2.20 - New Plan
Transcript by Craig Best

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[Opening scene - Crosby is looking for a new place to live. Talking to Real Estate agents as he looks.]

CROSBY: We met at a wedding... And I don't know how, but... I mean, I guess everyone gets lucky at a wedding. Then this adorable five-year-old shows up on my doorstep. You know, this tall... And big, huge eyes, and this funny smile. So when I asked her to marry me, all I had was this plastic spider ring. [Angry] So apparently, there's a right and wrong way to load a dishwasher. And then she starts in with, "you don't ever want to make decisions," or, "you're not a team player," or, "you can discipline your kid"... my kid! [Calm] Her hair always smelled like chamomile and vanilla from her shampoo. So I bought a bottle so I could smell her. This girl worked for my brother and all I remember is orange juice flying everywhere. She won't talk to me, won't take my calls, won't answer emails. If it weren't for Jabbar, I don't think she would even... Deal with me. I just want to make everything right. I want to get my family back, and I want to be forgiven and make a home for us so we can all live in it together, you know?

[NEW SCENE - Alex and Haddie at her home, sitting at the dinning table.]

ALEX: What are these? Like, door prizes or something?

HADDIE: They're stars, and they're gonna hang and twinkle. It's gonna be romantic. The theme is midnight in Paris.

ALEX: [French accent] Aw, but of course, Paris.

HADDIE: Yeah. [Pause before she giggles.] Do you want to go?

ALEX: Go where? Paris?

HADDIE: Um... To prom.



ALEX: I just... I don't think I'm a prom guy.

HADDIE: I think it's gonna be really fun. And I think you're gonna look really cute in a tuxedo. Does that sound stupid? [Laughs]

ALEX: Haddie, I would be honored to be your prom date.


ALEX: Mm-hmm.

HADDIE: Great.


HADDIE: [Giggles]

[NEW SCENE - Sarah walks to Julia's office as phones ring in the busy work place. Entering she has her arm in a cast and it's raised.]

SARAH: [Laughing] Yes, Julia, do you have a question?



JULIA: I know. It's ridiculous. Thank you.

SARAH: You're a really lousy ice skater.

JULIA: No, I'm a good skater. I just had an incident.

SARAH: I'm sorry, does it hurt?

JULIA: Anyway. No, it's fine. Anyway, okay. These are for you.

SARAH: Oh, thank you so much. I go through paper very quickly now.

JULIA: Good, so what's this producer guy do?

SARAH: Oh, my gosh, he gives deadlines and support and makes you feel like the whole thing is for real. You know?

JULIA: That's good.

SARAH: We'll see. So, how does this work with baby-making, hmm? I'm just curious. [Giggles]

JULIA: Um, so far it's been fun. [They both giggle] But... Actually, since you brought it up, I talked to the doctor. And it's going to be difficult for me to conceive again.

SARAH: They always say that.

JULIA: No. It's really not in the cards. So...

SARAH: What do you mean? Ever?

JULIA: It's okay.

SARAH: Oh, Julia.

JULIA: No, it's okay. It's totally fine. I was sad when I found out, of course. But I'm so blessed. I have the most amazing daughter and the most amazing husband. And I'm just gonna focus on the every day that I have with them.

SARAH: Yeah. Well, yes. Focus on every day, 'cause before you know it, they are applying to college and all grown up.

JULIA: Right! Oh, my God, how's Amber?

SARAH: Good. She's good. Okay, that's really good.

JULIA: Okay, I'm glad to hear that. I know how hard she was taking Berkeley. [Sarah looks at Julia as this is news to her.] Oh...

[NEW SCENE - Crosby still looking for a new house.]

CROSBY: Wow. That's really nice. I think Jasmine would love it.

AUDREY: Mm-hmm.

CROSBY: How much is it?

AUDREY: They just cut the price. They bought another house already and they need to move it. It's down to 1.1. [Cell phone rings] Oh. Can I just take this?

CROSBY: Yeah. Okay.

AUDREY: [Distantly] Hey, Nick.

CROSBY: [To himself.] 1.1.

AUDREY: [Distantly] How are you?

[Crosby notices a man tossing a ball to his son.]

MAN: Nice. There ya go.

[A woman teaches her daughter to ride a bike. Then he notices a run down house across the street.]

AUDREY: Sorry about that.

CROSBY: Uh... How much is this one?

[NEW SCENE - Braverman kitchen, Sarah enters as Camille and Amber are at the table.

CAMILLE: 14's wrong.

AMBER: Really?

CROSBY: That's what's messing you up, yes. And that makes that "Nostalgia" here.

AMBER: Oh, God, it's so hard. Such a big word.

SARAH: Why didn't you tell me?

AMBER: Um... I don't know. Sorry. I was gonna. And I just... Chickened out. Just... I didn't know how to bring it up with you. [Sighs]

CAMILLE: Bring what up?

AMBER: I didn't get into Berkeley.

SARAH: Did you think I would be mad?

AMBER: I was just... Feeling... [Sighs] Sad about it, so I knew you'd be disappointed. And I just...

SARAH: I'm not disappointed... In you. I'm disappointed for you.

AMBER: Oh, God.

SARAH: I want to help you figure out what's next.

AMBER: Mom. This is exactly why I didn't tell you. Because... I'm not ready to make a plan for what to do next. I'm not ready to think about it that way. I'm feeling vulnerable and upset and sensitive about it and I don't want advice or ideas. You know, I just want you to listen. And I just can't talk to you about it this way yet, okay? 'Cause I'm still too hurt, okay?

[Opening credits - featuring “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan]

[NEW SCENE - Adam and Kristina clean up after dinner.]

KRISTINA: What's wrong? What's the problem?

ADAM: I wasn't expecting this, okay? And I don't like it.

KRISTINA: Honey, it's prom. Everybody wants to go to prom. I didn't think Alex would because he's older, but it's...

ADAM: Yeah, I was counting on that.

KRISTINA: It's not a big deal.

ADAM: Honey, it is a big deal. It's prom. You know, the prom is about sex. The prom is a parent and school-sanctioned Club Med for teenagers.


ADAM: Yeah, you know it, I know it, everybody who's ever been to a prom knows it and I thought we dodged this bullet.

KRISTINA: Well, we need to trust her.

ADAM: Honey, this isn't about trust. This is about a room full of teenagers and runaway hormones causing them to lose control.

KRISTINA: I know. I went to prom.

ADAM: Yeah, I know you went to the prom.

[NEW SCENE - Haddie in her room with Amber sitting on the bed, Alex is near by at the desk listening to his iPod.]
AMBER: Oh, what about this? This is a lovely color. Do you like this one?


AMBER: That was a test. You passed.

HADDIE: Thank you.

AMBER: Do you want to show your leg off like this?

HADDIE: They're all bad.

AMBER: What would you want to wear this?

HADDIE: This is kinda cool.

AMBER: Yeah, it's okay.

ALEX: It's a little froufy, isn't it?

AMBER: Look at you, fashionista.

ALEX: What about your dress? What are you wearing to prom?

AMBER: I would not be caught dead going to prom. But I appreciate your asking.

ALEX: Why isn't she going? It's actually your prom. You're a senior.

AMBER: Because it doesn't fit my...

HADDIE: I couldn't tell you.

AMBER: Vibe.

HADDIE: Come on.

AMBER: We could all go and watch matching suits.

HADDIE: She's scared.

AMBER: What am I scared of?

ALEX: Dancing.

AMBER: And you think that's why I wouldn't go? Because I'm scared to dance?

HADDIE: Well why don't you want to go?

ALEX: Dancing at prom in front of everybody?

HADDIE: She's scared that we're all gonna realize how beautiful she doesn't want us to know that she is.

AMBER: Mm, great reverse psychology. Flattery, I like it.

HADDIE: I'm just saying. It would be fun to go... With you.

AMBER: That is pretty nice of you to say, and I appreciate it. But I just...

HADDIE: So you'll come?

AMBER: What, so it'll just be the three of us? I can, like, pop in between you guys while you're slow dancing?

ALEX: No, you bring a date.


AMBER: Bring a date? Let's see, which one of my angry, tattooed friends...

HADDIE: Older, male friends.

[They both giggle.]

AMBER: Can I convince to come with me to prom?

ALEX: I mean, Brandon's available.

HADDIE: Yeah, Brandon! Oh, from community center!

AMBER: Is he homeless?

HADDIE: Hottest guy…

ALEX: No, he's not homeless.

HADDIE: He's got cute blonde hair. You'd like him. He's funny. I think it'll be fun. I think we should all go together and have a good time and take stupid pictures. It'll be really fun. [Whispers] Right.

AMBER: I'll think about it, is that okay? Is that enough?


[NEW SCENE - Braverman house, Gilliam and Sarah work on the play.]

GILLIAM: They only took three Americans every year, so it was a big honor, you know?

SARAH: It is.

GILLIAM: I'm doing my first internship at the royal Shakespeare Company, okay...

SARAH: Unbelievable.

GILLIAM: With Sir Peter hall doing Hamlet. And every night, he would come to the box office, and he would ask for the receipts for that night's performance. So one night, I took a deep breath, looked him in the eye, and said... "Why don't you cut the soliloquy?"

SARAH: What? Wait, what? You told him he should cut...

SARAH & GILLIAM: [Both] "To be or not to be."


SARAH: Out of Hamlet?

GILLIAM: Right, right.

SARAH: [Laughing]

GILLIAM: Well, now think about it. Just think about it. It stops the action of the play. I'll bet you a $1,000 it was not in the original production, because it has nothing to do with the rest of the story. And I said, "Take it out, and the scene moves like a railroad train. Think about it." And he says, "You're fired."

SARAH: [Giggles] I bet he did.

GILLIAM: He had thought about it. And... But a couple of hours later, he comes down and he looks at me and says, "You may be right".

SARAH: [Gasps]

GILLIAM: And that's the way I got my first directing job.

SARAH: Oh, wow. Wow. So what? Why are you looking at me like that?

GILLIAM: Because I'm gonna ask you to cut the first two scenes of the second act. And you're gonna want to fire me.

SARAH: You're crazy. You're fired. No way. That is... that is the whole second act.

GILLIAM: Think about it. Think about it. Cut the first two scenes, read it, and you'll see everything you need is in there.

SARAH: But there's... you don't have all the information. I'd have to rework the end of the first act...

GABY: So? So? Rework it. Okay. What is that, three days?

SARAH: No. [Scoffs] For you, maybe.

GILLIAM: Sarah... There is an opportunity that has arisen that might give you a staged reading at the Berkeley Theater Company.



SARAH: [Chuckles] Okay. That's really cool, but it's not ready. I should wait until it's in better shape.

GILLIAM: You could do these changes in three days.

SARAH: I could if I didn't have a family and a job. And it's close, but...

GILLIAM: You know I can't help but think what would happen if you put all that energy you have into this play. Sarah... I hate to be the one to tell you. You have a gift. You really do. This is a great play. This play is you. For once in your life, let yourself come first.

[NEW SCENE - Night, The doorbell rings and Haddie answers it.]



CROSBY: Your dad home?



ADAM: What are you doing here? What the hell do you want?

CROSBY: Look, I know you're probably sick of me saying it, but I'm so sorry. And I hate that we're not talking.

ADAM: Okay. Is that it? You done?

CROSBY: No, um... I wanted you to know that I'm thinking about buying a house.

ADAM: Great. What do you want? You want to borrow some money? Because you can't. So you can go.

CROSBY: No, I don't... I don't want to borrow money. I know you're pissed and I totally understand, but you know... Normally, you would've said maybe, "That's interesting, why now? You don't have a fiancée or a son anymore."

ADAM: Mm-hmm.

CROSBY: To which I would reply, "That's how I'm gonna win them back."

ADAM: Okay. Well, you really are an idiot.

CROSBY: You don't think it's a good idea?

ADAM: No, I don't. You're behaving like a child. You cheated on your fiancée, and now you think that going and buying a house is gonna make it all better? I mean, seriously? That's your plan?

CROSBY: Actually, yeah, that's the plan as of right now.

ADAM: Well, that's a stupid plan, okay? And it's further proof to me that you are immature and irresponsible.

CROSBY: Okay, you know what, I screwed up. I cheated on my fiancée and I ruined things here for you.

ADAM: You sure did.

CROSBY: And I'm sorry about that. But that doesn't mean every single decision I make now is stupid or immature, all right? Have you ever made a mistake?

ADAM: No. No, I haven't, actually.

CROSBY: You haven't made a mistake.

ADAM: Not like that, okay? So go buy your house and make your life all better.

CROSBY: Okay, I'll buy the house.

ADAM: Good, go buy it.

CROSBY: Great.

ADAM: Okay.


ADAM: Leave me out of it.

CROSBY: Yeah. Thank you.

ADAM: You're welcome.

[NEW SCENE - Joel in his kitchen with Sydney.]

JOEL: See? It's perfect. I went to school for it. I'm not kidding. [To Julia.] Oh, hey there, Tonya Harding.

JULIA: I'm a really good skater.

JOEL: Uh-huh.

JULIA: [To Sydney.] Am I not a really good skater?

SYDNEY: No, you are a good skater. You only fell once.

JULIA: I only fell once! And it wasn't even a bad fall. It was just some freak accident. I gotta get checked out for osteoporosis. Hey, did my dad call about my old golf clubs for Syd?

JOEL: I haven't heard.

JULIA: Well, Syd, do you know what we are doing today?

SYDNEY: Today's my playdate with Chloe.

JULIA: Maybe just this once we can reschedule Chloe, because I have something so special planned for you and me.

SYDNEY: Well, I thought we had special time yesterday. And the day before that.

JULIA: Right. Well, today we're going to the zoo because they have baby komodo dragons.


JULIA: Get your bag, let's go.


[Julia chuckles and Joel smiles as Sydney gets her bag.]

[NEW SCENE - Kristina folding laundry in the living room.]

ADAM: It's a fact that things get out of control on prom night, and I'm just asking you to really talk to her, that's all.

KRISTINA: I did talk to her. We went over the rules for prom night, and her curfew's gonna be an hour later, which is totally fine.

ADAM: Honey...

KRISTINA: If she wants to go to an after-party, let her.

ADAM: "If" she wants to go to an after-party? Honey, that's being naive.

KRISTINA: It's not being naive.

ADAM: It is being naive. Honey, of course she's gonna go to an after-party.

KRISTINA: I laid out the rules.

ADAM: I had sex with Michelle McCann on prom night.

KRISTINA: I know you did, okay?

ADAM: Okay.

KRISTINA: But I hate to point it out to you. Kids are gonna have sex no matter if it's prom night or not.

ADAM: No, no, no, honey.

KRISTINA: Yes, they are.

ADAM: It's different. No, it's not. You don't understand. Do you know what I remember about my prom night?


ADAM: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I don't remember what her dress looked like. I don't remember what color it was. I don't remember what her parents looked like. I don't remember where I put the corsage.

KRISTINA: Oh, my God, okay.

ADAM: Honey, I was like a zombie with one directive... to get Michelle McCann's dress off.


ADAM: I do remember one thing. She had a dress with a slit up to here.

KRISTINA: [Getting annoyed.] I know, I remember.

ADAM: Up to here, honey.

KRISTINA: I saw the pictures, I know.

ADAM: I'm down on my knees, taking off her garter belt.

KRISTINA: I don't want to hear this right now. I don't want to hear what you're saying. Just stop.

ADAM: I want to make a point. I want you to really talk to our daughter.

KRISTINA: Haddie is not Michelle McCann, and I will talk to her.

ADAM: Thank you.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman guest house, Sarah is working on her laptop at the couch.]



CROSBY: Can I talk to you for a second?

SARAH: Ah. I would love to… um but I'm working, and I've been instructed to put myself first.

CROSBY: Okay, could you put yourself first in, like, two minutes after we talk? I tried to talk to Adam, but he hates my guts. So.

SARAH: Sorry, Cros. You did sleep with his child's Behavioral Aide.

CROSBY: Yeah, it sounds so scandalous the way you say it.

SARAH: No, I know. It's definitely the way it sounds that was scandalous 'cause doing it, no big deal.

CROSBY: Sarah, I'm not denying what a jerk I am. I take full responsibility. I don't know what else you'd like me to say.

SARAH: I'm sorry. It just pisses me off.

CROSBY: Well, I... I came over because I'm gonna sell the houseboat, and I'm gonna use that money to put a down payment on a house in hopes that Jasmine will want to come live in it with me.

SARAH: What? You're gonna buy a house she's never seen to try to win her back?

CROSBY: Look, I don't... I don't know what else to do. I would do anything. If I thought she wanted an airplane, I would figure out how to get her an airplane. So I thought maybe you could come by and give me, like, you know, a female's perspective on whether she'll think it's cute or nice, and you know, if she would like it.

SARAH: I've never bought a house, but I am a female. So yes, I can do that.

CROSBY: Thank you.

SARAH: I don't know if it'll work, but it's... it's a grand gesture.

CROSBY: It'll be great too if maybe, you know, Julia and Joel... Yeah, and Adam.

CROSBY: I don't think Adam's ever gonna come over.

SARAH: Well, I'll be there.

[NEW SCENE - Dress shop, Haddie is in the dressing room as Kristina looks at the dresses.]

KRISTINA: Hey, honey, I think we should try on the green one first.

HADDIE: I'm trying on the purple one.

KRISTINA: Found a little blue one that might work.

HADDIE: Okay, that might be nice...

KRISTINA: It's a lot shorter, but it's still kinda cute and flirty.

HADDIE: That sounds good.

KRISTINA: [To herself.] It's a little short, though. Hey, honey, did you guys talk about your plans for after prom?

HADDIE: No, I said I would call you, right?

KRISTINA: I know, but I just... I need to know if any of your friends are getting hotel rooms, so I know where to pick you up.

HADDIE: No mom! No, they're not, okay? [Gasps]

KRISTINA: Honey, you look stunning.


KRISTINA: It is so pretty.

HADDIE: I look like...

KRISTINA: I didn't think the purple would work, but it works with the jewels, and it's like a young Elizabeth Taylor.

HADDIE: No, I don't. I don't like it.

KRISTINA: Are you and Alex talking about sex? [Awkward pause.] I just had to ask.

HADDIE: No, mom.

KRISTINA: Okay. Okay, I just wondered.

HADDIE: Prom night is a cliché night to have sex, okay?

KRISTINA: I agree. Honey, as a mom, I just have to ask these questions, I'm sorry.

HADDIE: Yeah, whatever. It's cool.

KRISTINA: You look amazing. I mean, I'm not kidding. You look stunning.

HADDIE: I'm gonna try on something else.

KRISTINA: All right. Try on the green. The dark... I can...Bring it in. [To herself.] Okay.

[NEW SCENE - Ambers bedroom, Sarah approaches the open door.]



SARAH: This just in... I'm not cooking.

AMBER: I'm so surprised.

SARAH: Mediocre pizza or truly terrible Chinese?

AMBER: Ooh, Chinese, 'cause it's the tongue twister.

SARAH: [Chuckles] What's all this?

AMBER: Just a bunch of Nana's old dresses.

SARAH: Oh, yeah? Aw. What for?

AMBER: Well...Don't laugh. Prom.

SARAH: [Hysterical laughter.]

AMBER: See, I told you not to laugh in my face.

SARAH: You're kidding!

AMBER: I'm not kidding. I can explain, so if you'll hold your hysterical laughter until the end. Haddie and her boyfriend are, like, begging me to go, and so I thought it would be funny to go. And you know, whatever.

SARAH: Who is your date?

AMBER: I don't know. Some guy that Alex knows from the community center.

SARAH: You're going to prom on a blind date! It's, like, 1954.

AMBER: So weird. It's stupid.

SARAH: I mean, it's not stupid. I love it. I'm so excited! I mean, of course it's dumb, it's dorky, it's corny.

AMBER: It is.

SARAH: It's prom. But it's a story you'll always tell. It's an experience you won't be sorry you had no matter if it's good or bad. And it's just a beautiful, sentimental way to say good-bye to high school and I love that you're doing it. So what, are you gonna cut one of these up? Really, give it a 'Pretty in Pink' kinda treatment? Don't act like you haven't seen it.

AMBER: You're dating yourself.

[NEW SCENE - Night, exterior of Crosby's houseboat.]

CROSBY: Well, I hope you're a ladies man, because this boat is a bit of a lure for attractive ladies.

FRANK: Sounds sweet.

CROSBY: It's, uh... Quite a vessel.

FRANK: Sweet.

CROSBY: Buckle up.

FRANK: All right.

CROSBY: All right, man. Um, what else? Oh. I wouldn't keep anything out here that rusts. This mist is really damp. And I'd keep the music down, 'cause it travels over the water, and the neighbors get angry.

FRANK: Okay.

CROSBY: I think that's it.

FRANK: All right.

CROSBY: All right.

FRANK: Can I have my hand back now, or... oh, sorry.

CROSBY: Um, okay, here are the keys. Enjoy. And congratulations.

FRANK: Thank you, Mr. Braverman.


[The new owner closes the door on his houseboat, Crosby takes one final look back.]

[NEW SCENE - Exterior Braverman guesthouse. Sarah exits going to her car.]

GILLIAM: You haven't finished your work!

SARAH: [Yelling] I can't finish...

GILLIAM: You've got a character with no dignity. You've gotta give Barry some dignity.

SARAH: I will give Barry some dignity. I've been working on his dign...

GILLIAM: I need the rewrite. I need two...

SARAH: You said two weeks!

GILLIAM: Tick-tock, tick-tock. It's my daughter's prom!

GILLIAM: [Louder.] Oh, prom! Prom! I hate that word. What do you want to be, a soccer mom?

SARAH: I hate that word. Soccer mom. What does that even mean? That's the last thing I am. I'm a person who's a mom who's trying to get some writing done. Do you have kids?

GILLIAM: No, no, I don't have kids. I have wives. I collect wives.

SARAH: How wonderful. What number is that?

GILLIAM: This? Oh, that's... That's the ring of my first wife.

SARAH: I take this seriously. I'm killing myself over this thing. I've never worked so hard.

GILLIAM: [Chuckles]

SARAH: I will stay up all night tonight to finish what we started, but I have to go.

GILLIAM: Have a great prom.

SARAH: Oh, God.

GILLIAM: Have a wonderful prom. You don't have a wonderful play.

SARAH: I have a life!

GILLIAM: You don't yet. [Sarah starts driving off.] Seat belts! [Yelling.] Seat belts!

[NEW SCENE - The family has gathered at Adam and Kristina's house.]

CAMILLE: So which dress did Haddie choose? The purple one?

KRISTINA: She picked the, like, mauvey-taupey color one. It's cute.

ADAM: Hey dad, what are you doing? I told you, we're not drinking tonight.

ZEEK: How come?

ADAM: Because I told you, Alex is a recovering alcoholic.

CAMILLE: [In the background.] I bet she looks beautiful.

ZEEK: Yeah, well, so what's he gonna do, attack me and steal my beer? He's the alcoholic, not me. Did you talk to Crosby, by the way?

ADAM: No, I haven't. Could you just back off?

ZEEK: Back off?

CROSBY: It was just like yesterday that we went to your prom, Adam, remember? With the beautiful Molly McCann.

ADAM: Her name was Michelle, but...

CAMILLE: Was it Michelle? I thought it was Molly.

ZEEK: Molly McCann.

ADAM: Dad, really, do you mind?

CAMILLE: He was so ga-ga over her. I wonder what happened to her?

KRISTINA: [Sarcastically] I wonder. [As she goes to answer the door bell.]

ADAM: Do you mind?

CAMILLE: Well...


SARAH: I didn't miss it, did I?


SARAH: I'm late, I know. Hi, how are you?

KRISTINA: I'm good.

SARAH: I'm irrationally excited about this.

KRISTINA: Good, so am I. They're upstairs getting ready.

SARAH: Okay. It's all because of Haddie that she's even going. I'm so…

KRISTINA: Well, she wanted her to go.

SARAH: I know, but she doesn't...

CAMILLE: Hey, Sarah!

ADAM: Sister Sarah.

KRISTINA: Yeah, I am too.

CAMILLE: Do you remember your prom? We were just talking about Adam's prom.

ADAM: Yeah, just right down memory Lane.

SARAH: Do I remember my prom? I sang the prom theme with Seth. Love lifts us up where we belong.

ZEEK: Where the eagles fly.

SARAH: The eagles fly, you know?

KRISTINA: I like that song.

CAMILLE: Yes, and her hair was really up.

SARAH: Yeah. It was the '80s, mom. We had to go big.

ADAM: Looked like bride of Frankenstein.

SARAH: Thanks. That's what I was kinda going for. Kind of a Sheena Easton homage.

[Doorbell rings again, Adam goes to answer it.]


ALEX: Hey.

ADAM: Hey.

ALEX: How you doing, Mr. Braverman?

ADAM: How are you, Alex?

ALEX: How are you doing?

ADAM: You look handsome in your Tuxedo there.

ALEX: Thank you, thank you.

BRANDON: Hi. Brandon.

ADAM: Brandon? I'm Adam Braverman, come on in.

SARAH: Hey, there. I'm Sarah. I'm Amber's mom.

ALEX: Whoa, whoa.

BRANDON: Nice to meet you.

SARAH: So nice to meet you.

ALEX: Hey, how you doing?

KRISTINA: Kristina.

KRISTINA: Goodness, you look so nice.

ALEX: Thank you.

ZEEK: I'm Zeek Braverman, how do you do?

BRANDON: Brandon.

ZEEK: Huh?

BRANDON: Brandon.

ZEEK: Brandon.


ZEEK: [To himself.] Brandon, Brandon.

BRANDON: [Chuckles]

ADAM: They're gonna be down in a minute.

ZEEK: Let me get a shot of you guys.

ADAM: You guys get together. Put your arm around each other there. Put your heads together there.

ZEEK: Great.

ADAM: Get you both there.


CAMILLE: Lucky girls, huh?


ALEX: Cheese.

ZEEK: Fantastic. Look this way, Brandon. There you go.

SARAH: Very cute. I think you blinked.

ADAM: A little closer, little closer. You had your eyes closed there, Alex.

ALEX: Hey, we...


ZEEK: Holy mackerel!

CAMILLE: Wow, look at this.

ADAM: You look very nice.

HARMONY: Take it easy on making us…

KRISTINA: Oh, my gosh!

ADAM: Let me capture that moment right there.

ZEEK: You girls look beautiful.


ZEEK: You girls!

AMBER: This is as good as it gets.

ALEX: You look very nice.

BRANDON: Let's go for it.

SARAH: Take some pictures.

ADAM: Yeah, yeah.

AMBER: How's it going?


HADDIE: Thanks.

BRANDON: I kinda want to wear this, but I think it's for you.

AMBER: We could trade off. [Giggles]

ALEX: You are smokin'. You are amazing. Come here.

HADDIE: [Giggles]

ADAM: All right. All right, you guys kinda group together? Just squish together there?

ZEEK: There you go.

ADAM: Get together.

ZEEK: Amber, look this way.

KRISTINA: Where are we looking?

ZEEK: That's good.

ADAM: Everybody say "Prom".

KRISTINA: One, two, three.

SARAH: Cheese.


[Montage of scenes as the boys put on the corsages and the parents look on.]

[Alex and Haddie sit on the couch.]

HADDIE: Hi, mom.

KRISTINA: Just... just checking.

[More Laughter as Adam opens the front door.]

HADDIE: Thank you.


HADDIE: Love you too. Bye.

ADAM: Love you.

AMBER: [Giggles]

SARAH: See ya.

AMBER: Bye, I'll see you later. Let's go.

ADAM: Young man...

SARAH: Put it on straight. Okay.

ADAM: Enjoy yourself.

ALEX: I will, I will.

KRISTINA: Straight and narrow.

SARAH: Sorry. Have a great time, Brandon. Nice to meet you.

[A car engine starts as they close the front door.]

[NEW SCENE - sort time later.]

ADAM: Amber and Haddie are off to the Prom together.

SARAH: I practically fell out of my chair when she said she wanted to go. And with a guy she's never met!

ADAM: Yeah.

SARAH: Good for her. They'll have fun. Um...You know, Crosby came to see me.

ADAM: Well, good for him.

SARAH: He wants us all to come look at the house tomorrow.

ADAM: Yeah, I know. Look, Sarah, we're a bunch of adults. I don't know what we're supposed to do here. Help him pick out curtains? Do him a favor and keep him from doing an incredibly stupid thing, which he's doing in response to another incredibly stupid thing that he did? Which, by the way, can't be undone. So I don't... I don't care.

SARAH: So you're not gonna come see the house tomorrow?


SARAH: Yeah, it might be a really stupid thing he's doing. And it also might not work. Jasmine might never forgive him. But we don't have that option. I hate what he did. You don't have to like it either. You can be mad at him as long as you want. He's...in pain and he needs us. He's our brother. Just show up.

[NEW SCENE - The Prom. Upbeat pop music is playing.]

AMBER: Okay, ready?


AMBER: I'll try not to fall, but you have to take me to the hospital if I do.


AMBER: Okay, ready? [The photo is take.] Oh, it's gonna be a good one.

BRANDON: That was a great one.

AMBER: I'm gonna put that up in my room. Write about it in my diary.

BRANDON: On the wall of shame.

AMBER: Look at this, it's so elegant. It's like we're really in Paris.

BRANDON: Oui, oui.

AMBER: The music... [giggles]

BRANDON: Can I take your coat?

AMBER: It's a sweater. But, yeah, I guess.

BRANDON: Okay, what do I do with this now?

AMBER: [Giggles.]

HADDIE: This is amazing.

ALEX: These stars are amazing. It was a good touch.


ALEX: They look beautiful.

HADDIE: Okay, thank you.

ALEX: You know what looks better than that?


ALEX: You.

HADDIE: You look okay.

ALEX: Just... just okay?

HADDIE: I mean, yeah, kind of. Like...

ALEX: Girl, I was born to rock this Tux and you know it.

HADDIE: Okay, well... oh, hey, guys.

[NEW SCENE - Joel answer his front door.]

JOEL: Uh-oh.


JOEL: Here's trouble. Hey. How are you? [To Zeek.] Hey, buddy.

ZEEK: Look at what I found in my garage.

JOEL: Yeah, it's almost a full set.

CAMILLE: It's nearly.

JOEL: You guys want something to drink?

ZEEK: Yeah, I'll have a beer.

JULIA: Bonjour!


JULIA: Bonjour!

CAMILLE: Bonjour

SYDNEY: Bonjour

ZEEK: Hey, Julia, look what I found in the garage.

JULIA: Oh, my God! Syd, are you excited? These are your new golf clubs! They were mine.


JULIA: We get to play golf together! Well, you know, I will teach you, and you can play.

SYDNEY: I don't like golf.

JULIA: Oh, well, you haven't tried it yet.

SYDNEY: Well, it's just that I don't really want to play.

JULIA: It's gonna be our thing. The thing we do together.

SYDNEY: I thought we were learning French. How many things do we have to do together?

JULIA: We don't have to do too many.

[Julia walks off.]

ZEEK: Hey, Joel... What's going on?

[NEW SCENE - Prom, Amber and Brandon are sitting at a table.]

BRANDON: So Alex told me you play the bongos or...

AMBER: No, I don't play the bongos. I play guitar, kind of.

BRANDON: Oh, guitar.

AMBER: I don't play that much...

KELSEY: Amber.



AMBER: How's it going?

KELSEY: Do you know Tyler?

AMBER: Yeah, hey.

BRANDON: Brandon.

TYLER: It's nice to meet you.

KELSEY: Hi, I'm Kelsey. Hi. [To Amber.] I've been thinking about you like a lot recently We used to S.A.T. Tutor together, so... She slayed me at vocab.

AMBER: It's true.

KELSEY: What ended up happening with that?

AMBER: With vocab?

KELSEY: With college. Do you know where you're going? I'm being totally boring and going to Yale. My dad cried when I got my acceptance letter. He's, like, a total die-hard, so... But what about you?

AMBER: Um… I don't know.

KELSEY: You, like, haven't decided yet?

AMBER: [Sighs]

KELSEY: This girl's ridiculously smart. She's, like, stupid smart.

AMBER: Actually, it's just that I didn't get into college, to any of the places that I applied to. So it's not really that I haven't chosen yet. It's more that I don't have any options because I didn't get in. Sorry to make it weird.

KELSEY: I'm so sorry. That's... that's actually... you know, that's so much better. 'Cause now you can, like, do whatever you want. You know, like, the world is your oyster.

AMBER: Okay, cool. That was a great save. I hope you have a great life at college and a great time here at prom. Can we go?


AMBER: See you.

BRANDON: See you.

TYLER: See you.


KELSEY: See you, bye.

[Amber walks over to Haddie.]



AMBER: Um, I'm kinda feeling sick. I don't know what it is.

HADDIE: You feel sick?

AMBER: I don't want to make a big deal out of it, but I think I might have to go. Just, like, my stomach hurts.

HADDIE: Are you sure? Are you okay?

AMBER: I'm okay. So I'll see you tomorrow, okay? Have a good time.


AMBER: See you in a bit.

HADDIE: Feel better.

AMBER: Thanks.

ALEX: All right, dude.

[Alex looks at Haddie.]

HADDIE: I don't know.

[NEW SCENE - Julia in her kitchen. Camille walks up to comfort her daughter, she starts crying and they hug.]

[NEW SCENE - Prom, Alex and Haddie dance.]

HADDIE: So...Do you think this is stupid? Do you hate it like you thought?

ALEX: It was fun. I like seeing you all dressed up. So thank you for inviting me.

HADDIE: Um... You know how people kind of get rooms after?

ALEX: Yeah.

HADDIE: Uh...[Chuckles] Have you... Ever thought about that?

ALEX: Um... Well... You know what I think? When the time is right... We're gonna know it. There is no rush. I'm not going anywhere.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house. Amber enters the front door. Sarah is in the dinning room working on her laptop.]



SARAH: You're home early.

AMBER: Yeah.

SARAH: What happened?

AMBER: Nothing. Uh...I just... I don't want to talk right now, okay?

SARAH: Oh, no! Are you okay?

AMBER: I'm fine. I just...

SARAH: Okay.

AMBER: I just don't want to talk, okay? I just really don't want to talk.

SARAH: Was everything okay with the date?

AMBER: It's not about that. It was fine. It's just... This whole... This whole thing is not working. Like... You know, going to high school and being a great student and going to prom and having a nice date and going to college. Like, that's just not working for me.

SARAH: Oh, honey, you're so smart. It's gonna look different tomorrow, you know? It's just gonna feel...

AMBER: Mom, can you just listen! Really listen to what I'm saying, please! I am trying to communicate with you honestly here, okay? I did the best I could to do what you want me to do. I did the best that I could to be good in school, to go to college and take part in this high school life. But it's not working for me. So I'm sorry, but I need to start doing what feels good for me and trying to see if that works. Because this whole thing of doing what you want me to do and what you suggest me to do and you trying to fix my problems, it's not working. It's not your life. It's my life. And I need you to understand that I'm gonna start making my own decisions, whether you like them or not. And that has to be okay with you, because it's who I am. Okay?

[NEW SCENE - Hotel hallway.]


ALEX: Yes?H:

HADDIE: Remember when you were talking about, like, time?

ALEX: Yeah?

HADDIE: And, like, um... When the time is right, then... that we'll know.

ALEX: Yeah?

HADDIE: I feel like right now is the right time.

ALEX: Haddie, I don't want you to feel pressure just because, you know, it's prom night and your friends got rooms.

HADDIE: No, I don't. I feel... I feel like this is the right time. I feel good.

ALEX: I feel good.


[They enter a room.]

[NEW SCENE - Adam and Kristina are in bed.]

ADAM: Honey, I really starting to worry.


ADAM: Because she... look, it's four minutes until curfew.

KRISTINA: She has four minutes.

ADAM: I'm gonna give her a call. Just gonna make sure she's...


ADAM: What?

KRISTINA: Stop panicking.

ADAM: I'm not panicking.

KRISTINA: You are panicking.

ADAM: I'm not.

KRISTINA: Yes, you are.

[They hear the front door open.]



[They get out of bed.]

[NEW SCENE - Haddie climbs the stairs and goes down the hall to her room.]



ADAM: Hey, sweetie.

KRISTINA: How'd it go?

ADAM: Did you have a good time?

HADDIE: Yeah. Ah, yeah, it was really good. Um… Jenna was prom queen and the decorations looked really nice, so... Yeah, I'm gonna go to bed.


HADDIE: I'm tired.

ADAM: Okay.

KRISTINA: You can sleep in tomorrow if you want.

ADAM: Hey, thank you for making curfew.

HADDIE: Um...Thanks for the dress.

ADAM & KRISTINA: [Together] You're welcome.

[Haddie goes into her room and closes the door.]

KRISTINA: Feel better?

ADAM: Yes. Yes, I do.

ADAM: She's a good girl.

KRISTINA: Yes, she is.

[NEW SCENE - Joel and Julia in bed but both awake.]

JOEL: For what it's worth... I've always wanted to play golf with you.

JULIA: [Sighs and sobs a little.] I love you so much.

[NEW SCENE - Sarah back at her laptop, Amber enters a in the back ground with a pack of smokes before going out the kitchen door. Sarah gets back to work on her play.]

[NEW SCENE - Crosby's new house, Julia, Sarah and Joel look around.]

SARAH: Wow, somebody really liked cats.

JOEL: Moldy, even.

CROSBY: Clearly, the windows have to come out.

JOEL: Yeah.

CROSBY: That's not too hard, though, is it?

JOEL: No, I mean, it's not too hard, but when you add that to the kitchen cabinets and the tiles and the aroma of alleged homicide, it's not, it's not nothing, man.

CROSBY: All right.

JULIA: Cros, have you checked out this little house across the street? It's really cute.

CROSBY: Yeah. Obviously, if I could afford the perfect house across the street, I would've got that one. I'm not an idiot.

JULIA: Cros, that's not what I was saying at all. This is a really sweet idea.

SARAH: Such a nice idea.

JULIA: It's just it's a lot of money and a lot of responsibility.

CROSBY: Well, I already bought this house, so...

JULIA: This one?

CROSBY: Oh. Oh, my God.

SARAH: So, I think it's…

CROSBY: Oh, my God, I do not know what I was thinking. I mean, actually I do. I was thinking, "you know, I already wrecked my life, so I don't really care if I wreck it worse because you can't really wreck it worse than totally."

SARAH: That's not true.

JOEL: There's contingencies here.

SARAH: Yeah, the inspection might not go through.

JOEL: Not a chance.

JULIA: Yeah. You can wiggle out of it during escrow.

CROSBY: Yeah, well, I already sold the house boat.

SARAH: He did.


CROSBY: It seemed like a grown-up thing to do at the time.

ADAM: [Entering the house.] Well, it was. I mean, what kind of a grown-up guy lives on a house boat?

CROSBY: Thanks for coming.

ADAM: I mean, not that this place isn't a dump.

SARAH: Awful.

[They chuckle.]

CROSBY: You think I can fix it?


CROSBY: Okay. Great.

ADAM: I think we can fix it.

CROSBY: Sorry.

SARAH: Yeah, yeah.

CROSBY: I bought a bad house.

Episode End
2.20 - New Plan
Original Airdate (NBC) April 5, 2011
Written by Jamie Duneier
Directed by Michael Weaver

Transcribed by Craig Best
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