2.05 - The Booth Job
Transcript by Craig Best

This is a Beta copy
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[Opening scene - Night-time, Julia and Joel are getting romantic in bed, undressing each other.]

SYDNEY: aah! Mommy! Daddy!

JOEL: Syd?

JULIA: Sydney?

[They scramble out of the bed, Julia using the sheets to cover herself.]


JOEL: Syd?

JULIA: Sydney?

JOEL: [Entering Sydney's room.] Syd, what is it? What is it?

SYDNEY: I had a bad dream.


JULIA: Baby, what happened?

JOEL: Oh, just a bad dream.

JULIA: Yeah? Well, tell me what happened in the dream.

SYDNEY: I was on this deck... And the water was all green...

JULIA: Yeah?

SYDNEY: And I fell in. And I tried to swim to get up, but something kept pulling me down.

JULIA: Oh, my gosh.

JOEL: That sounds awful, babe.

JULIA: That sounds terrible.

SYDNEY: Can I sleep in your bed?

JOEL: Uh...

JULIA: Um...

JOEL: You know what? Maybe we should just get some water and come back here and calm down, I'll tuck you in?

SYDNEY: No. I'm too scared.

JOEL: It's really safe here.


SYDNEY: Please, mommy?

JULIA: Okay, just for tonight, okay?

SYDNEY: I'm so scared.

JULIA: Just one night.

JOEL: Just one night.

JULIA: Okay.

JOEL: All right.

JULIA: Okay, let's go. Okay.

JOEL: Okay.

JULIA: Here we go.

SYDNEY: Why don't you and daddy have any clothes on?

JULIA: Um...

[NEW SCENE - Crosby's houseboat.]

CROSBY: That was a high-quality sleepover.

JASMINE: Yeah, it was.

CROSBY: Really top-notch.

JASMINE: It was, it was, it was.

CROSBY: We should do that more often.

JASMINE: We should. But now I got to go get Jabbar from my mom's. I got a million things to do, like... Get him in school.

CROSBY: Uh-huh. It's kindergarten, though. They're gonna play with blocks, right?

JASMINE: Yeah. It's not your mom's kindergarten. Those kids are reading already. And the longer we wait, the more the other kids will form bonds without him.

CROSBY: Well, what about your mom's district? Didn't you say that was decent?

JASMINE: Yeah. Decent is not the word you use to describe your kid's school.

CROSBY: Okay I'm just saying we got a backup plan.

JASMINE: It's a possibility.

CROSBY: What is all this?


CROSBY: Come back here. It's so warm in here, and then you're out there. It doesn't make any sense.

JASMINE: I got so much to do. I mean, I have to find a place to live. I still need to get back to New York and pack up the apartment at some point, and I need to figure out what I'm doing for a living now that I'm not touring.

CROSBY: All right, well, one panic attack at a time. Hey... What about, uh, Sydney's school?

JASMINE: Sycamore Charter?

CROSBY: Yeah. They love it.

JASMINE: Yeah, they love it. It's an amazing school. But they never have openings, and there's always a waiting list.

CROSBY: I'll talk to my sister.


CROSBY: Hey, hey, listen, listen, come here. Sit down. Jabbar is gonna get into a great school. I promise.

[NEW SCENE - T&S Footwear. Adam and Gordon make their way through the building.]

GORDON: I mean, come on, this is the biggest retail sports convention ever. It's gonna be huge!

ADAM: Yeah, and we need to sell some shoes there this year.

GORDON: Oh, come on. The new line is too hot, and the work you did, the work you did on the display? It's unbelievable, please.

ADAM: Thank you, thank you. Listen, I think it's a good idea for me to go to the convention this year, given what's been going on.

GORDON: That's what I love about you, Adam. You always offer, every year. But you know I need you back here running the shop.

ADAM: Yeah.

GORDON: How do I look?

ADAM: You look great.

GORDON: [Entering a room full of staff.] Okay, let's go, people! Let's go! Here we go with the 2011 Spring Shoe Show! [They cheer.] All right, all right, all right, all right! All right, all right, thank you. First of all, I'd like to announce who will be joining me this year at the convention to run the booth. Adam and I have spoken, and we both think, we both agree, actually, that this person best exemplifies everything that T&S Footwear stands for. So... The moment you've all been waiting for, let's give it up for... Sarah Braverman.

[The stunned staff start to clap.]

SARAH: What? Oh, my God. Thank, thank you! Wow.

[Opening credits - featuring “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan]

[NEW SCENE - Adam and Kristina in their bathroom getting ready for the day.]

ADAM: [Brushing his teeth.] Hey, you know what, honey?

KRISTINA: [Also brushing her teeth.] Hmm?

ADAM: I'm not gonna let it bother me.


ADAM: I'm gonna be happy for Sarah. She's gonna be great at the retail show.


ADAM: I'm gonna let it go.


ADAM: I'm lettin' it go.

KRISTINA: Let it go.

ADAM: I'm lettin' it go.

KRISTINA: Move over a little bit?

ADAM: Can I finish brushing my teeth, please?


ADAM: You…

KRISTINA: She gets to go to the trade show? She's only an intern, right? That's great.

ADAM: Yeah, but you know what? Like I said, lettin' it go.

KRISTINA: It's awesome if it doesn't bother you. You're so secure with yourself.

ADAM: Yeah.

KRISTINA: Have you thought about what I talked to you about the other night?

ADAM: Yeah.


ADAM: I'm not going.

KRISTINA: Come on! It's not gonna kill you to go.

ADAM: Well, there I have to disagree with you, because going to an Asperger's support group with the Lessing's might actually kill me.

KRISTINA: Okay, that's really mean.

ADAM: I'm just being honest, okay?

KRISTINA: Okay, I'll go by myself. I'll just go and maybe make some friends. Hold their hand because my husband won't be there. Sit with Suze and Phil.

ADAM: Honey, thank you.

KRISTINA: Maybe grab a sn… I'm not going by myself!

ADAM: Well, you know what honey? I'm gonna use the other bathroom.

KRISTINA: I'm not goin'.

KRISTINA: Adam! You're just kidding, right? I'll tell Phil that you said hello.

[NEW SCENE - Ambers bedroom, she is singing and playing the ukulele, as Kelsey video's it.]

AMBER: [Singing] 'Never in my whole life‚ would I choose just one‚ I have always loved the moonlight‚ and I've always loved the sun', Then it goes, last part, and then it goes. 'Doo doo doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo doo', oops. 'Doo‚ doo doo doo doo doo doo‚ doo doo doo doo doo'‚ Oh! Whoo!

KELSEY: Music video! Dude, you have, like, an amazing voice.

AMBER: Thanks.

KELSEY: No, seriously!

AMBER: Thanks.

KELSEY: I'm not gonna lie, think we should maybe start a band.

AMBER: Why don't you come over tonight and bring your bass, and we'll, like, try to…

KELSEY: Oh, wait. We have Howard today.

AMBER: Ah, yes. Howard.

KELSEY: We can hang out with Howard, like, do a little studying, maybe smoke a little weed and…

AMBER: Dude, we're not gonna smoke weed...


AMBER: During our tutoring session.

KELSEY: It's organic.

AMBER: Oh, it's organic.

[NEW SCENE - Crosby and Julia in her office.]

JULIA: Sycamore is a very good school.

CROSBY: Uh-huh.

JULIA: And it was not easy for me to get Sydney into this school.

CROSBY: Uh-huh.

JULIA: Don't bring any unnecessary drama. They don't need to know the whole, "I didn't know I had a son"...


KRISTINA: "And then I decided to start dating his mother after I found out," and whatever. You and Jasmine aren't married. You don't even live together. It's kind of... It just, it just comes off a little flaky.


JULIA: You need to come off as stable.

CROSBY: Okay. I will be stable.

JULIA: Great.

CROSBY: Thank you… I'll be stable.

JULIA: Okay. You got it. Okay.


JULIA: Good. Cool. Now?

CROSBY: Yeah. Class already started. I got to get him in kindergarten.

JULIA: Don't say I didn't warn you. [On the phone.] Would you connect me to Sycamore Charter? Thanks you.

CROSBY: If I can come in after 5:00, there's a great happy hour with free nachos and have a couple cocktails before.

JULIA: I would say change your hat. Just saying.

CROSBY: Oh, my goodness. You don't like my duck-hunting look?

[NEW SCENE - Braverman house, another family gathering. Drew with Sydney and Max open a board game.]

DREW: Do you guys know how to play this?

MAX: Yes. I win every single time.

DREW: That's because you cheat.

[In the next room.]

JULIA: There's nothing greater than seeing her little face sleeping and breathing. It's just…

SARAH: Really? She's sleeping in the, right with you? Every night?

JULIA: Not every night! And it's unbelievable.

JOEL: It's every night.

JULIA: It's luscious. I want to inhale her.

JOEL: I'm just worried about rolling over and crushing and/or killing our daughter, so...

SARAH: Exactly!

ZEEK: Crosby slept with us until he was 13, and he turned out all right.

ADAM: Is that true?

CROSBY: So if you want one of these, you know how to get one.

ZEEK: Is Kristina coming late or what?

ADAM: Uh, no, she's at a support group for parents with kids who have Asperger's.

ZEEK: In a support group? Really?

CAMILLE: Good for her. Which reminds me, actually, before I forget, guys, I need your help for something. Um... Well, we need suggestions. Um, your father and I are supposed to find an activity to do together, you know, something fun.

JULIA: A fun activity.


ZEEK: Yeah, well, our therapist suggested that we do something intimate.

SARAH: Okay. We don't help you with that.

CROSBY: No, no, no. Not intimate. No. Interactive.


ZEEK: Interactive?

CROSBY: Yeah, it's different.

CROSBY: Oh, my God, you know what? The Monster Truck Rally's at the fair this weekend.

JULIA: Oh, cool.

CAMILLE: Oh, that's real interactive.

CROSBY: Yeah, and a guy's gonna wrestle a Jaguar after the main event.

JOEL: Wow!

ADAM: Yeah, sounds like that's right up mom's alley.

ZEEK: Well, they've got those sausages and the onions I love.

HADDIE: I'll go to that with you.

ZEEK: I'm in.

AMBER: What if you guys go over the bridge to San Francisco and, like, walk around Fort Point and walk by the ocean.

SARAH: That's nice.

ADAM: Have a nice talk?

JULIA: Or just go to the movies and, you know, Kristina was just saying she wanted to see a movie. What was that?

ADAM: I don't know. We haven't seen a movie in, like, ten years.

HADDIE: What about, uh, like, ballroom dancing?


HADDIE: Yeah, that could be nice.

SARAH: Ballroom dancing!

HADDIE: Yeah. You can dress up. That'd be, like, special and kind of fancy.

CAMILLE: I think that's, you know, it's an idea.

HADDIE: Yeah, I could see you guys doing it.

CAMILLE: You know, we, we could try it. You know, if, if we don't like it, then we can always stop. I mean, you know, we don't have to keep doing it. You know, it's funny. I always wanted to do that.

JULIA: Really.

CAMILLE: Yeah, way in the back of my mind, it was always something I thought I'd do someday.

ZEEK: Hey, Millie... I would love to dance with you.

CROSBY: Is this guy charming or what? Actually, if you don't dance with him, I'm gonna.

[In distinguishable chatter around the table.]

CROSBY: The fox is in the henhouse.

[NEW SCENE - Asperger's support group.]

KRISTINA: I, um... I'm a mom... Obviously. I, uh, have a child with Asperger's, like you all and, um, just doing the best that I can getting through things, life, doing what we do… all of us. That's what I have to say. That's it.

RICHARD: [Group leader] What's your child's name, Kristina?


RICHARD: Max. How old is Max?

KRISTINA: Max is nine.

RICHARD: And how long have you known that Max has Asperger's?

KRISTINA: About a year, officially... Probably about a year. There were signs before. You know, he... He was having trouble in school, like a lot of kids do, tantrums, you know, just behavioural things. But he was fine. He's fine. I'm just trying to figure it out. So... I'm just gonna, can I listen for a little bit?

RICHARD: Sure. Thank you for sharing.

KRISTINA: [To the Lessing's sitting next to her.] I'm okay. I'm okay. Thank you.

MELANIE: I, uh... I cried in McDonald's today.

RICHARD: Melanie, tell us about it.

MELANIE: Um... I've been so stressed out being at home with Anthony, my six-year-old with Asperger's, all the time. I mean, my husband leaves for work at 7:00 in the morning, and sometimes I don't see him again until 9:00. So it's just... Me and Anthony all day. And don't get me wrong. I love my son to pieces. But it's a little like living on an island all day with these... Weird rules that don't apply to other people... You know, thinking, thinking all the time... "Is this gonna set him off? What's that noise? S-should I drive home a different way to avoid the barking dog?" Always living with that, that pressure, always so much. And it feels like you can't breathe sometimes. You know what I mean?

[Kristina starts to tear up as she listens.]

[NEW SCENE - Braverman guesthouse, Amber helping Sarah study.]

AMBER: Okay, here we go. The last one. Who is this lovely man?

SARAH: Uh... Uh...Aus, Austin Winburn. Winburn-burn! Austin Winberburn!

AMBER: Yes, Winberburn.

SARAH: Okay. And he's a big supplier to, um, to the Shoe Shack.

AMBER: No. No, not right.

SARAH: What are they called?

AMBER: Step... Step...

SARAH: Sharp. Step Sharp.

AMBER: Yes, correct.

SARAH: And they are interested in athletic shoes for women, so we're gonna really push running shoes.

AMBER: Okay, that's good, but what are his hobbies?

SARAH: His hobbies are, um... Windsurfing, wind-sailing?

AMBER: No. Come on.

SARAH: Uh, you're on the... Parasail, you're…

AMBER: Water-skiing.

SARAH: Water-skiing and, uh, the craps table at Caesars.

AMBER: Okay, that's about it. That's the last one.

SARAH: Is it?

AMBER: I think that's probably as good as it's gonna get.

SARAH: Okay, that's not bad, huh?

AMBER: How do you know all this?

SARAH: This is what you learn from Facebook.

AMBER: It's very creepy that you're knowing about his water-skiing, but...

SARAH: Well, that's the job, you know.

AMBER: I know.

SARAH: I'm just trying to do a good job.

AMBER: I need $40.

SARAH: What, why?

AMBER: For tutoring.

SARAH: Again?

AMBER: Yeah, it's time. I…

SARAH: That's the second time this week that you needed $40 for tutoring with Howard.

AMBER: Well, I'm sorry, but what do you want me to say? I need it.

SARAH: That's what you're, you know, doing, using it for?

AMBER: Is that a joke?

SARAH: You and Kelsey? No. I'm just wondering.

AMBER: Tell me that's a big joke.

SARAH: I just am wondering.

AMBER: Really? You're suspicious?

SARAH: It's sort of too good to be true.

AMBER: Of course, yeah. Okay, you caught me, mom. I'm gonna go buy some drugs and, you know, whatever else you don't want me to do, 'cause God forbid I do something right ever in my whole life.

SARAH: Hey. That's not what I meant. I'm sorry.

AMBER: Can we not afford this? I'm serious. I don't want to stress you out. Because if we can't afford it, it's like, fine, I can study it on my own, I don't…

SARAH: It's your education. It's important. Take it.

AMBER: Thanks.

SARAH: You're the best.

AMBER: I know.

SARAH: Okay.

AMBER: See you soon. [Opens the door to leave.] Thanks.

SARAH: Thanks. [To herself after amber closes the door.] Winberburn. Winberburn. Winberburn.

[NEW SCENE - Dance class, music is playing. As Zeek and Camille dance with other couples.]

JAKE: [Teacher] All right, ladies and gentlemen, here we go! 5, 6, 7, 8... Slow, quick, quick. Slow. Keep your chins up. Keep your shoulders back. [To Camille.] Tuck your rump in. You're not a butcher. Good, good.

ZEEK: See, what did I tell you, Millie? Come on.

CAMILLE: Well, excuse me. I didn't think we were auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance on the first lesson.

ZEEK: Okay. Just relax. Ow! Ow!

CAMILLE: Well, your foot isn't supposed to be there.

ZEEK: Honey, it's connected to my ankle, that's where it goes. Come on.

CAMILLE: You're supposed to step back.

ZEEK: Sweetheart, just... Millie, just take it easy. Go with the flow. Deep breath. Here we go. Come on. Ready? That a girl. Head up.

JAKE: All right, rotate partners. Here we go. Ladies rotate to the right. Pick up your frame. Here we go and 5, 6, 7, 8... Slow.

[Zeek turns around to find he is paired with another guy.]

ZEEK: Oh. Guess it's you and me, right?

TONY: Mm-hmm.

ZEEK: Okay, I want you to know that I'm okay with the gays, all right?

TONY: Good to know... [Reading his name badge.] Zeek.

ZEEK: And, uh, Tony.

TONY: Mm-hmm.

ZEEK: Let's get something straight between us, so to speak. I'll be leading.

TONY: You're the boss, Zeek.

ZEEK: Okay. [They start dancing.] Hmm. Well, this isn't your first class, is it?

TONY: Nope.

ZEEK: Very nice. Hey, Millie. Look at Tony. I mean, gosh, he's so responsive. Huh? Moves like a dream, doesn't he? Very nice. Yeah. Very coordinated. You dip?

TONY: Oh, yeah.

JAKE: Nicely done!

[Camille can't believe her eyes.]

[NEW SCENE - Joel and Julia are asleep in bed, when Sydney opens the door.]

SYDNEY: Mommy, I had another nightmare.

[She climbs into bed between them. She moves throughout the night, finally Joel gets out of bed.]

[NEW SCENE - Joel sitting on the stairs in the dark.]


JOEL: Hey.

JULIA: Come back to bed.

JOEL: She has to get out of that bed.

JULIA: That's a little intense.

JOEL: I feel intense.

JULIA: Okay, she can sleep on my side of the bed, okay?

JOEL: No, sweetheart, it's not about which side she sleeps on. It's about... It's about me being a parent. You go to work, and I'm a parent all day. You know? And then you get home, and it's all about our girl, which it should be, and I love it, but at night... At night, it's the only time that I don't have to be a parent. I can just be Joel with my wife, and I need that.

JULIA: I'm sorry. I want to be with you too. But I do go to work in the morning, and I, and I work all day, and I miss her so much while I'm there, and... You know, I love my job, but... She's growing up so fast. I don't want to miss it all. Sometimes that's the only time I get to be a parent.

SYDNEY: Mommy, come back. I need you.

[NEW SCENE - Adam and Kristina in bed. She can't sleep.]


ADAM: Yeah?

KRISTINA: Can I talk to you about something that's probably gonna annoy you?

ADAM: Please, by all means.

KRISTINA: That support group isn't as scary as it sounds. I think it's helpful.

ADAM: All right, Kristina…

KRISTINA: It could be helpful to you.

ADAM: Let me explain something to you. I don't think that it's scary. I think it's stupid. You know...I have you.


ADAM: We have each other. I can talk about anything with you, and that's enough for me.


ADAM: You'll be my group.


ADAM: I love you.


ADAM: Good night.

KRISTINA: Good night. I'm gonna keep going, though.

ADAM: Fine. I think you should.


[NEW SCENE - 2011 Spring Shoe Show, Sarah signs in and receives her pass, walks into the main hall and looks overwhelmed. Gordon approaches surprising her.]

GORDON: Ready?

SARAH: Oh, thanks. I mean, hi. Yes. Let's…

GORDON: Let's go.

SARAH: Okay.

GORDON: Wow. I, I can't believe it. This thing keeps getting bigger and bigger every year.


[NEW SCENE - T&S Footwear, Zeek is trying on some new sneakers.]

ADAM: So how long have you guys been doing this?

ZEEK: Well, we've been dragging our asses there for eight weeks now, at 150 bucks a session.

ADAM: Yeah.

ZEEK: Now, see... Adam, these are, these are too tight in here. I don't think they're made right.

ADAM: Yeah, they're not made right. Dad, you have a wide foot. I've told you that.

ZEEK: Adam, they pinch.

ADAM: All right. Tell you what, let's try another shoe. [A man hands him several more boxes of shoes.] Thank you. Thank you very much. [To Zeek] All right, just toss that in there.

ZEEK: Yep.

ADAM: So what do you do there? You just talk? Share?

ZEEK: Hell if I know. I know that the only thing I'm doing differently is I'm dancing with gay Tony. Oh, you ought to see this guy move, Adam. He's like a finely tuned European sports car. He's very sensitive, and he just responds to the slightest touch. Honestly, it's amazing.

ADAM: That's great.

ZEEK: Hey, son, you know...

ADAM: Yeah.

ZEEK: I don't go to therapy for me, you know? What am I gonna get out of it? I hate goin'.

ADAM: Yeah.

ZEEK: I'm going because it means something to your mom, alright? That's why I'm going.

[NEW SCENE - Back at the Spring Shoe Show. Montage of scenes to start with.]

SARAH: Hi, there. I'm Sarah Braverman. I'm the T&S rep this year.

SARAH: [New scene.] Nice to see you. Sarah Braverman, T&S rep this year. You know Mr. Flint.

SARAH: [To Gordon.] That's Bob Ingomar from Cleveland. He's the buyer for Natural Walk.

GORDON: Bob Ingomar from Cleveland! Wonderful to see you again.

SARAH: Sally Bergen from Nordstrom. Um, she's got three kids and...

SARAH: [New scene.] Their sales were up 29% this year, and I think you could do an even bigger order. He really likes Dr. Pepper.

GORDON: Here's your Dr. Pepper.

MAN: Thank you. You are a God.

SARAH: His wife just left him for a race-car driver from Prague, so don't mention your recent trip there.

[End of the day, Gordon pops the cork on a bottle of champagne and Sarah kicks off her heels.]


GORDON: We kicked the ass of the entire footwear industry!

SARAH: Yeah, we did.

GORDON: Hold on a moment. I'd like to propose a toast. To Sarah Braverman... The best booth job ever.

SARAH: Gah... Thanks a lot.

GORDON: You give good booth.

MIKE: Hey, Sarah.


MIKE: Look at you. You look beautiful.

SARAH: Oh. Thanks. Um, you know Gordon, our boss?

GORDON: Hey, man.

MIKE: How you doing?

SARAH: This is, you know Mike. He works in the warehouse.

GORDON: For me?

MAX: Yeah...

GORDON: Oh, great, man. What's your name again?

MIKE: Mike.


MAX: Yeah, I met you before.

GORDON: Oh, okay. I'm sorry about that.

MIKE: That's cool.

GORDON: Welcome aboard.

MIKE: Thanks, man.

GORDON: All right, all right.

MIKE: So, uh, we still on for later this week?

SARAH: Oh, yeah! Yeah, yeah, uh... I'll call you. I got a little... Work thing. But I'll call you. I'll call you.

MIKE: Um, yeah, maybe next week or something.

SARAH: No, no. I'll call you.

MIKE: Good to meet you, man.

GORDON: See ya at the office.

[NEW SCENE - Amber and Kelsey's tutor session with Howard. Music is playing loudly as Howard smokes pot. Amber sits in the corner.]

HOWARD: I don't think that's workin' too well.

KELSEY: [Stoned] Whatever. My mom won't be home until 8:00. It really doesn't matter. I'll light some candles or something.

AMBER: Hey, that's a good idea. Maybe if you burn down the house, she won't notice the pot smell.



KELSEY: Actually...

AMBER: Okay, that's a joke. Don't, don't burn the house down.

KELSEY: I mean... I'm just saying. Okay.

AMBER: Uh... We gonna finish this math or...?




AMBER: Yeah. Okay. Cool. I'm gonna go, then.

HOWARD: Hey. You did a really good job today.

AMBER: Oh, Howard, thanks. That really means a lot. That's very kind.

KELSEY: That's really sweet of you, Howard.

HOWARD: Thankyou.

KELSEY: It really means a lot to her. [They both laugh in their stoned state.] Sweet of you. Wait, you're, you're, like, actually leaving?

AMBER: Yeah, buddy, I'm actually leaving. All right? See ya.

KELSEY: Wait. Wai, wai, wait. Hold, wait, where, really?

[NEW SCENE - Sycamore Charter Elementary School. Kids run through the halls as the bell rings. Crosby and Jasmine wait to see the Principal Taylor.]

CROSBY: Listen, we got to get creative here, okay? The competition is too stiff. We need to think about adding another layer to this. We can't just...

JASMINE: What kind of, what are you talking about?

CROSBY: We need to do, we need to bring our "A" game. Okay? Listen...

JASMINE: What are you, what is that?

CROSBY: I borrowed these rings from Julie and Joel, okay? [Jasmine laughs.] Listen, that couple in there, they're completely normal, all right, and they're stable.


CROSBY: Well, and we're not stable. We, [Stops talking as a teacher passes.] this is the school, okay? We got to be the couple, you know? We can't just go in there all free-spirited bohemian and think they're gonna let us in, so just pop this on…

JASMINE: I'm not doi, I'm not putting it on.

CROSBY: What do you mean, you're not?

JASMINE: No. This is ridiculous.

CROSBY: It's not ridiculous.

JASMINE: It is! Look, we're awesome. And we're exactly the kind of couple that they want at this school as parents. You know why? Because we're bright. We're loving. We're ethical. We love each other. And that's all that we need, okay? Trust me. I got this.

CROSBY: All right.

[They hear the Garrison's coming out of the Principal's office.]

MIKE GARRISON: Hey, listen, thanks so much. Real pleasure.

PRINCIPAL TAYLOR: Anytime. And, Gina, I am gonna get you that coffee cake recipe. I swear, when you taste it, you are going to die.

GINA GARRISON: That would be so great. And I still can't believe that our grandmothers both came from Northern Iowa.

PRINCIPAL TAYLOR: Yeah, how about, and the same town. It's unbelievable. Terrific talking to you both. You'll be hearing from us soon.

GINA GARRISON: Looking forward to it. Bye-bye.

CROSBY: Principal Taylor.

PRINCIPAL TAYLOR: Oh. Uh, Mr. Beaverman.


PRINCIPAL TAYLOR: Yeah, uh... Give me two minutes, will ya?

CROSBY: Two minutes? Okay. [Jasmine grabs his hand.] What are you doing?

JASMINE: Give me the ring.

CROSBY: Well, now you want…

JASMINE: Give me the ring!

CROSBY: All right. Here.

JASMINE: Just give it to me!

CROSBY: Sorry. Left hand, right?

JASMINE: Yeah, left hand.

[NEW SCENE - Principal Taylor's office.]

PRINCIPAL TAYLOR: Yep. Looks like a wonderful boy. You know, what I really like is that he's interested in music and baseball.


CROSBY: Yeah. And reading, he likes that.

PRINCIPAL TAYLOR: A well-rounded kid. Okay. So why don't you tell me something about you two?

CROSBY: Well, um, for starters, we are married.

JASMINE: Mm-hmm.

CROSBY: Um, happily married.

PRINCIPAL TAYLOR: Well, that's very nice. [Laughs] Anything else?

JASMINE: Oh, I'm a dancer.


JASMINE: Mm-hmm.

PRINCIPAL TAYLOR: Well, that's exciting. Do you move around a lot?

JASMINE: That's…

CROSBY: That was funny... Because dancers move around a lot when they're dancing.

CROSBY: But she's not, um, ever really away from home, if that's what you're... I think that might have been what your question…

JASMINE: Right. I decided to only take local jobs.

PRINCIPAL TAYLOR: Oh. You're lucky to find them.


PRINCIPAL TAYLOR: I mean, you must be very talented.

CROSBY: She's incredibly talented. In fact, she just turned down Alvin Ailey's Dance Company so she could be...


CROSBY: Closer to our son. That's the level of talent she has.

JASMINE: Yeah, and he's... Really talented as well. I mean, he's an amazing music producer. This one here.

CROSBY: Don't know about amazing.

JASMINE: You're amazing, honey.

PRINCIPAL TAYLOR: It's nice to see two parents who believe in each other so much. Ha. Have to say, it's not always the case. Now, you said you're a music producer.

CROSBY: Uh-huh.

PRINCIPAL TAYLOR: Well, we could sure use you around here for the spring sing. See, it's always been a thought of mine that if we could record the kids' concert and then sell the CDs, that could be a very good fundraiser for us.

JASMINE: That's a great idea.

CROSBY: That's a really good idea. You know, I could totally do that for you. What kind of equipment do you have?

PRINCIPAL TAYLOR: You mean, um, recording equipment?



CROSBY: Oh. Okay. Uh, well, we could bring the kids down to my studio, and I could record them there. Or, you know, even better, if some of the kids are interested in, like, the mixing board, I could also help them to engineer it too. That is, I would seriously love to do that. That would be so much fun for me.

[Jasmine looks down at the ring on her finger.]

PRINCIPAL TAYLOR: They would love that. I mean, for them to get into a real studio and see all the real machines and everything, that would make their day.

CROSBY: Yeah. I think it'd make all of our days.

JASMINE: Mm-hmm.


[NEW SCENE - Braverman house, Zeek puts a record on the turntable.]

ZEEK: Oh, yeah. Come on.

[Music starts playing “You cast a spell on me‚ I was blind, but now I see”]

ZEEK: Millie, Millie, Millie! Get down here. Ha ha. I'm feelin' it! I got the foxtrot in my shoes and my, come on, let's practice. Come on. You feel it? Huh? Got that feeling? Nice, nice. [Camille stops the record.] What are you doing?

CAMILLE: I don't want to do the dance-class thing anymore.

ZEEK: Why?

CAMILLE: What do you think?

ZEEK: Honey, we're not very good, all right? So I thought, you know, if we practice, we're gonna get better, then we'll have a lot more fun.

CAMILLE: It's not about the dancing. Don't ya get it? I wanted to spend time together. You didn't want to do it in the first place. Now you're off the hook. Right? {She leaves the room.]

ZEEK: I don't know what... The hell...

[NEW SCENE - Ambers bedroom, she's hanging a poster on the wall.]

AMBER: Who is it?

KELSEY: It's me.

AMBER: Oh. Come in.



KELSEY: That's a good poster.

AMBER: Thanks.

KELSEY: Your grandma let me in.

AMBER: Cool.

KELSEY: So why'd you leave all pissed off?

AMBER: Um... I wasn't all pissed off. I just was, like, a little...

KELSEY: You were, like, pretty pissed off.

AMBER: Frustrated… Just, like, the whole Howard thing.

KELSEY: Are you jealous?

AMBER: Are you kidding? Of course I'm not jealous. Please.

KELSEY: I'm just trying... To figure out...

AMBER: Look, I don't think you have any idea what a huge deal $40 is to my family, and... Like, I just can't afford sitting around and smoking pot with you and Howard for $40. I need that tutoring.

KELSEY: I didn't even think about that.

AMBER: I know, and I should have told you. But it's... It's embarrassing.

KELSEY: I'm really sorry. I'll, I'll give you all the money back.

AMBER: No, hey…

KELSEY: I mean...

AMBER: Please. It's not about that. I just had to tell you, you know?

KELSEY: Yeah. We will... Study from now on.

AMBER: Okay.

KELSEY: We're just gonna ace those S.A.T.s

AMBER: Hope so.

KELSEY: Can I stay for dinner?

AMBER: If you must.

[NEW SCENE - Adam sitting on his couch with his laptop.]

MAX: Dad?

ADAM: Yeah?

MAX: Do you know where mom is? 'Cause I finished my math homework, and I want my sticker. See?

ADAM: Yeah, uh...

MAX: Do you know where she is?

ADAM: She's, she's not here, bud. She's at a-a group meeting.

MAX: What kind of a group?

ADAM: It's a group that has a sheared... Common experience, shared common interest.

MAX: What, like, you know... Is it like when Haddie goes with all her friends and plays soccer, like that?

ADAM: Yeah. It's like that.

MAX: Do they play soccer?


MAX: Well, then what do they do?

ADAM: Cards. They, they play cards. They all like... Playing cards.

MAX: Well, do they play "Go fish"? 'Cause that's really fun. I want to play "go fish" with them if they play "go fish."

ADAM: I don't think they do.

MAX: Oh. Well, I want to play "Go fish" sometime.

[NEW SCENE - Exterior of the Spring Shoe Show. Gordon and Sarah walk to her car.]

SARAH: I'll get this. [Opening the trunk.]

GORDON: [Putting a box in the car.] Ah.

SARAH: Thank you for this amazing day. I'll never forget it.

GORDON: Please. I should be thanking you.

SARAH: No. You have no idea how great that made me feel. I... Tomorrow I'll return this dress with the tag still on, give my sister back these beautiful shoes, and go back to being an intern slash bartender. Today was a real gift.

GORDON: You have no idea how great you are... Do you? I just, uh... Don't get to meet a lot of girls like you. Thanks.

SARAH: [Quickly replies] Thanks… Thanks.

GORDON: Good night.

SARAH: Good night.

[Gordon leans in and they kiss as he holds her face.]

GORDON: See you tomorrow.

SARAH: Yeah.

[NEW SCENE - Asperger's support group]

HANK: I feel like we're this unit, like we can hold it together and protect him as long as we're together.

KRISTINA: [Quietly as she sees Adam enter the room.] Hi.

RICHARD: Hank, thank you. Uh, hello. Join us.

KRISTINA: That's my husband, Adam.

RICHARD: Oh. Adam, welcome.

KRISTINA: Thanks for coming.

RICHARD: Have a seat. Join us. It's nice to finally meet you.

ADAM: Thank you. Nice to be here.

RICHARD: Is there anything you'd like to share with us?

ADAM: Um...

KRISTINA: It's okay.

RICHARD: Take your time. It's okay.

ADAM: I, I felt kind of, uh, weird leaving the house tonight, because our son asked where his mother was. And, uh... I don't like to lie to my kids. So I wanted to tell him that his mother was at an Asperger's support group meeting, but... I couldn't, because he doesn't know he has Asperger's. And I dread... The day that I have to tell him he does.

[NEW SCENE - Crosby's house boat.]

JASMINE: He's asleep.

CROSBY: Gin and tonic.

JASMINE: Ooh. Classy!

CROSBY: That's how we do it at our private school.

JASMINE: Mm. [Takes a sip.] Mmm.

CROSBY: He is totally getting into that school.


CROSBY: I think they might even name the gymnasium after us.

JASMINE: It's because you killed it. You really did.

CROSBY: Thank you.

JASMINE: You're welcome.

CROSBY: But I think... We killed it. [He takes her hand.] You know, the whole time you were gone, I never stopped hoping that we'd all be back together. And... This is kind of how I hoped it would be. [They look down at the rings.] And... [Fights to get the right words out.] You're awesome.

JASMINE: Yeah. You too. I should, um...

CROSBY: [drinks some more.] These are good.

JASMINE: Give you back this ring before you lose it.

CROSBY: Oh, yeah, thank you. Julia will kill me if, do you want to…

JASMINE: No. You should, you should give it back.

[NEW SCENE - Julia in the hall way of her house, just outside Sydney's room. She hears he daughter.]

SYDNEY: Now it's time for sleep. Make sure that the alligator doesn't bite you. I know, mom. Night. Night, darling.

JULIA: Hi, sweetie.

SYDNEY: Hi, mommy. Shh. Daddy's sleeping.

JULIA: I see that.

SYDNEY: Can I go in your bed now?

JULIA: Well... Come here. So you know what's funny?


JULIA: When mommies and daddies first meet and they fall in love, they get in this kind of a love bubble. It's their own little world. And they're just in there with each other. And then... Babies come. And it makes them really happy. And they want the babies to come in the bubble with them. But they only made the bubble for two people at first... So it gets a little squishy.

SYDNEY: But does it grow?

JULIA: It does grow, but it takes time for it to grow, so...

SYDNEY: So the daddy's getting pushed out?

JULIA: That's exactly right. And he starts to feel a little left out, you know? He misses some of that attention that he used to get. So... Do you think you could help me out with that, basically being in your own bed for a little bit, so daddy can come back in the bubble... For a little bit?

SYDNEY: Sure. [She kisses her mom.] Sometimes daddies are like little babies who need attention too.

[NEW SCENE - Braverman yard, Camille is paining, Zeek comes out.]

ZEEK: It's beautiful. Sad... Kind of lonely. Is that the way you feel?

CAMILLE: Well, it's... It's the way I've felt for a little while...

ZEEK: Oh...

CAMILLE: I guess.

[Landon Pigg & Mae Whitman singing “Gardenia” plays until the end credits.]

ZEEK: Yeah? Hey, kid. I love you. Bottom line, okay? And I'm not gonna lose you.

[NEW SCENE - Adam, Max and Kristina playing cards.]

MAX: Got a Jack?

ADAM: Go fish, my friend.

MAX: [Picking one off the table.] Jack!

ADAM: How about that?

MAX: This...Makes... All...Four.

ADAM: All right, mom.

MAX: Gaby says I have to to ask another feeling question today. So how was that group meeting of people with shared interests and experience who like playing cards that you went to?

ADAM: It was good... Really good.

KRISTINA: Got any 3s?

ADAM: Go fish.

Episode End
2.05 - The Booth Job
Original Airdate (NBC) October 12, 2010
Written by Kerry Ehrin
Directed by Adam Davidson

Transcribed by Craig Best
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