2.15 - Just Go Home
Transcript by Craig Best

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[Opening scenes - “Off I Go” by Greg Laswell plays as Drew rids a bus over the Bay Bridge into San Francisco. Adam is thinking while having his morning coffee. Sarah is at her desk writing as her iPhone rings.]

SARAH: [Answering the phone.] Hello.

ADAM: Hey. It's Adam. How are things going over there?

SARAH: Oh, God, I don't know. I'm sitting here making a list of... What my skills are, what I'm gonna do next with my life and... What was my dream, what did I always wanna do and I... Believe it is too late to become an Olympic figure skater so I have to figure something else.

ADAM: Yeah, I... I meant how are things going with Haddie?

SARAH: Oh. Oh, no, yeah, I know. I don't know, she's... She's ok?

ADAM: Yeah, she and Amber just came by this morning to pick up Max to take him to the science museum and he wouldn't even get out of the car. [Sarcastically] That felt real good.

SARAH: You know, I promise you... This will pass. I mean... In a way you've been getting away with murder having such a good kid.

ADAM: I miss her.

SARAH: Yeah, I know.

[NEW SCENE - Max, Amber and Haddie walking in the park. Max is holding a balloon and the girls are laughing.]

MAX: I really want to let this go.

AMBER: Why? What is a plane crashes into it?

MAX: I can write my name and address on it.

AMBER: Why are we going this way? Can't we just go the other way and be at the car?

HADDIE: I don't know, I just thought maybe this will be slightly quicker.

MAX: Alex! Alex! Hey! Help me!

HADDIE: Oh no! Max, you can't just run into the middle of a court.

ALEX: Oh, oh! Time-out, guys, time-out. What's up, buddie! Oh, oh, wai-wai-wait! You can't run in a court like that.

AMBER: [To Haddie.] Really? Uh, I should have known.

[Alex and Haddie look at each other still some distance apart.]

MAX: We need to write on this my name and address.

AMBER: [To Haddie.] This is awful. [To Alex.] Hey! Yes...

[NEW SCENE - Joel and Julia's house.]

CROSBY: Thank you for watching him.

JASMINE: Yes, thanks for watching him.

JOEL: No problem.

JULIA: Of course. It's not a problem ever.

JASMINE: We should get going.

CROSBY: All right.

JULIA: Yeah, where are you off to? You're all dressed up, Schmancy.

CROSBY: Oh, ah, well, we are going to an engaged exploration.

JOEL: Ooh.

CROSBY: Mm-hmm.

JULIA: What does it all entail?

JASMINE: Well, we just sit down for a little bit with the minister from my mom's church, and he asks us questions about our expectations of married life.

CROSBY: Oh, okay.

JASMINE: It's really no big deal.


JASMINE: Really.

JOEL: Well, it sounds really fascinating and a great way...

CROSBY: Does it?

JOEL: To get to know each other.


JOEL: A lot better.

CROSBY: Mm-hmm.

JASMINE: Thank you.

CROSBY: You know, it's not too late to not go, though, if you want to take this opportunity to stand up to your mom and maybe...

JASMINE: Okay, okay, I know she can be a little controlling at times, but let's just give her this one, okay?

CROSBY: Her mother is a little controlling.

JOEL: [Laughs]

JULIA: Well, have fun.

JOEL: Yes.

JASMINE: Shall we?

CROSBY: Yeah. Let's go exploring.

JULIA: Have a great time.

JOEL: We are so envious.



CROSBY: Ooh, do we have our camera?

JOEL: He's a goner.

JULIA: Dead meat.

[NEW SCENE - Chinese restaurant. Drew enters.]

DREW: Hi, dad.

[Opening credits - featuring “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan]

[NEW SCENE - Short time later at the Chinese restaurant.]

SETH: Can we get two orders of Shaomai, please. [To Drew.] You still like dim sum?

DREW: Of course.

SETH: Wow. You like Sushi?

DREW: No, not really.

SETH: Good, don't become one of these fancy-pants Sushi douche bags. Dim sum, it's the way to go.

DREW: Okay.

SETH: Affordable, delicious, awesome.

DREW: I'll try.

SETH: Wow. Look at you. Come on. Stand up. Let me get a good look.

DREW: Are you serious?

SETH: You filled out. What are you, about 5'8"?

DREW: 5'9".

SETH: 5'9".

DREW: Yeah. Basically the same. 5'9".

SETH: Look at you, all tough, wiry. I like it.

DREW: I've never heard anything like that, but... Thank you.

SETH: How you doing?

DREW: Uh, good.

SETH: Yeah?

DREW: Yeah.

SETH: You got a girlfriend?


SETH: No? How's... how's everybody? How's your mom?

DREW: She's good. She worked for Uncle Adam for a little while and… Actually, when did you get here?

SETH: Yesterday.

DREW: Oh, okay.

SETH: Yeah, we took our time coming up the coast. Did a couple shows in L.A. Then one in Merced on the way and here we are back home.

DREW: Yeah, didn't you do a show at Spaceland?

SETH: Yeah, how'd you know about that?

DREW: It's on your website.

SETH: You checked out our website? That's awesome. Wow. Billy, our drummer, he does all the Internet stuff, 'cause I'm a computer... you checked out the website. That's cool.

DREW: Yeah.

SETH: I didn't even know who looks at that stuff.

DREW: Well, me. So...

SETH: Wow… Hey, you want to come see a show?

DREW: Really?

SETH: Yeah. You got to. We got this new bass player. I mean, hey lays it down, brother.

DREW: Yeah, totally.

SETH: You're gonna come?

DREW: Yeah.

SETH: That's what I'm talking about.

DREW: Yes, I will.

SETH: All right. All right. Thank you. Thank you. You can... you can bring your sister too if you want.

DREW: Sure.

SETH: You know, if she doesn't hate me.

DREW: No. She doesn't hate you.

SETH: Yeah?

DREW: Seriously, no.

SETH: Okay. Good. All right, wait till you try this spring roll. Awesome.

[NEW SCENE - Basketball courts in the park. Max and Amber are playing as Haddie and Alex sit nearby on the bleacher.]

ALEX: Bend your knees. You got to follow through.

AMBER: I got it. Thanks. Oh, so close. Okay.

ALEX: All right. Get it again. Face up!

AMBER: Thank you from the peanut gallery.

ALEX: I can't win.

HADDIE: Well, I guess I should tell you that I moved out of my house.

ALEX: You what?

HADDIE: I mean, I moved to my grandparents' house. It sounds so stupid, but I didn't want to be around my parents. I couldn't be around them.

ALEX: You're so competitive.


ALEX: I mean, I had a rough childhood. You want a rough childhood.


ALEX: I came up homeless. You want to be homeless.

HADDIE: You are so self-involved.

ALEX: You just want a story to tell. I'm just saying. Just be original. I mean, jeez. [Laughs.]

HADDIE: Okay, so I guess you're not mad at me then for, like, coming here?

ALEX: I mean, how could I be mad at you? [They share a moment, he brushes some hairs from her face.] All right, I got to go. Um... It was good seeing you.

HADDIE: Uh... Yeah. I mean, you too.

AMBER: [To Max.] If you stand here, and you just really feel the connection...

ALEX: All right, listen, Max, don't even listen to her. Listen, she's giving you all the wrong advice right now. Okay? Bend your knees. Put your left foot in front a little bit. There it is right there. Take a shot. [To Haddie.] He's a natural. Ah! He's a lefty. It's all in the wrist, Max.

AMBER: I said that! Didn't I say it's all in the wrist? I'll take it from here, coach. All right, now, you just really want to... what did he say? Just do what he said.

MAX: You're a terrible coach, Amber.

[NEW SCENE - Reverend Gordon's office.]

REVEREND: Why don't you open your workbooks to page four?


CROSBY: We don't, um...

JASMINE: I got 'em.

CROSBY: Oh, we have workbooks.

JASMINE: Yup. One for you and one for me.

REVEREND: So tell me, in your marriage, who will manage your finances?

JASMINE: I will.

CROSBY: Well, we...

REVEREND: Who takes the lead when it comes to decisions about your child's education?


REVEREND: How do you prioritize things?

CROSBY: Well, we generally talk about...

JASMINE: I make a list.

CROSBY: And then she'll make a list.

REVEREND: Are you savers or spenders?

JASMINE: Savers.

REVEREND: Do you handle conflict well?

JASMINE: Yes, we do.

CROSBY: Well, you know, we do...Fight. We're a normal couple. We argue.

JASMINE: Yeah, but they're not real arguments. I mean, we always figure it out.

CROSBY: They feel like real arguments, but they're not real arguments.

REVEREND: Have you both considered what religious instruction you'll give your child?

CROSBY: I think we're probably going to encourage him to decide, you know, what spiritual path he'd like to take, make sure he knows about all the options.

JASMINE: Yeah, but he's a child, so, in the meantime, he'll go to church here, go to Sunday school, and...Yeah.

REVEREND: What is the most important thing to you in your marriage?

JASMINE: Honesty.

CROSBY: Communication. I think it's important to be heard.

REVEREND: Good. What is your vision for your married life in ten years?

CROSBY: Ten years?


CROSBY: I don't know what I'm gonna be doing in ten days, much less ten years. Okay. I mean, what about, like, the power of now or, you know, living in the moment?

REVEREND: You also have to think about the future. You have a son. In fact, listen, I want you each to take a pencil and open your workbooks.

JASMINE: Thank you.

REVEREND: I want you to draw a picture of your vision.

[Jasmine happily draws while Crosby looks on not drawing much on his page.]

REVEREND: All right, let's see. Jasmine. Why don't you share your vision for your marriage in ten years? Ah.

JASMINE: Okay, so I see with us with Jabbar and three more babies in a house with a garden. I always wanted to have four kids. [Crosby looks surprised.] And the ballet shoes represent the dance studio that I'd like to open of my own. And the money means that we have savings.

REVEREND: Praise God. That's a beautiful vision, Jasmine. Crosby. Let's see yours.

CROSBY: You know, I'm, um, I'm kind of embarrassed by mine. I'm not really a good drawer.

JASMINE: No, baby.

REVEREND: This isn't about artistic aptitude. It's about... it's about creating a vision.

JASMINE: That's right, baby. A vision.

CROSBY: That's me, obviously, and that's Jasmine and... [She looks worried.] We're with Jabbar and we're all smiley, because, you know, I imagine that we're happy in ten years. And, um... I guess Jabbar should be a lot taller. I don't know why I made him so short. [Start to change the drawing.] You know what? I'm just... I'm not really a good drawer. So...

[NEW SCENE - Amber's bedroom.]

AMBER: What?

DREW: What?

AMBER: Are you crazy?

DREW: Amber, he's our dad. It's not like he's some...

AMBER: He's some crazy drug addict that we haven't spoken to...

DREW: That's what I'm trying to say to you, is that he's changed.

AMBER: Sorry, it just doesn't work that way, okay?

DREW: What do you mean, it doesn't work that way?

AMBER: What do I mean?

DREW: Yeah.

AMBER: I mean that I remember specifically how things were at home when you were just a baby and didn't know what was going on.

DREW: Okay, look, I was there too. You weren't the only one there.

AMBER: You were barely there. You were basically a fetus.

DREW: Amber, you're not that much older than me.

AMBER: [Yelling.] It doesn't matter. I remember. I remember those things.

DREW: Okay, well, so do I. I have memories of him too.

AMBER: You don't know. You don't even know half the story.

DREW: That's irrelevant. That's not what I'm trying to say. I'm not trying to forgive him for the past. I'm just saying that he's changed now.

AMBER: Wait a second.

DREW: Look, I already saw him. I talked to him. He's different.

AMBER: Why did he contact you?

DREW: He's in town because he's playing a show, okay, and I'm going.

AMBER: You're absolutely not going to his show.

DREW: Yeah, I can, and I will.

AMBER: It's so stupid that you would...

DREW: What is stupid about it?

AMBER: Even want to go.

DREW: Why?

AMBER: Second of all, mom will never let you go.

DREW: I don't care what mom thinks because I'm not gonna tell her, so...

AMBER: What?

DREW: What?

AMBER: Of course you're gonna tell her.

DREW: No, I'm not gonna tell her.

AMBER: Listen to what you're saying.

DREW: What? You used to do this all the time.

AMBER: What are you gonna do? You're gonna sneak out the window?

DREW: I'll do whatever you used to do.

AMBER: Listen, I'm sorry, but you can't go.

DREW: What are you... I mean, you have no authority over me.

AMBER: If you don't tell her, then I'm gonna tell her.



DREW: Why would you tell her? I never used to rat you out.

AMBER: Because it's dangerous.

DREW: No it's not.

AMBER: And I'm not gonna sit here and blow smoke up your ass.

DREW: He's our father.

AMBER: It's a serious situation, and you need to think about it more.

SARAH: [Opening the door.] Hey, hey, what is going on?

DREW: Nothing.

SARAH: Don't tell me nothing. You guys are screaming at each other.

DREW: Yeah, we are.

SARAH: What is going on?

AMBER: Do you have something that you need to say?

DREW: Amber. You know what, fine. Yeah, mom. Dad's in town, okay? And I saw him, and I want to see him again.

SARAH: What do you mean, you saw him?

DREW: I saw him.

SARAH: You saw him, and you didn't tell me?

DREW: No, I didn't tell you.

SARAH: Why not? Why didn't he call me?

DREW: Why are you so opposed to me having a relationship with him?

SARAH: Listen to me, this kind of sneaking around is very familiar to me.

DREW: Why does he have to call you?

SARAH: It's very familiar to me.

DREW: He's an adult. He doesn't have to call you.

SARAH: He has to call me because I have to see what condition he's in before I allow him to see you.

SARAH: What, do you not trust me?

SARAH: You do not understand. You don't remember, okay? Do you want to go back to the three of us living in a motel? I don't.

DREW: No, mom.

SARAH: You won't see him again until I talk to him.

DREW: He's changed.

SARAH: I am going to talk to him before you see him again. That's it. [To Zeek.] My God, Seth is in town.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house, Haddie is reading a book.]

CAMILLE: Hey, sweetie.


CAMILLE: How you doing?


CAMILLE: You've been here over a week now. Have you... Talked to your parents?


CAMILLE: Have you talked to Alex?


CAMILLE: How'd that go?

HADDIE: Uh, he's not gonna date me or see me until my parents say that it's okay.

CAMILLE: Right. That's Alex.

HADDIE: But it doesn't matter, 'cause they're not gonna change their minds, and I don't feel any differently. And we're just... Stuck.

CAMILLE: You want to know what I think? It's okay if you don't. I think you should go home.

HADDIE: I just... I don't think that that's gonna fix anything.

CAMILLE: Well... That's not why you go home. You go because they love you. You know? You just go back. I mean, everything doesn't have to be solved. It doesn't work that way. It's not math. You just go home.

[NEW SCENE - Jasmine at home with her mother, Renee. When Crosby enters the house.]

RENEE: Oh, okay, this is nice. That's nice.

JASMINE: Oh, yeah. That's beautiful.

RENEE: Okay, write it down.


CROSBY: Hey, bride-to-be, mom-in-law-to-be.


RENEE: Hey, Crosby.

CROSBY: How's it going?

JASMINE: Pretty good. We're just looking at reception menus. Here. Check this one out.

CROSBY: That's really nice. But, um, I thought we were having the reception at my mom and dad's.

RENEE: Well, now, that's very sweet, Crosby, but I'm sure that your parents don't want 150 people trampling through their house. And even if they did, where would they all sit?

CROSBY: Yeah, well, they probably wouldn't want 150, but I think that's kind of why we agreed on 40.

JASMINE: Well, 40 was always unrealistic, honey.

RENEE: Totally.

CROSBY: Really?

JULIA: Yeah.

CROSBY: Um, as unrealistic as 150?

RENEE: Well, now, you know that I started off wanting it small, but, Crosby, your family alone is 40, and then our family is big. And there's all these people that I have to invite from church, so...

JASMINE: Yeah, we'll make it work.

RENEE: This is very nice.

CROSBY: If you say so.

RENEE: Very nice.

JASMINE: Yeah. Oh, and we changed the date too.

CROSBY: We changed the date?

JASMINE: Yeah, reverend Gordon's gonna be out of town in October, so I said we could do it in September.

CROSBY: Is there anything else about my wedding day that you guys changed?

RENEE: Crosby, relax. Everything's gonna be fine.

JASMINE: Yeah, baby, we got this. It's gonna be wonderful.

RENEE: You're gonna love it.


JASMINE: Trust me.

RENEE: Oh, look at this!

JASMINE: Let me see. Let me see.

RENEE: Oh, that's nice. That's it. Write it down.

[Crosby leaves the room.]

JASMINE: Okay. Okay.

RENEE: Write it down. Put it on top.

JASMINE: On top? Okay.

RENEE: Yeah. Mm-hmm.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman kitchen, Sarah is checking out Seth band's web site.]

ZEEK: Hello.

SARAH: Oh, hi. I didn't hear you.

ZEEK: Oh, see, well, no, I caught you looking at porn.


ZEEK: Didn't I? It's okay. Everybody... apparently they did a study…

SARAH: Oh my God.

ZEEK: And 98% of America looks at porn.

SARAH: Dad, no, I'm not looking at porn, okay?

ZEEK: Yeah.


ZEEK: What are you doing?

SARAH: I was... I found some videos of Seth's band. I was just...

ZEEK: Oh. Seth.

SARAH: See what he's doing. They're good. And Drew's 15. He's gonna think his father's, like, some sort of celebrity. You know, that's...

ZEEK: You want me to go knock some sense into Seth? I would love to do that.

SARAH: Okay, dad, well...

ZEEK: Just enjoy the heck out of it.

SARAH: Okay. That's not helpful, dad.

ZEEK: Okay, look it. Uh... I think I had a hand in the whole Seth-Drew thing.


ZEEK: Because, well, at Thanksgiving, I called Seth, and I asked him to talk to Drew.

SARAH: Dad, there's nothing wrong with that. I mean, Drew is lonely. He misses his father. And he should call him. His father should call him. His father should know how they're doing in school. His father should know what they like to eat. His father should know. But he doesn't, you know. And I don't know if it's he's sick or what's going on. He's in town. He didn't even call me.

ZEEK: He didn't what?

SARAH: He didn't even call me.

ZEEK: So what, he didn't call you?

SARAH: What?

ZEEK: You want to hear from this guy?

SARAH: For the kids, dad. For the kids.

ZEEK: Bull crap. You know something, Sarah, you know what? You've got feelings for this guy still.

SARAH: Oh, my God.

ZEEK: You do.

SARAH: I'm trying to make the right decision and take care of the kids. I don't have feelings for him.

ZEEK: Let me tell you, Sarah... I love you. You know, you're beautiful, you're gifted, but you got this thing with you need a relationship. Always need something to fill whatever's going on inside of you that's not good enough. I mean, this guy is a son of a bitch.

SARAH: Dad, he was the love of my life, okay? But he is sick now, and I know that now.

ZEEK: The love of your life.

SARAH: I know that now.

ZEEK: Just listen to what I said, Sarah.

[NEW SCENE - Adam in the kitchen with Kristina and Max.]

ADAM: Turn that crank.

KRISTINA: Hey keep cranking.

ADAM: Got it?

KRISTINA: Keep going.

MAX: Hey, you know how to say ice cream in Japanese?

ADAM: I do not.

MAX: Aisukuriimu.

KRISTINA: I think it's time.

ADAM: Is it?

MAX: Let's add in the chocolate chips.

ADAM: Think it's ready? Alright lets do it.

KRISTINA: Yeah, I think it's ready. All right. Be careful.

ADAM: You want to pull that up for me, honey? And just scrape that off.

MAX: Success! Yes!

KRISTINA: That looks really good.

MAX: I've decided I want to play basketball more.


ADAM: Really?

MAX: Yeah.

ADAM: Really? That's great. I will go outside and play with you anytime you want. You just have to ask.

KRISTINA: Dump it.

MAX: Actually, I want to play with Alex. He's a much better teacher than you or grandpa.

[Adam and Kristina look at each other.]

KRISTINA: How do you know that?

MAX: Because I saw him the other day at the park, and he taught me how to do a lay-up, and he let me win, so I want to play with him more than I do with you and grandpa.

ADAM: Okay. Ah, what park? Was this... was this the day that you went with Haddie and Amber to the science museum?

MAX: Yes, but I'm not supposed to tell you Haddie says, because she'd get in trouble because she's not supposed to be seeing Alex.

ADAM: Okay, guys, let's get this in the freezer, okay?

MAX: Yes. This is gonna be so yummy.

[NEW SCENE - Sarah pulls into a parking spot at a motel. The knocks on a door.]

SETH: Yup. Just a second. What's goin'... hey. Um, come on in.

SARAH: Is it a bad time?

SETH: No. Come in.

SARAH: I love what you've done with the place. It looks awesome.

SETH: Yeah, you know me. It's all about the decor. Wow. You look great.

SARAH: No, no, no. Don't. Don't.

SETH: Well, I can... I can offer you some tap water in a toothbrush glass.

SARAH: No Vodka from the minibar?

SETH: Wow. Right out of the gate.

SARAH: Yeah, I'm asking.

SETH: Okay. Yeah, that's fair. No minibar.

SARAH: Anything else?

SETH: Come on.

SARAH: I'm sorry. Does that hurt your feelings? Please. Anything else?

SETH: No. I'm not using. Been on the wagon nine months.

SARAH: Okay. Really?

SETH: Yup.

SARAH: Okay. Okay.

SETH: Look, I know it's... I know this isn't the ideal way to...

SARAH: No, you're right. This is not ideal. It's not the ideal way to see each other. It's not the ideal way to be parents, you know. It's just a really crappy surprise to find out that you're seeing Drew.

SETH: Wait... wait a minute. You didn't know Drew was coming to see me?

SARAH: Why would I know? Why would I know? I don't even know where you've been the last couple of months.

SETH: I'm sorry. He contacted me. I just... I assumed it was with your blessing. I know. Dumb.

SARAH: Why would you assume that? How screwed up is this? This is so screwed up. You come, you go, you do whatever you want. Do you have any idea how nuts this is?

SETH: I know.

SARAH: You don't know. I don't really think you know, or I don't think you would do it again and again. What are you even doing here?

SETH: I got a couple gigs in town over the next few weeks and...

SARAH: You're here for gigs? And you didn't even call me at least to let me know, to make a plan.

SETH: It's not like we were on a chatty basis.

SARAH: No, it's not like we're on a chatty basis, but it's not really about us, is it?

SETH: I know! I know I screwed up. I know that I screwed up a hundred times in a hundred different ways. And it probably doesn't matter that I'm... that I'm beyond sorry. I really am. I want to be part of drew and Amber's lives, whatever it takes. You know... That's a hell of a kid. He follows us online, the band.

SARAH: Of course he does.

SETH: I, uh, I invited him to come see us play.

SARAH: Oh, gosh.

SETH: I want you to know. Okay, no surprises from now on. 'Cause you're the mom. So you decide. Whatever... whatever you think is right, done. I'll do it.

SARAH: I don't know what's right. I don't know. I have to think about it.

SETH: Okay.

SARAH: [With a half smile.] If you hurt them again, I'll kill you.

[NEW SCENE - Diner, Crosby and Adam are having lunch.]

CROSBY: You know, so we're sitting in his office, which apparently Billy Graham decorated. There's crucifixes everywhere. [Adam laughs.] And every time he asks a question, boom, she's got an answer. "Me. I'll do it. I'm in charge." And if I spoke up, she corrected me every single time.

ADAM: Isn't this just some formality you were doing for her mom?

CROSBY: Yes, it was supposed to be a formality. That's my point. Is I'm sitting there listening to her answer these questions, and I'm starting to realize that this woman I'm engaged to is never going to let me make a single decision. And when it comes to our son, I'm wrong every single time. How could that be, Adam? How could I be wrong every single time? I'm batting 1.000?

ADAM: You're just having pre-wedding jitters.

CROSBY: I'm not having pre-wedding jitters. And it's not just about Jabbar. It's about everything for the rest of my life. I might as well have a mute button installed. Okay, I'm turning into that guy. "Do you want chicken or steak?"

ADAM: Settle down…

CROSBY: "I don't know. Let me check with my wife and see what I'm allowed to eat this week, all right?" I don't want your stock answer in support of the institution of marriage.

ADAM: Okay, all right…

CROSBY: I want you to tell me what you think of Jasmine.

ADAM: Stop freaking out. I think that Jasmine is a strong woman who has strong opinions, and I think that you can be a bit of a waffler.

CROSBY: Look, I'm not you, but I'm doing just fine. Okay?

ADAM: Yeah, you're doing just great.

CROSBY: Yeah, I make the payment on my boat, on my car, on my motorcycle.

ADAM: Ah, ha.

CROSBY: I pay my taxes.

ADAM: Do you do your taxes? Oh, I don't think so. I do your taxes. I've been doing your taxes...

CROSBY: You do everyone in the family's taxes because you're a control freak. You love it.

ADAM: I'm not a control freak. I don't love it.

CROSBY: And I pay you.

ADAM: You don't pay me. You give me mixed CDs. That's hardly legal tender. All right, listen to me. You're making a commitment to Jasmine, all right, and you both are bringing different things to the table. You're a lucky guy, all right? She's on top of things. You're not so much. You have other skills that you bring to the table. You're fun, you're spontaneous, you know how to diffuse a situation with humor, and that's no small thing. I mean, maybe she can toughen you up, and you could soften her up. You're gonna change each other. It's marriage. You know, you got to give a little to get a little. All right?

CROSBY: Yeah. But I feel like I'm giving everything.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house, Zeek is at the freezer.]

ZEEK: Who took my rum raisin ice cream?

AMBER: Had to get a buzz on.

ZEEK: What happened to your blouse?

AMBER: Why don't you take it easy? You're a little cranky. You're taking it out on me about your ice cream.

ZEEK: I'm the only one that likes it. Why would someone take my stuff?

AMBER: I'm sorry that you're going through something. That's what we're saying. But really... We're on your team.

ZEEK: Jeez.



SARAH: So, um... I've thought about it.

ZEEK: [Still in the freezer.] Okay, come on. I put it in here. Jeez.

DREW: Yes?

SARAH: And... You can go to the show.

DREW: Okay, thank you so much.

SARAH: But, however, 11:00 is the cutoff, okay? 11:00. I don't care if you're backstage. I don't care how many encores they're doing. You have to be home by 11:30, so I'll drive you and I'll pick you up, and that is the deal.

DREW: Okay, but, I mean, I'll be home by 11:30, but can I take the bus? Or something.

SARAH: You can't take the bus…

DREW: I'll be home by 11:30.

SARAH: Listen, I'm letting you go, and that's it…

DREW: Okay you're right, okay…

SARAH: Somebody has to drive you. So, please, that's enough.

SARAH: You're right.

AMBER: I'll drive. Is that better?

DREW: Really? Yeah.

AMBER: Okay.

SARAH: Wait. Well... Are you gonna go to the show?

AMBER: Yeah. It's fine. It's not a problem. What?

SARAH: You know, you can't...

AMBER: What?

SARAH: You'd be seeing dad.

AMBER: I know. I get it. It's fine.

SARAH: But...

AMBER: Everyone wins. Okay?

DREW: Okay.

AMBER: We're good?

DREW: Okay.

AMBER: I'm gonna get ready.

DREW: Thank you, mom.

[NEW SCENE - Adam, Kristina are at the table having dinner.]

MAX: I'm not eating any kale. I'm ready for ice cream.

ADAM: Mmm, good kale. You have to have a couple bites.

MAX: I'm not eating any kale.

ADAM: You have to have a couple bites. Do not throw the food on the table. Two good bites of each.


ADAM: I want you to have kale, chicken, and rice. Two good bites of each.

[Adam and Kristina look up as they hear the front door close.]

MAX: One.

ADAM: Hey.

HADDIE: Hi. Um, Grandma dropped me off.

KRISTINA: Are you hungry? Are you? 'Cause I have so much food.



HADDIE: I am, yeah.

KRISTINA: No, have a seat.

MAX: I'm done.

ADAM: You hardly had your chicken. Have some more chicken.

MAX: No. I had four bites of chicken.

HADDIE: What did I miss?

MAX: Hi, Haddie.


[They share their secret hand shake as Adam and Kristina look at each other across the room.]

MAX: We made ice cream. You're gonna have to try some. You have to crank it at the end.

HADDIE: Why did you guys make ice cream?

MAX: I don't understand why you have to crank it.

ADAM: We got an ice cream maker. Chocolate chocolate-chip.

MAX: You have to put a lot of salt in and cook the milk and add chocolate syrup and then crank it.

HADDIE: Why do you cook the milk?

MAX: I don't know.

ADAM: It helps mix all the ingredients together.

[NEW SCENE - Night. Crosby and Jasmine are washing up.]

CROSBY: Hey, you know what, we have a lot of plates. What if we put the bowls up here? I think they would fit.

JASMINE: Mm, I don't think that works because then the bowls don't really get clean, and then we'll have to wash 'em again, which I know you don't want, so it's better down here.

CROSBY: Yeah, that was a terrible idea. I don't know what I was thinking.

JASMINE: What's going on? You're acting a little weird. Huh?

CROSBY: I can't marry someone who will not let me make any decisions. Okay, I'm starting to realize that you are very controlling. I mean, how we load the dishwasher or how we unload groceries or the toilet paper's got to be up instead of under 'cause you like up or the fact that there's no whole milk in the fridge, which is what I like. The wedding. I'm getting completely lost here. My ideas don't even exist.

JASMINE: Okay. Well, thanks for telling me all that.

CROSBY: You're welcome.

JASMINE: I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to say.

CROSBY: Look, I did not mean it to come out like that. But...

JASMINE: You want this back?

CROSBY: No, I don't want the ring back.

JASMINE: Then what the hell does "I can't marry a woman who won't let me make decisions." mean?

CROSBY: I was upset, all right? I'm trying to be honest with you. I can't hold it any longer.

JASMINE: You want to load the dishwasher?

CROSBY: It's not about the dishwasher.

JASMINE: What is it?

CROSBY: It's that you don't let me make any decisions.

JASMINE: I don't let you or you just don't do it?

CROSBY: You don't let me.

JASMINE: You know what, if I didn't take the lead on things, nothing would get done.

CROSBY: Oh, really?

JASMINE: So you can call it whatever you want, call it being controlling, whatever... it's called being responsible. Something you never knew.

CROSBY: 'Cause you found me in a ditch. I couldn't do anything. I couldn't show up to work or brush my teeth. Are you crazy? You couldn't compromise to save your life.

JASMINE: I compromise every day.

CROSBY: Really? When? You don't compromise. When were you gonna tell me about having three more kids?

JASMINE: That was a workbook exercise, and, you know, I'm sorry that my vision for our family's so terrible. I owe you an apology.

CROSBY: You're just gonna drop those three kids on my lap, like you did Jabbar?

JASMINE: What are you... wow.

CROSBY: I did not... I don't mean that I regret...

JASMINE: Yeah, you know what, I'm hearing a lot of things you don't mean tonight. Like, you can't marry me. I don't compromise. I guess I should relax and enjoy your amazing stick figure plan for our family, huh? Should I do that?

CROSBY: You are so ungrateful, it's ridiculous.

JASMINE: Ungrateful? How dare you?

CROSBY: Don't act like I haven't changed.

JASMINE: Don't you call me ungrateful! Yeah, you gave up your amazing single life for us. You want to have it all. You want me to plan everything and then you want to blame me for it.

CROSBY: I can't talk to you.

JASMINE: Then don't.

CROSBY: Yeah, I'm not going to.

[NEW SCENE - Club, Seth is singing with his band, Amber and Drew are in the audience.]

AMBER: [The Drew.] The '80s called. They want their leather suit back.

DREW: It's not a suit. That's a vest and pants.

AMBER: It's almost a suit. A vest and pants is one piece away from a suit.

[The song ends.]

SETH: Thank you very much. It's good to be back here on our home turf. I want to do a song that we haven't done in quite a while. In fact, I wrote this one with my ex-wife. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

AMBER: [To Drew.] What is this?

SETH: It goes just like this.

[Seth looks at Amber and Drew as he sings the ballad.]

[NEW SCENE - Adam and Kristina in their living room with Haddie.]

AMBER: Okay, first of all, we're glad you're home.

KRISTINA: So happy.

HADDIE: Me too.


ADAM: And we would like to talk about what's going on and where we go from here.


KRISTINA: Okay. Um, when you go out with Alex, we need to know where you are at all times. There's no sneaking around. There's no mystery dating. And you're only allowed to go out with him twice a week.

HADDIE: Twice.

ADAM: Fine. And your schoolwork has to come first as always.


HADDIE: It does.

ADAM: And when you do go out, we want to have a curfew. That's gonna be non-negotiable.

HADDIE: Wouldn't want to negotiate.

KRISTINA: And we are not comfortable with you going to his apartment.

ADAM: Not at all.

KRISTINA: At all. Okay, you're not allowed to go there. You can go to a movie or dinner or you can spend time here.

HADDIE: I understand.

KRISTINA: Those are your options.



HADDIE: Mm-hmm.

KRISTINA: You get it?


KRISTINA: 'Cause we love you and we want to trust you.

ADAM: We do trust you.




ADAM: Okay?

HADDIE: Mm-hmm.


[Haddie jumps up and hugs her parents.]

ADAM: Welcome home, honey.

HADDIE: Thank you.

[NEW SCENE - Club, Amber and Drew head back stage.]

AMBER: I can't even believe we are doing this.

DREW: What do you mean? He invited us backstage.

AMBER: Backstage. Cool. I mean, can't you just call him tomorrow...

DREW: Have you ever been backstage before?

AMBER: And say, "That was so fun." Rock and roll. Whoops. Excuse me.

DREW: Sorry, guys.

AMBER: Oh, boy. Get in there, don't you have... you have the rapport with him.

AMBER: Go say hi.

SETH: Hey.

DREW: Hey, dad.

SETH: You made it.

DREW: Yeah.

SETH: All right. [They hug, Amber holds back.] Wow. Honey.

[Goes to hug her but Amber pulls away.]


SETH: I mean, this guy grows like a weed, but you're... wow, you're beautiful.

AMBER: Okay.

SETH: Jeez. Hey, Louie, Louie. These are my kids, Drew and Amber.

LOUIE: Nice to meet you. How'd you like the show?

DREW: It was great. It was really good.

SETH: This is Tara, our guitar player. My kids, man.

DREW: Nice to meet you.

SETH: This is M.J., my manager. Remember?

DREW: Hey, Drew. It's nice to meet you.

AMBER: Hi. How are you?

M.J.:I haven't seen you guys since you were babies.

AMBER: Yes. Neither has he.

M.J.: Oh, gosh, you can see the resemblance.

AMBER: That's funny.

SETH: I know, right? Wow.

DREW: yes.

M.J.: Say hi to your mom for me.

AMBER: Okay.

SETH: Thanks for coming. Did you like it?

DREW: Yeah, it was great.

AMBER: Well, I guess it's time to go, right? 'Cause it's, like, curfew time.

DREW: We still have time.

AMBER: Yeah, no, I think it's definitely time.

DREW: It's not even that late.

AMBER: You know how mom gets, I mean you don't but…

SETH: I do. It's cool. It's cool. Next time, we'll do a shorter set. Then we can hang. Or you come early, and we'll have a little Dim Sum.

DREW: Yeah.

SETH: I mean, I want you to come back.

DREW: I will.

AMBER: Come on.

SETH: Okay. Honey, I want you to come back too.

AMBER: Maybe some other year.

SETH: Hey, thank you for being here tonight. It means a lot to me.

AMBER: Okay.

[Amber almost drags Drew away.]

SETH: All right. Bye, you guys.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house. Sarah and Zeek watching TV.]

TV: You're not gonna say a word, you're not gonna make a move unless I tell you. You get that?

ZEEK: There's nobody like the Duke.

SARAH: Nobody, dad.

ZEEK: Nobody. Look at the guy. He's got all the command. He's got the posture. It's impossible to believe that his given name was Marion.

SARAH: Dad, I...

ZEEK: Marion Morrison.

SARAH: I know, dad. Hey.

[Amber and Drew return home.]

AMBER: [To Drew.] That guy was wearing?

DREW: No, I'm not saying that I liked it, but it was the entire thing that I liked.

SARAH: How was it? How was it?

DREW: It was amazing.

AMBER: It was fine.

DREW: So good. It was magnificent.

ADAM: My God, you make it sound like it's, like, Radiohead or something. It was not, you know...

DREW: Okay, well. It was very fun.

SARAH: Did you go backstage?

DREW: Yes, we did. There's a new bass player, his name's Louie. He's unbelievable, and M.J. said to say hi.


AMBER: You should probably go write about it in your diary.

SARAH: Hey, hey.

DREW: You are very right. I will see you guys later. Hey, thanks, mom. Good night.

SARAH: Oh. Sure.

DREW: Okay.

AMBER: Night.

SARAH: Night.

ZEEK: Good night, you little cowboy and cowgirl.

AMBER: Yeah.

[NEW SCENE - Morning, Adam is cooking in the kitchen.]

ADAM: Your mother is not the only one who knows her way around a pancake, okay? I've got some... I've got some mad skills of my own here.

MAX: Mom doesn't know...

ADAM: Let's check this out now. Now, that is a flapjack. Flapjack.

HADDIE: What's going on with you?

MAX: It's just a pancake.

ADAM: Max, have you ever heard of a pancake sandwich?

MAX: A sandwich is with bread.

ADAM: Not all sandwiches are with bread. You're about to be very surprised, my boy.

HADDIE: All good sandwiches are with bread.

MAX: If I try this, will I get stickers?

ADAM: Yes.

KRISTINA: You'll get a trophy.

ADAM: Dig you teeth into that, take a big bite.

MAX: There we go. [And spits it out.]

KRISTINA: Mmm. Good stuff.

MAX: Dad, Haddie's home. That means I can play basketball with Alex. Haddie, please call Alex and tell him to meet us at a park.

ADAM: Hey, you know what, Max, I'll take you to the park.

HADDIE: Oh, my God. Okay. Right away.

MAX: No, Alex is a much better teacher. I'm cooking myself some eggs, mom.

KRISTINA: No, you're not.

MAX: Yes, I am. I learned how to do it on the food channel. No, I'm gonna make myself eggs.

[NEW SCENE - Crosby wakes up alone in his near empty houseboat, empty bottles lie on a near by shelf. The bed has no sheets and there are takeout containers on the floor.]

[NEW SCENE - Park basketball courts. Alex is tossing the ball in the hoop as the family approaches. Adam shakes Alex's hand before they start to play.]

Episode End
2.15 - Just Go Home
Original Airdate (NBC) February 8, 2011
Written by Bridget Carpenter
Directed by Lawrence Trilling

Transcribed by Craig Best
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