2.17 - Do Not Sleep With Your Autistic Nephew's Therapist
Transcript by Craig Best

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[OPENING SCENE - Early morning. Gaby's home, she is still asleep in bed as Crosby leaves the bedroom. Turning over Gaby wake up.]

[NEW SCENE - Adam returns home from the market.]

ADAM: Hey, everybody!

HADDIE: [Off camera.] He's so confident...

ALEX: [Off camera.] Good job.

ADAM: Who is ready for my famous pancakes?

KRISTINA: Hey, honey.


ALEX: Hey, Mr. Braverman.

ADAM: Alex, how are you?

ALEX: How you doing? Max, I got one more trick to show you, but you got to say hi to your dad first.

MAX: Hey, dad!

KRISTINA: Hi, honey.

ADAM: Hi, honey.

ALEX: The trick is... You got to lightly toss it and then pop it off your forearm. It's a fake pass. It's a trick. It's like that. That's it.

KRISTINA: Thanks for going to the market.

ADAM: He's here again.

KRISTINA: [softly.] Okay.

ADAM: Honey, I mean, you know... He's been here every day this week, and it's Sunday, you know? It's my pancake-making day. It's family time.

KRISTINA: You need to relax. I'm sorry, okay?

ADAM: I'm relaxed.

KRISTINA: It's my fault. I said it was okay.

ADAM: Oh, okay. So he's just gonna be here now all the time.

KRISTINA: I mean, look at him. Isn't he doing so great with Max? He's teaching him basketball tricks. I don't know how to do that. They're enjoying each other. Haddie's really happy...

ADAM: He's in my chair.

KRISTINA: That's not your chair, and you know that. He's been playing with him all morning. I mean, this is amazing. What if he joins a basketball team? He hasn't said one word about bugs all morning. I feel like I've been let out of a really bad prison.

HADDIE: Um, hey, it's okay that Alex is here, right?

ADAM: Yeah. It's fine.


ADAM: Yeah.

HADDIE: Uh, do you have that basketball game today?

ADAM: Yeah, I do. Why?

HADDIE: You could invite Alex.

ADAM: To my basketball game?

HADDIE: I mean...

ADAM: Honey.

HADDIE: What? Anybody can play, right? He's really good. It'll be fun. And you guys can, like, get to know each other.

ALEX: [Spinning the ball on his finger.] Adam, you want to try it?

ADAM: Uh, no, I'm good.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman kitchen, Zeek is making pancakes.]

AMBER: Okay, I'm gonna just say it, 'cause nobody else is. You know, where's drew? Why did we let drew go out to breakfast with that guy?

SARAH: That guy is your father.

AMBER: Well...

SARAH: They went to breakfast. You weren't invited.

AMBER: I don't want to go. We're here bonding as a family, you know, and he's not here. I mean…

SARAH: I'm sorry. It's the first time I've ever heard you talk about family-bonding time.

AMBER: I'm having a good time, are you gonna make fun of me now for it?

SARAH: No, honey, I'm just saying...

[They stop talking as Drew and Seth enter the house.]

SETH: Hey, everybody.


SETH: Camille, I haven't seen you yet. You look beautiful.

CAMILLE: Hi, Seth.

ZEEK: Hey, Seth. Thanks for bringing him back.

SETH: No problem. [To Amber.] Hi, sweetheart. Drew told me how you kicked ass the other night at that songwriting thing at the open mic.

SARAH: Amazing.

AMBER: Please, I wouldn't say that I, you know, "kicked ass."

DREW: It was very good.

AMBER: Everybody in the audience was a Braverman.

SARAH: Those are the worst people to have in the audience.

DREW: That's not even true.

AMBER: It was pretty true.

SETH: Hey, Braverman's are tough critics, trust me. Anyway, I got this for you.

AMBER: What?

SETH: It's just an old beat-around guitar, but it's got a great sound. I put these really light strings on it, so you can play all day, doesn't hurt your fingers. Writes... writes great songs, this one.

AMBER: Um... Okay. Cool. Thanks. Uh... Well, I'm gonna... Do stuff upstairs. So just call me when they're ready, okay? See you.

SETH: Right.

SARAH: She'll look at it later. I'm sure she'll love it.

SETH: Yeah.

[Opening credits - featuring “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan]

[NEW SCENE - Graham's house, Julia, Joel and Sydney having dinner at the kitchen table.]

JULIA: What's the matter, bug?

JOEL: Yeah. Why aren't you eating?

SYDNEY: Is this chicken?

JULIA: Mm-hmm.

SYDNEY: Is chicken meat? Mm, yes, chicken is meat.

JULIA: Mm-hmm.

SYDNEY: Well, then I can't eat it.


SYDNEY: I'm a vegetarian.

JOEL: Um...

JULIA: Um... But you're not a vegetarian, because you love chicken.

JOEL: Love it.

SYDNEY: I don't love it anymore.


JOEL: Honey, um... Meat is... uh, it has a lot of protein in it, and humans need protein, and you're human.

JULIA: Sweetie, where'd you get the idea to be a vegetarian?

SYDNEY: Ella. She's a vegetarian. Her whole family is vegetarians. I'm not gonna eat chicken. It's unhealthy and mean.

JULIA: Okay. Well, bug, I would like you to eat your chicken, please. Thank you.

SYDNEY: Uh-uh. No way.

[NEW SCENE - Gaby at home with Max and Kristina, at their dining table.]

MAX: This is a bad system.

KRISTINA: It's not bad, Max. It's just different.

MAX: But with this, I have to do more chores, and even if I do absolutely perfect, I still earn the same amount of TV time.

KRISTINA: Max, you're gonna make a great lawyer, a great lawyer.

MAX: I think we should still have the same amount of opportunities...

[Doorbell rings, Kristina gets up to answer it.]

KRISTINA: Okay. I'll think about it.

MAX: …but have it five points, like Gaby said.

GABY: Okay, Max... Max, how about this?

KRISTINA: [Knocking at the door.] Coming.

GABY: If you earn eight out of ten stickers over the week, you will get a bonus...


KRISTINA: Hey! Come in.

JASMINE: Thanks.

KRISTINA: How are you?

JASMINE: I'm good.

[They hug.]

KRISTINA: Good. Good to see you. Come on, we're just working on Max's sticker system.

GABY: You have to go over that with your mom. [Looking over to Kristina and Jasmine she is distracted, Max continues to talk to her.]

JASMINE: Kristina, I just want to apologize. I feel so terrible for missing Max's birthday party.

KRISTINA: What do you mean? Jabbar was sick. It's okay. It's so not a big deal.

JASMINE: No, he wasn't sick.


JASMINE: It was because of what's going on between me and Crosby.

KRISTINA: Is everything okay?

JASMINE: Well, we had an argument, and he's been staying on the boat.

KRISTINA: I'm sorry. What happened?

JASMINE: I don't even know what happened, and I don't know if it's, like, these huge issues or if we're just having cold feet. I don't know what's going on.

KRISTINA: I'm so sorry.

MAX: Gaby! [She looks at Max.] Why can't I discuss this with you?

GABY: Because, Max, I'm not your mom. [Looking back to Jasmine.]

MAX: It doesn't matter. Well... okay, first of all...

KRISTINA: Okay. We love you so much. We love Jabbar.

JASMINE: Oh, thank you.

KRISTINA: You're family.

JASMINE: Thank you.

MAX: Instead of sunny-side up...

KRISTINA: Just a little hiccup. You know? You guys are having a hiccup. It's no big deal. I mean, it's... it sucks right now...

MAX: Gaby!

[Snapping her back to reality.]

GABY: I'm sorry.

[NEW SCENE - Adam, Crosby and Alex play basketball in the park with some other guys. The younger Alex is much better than Adam blocking his shots.]

ALEX: You all right?

ADAM: Yeah, I'm fine.

ALEX: You sure?

ADAM: I'm good.

CROSBY: [To Adam.] Is this the menstrual cramps? You want your walker?

ALEX: Way to run the floor, man.


ALEX: Good defense, y'all.

[The men shout as Alex makes another basket.]

ALEX: I'll take it.

ADAM: Think you can try and focus a little bit more out there?

CROSBY: [Laughs] Yeah... If I was the one that got taken to school by Alex.

ADAM: So you moved out, huh? Back on the houseboat?

CROSBY: Where'd you hear that?

ADAM: Jasmine talked to Kristina. What's going on?

CROSBY: Jasmine told Kristina?

ADAM: Yeah. I thought we talked about all this the other day.


ADAM: I just hate to see you throw away the very best thing that's ever happened to you in your life because you feel like she's a little bit controlling right now.

CROSBY: Maybe you can take a little time-out from your judgment.

ADAM: I am not judging you, Crosby.

CROSBY: Yes, you are.

ADAM: I am looking out for you...

CROSBY: [Screaming.] Yes, you are judging me!

ADAM: [Screaming.] No, I am not judging you!

CROSBY: [Screaming.] You always judge me, man! You're always looking at me like I'm the idiot that's always screwing up! I'm sorry I'm not perfect like you, okay? It must be so frustrating!

ADAM: Would you keep your voice down for a second?

CROSBY: [Screaming.] Oh, yeah, heaven forbid I scream on the basketball court! Is that a mistake too?

ADAM: It's a part of growing up. Seriously, you're gonna leave?

CROSBY: No, I'm fake leaving.

[NEW SCENE - Amber on her bed looking at the guitar.]

DREW: Hey, Amber. Can you please stop being so rude to dad?

AMBER: Whoa. Don't just come in here and say something like that to me.

DREW: Well, it's true. Every time he tries to talk to you, you're so rude to him, you don't even give him a chance whatsoever...

AMBER: I'm so rude. Do you know what I think is rude?

DREW: What?

AMBER: I think it's rude to leave your family. I think it's rude to ditch them because you don't want to deal with it…

DREW: Okay Amber you have, look…

ADAM: …and then rude to come back here and just act like everything's fine.

DREW: … you're entitled to your opinion, okay? And so am I, so.

AMBER: It's not an opinion. It's what actually happened. And that's what I'm trying to tell you.

DREW: What…

AMBER: He left us!

DREW: I understand that!

AMBER: He didn't want to be with us any more.

DREW: I get it! But he's here right now.

AMBER: This is what I've been trying to tell you over and over again...

DREW: He's trying to be with us, trying to spend time with us.

AMBER: Oh, he's really trying, isn't he? He's trying to make things better.

DREW: What are… Yes Amber he's trying.

AMBER: He brought me this beautiful guitar. Do you want to know how much this guitar is worth?

DREW: What. It doesn't matter how much it's worth!

AMBER: [Showing Drew he computer screen.] 42 big ones! That's how much it's worth!

DREW: It doesn't matter how much it's worth whatsoever!

AMBER: Yeah, it does, because I'm gonna sell it because I don't want it!

DREW: He's had that for 20 years!

AMBER: I don't care! I don't want it in my house! I don't want to look at it!

DREW: Please, please. Just don't push him away.

AMBER: I'm not trying to push him away, but... He's gonna leave. He's gonna leave again, and you're gonna get hurt.

DREW: I can handle myself.

[NEW SCENE - Night, the doorbell rings. Adam and Kristina answers it.]



ADAM: Gaby.

GABY: Hi. Um...

KRISTINA: Are you okay?

GABY: Yeah. I'm sorry.

KRISTINA: That's okay.

ADAM: You all right? You need to come in and sit down?

GABY: [Sounding upset.] Um, I, I can't really stay long. I just... God, this is really hard. But I wanted to tell you guys in person. Something has come up, something personal, and, um... I'm not gonna be able to work with Max anymore. I'm really sorry. I know it's really sudden. And I made you guys a list of other aides and...

KRISTINA: Wait, no, I'm sorry, Gaby. What happened? Something happened.

GABY: I just... I really can't...

ADAM: Uh...

GABY: I'm...

ADAM: Is this immediate?

GABY: Unfortunately, yes, it is. And I'm really sorry. Please forgive me. I'm sorry.

[Adam and Kristina are stunned as Gaby leaves.]

[NEW SCENE - Jasmine and Jabbar are at home when there is a knock at the front door.]

JABBAR: Daddy's here!

CROSBY: Hey. How are you? You ready to go to the movies?

JABBAR: Yeah. Grandma just got me a new baseball mitt.

CROSBY: Oh, cool. I want to see.

JABBAR: Come here!




JASMINE: Hey, um, Crosby, do you want to stay for a minute? I can make some coffee.

CROSBY: Uh, we're kind of late to the movie, so... I think we should get going.

JABBAR: Look-it. Isn't it awesome?

CROSBY: It's cool. Yeah.

JABBAR: And I got a binoculars too.

CROSBY: You got binoculars? What are you gonna look at?

JASMINE: Hey, Crosby, I think that we should talk about what's going on. The silence thing isn't doing anyone any good.

CROSBY: Uh, yeah. Okay.


CROSBY: Uh, now?


CROSBY: Um... I'm just kind of in Jabbar mode, and we've got, like, 20 minutes to get to the movies, so... Maybe we'll do it... You ready, buddy?

JABBAR: Yeah. I'm ready. I'm ready.

JASMINE: Give me a hug. Give me a hug. All right, have fun.


CROSBY: So I'll call you, and then... Uh, we'll set up a time to talk.

JABBAR: Come on, dad.

CROSBY: All right, good-bye.

[NEW SCENE - Kristina and Max are in the living room, Haddie and Alex are in the kitchen.]

KRISTINA: [To Max.] We have more questions like...

MAX: No! No, no, no, no!

HADDIE: [To Alex.] You have to drink it.

KRISTINA: ...Start watching television.

ALEX: Smoothies?

ADAM: Uh, no, thank you.

KRISTINA: You're not listening to me.

MAX: I want to watch my shows. I'm missing Cash Cab.

KRISTINA: Honey, it doesn't matter. You can't cash in your stickers until your homework is finished.

MAX: You didn't start the homework on time. Gaby always did.

KRISTINA: Okay, Gaby's not here, Max. We're doing my rules right now.

MAX: Well, your rules suck!

[The doorbell rings]

ADAM: Hey. Do not speak to your mother that way.

KRISTINA: Thank you very much.

ADAM: Your mother... And do not turn on the television!

MAX: I'm not missing Cash Cab!

KRISTINA: This has been going on for 20 minutes, by the way.

ADAM: I want you to think about whether or not this is worth it.

MAX: It is worth it!

ADAM: I think you're gonna find out that it's not.

MAX: How can I find out something that's not true? 'cause it is true.

CROSBY: Can I talk to you for one...

ADAM: Crosby, it's not a good time.

CROSBY: I just want to say sorry about...

KRISTINA: Max, you're not listening…

MAX: I don't care if I'm not…

ADAM: Listen...

CROSBY: Blowing up.

KRISTINA: [To Max.] I'm going to count to three…

ADAM: Crosby, it's all fine, okay. Let it Go.

CROSBY: I'm really stressed out about this whole thing...

ADAM: Listen to me. I cannot deal with this right now, okay?


ADAM: Gaby quit. He's having a meltdown.


ADAM: I've got to deal with it.

CROSBY: Gaby quit?


ADAM: Yeah. She gave no notice, just split.


ADAM: I don't know. She said personal reasons.

KRISTINA: Three...

MAX: [Yelling.] No!

KRISTINA: That's it.

MAX: [Yelling.] You cannot do that!

ADAM: I got to deal with this. Max...

MAX: [Screaming.] That's unacceptable!

ALEX: Hey, Max, what about the...

MAX: [Screaming.] No! No!

KRISTINA: Stop throwing things.

MAX: No! Let me go!

[Crosby watches as they try to calm Max down.]

KRISTINA: Oh my god.

MAX: It's not fair!

ADAM: Settle down. Max.

KRISTINA: Settle down!

[NEW SCENE - Gaby's apartment, she answers the front door.]

CROSBY: You quit?

GABY: Oh, Crosby.

CROSBY: How could you quit?

GABY: I was at the house. And Jasmine came over, and it's just too much.

CROSBY: Okay. Well, you got to go back and fix it.

GABY: Fix it?

CROSBY: Yes! All hell is breaking loose over there. You've got to go back. Listen, if Max suffers because of something we did, I'm never gonna be able to forgive myself for that.

GABY: They'll find someone else, Crosby.

CROSBY: Okay, they're not gonna find anyone else! You have to go back and say it was a mistake.

GABY: [Snapping] I can't!


GABY: Because I like you!

CROSBY: Well... We can't.

GABY: Bye, Crosby.

[NEW SCENE - Julia answers her front door.]

JULIA: Oh, hello.

ZEEK: Hey. Ace babysitting company at your service.

CAMILLE: Wow. Look at you. You look terrific.

JULIA: Thanks. Why the partners insist on taking the associates to dinner on a weeknight is beyond me. But what is this, mom? Is this Lasagna that you made?


JULIA: Oh, my goodness.

CAMILLE: I know how much Sydney loves it, so...

JOEL: We all do.

JULIA: Oh, you're amazing. But she's not gonna eat it.

ZEEK: What?

CAMILLE: What do you mean? Why?

JOEL: [Groans]

JULIA: [Patting Joel on the shoulder.] Okay.

CAMILLE: It's her favorite.

JULIA: I know.

JOEL: Our daughter is... A vegetarian.

CAMILLE: She's a what?

ZEEK: What? [Chuckling] Jeez.

JULIA: I know. I should have called you. I didn't realize you were gonna cook.

CAMILLE: Since when?

ZEEK: Oh, come on. Hey, now, that's ridiculous.

JULIA: Dad, you know what? It is a valid choice. And we are being supportive of it.

ZEEK: Really?


SYDNEY: [Entering the room.] Hi, grandma!

ZEEK: Hey, granddaughter!

JULIA: There she is!

ZEEK: How you doing? You're gonna have some Lasagna, aren't you?

SYDNEY: Um, not if it has meat.

ZEEK: Well, yeah, but see, your grandmother, she slaved all day making your favorite meal for you.

SYDNEY: Uh, it's just that... I don't eat meat anymore.

ZEEK: Uh-huh. Now, listen here, granddaughter, your grandmother worked very hard, made it specially for you. Now, you don't want to hurt my wife's feelings, now, do you?


ZEEK: Huh?

JULIA: Just go... Go easy on my daughter.

ZEEK: Sure. Right. Guess what. Once in Vietnam, I ate dog.



SYDNEY: A dog?

ZEEK: Yeah.

CAMILLE: No. Zeek...

JOEL: Okay that's…

SYDNEY: An actual dog?

JOEL: No, not an actual dog.

JULIA: Sydney. Don't... Look at her face.

CAMILLE: There's no dog.

ZEEK: Hey, come on, I was a guest, you know? It would have been rude not to.

CAMILLE: [Taking Sydney into the next room.] I'm gonna fix you whatever your parents want me to fix you.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman kitchen, Sarah is trying to chop chicken.]

SARAH: Hah! Uh! Ow! I mean to go right there and get it! [Looking up to see Drew and Seth.] Hi.

SETH: Hey. Thought I'd bring him back.

SARAH: Um, come in, if you want.

SETH: Is Zeek here?

SARAH: No, he's... Babysitting for Julia... You're safe.

DREW: What are you doing to the chicken?

SARAH: I have to go to work in a little, and so... I thought I'd make you guys dinner. Mom and dad aren't here.

DREW: It doesn't look the same.

SARAH: Well, I mean, whatever. It's chicken. I have to chop it one more time... Watch this. See? It's almost off.

SETH: [Chuckling]

DREW: Yeah.

SETH: Your mom is an excellent cook.

DREW: You're right. They call her Sarah Boyardee, right?

SARAH: You know what? I have a very, very big knife. I'm trying something... to learn something new.

SETH: Do you mind if I... Give you a hand there?

SARAH: Oh, speaking of excellent cooks...

SETH: I know my way around a chicken. Son, come watch and learn.

SARAH: Since when?

SETH: I developed an interest in a few things, like cooking.

SARAH: Really? Look at you, developing interests in things.

AMBER: [Entering the room.] Do you guys want to...


SETH: Hey.

SARAH: I'm making dinner, which, you know, we could really use your help. Dad knows how to cut the chicken, actually, but, um, come help.

DREW: I don't want to see this.

SARAH: Come join us just for a minute?

AMBER: Mm, no. That's cool. You just keep... Poking that chicken, whatever you're doing.

DREW: Hey, um, Amber, dad's taking me to Alcatraz on Friday. I feel like you should come.

SARAH: Oh, yeah!

AMBER: I can't, 'cause...

SETH: Come on, sweetheart. I know how much you love Alcatraz.

AMBER: No. Yeah. No, you know what? You're right. Maybe I will come, 'cause I love it.

SETH: How's the, uh... How's the guitar working out?

AMBER: Oh, the guitar. Yes, I meant to tell you. The only thing is, is that it doesn't sound good, um, and I don't want it. So if you want it, you should take it back, or I'm gonna sell it.

SARAH: Amber...

AMBER: Okay?

SARAH: You don't have to be rude.

AMBER: Oh, and the other thing is... I actually can't go to Alcatraz, because I get sick on boats, which, you know, is something that everybody that knows me knows. Um, but, you know, I just forget that it's basically like we're strangers, so...

SETH: Sweetheart, I'm just trying to...

AMBER: Stop calling me that. I don't even know you. You don't know anything about me.

DREW: Amber...

AMBER: You can't just waltz in here after all this time…

DREW: Come on.

AMBER: …and act like everything is fine and just, like, buy us a burger and, like, give me a crappy guitar, and everything's just gonna be fine again. You know, and I guess it works. I guess it works on everybody but me. I guess I'm the only person that, you know, has a problem with it, but I'm sorry, [Fighting back the tears.] but I can't forget the fact that you didn't come to my birthdays when you promised that you would! And you didn't take me out all the times that you promised that you would! And you were not there for me when I really needed you. And so I have trouble believing that you've changed, because I've heard it all before. And I'm sorry, but I look at you, and I just see the same loser who let me down. [She leaves the room.]

DREW: Look, I'm sorry, dad. She just gets that way. She goes off on us all the time too, so...

SETH: I shouldn't be here right now.

DREW: You don't have to go.

SETH: Buddy, I'll call you about Alcatraz.

DREW: Yeah.

SETH: Okay.

DREW: [Knocking some things off the counter.] Look, mom, you... Why do you just sit here and let her yell at him? You didn't protect him whatsoever! I mean, she won't even give him a chance. He's trying!

[Drew leaves the room, Sarah is speechless.]

[NEW SCENE - Sydney having dinner with her grand parents.]

CAMILLE: You don't like it, do you?

SYDNEY: Not very much. I'll just have dessert.

ZEEK: Well, young lady, your grandmother has now prepared two dinners for you.

CAMILLE: Try a little more of the Seitan.

ZEEK: "Satan"?

CAMILLE: Seitan.


SYDNEY: No, thank you.

ZEEK: Granddaughter, you are gonna have to eat one or the other... Or you're not gonna get up from the table.

[Sydney crosses her arms and stares at Zeek.]

[NEW SCENE - Whiskey Mike's, Sarah is tending bar.]

SARAH: Ahem. There you go. Thank you. [Seth enters and Sarah see him.] Hi.

SETH: Hey.

SARAH: One sec. [Moments later.] Want a drink?

SETH: Yes. Pitcher of gin, please.

SARAH: [Chuckles sarcastically]

SETH: Well... Amber kicked my ass.

SARAH: Yeah, well, you deserved it.

SETH: She's got your genes. Listen, I, uh... I got a change of plans. This club up in Seattle, they offered us a very sweet deal on a gig, and the band wants to take it. Yes. Anyway, I got to back-burner the whole Alcatraz trip.

SARAH: Alcatraz. Mm-hmm. Well... I'm sure drew will understand, you know. Maybe you guys could just hit the batting cages again, you know, and beat some people up, for old time's sake?

SETH: We're gonna leave in the morning, 'cause we want to get an early start.

SARAH: Tomorrow morning?

SETH: Yeah. So could you... Tell the kids for me?

SARAH: [Long pause.] Sure.

SETH: Thank you.

MAN: Excuse me, bartender, another beer?

SETH: Looks like you're pretty busy, so... Um, I had a great time. It was good to see you.

SARAH: Mm-hmm.

SETH: You take care. And, um...

SARAH: I'll see you later.

[Sarah serves the customer as Seth leaves.]

[NEW SCENE - Moments later she follows him outside. Night time, thunder can be heard in the distance.]

SARAH: Hey. I have spent so much of my life blaming you, Seth. I have blamed you for the fact that... I'm almost 40 years old, and I still tend bar. And I could even tell you all the reasons and explain to you exactly why it's your fault. When drew sits up in his room, doesn't say a word to me for weeks, just hides away, I blame you. And I shouldn't. I really shouldn't. It does no one any good. But I can blame you for going to Seattle without saying good-bye to your children yourself. I can blame you for that, and I will. I will blame you for years. And sadly, part of me gets off on it. I love having something to blame you for, because then it lets me off the hook. And I don't want to be let off the hook... Not anymore. So you will be there tomorrow morning before they go to school to say good-bye to your children. You will be there. They leave at 8:00… Don't be late.

[NEW SCENE - Crosby's houseboat, he's drinking and playing notes on the piano as Jasmine enters.]

JASMINE: It's really hard for me to apologize.

CROSBY: You don't have to apologize.

JASMINE: Yeah, I do... For keeping Jabbar from that party.

CROSBY: Jasmine, you didn't do anything.

JASMINE: I did. I'm sorry...

CROSBY: You don't owe me an apology, okay? I was so stupid. You don't have to say sorry to me.

JASMINE: Why do you think you were stupid? What do you mean by... what do you... Why do you...

CROSBY: You know, I been drinking... [Clears throat] Tonight, so I don't... This might not be the best time for us to... Have this conversation right now. [Clears throat]

JASMINE: Hey... Crosby? Look at me. You can't even look at me? Why do you think you were stupid? What did you do?

CROSBY: I made a mistake.

JASMINE: What kind of mistake?

CROSBY: [Sighs] I don't know.

JASMINE: You don't know? Don't lie to me.

CROSBY: I slept with someone. It was... Stupid, and, uh, you know, I don't... [Clears throat] Have an excuse other than this happened while we were going through our thing, and I just kind of collapsed emotionally, and then I did the worst thing...

JASMINE: Who was it?

CROSBY: It's not important.

JASMINE: It's not important. So why did you do it?

CROSBY: Sweetie, listen, I... it was... it was one time, and it will never, ever happen again. I swear, I will never do anything like that again, okay? I am so sorry...

[Trying to hug her.]

JASMINE: Get off of me. Get off of me.

CROSBY: I just... I need to know that you're not... hold on. Listen...

JASMINE: Get off of me, you asshole! That's how you...

CROSBY: Jasmine...

JASMINE: You're such an idiot! [She hits his arm.]

CROSBY: Okay, you know what? Hey, please don't walk out of here.

JASMINE: No! Don't tell me what to do! [Throwing things at him.] You know what? You don't deserve anything good in your life... Nothing! I'll never forgive you for this.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house, Julia comes to the side door.]

JULIA: Hello.

ZEEK: Hey, honey, how you doing?

JULIA: I'm well. How are you?

ZEEK: Good.

JULIA: Good. So thanks again for watching Syd.

ZEEK: No problem. I tell you, that little girl is a pip.

JULIA: Yes, she is. So did everything go okay?

ZEEK: Yeah.

JULIA: Yeah?

ZEEK: Why? She say something?

JULIA: Yes. She might have mentioned something about you tried to force her to eat meat?

ZEEK: Oh, please. No. That's not how it went down.

JULIA: Well, how did it go down?

ZEEK: Well, I told her she couldn't get up from the table unless he had something to eat, and I didn't care if it was Lasagna or that "Satan" crapola. But rules are rules.

JULIA: Dad, I have to say, I really wish you hadn't done that.

[Camille watches from the doorway.]

ZEEK: Well, honey, I got to tell you, you know, she's got to learn that there's a set of rules that everybody has to follow.

JULIA: Well, I don't want to squelch her spirit. She wants to attempt this vegetarianism thing, and...

ZEEK: Come on, sweetheart, squelch her spirit? I mean, my God, she's six years old. You can't let her run the show.

JULIA: Okay, I just... I feel that when you do something like that, it undermines me as a parent.

ZEEK: Oh, jeez, you know, maybe...

CAMILLE: Hold on. Julia... You know, your father doesn't always make the best choices, but he does what he does out of love. No one is trying to squelch anyone's spirit. We love Sydney to pieces.

JULIA: I know.

CAMILLE: You know that.

JULIA: Yeah.

CAMILLE: But your father's right. You can't let her feel like she has all the power. It's backwards. And it's not doing her any good.

[NEW SCENE - Gaby's apartment.]

KRISTINA: I love you so much. That's why I'm here. I know that I can be overbearing, and I keep going over in my head how many times I've second-guessed you about Max's curriculum. And I am so sorry, and I'm wrong.

GABY: No, no, no, no…

KRISTINA: No, no, it's true. It's only because I...

GABY: Because you love Max so much.


GABY: And I do too. I love your son. I do.

KRISTINA: Then I don't understand why you're leaving. I mean, you're not moving away, right? You're not quitting this business.


KRISTINA: I mean, if there's something going on in your personal life, I... I can help you figure it out, Gaby, and I'm here for you. If you need to take a break or just take a little leave of absence... But it's just... it's so... [Voice breaking] You've helped my son so much, and I'm... I'm at a loss.

GABY: I didn't leave because of you or Max, who I do love.

KRISTINA: Then why? Why did you leave? I'm... It's okay.

GABY: Mm. Um... I, I left... The birthday party the other night with Crosby and it... It got complicated.

KRISTINA: Cros... Complicated, oh.

GABY: I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.


[NEW SCENE - Braverman house.]

SETH: We got a couple dates in the Midwest in Wyoming and Montana. It's turning into, like, a little mini tour.

DREW: That sounds cool.

SETH: Well... Next time I'm in town?

DREW: Of course.

SETH: I mean, 'cause we were gonna do the Alcatraz thing and...

DREW: I know.

SETH: Okay. It was fantastic. I... I had the best time.

DREW: Me too.

SETH: You're a great young man. I'm really proud of you, son. [They hug.] And, Amber, I...

AMBER: Look, I... Just, like, about what I said, you know, I wasn't trying to...

SETH: No. Everything you said... Was true. You got every right to say that. And I'm sorry. You're beautiful. And maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to hear your beautiful voice.

AMBER: Guess we'll see, right?

SETH: Don't forget the light-gauge strings on the guitar, the tens, 'cause... You can play all night.

[Seth leaves Amber is upset.]

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house, outside.]

SARAH: So how was that?

SETH: It was good. Thank you. I was thinking about you all last night. All the things that you haven't gotten to do or... That you haven't done yet, and it doesn't matter, because you're the talent. [Sighs] You're like magic. And I remember all those songs that we wrote together. They're my best ones. Yep, 'cause they're the deepest. I'm just... I'm just a guitar player. You're the artist. So don't... don't let yourself get in the way of that, okay?

SARAH: Okay. I'm glad you came.

SETH: Thanks. Our kids are beautiful.

SARAH: Mm-hmm.

SETH: And that's all you. You did all that. I mean, you took on that burden.

SARAH: It's not always a burden. Sometimes it's... More like a privilege.

[Seth puts his hand out for a handshake, but Sarah pulls him in for a hug, kissing his neck.]

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house, laundry room. Camille is doing the washing as Zeek comes by.]


ZEEK: You know what felt really good?


ZEEK: You... Having my back before.

CAMILLE: Well, you were... You were sort of right.

ZEEK: Thank you. I'm gonna kiss you now, Millie.

CAMILLE: Okay. [They start kissing, the breathing gets heavier.] Oh... Oh...

[Zeek backs Camille to the counter, she uses her foot to close the door.]

[NEW SCENE - Adam arrives home from work.]

ADAM: Hey, honey. [Sighs] Sorry I'm late. Cory dragged me into the office for another creative meeting. I am starving. Hey, you okay?

KRISTINA: I need to tell you something.

ADAM: What is it?


[NEW SCENE - Amber knocks on Drew's door.]

DREW: Yeah?

AMBER: Hey. I'm sorry that I pushed dad away. I... Didn't have to yell at him or say those things, and I know that it was important to you to have a relationship with him, and... You tried to talk to me, and I didn't listen. And I'm sorry.

DREW: Amber... If he was a real dad, nothing you did could have made him leave. I know it's not your fault.

AMBER: We'll always have mom.

[They both chuckle]

DREW: Yeah.

AMBER: And we'll always have each other.

DREW: Yeah.

AMBER: Hey, do you want to know something?

DREW: What?

AMBER: Um, I learned that song that dad played at the show.

DREW: No way.

AMBER: Yeah. Do you want to hear it?

[Amber plays the guitar Seth gave her. As the music plays there is a montage of scenes including Sarah making notes and Seth driving.]

AMBER: [Singing] Small fingers, small toes, your forehead, my nose. I see you no matter how far away you are from me tonight, it's all right. Small wonder, small lips, your hands on my hips, I see you no matter how far away you are from me tonight. It's all right.

[NEW SCENE - Kristina has told Adam about Crosby and Gaby.]

ADAM: Listen, honey, I got to do something about this. I'm going over there.

KRISTINA: What is that gonna solve?

ADAM: It's gonna solve my desire to punch my brother in the face! That's what it's gonna solve.

KRISTINA: I can't believe that he would do this.

ADAM: He's the most selfish person I've ever met in my life.

KRISTINA: I know, but I think we need to calm down, take a minute.

[They are interrupted by a knock at door]

CROSBY: Um... Can I talk to you guys?

KRISTINA: You know what, Crosby? I don't think it's a good time right now, okay?

ADAM: You want to have a talk? Go ahead, talk. Go ahead! What the hell is wrong with you? Why would you do this?


CROSBY: So you... you already know?

ADAM: Oh, God.

CROSBY: I'm so sorry. I did not mean...

ADAM: You know what? Get out of my house...


ADAM: Before I do something I'm gonna regret later.

CROSBY: I'm sorry. I did not mean for any of this to happen.

ADAM: Well, you never do, do you?

CROSBY: That's not fair. I have changed over the last year, and I've proved that I'm not...

ADAM: How have you changed? I don't give a damn what you think you've proven about yourself over the last year. You're selfish, Crosby. That's what you've proven time and time again!

CROSBY: I was upset about Jasmine. I'm sorry I had a connection with Gaby. I did not plan...

ADAM: He had a connection with Gaby. It's the same connection you have with every woman. It's just sex!

CROSBY: Number one, you're wrong. Number two, I know you're worried about losing your babysitter, but I lost my fiancée, okay? And I may have lost my son, so I didn't come out unscathed!

KRISTINA: She wasn't our babysitter.

ADAM: What don't you understand about this... She's not a babysitter! She's a behavioral aide for your nephew! He's got Asperger's! What don't you get about that? Get it in your thick skull your nephew has Asperger's!

MAX: [On the stairs.] I have Asperger's? [Confused] What is Asperger's?

Episode End
2.17 - Do Not Sleep With Your Autistic Nephew's Therapist
Original Airdate (NBC) February 22, 2011
Written by Jason Katims
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