3.01 - I Don't Want To Do This Without You
Transcript by Craig Best

This is a Beta copy
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[Opening scene - Close on Adams face, morning and he's in bed with a very pregnant Kristina.]

KRISTINA: [Struggling to get up.] Oh, damn. Come on, baby. Let's go potty.

ADAM: You all right, honey?

KRISTINA: Yup. Oh, gosh. This baby's pushing on my bladder like you wouldn't believe. I need an adult diaper.

ADAM: Hmm.

[NEW SCENE - A short time later in the kitchen. Adam is still in his bathrobe, unshaven and serving breakfast.]

ADAM: All right, Max, here you go. We got Huevos Braveros here for you.

MAX: [Talking the Haddie.] Wasn't necessarily where you died.

ADAM: Max, eat your eggs.

MAX: Uh, no, these eggs aren't good. Mom has the good eggs.

ADAM: Max, my eggs are the same eggs as mom's eggs.

MAX: No, they're not.

ADAM: Yes, they are.

MAX: 'Cause mom is mom and you are you and so you can't make them the exact same way.

ADAM: You're right about that. Just try them and find out.

[Door bell rings.]

HADDIE: I'll get it.

MAX: Oh, it's Alex!

HADDIE: Yeah, I know. That's my boyfriend, not yours.

KRISTINA: [On the phone.] Great work, I appreciate it. Yeah, okay, so you're having them collated, the proposal, the spreadsheet, everything, right? [To Adam] This guy's awesome. [To Glenn] Okay, bye Glenn.

ADAM: Everything good?

KRISTINA: Everything is great.

ADAM: He said that your eggs are better.

KRISTINA: I'm starving.

ADAM: He wouldn't eat them. They're good, right?

KRISTINA: Maybe, just cook them a little bit longer.

ADAM: It'll be all dry.

ALEX: [To Haddie] All right.

KRISTINA: He likes them dry.

ALEX: How are you doing, Mr. Braverman.

ADAM: Very well, Alex, how are you?

ALEX: I'm doing great.

ADAM: Good.

KRISTINA: This sausage is delicious.

ALEX: Have you heard anything back from those job interviews yet?

ADAM: Not yet.

ALEX: Man, just keep looking.

ADAM: Oh, I will.

ALEX: There's jobs out there.

HADDIE: He knows, he's good.

ALEX: Did you check on the Internet? Craigslist?

ADAM: I will.

HADDIE: He's got it, yes, let's go.

ALEX: Keep the fight up.

ADAM: I will, I will, [To Kristina] every day.

KRISTINA: I know. How do I look?

ADAM: You look beautiful.


ADAM: Yes.

KRISTINA: Okay, I'm kinda nervous because I have a big meeting with the city council today and this developer is trying to squash my esplanade. It's not gonna happen.

ADAM: No. He doesn't know who he's dealing with.

KRISTINA: No, I just feel like I haven't talked to you in two days.

ADAM: Honey, it's all right.

KRISTINA: There's so much going on.

ADAM: You're working, you're pregnant.

KRISTINA: Today, don't forget.

ADAM: Yeah.

KRISTINA: Max's social skills meeting.

ADAM: At 2:00.

KRISTINA: Exactly.

ADAM: I'm on it.

KRISTINA: No ice cream.

ADAM: It was one time. It won't happen again.

KRISTINA: Okay also, the dry cleaning.

ADAM: Dry cleaning. I got it.

KRISTINA: I love you.

ADAM: All right, have a good day. [They kiss.] All right?


ADAM: Oh, uh, sorry. I'm gonna shave. That's another thing.

KRISTINA: That's okay. It's just a little scritchidy-scratchidy. Bye honey.


ADAM: All right, bye-bye.

MAX: Oh, dad.

ADAM: Yeah?

MAX: I left my clothes in the dryer.

ADAM: Okay.

ALEX: Keep strong.

ADAM: Thank you.

KRISTINA: I'll bring home the ground chuck.

ADAM: Will do.

[NEW SCENE - Julia and Joel's house, Julia is talking to her video camera.]

JULIA: We're really solid, but we can also be kinda funky. We love the classics but you'll also hear Lady Gaga in this house. The Beatles and--

JOEL: Oh, love the Gaga.

JULIA: Lady Gaga.

JOEL: Born This Way.

JULIA: [To Joel.] I'm trying to interject some personality into this.

JOEL: [Laughing] This is personality?

JULIA: Let me start over.

JOEL: Honey, we already have a great adoption video. All right? We're going to get a baby on our own. We don't need Lady Gaga.

JULIA: We haven't had a single interview in six months. We need Gaga.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman kitchen, morning. Zeek enters from the screen door.]

ZEEK: Sarah, lookie here. I got you an early birthday present. [Gift warped walking cane.]

CAMILLE: [Laughs.]

ZEEK: Look at that.

SARAH: Oh, my God. What is this?

ZEEK: That is a genuine gesture of love, sweetheart.

DREW: It's good, yeah.

SARAH: Good one, daddy. Very, very funny. You know, everybody... I just wanna tell you that I am not afraid of turning 40. In fact, I'm really excited about it. I'm gonna look 40 in the face and say, you know, "Hi 40, this is gonna be the best decade ever." It's gonna be the decade of Sarah. It's gonna be the… you know.

AMBER: [Entering the room.] You're struggling with turning 40?

CAMILLE: Yeah, you think? Yes.

SARAH: No, I'm not struggling.


AMBER: I understand. It's a brutal transition.

SARAH: It's not brutal. It's my birthday.

AMBER: Anyway, I have some goodish news though. I think I might have found a place.

SARAH: For what?

AMBER: For me to live in. An apartment.

CAMILLE: Whoa. Amber's moving out.

SARAH: What are you talking about? That's so sudden.

AMBER: It had to happen sometime. This is kinda what people do. They move out, I mean...

ZEEK: Not all people. [Looking at Sarah.]

SARAH: I moved out, Dad. I just came back.

CAMILLE: Where is it?

AMBER: It's on Franklin, like, a couple blocks from, like, Evans.

CAMILLE: Oh, yeah. That's not far from the homeless shelter.

ZEEK: Amber, that's kinda, like, the crack district, isn't it?

AMBER: No. Um, it's not that bad.

ZEEK: Well, it'll go with the haircut anyway.

CAMILLE: It's actually an up and coming neighborhood now, you know? Artists have moved in. There's an art gallery there now, I think.

AMBER: Yeah.

CAMILLE: I think, in a couple of years that's going to be a very cool neighborhood.

AMBER: I'm ahead of the curve.

SARAH: Well, what's the place like?

AMBER: I'm gonna see it today, so I'll let you know.

SARAH: Well, let me go with you.

AMBER: Do I have a choice?


AMBER: Great.

[NEW SCENE - Outside Crosby's house, he's butting out the trash in his bathrobe.]

CROSBY: Morning, Gail. That's a good-looking cardigan. I think I have the same one. [Jasmine pulls up.] Look who it is.


CROSBY: Hey, right on time.


CROSBY: Jabbar, your mom's here, buddy.

JASMINE: How'd it go?

CROSBY: Um, it was good.


CROSBY: He fell asleep by 8:30. But I took him to Dr. Weiss and he said he might have to take out his molar to make room for the new tooth that's poking through.

JASMINE: Yeesh, thanks for taking him.

JABBAR: Hi mommy.

JASMINE: Hey, sweetie.

CROSBY: All right, buddy. I'll see you Tuesday.


[They hug.]

CROSBY: All aboard.

JASMINE: Where's my kiss? Where's my kiss?

CROSBY: Okay, um, I will see you guys on Tuesday.

JASMINE: Tuesday, yeah.


JABBAR: Bye, daddy. I love you. I'm gonna miss you.

CROSBY: Love you too, buddy. I already miss you. Okay.

JABBAR: Bye, daddy.

[They drive off.]

CROSBY: [To Gail across the street.] It's my baby mama.

[NEW SCENE - Amber opens the sliding door to the apartment, Sarah follows cautiously behind.]

AMBER: Oh, wow.

SARAH: Wow. Oh, honey, don't worry. We'll find something…

AMBER: I love it!

SARAH: What?

AMBER: It's perfect.

I mean, look at how cool this is.

SARAH: No, Amber…

AMBER: I mean, I know it's not perfect now.

SARAH: You're teasing me.

AMBER: But seriously, just think about the potential. I mean…

SARAH: There's no potential.

AMBER: It would be amazing, with some paint and stuff.

SARAH: Honey, paint couldn't get the four inches of filth.

AMBER: Look! A sky light!

SARAH: Honey, this is like a scene from Shutter Island. This is not a place to live.

AMBER: Come on, that's very funny.

SARAH: Don't sit on that, don't sit on that! Ew, ew!

AMBER: What?

SARAH: There's like a cloud that came up. Oh, God!

AMBER: Excuse me, calm down. Let's not cry about it, it's… I love it so much.

SARAH: Oh, Amber, you know what? Honey...

AMBER: It's a young artist's loft, you know?

SARAH: Just one point. There's, there's no kitchen.

AMBER: This, this is a kitchen. What, what do I need?

SARAH: Wait a minute, I'm sorry. This is a kitchen or that's a kitchen?

AMBER: That's cold and that's hot.

SARAH: Well, you know, there's no sink.

AMBER: So it's got everything I need.

SARAH: Somebody's stuff is still here.

AMBER: I mean look just, just try to imagine it. It's amazing and it's everything that I want.

SARAH: Really?

AMBER: I really, really, really love it, yes. Can you just try not to be negative about it for one second because I really, really love it.

SARAH: Okay.

AMBER: I wanna live here.

SARAH: I'm gonna try. [Fake smile.] I love it.

[Opening credits - featuring “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan]

ALEX: I don't remember the lines being this long.


ALEX: I don't remember…

HADDIE: Shhh, stop complaining, old man.

ALEX: Did you just call me old?

HADDIE: I'm just feeling nervous because I feel like I'm torturing you. Is this bad?

ALEX: No, it's not torture.

MAX: I'm feeling tortured because this line is taking forever. [Shouting] Speed it up.


ALEX: Yeah, speed it up.

HADDIE: Max, what is wrong with you?

EMMA: Haddie?

HADDIE: I thought we were making jokes.

EMMA: Oh my God!


EMMA: How are you?

ALEX: Great, we'll never leave now.

HADDIE: I mean, good. How are you.

EMMA: I can't believe we're seniors. From seventh grade to this? No, there's no way. Hey, Max. Hey, Alex.

ALEX: Hey. How are you doing?

EMMA: Doing good. Um, so, did you get the emails about the party at Zach's this Saturday?


EMMA: The first party of senior year is gonna be amazing.

HADDIE: Amazing, it's gonna be good, right? [To Alex.] What do you think? You got the email?

ALEX: Yeah. Yeah. It's going to be great.

HADDIE: He doesn't really like parties.

ALEX: I liked them when I was in high school.

HADDIE: Right, okay.

MAX: Is there gonna be alcohol at the party?

EMMA: Uh...


EMMA: Most definitely not, no.

ALEX: It's a great question.

MAX: Because if there is, then Alex shouldn't go 'cause he's an alcoholic.

HADDIE: Great.

ALEX: Wait, just--Max is just looking out for me, okay?


ALEX: Look, I'll go to the party. I'll be there.

HADDIE: All right, cool, yeah.

EMMA: Yeah, well, it was great seeing you and, I'll…

HADDIE: Yeah, you too.

EMMA: I'll see you Saturday.


ALEX: See ya. [Awkward pause.] Yeah.

[NEW SCENE - Adam at home alone, still looing sloppy, unshaven and dressed in just t-shirt and pants, he is having lunch.]

[What follows is a montage scene set to Harry Nilsson's “Coconut”. Adam after 6 months without work is clearly bored for things to do, he watches TV, juggles, and makes a guitar playing man out of some wire.]

ADAM: [Watching the original Knight Rider.] You're looking for another can of hairspray, Michael. Look in the glove compartment.

[His cell phone rings, he scrambles to get it.]

ADAM: Oh... Hello? Yes, this is Adam Braverman. Oh! Hi Paul! Yeah. No, of course I remember sending you my resume. Yes, I am still available. Tomorrow at 4:00, what, you know what? Just let me check my schedule, hold on one second.

[Pretends to check his schedule.]

ADAM: Paul, you know what, I got to juggle a few things around but I can be there. I'll see you tomorrow at 4:00. I'm looking forward to meeting you too. I love beverages, and you know, they need to be distributed. I'm, I'm, no, I'm just joking around. Okay, thank you.

[Hangs up.]

ADAM: [To himself] All right.

[NEW SCENE - Julia's work,
JULIA: [Upbeat] Hi Zoe! How are you?

ZOE: [Sounding underwhelmed] Amazing, wonderful.

JULIA: Um, gosh, I should go decaf. Oh, I need some caffeine though. I'm feeling so laggy, that afternoon thing, you know. I'm exhausted. Um, let's do caf double… no, no, you know, okay half caf, sold.

ZOE: Okay! Good, great, thanks for bringing me into that.

[Zoe starts on the coffee.]

JULIA: Oh my God, are you pregnant?

ZOE: No, I just had a really big Burrito for lunch so… I'm pregnant, yeah.

JULIA: Well, congratulations. That's amazing.

ZOE: Yup.

JULIA: I just have babies on the brain because my husband and I have been trying for a second, you know, so, I probably wouldn't even notice…

ZOE: $1.50.

JULIA: That… [Hand Zoe the money.]

ZOE: Yeah, great, thanks.

JULIA: Um, keep the change.

ZOE: Oh! I can go to college, thanks.

JULIA: Do you know what you're having?

ZOE: Oh, it's, um, a human baby, so, I'm pretty excited.

JULIA: Mm-hmm.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house.

SARAH: Amber, are you in here?


SARAH: Hey! Um, you left this out on the table. They're holding your diploma because of overdue library books? What is that?

AMBER: Yeah, I know.

SARAH: Amber, you should get your diploma. We should take care of this.

AMBER: I mean, it's not really that important. I mean, it's just a piece of paper, right? It doesn't even matter.

SARAH: It's not important? It's your diploma from high school.

AMBER: At least I graduated.

SARAH: Oh, God. What are you doing?

AMBER: This will fit that apartment perfectly.

SARAH: What apartment?

AMBER: The apartment that we saw.

SARAH: The sink-less apartment?

AMBER: That's the one!

SARAH: You're not living there.

AMBER: Well…

SARAH: Let's keep looking.

AMBER: I beg to differ. I took it.

SARAH: No, you didn't.

AMBER: Yes, I did.


AMBER: Because three other people wanted it, and I didn't want to lose it. So, I drove back and put down a deposit.

SARAH: Okay, when is this move happening?

AMBER: I move in at the end of the week.

SARAH: Amber, I don't understand what you're doing. If you like the apartment, fine, but you know, it wasn't that long ago that you were not in a very good place and it just feels like things are moving very quickly and haphazard and, and scary.

AMBER: Okay, okay, I get it. Okay? But I just gotta get out of here.


AMBER: Okay?

SARAH: What's so bad about living here?

AMBER: Because I feel like I disappointed everybody, and I feel suffocated, and I want my own space.

SARAH: Okay.

AMBER: I need space now, okay? That's the way that it is, okay?

SARAH: Okay.

AMBER: Great.

[NEW SCENE - Adam, Job interview.]

PAUL: So there's about five to ten days of travel to deal with the regional distributors, Spokane, Tacoma, Idaho Falls, is that an issue?

ADAM: Nope, nope, I can travel.

PAUL: Uh-huh. You saw the salary?

ADAM: I did. And it's certainly less than what I'm accustomed to, but I can make that work.

PAUL: I see you were a senior executive at TNS.

ADAM: Yeah, C.O.O.

PAUL: C.O.O. But you realize the position here at R & B is much different.

ADAM: I do, I do, I understand. And I'm ready to start out there, and... You know, we'll see what happens. I'm a very creative guy, I had a lot of…

PAUL: Yeah, um, look, Adam.

ADAM: Yeah.

PAUL: This is not a creative position. It's getting the beverages into the stores and getting paid for them. That's the job.

ADAM: Right, yeah. No, I get it. I do. And I'm ready to make this transition. This is where I'm at in my life, and I'm ready for it. So you just have to tell me what I have to do to get the job, and I'm ready to go.

[NEW SCENE - Sarah

SARAH: I have checked the library.


SARAH: I'm just getting very frustrated because all I want is my daughter's diploma, her high school diploma.

SHARON: I know.

SARAH: That she worked so hard for.

SHARON: I'm sure she did.

SARAH: And completed all of her classes. It was just these pesky library books that were standing in the way now.

SHARON: Yeah, but I can't release the diploma [Together] until the books are returned.

SARAH: Which I understand, which I think we talked about.

SHARON: They belong to the school.

SARAH: No, I know, and she has returned the books now which I, Mrs. Pollino.

SHARON: That's what they all say.

SARAH: What? No, no, no, it wasn't like a lie. It was actual books that…

SHARON: There's a lock on the account.

SARAH: She didn't even care about the diploma. I understand that there's a lock on the account. But Mrs. Pollino said if you just picked up the phone and called her that then she can check, make sure…

SHARON: Oh, you know, it doesn't matter who I talk to. If it doesn't show up in the computer…

SARAH: That is so insane, because the person…

SHARON: I can't give out the diploma.

SARAH: Put that information in the computer so change the information in the computer.

SHARON: I know.

SARAH: So I'm just asking you if you could pick up the phone and call Mrs. Pollino and then it will be in the computer and then you can release it!

[In the background Sarah doesn't see Mr Cyr enter the room.]

SARAH: What is happening? What's, what's happening?

SHARON: Oh, I'm taking my lunch.

SARAH: Right now?

SHARON: Right now.

SARAH: No one seems to care about my daughter's diploma!

MARK: Sarah.




MARK: Hi. Hi, Sharon.

SARAH: Hey, Mark.

MARK: We take our lunch breaks very seriously over here, but I'm on mine. Would you like to have a coffee with me? Are you free?

SARAH: Coffee? Um, yes.

MARK: Yeah?

SARAH: Sure.

MARK: All right, or actually maybe for you Chamomile, something like that.

SARAH: For me?

MARK: Yeah.

SARAH: Do I seem tense?

MARK: No, you just don't seem tired.

[NEW SCENE - The Pancake House. Adam and Crosby eating at the counter.]

ADAM: Well anyway, it's a huge pay-cut, it's a huge step-down, but, you know, it's something. A couple of months ago I wouldn't even considered it. Shows you how fast things can change.

CROSBY: [Sarcastically.] You sound really excited about the opportunity.

SANDY: You guys good?


SANDY: So that was pretty awesome the other night.

CROSBY: Yeah, I was, uh, it was very awesome.

SANDY: So when do I get to see you again?


SANDY: Really? Because you said you were gonna call the other night, remember?

CROSBY: Yes, and then I was working but I'm gonna call you tonight and we're gonna make a plan.

SANDY: Okay, great, I like that. Okay, cool.


ADAM: Really?

CROSBY: She asked a lot of questions. I'm running out of things to say so I'm sorry I brought you into it.

ADAM: You know, I see what's gonna happen to you. You're not gonna call her, and now you're gonna ruin the pancake house for me.

CROSBY: I got this under control.

ADAM: Like I don't have enough problems.

CROSBY: Listen, actually I have something serious to talk about.

ADAM: What, Sandy?

CROSBY: Have you ever heard of the Luncheonette?

ADAM: No, is that the place we're all gonna have to go because of Sandy?

CROSBY: No, that's not the place we're gonna go. It's the most famous recording studio in Northern California. And it came up for lease.

ADAM: And?

CROSBY: We should go in to business together, you and me. Think about that. [Adam laughs.] It's in the cosmos, all of a sudden you have this job.

ADAM: Oh no.

CROSBY: It's so stable and then…

ADAM: No, no, no.

CROSBY: And then this comes up? I'm being serious. You would be the perfect right brain to my left brain.

ADAM: Crosby, do you even know what a business plan is?

CROSBY: I haven't figured all that out yet.

ADAM: What kind of initial income do you anticipate?

CROSBY: I don't know exactly, but a lot.

ADAM: You gotta have a business plan. You gonna be organized. You can't just stumble into this.

CROSBY: Listen, I have relationships with bands.

ADAM: Mm-hm.

CROSBY: They love me and they hate my boss. If I started my own studio, they would all follow me over in a second. And that's built-in clientele. What do you think of that business plan?

ADAM: Do you have that in writing?

CROSBY: I have it in fist bumps.

ADAM: Listen to me Crosby, take it from me. Keep your job, okay? Keep your job.

SANDY: Hey, talk to you tonight.

CROSBY: Yup, absolutely.

ADAM: Thank you, Sandy.

CROSBY: [Slides the check over to Adam.] There you go.

[NEW SCENE - In the hallway just outside Julia's office, Zoe is pushing the coffee cart. Julia sees her.]

JULIA: Zoe, hi. Um, how's your Thursday?

ZOE: Phenomenal.

JULIA: Great, I will have the usual.

ZOE: You want it in that? [Seeing the coffee cup Julia is carrying.]

JULIA: Um... You know what, can I just talk to you for a second?

ZOE: All right, yeah.

JULIA: Um... I would like to apologize for yesterday. That was presumptuous of me and, um, I overstepped my boundaries. Perhaps I just got excited, you know, so--but...

ZOE: You know what? It's, you're, that's fine. It's cool.

JULIA: Okay.

ZOE: Don't worry about it. You know, I'd, the truth is I don't really know what to say about it because I'm not keeping it, so it's just kind of easier not to think about it. You know what I mean?

JULIA: Yeah.

ZOE: Um... Anyway, I'm getting your coffee.

[NEW SCENE - Outside the school, Mark and Sarah sitting on a bench.]

SARAH: Oh, I don't know. The diploma just became important to me because it didn't seem important to her. And I've wanted something better for her.

MARK: Like college.

SARAH: Well, I don't wanna pressure her, I just thought she'd be in a different place.

MARK: Well, I see a lot of kids come through here and they graduate and they go right to college, and they're not even close to being ready for it.

SARAH: Yeah.

MARK: And Amber will go to college.

SARAH: You think?

MARK: Yeah. And when she goes, she'll be ready to go and she's gonna do great things. And I know it's hard to think of it like this now, but I think that this, waiting for her is a blessing in disguise.

SARAH: [Smiling] Do you?

MARK: [Rubbing her arm] Yes. Sometimes you just have to believe.... You know?

SARAH: I know.

MARK: Yeah.

SARAH: Yeah.

[Sarah leans in closer and kisses Mark]

MARK: [After a few moments.] Wow. [Sarah pulls away.] Uh...

SARAH: I'm sorry.

MARK: No...No, no, no. I was just…


MARK: I just wasn't expecting it. That's why I said...

SARAH: Why would you? It was so weird.

MARK: It wasn't weird. No, it wasn't weird at all, I…

SARAH: You know what, I'm sorry. I don't know why I said. It just came out of nowhere. And it's, I'm turning 40 this week.

MARK: Oh! Happy…

SARAH: [Standing up.] No, it's okay. But I think maybe I'm having some more issues than I thought. I'm having some troubles.

MARK: Uh, I…

SARAH: I didn't think I had any problem with it but I think I'm… I was acting out, you know, how people do, but...


SARAH: Let's pretend it never happened. Can we do that? Can we just like never speak of this again?

MARK: I was, I shouldn't have said "whoa."

SARAH: All right, yeah. All right, but, thanks. But nice to see you. Thanks for the coffee.

[NEW SCENE - Alex's truck, Max in sitting in the back, Haddie in the front.]

MAX: Over a 1,000 teens die each year from car accidents involving drunk driving.

HADDIE: Okay, Max.

MAX: Oh, and almost 90% of alcoholics will relapse at least once before reaching sobriety. I really don't think you should go to this party, Alex.

HADDIE: I think you're being insensitive, and I don't think you know what you're talking about. Stop talking.

MAX: Well, I know there's alcohol at high school parties. I watch Friday Night Lights.

HADDIE: Oh, I forgot that you know everything.

ALEX: I love you, Max, I love you. I wish I was as honest with myself as you.

MAX: Hey, you're going 20 miles under the speed limit. You need to go faster.

HADDIE: What does that mean?

ALEX: It means if I was being honest with myself, I wouldn't be going to this party.

HADDIE: Okay, I knew you didn't want to go.

ALEX: I knew it meant a lot to you, so that's why I'm going.

HADDIE: It's, what? It doesn't mean anything to me. I don't care, it's just a stupid party. If you don't think it's a good idea, we don't have to go.

ALEX: It's just, I think it'll be a dumb move for me to go to a high school party where I don't want to be at anyway.

HADDIE: I don't want to be flakey and I just told everybody that I was gonna go. And the party is tomorrow.

ALEX: Then go… No, seriously, go.

HADDIE: So how about we do this?

ALEX: How about I'll pick you up after the party and we'll just hang out afterwards.

HADDIE: Yeah, okay.

[NEW SCENE - Outside Crosby's house, he is playing touch football with Jabbar.]

CROSBY: Toothbrush! Aftershave! Bar of soap! Hike! Terrible hike!


CROSBY: Oh! Yeah!

JABBAR: Touchdown oh, yeah! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh!

CROSBY: Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Touchdown.

CROSBY: Let's go! All right, QB, let's see what you got.

JABBAR: 39, 38, 430, hut-hut! Go for it, go for it!



[The ball goes into the next yard.]

CROSBY: Are you kidding me? Come on! Who were you throwing it to?


CROSBY: Go get it.


CROSBY: You threw it.


CROSBY: I didn't throw it over there.

JABBAR: Aah! I can't find it.

CROSBY: Well, keep looking, it's in there.

JABBAR: I don't see it.

CROSBY: It didn't vanish. [Sandy gets out of her car.] Um...

SANDY: Crosby, Crosby, Crosby.

CROSBY: I am so sorry couldn't call you the other night. I couldn't, I was in a session that went really late and I…

SANDY: Crosby, we should talk. I feel like we have this incredible connection between us. Don't you feel that?

CROSBY: Yeah, it's a strong connection.

SANDY: Yeah, but something's holding you back though, and I don't want to just walk away from this without trying to figure out what's keeping you from moving forward, I, we just…

JABBAR: I found it.


SANDY: Hey, who's this little guy?

CROSBY: This is my son, Jabbar.

SANDY: Oh, my God. You're a dad?


SANDY: So, that's why you didn't call the other night? Because you're a father?

CROSBY: Yup. It's, we get really busy and, you know. I gotta focus on…

SANDY: Oh, my God. Hi, Jabbar.


SANDY: Hi, I'm Sandy. I'm your dad's special friend.


[NEW SCENE - Night, Adam is sitting at the dining table with his laptop.]

KRISTINA: You're up.

ADAM: Yup.

KRISTINA: Again, huh?

ADAM: Yeah.

KRISTINA: Honey, what you doing?

ADAM: Crosby had this crazy idea to take over this old recording studio. So I'm just running some numbers.

KRISTINA: A recording studio?

ADAM: Yup.

KRISTINA: Isn't the music industry kind of imploding?

ADAM: Yeah, I don't know. It's interesting.



KRISTINA: Why don't you go upstairs, okay?

ADAM: I will in a minute.

KRISTINA: Honey, they're gonna call you about that job. They'd be so crazy not to.

ADAM: Well, I hope so. It's just I'm getting worried, you know? I mean, I can't believe the timing.

KRISTINA: It's great. Well, I have some, sort of good news.

ADAM: What's that?

KRISTINA: They've asked me to stay on and they've offered me a full-time position.

ADAM: What did you tell them?

KRISTINA: They took me to lunch. They said, "Kristina, you're doing such a great job." I…

ADAM: You told them yes.

KRISTINA: I felt like I had to say yes in the moment.

ADAM: But you didn't need to say yes in the moment. You could've said "I need to discuss this with my family."

KRISTINA: I'm telling you right now. I'm discussing. Why are you being so discouraging? We need the money, Adam. We don't have…

ADAM: I know we need the money, Kristina. It's a lot less money than we need. I'm sure it's like, I don't know, 25% of what we need.

KRISTINA: It's 25% more than what we're making right now, okay? Our savings is almost gone. Our cushion's nil. I'm not, I'm just saying…

ADAM: [shouting] What? It's my fault?

KRISTINA: It's not.

ADAM: Kristina, I'm the one who's supposed to be taking care of us.

KRISTINA: Hey, shh.

ADAM: I'm the one who's supposed to be providing for the family.

KRISTINA: And you are, you do. I just want to help.

ADAM: Do you have any idea what that feels like for me not to be able to do that right now? Do you have any idea what that feels like?

[Adam leaves the table then room.]

KRISTINA: I do, I get it. I just want to help. That's all I want to do. Adam.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house, outside are having a BBQ.]

DREW: Let me flip those, please.

ZEEK: No, no, no, no. And you never flip another man's burger. That's for starters.

[Near by Joel and Max are at the basketball hoop. Camille is with Jabbar and Sydney painting.]

CAMILLE: Excellent, now we're talking. Just like Jackson Pollock. [Laughs]

KRISTINA: [Carrying a large bowl of brownies and eating from it.] Wow, looks really good, guys. These brownies are great.

CAMILLE: Yeah. There's a jar of pickles on the fridge.

[Crosby, Julia, Adam and Sarah are playing ping-pong.]

CROSBY: Oh, I look up and she's just standing there.

JULIA: Wait, this is at your house? She came to your house?

CROSBY: Yeah. Yeah, she came by unannounced. Just popped in.

JULIA: Oh, Crosby.

CROSBY: And then she met Jabbar and used the word "special friend."


SARAH: No, she didn't. Crosby, that's going to ruin the Pancake House for us.

ADAM: Thank you.

CROSBY: Hey, I'm eyeing the gal from Pizza Hut.

JULIA: Okay.

CROSBY: We're good, okay? Hey.


AMBER: [Drives up in here 'new' car, and early model Lada Riva.] Hey.

ADAM: Look who's here.

SARAH: Two hours late.

ADAM: Yeah.

AMBER: Careful.

JULIA: That's a cute car.

ADAM: Better late than never.

JULIA: Check it out.

SARAH: I know, it's cute. Mom and dad helped.




AMBER: Sorry I'm late, Happy Birthday.

SARAH: Thank you so much.

AMBER: Sorry I had some errands to run.

SARAH: Okay.

AMBER: I'm sorry about that.

SARAH: Well, dad was trying to hold the grill for you. But everybody got hungry.

AMBER: That's cool. I actually ate already too, so whatever.

SARAH: We're going to eat really soon though with the rest of us, so...

AMBER: Okay, yeah, cool, this is fine.

SARAH: Sorry, everybody just got hungry.

CROSBY: Yeah, we've been waiting and so this is like…

AMBER: Yeah, I got it.

ADAM: Yeah, you know ping-pong. It'll make you hungry.

AMBER: Believe me, I'm getting that. Getting the vibe.

SARAH: [To Adam] I don't mean to be, but she could've, like, texted or, you know, something.

ADAM: You all right?

SARAH: Yeah.

[NEW SCENE - Night, Teenage party. Loud music playing.]

EMMA: Haddie! You made it!


[They hug.]

EMMA: Oh! I'm so happy to see you. Okay, it's time to do shots.


EMMA: Yup. We gotta loosen you up.

HADDIE: So soon? You know what I'm really loose.

EMMA: Since Alex, I never seen you.


EMMA: You guys were in your cocoon all summer. Time for us to spend time together.

GIRL: My angel, my baby. I'm so happy you're here.

HADDIE: I'm happy to be here.

EMMA: Okay, to all of us. We've known each other since seventh grade.

GIRL: Sixth grade.

HADDIE: I know!

EMMA: Okay, sixth grade.

ZACH: Welcome to mi casa.


ZACH: You guys taking shots?

EMMA: Yes.

GIRL: Yes.

HADDIE: Only if you're taking a shot.


EMMA: Look at the party! This is to our senior year.

ZACH: Senior year.

EMMA: Best year of our lives ever. Doing it all together.



HADDIE: Try to do this.

GIRL: You gotta slurp it down.

EMMA: Another one?


[NEW SCENE - Sarah's birthday party. Some overlapping conversations.]

ZEEK: Braverman flag.

DREW: I can't believe I'm going to be left here.

AMBER: I know, but the bus goes right by my place.

CROSBY: [To Adam] Is that your third beer?

AMBER: [To Drew] Come over all the time. It'll be like our place.

CROSBY: Oh, my God, it's like spring break for you.

ADAM: Hey, let me ask you something. If this recording studio is so great, then why is it been sitting for lease for four months?

CROSBY: How do you know about that?

ADAM: I looked it up on the computer. You know what that is?

CROSBY: Yeah. Well, I would think because the real estate market, you know, people are afraid to jump in.

ADAM: Well, probably for good reason. I mean, why spend big money on a recording studio when you can do everything from your living room couch.


ADAM: Why?

CROSBY: There's a lot more to making music than pushing buttons on a computer, all right? The White Album wasn't made on a computer. Sticky Fingers wasn't made on a computer. Artists, they need a, they need an environment to be inspired by. Believe me, when you this place you're gonna know what I'm talking about.

ADAM: Yeah, well, you know what I think?


ADAM: I think I'm gonna dance tonight.


SARAH: Oh, no.

JULIA: It's starting.

SARAH: The fever.

JULIA: It's starting.

SARAH: The fever is in the house. So, yeah.

JULIA: So, what, you attacked him or something?

SARAH: I can't even explain it. I still don't even know what happened. I kissed him like a, like a starving person who saw a sandwich.

JULIA: Good. But I think he likes you, honestly, so maybe it's not a bad thing at all.

SARAH: Look at those two. [Drew and Amber]

JULIA: Yeah.

SARAH: He's gonna be lost without her.

JULIA: It's really nice they have each other. I really want Sydney to have a little brother. Or little sister.

SARAH: She will one day.

JULIA: The Latte girl at work is pregnant, and I really want to ask her if I can buy her baby. That sounds kind of insane.

SARAH: No, no, it's not insane. I mean, she sells coffee, you know. So probably she'd sell her baby.

JULIA: That's, that was my reasoning. That was exactly my line. Stop looking, I'm confiding in you. Be nice.

KRISTINA: [Coming down the stairs.] Oh boy.

ADAM: Kristina?

KRISTINA: Yeah, I need to pee again. I think I'm going to set a record. I'll tell you, it's just crazy.

ADAM: Kristina Anne Nicholas-Braverman. I love you and I'm going to get a job.

KRISTINA: You're plastered.

ADAM: And I'm okay if you work. I'm okay if you don't work. We will figure it out. I'm just so happy we're having a baby. I thought we were done, and I am so happy we're not. And you can stay mad at me but I'm not going to stay mad at you.

KRISTINA: You had a third beer, didn't you?

ADAM: Maybe.

KRISTINA: [Kissing] Mm, beer tastes good.

ADAM: Uh-huh.

ZEEK: Whoa, whoa, whoa, steady-yee-yee-yee.


ADAM: Hey.

KRISTINA: Did you feel that?

ADAM: Oh, hey, yeah. Hey! Baby's kicking!

KRISTINA: Just a kick.

ADAM: Uh, Max, Jabbar, Sydney, come here. You wanna feel this?

KRISTINA: It was a big one.

ADAM: Come on in here Max.

KRISTINA: Here, gently, okay? See?

SYDNEY: That was huge.

KRISTINA: Did you feel that one?

SYDNEY: It, like, flipped. Like a back handspring.

JABBAR: Is it a boy or a girl?

MAX: He punched my hand.

[NEW SCENE - Later, the adults are dancing to Elvis Costello's Pump It Up. Nearby the older kids watch while Jabbar and Sydney dance as well.]


SARAH: What?

AMBER: I love you so much. [They hug.]

SARAH: What are you doing?

AMBER: Happy Birthday. I have to go.

SARAH: No! No! No!

AMBER: I have to.

SARAH: It's too early, we haven't even danced.

AMBER: But I told you I was going to leave earlier.


AMBER: I love you, I love you, I love you.

SARAH: Okay.

AMBER: Have a great party. Bye, you guys! Love you!


[Sarah watches Amber leave before following her outside.]

SARAH: Wait! Wait, I have to take these off. [Her heels]

AMBER: What is it?

SARAH: Listen, can't you just stay through the cake? We're gonna have the cake.

AMBER: Mom, I know. But I got to go, I made plans.


AMBER: I have to. I stayed as long as I could.

SARAH: Why did you make plans? I'm just curious. It's, you know my fourth.

AMBER: I'm sorry. I didn't know this was gonna go all night.

SARAH: Well, of course it's going to go all night and we're having a dance party. It's a dance party.

AMBER: I know.

SARAH: Is that what put you off?

AMBER: The dance party didn't help. But, you know, I have to go, I gotta go get…

SARAH: Why do you have to go? Are you meeting people? What are you doing?

AMBER: Because I have to go get the key, to the apartment.

SARAH: You're going to get the key right now? Why can't you just get it tomorrow?

AMBER: Because I said I would tonight and I'm excited. It's my apartment.

SARAH: [Louder] Well, it's my birthday. It's my 40th birthday and I'm excited. Why isn't that a bigger deal?

AMBER: I didn't know you were going to freak out at me about this.

SARAH: I'm not freaking out, it's just really inconsiderate. It's just really not nice.

AMBER: Why are you…

SARAH: It's not like there's 1,000 people in there and my daughter's the first one to leave?

AMBER: You're riding me with all this stuff.

SARAH: It's just feels terrible.

AMBER: Sorry, geez…

SARAH: [Calming down] I'm gonna miss you. And I feel so dumb because, you know, I want you to move on. That's what you're supposed to do. But I'm really going to miss you a lot.

[Amber moves in and hugs her mom.]

AMBER: I love you.

SARAH: I love you, too.

AMBER: I have to go.

SARAH: Don't, like, feel sorry for me, I'm fine.

AMBER: Okay.

SARAH: I'm just 40, you know.

AMBER: Just try to keep it together, I know it's hard.

SARAH: In theory, the best years of my life are in front of me.

AMBER: You look great, very good outfit tonight. [She walks to her car, starts the engine.] Bye.

[NEW SCENE - Teenage party, Alex arrives and sees Haddie, clearly drunk.]

ALEX: Hey.


[She almost falls down as she gets up.]

ALEX: Wow, wow you okay?

HADDIE: Of course, yes, hi.

[Haddie hold on Alex.]

ALEX: You okay? You all right?


[They start kissing.]

ALEX: Haddie, what is wrong with you?

HADDIE: Hi, will you meet my friends? Because they're really excited to meet you.

ALEX: Yeah.

HADDIE: And you don't ever talk to them.


ALEX: Hi, how are you guys doing?

ZACH: You want a drink, man?

GIRL: Have a drink.

ALEX: No, no that's quite all right. No, no.

HADDIE: No, he's okay.

ALEX: Can you guys excuse us for one second?

HADDIE: He doesn't need any alcohol.

ALEX: Can you come here, sorry. Are you okay? Hey, just get it together. Hey, get it together.

HADDIE: Why are you so mad?

ALEX: Are you okay? I'm not mad. Okay, listen, I'm a little mad. You knew I was coming to get you and you're drunk.

HADDIE: I'm not drunk.

ALEX: Look at you.

HADDIE: Can we just stay for five minutes?

ALEX: Look, I'm taking you home. Come on, I'm taking you home.

ZACH: Hey, hey, hey, uh, excuse me, is there a problem here?

ALEX: No, everything's cool, everything's fine. I'm just taking her home.

ZACH: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Haddie, are you okay?

HADDIE: Yes, I'm okay.

ALEX: She's great. She just needs to go home.

ZACH: Look, maybe you should go.

ALEX: I'm her boyfriend, I'm taking her home.

ZACH: No, you're upsetting her, you should go.

ALEX: Listen, she is drunk.

HADDIE: I'm not, I'm not.

ALEX: I'm not leaving her here.

ZACH: This is my house, okay?

ALEX: That's great.

ZACH: I don't know you. I've never met you. So I'm asking you to leave, all right?

ALEX: She's drunk, I'm taking her with me….

ZACH: No, you need to go right now.

ALEX: Just, don't touch me.

ZACH: No, now I will.

ALEX: Just don't touch me, man.

ZACH: I'm asking you to leave, man.

ALEX: Just don't touch me again.

ZACH: Now, will you leave…

[Alex knocks Zach to the ground with one punch.]

ZACH: Not smart, dude! Man, get away from me. Don't touch me.

[Late police arrive and take Alex away in handcuffs.]

HADDIE: [Crying, following them out.] Officers? Officers? I don't know, um... Wait. Will you guys wait? Will you guys wait? This is my boyfriend and I can explain the situation. Will you listen to me please? Because he didn't do anything wrong. I don't know what else I can do.

[NEW SCENE - Jasmine opens her front door.]



CROSBY: All right, buddy.

JASMINE: Oh my God, you look so tired. Did you have fun?



JABBAR: Can I go to sleep now, mommy?

JASMINE: Of course you can. I'll be right there to tuck you in.


JASMINE: So, uh, Jabbar told me that he met your special friend.

CROSBY: Yeah. Well, listen, um…

JASMINE: I just thought that we were gonna discuss it before we introduce him to her?

CROSBY: Look, it's not, it wasn't like that. It didn't, this is not somebody I wanna introduce Jabbar to, okay? She just stopped by, it was not planned. It's just a casual…


CROSBY: Arrangement or sorts.

JASMINE: All right, well... I just think in the future you could be a little more careful about who you hook up with for his sake. That's it.

CROSBY: So, I'm just, uh, I'm not suppose to date, I should just sit at home patiently and…

JASMINE: No, that's not, no, of course you should date. I'm dating.

CROSBY: I didn't realize that.

JASMINE: I am starting to.

CROSBY: Well, have fun and I'll…

JASMINE: Thanks.

CROSBY: Yeah, I'll talk to you later.

[NEW SCENE - Julia and Joel's bathroom. Julia taking off her earrings as Joel kisses her neck.]

JULIA: It's crazy.

JOEL: Mm-hm.

JULIA: This is crazy, right?

JOEL: It is crazy.

JULIA: Buying a Latte girl's baby?

JOEL: Mm-hmm.

JULIA: I should not even be thinking about it.

JOEL: You should not even be thinking about it.

JULIA: I'm thinking about it.

[They start to kiss.]


[Julia's cell phone rings.]

JULIA: Mm-hmm.



JOEL: Don't get it.

JULIA: Let me just see.


JULIA: Let me just find out who it is.

JOEL: It's a Braverman, honey.

JULIA: [Looking at the caller ID.] It's a Braverman. It's Haddie. [Answering the call.] Haddie? What? What happened? Okay, where are you right now?

[NEW SCENE - Police station. Julia and Alex walk out, Alex rubbing his wrists.]

ALEX: Thanks for bailing me out. I'll pay you back as soon as I can. I just, I just don't have it right now.

JULIA: Oh, don't worry about it. Uh, I have to tell you though, Alex, this is not over. The parents of the kid that you hit intend to press charges.

ALEX: All right.

JULIA: Listen, I think it's gonna be okay. You didn't seriously injure him, and it's your first offense. And you're a sympathetic defendant, so...

ALEX: Yeah, it's not... It's not my first offense. Julia, you can't tell Haddie, please.

JULIA: Do you want to tell me more about that?

[NEW SCENE - Braverman kitchen, the party has ended as Camille and Sarah clean up.]

SARAH: I don't know how you got all those candles on this cake.

CAMILLE: I'm just thinking about my 40th birthday party.

SARAH: Oh yeah.

CAMILLE: Yeah, do you remember it?

SARAH: Mm-hmm, that was fun.


SARAH: Mm-hmm.

CAMILLE: What do you remember about it?

SARAH: Um, it was here, right? It was right out, right out in the yard. You looked beautiful.

CROSBY: Oh, boy, you lie so bad.


CAMILLE: You don't remember it because you weren't there. You missed it.

SARAH: What do you mean? Where was I? Was that... With Charlie Greg? Was that…? [Remembering]

CAMILLE: All I could think about that whole night was you on the back of that motorcycle going around those hairpin turns in Big Sur.

SARAH: Oh, yeah. That was really stupid.

CAMILLE: That was the worst birthday party of my life.

SARAH: Oh...Well, I wasn't trying to hurt your feelings, I just, you know, I wanted to have fun, I guess.

CAMILLE: Don't worry too much about her. You know, she's gonna make mistakes. Just like you did. She may even make the same mistakes that you did. But Amber's gonna land on her feet.

SARAH: Like, I need to take this with me. [Picking up the remains of the cake.]

CAMILLE: The whole thing?

SARAH: Mm-hm, yeah, and this too. [A bottle of wine.] You know, I've got a long night ahead of me just enjoying not having my daughter, you know, asking me for advice like she always does. It was a real nice party, mom, thanks.


SARAH: Happy 40th birthday, Mom.

CAMILLE: Thanks.

SARAH: Belated. You still look great.

CAMILLE: Yeah, right.

[NEW SCENE - Recording studio.]

CROSBY: What do you think? Isn't this amazing?

ADAM: Yeah.

CROSBY: It used to be a pharmacy and a luncheonette in the 40s. See this RX right here?

ADAM: Yup.

CROSBY: Then a bunch of hippies started squatting here in the 60s, hanging out and doing drugs. These carpets have more spilled drugs on them than a Rolling Stones tour bus. Then one night Jerry Garcia wandered in…

ADAM: Mm-hm.

CROSBY: He fell in love with the place. The acoustics, the vibe… next thing you know, The Grateful Dead are recording here. Then Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young has recorded here.

ADAM: Wow!

CROSBY: I'm telling you. Musicians, they love the history of this place. Look at the recording studio. I mean, it's like the Smithsonian in here, right? I mean, who knows who played that drum, or that sitar, sang in that microphone. I mean, this is, this is sacred ground. What do you think?

ADAM: They offered me that job.


ADAM: And it's a job.


ADAM: Which I need. desperately.

CROSBY: Adam. We have a chance to work somewhere that we love. I mean, remember when we were kids. We used to talk about how cool it would be if we worked at Six Flags. And we got paid to work the roller coasters. That's this opportunity. I want to do this. And I don't want to do it without you.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman guesthouse, Sarah sits on the steps drinking the bottle of wine.]

MARK: Sarah? Hi.


MARK: Um... This is for you.

SARAH: Those are the restraining orders.

MARK: [Laughs] No.

[Sarah open the package.]


MARK: I, I stole it.

SARAH: You stole Amber's diploma?

MARK: Yes. I did… It was the most dangerous thing I've ever done.

SARAH: It's beautiful.

MARK: It is.

SARAH: You want some cake?

MARK: Yes. I would love some cake. [He sits next to her.] Happy Birthday, Sarah.

SARAH: Thanks.

MARK: It's nice, right.

SARAH: I love it.

Episode End
3.0 - I Don't Want To Do This Without You
Original Airdate (NBC) September 13, 2011
Written by Jason Katims
Directed by Lawrence Trilling

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