2.21 - Slipping Away
Transcript by Craig Best

This is a Beta copy
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[Opening scene - Alex and Haddie in bed, start to make love.]

[NEW SCENE - Amber and Gary in the law offices at night.]

AMBER: Oh, yes... Janet, my angel. It's not a exactly a snack, but it's something.

GARY: Amber darling, it's tee time.

AMBER: [English accent.] Ooh, lovely. I'll have an Earl Grey.

GARY: No, no, not that tea time, silly. Like, golf tee time.

AMBER: But look. [Holding up some Tic-Tac's]

GARY: Oh, thank God. She found something.

AMBER: I know.

GARY: I'm starving. It's gonna be delicious.

AMBER: So good.

GARY: Mmm.


GARY: I'll take that. [Take the joint.] Thank you.

AMBER: These are so good.

GARY: [Getting the golf club.] Not quite sure how this is done, but we're gonna take a stab at it anyway. Come on.

AMBER: Okay, I'll try, but no promises. Don't be mad at me if I'm not good.

GARY: No try. Do. Come on.

AMBER: Okay, Yoda.

GARY: All right, take it. You give me that.

AMBER: Yeah.

GARY: And then just, you know, get into a nice... you know, bent over position.

AMBER: Okay.

GARY: And get your... your stick... is that what it is?

AMBER: I don't…

GARY: Whatever. Okay, now just, you know, just use your body and just will the ball in.

AMBER: Okay. Okay, ready?

GARY: Yeah, I'm ready.

AMBER: Okay, here it goes.

GARY: Oh...

AMBER: Oh! So close.

GARY: You went over the…

AMBER: All right, give me another shot.

GARY: Okay we're…

AMBER: Retrieve it for me, darling.

GARY: Okay I'm going, I'm going.

[NEW SCENE - Night. Kristina and Adam in the car, Adam is driving.]

KRISTINA: I got the eggs.

ADAM: Yeah.

KRISTINA: I got Max's snacks. But did you get the waffles?

ADAM: What? I thought you were gonna get the waffles.

KRISTINA: I told you to get them. Little cinnamon waffles for Haddie?

ADAM: Honey, how could you forget the waffles? Those are Haddie's favorite.

KRISTINA: I know they're her fav... You're such a jokester.

ADAM: I put 'em in the basket.

KRISTINA: Thank you. [The car phone starts ringing.] Phone.

ADAM: Yeah.

KRISTINA: Right there... answer the phone.

ADAM: I know how to answer the phone. Hello?

[They hear moaning, heavy breathing]


ADAM: What... what is that?

KRISTINA: I don't… Hello?

ADAM: Whose number is that? Check that out.

KRISTINA: I don't know. Hold on. [Checks the cell phone display.]

[More heavily breathing and moaning]

KRISTINA: That's Haddie. It's Haddie. Honey, I think she's playing a joke on us.

ADAM: No, no, no, honey.

KRISTINA: Haddie? Honey...

[Haddie moans]

ADAM: Oh, God.

KRISTINA: It sounds like she's hurt.

ADAM: That's not what that sounds like, honey.

KRISTINA: Well, what does it sound like to you?

ADAM: That sounds like it's...

KRISTINA: No, it doesn't.

ADAM: I can't keep listening to this, honey. I can't.

KRISTINA: She's not doing anything.

ADAM: Yes, she is. She's clearly doing something, honey.

KRISTINA: No she's not.

ADAM: Yes, she is. Honey, I'm hanging up. I'm hanging up. I'm hanging up, honey. Put it on your handset.


[The van comes to a screeching halt at the traffic lights.]

KRISTINA: [Softly] Oh, my God.

[Opening credits - featuring “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan]

[NEW SCENE - Later at home Adam and Kristina stand in the kitchen thinking. The groceries still on the counter in there reusable green bags.]

ADAM: Look, honey, there is a chance that… what we think we heard wasn't anything.

KRISTINA: It was something, though.

ADAM: Well I'm not saying it wasn't something.

KRISTINA: It was definitely something.

ADAM: Yes, well, there's a very good chance it wasn't the thing.

KRISTINA: That it wasn't it.

ADAM: Yeah, I mean, maybe it was something close to the thing.

KRISTINA: It sounded advanced. Maybe she was... Exercising?

ADAM: Honey, I heard...

KRISTINA: Stretching.

ADAM: I heard it…


ADAM: No, that wasn't what it was…

KRISTINA: Honey I have no idea.

ADAM: Maybe it wasn't even her. You know, there is a chance that she could have had to loan her phone to somebody for some crazy reason... one of her friends.


ADAM: You know, maybe that Kaitlin. I mean, have you seen the way that she dresses?


ADAM: What?

KRISTINA: What, are you looking at how she's dressed?

ADAM: No, honey, I...

KRISTINA: That's weird.

ADAM: What?

KRISTINA: Why are you looking at...

ADAM: I'm not. Come on.

HADDIE: [Entering the front door.] Ay, Mami, Papi.


ADAM: Hey.


HADDIE: I'm just kidding. No laughs? Not funny?

ADAM: Hi. We just came home from getting groceries. Where have you been... bookstore?

HADDIE: Um, yeah. Wow, good detective work.

ADAM: Yeah.

HADDIE: Oh, I got mom... Um, I got you this Mustang book by Sharon Meterman that you wanted.

ADAM: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. That's great. What else did you do?

HADDIE: Um, I went and I got coffee.

ADAM: Uh-huh.


ADAM: Where'd you go get coffee?

HADDIE: At the bookstore.

ADAM: Oh, right. Right, right, right, right.

HADDIE: You know it?

ADAM: Yeah, sure.

HADDIE: Of course you know it. Yeah.

ADAM: Mm-hmm.



HADDIE: You guys were obviously in the middle of something, so I'm gonna go do homework.

ADAM: No, we're good.

HADDIE: Uh, I love you.

KRISTINA: We were just chatting. Love you too.

[NEW SCENE - Crosby's new house, the repairs are underway. Joel has his crew helping.]

CROSBY: Hey, Joel, can we tackle this terrible light fixture next? 'Cause it looks like a crack house, and she's gonna hate this.

JOEL: Can we just look at the door and marvel at it for a second and just admire the thing we spent four hours putting together.

CROSBY: It's gorgeous.

JOEL: It is. Isn't it?

CROSBY: Appreciate it. Yeah.

JOEL: Thank you.

CROSBY: But I'm feeling like we should hit this, and then I would love to get rid of this crappy fake wood.

JOEL: Uh, the wainscoting.

CROSBY: Wains... wainscoting?

JOEL: Yep.

CROSBY: Yeah, well, can we rip it out? Because she's not gonna like it.

JOEL: We can. It's physically possible, yes. But, I mean, are you sure you want to? It's got a lot of…

CROSBY: Well, it...

JOEL: [To Julia as she enters.] Hey.

CROSBY: It's a dump.

JULIA: Good morning, troops.

CROSBY: Hey, Jules.

JOEL: Morning.

JULIA: I brought reinforcements. Have you eaten anything?

CROSBY: Not yet.

JULIA: This is important.

JOEL: [To Crosby.] Yes, we can do it. It's just gonna... What... what's our time frame here? What are we looking at?

CROSBY: Before what?

JOEL: Before you show it to her. I mean, that is the ultimate goal here, right?

CROSBY: Yeah, I'm gonna show it to her, but, you know, I can't bring her in here and say, "Welcome to your new dump. Sorry it looks like a Howard Johnson's from the '70s", Okay? I want her to be excited and moved and...


CROSBY: …you know, so I think that involves ripping out the wainscoting.

JOEL: It's just, um, we've run into a bit of a money problem.

CROSBY: Okay. Um, I'll sell my motorcycle. Then we won't have a money problem. [To Julia.] Thank you for bringing that by. I'm gonna unload the sod, okay?

JOEL: You got it.

JULIA: Are you preparing the Titanic for its maiden voyage?

JOEL: [Chuckle] Yeah. I'm on the crew. [Kisses Julia.] You know how that story ends. I'm gonna go pick up sod and do something with it. Doesn't the door look good, though?

JULIA: The door looks fantastic.

JOEL: You didn't have to say that.

JULIA: I mean, did you do that?

CROSBY: [From outside off camera.] Come on, Joel!

JOEL: Yeah, I'm coming.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house, Sarah and Gilliam working on the play.]

SARAH: That's... no, no, no, no. That's not what I'm saying.

GILLIAM: You're going too fast. So what you're saying is that everyone you meet from the time you get up to the time you get there are your old boyfriends, and they're all saying the same thing?

SARAH: You think that it's the boyfriends of the past, but, in fact, it's just the same guy who just keeps echoing...

GILLIAM: Great. Great. Great. Brilliant.

SARAH: [Scoffs] Great. All right. I'll take that.

GILLIAM: And this is where your breasts can be of some use to us.

SARAH: What did you... what?

GILLIAM: Tomorrow night we're going to that, uh, fund raising party.

SARAH: We are?

GILLIAM: Yes, we are. And Jack Kraft, the artistic director of the Berkeley theater, is going to be there.

SARAH: Heard of him.

GILLIAM: He's read your play. He likes it.

SARAH: Wait a minute. You didn't tell me that. He read it?

GILLIAM: He trained under me. I gave him his first job. He owes his whole career to me.

SARAH: Good. That's amazing.

GILLIAM: And there is only one slot left…

SARAH: Oh God.

GILLIAM: … in the new voices series and we want that slot, don't we?

SARAH: Yes, we want that slot.

GILLIAM: Yes, we do. Now, theater is half art and half relationships.

SARAH: Oh, God. That's where the...

GILLIAM: So tomorrow night is when you start using your relationships.

SARAH: Okay, yeah, I'll put them to work.

GABY: That's exactly right.

[NEW SCENE - T&S Footwear, Adam is in a meeting with the publicity department. Cory watching from his office.]

ADAM: All right, well, I think we're almost there. I like the changes you guys have made. I like 'em a lot. I like those background images. And, uh, I think it really pops.

KAREN: Thank you.

ADAM: Yeah, you bet.

KAREN: Yeah, I think it looks great... really simplified.

ADAM: Yeah.

KAREN: Yeah.

ADAM: I think the only thing I'd say is maybe the lettering, copy make it a little bolder somehow.

KAREN: Yeah, yeah.

ADAM: So it kind of leaps off the page, you know?

KAREN: Okay.

ADAM: Uh... [Notice Cory now out of his office.]

CORY: Hey.

ADAM: Hey. Did you want to take a...


ADAM: You sure?

CORY: Yep.

ADAM: It'll be ready to see in 24 hours.

CORY: It's okay.

ADAM: They're just gonna make a couple more tweaks. Basically with the copy. You know, maybe if they did some sort of 3d...

KAREN: Absolutely, yeah. Just to make it a little more hip.

ADAM: Boom.

KAREN: Yeah.

CORY: It's just... It looks like a picture.

KAREN: Well, it's a photograph.

CORY: Yes. Yes. But it looks like an ad.

ADAM: Well, it is, Cory. It's an ad.

CORY: Yes. Hold that thought. Wait. [Comes down from the passage way.] Wait. Wait. Okay, it's an ad.

ADAM: Yeah.

CORY: What if it was an ad that looked like art?

ADAM: Hmm.


CORY: Okay, I've got... I've got this friend. He does these drawings. Remember Spyder, right?

ADAM: I do remember Spyder.

CORY: Spyder... We get Spyder in here to do these amazing drawings of the shoe, just the shoe.

ADAM: Nothing else?

CORY: Nothing else.

ADAM: No copy?

CORY: No copy.

ADAM: You know...

CORY: All copy, just words.

ADAM: So, no shoe?

CORY: No, shoe with words. The shoe... is words.

ADAM: Oh, I see. So the image of the shoe is made of the copy, the words.

CORY: Yes.

ADAM: Okay. I think that's an interesting idea.

CORY: I'm texting Spyder right now.

ADAM: You don't have to do that. These guys are totally capable of running with that idea.

CROSBY: Oh, absolutely. [To the Guys.] What do you think?

KAREN: I think it could be amazing.

CORY: Right? I mean, that's street. What's your name?

KAREN: Uh, I'm Karen.

CORY: Karen.

KAREN: This is Kim.

CORY: Kim. Karen. Cory. Cool. Braverman.

ADAM: That's my name. Yeah. Okay, well, uh...

[NEW SCENE - Julia's work, she is walking with some clients to the conference room.]

JULIA: We have the statement from the Munson Corporation, but we're still waiting on the discovery from Eric Gainer, so I expect that by this afternoon. Do you mind if I catch up with you?

[Stopped outside Amber cubical she appears to be asleep, approaching Amber slowly she removes her sunglasses.]

AMBER: [Smiling] Hey.

[NEW SCENE - Short time later in Julia's office.]

JULIA: Oh, my God, you reek!

AMBER: You're so cute. [Julia tosses her some face wipes.] Ooh.

JULIA: Amber…

AMBER: Cool, where did you get these?

JULIA: I know you're very upset about not getting into college, but this is not how you deal with things.

AMBER: Mmm, Aromatherapy.

JULIA: You are humiliating.

AMBER: I can explain, and I understand what you're saying, and you're so nice, and I appreciate everything, but, like, I'm not gonna be a lawyer.

JULIA: Clearly.

AMBER: And now I don't need money, because I'm not gonna go to college. Do you know what I mean? I don't want to be in here if I don't have to, and I don't have to, so I quit. I'm sorry, but I quit.

JULIA: [Following her.] Amber. Amber.

AMBER: I just can't take myself so seriously, you know?

JULIA: Amber.

AMBER: This is ridiculous. Look at this.

JULIA: Amber.

AMBER: What, I want this? I don't want this. And, look, there's not even sunlight in here. I mean, this is, like, a nightmare, right, guys?

JULIA: [Sighs as she smiles at her co-workers.]

AMBER: I don't want this. Do you guys want this? This is... This isn't even, uh, real. This is terrible. I'm sorry. Please don't be mad.

JULIA: Amber.

AMBER: I'll see you soon, okay?

[NEW SCENE - Haddie's room, she is listening to Indie rock music on her ear phones while at her laptop, there is a knock at door.]

KRISTINA: Hey, honey.


KRISTINA: Doing homework?

HADDIE: Kind of. Listening to music.

KRISTINA: That's cool.


KRISTINA: I just... I wanted to talk to you about something.


KRISTINA: Okay. Um, it's... actually... This might make you a little bit uncomfortable, um, but I just need to ask you a question.


KRISTINA: Are you and Alex having sex?

HADDIE: [Pauses then smiles.] No.





KRISTINA: Because... no sort of intercourse or sex.

HADDIE: I said "no" three times.

KRISTINA: Okay, 'cause if you were, I'd want you to know that you could talk to me about it.

HADDIE: Okay, I hear you.

KRISTINA: 'Cause I'm here for you. So the answer is, no, you're not?

HADDIE: Right. I mean, what... you were my age or something when you first had sex? Is that what's going on?

KRISTINA: I was not. I was 22. I was 22, at college.


KRISTINA: It's a big step. I just decided that I wanted to wait.




KRISTINA: All right. Continue. I'll just, um... However, Haddie, if you are wanting to talk about it, I want to talk to you, okay?



[NEW SCENE - Braverman house, Sarah and Amber going up the stairs in the middle of an argument. They are talking over one another.]

SARAH: I talked to you about this before, well apparently none of it sunk in…

AMBER: I just can't do this with you any more.

SARAH: …you're gonna go up and just hide in your room.

AMBER: I'm just exhausted...

SARAH: Well, why don't you not make me chase you up the stairs...

AMBER: I just need a little bit of alone time.

SARAH: You need alone time?

AMBER: You're not gonna follow me in here, are you?

SARAH: Yeah, I'm gonna follow you in here.

AMBER: It's kind of a private matter, but I guess I'll wait.

SARAH: That's the kind of super mom I am. I'm just wondering who you want to be.

AMBER: Oh God.

SARAH: Do you want to be the person who gets high and yells at your aunt?

AMBER: I don't know who I want to be yet. I need to figure it out, okay? I'm just trying to figure it out. And I feel really bad about what happened at the office, okay?

SARAH: Good.

AMBER: And I was not trying to be mean to her. I just was trying to, you know, say what I felt in the moment, and…

SARAH: You can't say what you feel in the moment. That's what a child does. And you've been telling me you want to be treated like an adult, so you have to act like one.

AMBER: I get it.

SARAH: You have to figure out what you're gonna do. I know it was a setback not to get into school, but we just have to think about, you know, what's the next year gonna be. I think we should... And don't say "no" to me. We need to have pasta.

AMBER: Pasta.

SARAH: We need to go to the "Farfallala", whatever it's called.

AMBER: At this point, it's worth a try.

SARAH: I mean, what options do we have, really?

AMBER: Not many. We'll eat the pasta. We'll figure it out.

[NEW SCENE - Crosby's new house, rebuilding continues as Crosby cuts some timer with a power saw.]

JOEL: Look what the home improvement Stork delivered us.

CROSBY: Uh-oh. What do you got?

JOEL: How about some kitchen tiles? Look at these bad Larrys.

CROSBY: Oh, wow. Um, they're the wrong color.

JOEL: Light blue.

CROSBY: These are aqua blue.

JOEL: They're light blue, man. There was no aqua blue option…

CROSBY: Well, they're light aqua. This is what you would see in the little mermaid's kitchen.

JOEL: Okay, well...

CROSBY: We got to order new ones.

JOEL: We're not ordering new ones. That's gonna take one week, maybe two weeks.

CROSBY: All right, so it takes a week.

JOEL: We're using these tiles.

CROSBY: Listen, Joel, it's got to be perfect, man. You can't put those in there.

JOEL: It's a house, Crosby. It's gonna do whatever it's gonna do. And... and kitchen tiles aren't gonna be the deal breaker here. You... You have got to show her this place. Do you understand? I know it's gonna be hard, but you just... You got to find out.

[Joel leaves the room, Crosby looks at the ties.]

[NEW SCENE - Kristina in her bedroom folding laundry as Haddie enters the open door.]


KRISTINA: Hey. How are you?

HADDIE: Um, I...

KRISTINA: You okay?

HADDIE: Yeah, I'm just gonna say it. Uh...

KRISTINA: Say what?

HADDIE: Alex and I have had sex.

KRISTINA: [Pause] Uh... Okay. I just don't, uh, have any idea what to say right now.

HADDIE: I guess I shouldn't have told you.

KRISTINA: No, no, no, no, you should have. I mean, actually, uh, we had a feeling that, you know, maybe...

HADDIE: Who's "we"?

KRISTINA: Dad and I. We had a feeling that, you know...

HADDIE: [Puts her hands over her face.] I…

KRISTINA: Honey, he's your dad. It is what it is, you know? It is what it is, so it's okay. Is, um... is he pressuring you to do this, honey?


KRISTINA: 'Cause if he is...


KRISTINA: Are you being careful?


KRISTINA: Are you using a condom, um, some sort of protection?

HADDIE: Yes. Yes.


HADDIE: How did you guys know?

KRISTINA: Um, we just had a feeling... Parents' intuition.

HADDIE: Okay. Well, that's it.

[NEW SCENE - Berkeley theatre fund raising party. Zeek has joined Gilliam and Sarah.]

SARAH: Do you see him.

GILLIAM: Okay. That's Jack Kraft.

SARAH: That is? He's cute.

GILLIAM: Yeah. That's what he thinks.

ZEEK: Oh, he waved.

SARAH: I don't think he saw you.

GILLIAM: Yes, he did.

ZEEK: I'll be right back.

SARAH: Dad. Dad. Come on Dad.

ZEEK: Hang on. [Makes his way to Jack Kraft.] Excuse me. Hi. How do you do? [Shakes hands with the person talking to Jack.] Just wanted to... Mr. Kraft.

JACK: Yeah.

ZEEK: Zeek Braverman.


ZEEK: It's really an honor to meet you.

JACK: Thank you very much.

ZEEK: I think you recognize that gentleman over there, Gilliam T. Blount? Could you come over and say hi?

JACK: Well, you know what? I'm actually kind of...

ZEEK: You know what? That wasn't really a request. I mean, didn't he give you your first break in show business? Now, come on. What the heck, huh?

JACK: Sure.

ZEEK: Got you your first gig, got you started and all that.

JACK: Yeah.

GILLIAM: He's gonna need a little softening up, because our last exchange was not so great.


JACK: Sure. Hi.

ZEEK: Thank you.

JACK: Gilliam, how you doing?

GILLIAM: Good. You've been doing good.

JACK: Thanks. Thanks a lot. [To Sarah.] Hi.


GILLIAM: Listen, um, I have a new project, and it's great. This is the author, Sarah Braverman.

SARAH: Hi. Very nice to meet you.

JACK: Nice to meet you too.

GILLIAM: She's written quite a unique play... A combination of Miller and Wasserstein.

JACK: Wow.

SARAH: It's funny, and... I could never live up to that.

JACK: That's a ringing endorsement from Gilliam Blount, who's a legend. I mean, if we all had one tenth of the career you had, Gilliam, then I think we'd all be very lucky. So, good luck. Thanks for coming tonight. Have a good time.

GILLIAM: Why don't you read it?

JACK: You know what? It's all about glad handing tonight. I really can't make those promises. Great to meet you.

SARAH: Very nice to meet you.

GILLIAM: Jack... Jack, don't. Don't blow her off because of me.

JACK: Gilliam, you're forgetting that you told Sam Shepard that I was incompetent.

SARAH: You did?

GILLIAM: I told him that you weren't right for that particular play.

JACK: You said "Incompetent." That's what you did.

GILLIAM: Yes. Yes, I did. And that's what you were, and now you're not.

JACK: There's hope for us all, then, I guess.

SARAH: Wow, I mean...

JACK: Really good meeting you.

SARAH: It's very nice to…

JACK: Good luck. Have some drinks. See you all later.

[They are stunned into silence as Jack walks off.]

MAN: Jack.

JACK: Oh, there he is.

[Short time later, Sarah approaches Jack.]

JACK: Thank you very, very much. Bye-bye.

SARAH: Uh, Mr. Kraft. Mr., uh, Kraft. Hi. Hi.

JACK: Hey. Wow.

SARAH: Sorry.

JACK: It's okay.

SARAH: I wanted to just say that I... having worked with Gil... Know what an incredible pill he can be, and I'm...

JACK: Gil the pill.

SARAH: [Chuckle] And I'm sorry for whatever the history is with you guys.

JACK: It's all right.

SARAH: I hope that you'll be able to read my play unbiased.

JACK: Uh-huh. You okay?

SARAH: Yeah, I'm okay. I'm nervous.

JACK: Well, I've got an army of readers, and they look at all the submissions, and the best ones end up on my desk, and I read those unbiased.

SARAH: Okay, I don't want to be read by the army. I want to be read by you.

JACK: Ay. Okay. Uh, Sarah...What?

SARAH: Braverman. Sarah Braverman.

JACK: Okay, Sarah Braverman, so, uh, where might I have seen you work before?

SARAH: [Laughs]

JACK: That's funny because...?

SARAH: Nowhere.

JACK: You've never had a play produced?

SARAH: Better... I've never written a play before.

JACK: So you've been on the Earth a long time without having ever written a play. No offense.

SARAH: Well… Listen, uh, yes, no, you're... you're right. But, you know, Margaret Edson wrote Wit when she was 35, and she was a kindergarten teacher, and it won the Pulitzer prize in 1999, so I think you should, uh...

JACK: I'm very aware Wit.

SARAH: Read my play, please, because I believe in it, and it is really important to me.

JACK: Well, uh, Sarah Braverman, I'll tell you what... I will read your play.


JACK: Okay?

SARAH: Really?

JACK: Yes, I promise.

SARAH: Thank you very much.

JACK: Get out of my way, please.

SARAH: Are you sure?

JACK: Uh, I'm sure, yeah.

SARAH: Okay.

JACK: You're frightening me only a little bit.

SARAH: Thank you so much.

JACK: You're welcome.

SARAH: Thank you.

JACK: Bye. Have a good night.

SARAH: That's awesome.

JACK: Thanks for coming.

[NEW SCENE - Night, Adam brushing his teeth.]

ADAM: Hey.

KRISTINA: Hey. [Short Pause.] So I talked to Haddie.

ADAM: Yeah?

KRISTINA: Mm-hmm. And what we thought we heard her doing... She's doing.

ADAM: So she's having sex.


ADAM: [Scoffs] Hmm. All right, well, did you tell her to use protection?


ADAM: And you told her to do it because she wants to be doing it, and be doing it with somebody that she cares about...

KRISTINA: She wants to do it, and I talked to her about everything.

ADAM: All right. Yeah, I guess that's it, then.

KRISTINA: I mean, I...

[NEW SCENE - T&S Footware. Cory's office.]

SPYDER: I'm loving this idea.

CORY: I think it was Karen's idea.

SPYDER: That was Karen's idea.

CORY: Yeah, that was Karen's, right? Karen, you're a genius. Yo, Braverman.

ADAM: Yeah?

CORY: Don't hate, man. Come on in. Celebrate.

ADAM: I'm not hating, all right? Okay.

CORY: All right, man.

ADAM: Little floor skateboard you got here.

CORY: Okay. Whoa. Okay. Are you okay?

ADAM: Yeah, I'm fine.

CORY: Okay. All right, man, you remember Spyder?

ADAM: I do.

SPYDER: Yes, Braverman.

ADAM: Spyder.

SPYDER: What's up?

ADAM: Good to see you.

[Adam shakes hands street style.]

CORY: Yeah, finish it off.


CORY: There you go.

ADAM: Yeah.

CORY: Yeah.

CORY: Check out what Spyder was able to do in, like, under two hours, man. Look at this.

ADAM: Wow.


ADAM: Yes.

SPYDER: Yeah, it's just, like, the ideas keep coming too. It's, like, flowing down from the mountaintop, and I can't stop.

ADAM: All right. That's excellent.

CORY: Karen, my sweet, show him the mockup.

ADAM: Uh... You know what? That looks really good.

CORY: See how you had to lean in on that?

ADAM: You... you good, Karen?

KAREN: [Sucking on edible lollipop.] Yeah. Yeah, it's fabulous. I'm just... I think it's wonderful.

ADAM: Uh-huh. Excellent.

CORY: She's great. Karen's great. And great news, man...

ADAM: Uh-huh.

CORY: I hired Spyder, man.

ADAM: You did?

CORY: I mean, I didn't hire Spider-Man. I hired Spyder, man.

ADAM: Spyder.

CORY: Isn't that inspiring, man?

ADAM: It is. I'm... I'm very happy.

SPYDER: Thanks man.

ADAM: A million ideas... I got it. Listen, did you tell Eddie? Eddie's the head of the design department.

CORY: Is Eddie blond?

ADAM: No, he's got dark hair. He's got a beard.

CORY: No, um, do you want to do that?

ADAM: Yeah.

CORY: Okay, great.

ADAM: Yeah, I'll take care of that.

CORY: Nice, man.

ADAM: Okay.

CORY: All right. Cool.

ADAM: That's a happy looking cloud in those shoes. That's great. [They laugh.]

SPYDER: Well, people are gonna wear the shoes...

CORY: All right, Braverman.

SPYDER: I'm going to be seeing a lot more of you man.

CROSBY: Don't be shy, man. Come back later. We'll be partying.

KAREN: Bye, Braverman.

CORY: All right, cool. More clouds, man.

SPYDER: Thought you said I was the head.

[NEW SCENE - Jasmine dropping Jabbar off at Julia's.]

JABBAR: Hey, Sydney.

SYDNEY: Hi, Jabbar. [They have a secret handshake.] Let's go up and play.

JABBAR: Okay lets go.

JULIA: [Laughing] What was that? I'm so sorry they don't get along.

JASMINE: Oh, no. Well, thanks for having him.

JULIA: Of course.

JASMINE: What time do you think I should pick him up?

JULIA: After dinner? Is that all right?


JULIA: Okay, cool.

JASMINE: Cool. Thank you.



JULIA: Hey, um, Jas.


JULIA: Have you spoken to Crosby at all, lately?

JASMINE: Um, I, uh... I saw him when he dropped Jabbar off a few days ago.

JULIA: Okay, I'm... I'm sorry to... I don't want to overstep my bounds here... But, um...

JASMINE: It's okay.

JULIA: He's just really different. I've never seen him like this. He's really... he's grown up all of a sudden, so I thought that was worth mentioning.

JASMINE: I'm glad for him, but it's too bad he didn't grow up a few weeks earlier.

JULIA: Yeah.

JASMINE: Well...

JULIA: He really loves you.

JASMINE: I love him too. But I'm so angry at him, I don't think I'll ever not be angry at him. [Sighs] It's not gonna happen, Julia. I'm sorry. I'll see you after dinner, okay?

JULIA: Yeah. Bye.

[NEW SCENE - Night, Adam and the family are having dinner, the tension is high.]

KRISTINA: Good chicken, huh?

HADDIE: Um, I scored three goals at soccer today.

KRISTINA: That's great. Isn't that great?

MAX: That's cool, but did you win?

HADDIE: Yeah, we won.

ADAM: That's good. Sounds like soccer's going really well.

HADDIE: Yeah. Pretty good.

ADAM: Good.

MAX: Hey, did you know that on average 3,400,065 chickens are slaughtered daily just to meet the demands of the world every day?

HADDIE: Max, don't talk about that when you're eating chicken.

ADAM: It's not gonna bring the chicken back to life. Where'd you read that?

MAX: Uh, the annual farming report.

ADAM: Hmm. Interesting.

MAX: And also it says that chickens with red earlobes lay brown eggs, and chickens with white earlobes lay white eggs.

KRISTINA: A lot of good facts.

MAX: So Haddie scored three times today. I can't bel... I mean, I've never even scored once, and Haddie scored three times in one day. That's amazing.

[NEW SCENE - Night, Julia's office, Amber is making out with Gary on her couch.]

AMBER: [Lays down a photo of Zeek.] It's a little weird doing this in here. It's like my family's watching or something.

GARY: That's kind of hot, actually.

[They lay down on the couch.]

AMBER: Oh, I got to leave. Shoot. What time is it?

GARY: What? I don't know. What?

AMBER: I have to go.

GARY: Why do you have to go? Why?

AMBER: I'm late.

GARY: Late for what?

AMBER: I have a stupid dinner thingy that I promised my mom I would go, and...

GARY: All right, that's fine.

AMBER: Okay, sorry, sorry.

GARY: No, no it's cool, wait.

AMBER: Um, wait. I will call you. And... and I'll come over later. Okay.

GARY: But, um, I think that, uh...

[Amber leaves only to return moments later.]

AMBER: You drove me. I need you to drive me.

GARY: I should dri... Yeah, I drove.

[NEW SCENE - Restaurant, Sarah sits alone in a booth]

SARAH: What, uh...

AMBER: [Happy] I know. I'm sorry. It's a crazy story. It's kind of a funny story, actually.

SARAH: [Holing her phone.] You don't write, you don't call, you don't send flowers.

AMBER: My friend Gary took me to the wrong place.

SARAH: Who's Gary? Who's Gary?

AMBER: Just my friend. So we were like...

SARAH: Do you have a new special friend?

AMBER: No, just a friend. Listen.

SARAH: [Smiling] Okay.

AMBER: And he thought he knew where it was, and he thought it was this place across the street, and we went in there, and there was, like, a Quincea_era or something?

SARAH: A what?

ADAM: But it was, like, people in Fluffy dresses. It's, like, a birthday party, and there was, like, singing in Spanish, and...

SARAH: [Laughter]

AMBER: And there was a cake, and it had a picture of this girl... It was so weird, but, anyway, I thought you were gonna be in there, and you weren't in there. [Sarah looking serious now.] It was so weird. You would have loved it. I wish you could have seen it. Oh, my God. It was... Whoo. [Laughs]

SARAH: [Serious] What kind of high are you?

AMBER: [Snickers] Here we go.

SARAH: I don't think it's just pot, is it?

AMBER: It's really not that big of a deal, okay?

SARAH: You're in trouble.

AMBER: Okay, I'm in big trouble. Here we go into buzz-kill town.

SARAH: We're leaving.

AMBER: I'm not going. I'm eating.

SARAH: Hey, you're coming with me right now. You've got two minutes to come to the car.

AMBER: That's not even enough time for oysters. Come on.

[NEW SCENE - Haddie comes out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, drying her hair.]

KRISTINA: Hey dad.

ADAM: Hey.

KRISTINA: The shower-head is leaking again.

ADAM: Thanks for telling me. I'll take care of it.

KRISTINA: Okay. Good morning.

ADAM: Yep, good morning.

[Kristina and Haddie exchange looks.]

[NEW SCENE - Haddie's room, there is a knock at door.]



KRISTINA: Can I come in, honey?


KRISTINA: Hi. [She closes the door.] Listen, I'm sorry about everything with dad. I know things are tense and awkward...

HADDIE: I just wish that I hadn't told you.

KRISTINA: Honey, I'm so glad that you told me. Are you kidding me?

HADDIE: Well, I wish I didn't. I wish I didn't, and I don't understand...


HADDIE: Why, like, every interaction that I have with dad is, like, him just judging me.

KRISTINA: He's not judging you at all, honey.

HADDIE: Yeah, well, it feels like that, and it just makes me feel sad.

KRISTINA: Honey, nobody's judging you. I mean, you're our baby, you know? And we wish that you would have waited. That's all. But I promise you he'll come around. I promise. Come here. Give me a hug. I love you.

HADDIE: I love you too.


HADDIE: About what?

KRISTINA: I wasn't 22. I was... I was 15. It was awful. It was with this boy named Roy. Anyway, I thought I was in love with him, and he went to school the next day and told everybody that… we did it, and it was just awful.


KRISTINA: I know. I'm just happy that it was different for you.

[NEW SCENE - Crosby's new house.]

CROSBY: Well, what did you guys talk about? You didn't tell her about the house, did you?

JULIA: No, I didn't tell her about the house. We weren't talking about that at all. I wouldn't do that to you.

CROSBY: Well, then why are you looking at me like my dog was run over or something?

JULIA: [Sighs] Well, you know... She's not exactly on the same page as you. I think you should start to consider...

CROSBY: Yeah, well, listen, you know, a relationship's between two people, so I don't know if you should be getting involved.

JULIA: Crosby, I have a relationship. I know. I mean, I'm not a complete idiot on this subject.

CROSBY: Yeah, I know you have a relationship, but, you know, it might just be that I know more about Jasmine than you, okay?

JULIA: Crosby, she doesn't want to be with you. She said it's not gonna happen.

CROSBY: Yeah, no kidding, Julia. What do you think I'm doing here? I sold my houseboat and my motorcycle and bought this piece of crap house. There's no options left. This is the Hail Mary pass. There's no time left. But you know what? Sometimes Hail Mary passes work. And they're amazing when they do. Everyone cheers, and people win. Look, it's a long shot. I recognize that, but it might just work. And I have to believe it might work, so, please, just let me believe that.

[NEW SCENE - Adam getting a coffee in his kitchen.]


ADAM: Hey. What?

KRISTINA: You need to talk to her.

ADAM: I don't need to talk to her.

KRISTINA: She thinks that you're completely angry with her, okay? She's humiliated, and...

ADAM: Humiliated? Why?

KRISTINA: You're not talking to her, Adam.

ADAM: I am talking to her.

KRISTINA: You haven't said two words to the girl the whole week. It's just like I'm having to defend you.

ADAM: Well, I don't know what to say to her, Kristina, okay?

KRISTINA: You knew that this day would come. You said it was okay for them to date.

ADAM: Well, I didn't think it was gonna come this fast…


ADAM: …and I don't know what to say to her, okay? What am I supposed to do...

KRISTINA: You said it…

ADAM: …give her a high five and congratulate her for having sex?

KRISTINA: That's not what I'm saying. You're shutting her out completely.

ADAM: I don't know what to say to her, Kristina. I'm sorry.

[Adam leaves through the back door.]

KRISTINA: Thanks, Adam.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman kitchen. Sarah is going through Amber's purse.]

SARAH: What else has she told you?

DREW: I don't know. I...

SARAH: Do you really not know?

DREW: No...

SARAH: When you say drugs, do you mean just pot?

DREW: I don't know she hasn't talked to me...

[Amber's phone starts ringing.]

SARAH: What has she told you?

RACQUEL: All I know is some guy from Julia's office...

SARAH: [Looking at the cell phone.] Who's Gary? Who's that?

DREW: [Snatches the phone.] No way. Oh, my God. That's him.

SARAH: Is that him?

DREW: [Answering the call.] Hello? Yeah. Uh, no, this is her brother. Um, no, I don't think she needs a ride, actually. So, yeah.

SARAH: No, she doesn't.

DREW: All right, man, later.

AMBER: [Entering the room.] Hey, what the hell are you doing?

DREW: [Yelling] I'm not gonna let you go out with some guy and do drugs.

AMBER: That's my phone. I told you that in privacy.

SARAH: Don't you guys fight. [To Amber.] It's your fault. You're the one who's causing all of this!

AMBER: Oh okay. [Noticing her purse.] What is this?

DREW: What do you mean by…

AMBER: Are you going through my stuff?

SARAH: We were worried about you.

AMBER: What's wrong with you? This is my stuff. I trusted you!

SARAH: What's in here? Now I have to question everything.

AMBER: It's mints, you idiot.

SARAH: Don't call me an idiot. You're not going anywhere. Where do you think you're going? Come back here! Come back here! You're going to school!

[NEW SCENE - Continuing outside.]

AMBER: I'm going out.

SARAH: Great. So that's your plan? You're not gonna finish High School. You're not gonna go to college.

AMBER: Yes that's my big plan.

SARAH: Oh, this must be Gary. I'm not letting you leave with this loser.

AMBER: Stop!

[Sarah pulls Amber back but they fall on the ground as Amber fights back.]

SARAH: Aah! What the hell is wrong with you?

DREW: What are you guys doing?

AMBER: Leave me alone. Don't attack me you crazy bitch!

DREW: Amber, what are you... Mom, are you okay?

AMBER: You just attacked me. [Gets in the car.] Go. Go.

GARY: Are you all right?

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house, Sarah is on the phone as there is a knock at the door].

SARAH: I just don't know what else to do. I've called 15 times now, and I just want to hear that you're okay. That's all. I just want to hear that you're okay. I love you. [Opens the door.] Hi. This is really not a good time.

GILLIAM: Um, you know how people put off what's right in front of them because they're so terrified they think they're gonna die?

SARAH: I do. Yes.

GILLIAM: The new title of the play... A story for another day.

SARAH: I like it. That's great. Let me call you later.

GILLIAM: Okay. All right.

SARAH: Okay.

GILLIAM: Uh, one more little thing. They want us. We're in.


GILLIAM: Mr. Kraft, the artistic director. Hello? He liked it. We're in the reading series.

SARAH: He liked it?

GILLIAM: Yeah, he liked it. Okay. Okay. Um, at some future date, you're going to want to give me a present. Don't think about flowers.

SARAH: Okay.

GILLIAM: Think about single malt Whiskey.

SARAH: Right.

GILLIAM: Thank you.

SARAH: Thank you.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman kitchen, Adam and Sarah talking as she makes a sandwich.]

SARAH: It was terrible. It was brutal.

ADAM: And then she just took off with the guy?

SARAH: Yeah.

ADAM: Well, I've seen that before. You called her?

SARAH: Adam, this is not the same thing. This is something else. I mean... Honestly, there's a part of me that wonders... If she'll come back.

ADAM: Look, Sarah, they're teenagers. This is what they do. They push against us. They rebel, you know? When I think about the crap that Haddie's pulled this year...

SARAH: No offense, Adam, but that stuff is so much more normal. I mean, you know, she's dating a guy. Oh, you know, so...

ADAM: Well, actually, Haddie and Alex are doing a lot more than dating now.

SARAH: Oh, really?

ADAM: Yeah.

SARAH: Oh, well...

ADAM: She's 16 years old. She's having sex, and there's nothing I can do about it. You know, I want to be able to say something to her about it, and I don't know what to say.

SARAH: Is she happy?

ADAM: Come on, Sarah. Please don't ask me that. [Sarcastically] Yeah, she's happy. She's real satisfied.

SARAH: That's not what I mean. I just mean at least they love each other, and she's being honest with you. It's a lot better than the way Amber started.

[Sarah tosses the finished sandwich in front of Adam.

ADAM: Nice. Thanks for the plate. [Gives him a napkin.] You know, it was so nice when she was a little kid, and I could just sit with her and have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and make faces at her and make her laugh. Nice and simple.

SARAH: I know it doesn't help now, but I realize I made a mistake.

ADAM: I don't think so.

SARAH: I let her tell me when she was ready to grow up, and... I should have fought her more.

ADAM: Look, I've been dealing with this stuff with Haddie. Every time I get into a conflict with her, engage, leads nowhere. Seems like the best thing I can do is just to give her space.

SARAH: No. You don't give them space. Just when they tell you they don't need you anymore is exactly when they need you the most. You have to fight it. You have to show up. It's when they're pushing you away. It's when they're telling you they know better. That's when you have to show up. Now I'm... afraid it's too late.

[NEW SCENE - Soccer field. Adam watches Haddie.]

HADDIE: Oh, my dad's here. I guess he's gonna pick me up. I'll see you guys. What are you doing?

ADAM: Hey. Uh, I just took off work early. I wanted to pick you up. What happened to your elbow there? You're bleeding, kiddo.

HADDIE: Oh, yeah.

ADAM: Yeah, let me get the first aid kit.


ADAM: Yeah.

[Grabs the first aid kit from the glove box]

HADDIE: You don't have to. It's, like, a tiny thing. We'll just clean it off at home. It's just, like, dried, goopy blood.

ADAM: Yeah, well, we don't want that to get infected, all right?

HADDIE: It doesn't seem like it would, but, yeah.

ADAM: Can you hold that. [Handing her the first aid kit.]

HADDIE: This is unnecessary. Honestly, it's, like, a teeny guy right there.

ADAM: You don't want that flesh-eating bacteria to get in there.


ADAM: All right? Just, uh... I just don't ever want you to get hurt, Haddie. That's all.


ADAM: All right?


ADAM: You want to get an ice cream or something?


ADAM: Yeah?

HADDIE: Let's do it. Let's go to the movies. Can we?

ADAM: All right, yeah. I got time for that. I would love that.

[NEW SCENE - Night, Gray and Amber diver through town drinking and smoking.]

AMBER: And, you know, she makes me feel like my whole life is over because, you know, I'm not going to college. There's other options. You know, I don't just have to go to college.

GARY: Well, not everyone goes to college. It's not for everybody.

AMBER: No, I mean, like, I could play music or, you know... or traveling.

GARY: Yeah, traveling. I wish I'd traveled. I haven't even left the country before.

AMBER: Me either. I want to go.

GARY: Well, you know what? We should just go. We should just go to Europe.

AMBER: I mean, it's not a bad idea.

GARY: Go to Spain, you know?

AMBER: Spain?

GARY: Yeah. You could be, like, a, you know... A flamenco dancer with a flower in your ear, you know?

[Laughing and looking at each other they miss the red light.]

GARY: I could be a matador. You know what I mean? Why not?

AMBER: That does sound like fun.

[They are hit by a SVU as they cross the intersection.]

Episode End
2.21 - Slipping Away
Original Airdate (NBC) April 12, 2011
Written by Kerry Ehrin
Directed by Lawrence Trilling

Transcribed by Craig Best
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