3.03 - Step Right Up
Transcript by Craig Best

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[Opening scene - Braverman Yard Sale, there are tables and junk every where out front the house, lots of people are there.]

ZEEK: A very wise choice. Four bucks. You look stunning.

CAMILLE: And no stains, no rips or anything. Three dollars, everything on this rack.

SARAH: Hey, Dad, none of this stuff has prices on it. How much is the chicken? Ooh, oh. Excuse me! Excuse me, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Did you just get those? This is a mistake. These belong to my daughter.

CAMILLE: Hey, Sarah?

SARAH: What?

CAMILLE: What are you doing? I just sold those.

SARAH: Mom, these are Amber's.

CAMILLE: No, she brought over a box.

SARAH: No, mom.

CAMILLE: Filled with stuff that she doesn't want anymore. She doesn't want it.

SARAH: [To the customer.] My daughter's moving out, and it's just confusing, like, which stuff is what, but I'll get your money back.

[Near by Drew sits in the back of Zeeks pickup truck watching a girl about his own age. He gets up and walks over to her.]

DREW: Hey. You like, like, old records?

AMY: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

DREW: Nice.

AMY: Yeah. You guys have a lot of '80s, which is awesome.

DREW: Yeah, there's a bunch. It's all my dad's. He's, like, a musician so...

AMY: Really?

DREW: Yeah. I mean, he's not, like, on iTunes or anything, you know. He tours around and whatnot so...

AMY: Cool.

ZEEK: Hi. Amy?

AMY: Yeah.

ZEEK: Amy Ellis, right?

AMY: Yeah.

[Drew watches as Zeek talks to the young lady.]

ZEEK: Hi, Zeek Braverman. [They shake hands.] Hi. You know, I have the clearest memory of you. You were a little girl, you wrecked your bike out here in front. The chain came off, and I helped you put it back on.

AMY: Yes. I do remember that. And it was raining.

ZEEK: Oh, you bet your ass. Cats and dogs, yeah. So how are your folks doing?

AMY: They're good. Yeah, they're good.

ZEEK: Always liked your dad. He was a 49ers fan, right?

AMY: Yes.

ZEEK: Yeah.

AMY: Still is.

[Sarah sees what is going on and calls out.]

SARAH: Dad! Dad.


SARAH: How much is this?

ZEEK: Hi. Yeah, well, you tell him hi, would you?

AMY: Yep, I will. So these are quarter apiece, right?

DREW: Yep, pretty much.

AMY: Okay.

ZEEK: Oh, no. Hey, you know what, take the whole crate. I mean, it's just cluttering up my garage.

AMY: Really?

ZEEK: I mean, unless you find some Grateful Dead in there. Just kidding. No problem.

AMY: That's awesome. Thank you.

ZEEK: You bet.

AMY: Okay, well, I guess I'll see you around.

DREW: Oh, Drew. Drew.

AMY: Bye.

ZEEK: Bye.

DREW: Bye, Amy. [He watches her walk away as Zeek leans over.] Please, don't.

ZEEK: Amy Ellis.

DREW: I'm aware.

ZEEK: Mm-hmm.

[NEW SCENE - Doctor Joseph Prestidge's office, Jabbar and his parents are there.]

JABBAR: You look weird.

DR. JOE: Tell me something. Does, does this hurt?

JABBAR: Ow. Yeah.

DR. JOE: Oh, wow. Well, then I gotta ask you a very serious medical question, Jabbar. Have you been farting a lot lately?

[The all laugh.]

JABBAR: I try to hold it in.

CROSBY: Yeah, right. Like a circus elephant.

DR. JOE: Well, I am so sorry for your stinkiness, but I think I know what this is. It's probably a wheat allergy.

JASMINE: Really?

DR. JOE: Yeah.

CROSBY: [Sceptical] For real?

DR. JOE: Mm-hmm. Joint tenderness, excessive gas, Urticaria, which is, it's really just a fancy term for the rash on his shins.

CROSBY: What do we have to do for that, you know, treatment-wise?

DR. JOE: You avoid wheat.


DR. JOE: And you guys are probably gonna want to keep a dietary log of pretty much everything that he eats for the next 30 days. He'll be all right.


CROSBY: Hey, not to sound sceptical, but a wheat allergy, it seems like, you know, it's like the snuggies of diseases. Everyone has one this year.

DR. JOE: Yeah, I know it's become really popular, but it's something I've been diagnosing for the past ten years, so, you know what, we'll try this. If it doesn't work, we'll try something else.

JASMINE: Right. [Looks at Crosby.] Sorry, doctor, he gets like this sometimes.

DR. JOE: No, it's okay. I've seen couples do a lot worse.

JASMINE: Oh, no. We're not together.

CROSBY: I'll try not to throw up. Make that known.

JASMINE: Anyway, I really appreciate you seeing us very much.

DR. JOE: Oh, it's no problem at all. Hey, listen, let me give you my card.

JASMINE: Oh, great.

DR. JOE: Well, if you need to ask any questions, just feel free to call me any time really. My service will page me.

JASMINE: Great. Thanks. [Smiling]

DR. JOE: You're welcome. [Returning the smile.]

[There is an awkward pause as Crosby watches on.]

CROSBY: You got a second card for dad or...

DR. JOE: Yeah. Just give me a second.

[NEW SCENE - Amber's apartment, she's sitting on her couch strumming her guitar. Emergency sirens can be here in the distance as foot steps come to the open door.]

SARAH: Knock, knock. Hi. Your door is open.

AMBER: Yeah, I know.

SARAH: To all the murderers and felons in the…


SARAH: In the building, probably.

AMBER: Well, I leave it open, Mom.

SARAH: Oh, I know, I know. It's okay. What you doin'?

AMBER: Just hanging out. You know, living. Living life.

SARAH: Well, it's looking, uh... Very, um...Homey.

AMBER: Great. Okay, that's a step up from disgusting and depressing.

SARAH: Do you wanna go get a coffee or something?

AMBER: I work at a coffee shop.

SARAH: Yes, right.

AMBER: Kinda takes the magic out of having a fun cup of coffee.

SARAH: Yeah, okay. Oh, um, so mom and dad had this garage sale, which is a whole other story, um I look over, look what mom was trying to sell.

AMBER: I gave those to her.

SARAH: You didn't.

AMBER: I did.

SARAH: Amber, you just wore…

AMBER: I have, you know, not that much space so I just...

SARAH: Oh, that's okay. I just thought I was...

AMBER: Thanks though. That's a nice thought.

SARAH: Yeah, it's okay. All right, honey, well, things are looking good.

AMBER: Thanks.

SARAH: Yeah. I'll see you later.

AMBER: Okay.

SARAH: Do your dishes so you don't get roaches. I was, that's what I came over to mainly say.

AMBER: That's very kind. I appreciate it. Have a good day.

SARAH: Okay, you too. Oh, you don't, you want this like this?


SARAH: I know, okay.

AMBER: I'll see you later. [Exhales deeply]

[NEW SCENE - Doctors office, sonogram room. Kristina is lying on the bed, Doctor Ellen Kite is preparing the equipment.]

KRISTINA: Honey, I'm just trying to process this. Where are you gonna get the money from?

ADAM: I told you, we have a solid business plan…

DR. ELLEN: Kristina, this is gonna be a little cold at first, okay?

ADAM: Okay, I got a solid relationship with Liberty. It's all gonna happen.

KRISTINA: I understand that.

ADAM: Let's just try not to worry about it, okay?

KRISTINA: What if you guys got the loan then you sign the lease, you know?

ADAM: Honey, we haven't signed anything yet.

KRISTINA: I understand that, but you have a great business sense. Your brother Crosby, not really.

ADAM: He's a good engineer. People like him…

KRISTINA: I know he's a good engineer…

ADAM: You gotta trust me on this one. It's a good idea. And we need a good idea right now.

KRISTINA: Yeah, we do because we're about to have a baby.

DR. ELLEN: Speaking of which.

KRISTINA: We gotta think about all this stuff.

DR. ELLEN: Your baby's looking great.


DR. ELLEN: Right where we want it be at eight months, uh-huh.

ADAM: Good. Man, did that go by fast.

KRISTINA: For who?

ADAM: We just got pregnant so…


DR. ELLEN: And we're on target for your due date as well.


ADAM: Yep, a month away.

KRISTINA: Yep. That's wonderful.

DR. ELLEN: Do you guys still not wanna know the sex of the baby?


KRISTINA: I don't know. We sort of…

ADAM: No, I do. It's just a… it's a…

KRISTINA: There's… we have a…

ADAM: Complicated issue for us.

KRISTINA: Yeah, I mean, we have a son that has Asperger's. And so if it's a girl the chances are lower, right?

ADAM: Yep.


ADAM: But it's your call.

KRISTINA: All right.

DR. ELLEN: Yeah, you sure?

ADAM: Yep.

DR. ELLEN: Okay, let me get an image, and I'm gonna freeze it. And there we go. There you go. Take a look at your beautiful baby girl.

ADAM: Oh, thank you.

KRISTINA: It's a girl.

ADAM: Thank you. It's a girl, good. Yeah.

KRISTINA: Good. Are you sure it's a girl?

DR. ELLEN: It's a girl. Do you wanna hear her heartbeat?


DR. ELLEN: Yeah?

KRISTINA: It's a girl.

ADAM: It's a girl.

[Adam leans down to kiss Kristina, happy at the news.]

[Opening credits - featuring “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan]

[NEW SCENE - Morning, Julia enjoying her coffee in the kitchen.]

JOEL: Morning, honey.

JULIA: Mmm. Hi.

JOEL: What's the matter?

JULIA: Mmm. I just don't wanna go into work today because I don't know what to say to Zoe.

JOEL: Huh? Can't be that bad.

JULIA: Well, I hardly know her, and I asked her for her baby. So it might be pretty bad. [Joel kisses Julia on the side of her head.] Oh, I'm a crazy person.

JOEL: Hmm.

JULIA: I mean, it's official. I've lost my mind. [brief pause] Now would be the time to say, "No, you haven't."

JOEL: No, you haven't. Sorry, I was supposed to… would you believe it though?

[NEW SCENE - Restaurant, Zeek and Drew at eating at a table.]

ZEEK: So, um, this girl Amy, you kinda like her?

DREW: Yeah, I guess so.

ZEEK: Gonna ask her out?

DREW: I don't know. What am I supposed to say?

ZEEK: Well, I had an idea. I borrowed her dad's hedge clippers last summer, and all you gotta do is you take them back and while you're there, ask her out.

DREW: How am I supposed to do that?

ZEEK: You just find something that you both have in common. Like, you like music, don't you? You ask her about the old records that she took. Did she like them? Did she play any of them? What song did she like the best? Or, you know, that kind of thing.

DREW: I guess.

ZEEK: And maybe say something nice to her. You know, like, compliment her about her hair, clothes, anything.

DREW: She's gonna think I'm a kiss-ass.

ZEEK: No, not if you do it right. Not if you do it in a casual manner and if you mean it. All right, I got an idea. You know, like, "I was surfing the web, Amy, and guess what. Simon and Garfunkel are coming to town. I thought maybe we'd get some tickets."

DREW: They're practically dead. They're not on tour.

ZEEK: Simon and Garfunkel aren't dead.

DREW: I said they're practically…

ZEEK: They'll live forever. It's not the point. Whoever's coming to town.

DREW: Yeah, I get the point but…

ZEEK: So it's connect, compliment, and close. It's a very beautiful dance. Very cosmic, spiritual. Give you an example. Uh, miss. Excuse me.


ZEEK: Just could I have your help here?

DREW: Grandpa, please don't. She's gonna think you're a perv.

ZEEK: No, she's won't.

SANDY: Is everything okay?

ZEEK: Yeah, hi. How you doing, Sandy?

SANDY: Yeah.

ZEEK: Those are beautiful earrings.

SANDY: Oh, thank you. Yeah, I made these.

ZEEK: Oh, you did?

SANDY: Yeah.

ZEEK: Oh, wow. Well, anyway, we were having a slight disagreement. He says that the San Francisco earthquake occurred in 1916, and I said 1906.

SANDY: Oh, it was 1906.

ZEEK: 1906.

DREW: [Groans] Whoops.

SANDY: Don't feel bad. There's this picture over there by the cash register, and I have to look at it every single day, so...

DREW: I see.

ZEEK: Really? Where's that?

SANDY: It's right over there. Right when you walk in. [While looking the other way Zeek looks at Sandy's backside, Drew is mortified.] Yeah, check it out. Yeah, it's actually a cool picture.

ZEEK: Yeah, I'll have to take a look at that.

SANDY: Yeah, mm-hmm.

ZEEK: Thanks, Sandy.

SANDY: You're welcome. Can I get you some more coffee?

ZEEK: Yes, as long as it's hazelnut. I'm really enjoying it. It goes great with everything I'm having.

SANDY: I know, right? It's so good.

ZEEK: Thank you. [To Drew as Sandy leaves.] Okay, there you go.

DREW: You didn't ask her out.

ZEEK: Didn't have to. It's in the bag, man. That's some low-hanging fruit, son. That's too easy, so to speak. [Chuckles]

[NEW SCENE - Amber working at the Coffee place, it's busy.]

AMBER: Patrick? I have your coffee. Thanks, man. [Seeing Sarah] Hey.


AMBER: How's it going? What, what are you doing here?

SARAH: I just came to see you. You look so cute.

AMBER: Oh, thanks.

SARAH: I love this uniform, and I came for some coffee.

AMBER: Cool, okay.

SARAH: It's busy.

AMBER: Yeah, really busy. Really stressed out right now.

SARAH: What should I get?

AMBER: Uh, how 'bout an iced coffee?

SARAH: Okay, iced coffee.

AMBER: Great, thank you.

SARAH: That sounds very refreshing. Oh, I brought your mail. It's exciting.

AMBER: Oh, Lands' End. That's really exciting. Thanks.

SARAH: For your home, for your new home.

AMBER: Okay.

SARAH: Mom was trying to get everybody together on Sunday for, like, a big dinner.

AMBER: Ah-ha.

SARAH: Do you think you could do that?

AMBER: I don't know right now.

SARAH: Okay.

AMBER: But I'll think about it, okay?

SARAH: Yeah.

AMBER: Here you go.

SARAH: Okay.

AMBER: So, okay, that's $2.50, please.

SARAH: [Slowly counting] Two.

ADAM: Right.

AMBER: Oh, boy.

SARAH: There you go.

AMBER: Great. Thanks.

SARAH: Oh, wait, can I get a banana?

AMBER: Banana's on me, how 'bout that?

SARAH: Sure you don't want this?

AMBER: [Sounding annoyed.] Mom, can you just bring it tomorrow when you probably stop by? Or the next day when I'm sure you'll come by? Okay, I'm sorry, I just can't hang out right now. I love you. I'll see you later. [To the next customer] Hey, how can I help you?

[NEW SCENE - Night, Alex's apartment, Haddie comes in.]


ALEX: Hey.

[They kiss.]

HADDIE: How's it going?

ALEX: It's going. Come in.

HADDIE: I've been calling you.

ALEX: I know. And I'm sorry, I should've called you back. It's my bad.

HADDIE: Yeah, I don't know. What's going on?

ALEX: There's just a lot going on with me. I have a lot on my plate right now.

HADDIE: I know.

ALEX: That's all.

HADDIE: Okay. I know all that stuff's going on. I'm here for you, okay?

ALEX: Okay.

HADDIE: Okay. I was thinking also, you're gonna go back to the lawyer. I could go with you. It might be helpful.

ALEX: No, no, you can't.

HADDIE: I just feel like I was there. I can give an accurate account.

ALEX: You were there, you saw what happened. You're a witness in the case. You can't meet with me and my lawyer, okay? It's confidential.


ALEX: It's a conflict of interest.

HADDIE: Yeah, okay, I get it. I didn't know.

ALEX: I know you didn't. You're not supposed… you shouldn't have to, all right? Haddie, you live in a completely different world than I do, all right? I have real problems. My problems. And I have to deal with them on my own without you. Do you get that?


ALEX: I'm sorry that it has to be like that, but that's just the way… that's just the way it is. So please, don't bring that up again, all right?


ALEX: Thank you.

[NEW SCENE - Night, Adam in the kitchen cleaning as Haddie comes home.]

ADAM: Hey.


ADAM: What's the matter?

HADDIE: I just left Alex's.

ADAM: Yeah? How's he doin'?

HADDIE: [Almost Crying] I don't know. He…

ADAM: Hey. Hey, come here. [He hugs his daughter.] It's gonna be all right.

HADDIE: Mm-hmm.

[NEW SCENE - Day time, outside Julia's office, she sees Zoe who can't miss also sees her, Julia rushes into her office to hide, picks up the phone and pretends to be on a call.]

JULIA: Hi. Yes, well, um... You know, consent is a fact issue.

[Zoe stops her cart at the office door to serve a customer.]

JULIA: So you will not get summary judgment, but if you… exactly. If you talk to your client-- yeah, I'll see what I can do about a counterclaim. I look forward to talking to you too.

[Julia sighs when Zoe moves on.]

[NEW SCENE - Jasmine's apartment.]

JASMINE: I've already made his lunches for the next two days, so you don't have to worry about that. And this is for the morning in case he wants cereal. It's got rice flour in it.

CROSBY: Rice flour?

JASMINE: Mm-hmm.

CROSBY: There's such a thing?

JASMINE: Yes, there is. Oh, don't forget his food journal. You have to write everything down in it even if it's a snack.

CROSBY: We are not seriously gonna write everything down in a food journal.

JASMINE: Yeah, we are. Why wouldn't we?

CROSBY: [To Jabbar.] Will you put your shoes on, buddy? Let's go.


CROSBY: Um, I don't know because Dr. Joe might be a quack. I mean, you're acting like everything he said came straight out of God's mouth.

JASMINE: He's a doctor, and he's written three books. So I think he might know a thing or two about…

CROSBY: Dr. Joe's written three books. And he's in a club with all the other first name doctors. Dr. Phil and Dr. Jay.

JASMINE: Do you know how hard it was to get an appointment with him?

CROSBY: How hard?

JASMINE: Like, really hard. He's got 200 people on his waiting list.

CROSBY: So if he's such a hot shot and there's such a waiting list, then how did we even get in?

JASMINE: My mom. She made the referral.

CROSBY: She sent a picture of you over there?

JASMINE: Didn't have to.

CROSBY: [To Jabbar playing with a toy gun.] All right, hey, you can't bring that. Put that on here. Put your backpack on. Boom. You know there's wheat in beer.

JASMINE: Really?



CROSBY: So when he's at his first keg party, he's gonna be the weirdo in the sweater vest sipping on chardonnay in the corner.

JASMINE: [Laughs]

CROSBY: That's on you, just so you know.


[NEW SCENE - Braverman kitchen, Amber enters the back door.]



CAMILLE: Hi, sweetie.

AMBER: Mmm, what's this?

CAMILLE: Sugar cookies for the baby shower. And they get pink icing.

AMBER: Mmm. You've done it again. So good. Delish. I'm gonna go do some laundry. Is that okay?

SARAH: Yeah.

CAMILLE: Help yourself.

SARAH: [Seated at the computer she strains to look around the corner.] Hey, uh, just so you know, there's another load of your stuff. It's all folded and everything.

AMBER: Great. Thanks.

SARAH: And I was gonna bring it over, but then I didn't.

AMBER: Okay, let's let it go. See you soon. [Starts to walk away.]

SARAH: Oh, and sorry. Just one more thing. In case you didn't get anything for the baby shower, there's a dinosaur-shaped rattle, and there's one of those towels that makes the baby look like a panda.

AMBER: I hate those. But it doesn't really matter because I can't come. So you could just put my name on whatever.

SARAH: [Still seated.] So, wait, you can't come?

AMBER: No, I have a shift. So I already talked to Aunt Kristina. It's all good. See you soon. [Tries to get away.]

SARAH: [Jokingly] Just so you know, I had a shift and I shifted it right around.

AMBER: [Getting annoyed.] That's amazing. Do you want an award maybe? Well, I'll work on that.

SARAH: No, no, no, I don't want an award. It's just, you know, you can change your shift. [Amber has gone.] Pfft. [Sarah goes back to typing at the computer.] You know, she's acting like I've been there so much.

CAMILLE: How many times you been over since she left?

SARAH: I've been there three times.

CAMILLE: Well, three times is really a lot. It's half a week, you know.

SARAH: Three is way less than half a week. A week is seven days… [Stops talking.]

CAMILLE: What are you afraid of? You think if you let her go, she's not gonna come back?

SARAH: If I didn't go over there, I don't think she would.

CAMILLE: I let you go. You came back.

[NEW SCENE - Drew visiting Amy's house with shears in hand. Amy answers the door with the family doog. The screen door stays closed.]

DREW: [Nervous] Hey, um…

AMY: Hey.

DREW: Drew from down the street.

AMY: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know.

DREW: Okay, sorry.

AMY: What's up?

DREW: Um, nothing I was just… how were the records?

AMY: Oh, well, they're great.

DREW: Nice.

AMY: I mean, I tried the first few, and they were kind of scratched but...

DREW: Oh, sorry.

AMY: No, no, no, it's okay. I mean, I'll try the others. I'm sure they're fine.

DREW: I guess you get what you pay for, right? [Amy doesn't get the joke.] Well, they were free. Um, hey, I know this is really, really random, but Fleet Foxes, if you even like them, are playing at the Fox in Oakland.

AMY: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I know. Yeah, actually I saw them last weekend with my cousin in Santa Barbara.

DREW: Okay. Cool. Never mind.

AMY: Yeah, they were great. They were so amazing. It was such an incredible show.

DREW: I've heard they're really good live.

AMY: Yeah, well, they are, so...

DREW: Um...

AMY: So, um... Are you doing some gardening or...

DREW: Um, no, I'm not. Um, apparently my grandfather borrowed these from your dad. So I was supposed to return them.

AMY: Oh.

DREW: I'll just put them…

AMY: Wait, wait.

[He goes to open the door, Amy tried to stop him but it's too late the doog runs out.]

DREW: Whoa.

AMY: Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!

[Amy runs after the dog, Drew doesn't know what to do and just watches.]

AMY: Rudy!

[Drew puts the shears down and leaves.]

[NEW SCENE - Braverman yeard, Zeek comes out of his shed.]

ZEEK: Hey! Drew. Hold it. Wait it a minute. Hold it. How'd it go?

DREW: What? How did what go?

ZEEK: The thing with Amy Ellis. You know, you old conversation.

DREW: I didn't go well.

ZEEK: Hold on. What happened?

DREW: The records that we gave her were scratched, and she's already seen Fleet Foxes somehow, and I didn't even compliment her or say anything really because I was standing there with hedge clippers the whole time, which I had forgotten about. And then I finally tried to give them to her, and her dog ran away.

ZEEK: Oh, wow.

DREW: So thanks.

ZEEK: Well, no, hey! We lost the battle. We didn't lose the war. We just reload, we fire again, son.

DREW: That was the scariest thing I've ever done, and it went horribly. I mean, her dog is probably dead, and it's my fault. So there's no way she's gonna date me or go out with me. [Walks off.]

ZEEK: Oh, please, I don't think her dog is dead. Let's go looking for the dog. We find the dog, we bring the dog back, we're heroes, huh? Come on!

[NEW SCENE - Alex's apartment, he's looking at the prom photos when there is a knock at the door.]

ADAM: Alex.

ALEX: Is everything okay?

ADAM: You tell me.

ALEX: Come on in.

ADAM: Thank you.

ALEX: Yeah. Excuse the, the mess. Can I, uh…

ADAM: It's a nice place.

ALEX: Can I get, thanks. Can I get you something to drink or…

ADAM: No, I'm good.

ALEX: So you talked to Haddie?

ADAM: I did.

ALEX: She told you about my past?

ADAM: She did.

ALEX: Mr. Braverman, I will never do anything like that again. It was, I was in a rough spot. And I'm sorry.

ADAM: Well, listen, you don't have to apologize to me.

ALEX: Yes, I do.

ADAM: Okay, well, listen, I didn't come here for that.

ALEX: You want me to stop seeing Haddie?

ADAM: Listen, I don't know exactly what to do, but I'm here because you don't have, well, you're on your own. Kristina and I discussed it, and we would like to offer our help.

ALEX: Thank you. I just don't think there's anything that you guys can do. I'm 20 years old, black, and I hit a white teenager. I have a record. Now I have an assault and battery charge.

ADAM: Right.

ALEX: I'm in a lot of trouble, Mr. Braverman.

[NEW SCENE - Night time, Amber's apartment, she is sleeping but is awoken by some soft clattering.]

AMBER: Hello? [The clattering continues] What is this? [More unusual noises in the dark apartment.] Oh, my God.

[Scared she reached for her cell phone.]

[NEW SCENE - Braverman guesthouse, Sarah's woken by her cell phone ringing.]


AMBER: Mom, can you come over here? There's something making noise. Can you just come, please?

SARAH: Okay, okay.


[NEW SCENE - Hallway outside Amber's apartment, she's sits on a bench holding a tennis racket. Sarah has come prepared with a flash light and other items.]

SARAH: Oh, my God. What are you doing?

AMBER: Did you walk here?


AMBER: What took you so long?

SARAH: You don't even have shoes on.

AMBER: I know, I'm freezing! I was scared I just ran out.

SARAH: Was it that scary?

AMBER: Yes, there's something walking.

SARAH: Well, let's just go in there and see, you know, what's going on.

AMBER: Yeah, let's just be cas.

SARAH: Here. [Hands her a bag.]

AMBER: Just give it to me. Okay, okay.

SARAH: Ready?

AMBER: Ready.

SARAH: One, two... [They slide the door open. Sarah turns on the flash light.] Okay, no sudden movements.

AMBER: Okay, okay, okay, shh.

SARAH: I'm not scared.

AMBER: Oh, my God.

SARAH: Eww, eww, eww.

AMBER: I'm scared.

SARAH: Look at this place. It's such a mess.

AMBER: You know what, can we save it for later?

SARAH: You leave all this crap out.

AMBER: Yeah, okay, thanks, Mom. Great teamwork. It could be in these boxes. It could be anywhere.

SARAH: It's, like, so messy in here. [Gasps]

[They both scream as they see a rat looking at them. Sarah turns in circles on the spot and Amber climbs on to the table.]

SARAH: I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do. Oh, my God.

[They both continue to scream as Amber climbs onto Sarah's back.]

AMBER: It's standing! It's standing up!

SARAH: No, no, no, no.

AMBER: Oh, my God!

SARAH: That was the hugest rat I've ever seen.

[NEW SCENE - Day time, Braverman back yard for the baby shower. Family and friends have gathered.]

PHIL: We just got back from South Carolina. I'm a bit of a Civil War buff. We went together.

HADDIE: Let's try to put it over here. Oh, I know.

PHIL: It was wonderful because we were able to have some time alone.

HADDIE: Oh, that's so cute. Oh, my God. Oh, hang on one second. I have a phone, I have to take a. I'm going. [On the phone.] Hey, honey.

KRISTINA: [Talking to someone else.] I know.

HADDIE: I'll be right back.

KRISTINA: Okay, say hi to Glenn and Laura. [To Haddie.] Hey, babe.




KRISTINA: How are you holding up?

HADDIE: I'm good. How are you? Are you drunk?

KRISTINA: I'm allowed one glass. To get through this crap, I'm allowed a glass of champagne.

HADDIE: All right, yeah.

KRISTINA: So thank you for being here.

HADDIE: Of course, I'm here. What do you think, I'm not gonna show up?

KRISTINA: Maybe. I don't know.

HADDIE: Of course I'm here.

[NEW SCENE - Same time inside, the men cheers and applaud as they watch the game on TV.]

ADAM: [Walking into the kitchen.] Cal just scored.

SARAH: Who cares?

ADAM: 17-10.

SARAH: Who cares?

ADAM: Drew, what's going on? Grandpa tells me you got your eye on a girl here in the neighborhood. What's the scoop?

[Sarah tosses a piece of food at Adam to stop him talking, it doesn't work.]

DREW: Yep, I'm sure he did.

ADAM: It's not one of the Nussbaums, is it?


[Camille, joins in stepping on his foot.]

ADAM: Ow! What was that for? You guys remember Suzy Nussbaum?


ADAM: Suzy was way into me. She was crazy about me.

DREW: She's not a Nussbaum. Her name's Amy, and she doesn't like me at all. So... And the Internet's dead, so...

ADAM: [Looking at Sarah and Camille.] All right, he's sensitive. I get it. Sorry. Sorry.

SARAH: Did you take the Internet out too?

[NEW SCENE - Same time, at the front door.]

CROSBY: Hey. Hey, buddy.

JABBAR: Hi, daddy.

CROSBY: How's your rash?

JABBAR: All gone.

CROSBY: It's gone?

JABBAR: I gotta go.

CROSBY: Come on. All right, I'm calling coincidence on that.

JASMINE: Oh, really?

CROSBY: Yeah, I doubt it's the wheat.

JASMINE: Yeah, well, I'm gonna go with the trained medical professional on that one.

CROSBY: Oh, yeah? Dr. Joe?

JASMINE: Dr. Joe, yes. Anyway, the small one's for the baby, and the big one's for Kristina. Make sure she reads the card first.

CROSBY: Hold on. Aren't you staying?

JASMINE: No, no.


JASMINE: You know, I…

CROSBY: You're invited.

JASMINE: It's a family thing. I don't wanna…

CROSBY: It is anything but a family thing. Look at all these yokels here. And you're family. Come on, we have good food, free booze. The game's on. I know you like free booze.

JASMINE: [Laughs] I do, but I have to be somewhere.

CROSBY: Like a, like a hair appointment? Or like meeting somebody?

JASMINE: [Laughs] You are not gonna go there.

CROSBY: What? All right, look, I'm just gonna say it. I think you have a crush on Dr. Joe…


CROSBY: And I think Dr. Joe has a crush on you.

JASMINE: I'm going to look at window treatments with my mother. What's your obsession with Dr. Joe anyway? You want to date him?

CROSBY: I don't know, he's gorgeous and smart. I can't imagine why I'm intimidated.

JASMINE: Well, then you should date him then.

CROSBY: Maybe I will if he calls me.

JASMINE: Well, go ahead.

CROSBY: All right. Have fun. [Closes the door as Jasmine leaves.] He'll have me on a no wheat diet though.

[NEW SCENE - Later they are gathered outside.]

CAMILLE: Okay, no, no, this one. This is from Natalie.

ZEEK: Okay, I'd like to make a toast here. To Adam and Kristina, truly remarkable parents. They're amazing.

CAMILLE: Hear, hear.

ZEEK: And to our little baby Braverman.

JULIA: All right.

ZEEK: Who I hope is going to be named Blanche after her great-grandmother.

ADAM: Oh, God.

CAMILLE: Yeah, there's an idea.

ADAM: No, no, no, not gonna happen.

ZEEK: More than anything else, I'd like to say how proud Camille and I are to have our family gathered around us. It's really quite extraordinary. An amazing family.

CAMILLE: It's true.

ZEEK: Camille, thank you for putting on this lovely, lovely shower.

SARAH: Yay, mom.

ZEEK: A toast!


CAMILLE: Okay, cheers. We have a lot of presents to get through.

[NEW SCENE - Late, most of the guest have gone. Kristina is saying goodbye to the Lessing's, almost pushing them out the front door.]

KRISTINA: Let's get the boys together, okay?

PHIL: Please.

SUZE: Oh, my gosh, yes.

PHIL: I would love that.

KRISTINA: Tell Noel hi.

PHIL: Okay.

KRISTINA: Okay, drive safe. Bye, bye.

PHIL: See you.

SUZE: See you.

[Kristina starts walking through the house, various family members are relaxing, thought out the house.]

ADAM: Hey, hon.

KRISTINA: Hey, honey.

ADAM: You good?

KRISTINA: I'm good.

SYDNEY: [Rushing by with some balloons.] Hi.

KRISTINA: [Just missing her.] Ooh.

[Kristina continues walking past the kitchen.]

CAMILLE: Well, I know, but it's been…

JULIA: Even in the six years that Sydney's been alive she just keeps getting cuter and cuter.

CAMILLE: Yes, it's not fair.

[Comes to the back room with Crosby and Joel talking.]

JOEL: There's just a lot more to deal with, man.


JOEL: And to start off, to start off, you're gonna need a lot of money. And I know who it's gonna come from.

CROSBY: Who is it gonna come from?

JOEL: That's a good question.

CROSBY: We're not asking you to give any money.

JOEL: No, God, no.

CROSBY: We have a loan. We'll, we'll be fine.

JOEL: You have a loan from?

CROSBY: Well, I mean, we don't have one yet. But we'll have one soon.

JOEL: Right, and how much does the loan cover? Do you know?

CROSBY: Excuse me for one second. I have a feeling someone wants to talk to me. [Sits down opposite Kristina.] Hi. Are you mad at me about something?

KRISTINA: I don't really know that much about recording studios, and frankly I'm not even sure what it is that you do every single day, but somehow you've managed to convince my husband, who's pretty conservative, that this is actually a really good idea. And I'm a little bit concerned.

CROSBY: Mm-hmm.

KRISTINA: You know, there's a lot riding on this. I feel like this is a big gamble with my family.

CROSBY: Right.

KRISTINA: I have a daughter that's about to go to college next year. I have a son with special needs. And I'm about to have a baby, so I'm worried.

CROSBY: I've been doing this for ten years. I've worked with hundreds of artists that wanna work with me again.

KRISTINA: We're not having a conversation right now. This is the end of it. All I'm asking you is to not screw up.


KRISTINA: That's it.

KRISTINA: Now, I'm gonna go ahead and go pee.

CROSBY: Okay. Do you need…

KRISTINA: I got it, I got it. I'm good. [She waddles off.] It was a good little chat.

CROSBY: Good talk.

KRISTINA: Yeah, that's…

CROSBY: You're not mad though, right?

KRISTINA: Nope, not at all.

CROSBY: Okay, just concerned.

[NEW SCENE - Night time, exterior of Zach's house, Adam rings the doorbell.]

ADAM: Hi. Zach?

ZACH: Can I help you?

ADAM: Yeah, I'm Adam Braverman. Haddie's dad.


ADAM: Your parents at home? [Zach steps back inviting him in.] Thank you.

ZACH: Welcome.

ADAM: Thank you.

[Zack shuts the door.]

[NEW SCENE - Living room a short time later, Adam sits opposite Zach's parents. Zach watches from the staircase.]

ADAM: I don't wanna defend what Alex did or make excuses for him. He made a mistake, and he knows he did. And he feels sorry for it, and both my wife and I are sorry that he hit your son. And she wishes she coulda been here, by the way, but she's, uh, gonna have a baby soon. Wasn't feeling well, so... Anyway, regarding Alex, I don't know what you've heard about him through the rumor mill or whatever but…

MR. BELL: Well, we know what the D.A. has told us.

ADAM: Oh, that makes sense. I mean, he doesn't go to the kids' high school, so...

MRS. BELL: He never even went to high school.

ADAM: No, that's not true actually. He did go to high school. He just didn't graduate with his class. He got his G.E.D. Got it about a year ago, I think.

MR. BELL: G.E.D. or not, this kid assaulted my son, and he is going to be held responsible for his actions.

ADAM: Okay. My daughter Haddie met Alex last summer while she was working at a soup kitchen where my mom volunteers time. And Alex works there too. And when my wife and I found out that Haddie was dating Alex, we were both very against it. And I am embarrassed to say that... [Sighs] The initial information about him, it just, it just, it scared us.

MR. BELL: Did you know he had a record?

ADAM: No, we didn't. We found that out recently, and it shocked us because of the Alex that we've come to know. This is a good kid. This is a guy who is trying very hard to change his life. In fact, the first time he went to that soup kitchen, it was to get a hot meal. He was homeless, and now, you know what, he runs the place. He's 20 years old, and he's the boss. And he runs that soup kitchen really well He's a responsible guy, and I can't tell you how hard he tries to do the right thing. Look, I'm sorry that he hit your son. I really am. [Looks up at Zach on the stairs.] But he showed up at that party completely sober, and quite frankly there was a lot of underage drinking going on, and all he as doing was trying to bring my daughter Haddie home safely. But Alex has a previous record, and he could go to jail if you press charges, so... He doesn't deserve that. He doesn't deserve to go to jail. He's just too good and decent a person. And I don't wanna see his life destroyed.

[NEW SCENE - Julia working in her office, there is a knock on her door.]


ZOE: This is getting ridiculous. I know how much you love your Latte, so here, okay? On the house, no more running around. Stop being crazy, all right?

JULIA: Zoe, Zoe. Come here, please. Um... [Closes her door to talk.] I've been feeling like an idiot for what I did, so, um…

ZOE: You're just avoiding me?

JULIA: Yeah, I guess so. Hey, have a seat. Listen, I just… I wanted you to know that I wasn't just helping you because of some ulterior motive. Although, okay, there was an ulterior motive there. But I also wanted to help you. And I do still wanna help you.

ZOE: Do you wanna why I said no? Whatever. Don't worry about it.

JULIA: No, I would, I would really like to, Yes, please, tell me.

ZOE: Okay. Well, I want a closed adoption. [There is a pause. Zoe starts to cry.] I just feel like it's just so hard already, you know. And the thought of, like, handing my baby over to someone that I know just… someone that I like, just I can't. So I just feel like a clean break would be easier.

JULIA: Mm-hmm.

ZOE: God, that sounds so terrible.

JULIA: No. Hey. Zoe, that doesn't sound terrible. I completely understand that actually. I really do.

ZOE: Okay.

JULIA: Okay?

ZOE: Could you do something for me?

JULIA: Okay.

ZOE: Could you start buying more coffee?

JULIA: Yes. I will happily buy more coffee. I will see you in an hour.

ZOE: Mmm, 20 minutes.

JULIA: No, I'm not that bad. 45.

ZOE: You actually are that bad. My boss is thinking that I'm stealing, my numbers are so low.

JULIA: 20 minutes then.

ZOE: I'll see you in 20 minutes. Okay. Cool. Okay.

[Zoe leaves smiling.]

[NEW SCENE - Daytime, Jasmine's apartment, her cell phone rings.]


DR. JOE: Hey, it's Dr. Prestridge. Just calling to follow up on Jabbar. How's that rash looking?

JASMINE: Oh, um, it's all gone actually.

DR. JOE: Good, good. I do think that we should probably try to keep him, you know, wheat-free for, like, another 30 days just to rule everything else out, if you guys are up for that.

JASMINE: Yeah, yeah. That, that sounds good. Sounds like a plan.

DR. JOE: Great. Uh, Jasmine, I want to ask you something, and it's a little awkward. This is, uh, actually the first time that I've ever done something like this, and I'm a little nervous about it. And if you're, you know, if you feel like I'm overstepping or, uh, if you're just not comfortable with this, please, please just say so. I won't be offended, I promise. Do you wanna grab dinner sometime?

JASMINE: Sure. Sure. I'd, I'd love to.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house, Amy walks up to the front yard.]

AMY: Hey, Mr. Braverman.

ZEEK: Hey, Amy, how you doing?

AMY: I wanted to bring back these clippers.

ZEEK: Oh, no, no, no, that's okay.

AMY: My dad said that they're not ours. Drew brought them over.

ZEEK: Hey, Drew! You got company, Drew! Drew, get out here! Drew!

DREW: What? What?

AMY: Hey.

DREW: Oh, hey.

AMY: Um, sorry. I didn't know that he was gonna, like, yell at you.

DREW: Oh, no, he's just getting old. They just yell a lot, I guess.

AMY: Yeah. Well, I wanted to bring these back. My dad said that they're not ours.

DREW: Oh. They're not theirs.

ZEEK: [Watching.] Oh, huh.

AMY: Yeah.

DREW: Kidding. Who knew? How weird.

AMY: Yeah.

DREW: Um...

[Drew sees Zeek mouths words.]

DREW: I like your shirt.

AMY: Oh, thank you. Actually, I stole it from my sister.

DREW: Hey, how's your dog?

AMY: Oh, he's fine.

DREW: Okay, I was pretty nervous about that actually.

[Sarah sneaks out of the guesthouse to watch from behind a shrub.]

AMY: No, seriously, it's okay. I mean, he always comes back.

DREW: Okay, great.

AMY: Yeah, you sure disappeared though.

DREW: Yeah, I, I had some homework, and one of my shows was coming on. So I had to… I'm sorry about that.

AMY: Yeah, it's okay. Okay. Well, I guess I better go, so I will see you later.

[Any starts to walk away, Drew looks to Zeek who encourages him to act now.]

DREW: Actually, Amy, hey. I know this is, it's kinda random, but would you wanna, like, see a movie with me?

AMY: What, like, right now?

DREW: No, no, um, like, this weekend?

AMY: Yeah.

DREW: Yeah?

AMY: Yeah, sounds good.

DREW: Great.

AMY: Okay.

DREW: All right.

AMY: All right, bye.

DREW: Bye.

AMY: [To Zeek.] See ya.

[Drew sees his mom was watching.]

SARAH: Hi. I was gardening.

DREW: [To Zeek.] The chair looks great.

[Zeek does a little dance and Sarah is happy as Drew goes back inside.]

[NEW SCENE - Night time, Kristina is on her bed, Adam in the bathroom as Haddie comes rushing in.]

HADDIE: Mom, Dad!

KRISTINA: What happened?

HADDIE: They're dropping the charges against Alex.

TOGETHER: You're kidding.

HADDIE: Uh-uh. His lawyer just called him.

ADAM: Well, that's great. What'd the lawyer say?

HADDIE: That the Bells don't want to pursue it anymore, that there's no case without them, and something about you two. I can't believe you guys. Why would you not tell me?

ADAM: Well, we weren't sure that was gonna happen.

HADDIE: Well, Dad, thank you.

[She climbs on the bed to kiss her mom and hug her dad.]

KRISTINA: You're welcome.

HADDIE: I love you.

KRISTINA: I love you, ooh.

HADDIE: [To Kristina's belly] And I love you.

KRISTINA: [Laughs]

HADDIE: Okay, thank you, guys. I'm gonna go take a shower.

KRISTINA: She's so happy.

ADAM: We did a good thing, huh?

KRISTINA: Mm-hmm. You did a good thing.

ADAM: It was your idea.

KRISTINA: You made it happen.

ADAM: Are you okay?


ADAM: It seems like there's something on your mind. If this is about the recording studio, I'm happy to talk about it.

KRISTINA: I'm not worried about that at all. I'm just thinking about stuff.

ADAM: Yeah?


KRISTINA: [Looking at the sonogram picture.] It's the outline of her hand.

ADAM: Mm-hmm. Yep.

KRISTINA: And her nose.

ADAM: What is it?

KRISTINA: Nothing, I'm just, I'm just a little bit worried.

ADAM: Listen, it's a good thing it's a girl, okay?

KRISTINA: Yeah, I know, but there's still a chance because of Max, you know. I mean, the statistics are better.

ADAM: I know.

KRISTINA: But no matter what, I'm gonna love her so much. I already do.

Episode End
3.03 - Step Right Up
Original Airdate (NBC) September 27, 2011
Written by David Hudgins
Directed by Adam Davidson

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