2.12 - Meet the New Boss
Transcript by Craig Best

This is a Beta copy
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[Opening scene - Morning, Kristina cooking breakfast as Adam come in.]

ADAM: Oh. Honey.


ADAM: You're amazing.

KRISTINA: Thank you.

ADAM: Sometimes I forget to tell you... how amazing you are, but you're amazing. [Adam kisses his wife.] Thank you so much.

KRISTINA: Honey, those are for Haddie. Those are not for you.

ADAM: Oh, they're guilt pancakes, aren't they?

KRISTINA: No, they're not guilt pancakes.

ADAM: You're resorting to bribery.

KRISTINA: I am not.

ADAM: I thought that they were comfort pancakes for me, so I'd feel less anxious on my first day of work... with the new boss.

KRISTINA: Yes. And you can have some...

ADAM: Okay, thank you.

KRISTINA: From the reject pile.

ADAM: Yeah, I know. Yeah, I know the reject pile.

KRISTINA: I didn't sleep last night. I feel really badly about the way things happened. And I-I hate breaking her heart. I just... I do, honey.

ADAM: Kristina, listen to me. He's 19. He has his own apartment.

KRISTINA: I know, but...

ADAM: He's a recovering alcoholic. I like the kid. I do. But we're doing the right thing.

KRISTINA: I know we are.

[Haddie enters the kitchen.]

KRISTINA: Good morning.

ADAM: Hey, sweetie.



KRISTINA: I made you some pancakes, chocolate chip... your favorite, favorite, favorite.

HADDIE: I didn't ask for any pancakes.

KRISTINA: I know. But I wanted to make these for you. They're chocolate chip.

HADDIE: Well, it's not gonna work. It's not gonna fix everything. I don't care.

ADAM: She saved you the good ones. I had the burned ones.

HADDIE: Don't treat me like a baby. I'm just gonna have coffee.

KRISTINA: Fine. I got you some hazelnut creamer... that you are gonna love.

HADDIE: Well, I just want it black. [Kristina looks at Adam.] Well, it's true.

KRISTINA: There you go. Great. [Haddie leaves.]

ADAM: Now can I have one of those?

KRISTINA: Yeah. Eat it.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house, Amber is singing in her room.]

SARAH: Hey, Amber, drew, we gotta go!

ZEEK: Hey, Sarah, tell her to change it up, will you? It's the same thing over and over again.

SARAH: Same what? What same thing?

ZEEK: The music.

SARAH: What music?

DREW: The song she wrote for the thing.

SARAH: The song she wrote for the thing?

ZEEK: What thing?

DREW: Nothing. Nothing.

AMBER: [Opening her door.] What is this?

SARAH: You were just playing a song.


SARAH: I understand it's for a thing.

AMBER: [Looks at Drew.] Fine. I am playing three songs... at an open-mic night... at a very, very small club. I don't need any advice. You can't come. [To Drew.] Thanks for nothing. See you later. [Closes the door.]

SARAH: I'm going.

DREW: We're all going.

ZEEK: Yeah. Hey, uh, Amber... I know some Byrds tunes!

[NEW SCENE - Exterior of the food bank/community centre.]

ALEX: Wow. Look who it is.

HADDIE: I know.

ALEX: Where have you been?

HADDIE: Sorry.

ALEX: It's okay. Just grab a box.

HADDIE: I already... yeah.

ALEX: So where you been?

HADDIE: Um, just, you know, school stuff.

ALEX: School stuff?

HADDIE: Yeah. S.A.T.S and, uh, you know, student council. It's stupid stuff.

ALEX: It's not stupid.

HADDIE: Well, it's stupid that, you know, I haven't been able to be here with you.

ALEX: Okay, that's pretty stupid.

HADDIE: So there we go. We agree.

ALEX: You know what you need? You need a night off... Just a break from everything that's going on. And I've been so rude. I haven't even had a chance to take you out on a real date.

HADDIE: I mean, that's true.

ALEX: So I'm thinking a night off... No S.A.T.S, no A.A., just you and me havin some good, old-fashioned fun... Movies, ice cream, food. [Haddie laughs.] What I'm asking you is... Will you go out with me? [Brief pause.] Yes, no, maybe?

HADDIE: I mean... Yeah, okay.

[NEW SCENE - T&S, Adam enters the stock room.]

ADAM: Can I help you?

CORY: Yes! I'm looking for, um, Adam br... Braverman.

ADAM: Yeah, that's me. What do you got for me?

CORY: Got for you?

ADAM: Yeah. I assume you're not delivering the skateboard, which you can't use here, by the way, not in the parking lot, anywhere.

CORY: Which is ironic, since we started off... as a surf and skateboard apparel company.

ADAM: "We started off"? You're not a delivery guy, are you?

CORY: Cory Smith.

ADAM: New boss. Pleased to meet you.

[They start an elaborate handshake, which Adam struggles with.]

CORY: Okay.

ADAM: Ah, sorry.

CORY: Well, no, that's fine. We can work on it, man.

ADAM: Okay, we'll do that.

CORY: Yeah.

[Opening credits - featuring “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan]

[NEW SCENE - Fish Taco's van.]

ADAM: Listen are you sure this is gonna be enough food? Because I made these reservations at Monticelli's.

CORY: [Ordering.] Dos, lupe, por favor. [To Adam.] Yeah, man, I cannot stand sitting that long.

ADAM: Right.

CORY: Uh, but, dude, just wait… for these fish tacos.. Absolutely kill it.

ADAM: All right. [Not convinced he takes a bit.] Yeah. All right, so what were you saying about college? Stoked?

CORY: Right. Stoked. So I was supposed to be studying for this econ final, right?

ADAM: Mm-hmm.

CORY: But when I finally sat down at my computer, my roommate had left the page open to the Legend of Johnny. It's like a stupid game. Dude, the next thing I know, it's 5:00 in the morning, and I haven't stopped playing.

ADAM: Right.

CORY: And that was my, like, aha moment, you know?

ADAM: Uh-huh.

CORY: So I got thinking. You know, if a smart dude like me could spend seven hours... [Gets his iPhone out.] on a dumb game, just think about what a smart game... would do for dumb dudes.

ADAM: I can't imagine.

CORY: [Shows the game to Adam.] Boom. That's what. And I have the capital to save your shoe company.

ADAM: Yeah. Hey, you know, that's a perfect segue, because I really do want to hear, uh...

CORY: Go on. [Hands Adam to phone.]

ADAM: Uh, I want to hear what your vision is... for the company, you know?

CORY: Okay, the scroll wheel controls your power.

ADAM: Okay, uh...

CORY: You know, T&S used to be cool.

ADAM: Yeah. [Trying to play the game and listen.]

CORY: I want it to be cool again.

ADAM: Alright.

CORY: But it's, like, somewhere along the line, you guys forgot your roots. Get that power-up.

ADAM: Uh, okay.

CORY: You guys got weird in '99.

ADAM: We got weird?

CORY: Yeah.

ADAM: In '99, specifically... We got weird?

CORY: Yeah. Take that trap door.

ADAM: All right.

CORY: Run! Run, run, run!

ADAM: I'm going. I'm going. I'm going.

[NEW SCENE - Sycamore Charter Elementary School. Rehearsals for the play are underway. Crosby is having a hard time controlling the kids. Julia and Joel are watching in the background.]

CROSBY: Guys, you don't need to bang... You're supposed to be panning for gold. Guys... Okay, all right. You're getting ready, right? And one, two, three.

JULIA: [To Joel.] This is...

JOEL: A disaster.

CROSBY: All right, I want all the girls to go to the left... and all the boys to go to the right on my count.

BOY: Mr. Crosby. [Pulling on his shirt.]

CROSBY: Okay? Hold on one second, okay?

BOY: Mr. Crosby.

CROSBY: Five, six, seven, eight.

BOY: Mr. Crosby. Mr. Crosby.

CROSBY: All right, what is it? What is it? What is it?

BOY: I have to go to the bathroom.

CROSBY: Okay, you can go.

BOY: I just did.

CROSBY: Oh, my gosh. Um... Everyone just stay there, I guess. I don't know. Um, great. [Going past Joel and Julia.] You guys are here for this.

JULIA: [Grinning.] Just what I wanted. Are you gonna stop that?

JULIA: [Also smiling at the disaster.] What?

[NEW SCENE - Kristina in her kitchen looking at paint samples.]

KRISTINA: [To herself.] Bleeker beige. [Haddie enters the house.] Hey, honey. [No response as she disappears up the stairs.] Hi. How was your day? Haddie!


KRISTINA: Please come here. I don't want to raise my voice, because I'm really excited about this. Listen, you know how we've talked about before... redoing your room... and, you know, painting over the pink... and tearing down the posters you don't…

HADDIE: Mom, why are you talking about this? I don't care about my room right now.

KRISTINA: Honey, it's not just about that.

HADDIE: What is it about?

KRISTINA: I'm acknowledging the fact that you're growing up.

HADDIE: You can't just bribe me... and make everything okay by painting my room. You can't fix it like this.

KRISTINA: I'm not trying to bribe you, honey. I'm not. I just think this could be really fun. And it's not a bribe. I don't bribe. Maybe it's a little bit of a bribe. What do you think about Nantucket green, huh?

HADDIE: I, I am... I'm mad at you.

KRISTINA: You can be mad at me. Be so mad at me. We're gonna have fun doing it. I'll smile, and you can be mad. You can pick out a color. I've got Bleeker beige, and these patterns... of these Chinese Chestnut wall mounts are really fun.

HADDIE: Fine. Yeah. Okay. I'll do it. Thanks, I guess.

KRISTINA: Great. It's gonna be great.

[NEW SCENE - Amber in her room quietly playing on her guitar. Sarah knocks and enters the room.]

SARAH: Oh, hey. Do you have any, um, whites? I'm doing some whites.

AMBER: Really?

SARAH: Yeah.

AMBER: That makes me nervous. But, yeah, actually, I do, if you're gonna do some laundry. I have a big pile of dirty, smelly laundry. Just go ahead and scoop it up with your hands... and then wash it.

SARAH: I don't really want to do any laundry. I'm just coming in here so you'll play me a song.

AMBER: Yeah. I won't.

SARAH: Come on. Why not?

AMBER: Because it's personal. And... and I just don't...

SARAH: Well, you're about to make the personal very public, so maybe you, you know...

AMBER: It's embarrassing. And I feel nervous and stuff.

SARAH: I understand. Your dad used to play stuff for me, you know, before it was ready, and I, I was pretty helpful.

AMBER: Well, dad and you didn't really turn out so well, so maybe... maybe we shouldn't jinx it.

SARAH: No, you're right. It didn't turn out so well. But he's a very good musician, and so are you. Come on.

AMBER: I'll play some for you, but you have to just...

SARAH: No, be cool. No, I know. Again, I've been in the world. Yes, I know how to be cool.

[Sarah sits down as Amber quietly starts to play.]

AMBER: What?

SARAH: Nothing. I can't see your face. I wi... sorry. Just start again.

AMBER: [Quietly] Okay, it's like... It goes like... [Humming the song.] What?

SARAH: What's it called?

AMBER: It's called Graveyard Song. What?

SARAH: Nothing. I mean, you'll bring the crowd to their feet.

AMBER: Sorry, I'm not really ready for this.

SARAH: I'm trying to lighten the mood. Will you just play it?

AMBER: It's just not done yet. It's not done, so, you know, I don't really want to do it right now.

SARAH: Yeah. Okay. I get it. No, totally.

AMBER: Okay.

SARAH: But, again, I like, you know, listening... to someone learn something. Okay, you're right. Um, it sounds great. It's gonna be great.

AMBER: Thanks.

SARAH: I'm gonna go do that laundry. I'll leave it for mom to do. She likes doing it.

AMBER: Okay, bye.

[NEW SCENE - T&S stock room/wearhouse. Adam follows his new boss Cory around as he looks at the stock, picking up shoes and putting them back.]

CORY: No… Boring… My grandpa wears these for lawn bowing… uh, what else?

ADAM: Cory, you know what? You know what might be helpful? Now that we see what you don't like.


ADAM: Uh, you could tell me what kind of shoes... you do want to make. Or better yet, you can tell the design team yourself. They've been dying to meet you.

CORY: Tell them this.

ADAM: Okay.

CORY: We need to get radical...

ADAM: ..."Get radical."

CORY: More vending machines.

ADAM: Okay. Anything else?

CORY: I want pre-'99 stuff.

ADAM: Before we got weird.

CORY: Yes.


CORY: Yes.

[NEW SCENE - Late night, Adam and Kristina in bed.]

KRISTINA: He made a million dollars on this game?

ADAM: No, honey, he made way more than a million dollars. 10, 20, 30, 40, I don't know.


ADAM: Yeah.

KRISTINA: You hate Cory.

ADAM: You know, he should be working in a video store. You know, he's that guy... The scruffy kid who acts like he's Johnny Zen, but he's really just a slacker in a video store... who doesn't have the drive to ring up a sale... in a respectful amount of time. You know what I mean? He's that guy.

KRISTINA: That's terrible.

ADAM: And now he runs T&S.

KRISTINA: [Looking at the game.] What's this ball for? There's a ball, I don't know…

ADAM: I mean, this could be it, Kristina. This could be the end. I could be out of a job.

KRISTINA: [Distracted by the game.] Can you show me how to work this? I just want to try it.

ADAM: God, it's a stupid video game, honey. There's the track ball in the middle... controls your powers.

KRISTINA: Okay. Am I the robot, or am I the turtle?

ADAM: You're the robot.


ADAM: You know what? I'm not gonna do this. I'm making myself sick. I'm not gonna complain like this. I'm gonna keep it together. I'm gonna have a positive attitude. I'm gonna give him some space. Maybe he'll come up with a good idea. If necessary, I'm gonna give him some guidance.

KRISTINA: [Playing the game.] Damn you… Turtle.

ADAM: All right. Honey? Unbelievable. [Turns of the light.] All right, good night, Kristina. I love you.

KRISTINA: Be right there. Honey, I just got in. I got in.

ADAM: I'm in hell.

KRISTINA: I beat a monkey.

ADAM: I'm in frickin' hell.

[NEW SCENE - School library.]

HADDIE: Oh, dude, there you are.

AMBER: Oh hey.

HADDIE: I've been looking for you everywhere.

AMBER: Look at this. [Picks up a book.]

HADDIE: Can you help me with something?

AMBER: Yeah. What's up?

HADDIE: Um, my parents told me that I can't talk to this guy. And I just want to still be able to text-message... and stuff like that... without worrying that they're, like...

AMBER: This is such an easy fix. You're gonna be shocked. Let me see your phone. It's embarrassingly easy.

HADDIE: Oh my god.

AMBER: Watch this. It's gonna take, like, five seconds.


AMBER: All you need to do is...

STUDENT: Shh. There are no cell phones in the library.


AMBER: Thank you so much.

HADDIE: Sorry.

AMBER: Let's go. Okay, so basically all you're gonna want to do... is do the old switcheroo, okay?

HADDIE: Oh. Okay.

AMBER: So what's the guy's name?

HADDIE: Uh, it's Alex.

AMBER: Alex. Alex is now Chloe.

HADDIE: Oh, Chloe. Of course.

AMBER: Okay?

HADDIE: That's amazing.

AMBER: Problem solved.

HADDIE: I feel like an idiot for not thinking of that.

AMBER: It's okay. It takes learning it the hard way.

HADDIE: Great.

AMBER: So wait. What's going on with this guy, this Alex guy?

HADDIE: I, I like him.

AMBER: Wait. Are you dating him? I'm listening.

HADDIE: I'm just looking. I don't know, really. We're not... We're gonna go on a real date on Friday.

AMBER: That's so exciting. You seem excited and happy. Why are your parents not excited and happy?

HADDIE: Because they're just stressed out... because he had a bad childhood, honestly. His mom died, and his dad used to drink, and then he drank too, but he's fine now. And he's in A.A., and he's so good.

AMBER: He's in A.A.?

HADDIE: He's been there for six months, and he's okay.

AMBER: Whoa. Okay.


AMBER: That's intense.

[School bell rings.]

HADDIE: I can handle it. Thanks a lot.

AMBER: You're welcome.

HADDIE: I appreciate it.

[NEW SCENE - Julia's office.]

JULIA: Okay, explain to me why you're in my office... when I'm not the one that can help you... with your situation.

CROSBY: Because it's humiliating. I don't want to ask Joel to come back, because then I'd be admitting... that the play fell apart when he quit.

JULIA: Cros, the play fell apart when he quit.

CROSBY: Wow. Okay. So you've already picked a side. You just betrayed that bond between brother and sister.

JULIA: Nobody's choosing sides.

CROSBY: Okay, well, if you had to pick...

JULIA: Joel.

CROSBY: Wow. That was quick.

JULIA: Cros, he's just... He's annoyingly good... at this kind of thing.

CROSBY: Yeah. I just kind of thought I was gonna be good at it.

JULIA: You'll get there.

CROSBY: You think I'll get there in the next week?

JULIA: Listen, Cros, you think the definition... of a good parent is one that's successful all the time, but sometimes the definition of a good parent... is just one who knows when it's time to eat crow... and admit that you've had your ass handed to you... by a class of six-year-olds.

CROSBY: Mm-hmm. Well, I have certainly had my ass handed to me... by a class of six-year-olds, so...

JULIA: So now the only honorable thing left to do... is to ask for help.

CROSBY: From Joel.

JULIA: The one and only.

[NEW SCENE - Haddie walks into her room and is surprised to see her mom painting the walls.]


KRISTINA: Hi. I picked up a few samples, and I thought I'd get started... just to show you what I found.

HADDIE: Okay. Is this the stuff, on the bed, from the table?

KRISTINA: Yes, that was here, but it's all intact. Don't worry.

HADDIE: I'm not worried. I just need a book.

KRISTINA: So what do you think? Do you like this one... the purple?

HADDIE: Yeah. Yeah.

KRISTINA: Feels good?

HADDIE: Yeah. I like it.

KRISTINA: Hey, uh, what about Friday night? What do you say we... we hang out, paint, maybe order a pizza... I don't know... Put on some music?

HADDIE: Um... I'm going to the movies with Amber on Friday.

KRISTINA: Okay. That's fine. Um, we can maybe do it over the weekend, maybe Saturday. I can stay in Friday night and paint a big patch... just to see how... How it looks.



HADDIE: Yeah. You don't mind doing it on Saturday?

KRISTINA: No. I want to do it. I really do. I look forward to it.

HADDIE: Okay. Great.

KRISTINA: Great. It's a date.


[NEW SCENE - Ambers room.]

AMBER: [Singing] Just hanging around till 2:00 or 3:00... treating me well...

SARAH: ...it's so good.

AMBER: Ooh, I have a question. There's a part that goes...

SARAH: It's so good, by the way. It's so good.

AMBER: Stop crying.

SARAH: I'm not. It's beautiful.

AMBER: I feel embarrassed.

SARAH: It's beautiful.

AMBER: Listen, I need help. Okay, it goes... Would you wake me when you leave?... but I could also go... Would you wake me when you leave?...

SARAH: I love that. I love that, on the second one.

AMBER: That's good, because the second one is sadder. It's like... I'll be seeing you again...

SARAH: ...very nice.

AMBER: Yeah?

SARAH: Really pretty. Yeah. Yeah.

AMBER: Okay. Cool. And then it goes... Ooh ooh ooh ooh...

SARAH: but... so... Honey.

AMBER: I always forget this part.

SARAH: I know. Don't... don't do it. Don't do it. You know, you don't need that lick. Just keep going. Leave it clean.

AMBER: No. It sounds good. It really, like, adds some complexity to it.

SARAH: Oh, but, honey, you're going to be so much more nervous... than you think when you get up there... with the microphone and the sound... and the lights and stuff. You're gonna get very, very nervous. And I just feel like you're kind of choking on tt.

AMBER: [Looking worried.] Mom.

SARAH: I mean, it's...


SARAH: No, 'cause your other songs will be more...

AMBER: Please, I can't think about that.

SARAH: I know. No, I'm just saying it's very quiet... and simple already. And so it doesn't need the kind of...

AMBER: Simple?

SARAH: No, it's beautiful. It's not too simple. It's beautiful. It just seems to be making you tense... to... to add the extra thing, and you don't need it.

AMBER: Now I'm nervous. Now it doesn't matter if I feel like I get it down. I'm gonna be worried about how I look doing it.

SARAH: Never mind. You're right. I don't want to make you feel weird. It was so good. It was so good.

[NEW SCENE - Morning, Braverman kitchen.]

CAMILLE: So what are we wearing to this open-mic thing? Haven't been to one of those since, uh, Crosby's punk band. Do you remember that? What was it called? The burning sensation.

SARAH: You got it.

ZEEK: They were bad.

SARAH: I don't know, mom. You always look pretty cool.


ZEEK: Well, I'll tell you one thing, I called Adam about carpooling, And he doesn't know anything about this.

SARAH: We're still not sure if everybody's gonna get to go.

ZEEK: We're gonna go. What are you talking about? It's my granddaughter. If I want to go see my granddaughter perform, I can go see her perform.

[Amber enters the kitchen.]

SARAH: You know, dad, Let's, uh, talk to Amber about it later.

ZEEK: Later? Let's talk about it now.


AMBER: I don't care if you guys go or not.



AMBER: But there's a catch. I won't be there.

SARAH: What does that mean?

AMBER: I quit. I'm not doing it.

SARAH: No, no, no.

CAMILLE: After all that work you did?

AMBER: Yeah, I just didn't feel like it. Also, I'm going to a movie with Haddie on Friday. Can I borrow the car?

SARAH: Yes. Wait. No. What happened?

AMBER: It's not a big deal. I just didn't feel like doing it, okay?

SARAH: No, no, no.

AMBER: Problem solved.

SARAH: Let me take you to school.

AMBER: No, that's okay. I'll take the bus.

CAMILLE: What's that about?

SARAH: It's about me.

[NEW SCENE - Night, Crosby knocks of the Graham's door and Joel opens it.]

JOEL: Hey.

CROSBY: Um... So as it turns out, Good intentions and raw talent aren't enough to pull off... Kindergarten theatre.

JOEL: Well...

CROSBY: Look, my... my ego got the better of me, I think, And, um, I'm sorry about that. But I, I don't think the kids should be punished for that... Or the parents that have to sit through... This terrible play I've created.

JOEL: What are you saying?

CROSBY: Joel, I'm... I'm begging you, man. You... you got to come back. If you don't, this... this play's gonna be... The biggest disaster in California... Since the earthquake of 1905. 190... 1906?

JOEL: 6.

CROSBY: Man, the play's about the history of California. I don't even know. Joel, you got to come back.

JOEL: I don't know, man. I just...

CROSBY: I'm not equipped to do this without you.

JOEL: Yeah, I got... I got to think about it a little.


JOEL: Crosby?


JOEL: I just... I am kidding, man.

CROSBY: What do you mean you're kidding?

JOEL: Your sister told me you'd be coming over.

CROSBY: She told you that I was coming over?

JOEL: I heard your bike.

CROSBY: And then you just let me go through that whole speech?

JOEL: It was a great speech.

CROSBY: Then I take it all back.

JOEL: You can't take it back.

CROSBY: No, I do.

JOEL: It's out there. Get in here and have a beer with me.

CROSBY: I didn't mean any of it.

JOEL: I want to see you do that whole thing again. What was the part about you desperately needing me?

[NEW SCENE - T&S, Adam in his office working on his computer as he notices people going into Cory's office and loud music playing.]

[Interior shot of the office which is like a frat party.]

CORY: [Seeing Adam at his door.] Braverman, come here a sec, man.

MAN 1: I want one of those.

MAN 2: Check that out.

CORY: Check out this robot. Whoo.

ADAM: Cool. That's radical. Uh, I didn't think you were coming in today.

CORY: Oh, yeah, man, we just got here. Check it. These are a few of my pals... Spider, TJ, Smokey.

TJ: Hey, Braverman.

ADAM: Hi. Smokey.

CORY: Spider here has some really amazing shoe ideas. Spider, tell him.

SPIDER: Okay. Well, it's more of a drawing than an idea, but you take all the shoe demons... Out of the T&S thing... Pow. Kicking a new flavor. You know what I'm saying?

ADAM: Put that on the sole. "Pow."

TJ: No, the "Pow" is in your brain. See, it's like the skull, Braverman, with the horns. That's actually... the shoe is thinking that.

SPIDER: Shoe demons exiting.

ADAM: It's like it's being exorcised. It's being extracted.

TJ: It's a shoe, Braverman.

ADAM: Right. Yeah, well, you've given me a lot to think about. Cory, can I see you in my office?

CORY: Yeah, man, as soon as I'm done here...

ADAM: It can't wait.

TJ: Uh-oh, busted, Cory. Busted.

[A short time later in Cory enters Adam's office who closes the door.]

CORY: Thank you. What's up?

ADAM: Listen, I don't know how you worked your business... With the video games, but this place is a living, Breathing company. We make shoes. And there are people who work here... Who need this company to succeed whether you do or not.

CORY: Wait a minute, okay? No one wants T&S to be great again more me.

ADAM: Really? Then I'd like to see you act like it. Starting tomorrow, come in during regular business hours. Meet your design team. These are great people with great ideas. They're also people with families... Who are scared to death that you are gonna run... This place into the ground.

CORY: Is that how you feel?

ADAM: I don't know yet. But after what I just saw in there, Honestly, that doesn't even begin to cover my fears.

CORY: I know exactly what I'm doing.

ADAM: Okay, listen, you don't know what you're doing. You don't have a mission statement. You don't have a business plan. The only thing that you've presented me with... Is this vague idea that somehow we got weird... In the '90s.

CORY: I don't have an answer yet.

ADAM: Well, you better come up with one soon. You bought the company. You're the guy who has to have the answer.

CORY: I know what the problem is.

ADAM: Well, what's that?

CORY: You guys started selling out. Now, coming up with what we're gonna do... Is a creative problem. It's exciting, and I'm working on it. And I, I want you to be working on it, too, with me.

ADAM: That's it?

CORY: Yeah. That's how people solve problems. They think about them. You can't control creativity, man. Now, I am completely comfortable with the fact... That I don't have an answer yet. But you need to be comfortable with that, too, because whatever we do, It's going to involve taking risks. Braverman. Braverman. Braver man.

ADAM: Yes, yes, that's my name.

CORY: I like you, okay? You're a cool dude. You're smart, and I want you to stick around. But we're going to be going for an extremely... Youth-oriented product. And it is going to get radical. And I just want to make sure... That you're up for it.

ADAM: Okay.

CORY: Are you sure?

ADAM: I'm sure.

CORY: Cool.

[NEW SCENE - Night, Amber is driving Haddie to her date.]

AMBER: What's the deal with the movie? How did it go?

HADDIE: We went to the U.A. Berkeley 7 on Shattuck.

AMBER: Correct. And I can't believe that they raised the ticket prices again.

HADDIE: Awful. So rude.

AMBER: And what did you think about the movie? How did you feel?

HADDIE: Well, I mean, it was okay. But Michael Cera was obviously hilarious.

AMBER: Obviously hilarious and cute.

HADDIE: And adorable.

AMBER: Yes. Correct.


AMBER: Okay, I think you got it. That's pretty much all the bases covered.

HADDIE: How do I look?

AMBER: You look beautiful.

HADDIE: Thank you. Thank you, seriously, for everything. I will call you when it's time to pick me up.

AMBER: Can I say something, even though you're gonna get mad at me?


AMBER: Okay. Drinking... I know. But I just need to get it out. You know that my dad drank, and it was a big problem.

HADDIE: Mm-hmm.

AMBER: Okay. It's just that when somebody you love drinks, it's like they're a different person, and you don't matter. And it can be really, really scary. And I, I, I understand that this guy... is probably the coolest guy in the whole world, and I'm sure it will never be a problem, honestly.

HADDIE: Alex is okay.

AMBER: I know. I know.

HADDIE: He's been sober for six months.

AMBER: I know. But that's not very long. My dad would have longer stretches and go back into it. I'm just saying.

HADDIE: I know. I'm... I hear you. I understand.

AMBER: Just be aware, okay? Okay?


AMBER: Yeah.

HADDIE: You don't have to worry. You're my ride home.

AMBER: Very comforting.

HADDIE: Okay, great. I'll call you. Thank you. I am listening to you.

AMBER: Go get him. You look great.

HADDIE: Thank you.

AMBER: He's a lucky man.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house, laundry room. Sarah is sitting on the floor in front of the machines.]

CAMILLE: Uh-oh. Should I be worried? You're sitting alone in the dark... in the laundry room not doing laundry?

SARAH: I just can't figure out how to get my whites whiter.

CAMILLE: What's up?

SARAH: Oh, mom. Do you ever worry so much about something bad... happening to me that you stomped out my fire... by accident?

CAMILLE: I don't know. You know, we all try to protect our kids. It's what we do.

SARAH: Mm-hmm.

CAMILLE: Then they grow up, and we can't protect them anymore. And you'd save yourself a lot of grief... if you'd accept that fact. I mean, we can be there for them, but... We can't protect them. I think it's one of the toughest things... about being a parent.

[NEW SCENE - Max's room, he's reading in bed. Adam enters and sits on the bed.]

ADAM: Hey. What you reading?

MAX: It's a book.

ADAM: All right, well, I just came to say good night, Max. Did I ever tell you you're a good kid?

MAX: Mm-hmm.

ADAM: Well, you still are.

MAX: Why are you still here?

ADAM: Just lost in thought, I guess. I'm just... I think my boss thinks I'm too old.

MAX: How old are you?

ADAM: 41.

MAX: That's pretty old.

ADAM: Sweet dreams, son.

[NEW SCENE - Night, Alex opens a roof top door.]

HADDIE: Are we not allowed to be out here?

ALEX: Well, if I said we had permission, will it make it any less exciting?

HADDIE: No. Actually, I'm very afraid of breaking rules, which is stupid, but... Oh, my God. This is beautiful. [Turns around to see the movie Sixteen Candles being projected on to the side of a wall.] What is this? What are you doing? How did you set all of this up?

ALEX: I pulled some strings, you know, called in a few favors.

HADDIE: This is my favorite movie.

ALEX: It's your third favorite. Your first is Love Actually. But you already saw it with that Steve guy, so that was completely out of the question.

HADDIE: Mm-hmm.

ALEX: And although I like you, not enough to sit through Twilight.

HADDIE: I mean, I just don't know what to say. You're a really good listener.

ALEX: I try. Come on. We're missing the movie.

HADDIE: Okay. So cute. Where did you get this?

ALEX: I, uh, called in some favors. If you haven't noticed, I'm very well connected.

HADDIE: To...?

ALEX: The security guard. He owes me a favor.

HADDIE: Ooh. Sparkling water.

ALEX: So how about we toast?


ALEX: To first dates.


ALEX: This is good.
[There is a pause as they watch the movie.]

HADDIE: Thank you.

ALEX: You're welcome.

[They lean in and kiss.]

[NEW SCENE - Night, Braverman house, Amber is playing the guitar in the porch room.]

SARAH: How was the movie?

AMBER: Hey. Uh, it was good. It was a little long. But Michael Cera was adorable as always. [Sarah goes to walk away but looks back.] What?

SARAH: You still play that chord that funny way.

AMBER: I know. Dad showed me how to do it, and now it's the only way I can play it.

SARAH: No, I remember. You were so little when you started playing, and your little, tiny little hand wouldn't reach. And so he showed you the cheat.

AMBER: Yeah, and now I get made fun of.

SARAH: Well, something useful he taught you, anyway.

AMBER: Yeah.

SARAH: I'm sorry you're not doing the open-mic night. I feel bad about that. You know, when you have kids, if you have kids, there's something you should know... A very confusing thing they don't tell you. You see so much of yourself in them. You see... Your... Ironic take on the world.

AMBER: That one was for me.

SARAH: You see your smile, your walk, your sense of humor, whatever. And you think... They're you. But they're not you. And they shouldn't have all of your baggage, your fear, and your insecurity, and your life experience, because that's not fair. They have their own. Your song is beautiful. It's haunting and moving, and... It's so you. And that's all I should've said to you the other night. I'm so proud, and I'm so impressed, and I'm so... In awe of you. And I want you to just go out there and... Fly. You can fly.

[NEW SCENE - Sycamore Charter Elementary School. Rehearsals, the kids are on stage making a lot of noise as Crosby walks up.]

CROSBY: Hey, guys, guys, can I have everyone's attention? I have a huge surprise for you. Okay, hold on. Hold on. Hold on. [They quieten up to listen] Our most talented director is back from vacation. You may remember him... Sydney's dad, Joel! [The kids cheer as Joel appears.]

SYDNEY: Hi, daddy.

JOEL: Hey, honey. Who wants to help us tell a story? [They all raise their hands.] Sit on your tushies if you can hear me. Now, we're gonna need two super-special volunteers... to help us pass out a new script... featuring all the music that Crosby taught you... All that great music with some history of California. It is gonna be awesome. Whisper-scream as loud as you can. [They whisper-scream.] Yeah.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman living room, most of the family has gathered.]

CROSBY: We're... we're just supposed to wait?

SARAH: Yeah. We'll just wait. It's fine.

JULIA: You know, maybe someone should check on her.

CROSBY: [To Sarah.] Uh, that would be you.

SARAH: I'm sure she's fine. I don't want to say the wrong thing and...

ZEEK: Sarah, come on, this is ri-gosh-dab-diculous.

SARAH: Oh, no, no, no. Dad, no.

ZEEK: I got this handled, baby. [Puts on his sun glasses.] You know what I'm saying?

SARAH: Oh, God.

CROSBY: Well...

[NEW SCENE - Ambers room.]

ZEEK: Amber, I'm coming in. Okay, let's go.

AMBER: I don't think I can do it. I'm so nervous, and my voice is sounding really bad. And my fingers feel heavy.

ZEEK: What are you talking about…

AMBER: I'm serious. I'm really nervous.

ZEEK: Amber, stop it. Stop it. Stop it. We are going. Honey... [Putting a hand on her shoulder.] You are gonna be fantastic. I mean great.

[NEW SCENE - Head Hunters office.]

TOM: You're an E.V.P. At a solid company. I, I've got people who'd kill for that job.

ADAM: Yeah, uh, look, it's just there's a changeover going on... at the company, and I'm not... I'm not sure it's gonna continue... to be a good fit. So I just wanted to see, you know, what else is out there.

TOM: I mean, you've got a great resume, but there's... There's nothing out there. I've got people with golden resumes... and no job to send them to. The fact that you have a job... I'd sit tight.

[NEW SCENE - Open-mic night at the Very Small Club Tony Lucca is on stage singing Like Love. The family is seated at several tables as Adam enters.]

KRISTINA: Glad you made it.

ADAM: [To Haddie] Hey, sweetie. Yeah, thanks. Just a little late something at work.

KRISTINA: It's all right. You good?

ADAM: Yeah. I'm good.

KRISTINA: Awesome. Good.

[Haddie's phone vibrates on the table.]

KRISTINA: Hmm. Who's Chloe?

HADDIE: Uh, just somebody from student council, nosy.

KRISTINA: I'm not nosy. I just don't know who Chloe is.

HADDIE: I'll be right back.

KRISTINA: Hurry back, okay? The show's gonna start.

ADAM: You guys good?

KRISTINA: Yeah. We're so good. She's being so sweet to me. I don't know what happened.

ADAM: Great.

KRISTINA: I mean, I'm sort of loving her...

ADAM: Did I miss Amber?


ADAM: Is she coming on soon?

KRISTINA: Honey, I don't... I didn't book this guy. I don't know.

[Mean while elsewhere in the club.]

AMBER: He's, like, funky, like, grooving. Everybody's grooving. Should I be funky so that people will groove?


AMBER: Are you sure? Oh, my God. What's wrong?

SARAH: Nothing.

AMBER: What's wrong?

SARAH: I fixed it.

AMBER: Okay.

SARAH: You're beautiful.

AMBER: God, I think I'm gonna throw up. I feel like I'm gonna throw up. I might throw up. Should I throw up? Maybe…

SARAH: No. Just breathe. Take a breath. Try.

AMBER: Oh, my God, I'm stuffy.

SARAH: No, no, just breathe.

AMBER: I'm too stuffy.

SARAH: No, breathe all the way.

AMBER: Oh, my God. I'm so stuffy and nervous. I'm really nervous.

SARAH: I know. If I helped you the way I helped your dad, it would involve Tequila, so we're gonna have to think of something new.

AMBER: Oh, God. Okay.

SARAH: Listen... Look at me. You know, if you get nervous, just forget the crowd... and find me... and just look at me.

AMBER: Okay.

SARAH: Okay? It'll give you something to focus on.

AMBER: Okay.

SARAH: Okay.

AMBER: Hey, do you know what?

SARAH: What?

AMBER: You can fly too.

SARAH: Thanks.

[NEW SCENE - Sort time later Amber is on stage, sitting on a stool.]

AMBER: Hi, my name's Amber. This is a song that I'm gonna sing... that's called Graveyard Song. [The crowd cheers.] Okay. All right, ready?

AMBER: [Singing.] Smoke make me lose my memories... drink make my body fail…

ZEEK: [To Camille.] You know who she reminds me of?

AMBER: [Singing.] Just hanging around...

ZEEK: Seth.

AMBER: [Singing.] …till 2:00 or 3:00 treating me well... I've been thinkin' about getting clean... risin' up at a decent hour... would you wake me when you leave?... hmm mm mm...

[There is a montage of scenes as the song continues. Yhe school play rehearsals with Crosby and Joel. Kristina and Haddie painting her room. Then Sarah, Amber and Drew playing a guitars each, with Zeek on his ukulele and Camille on a tambourine. Mouthing the words to Leaving on a Jet Plane.]

AMBER: [Singing.] …it's been so much better than I can say... it will be sad when you go... since there is not an easy way... I'll just say hello... there's no such thing as the end... there are only new beginnings... I'll be seeing you again...

Episode End
2.12 - Meet The New Boss
Original Airdate (NBC) January 11, 2010
Written by Sarah Watson
Directed by Lawrence Trilling

Transcribed by Craig Best
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