2.07 - Seven Names
Transcript by Craig Best

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[Opening scene - Crosby's Houseboat.]

CROSBY: We have some really exciting news. You might want to sit down for this.

JASMINE: Should I tell him?

CROSBY: Yeah, tell him.

JASMINE: Mommy and daddy are getting married.

CROSBY: Isn't that exciting? We're getting married!

JASMINE: Do you-- do you know what a wedding is?

JABBAR: When you get married?


CROSBY: Exactly.

JABBAR: And there's a cake.

CROSBY: Oh, man, there's a huge cake. Like, a four-tier cake.

JABBAR: I like cake.

JASMINE: Do you have any questions?

JABBAR: Um... Can I go play until we have to leave for school?

JASMINE: Sure you can. Go ahead.

[Jabbar leaves, Jasmine looks at Crosby and laughs.]

CROSBY: Well, that was disappointing. It's like a total non-event.

JASMINE: Babe, he's six and a boy. Weddings aren't high on his list of thrills.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman kitchen.]

AMBER: Grounded?

SARAH: Yeah. You went to a college party across the Bay. You told me you were going to be at Kelsey's house, so you're grounded.

AMBER: Right, I get it. We've been through this before though. What does that mean exactly?

SARAH: Come home and do your homework and you have a miserable time for three days.

AMBER: Why would I be grounded when I did the right thing? I mean, what was I supposed to do in that situation? Was I not incredibly responsible and awesome?

SARAH: Yeah, you were responsible when your friend got drunk and you did the right thing in calling me, but you lied to me. That's why you're grounded. Has she told her mom yet?

AMBER: I don't know. It's not my business.

SARAH: Amber…

AMBER: It's not your business.

SARAH: …she was fished out of a pool. She threw up in a car.


SARAH: She was really drunk.

AMBER: …I get it. I'm sure you've made worse mistakes than that.

SARAH: Her mother needs to know and if she doesn't tell her, I will.

AMBER: Mom? Mom?

SARAH: Drew!

AMBER: Mom Can you just listen?

SARAH: [To Drew.] Come eat in here.

AMBER: Can you just, can you just listen? Okay.

[NEW SCENE - Graham House.]

JOEL: So today, we're gonna demo. That's where we take these big, huge hammers and we smash the whole bathroom to pieces. Just, [Makes and explosion sound.] It's awesome.

SYDNEY: That sounds fun.

JOEL: It is fun. Then we'll get started on the remodel. We're gonna add new tile, put in a bathtub, maybe a shower. Check out these fixtures I got. These are awesome. Feel how heavy that is. Oh, yeah.


JOEL: That's the stuff right there.

SYDNEY: Fancy.

JOEL: It is fancy. Yes.

JULIA: [Entering the room] Hey.

JOEL: Hey.

JULIA: We are actually running ahead of schedule today. We're only going to be five minutes late to school today. And you, you can't be late to the job site. Get out of here.

JOEL: No, I know.

JULIA: Do you need this?

JOEL: Yep, yep.

JULIA: Okay.

JOEL: Okay. Thank you so much. [They kiss]

JULIA: You're welcome. I got it covered. Kick their construction asses! I love you!

SYDNEY: Love you!

JOEL: Love you!


JULIA: That is how marriage works. Give and take.

[NEW SCENE - T&S Footware, Adam approaching his office.]

ADAM: Hey. Good morning, Mary.

MARY: Morning, Adam.

ADAM: Gordon.

GORDON: Hey, I need to talk to you.

ADAM: Yeah?

GORDON: We've got a problem.

ADAM: Listen, Gordon, if, uh... This is about my sister Sarah, I'd really rather stay out of it, you know?

GORDON: This has nothing to do with Sarah except for the fact that she works for this company.

ADAM: Oh, good. What's up?

GORDON: I've been looking at the books and the numbers just don't add up. I can't make it work.

ADAM: Look, Gordon, I know we're looking for a turnaround here, but I really believe in the spring line. We're just about to test this shoe clicker thing. We're about to test that.

GORDON: Listen to me, Adam. Adam, Adam, Adam. We're never gonna make it to spring.

ADAM: What are you talking about, Gordon?

GORDON: I need immediate layoffs, like, yesterday. Six or seven people at least.

ADAM: Gordon, just keep it down for a second, all right? What do you mean we need to lay off seven people? That's a significant amount of our workforce.

GORDON: I know that.

ADAM: What's going on here?

GORDON: I've got a meeting in L.A. today with a potential investor who could save our asses, but if he doesn't come through, you've got to figure out where we're cutting.

ADAM: Listen, Gordon, I don't know exactly what's going on here, but I don't want to be alone in choosing who gets to keep and who gets to lose their job here.

GORDON: Adam, you know this group better than I do. Better than anyone, in fact. You're better at this than me.

ADAM: Yeah, at what? Firing people?

GORDON: Just do me a favor.

ADAM: Yeah?

GORDON: Come up with a list.

[Opening credits - featuring “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan]

[NEW SCENE - 6:18 am, Adam and Kristina bedroom, Adam can't sleep.]

KRISTINA: What's wrong?

ADAM: Hey, oh, nothing. I just woke up early.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house, Sarah notices a car in the driveway.]



SARAH: Looking for me?

GORDON: Did you, uh, get my text?

SARAH: If I had, I wouldn't be wearing this.

GORDON: You look pretty cute.

SARAH: Oh. No. Thanks.

GORDON: It's, uh, it's good to see you.

SARAH: Good to see you.

GORDON: Had a...Fun time the other night.

SARAH: Did you?

GORDON: Anytime you need help rescuing some drunk teenagers who want to barf in the back of my car, I am at your service.

SARAH: That was amazing how you saved that girl.

GORDON: So about the text, I've got to go to L.A. on some business. I've got some stuff to do there. And I know it's a little bit short notice, but I was wondering if you, you know, want to come along.

SARAH: You're kidding.


SARAH: I would love to.

GORDON: Couple of days in L.A.

SARAH: When?



GORDON: Yes, right now.

SARAH: Now? Uh…

GORDON: Yeah. Got this incredible suite at the montage in Beverly Hills. It's got this amazing spa in it. I really just think it's important for us to, you know, spend some time with each other.

SARAH: God. It's like the best offer I've had ever. [Turning she notices her parents and kids watching from the main house.] Ooh. Uh, hi. Yeah, listen I, um, I can't. I can't do it.

GORDON: I understand. If you change your mind, you can call me anytime.

SARAH: Thanks for the offer.

[They share a kiss]

GORDON: I'll give you a call.

SARAH: Okay.

GORDON: Whoa, whoa. Wait. Wait a second. I forgot all about, these are for you.

SARAH: Oh, my gosh. Thank you. Wow. Thank you.



[NEW SCENE - Community Volunteer Centre.]

CAMILLE: So here we are.

HADDIE: This is it? This is the volunteering place?

CAMILLE: This is it.

HADDIE: Oh, my god.

CAMILLE: Hey, Terry. Welcome back.

HADDIE: Hey, this is great. This is, like, perfect for my college application.

CAMILLE: Hi. Yeah.

HADDIE: And, like, hang out with you and helping people. Is that girl homeless?

CAMILLE: Well, uh… hi, Sonny. How you doing? Don't get too excited. We're making sandwiches today.

HADDIE: Hey, well, you know? Make a sandwich. That's something. Do something.

CAMILLE: That's my girl.

[A short time later Camille and Haddie are serving food.]

CAMILLE: Some peas?

HADDIE: Enjoy.

ALEX: Hey, Camille.

CAMILLE: Oh, Alex. Good. I was looking for you. I want you to meet my granddaughter Haddie. She's gonna be working with us for a few months doing community service. Alex is the, uh, volunteer coordinator here.

HADDIE: Oh, hi. Nice to meet you. [Goes to shake hands but she has gloves on.] Uh, sorry. Thank you. Thanks for letting me be a part of this, I guess. You know, it's important work that I think you guys are doing and I feel, I feel good being part of it, so thanks.

ALEX: Sure. You can drop off those community service papers next time. I'll sign for your hours.

HADDIE: Okay. Okay.

CAMILLE: There you go.

HADDIE: There you go.

[NEW SCENE - T&S break room.]

MAN: Adam.

ADAM: Hey.

MAN: We didn't get your picks for the football pool yet, man.

ADAM: Yeah, uh, just, you know, count me in and I'll get you later.

MAN: Got you.

ADAM: All right.

MARY: Hi, Adam.

ADAM: Hey, Mary.

MARY: Hey, Jenny's costume worked out great for Halloween.

ADAM: Oh, yeah?

MARY: Yeah.

ADAM: Well, I'm glad to hear it. Hey, after you.

MARY: Thank you. All that worry for nothing.

ADAM: Yeah?

MARY: I'll show you the pictures later.

ADAM: Okay, well, I look forward to it.

MARY: Gosh.

ADAM: All right.

[NEW SCENE - Julia's office.]

JULIA: We need to get the deposition from the Manfried corporation in order to determine your liability or lack thereof. [Her cell phone buzzes in a desk draw.] Um... I'm, I'm so sorry. This is, this is an emergency phone call. I need to take this.

MAN: Uh…

JULIA: Excuse me one, one moment. [Julia exits her office to answer the phone.] Hi. Is she okay? What's happening?

JOEL: Oh, God, sorry. No. I meant we had an emergency at work.

JULIA: Well, what is it?

JOEL: Well, we found a burst pipe, so we got wood rot, we got mold. It's, like, a FEMA situation. [To one of his crew.] Over there on the corner. Take a look at the mold. [Back to Julia] Yeah. So anyway, we've got to bring in some fans. We got to replace some beams. It's just not pretty.

MAN: [At Julia's work.] Julia we have these guys for ten more minutes, we have to finish today.

JULIA: [To Joel.] That is the emergency?

JOEL: Yeah.

JULIA: It sounds awful. What can I do?

JOEL: Is there any way you could pick up Syd today? If I duck out here, we're gonna fall way behind. We only got two of us today.

JULIA: Joel…

JOEL: I know. I know. Believe me, hon, I know. It's just I'm really jammed up here.

JULIA: I have the partners in my office right now for a meeting. I cannot…

JOEL: Please. Please, Jules. You'd be saving my ass here. Come on.

JULIA: Okay. All right.

JOEL: You're an amazing woman. Thank you. I love you.

[NEW SCENE - Ambers Bedroom. Kelsey is clearly upset.]

ADAM: Just in your own time. She has to get to know you as a person.

KELSEY: She's not… I didn't know.

SARAH: [Opening the door.] Hi, Amber. Hi, Kelsey. You're grounded.

AMBER: Mom I know.

SARAH: You can't have friends over.

AMBER: Mom, can you just give us one minute? It's very important.

SARAH: My feet are killing me.

ADAM: No, I'm…

SARAH: [To Kelsey.] No offense.

KELSEY: Just, no, no…

AMBER: [To Kelsey.] Okay, it's okay. [To Sarah.] Can I talk to you for a second?

SARAH: Yes. [They exit the room.] Look, I'm sorry. I just got home. My feet are killing me.

AMBER: It's fine. I know. I understand.

SARAH: What's going on?

AMBER: Listen, she cannot tell her mom yet.

SARAH: Oh, no.

AMBER: Listen! Her mom will kill her if she tells her in the wrong way or if she tells her right away. It's a big problem. They don't have the kind relationship that we have. Like, we can talk to each other about stuff. Like, even though we fight, you know, you know me as a person and we, like, respect each other and stuff, and they don't have that and she's, like, gonna get in a lot of trouble. [Getting upset.]

SARAH: Okay.

AMBER: It's gonna be a big deal. It's just…

SARAH: Okay, I trust you.

AMBER: Okay?

SARAH: Yeah, you're a good friend.

AMBER: Thank you.

[NEW SCENE - Adam returns home from work.]

KRISTINA: Hey. Max, Haddie, dinner!

ADAM: How you doing, honey?

KRISTINA: Good. Guess what I made.

ADAM: Looks like pork chops.

KRISTINA: You're right. And salad.

ADAM: Mm-Hmm.

KRISTINA: What's wrong?

ADAM: I have to fire seven people.


ADAM: I have to fire seven people. The company is not doing well at all and Gordon wants me to fire seven people so we don't go under.

KRISTINA: Oh, my God, honey. I mean, it…

ADAM: Look, don't worry. It's nothing to be afraid of. I mean, we'll be okay.

KRISTINA: Yeah, we'll be okay.

ADAM: We'll be okay.

KRISTINA: What about everybody else? I mean, who are you gonna let go?

ADAM: I don't know. I'm making a list in my head.


ADAM: Honey, can we please not do this?

KRISTINA: Tell me, please. Just tell me. I know all these people.

ADAM: Bill. Accounting.

KRISTINA: Bill? Honey, you can't fire bill. He has a girl that just went off to college.

ADAM: I know he does, but everybody's got something. Jack Gillman just bought a house. Ari's going through a divorce and, you know, Manny's kid is blind. I mean, everybody's got something.

KRISTINA: Manny's kid is not, did you just make that up? Manny's kid is blind?

ADAM: No. Why would I make up that Manny's kid is blind?

KRISTINA: I knew he wore glasses, but I don't think he's blind.

ADAM: He's legally blind.


ADAM: I need a beer.

KRISTINA: Forget the beer. We need to get wrecked.

MAX: What does getting wrecked mean?

ADAM: It's just an expression, Max.

MAX: Are we gonna go to a wrecking room?

ADAM: You know what? Actually, nobody's gonna get wrecked. Let's just sit down and have dinner, okay? No, no, no, no, no, no. It's not like…

MAX: Is a wrecking ball gonna come in and go…

[Voices fad as we focus on Kristina.]

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house, Camille is paining. Zeek is reading the newspapers.]

SARAH: I'm not everyone's mother. I'm, you know, I did the best I could and if she wants to tell her own mother and that helps Amber keep her friendship, then, you know... That's okay. Right?

ZEEK: Absolutely.

SARAH: Right, mom?

CAMILLE: Yeah. These are the tough decisions.

SARAH: Mom, what does that mean? Dad, what does she mean?

ZEEK: I agree with you 100%, honey.

SARAH: She's not my daughter, you know? [Silence.] Hello?

CAMILLE: Oh, it sounds to me like Amber's the one making this decision.

SARAH: Mother, she definitely is not, but you know what a tough time we have and I, I'm just trying to let her grow up a little bit. And, you know, she had a good, some good points.

CAMILLE: You know, teenage girls can be very convincing. You don't have to tell me. But this is really serious. You know, and I don't even want to think about what could happen if she tried driving in that condition. And you have to think about what you would want if the situation was reversed, you know? If it was Amber.

[NEW SCENE - Joel is cooking

JOEL: Okay, my lady. Here they come. Joel's world famous pegs and eggs delivered straight to you.


JOEL: Mm-Hmm.

JULIA: Yum. Thank you.

JOEL: What's this?

JULIA: This is a school project. She has to build the Eiffel Tower out of popsicle sticks.

JOEL: Ugh, you mean I have to.

JULIA: Mm-Hmm.

JOEL: This is how teachers get back at parents, you know? Homework like this. Hey, thank you again for yesterday.

JULIA: You're welcome. We did it.

JOEL: Yes, we did!

JULIA: Go team!

JOEL: Whoo!

JULIA: Although I was up till 1:00 A.M. playing catch-up.


JULIA: What are you gonna do?

JOEL: You are awesome. Uh, so today, you think, um, I could drop Syd off with you after school?

JULIA: Um... I don't think that's gonna work.

JOEL: I can't take her to the work site with me. You know kids and power tools. Probably not the best combo.

JULIA: Yeah.

JOEL: So I'm gonna pack her bag full of games and some books and, uh, her leapster, and with any luck, you won't even notice that she's there. She'll be so content.

JULIA: Honey, I can't have her in my office at the firm. That's a disaster.

JOEL: Uh... Well…

JULIA: Okay. Fine. I have a conference call with New York. I will move it. I have client meetings. I will move them.

JOEL: Great.

JULIA: And I will just stay in my office all day red-lining contracts and they'll have to understand that because I'm a mother with a child and these things happen.

JOEL: These things happen.

JULIA: Sometimes, right?

JOEL: You sure?

JULIA: I'm, I'm sure. I'm sure.

JOEL: I love you.

JULIA: I love you.

JOEL: All right.

JULIA: Kick butt.

JOEL: Will do.

JULIA: Sydney!

[NEW SCENE - Crosby's houseboat.]

JABBAR: Look at it, Jensen. Du-du-da.


CROSBY: Oh, wow. I want to drive that.

JENSEN: It's a command station in space. You can't drive it.

CROSBY: You can't drive a command station? All right.

JABBAR: We need more blue pieces.

CROSBY: Yeah, get 'em for the command center. You got to have blue pieces.

CROSBY: Jensen, can I ask you a question? Jensen, if your parents were getting married, wouldn't you be excited?

JENSEN: My mom and dad are married.

CROSBY: Right, right, yeah. I know. Um, but let's say they weren't married. Wouldn't you think that would be like the coolest thing in the world if they got married?

JENSEN: You're nuts.

CROSBY: You think I'm…

JABBAR: I got more blue pieces.

CROSBY: [Under his breath] Normal question. [Normal voice.] Okay. All right, I'm gonna--

JABBAR: Say, "bye."

CROSBY: All right, bye.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman yard, Sarah pulls up in her car.]

JENNIFER: Hi, Sarah.

SARAH: Hi. I'm so glad to see you.

JENNIFER: It's Jennifer.

SARAH: No, I know. It's, I guess Kelsey talked to you.

JENNIFER: Amber left it at our place, so.


JENNIFER: Just thought I'd swing by. You're right on the way to pilates.

SARAH: Oh, her iPod.

JENNIFER: Thank you for Halloween, by the way.

SARAH: I know. I, I, I'm glad she told you.

JENNIFER: She had such a good time. All those costumes. It sounds like so much fun. Your dad was Lady Gaga? I mean, I've got to see the pictures.

SARAH: So do I.

JENNIFER: Oh, that's so great. We don't do Halloween.


JENNIFER: I don't eat sugar, so.

SARAH: Right.

JENNIFER: What's the point?

SARAH: You know, uh...

JENNIFER: Are you okay?

SARAH: I thought she would have told you by now. Um, the girls were not here for Halloween.

JENNIFER: I'm sorry?

SARAH: They went to a fraternity party across the Bay...


SARAH: And, um, Kelsey actually got really drunk. Amber called from the party and I went and picked 'em up. Kelsey really wanted to tell you herself.

JENNIFER: Well, she didn't.

SARAH: Right.

JENNIFER: That does not sound like Kelsey.

SARAH: I don't know. It didn't seem like her first beer, but, you know, they're teenagers.

JENNIFER: Oh, she's never done anything like that before.

SARAH: Okay, well, I don't know. I mean, I'm really sorry.

[NEW SCENE - Community Centre Kitchen, Haddie is taking out the trash.]

HADDIE: [Lifting a heavy bag into the dumpster it bursts open.] Oh, my God! Aww!

[A short time later Haddie is washing off in the kitchen.]

ALEX: Don't worry. Poverty's not contagious.

HADDIE: Um... I know. I know. Uh...I spilled-- a trash bag broke on me outside actually and it's not a big deal, you know? I don't care if trash breaks on me. I cleaned it all up. Like, I cleaned it up. It's no big deal.

ALEX: Oh, you heard of double-bagging, right?


ALEX: Try it.

[Alex walks away.]

HADDIE: [To Herself.] Great.

[NEW SCENE - Night time Braverman house, Sarah pulls up in here car.]

SARAH: What's wrong? What happened?

AMBER: Why? Why?

SARAH: Why what?

AMBER: Why would you tell after you promised? Why?

SARAH: Honey, she told me what Kelsey had said. It was an enormous lie. I couldn't play along.

AMBER: Well, I'm sorry. Of course she's gonna lie about it. She can't tell her the truth yet.

SARAH: I would have had to lie to.

AMBER: Well, I'm sorry. I really needed you to not say anything, mom, because now she won't let me hang out with Kelsey anymore.

SARAH: What do you mean?

AMBER: [Almost crying.] She said that everything is my fault. She said that I am the problem...

SARAH: What?

AMBER: And that I'm a bad influence and that Kelsey's not allowed to hang out with me anymore.

SARAH: Honey, no.

AMBER: Yes, mom.

SARAH: Please listen. I'll call her. I'll fix it.

AMBER: You can't, mom. It doesn't matter. She won't listen and so now I don't get to hang out with my one friend here. My one friend and I'm all alone and it just sucks, mom. I thought I could trust you. I'm very, very disappointed with you.

[Amber walks back in side the house.]

SARAH: [To herself.] God.

[NEW SCENE - Gordon on his cell phone in LA, walking on the street as he talks to Adam, who is in his office.]

GORDON: It's not gonna happen, Adam. Did you figure out who we're gonna cut?

ADAM: Uh, yeah, listen. Gordon, I've been thinking. We can be more creative about these layoffs.

GORDON: Braverman, listen.

ADAM: No, just listen to me for a second, Gordon. Instead of layoffs, we can furlough. We can have four-day work weeks, three-day work weeks for some people, if necessary. The big companies do this. State governments do this. It's been proven to work.

GORDON: Listen, Adam, how can I be more clear, okay? This isn't some creative assignment, okay? I need to fire seven people.

ADAM: Look...These are people, okay? That we have worked with for 15 years.

GORDON: You think I don't know that? Stop thinking. Just do it, okay? You need me to come up there and hold your hand?

ADAM: No Gordon. Thank you. I'll handle it. All right. Good-bye.

SARAH: Hey, I'm going on a…

ADAM: [Snapping at her.] Can't you knock?

[Sarah stops, backs up and closes the door before knocking on the glass.]

ADAM: Come in.

SARAH: Coffee run. Do you want anything? 'Cause it sure seems like you do.

ADAM: Yes, I would love a coffee. Thank you.

SARAH: Hey, um, Gordon asked me out. I don't know what I'm gonna do, but, you know, just checking it with you.

ADAM: Unbelievable.

SARAH: I guess it's not. What's the problem?

ADAM: He's a little... Prick! That's the problem.

SARAH: I thought you guys liked each other. Why so harsh?

ADAM: Listen, Sarah, I've known this guy a lot longer than you have, okay?

SARAH: Okay, well, you know him differently and I'm getting to know him outside work, you know? So maybe we just have had different experiences?

ADAM: Yeah, I mean, I don't know who'd be the better judge of his character. I mean, the guy who he's used, abused, and lied to for 15 years, or the latest girl he's trying to get in bed. I don't know.

SARAH: Thanks.

ADAM: It's a tough call.

SARAH: It's such a compliment.

ADAM: Sarah, I'm sorry, okay? I'm really sorry, but if anybody doesn't know this guy, it's you.

SARAH: All right, well, I'm gonna make my own decisions. But for you, I'm gonna decide decaf.

ADAM: Oh, okay. Great, thanks.

SARAH: 'Cause I think you're a little worked up.

ADAM: Yeah, mm-Hmm. Thank you.

[NEW SCENE - Julia arrives home from the office.]

JULIA: Honey, I'm home.

ZEEK: Hey, Jules! In here. How you doing, baby?

JULIA: Hi, dad.

ZEEK: Come on in. Pop a squat. You know what I'm saying? Sydney here's just teaching me the fine art of checkers.

SYDNEY: No, no, no.

JULIA: Where's Joel?

ZEEK: Oh, Joel is still at the job site. You know he's slammed. Poor guy. He called in a panic and because Camille is curing homelessness at the community center, I showed up like a knight in shining armor to be on Sydney duty.

SYDNEY: He brought his horse.

ZEEK: I did. It's right outside.

JULIA: Wow. What is this? [Holding up a bucket of fried chicken.]

ZEEK: That's dinner. And you're welcome.

SYDNEY: It is really good, mommy. You should try some. Greasy goodness. Right, grandpa?

ZEEK: Uh-huh very greasy. Goes down easy.

JULIA: No, thank you.

ZEEK: All right. Hey, guess what. My buddy says that Joel is doing such a great job, he may want him to remodel his whole house. How about that?

JULIA: How about that?

ZEEK: I am very proud of my son-in-law. Sure you don't want a soda?

[NEW SCENE - Adam at his kitchen table.]

ADAM: I want you to know this is not easy for me. It's not easy at all. But the truth is that this company has not made the profits we hoped it would. In fact, we're, we're way in the red. And so I'm afraid I'm gonna have to lay you off. I'm very sorry. I feel terrible about this and just want you to know how much I valued you working here.

KRISTINA: Okay, honey, that was really, really good.

ADAM: Mm-Hmm?

KRISTINA: But you can't start crying.

ADAM: I wasn't crying.

HADDIE: No, dad, mom is right. You can't ask somebody to take care of you emotionally when you're firing them.

ADAM: That's not what I'm doing.

HADDIE: Well, okay.

ADAM: That is what I'm doing. You know, for a teenager, honey, sometimes you're, you're pretty wise.

HADDIE: Thank you. There is this guy at the food bank that I'm working at. He treats me like I'm an idiot Teenie bopper with, like, a bleeding heart. I'm, like, even if I am... It's rude.

KRISTINA: That is rude.

ADAM: Well, you're not.

HADDIE: It's, like, subtle though. He's so good at it.

KRISTINA: That's the worst kind.

HADDIE: It is. He's the worst. And, like, just respect the people you're around.

ADAM: Yeah, well, listen. If you really feel like he's being, you know, derisive with the laughter, you should call him on it.


KRISTINA: I'd punch him in the groin. Kick him where it counts.

HADDIE: I'm fine.

KRISTINA: Get him right in the…

HADDIE: I don't care. [She leaves the room.]

ADAM: I don't want to do this.

[NEW SCENE - Joel returns home late, notices Sydney's school project before going up to the bedroom. Julia is sitting up in bed, working on her laptop.]

JOEL: You built the Eiffel tower.

JULIA: Had to get done, didn't it?

JOEL: Look at you. You rock. Although you built it a little too good, if you ask me, but thank you.

JULIA: Sure.

JOEL: She at least, uh, go down easy tonight?

JULIA: It was, um, 6 books, 3 songs, and an I-o-u for 20 minutes of computer time.

JOEL: Yeah, that's a lot. Hey, how'd it go with, uh, Zeek?

JULIA: I'd really rather not talk about it.

JOEL: Are you pissed because I called your dad in?

JULIA: No, I, no, it's fine.

JOEL: Yeah?

JULIA: Just, yeah, whatever.

JOEL: 'Cause when you say it's fine, you make it sound like it's actually not fine.

JULIA: Babe! Up until 20 minutes ago, I was building a tiny lattice tower out of popsicle sticks and a glue gun. Now I need to get this brief written for the head of litigation.

JOEL: [Quietly.] Okay. [He then leaves the room.]

[NEW SCENE - Crosby knocks on Adams back door.]

CROSBY: I proposed to Jasmine.

ADAM: Oh, my God.

CROSBY: Open up. Big news, huh?

ADAM: Wow.

CROSBY: Worth opening the door for.

ADAM: Congratulations.

CROSBY: Thank you.

ADAM: Wait. She said yes, right?

CROSBY: Oh, yeah.

[Adam gets a couple of beers.]

CROSBY: Cheers.

ADAM: Congratulations. I am, uh, beside myself.

CROSBY: You didn't see that coming, did you?

ADAM: Can't believe my little brother's gonna take the plunge. Something wrong?

CROSBY: Mm-mm. No. I'm, this, I'm good.

ADAM: Uh-huh.

CROSBY: Jabbar doesn't seem to get it though, which is kind of weird.

ADAM: What do you mean he doesn't get it?

CROSBY: Well, I just expected him to be really excited when I told him like, "Whoo! Fireworks!" And happily ever after, but he doesn't really care.

ADAM: He's six.

CROSBY: Yeah, that's, uh, that's exactly what Jasmine said. But, uh, I don't know. I was real excited to tell him and he just- you know, he didn't…

ADAM: Crosby, are you okay?

CROSBY: Yeah. I think he was part of why I did it.

ADAM: Well, how big a part?

CROSBY: Pretty big part.

ADAM: Mm-Hmm.

CROSBY: Dude, I don't know, man. It happened so fast.

ADAM: Yep, right.

CROSBY: It was like I just felt this immense pressure building and then there was this moment and then I kind of got swept up in it and then all of a sudden I'm asking and she's saying yes and then… I just, maybe, I don't know if it's that or I'm afraid that maybe my life is gonna change and I'm not ready for that.

ADAM: It's completely natural to be having some doubts. So the proposal was unplanned, all right? Everything with you and Jasmine and Jabbar has been unplanned. I mean, you backed into it, but it's really worked out, right? Jasmine, she's great, right?

CROSBY: Yeah, she's, like, perfect.

ADAM: You got a great family, right?

CROSBY: She is good and he is great.

ADAM: Mm-Hmm.

CROSBY: And... So you just think it's nerves?

ADAM: Yeah, I think so. And I think it's natural. I do.

CROSBY: You think so?

ADAM: I do.

CROSBY: You do?

ADAM: I do.

CROSBY: Stop saying, "I do."

ADAM: Congratulations.

CROSBY: Thank you.

[NEW SCENE - 6:01am Adam's bedroom, Kristina is sleeping but Adam is already dressed as she wakes.]

ADAM: This is it. Love you, honey. [He kisses her good-bye.]

KRISTINA: Love you too. Good luck.

ADAM: Have a good day.

[NEW SCENE - Joel writes a note for Julia.]

JOEL: Hey.

JULIA: What's going on?

JOEL: Oh, one of my guys screwed up so wiring and if I don't get in and fix it, the client's new radiant floor will just be a floor, so.

JULIA: So you're leaving right now.

JOEL: I wrote you a note. Yeah, and there's some coffee over there.

JULIA: Babe, you can't leave right now. I have to make that conference call to New York and I just…

JOEL: I know. I know. I know. I'm sorry but I just got to get in early on this, Jules.

JULIA: Babe, I can't do this.

JOEL: What can't you do?

JULIA: I mean, I'm leaving work early, I'm coming home, I'm working all hours of the night. You're not even here. My dad's here feeding our child crap a.

JOEL: It's not, it's one night. It wasn't that bad. You know what? It's been a hard week, but we're gonna get through it. We're right at the tail end there.

JULIA: What about the next one? My dad told me this guy wants to hire you again. Are you gonna do it?

JOEL: You know, I don't, I'm only focused on this job. I'm just trying to get through this job.

JULIA: Okay, listen, I know we said there needs to be more room for you, especially if we're going to have a second child…

JOEL: Yes we did.

JULIA: …but I need to understand, you know, is this what that looks like?

JOEL: Come on.

JULIA: Because I don't know if we can manage it. I don't know how that works. How can we manage this?

JOEL: I don't know. I don't know, but we'll figure it out, okay?

JULIA: We need to discuss, we need to discuss this. Can we, oh, my God.

JOEL: Yes, yeah, okay. Let's discuss this.

JULIA: We just need to discuss.

JOEL: Yeah, let's talk about this. You don't want me to work ever.

JULIA: Oh, give me some credit, Joel. I moved mountains…

JOEL: I moved mountains you for years, Julia, and this is one week I'm asking from you.

JULIA: I'm not trying to be ungrateful. I'm just trying to face reality here.

JOEL: Okay, what reality is that? Just spit it out.

JULIA: The reality is that you're working all hours of the night. I'm working mad hours.

JOEL: Yes.

JULIA: There's no one watching our child.

JOEL: Don't get so dramatic.

JULIA: I mean…

JOEL: There's plenty of people to take care of our kid. We got a family to take…

JULIA: what am I just supposed to leave a deposition...

JOEL: What are you getting at?

JULIA: I'm billing $600 an hour for so you grout some guy's bathroom?

JOEL: No, you're right. I mean, if it's, um… if it's about whose time is worth more, you win.

JULIA: No, that's not… Come on. [They notice Sydney.] Hi, baby.

JOEL: Hey, babe.

SYDNEY: Are you and daddy fighting?

JULIA: No, we're not.

JOEL: Nah, we're just having a conversation here.

JULIA: Just talking.

JOEL: Just a little louder than normal.

JULIA: That's not what I meant. I'm trying to be practical. I, I mean. [Joel leaves the house. Julia walks over to Sydney.] Sweetie. Hey, it's okay.

[NEW SCENE - Sarah drives Amber to school.]

SARAH: Have you heard from Kelsey?

AMBER: Um, yeah, briefly. She just, she told her mom, but, you know, she confessed everything, but it just doesn't matter, 'cause her mom would still blame me, so.

SARAH: That's terrible. That's real, it's outrageous. Really not fair. I'm sure she'll come around.

AMBER: Maybe.

[They stop at the school.]

SARAH: Hey. I'm sorry. I know you're feeling lonely. I understand what that feels like.

AMBER: I'm fine. She was a little weird anyway. Let's face it.

SARAH: You're gonna be okay.

AMBER: I know that. No, mom. Don't touch me. I'll see you later. This is enough. Why does it always have to be this way with you?

[NEW SCENE - Adam's office.]

ADAM: Hey, what are you doing here?

GORDON: I came to help. To do this with you.

ADAM: Is that Glenfiddich 18 I smell?

GORDON: Very astute. 24, actually.

ADAM: Listen, Gordon, you don't have to do this, all right? You can go home. I can handle it.

GORDON: I don't know how this happened. I just…

ADAM: Yeah.

GORDON: I'm so sorry. I really am, Adam.

ADAM: Go home.

GORDON: I mean, it's just not fair for me to lay all this on you, right?

ADAM: You know, it's... Not gonna be helpful for you to appear so emotionally undone when you're firing people, you know? I mean, you can't ask them to take care of you emotionally. It's okay, Gordon.

GABY: You always handle everything. You're right. You're right. Thanks, Adam.

ADAM: Yeah.

[NEW SCENE - Community Centre.]

HADDIE: Hey. Uh, can you help me fix this, um, whisk on the big mixer guy?

ALEX: Or you could just read the directions on the side.

HADDIE: Okay, uh... Would you please stop talking to me like I'm an idiot?

ALEX: I don't think you're an idiot.

HADDIE: Okay. Then what do you think I am? Do you think that I am a loser because I come here and I care and I try or do you just think that I'm a privileged little, little white girl?

ALEX: Are you not getting enough attention? I have no idea what you're talking about right now.

HADDIE: Um, well, I come here every day and I give 100% and you sit there and you judge me and you don't even know me.

ALEX: Yes, I do. Kids like you come through here all the time. They think it looks good on a college application.

HADDIE: Yeah, okay. So I want to go to college. Is that a terrible thing? Does that make me a bad person?

ALEX: No, it doesn't, but you're here for a week, maybe two and then you're gone. I guess you all seem kind of... Lightweight to me sometimes. No offense, but it's hard enough for me running this place without all that turnover.

HADDIE: So I'm sorry. You're just here and you're completely selfless and this isn't a career path for you and you don't want this to be your job?

ALEX: You're absolutely right. It's my job. I get paid. It's a career I'm interested in.

HADDIE: Okay, great. Thank you. Good to know.

ALEX: Mostly because my family used to eat here. This place probably saved my life.

HADDIE: Okay. I'm sorry.

ALEX: Can you just fix the mixer?

HADDIE: Yeah, I know. That's what I'm gonna do.

ALEX: Thank you.

[NEW SCENE - T&S outside Adam's office.]

ADAM: Hey, Mary.


ADAM: Um, could you come in my office for a second?

MARY: Sure.

ADAM: Thanks. After you. Go ahead. Take a seat.

[NEW SCENE - T&S warehouse.]



SARAH: How was L.A.?

GORDON: I've had better days.

SARAH: Oh, what's wrong?

GORDON: Well, we have to, um... fire a few people. Adam's taking care of it now.

SARAH: Oh. And do you have to, I mean, as the boss.

GORDON: Who would you rather have fire you, right?


GORDON: Your brother's a good man, Sarah. One of the best.

SARAH: Yeah.

GORDON: I'll talk to you later.

[Sarah watches through the widow of Adam's office. Shortly after Mary leaves Sarah knocks on the door.]

ADAM: Come on in. Hey.


ADAM: Got yourself a few coffees there, huh? Listen, I'm sorry for snapping at you the other day. It's just, uh, you caught me at a bad time.

SARAH: Don't worry about it.

ADAM: All right.

SARAH: There probably isn't, but is there anything I can do for you today?

ADAM: No, I'm good.

SARAH: Adam, you should fire me. I'll make it really easy on you.

ADAM: You don't really make enough for it to pay off, so your job is safe.

SARAH: Really, Adam, if there's anything, you know? Shoulder to cry on. Pizza delivery.

ADAM: Thank you. I'm good.

SARAH: Just ask, okay? It's decaf.

ADAM: Yeah.

[NEW SCENE - Joel at the Bathroom renovation.]

JULIA: Hello? Hi.

JOEL: Well, oh, hey, guys.

SYDNEY: Hi, daddy.


JOEL: Hey, sweetheart. Hey.

JULIA: This looks beautiful. Check it out.

JOEL: Um, did you bring a change of clothes?

JULIA: Yeah, it's in the car. Let me grab it for you.

JOEL: No, I got it.

JULIA: Babe. This is incredible.

SYDNEY: You did good, daddy.

JOEL: Thank you, sweetheart. [Quietly to Julia] Thank you.

JULIA: Yeah. Um, you know... I just want us both to be happy.

JOEL: Yeah, I know. I know you do. Um, okay, I'll be back soon.

JULIA: Okay.

[NEW SCENE - Community Centre]

HADDIE: All right, sir, I am leaving. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye.

ALEX: Bye. Hey, can you try to be on time tomorrow? You were a little late today.

HADDIE: Well, you should dock my pay.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman yard, Adam gets out of his car.]

ADAM: Hey, sweetie.

KRISTINA: How you doing?

ADAM: I'm all right.


ADAM: Yeah.

KRISTINA: Missed you.

ADAM: Missed you too. [They kiss and then walk to the outdoor table together.] Well, I did it.


ADAM: Yeah.

KRISTINA: Want a drink?

[At the table area the family has gathered.]

CROSBY: Shall we?

JASMINE: Yes, we should.

KRISTINA: Thanks, honey. Doesn't it smell delicious?

CROSBY: [Taps a glass.] Uh, parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, uh, I have, or rather, we have an announcement to make.

JASMINE: We're getting married!

[They sound surprised and starts clapping, as the scene continues they hug and congratulate the happy couple.]

ADAM: All right.

KRISTINA: Jasmine, welcome to crazy town.

SARAH: Love you, my brother.

JABBAR: Grandpa said I get to wear a tuxedo.

CROSBY: What? Oh, you're excited now?

CAMILLE: I just never thought this day would come.


[Episodes ends as they toast the engagement.]

Episode End
2.07 - Seven Names
Original Airdate (NBC) October 26, 2010
Written by Eric Guggenheim
Directed by Jan Eliasberg

Transcribed by Craig Best
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