got divorced and then I started taking my son to his new girlfriend's practice? You don't think that would bother you? If the whole family was going to see Adam's new girlfriend?

KRISTINA: Are you upset that she's dating again? But Crosby come on…

CROSBY: No, I'm not upset that she's dating. I'm upset she's dating my son's doctor and that now you're trying to make him your kid's doctor.

KRISTINA: You are overreacting.

CROSBY: I'm overreacting?

KRISTINA: I think so, I think so.

CROSBY: Okay, well, I hope it doesn't ever happen to you so you don't have to find out whether I'm overreacting.

KRISTINA: Okay, fair enough.

CROSBY: You're being insensitive, is what it is.

[Crosby goes up stairs.]

KRISTINA: What'd you just say? I'm insensitive?

[Kristina follow slowly.]


KRISTINA: You know what, you're insensitive. You know what's insensitive?


KRISTINA: Insensitive is you sleeping with Gaby. Now we can't find a replacement for Gaby still.

CROSBY: You know what, okay listen I already said sorry for that.

KRISTINA: I also think that it's insensitive for you to not tell us about Jabbar and Max getting in a fistfight at school, because guess what, Max has detention and Jabbar doesn't. He's off scot-free.

CROSBY: Oh you're mad, you're mad about that?

KRISTINA: That's really great for Max's self-esteem, isn't it?

CROSBY: 'Cause I couldn't bare to tell Adam that Jabbar didn't want to eat with your son?

KRISTINA: That's not the point.

CROSBY: You call that insensitive? I call that the definition of insensitive.

KRISTINA: That's not the point. That's not the closet, that is. You know what, it doesn't matter.

CROSBY: Okay, well, I handled it my way, and apparently it didn't work.

KRISTINA: Okay, guess what, you're gonna have to suck it up while my family sees Dr. Joe because he's the best damn pediatrician in town.

CROSBY: Oh heaven forbid you find another pediatrician.

KRISTINA: And guess what, I'm thinking about my family right now. I'm not thinking about you, Crosby.

CROSBY: Hey, I care about my family too!

KRISTINA: And while we're at it, don't lie to my husband.

CROSBY: I did not lie to him!

KRISTINA: Yes, you have don't tell him that you have a client booked and you don't.

CROSBY: I didn't tell him I had him booked.

KRISTINA: Yes you did…

CROSBY: I never said that I had a client booked, okay?

KRISTINA: You said you have a client booked…

CROSBY: I said people would follow me over. That doesn't mean we don't have to meet with them.

KRISTINA: You need to act like an adult if you're gonna be in business with my husband.

CROSBY: Hey, I'm in business with your husband, not you, okay? I don't need to take this from you. I'm gonna go close this deal.

KRISTINA: You know what, close the damn deal because you don't even have a deal to close.

[Kristina breaths heavily as Crosby walks out of the room.]

CROSBY: You don't know what the hell you're talking about.



KRISTINA: Can you come here for a minute?

CROSBY: Listen, I don't have time to have this argument. What are you doing?

KRISTINA: My water just broke.

CROSBY: Okay, what…

[Drops the clothes on the floor.]

[NEW SCENE - Tires squeal as Crosby drives his car racing Kristina to the hospital.]

KRISTINA: Okay I need you to call Adam right now.

CROSBY: Yeah I calling him.

KRISTINA: Get him on the phone.

CROSBY: Adam, Adam, man, you gotta forget the meeting.

KRISTINA: Oh god, oh god, oh god…

CROSBY: We are code blue right now.

KRISTINA: Crosby, Crosby, Crosby…

CROSBY: Kristina is in labor. You gotta get to the hospital now.

KRISTINA: Do something. Crosby, just stop…

CROSBY: What? What do you want me to do? I'm going as fast as I can.


CROSBY: What are you doing?

KRISTINA: Oh, oh, oh! Oh, God!

CROSBY: Hold it.

KRISTINA: Oh, I can't. I'm gonna have this baby in your car.

CROSBY: You're not having the baby in the car, Kristina.

KRISTINA: Just drive. Crosby.

[NEW SCENE - Outside Mistah R.A.Y.s house, Adam is waiting for Crosby, checks his phone but is getting no bars.]

ADAM: [To himself.] Crosby.

[An SUV pulls up, hip-hop music playing.]

MAN: You expecting somebody?

MISTAH RAY: Hell no.

ADAM: Hey, I thought…

MISTAH RAY: You lost?

ADAM: No, no, no, I'm not lost. I'm here for the meeting. Mistah R.A.Y. I'm Braverman. Adam Braverman. Hi.

MISTAH RAY: You're Crosby's brother?

ADAM: Yes, I am.

MISTAH RAY: You don't look like Crosby's brother.

ADAM: I am. I'm Crosby's brother, Adam. Adam Braverman, and I just, I'm a little late, and I'm sure he's just stuck in traffic. And you know what, you guys are late too, so it's all good.

MISTAH RAY: Come here.

ADAM: Yeah, what?

MISTAH RAY: Come here.

ADAM: All right.

MISTAH RAY: [Adjusts Adam's cap to the side.] Nice duds. [Laughter]

ADAM: Thank you. [He closes the window.] Should I just pull in?

MAN: Come on, man, follow me.

ADAM: All right, okay, I just gotta grab some stuff from my car, and I'll--okay.

[He gets the contract from his car, and races to get through the gates as they close.]

[NEW SCENE - Julia driving with Zoe.]

ZOE: Does your husband always let your daughter do that?

JULIA: What? Oh, let her paint his nails?

ZOE: Yeah.

JULIA: I know, I told him he doesn't have to let her do that, but he loves her to death, so...

ZOE: Yeah, I could see that. [Silent pause.] My life is such a mess. You're really nice.

JULIA: Thanks.

[NEW SCENE - Hospital outside delivery room, Crosby is on the phone while Kristina can be heard in a nearby room.]

KRISTINA: Oh, God. Oh, it hurts!

CROSBY: [Leaving a message.] Listen to me, Adam, you need to get your ass down here right now, okay?

KRISTINA: Ooh. [Moaning]

CROSBY: [Enters the delivery room.] Okay, uh…

KRISTINA: Did you get a hold of him?

CROSBY: I left him a message, and I know he's gonna…

KRISTINA: No, no, no, no…

CROSBY: …and I called my sister and my mom, so someone's gonna be down here.

KRISTINA: Crosby, get him here.

CROSBY: Just hold tight, okay?

NATALIE: [Nurse] Ain't nobody holding tight. We're at nine centimeters dilated. This baby's coming right now.

KRISTINA: [Sobbing.] I want him so bad. I want my husband.

NATALIE: So you staying with us or you got something better to do this afternoon?

KRISTINA: [Looks at Crosby] God, oh. He's staying.

CROSBY: I'm staying.

KRISTINA: I need ice chips and chapstick.

[NEW SCENE - Inside Mistah R.A.Y.s house, his music plays.]

MISTAH RAY: So take it from the top.

MAN: All right, all right.

MISTAH RAY: [Singing/Rapping.] Damn I'm in the zone, bad to the bone like Everett Jones pimp prodigy, possibly a phenom…

[A young lady brings Adam a drink.]

ADAM: No, thanks. I don't need to--Oh, okay, yeah, yeah, yeah.

MISTAH RAY: Yo, Adam, drink up, man.

ADAM: Thank you.

MISTAH RAY: I'm from the bay-ay-ay _

[A dog rushes up and barks at Adam.]

ADAM: Excuse me. Excuse me.

[The dog growls.]

ADAM: The, uh--R.A.Y., your dog.

MAN: Yo, Cash, sit. Sorry, he don't like white people.

ADAM: I'm not white on the inside.

MAN: Come on, Cash. He all right. This white man ain't gonna hurt you. Come on, let's go. Good boy.

MISTAH RAY: Where the hell is Crosby?

[NEW SCENE - Hospital delivery room, Kristina moaning in pain as the labor continues. Crosby watches, unsure what to do.]

DR ELLEN: I need you to push, Kristina.

KRISTINA: I'm trying, I can't push any more.

DR ELLEN: I know, but we're so close. I need you to push.

KRISTINA: I can't do this.

DR ELLEN: Kristina, I promise you.

KRISTINA: I'm trying.

DR ELLEN: I know you're tired I know you're tired.

KRISTINA: I'm so tired.

DR ELLEN: But you're so close. Your baby's about to come.


DR ELLEN: Every time you feel a contraction, I need you to push, okay?

KRISTINA: Okay, I will.

DR ELLEN: You can do this.

CROSBY: I think I need to step out into the hallway for a second.

NATALIE: No, you ain't. You hold your lady's hand. You keep your scrawny ass right where it is.

CROSBY: You know that's not my wife.

NATALIE: I don't care if y'all married or not.

KRISTINA: Actually, that wouldn't be a bad idea. Will you?


KRISTINA: Just stay for a minute.

CROSBY: Okay. [Goes around the otherside.]

KRISTINA: Hey, don't look down there though.

CROSBY: I'm not looking.

KRISTINA: Just keep your eyes up here on the face.

CROSBY: No, eyes on the road.


DR ELLEN: All right there we go.

KRISTINA: Oh, God, I feel another contraction coming.

DR ELLEN: There you go, Kristina.

CROSBY: Breath, breath.

KRISTINA: You're hurting my hand.

CROSBY: Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry.

KRISTINA: It's okay, it's okay.

CROSBY: You got it, okay?

DR ELLEN: One more. Just one…

KRISTINA: [Groans]

DR ELLEN: You're doing great, Kristina.

CROSBY: You doing the breathing?

KRISTINA: Yeah, I'm doing the breathing.

DR ELLEN: You're doing great.

KRISTINA: Doing the breathing.

DR ELLEN: There you go.

KRISTINA: I'm almost there. I'm almost there. [Looking up at Crosby.] Please don't go.

CROSBY: Okay, I'm not going. I'm gonna stay.

KRISTINA: Okay, stay.

CROSBY: Promise.

KRISTINA: [Groans]

[NEW SCENE - Mistah R.A.Y.s house, sitting they wait in silence for Crosby.]

MISTAH RAY: So what do you use to record?

ADAM: To record on? I don't know. Honestly, I don't know. Crosby would really be the person to talk to about the equipment.

MISTAH RAY: Well, he ain't here.

ADAM: I know, and I don't understand what happened. I'm very sorry. He just must be delayed.

MISTAH RAY: So what about you, you been doing this for long?

ADAM: No, no, no, no. I'm just getting started in the recording industry, but I'm really excited about it.

MISTAH RAY: What'd you think about my music?

ADAM: I liked it.

MISTAH RAY: Get the vibe?

ADAM: I did. I get the vibe.

MAN: You get the vibe, homie?

ADAM: Yeah. I do, I get the vibe. I mean, I really--I loved what I heard, I did. I think that sometimes it can be a little crude.


ADAM: The explicit language, I think it's too much.

MAN 2: It's Bay-Area hip-hop.

MAN: What do you expect?

ADAM: I don't want you to get me wrong, I like what you have to say. You know that song that you have about your brother getting shot?

MISTAH RAY: My Redemption.

ADAM: Yeah, My Redemption. That is a great song. Powerful, you know? You're a poet, and I'm not just saying that. Did that really happen?

MISTAH RAY: Hell, yeah, that happened. You think I'd make that up?

ADAM: No, no, God, no. No, not at all. I just--I'm very sorry. I don't know what I'd do if my brother got shot. That must have been really hard.

MISTAH RAY: Yeah, it was.

ADAM: I'm sorry. Listen, I like your music. I really do. I like the stories you put in your music. I would let my kids listen to them if there wasn't all the cursing, is all I'm saying.

MISTAH RAY: You're the strangest white man I ever met.

MAN 3: Yo, Adam.

ADAM: Okay, yeah?

MAN 3: You're having a baby.

ADAM: Yeah, my wife and I are having a baby.

MAN 3: No, fool, I just got a text from Crosby. You're having a baby now, cuz.

ADAM: I'm having a baby now? Crosby's at the hospital. That's where Crosby is. Crosby's in the hospital. My wife is having a baby. I gotta go. Uh, listen, we want you to record [The dog growles again, stopping Adam getting up for a moment.] at The Luncheonette, okay? Crosby told me you probably wouldn't want to sign a contract, but I brought one. Here. I'm just gonna set this right there. Just ask you to look it over, but I gotta get to the hospital.

MISTAH RAY: Congratulations, man.

[Adam rushes out.]

ADAM: Thank you. Okay.

[NEW SCENE - Hospital delivery room.]

DR ELLEN: One more big push, Kristina.

KRISTINA: [Moaning]

DR ELLEN: Here she comes. Here she comes. Here we go. [Baby crying] Look at your beautiful baby girl.

KRISTINA: Oh, my God, she's perfect.


NATALIE: Does the not-father want to cut the cord?

KRISTINA: Cut the cord. Hi, baby. Hi.

CROSBY: Oh, hi, baby.

KRISTINA: This is Nora.

CROSBY: Nora's looking at me.

KRISTINA: You like Uncle Crosby?

CROSBY: Hi, baby.

[NEW SCENE - Music “Such Great Heights" by Iron And White plays as we see Adam running down the hospital hall towards the room. Battling to keep his hip-hop pants up. He enters the delivery room right after the birth of Nora.]

[NEW SCENE - Hospital, Kristina's recovery room, the family has gathered to meet baby Nora.]

SARAH: I kinda want to wake her up. Is that wrong?


JOEL: Let me get this straight. Crosby was there, but Run-D.M.C. was not?

KRISTINA: [Laughing.] Right. Exactly. Run was not in the house. Crosby did amazing. He was pretty awesome. He did great.

NATALIE: He did need a shot of adrenaline.

CROSBY: This is Natalie, who's now an honorary Braverman now.

TOGETHER: Hi, Natalie.

NATALIE: You okay?

KRISTINA: I'm good.


KRISTINA: I'm good.

ADAM: Beautiful baby girl.

JULIA: She sure is.

ADAM: How about that, huh?

JULIA: Could I hold her? Is it too early?

KRISTINA: No, of course not.

JULIA: Really.


[Zeek and Camille enter.]

ZEEK: All right, oh, let me see, let me see. Let me see.


ZEEK: What, what?

JULIA: She's sleeping.

CROSBY: Not anymore.

ZEEK: Oh, Millie, look, she's got your eyes.

CAMILLE: Oh, really?

ZEEK: Yeah, well, I think so.

JULIA: She's big.

CAMILLE: She's huge.

ZEEK: Way to go, Kristina.

KRISTINA: Thank you.

ADAM: She didn't do it all by herself.

ZEEK: Well, here you go. [Handing Adam a traditional cigar.] Give me a man hug. Come on.

ADAM: Congratulations, Pop. Congratulations.

MAX: Jabbar's here. Everybody, enough about the baby. I have something important to say. [Max looks at Amber before turning his attention to Jabbar.] I truly apologize for everything that happened last week. I should not have hit you. I should not have made you continue to eat lunch with me when you were ready to leave. It's hard for me to be flexible, but I'm working on it. I really like you, and I hope you will still be my friend.

JABBAR: I still want to be your friend.

MAX: Cool.

[They 'hi-five']

JABBAR: Okay. Can you help me on this game?

MAX: Oh, yeah.


KRISTINA: [Mouths words to Amber.] Thank you very much.

[There is indistinct chatter in the room as the volume fades, "Jewel" by Bombay Bicycle Club plays into the next scenes.]

[NEW SCENE - Later that night, Julia answers her front door.]

JULIA: Oh, hi.

ZOE: Hey.

JULIA: Come in.

ZOE: No, I can't stay.

JULIA: Is everything okay?

ZOE: Yeah, I'm fine.

JOEL: Hey.

ZOE: Hi.

JULIA: Are you having those pains again?

ZOE: No, I'm okay. I'm good. I'm sorry to come here this late.

JOEL: It's okay. What's going on?

ZOE: If you still--if you still want to have my baby, you can have it. [Moment of silence.] You have a nice family.

[Julia goes to hold Zoe's hand, they nod before Zoe turns and leaves. As she turns we can see Zoe is about to cry as she walks to her taxi. As the cab leaves Julia and Joel hug, she sobs.]

[NEW SCENE - Braverman guest house, Sarah's phone buzzing she answers it.]

SARAH: God. Seth?

[NEW SCENE - Sarah at a rundown hotel's office.]

SARAH: [Presses the buzzer but gets now response.] Hello?

[Sarah goes looking for Seth, hearing a crashing sound she finds Seth on the ground.]

SARAH: Seth? Oh, no.

[Seth looks to have been beaten and is drunk again. She approaches him, puts down her purse and sits in front of him.]

SETH: [Opening his eyes.] You came.

Episode End
3.05 - Nora
Original Airdate (NBC) October 11, 2011
Written by Jason Katims
Directed by Allison Liddi-Brown

Transcribed by Craig Best
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