2.22 - Hard Times Come Again No More
Transcript by Craig Best

This is a Beta copy
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[Opening scene - Night, Sarah is in bed. Her cell phone vibrates on the nightstand.]

SARAH: Hello?

[Sarah sits up as she hears the call.]

[NEW SCENE - Hospital waiting room. Back ground music plays as the family has gathered, Sarah is clearly worried her eyes red from crying.]

DREW: Hey, dad, it's me again. She's still in surgery. We don't really know anything. But I guess just call me back whenever you get this. Bye.

[More music as we focus on different family members. Haddie and Alex enter carrying coffee, juice and food.]

HADDIE: Hey, we brought you these.

ALEX: Hey, uh...


ALEX: Here you go.

SARAH: Thanks.

ALEX: You should try to eat something if you can. I know this is the hard part, you know, the waiting, Not knowing what's gonna happen. But just think positive. She'll pull through. She's a strong girl.

SARAH: [Almost crying.] Thanks.

CAMILLE: Thank you.

ALEX: Mm-hmm.

JULIA: [To Kristina.] Damn, he's good in a crisis.

KRISTINA: Yeah, he's great.

JULIA: Haddie looks so different.

KRISTINA: What do you mean, "different"?

JULIA: Just...Grown up. She's beautiful.

JASMINE: Hey, sweetie.

SARAH: Oh, thanks for coming.

JASMINE: Of course.

ADAM: Hey.


ADAM: How are you? Thanks for coming.

[Jasmine looks at Crosby, still mad and doesn't talk to him.]

MAX: I want to eat.

ADAM: All right, let's see what they have here.

MAX: No, dad, you said that we could go to get pancakes, and now I've been here for an hour and a half...

ADAM: Look at this.

MAX: And I want to go.

ADAM: Max, we have Danishes...

MAX: No, I don't want a Danish.

ADAM: Max, take it easy. This is one of those times where you have to be patient, okay? We're here for Amber and Drew...

MAX: No. You said that Amber wasn't gonna die, right? So if Amber's not gonna die, then... You know, even if she was gonna die, we're not doctors... we can't do anything to help.

ADAM: Max we talked about this…

MAX: Sitting here right now isn't helping.

ADAM: This is one of these things we talked about. This is what it means...

MAX: I'm hungry!

ADAM: Okay, we have to be there for each other, and right now we're here for Amber.

MAX: No, dad, I don't care about Amber right now.

ADAM: Max, please don't say that.

MAX: I'm hungry, and I want to eat now!

ZEEK: Hey, Max!

ADAM: Don't cause a scene, okay?

ZEEK: Then get a frickin' Danish, okay?

MAX: Shut up, grandpa!

ADAM: Max!

ZEEK: Don't tell me to shut up.

KRISTINA: Max. [To Sarah.] I'm so sorry. [To Max.] Let's take a break.

MAX: Dad, I want food!

KRISTINA: I'm gonna give him a break, okay? Don't. Please don't hit me. Stop it. Max, stop. Out.

MAX: Ah!


DOCTOR: Mrs. Braverman? [Sarah gets up.] She's a very, very lucky girl. She has a small injury to her spleen, No internal damage, A broken rib, and... and a cracked wrist.

SARAH: That's... okay.


SARAH: Can we see her?

DOCTOR: She's sedated. She's not conscious.

SARAH: I don't care.

DOCTOR: Yeah. Come on in.

[NEW SCENE - Sarah and Drew enter Ambers room.]

SARAH: She's okay. She's okay. She's okay. [They take a set.] Hi, honey. Hi, honey. We're here, honey. [Crying] You're okay.

[Opening credits - featuring “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan]

AMBER: [Breathing deeply.]

SARAH: Honey... Honey, it's mom. It's mom and Drew. You're okay. Just try not to breathe too deep, okay?

AMBER: What?

SARAH: Honey, you were in an accident, but you're okay.

AMBER: What's happening?

SARAH: Breathe real easy. You're just fine.

AMBER: What's happening?

SARAH: You're gonna be just fine. And your friend is... is completely fine. It's gonna hurt.

AMBER: I can't...

SARAH: [To Drew.] Maybe you should get the nurse, huh? We're gonna get you something for the pain, honey, But everything is okay... you hear me?

AMBER: How...

SARAH: You're a lucky girl, honey. You're a lucky girl.


[NEW SCENE - Back in the waiting room, Kristina and Haddie are now sitting together.]

KRISTINA: I made you an appointment.

HADDIE: Excuse me? For what?

KRISTINA: My Gynecologist.


KRISTINA: You're having sex, you know. You have to get checked. You need a pap smear. You need to get...


KRISTINA: Birth control…

HADDIE: Lets not…

KRISTINA: You have to get checked for things.

HADDIE: Okay, stop. Mom, just stop right now. Just, like, I'll do it, but I don't...

KRISTINA: I'm just saying.

HADDIE: We don't have to talk about it right now.

[Near by Crosby is looking at Jasmine just a few seats away, who is ignoring him.]

CROSBY: I love her, Joel.

JASMINE: [To Julia.] Well, call me later and let me know. I'll talk to you later. [Gets up and hugs Joel.] Bye.

JOEL: Bye.

JASMINE: Okay, we'll see you.




[NEW SCENE - Hospital exterior, Jasmine leaves followed by Crosby.]

CROSBY: Hey, Jasmine... Um, thanks for being here with my family.

JASMINE: Oh, of course. I love your family.

CROSBY: Listen, I, um... I bought a house.

JASMINE: Congratulations.

CROSBY: No, no. For... for you.

JASMINE: For me?

CROSBY: I sold the houseboat, and I sold my motorcycle, and Joel and I have been working really hard on it, and I think it's gonna turn out... Really beautiful.

JASMINE: Crosby, you can't buy your way out of what you did.

CROSBY: I - I'm not trying to buy my way out of anything. I'm... I'm trying to give you your dream.

JASMINE: Just let me go.

CROSBY: Listen, I wasn't even gonna tell you, especially not here in the parking lot of a hospital but, you know, I saw you inside, and I just felt like... I don't know... just... could you just... Could you come look at it? Could you come over and look? We've been using your drawing as... as, like, the blueprint [Gets the picture from his pocket.] and I think we're doing a pretty good job. We're getting there. I mean, we don't have the pot of gold yet, and you're not in it, but... You know, I think it's a start.

JASMINE: [Thinks for a moment.] I don't know.

[NEW SCENE - Adam slides a can of whipped cream across the counter to Max. Who processes to put some on his pancakes.]

ADAM: All right, hey, hey, that's enough. Listen, Max. I want to...Talk to you about what happened before At the hospital.

MAX: I'm eating.

ADAM: The thing is Max, we're part of a family. And when something happens to somebody in the family, like what happened to Amber, we wanna be there for them. Doesn't matter how hungry we are or how tired we are. We wanna show up for the person That's having trouble. Family's the most important thing in our lives.

MAX: Mm Hmm.

ADAM: So... I think because of some of the things you said, it would be nice if you apologized to your aunt Sarah.

MAX: I didn't do anything wrong. You promised me that we could go to get pancakes, and then you kept making me wait.

ADAM: Max, have you ever heard of the word "empathy?" Do you know what that means? Okay. Well, it means that we think about other people's feelings when we do things... not just our own. And this is something that you struggle with because of your Asperger's. So you're not doing anything wrong, and I just wanna help you learn empathy. And that's why I think it would be a good idea to apologize to aunt Sarah for saying that you didn't care about Amber.

MAX: Can I have more whipped cream?

ADAM: Yeah.

[NEW SCENE - Hospital, Julia is on her cell phone in a corridor.]
JULIA: All right, I might have to miss the beginning of this meeting. If I do, please take extensive notes. Yeah, I'm... I'll be there as soon as I can. I just...

GRACE: [breathing]

JULIA: I am at the hospital.

GRACE: Oh, God, help me!

JULIA: Okay, thank you.

GRACE: Julia?


GRACE: Sydney's mom.

JULIA: Yeah.

GRACE: I was Sydney's teacher last year.

JULIA: Oh, my God, Ms. Wu.

GRACE: You can call me grace.

JULIA: Hi. You're pregnant.

GRACE: Yeah, you think? Oh, God! Julia, this baby needs to come out of me now.

JULIA: Okay, we're gonna get you, um..

GRACE: I need your help.

JULIA: We're gonna get you to a nurse, okay?

GRACE: I can't get my damn husband. He's in trial. You know, there's no cell phones allowed in there. Just... I hate him. You know, I just don't know why I married him. I hate lawyers. [Breaths deep.]

JULIA: Excuse me. She's in labor.

NURSE: Okay who's your doctor?

GRACE: I don't know!

NURSE: Okay, we need a wheelchair.

JULIA: Grace, breathe. Is this your first?

GRACE: Oh, yeah.

JULIA: Okay.

GRACE: I'm all by myself, you know. My family... all my family's back east. This is two weeks early. This wasn't supposed to happen.

JULIA: Wow. Well, you're gonna do great. Okay.

GRACE: Stay with me.

JULIA: What?

NURSE: We should go.

GRACE: Please.

JULIA: Okay.

JULIA: I'm gonna get you checked in, okay?

GRACE: Oh, I love you.

JULIA: Um...

GRACE: You are wonderful. You're just... you'll get this thing out of me, right?

JULIA: Not me, personally. But...Yes, okay.

[NEW SCENE - T&S footwear, Cory's office. Adam knocks on the open rood before rushing in.]

ADAM: Hey.

CORY: Adam.

ADAM: I need to talk to you.

CORY: Dude, you look like a wreck, man... what happened?

ADAM: I was in the hospital all night last night. Listen...

CORY: Is everything okay?

ADAM: Yeah, everything's gonna be fine. I just found out that you fired Eddie and you made Spyder the head of the design team?

CORY: I did, indeed. Look, man, Spyder... Spyder's a genius. He's the future of this company, okay?

ADAM: I don't understand why you wouldn't consult me about this. Eddie has been working here for six years. He's got two kids. He's been doing a great job. Did you even think about him as a person?

CORY: I understand he's got a family, okay? But we're running a company. The fact of the matter is, we don't need Eddie. In the direction we're moving.

ADAM: I see. He's not radical enough, he's not cool enough, he's not hip enough.

CORY: Look...

ADAM: Or whatever.

CORY: I can see that you're angry.

ADAM: Yeah, I'm angry. Do you want me to be a part of running this company with you or not?

CORY: I do.

ADAM: You do? 'Cause it doesn't feel like you do. It feels like I'm here to set things up for you to knock them over. [Starts leaving the room.] That's what it feels like for me. I'm here to be your patsy. I'm old and you're new and everything that I do sucks and you're just gonna knock it over and do something else. That seems to be my role here. So I'm just gonna sit in my office and see what happens next, okay?

[NEW SCENE - Hospital delivery room.]

GRACE: [Yelling] Oh, my God, oh, my God! Mother-freaking-damn-hell-crap-bastard! I hate him. I hate my husband, I hate him so much! How can that son of a bitch be on trial right now? He's never on trial, and I'm with child!

JULIA: Breathe, Grace.

GRACE: Oh, yeah.

JULIA: Oh, you're doing amazing.

GRACE: [Whimpers] oh, God, I'm not prepared. I didn't pack a car seat for the baby. How am I supposed to take the baby home?

JULIA: It's gonna be okay. We'll figure it out, okay?

DOCTOR: Your contractions look great, Grace. I think it's time to push.

GRACE: Um, I'll take that epidural now.

DOCTOR: Too late.

GRACE: What?

DOCTOR: Too late.

JULIA: Okay, Grace, don't worry. You're going through hell, and then you're gonna have a beautiful, amazing baby.

GRACE: I think you're the most wonderful person I've ever met in my life. I thought you were such a bitch.

JULIA: I thought you were a bitch.

DOCTOR: I want a big push. On one... Two... Three.

GRACE: [Screaming] I need drugs!

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house, Ambers room. Still saw and injured from the car accident she sits in her bed doing a crossword.]

SARAH: Some milk and cookies. Come on, it's tea. Think I don't know who I'm dealing with? [Clears throat] how you feeling?

AMBER: Tired and sore, and I can't do this puzzle with my hand like this.

SARAH: You know, honey, Gary's getting a dui, and it's pretty...Serious.

AMBER: [Exhales] Okay.

SARAH: How do you feel?

AMBER: Obviously not great. I mean, look at me. It's...

SARAH: But what were you thinking? I mean...

AMBER: It was an accident, you know?

SARAH: But, Amber, this is an accident that you asked for in a way.

AMBER: Well, I wasn't driving, okay? And I obviously got really messed up.

SARAH: But you got in the car with someone who was clearly... I mean, his blood-alcohol was through the roof.

AMBER: I don't know, I thought he was fine.

SARAH: Do you understand that... that...

AMBER: I think I've been attacked enough.

SARAH: I'm not attacking you.

DREW: [Just came to the doorway.] What are you...

SARAH: I'm afraid. I don't understand if...

DREW: Mom, she's obviously not even listening.

SARAH: Get what you've been through.

AMBER: [To Drew.] What the hell is your problem now?

DREW: What's my... look at you. I mean, do you have any idea what you put us through? What if you had died?

AMBER: I get it. What else do you want me to say?

SARAH: It doesn't seem like you get it.

AMBER: I don't wanna talk about it. I get it. Okay?

DREW: All right. [Walks off.]

[NEW SCENE - Kristina is in bed with her laptop and papers, Adam's in their bathroom.]

KRISTINA: Oh, hey, honey? I made the appointment...

ADAM: Yeah?

KRISTINA: …for Max to get fitted for a new retainer.

ADAM: New retainer? What happened to the old one?

KRISTINA: I told you we lost it, remember?


KRISTINA: Yeah, I did tell...

ADAM: You said you couldn't find it, meaning that you were going to.

KRISTINA: No, that means we lost it.

ADAM: Kristina, those things are expensive. Like $500.

KRISTINA: I agree, they're expen... $700.

ADAM: I don't understand how a son like ours, Who can remember the most meaningless facts, can't remember where he put his retainer.

KRISTINA: I know it's frustrating, but it happens, okay?

ADAM: No, you just give me some time and I'm gonna find it, okay?

KRISTINA: I've already looked.

ADAM: I said I'm gonna find it, I'm gonna find it.

KRISTINA: Okay. Well, good luck with that. I've looked everywhere. Also, um... I took Haddie to the Gynecologist.

ADAM: Great.

KRISTINA: She's officially on the pill.

ADAM: She's on the pill. [Sighs] All right, well. He still needs to wear a condom.

KRISTINA: I agree.

ADAM: You need to tell her that.

KRISTINA: I'll tell her.

ADAM: 'Cause I know how guys think. He's thinking that she's on the pill, so he doesn't have to wear a condom.

KRISTINA: Honey, I know. It's weird.

[NEW SCENE - Sydney hosts a tea party for her parents, at home. They are all dressed up.]

JULIA: Mm Hmm!

SYDNEY: Would you like any more?

JULIA: Yes, please.

SYDNEY: Oh, would you like a cupcake?

JOEL: Yes.

JULIA: I would love a cupcake.

SYDNEY: Um, that one does not match, but this one does.

JULIA: That matches?

SYDNEY: That matches the tea.

JULIA: It matches the tea. Well...

JOEL: Well, that's what I want.

JULIA: That's a no-brainer.

SYDNEY: And anything else? Extra lumps or anything?

JULIA: Extra lumps, yes.

JOEL: Just, like, five lumps.

SYDNEY: Oh, this is actually sugar. I can't use that.

JULIA: Okay.

JOEL: Yeah, no sugar, just lumps.

SYDNEY: I'll be right back.

JULIA: Great.

JOEL: We'll be here.

JULIA: So... So anyway. Yeah, it ended up being fine. But it was too late to get her an epidural, and she was screaming hysterically. I mean, it was... she was in so much pain. I forgot the reality of giving birth.

JOEL: Yeah.

JULIA: Actually, I'm just glad that I don't have to go through that again.

JOEL: Yeah. Uh, it's great that you were there for her.

JOEL: Well, thanks. We have such an amazing life, Joel. The three of us. Don't need anything else. Very happy.

SYDNEY: Well, here I come.

JULIA: Hello!

JOEL: Hello.

[NEW SCENE - Auditorium, the rehearsal for the reading of Sarah's play.]

GILLIAM: All right, um... "Suddenly Hannah's family materializes surrounding her on the couch."

DAVE: The couch opens out into a bed.

HANNAH: Really?

BARRY[Zeek]: Oh, jeez.

HANNAH: Awesome.

BARRY[Zeek]: Oh, my God.


BARRY: Honey, you really ought to think this thing through. He's a mailman.

JUNE: Hey, guys in uniform are cute.

HANNAH: What are you doing here?

ELIZABETH: Trying to keep you from making a terrible mistake.

COLBY: Why is there nothing in the fridge? Don't mailmen eat?

JACOB: Hannah, you're throwing your life away.

SARAH: Paul, don't... don't come down so hard on her.


SARAH: Like we talked about, yeah.

PAUL: Gil?

GILLIAM: Why don't we get through the play once without any interruption?


GILLIAM: It's the only way we'll get a sense of the whole.

JACOB: Hannah, you're throwing your life away.

HANNAH: I'm lonely, okay? You don't have to be such a snob.

JACOB: Okay, if you go through with this, I officially give up. I mean it, Hannah. It's over.

HANNAH: You judging me is over?

JACOB: Can't you see that everything I do is only trying to help? But you never seem to get that. I worked so hard and you continue to throw your life down the toilet.

SARAH: Paul, I'm so sorry. I just want... I don't want you to get stuck doing it this way. 'cause, um... let me see if I can explain...

PAUL: You know this is a read through, right?

SARAH: No, no...

GILLIAM: Let's just take five.

PAUL: I don't wanna deal with this.

SARAH: I'm just trying to get it right.

PAUL: I appreciate the opportunity, Gil, I really do, but life is too short.

SARAH: I... why are actors so sensitive?

PAUL: I'm not being sensitive.

SARAH: I'm just trying to get it the way it should be.

PAUL: I'm sorry, your play's not good enough for me to put up with you.

GILLIAM: Shut up please and be quiet! And I think I need five minutes off.

SARAH: I'm taking five. I'm taking five.

HANNAH: Are we done?

COLBY: I don't know.

JUNE: Well, this is a blast.

ZEEK: [Following her.] Sarah, Sarah, please.

SARAH: I just need a minute, dad.

ZEEK: Hold up, baby. God. Sarah... Honey, look. Really, hold. I really think you kinda let the actors go through it a couple of times, before you start...

SARAH: I know, I know. Dad, I'm completely... I'm... you know... I'm, like, numb inside. I don't even know... I just keep thinking of what could've happened. And you know, I could have lost her. I don't think she learned anything from that accident. And I'm just... I'm terrified that... I'm terrified.

[NEW SCENE - Exterior, Crosby's new house. He's drinking a beer from a cooler.]

JOEL: Hey… You show her the place?

CROSBY: Uh...Yeah, she hasn't come over.

[Joel sighs as she sits on the steps next to Crosby, then takes a beer from the cooler.]

[NEW SCENE - Jasmine's house.]

CROSBY: Thanks for letting me come over.

JASMINE: You said it was urgent.

CORY: Um... Um, I just wanna say sorry. I'm sorry we fought over dishes, And I'm sorry I had an affair. I'm sorry I did that to you and our son. I love you, and I'm always gonna be there for Jabbar. And I wish there was something I could do to make everything right, you know? Say something magical, or buy you a house. But... It's not gonna work. And I don't want you to feel weird around me. I screwed up. It's all me. And I want you to feel freedom, move on with your life. I'm not gonna pursue you anymore. Um... That's it.

JASMINE: [sighs]

[NEW SCENE - Adam knocks at Max's open door.]

ADAM: Can you put your book down and give me your attention? Max?

MAX: Did you know that there are Scorpions that can survive on only one meal for the whole year?

ADAM: No. I did not know that. Now, listen, right now we're not gonna talk about bugs, okay? We are going to figure out where your retainer is.

MAX: It's lost.

ADAM: I know it's lost, Max, But it hasn't disappeared forever, right? Now let's use that good memory of yours. [sighs] Max.

[Adam take the book from Max.]

MAX: Dad, hey!

ADAM: I just need you to shift your focus, okay?

MAX: Dad, that's not where it goes!

ADAM: We'll get it in a minute.

MAX: That's not where it goes.

ADAM: I need you to just focus, okay?

MAX: I already talked about this with mom.

ADAM: I know you talked about it with your mother, but now you're gonna talk about it with me. Where's the last place you saw your retainer?

MAX: If I knew that, then I'd know where it was, and we'd find it.

ADAM: Yes, Max. That's a very good point. Let's think of all the places you were the day you lost it. We'll make a list. We'll do it together, all right? Let me grab a pen. Max! All right, tell you what, you can have your book, okay?

MAX: No, dad, that pen's not for writing. That pen is for coloring!

ADAM: Max, I'll put it right back.

MAX: That's not what this...

ADAM: You were in your room... You were in the kitchen.

MAX: Can't you just buy another one?

ADAM: Now we can't, they're $700 max.

MAX: Then go to the ATM!

ADAM: You can't just go to an ATM and get money... Max, let go. Max, I want you to sit down right now. [Loosing it.] Max, sit down! [sighs]

MAX: Are you...Mad at me because I have Asperger's?

ADAM: No, Max, I'm not... I'm not mad at you because you have Asperger's. Never.

[Adam hands back the pen and sighs, as he watches max put it back.]

[NEW SCENE - Police compound full of wrecked cars.]

AMBER: So... What's this all about?

ZEEK: I want you to see something. [They walk up to a car.] Recognize it?

AMBER: [Sniffs] Yeah, it's...The car. It's Gary's car.

ZEEK: Mm-hmm. Come here. Take a look. You lookin'?

AMBER: Yeah. I see it.

ZEEK: Amber... You know, I was two years in Vietnam. Do you know what I thought about? What I dreamt about? Was coming home. And having a family. Having grandkids. I dreamt you, Amber. And Haddie. And Drew. And Sydney. And Max. And we almost lost you, Amber. I know you've had some bad breaks. Not feeling good about yourself. You didn't get into Berkeley. Well, boo-freaking-hoo.

AMBER: [On the verge of tears.]

ZEEK: You gotta suck it up, girl. You're a Braverman. You got my blood in your veins. You ever do something like this again... You even think about doing something like this, I will personally kick your little butt all the way from here to the Golden Gate Bridge.

AMBER: [Sobbing.]

ZEEK: You do not have my permission to mess with my dreams. Are we clear?

AMBER: [Sobbing] I'm sorry. [crying] I'm sorry. [crying]

ZEEK: Good.

AMBER: [Crying]

ZEEK: I'll buy you a burger.

[NEW SCENE - T&S Footwear, Adam's office. Cory knocks on the open door then enters.]

ADAM: Hey. Uh, listen, Cory, I just wanna clear the air. I'm really sorry for losing it. I had no right to do that. I just had a late night, was at the hospital, and... Look, the truth is, no matter what I feel about Eddie, This is your company, you have every right to hire and fire whoever you want without consulting me. I just wish you would. I was out of line, so I'm sorry.

CORY: You're not happy here, Adam.

ADAM: What?

CROSBY: At this job. Are you?

ADAM: I'm fine. It's fine.

CORY: I feel like any time I do something... Choose a new direction...

ADAM: Mm-hmm.

CORY: Express myself, I feel like you're just judging me... As opposed to joining me.

ADAM: I'm not, I'm...

CORY: And that really hurts, man. Truth be told.

ADAM: Okay.

CORY: It makes it really hard for me. I really respect you and the work that you do.

ADAM: Thank you.

CORY: But I just don't think this is a good fit for you.

ADAM: Are you firing me?

CORY: I'm letting you go.

ADAM: Oh. Ugh. [Sighs]

CORY: I'm really sorry, man.

[NEW SCENE - Night, Theatre lobby, the audience is gathering. Camille, Sydney, Julia and Joel enter.]

CAMILLE: It could be kinda cold in there.

SYDNEY: There's, there's, there's aunt Sarah.

CAMILLE: There's aunt Sarah, Hi.


JULIA: There's aunt Sarah.

SARAH: Oh! So glad to see you. I'm really nervous.

CROSBY: I'm not nervous.

SARAH: Okay, good. Well, you're the only one. Just don't lie if you don't like it, okay?

CAMILLE: Don't lie?


JULIA: Truth?


[Near by Amber approaches Drew sitting alone on some stairs and joins him.]

DREW: Hey.

AMBER: I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. For being so stupid. Do you think that you could please forgive me now and be my friend? Because I don't like anybody else.

DREW: Yeah, I think I can be your friend.

AMBER: [giggles]

DREW: [chuckles]

AMBER: Thank you. I feel better already.

[Back with Sarah and Crosby has arrived.]

CROSBY: Is it sold out now?

SARAH: I don't know. No. But it's full. Okay, I have to go check backstage, actually.


SARAH: But I'll see you in the house.

JULIA: Yes, you will, you better.

SARAH: I'm glad you're here.

JULIA: Don't ditch us.

SARAH: [Laughter]

MAX: Midsummer night's dream?

HADDIE: Max... No, I don't.

KRISTINA: Haddie, honey, do you have your cell phone with you?

HADDIE: No, I forgot.

KRISTINA: Dad is so late…

GIRL: She has to fight Gideon. I can't believe I forgot that.

HADDIE: Yeah. But then, what do they call...

ADAM: Hey, how are you guys?

KRISTINA: Hi. How was work?

ADAM: Uh... It was...Quite a day.

KRISTINA: Good. Good.

ALEX: Hey, got your favorite. Candy.

ADAM: All right, let's just go in.

KRISTINA: Candy, thank you, Alex.

ADAM: Come on, guys. Let's go.

ALEX: Mr. Braverman?

ADAM: Yeah.

ALEX: Hey, um... I just wanted to let you know that I love your daughter, and I will always respect her.

ADAM: Anything else?

ALEX: Nope. Just... just... just... Guess that's it.

ADAM: Wear a condom.

ALEX: Yes, sir.

[Haddie standing near by sees the exchange, Alex approaches and puts his arm around her.]


[Sarah talking to some people.]

SARAH: That's what I'm hoping for. So thank you, thank you.

KRISTINA: You're not gonna eat all that candy. You know that, right?

MAX: Aunt Sarah.


KRISTINA: Hey, Sarah.

MAX: I'm really sorry for what I said at the hospital. I have Asperger's.

SARAH: That's okay, Max. Thanks.

MAX: And I'm also really glad that Amber didn't die. And also, if she did, you would've had to go to a funeral and would probably be too sad to come here today. And we wouldn't be here.

SARAH: That's really true. You know, Max, this is a big night for me, and I'm really nervous. Would you mind sitting next to me?

MAX: Sure.

SARAH: Awesome. Okay, our seats are b-107 and b-108.

MAX: Okay.

SARAH: You remember that?

MAX: Sure.

SARAH: Who am I asking? Of course. Okay, I'll see you.

KRISTINA: Break a leg.

SARAH: Thanks.

ADAM: Yeah, break a leg.

MAX: Why would you say that? If she broke a leg...

ADAM: It's just an expression, Max.

MAX: But that's a terrible theatre expression.

[NEW SCENE - Sarah back stage looking out at the audience and doesn't see Gilliam approaching.]

SARAH: [Gasps] oh! Hi. It's so full.

PAUL: Sarah.

SARAH: Yeah?

PAUL: I just... I wanted to apologize about the rehearsal earlier.

HANNAH: Yeah, no, me too.

SARAH: Thanks. I have a lot going on. Thanks for coming back.

PAUL: No, I just wanna say that these words are incredible. And I'm gonna do everything I can to do them justice.

SARAH: God. Thanks, Paul.

PAUL: Thank you.

SARAH: Wow. Okay, thanks.

PAUL: Break a leg tonight?

SARAH: Sure, yeah.

PAUL: Okay, good.

HANNAH: Thank you. You're the best.

SARAH: You guys love to hug. Actors love to hug.

ELIZABETH: We're gonna do a great job.

SARAH: Thank you.

JACOB: We're gonna knock them dead.

SARAH: Okay. Oh, okay.

DAVE: It's a privilege.

SARAH: Thank you. Thank you.

ZEEK: Are you nervous?

SARAH: Yeah.

ZEEK: Don't worry about a thing, honey. Zeek Braverman's playing Barry.

SARAH: [Laughing] Go get 'em, dad.

ZEEK: Okay.

SARAH: Wow. Everyone's so nice. I don't know what happened.

GILLIAM: I told them your daughter died.

SARAH: What?

[NEW SCENE - Short time later the reading has started. The cast is seated in a row of chairs on the stage.]

DAVE: You know, the couch opens up into a bed.

HANNAH: Really? Well, I guess it doesn't open out on its own.

AUDIENCE: [Laughter]

DAVE: You know, you're really cool.

HANNAH: Thank you.

DAVE: I've been delivering packages for six years, and I've never hooked up With anybody who's answered the door, you know?

HANNAH: Um, wow. Thank you. [chuckles] How about we just don't talk?

AUDIENCE: [audience ohs]

HANNAH: Not talking would just be so great.

DAVE: Right on. So you wanna do it?

HANNAH: Totally.

DAVE: Yeah.

BARRY: Ah, jeez.


CROSBY: [To Camille.] The guy playing dad doesn't look anything like dad.

BARRY: You gotta think this through, sweetheart. He's a mailman.

JUNE: Hey, guys in uniform are cute.

HANNAH: What are you doing here?

ELIZABETH: Trying to keep you from making a terrible mistake.

BARRY: It's not the first one, either.

HANNAH: Well, this is so none of your business. God, just get out of here.

JACOB: Happy to. This is grossing me out.

MAX: [From the audience.] Good job, grandpa.

DAVE: You ready, cutie?


DAVE: Huh?

HANNAH: Oh, I'm sorry, yes. I mean, yes. [Giggles]

BARRY: Come on, that's all it takes? "you ready?" Good God, we raised you better than that.

HANNAH: You know, I'm lonely, okay? You don't have to be such a snob.

DAVE: Hey, hey, hey, I'm lonely too, baby.

[Amber gets up and leaves, Sarah notices.]

[NEW SCENE - Theatre lobby.]

SARAH: Hey, sweetie. Are you okay?

AMBER: [Sobbing] I'm fine. Go in... go back in. I'll be right there.

SARAH: You feeling okay?

AMBER: I'm fine. I'm just feeling emotional.

SARAH: What's the matter? Honey!

AMBER: I'm sorry that I put you through that. And I love you, and I promise I'll be safe and smart.

SARAH: That's all I was worried about. I was worried about. That's all

AMBER: I'm sorry, I'm so scared. And just looking at everybody here and thinking that I couldn't see them again and I couldn't be here and see your play. Look what you did. There's people, and they love it. And I'm so proud of you. And you... you say you don't want me to be like you, but I wanna be like this. This is amazing what you've done.

SARAH: I don't know whether to hug you because I don't wanna hurt you.

AMBER: I'm so proud of you.

SARAH: Oh, honey. Thank you for telling me that. I love you. I was so worried about you, you know?

AMBER: I know. I'm sorry.

SARAH: I'm so glad you're okay.

AMBER: Okay, I don't wanna miss the ending, so I'm gonna go back in. [Both laughing]

SARAH: Really? You wanna go to the bathroom or something?

AMBER: No. I look great.

[NEW SCENE - Back on stage.]

HANNAH: So, Colby, you still goin' out with the stripper?

COLBY: Okay, all right. Now, she is not a stripper. She does burlesque. There is a difference.

CAMILLE: [To Crosby.] He looks so much like you without my glasses.

CROSBY: You have a low opinion of me.

JACOB: I don't think this tree house can hold us all.

COLBY: Oh, come on, dad built it.

JACOB: You just made my point.

ADAM: [To Julia.] He just has the same haircut.

JULIA: No, you have better hair.

BARRY: It's a beautiful day today for baseball, folks.

We've got the home team returning from a six-game road trip. You know, the first time I saw your mother, we were at a baseball game.

HANNAH: Yeah, I know, dad.

BARRY: Yep. I know you know. I know I've told you before. I wanna talk about your mother. I mean, so sue me.

HANNAH: I love you, dad.

BARRY: Yeah. Yeah.

[There is enthusiastic applause from the audience as the reading ends ]

ZEEK: Author! Author!

[More cheers and applause.]

SARAH: Dad, be cool.

[Zeek kisses Sarah on the cheeks.]

ZEEK: Way to go.

[Sarah stand proudly on the stage.]

[NEW SCENE - Hospital, Ms Wu's room.]

PAUL: What do babies dream about?

GRACE: Oh, I don't know, baby things. Cute little baby things.

PAUL: No life experience.

JULIA: Um...

GRACE: Oh, my God.



JULIA: God, didn't wanna interrupt family time.

GRACE: Get in here. Honey, this is Julia. She's the one who did your job.

PAUL: Thank you so much. You're like a rock star around here.

JULIA: Yeah, no problem. Well, I came to bring you this. I don't need it anymore.

Yeah, I told her we didn't have a car seat because I was insane.

PAUL: You're officially my hero. Thank you.

JULIA: Sure.

GRACE: So this is Christopher.

JULIA: Oh, my God.

GRACE: He's my little angel.



JULIA: Was that for me? That little smile.

GRACE: [Giggles] Did you wanna hold him?

JULIA: Okay.

GRACE: Wanna go to Julia? You wanna go meet Julia. Yeah.

JULIA: Oh, hi, buddy. [The baby snuffles] Hey. Hey, there. Oh, your mommy's so lucky. Look at you. She's so lucky. He's really beautiful. I forgot what this was like.

[NEW SCENE - Night, Adam arrives home.]

KRISTINA: Hiya, hot stuff.

ADAM: Hey.

KRISTINA: Hi. How are you?

ADAM: What are you doing up so late?

KRISTINA: Just, um... Just reading.

ADAM: Listen, Kristina, I have something to tell you.

KRISTINA: Okay, I have something to tell you too. You go first.

ADAM: Go ahead.

KRISTINA: No. [Giggles] You go.

ADAM: [sighs]


ADAM: I got fired.

KRISTINA: You got...

ADAM: Yeah, I lost it on Cory, and he fired me.


ADAM: Today. I just couldn't tell you.

KRISTINA: Who car... you know what? I don't like him anyway. And you don't like it there, so...

ADAM: We're gonna be all right. We got some savings.


ADAM: And I can get a job.

KRISTINA: Honey, Adam, listen.

ADAM: Quickly, so.


ADAM: It's gonna be okay.

KRISTINA: You've never let this family down, okay? We're gonna be fine. We can get through this together. Okay?

ADAM: What did you wanna tell me?

KRISTINA: I found an orthodontist that can make Max's retainer for $400 instead of $700...

ADAM: Kristina.


ADAM: Now is not the time, Kristina. I told you I would find it, and I'm gonna find it.

KRISTINA: Alright…

ADAM: I haven't looked in the trash yet, and damn it, I'm gonna find that retainer.

[NEW SCENE - Night, Crosby's new house. He's laying back on the floor watching a video on his laptop.]

BURT REYNOLDS: [Smokey and the Bandit Movie] No, don't tell me, let me guess. We are a bride in search of a wedding.



SALLY FIELD: There is a wedding...

JOEL: [Entering the house.] Hey.


JOEL: Um... Try it again.

JASMINE: [Enters the house.] Hey.

[Crosby shows Jasmine the house and they talk, things look friendly.]

[NEW SCENE - Night, Braverman house, Sarah, Amber, Drew and Camille listen to Zeek. Things look happy.]

[NEW SCENE - Night, Julia arrives home, Joel is in bed.]


JOEL: Hey. How was the hospital?

JULIA: I'm not done. I want another baby. I want to adopt. Will you?

[They kiss.]

[NEW SCENE - Night, Adam is searching through the trashcans in the back yard. He finds a pregnancy test with a positive result, he looks up to Haddie in her room.]

[NEW SCENE - Adam storms inside.]

ADAM: Kristina, I am going to kill him.

KRISTINA: I am sorry about the reta...

ADAM: That little son of a bitch looked me in the eye earlier tonight and promised me that he would use a condom.

KRISTINA: What are you talk...

ADAM: Apparently he was lying to me.


ADAM: Because he knocked up our daughter.

KRISTINA: Okay, hey, wait a min...

ADAM: Look what I found in the trash.

KRISTINA: Not fair. You know what, honey? He didn't do anything, he didn't…

ADAM: Why can't anything go right? Why can't a single thing go right around here? Why do I have to deal with this?

KRISTINA: Calm down, calm down.

ADAM: What?

KRISTINA: Everything is okay.

ADAM: How can I calm down?

KRISTINA: It's me.

ADAM: Our 16-year-old daughter Is pregnant!

KRISTINA: It's me.

ADAM: What?

KRISTINA: It's...me. Adam, I'm pregnant. I am so sorry, I...

ADAM: How did that happen?

KRISTINA: Eh... That night after the Mexican restaurant, I'm thinking.

ADAM: [Smiling] Kristina.

KRISTINA: We had all those Margaritas.

ADAM: I just lost my job.

KRISTINA: Honey, I know.

ADAM: [Chuckles] oh, my God.

KRISTINA: I'll get a job. I'll do something. I just... I don't...

ADAM: Come here, come here. [Laughing]

KRISTINA: Why are you laughing?

ADAM: [Laughing] I don't know. This is ridiculous.

KRISTINA: I know. You're not... are you mad?

ADAM: [chuckles] I don't know what I am.

KRISTINA: You're... well... I mean, I'll raise it.

ADAM: You'll raise it?

MAX: [Yelling from his room.] I found my retainer! Oh, my... dad, it was in Guacamole's cage!

ADAM: [laughing]

MAX: I am awesome! I am totally, totally awesome.

KRISTINA: Okay, I don't know...

ADAM: Come here.

KRISTINA: You're not mad?

ADAM: I'm not mad, honey.


ADAM: I'm freaked out. But I'm not mad.

KRISTINA: I'm real, real scared, but I'm happy. You happy?

ADAM: Yeah. Yeah.


ADAM: [Laughing] I'm happy.

KRISTINA: Okay. We're having a baby.

ADAM: [laughing]

Episode End
2.22 - Hard Times Come Again No More
Original Airdate (NBC) April 19, 2011
Written by Jason Katims
Directed by Lawrence Trilling

Transcribed by Craig Best
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