1.10 - Namaste No More
Transcript by Craig Best

[Opening scene - Crosby and Jasmine are in her bed when they are woken by a noise at the doo.]

JABBAR: Mommy, mommy!

JASMINE: Jabbar, Jabbar, Jabbar, Jabbar, Jabbar, Jabbar.

JABBAR: Mommy, mommy.

[Crosby tries to his in the closet.]

JASMINE: Not there! You gotta go out the window.

CROSBY: Right.

JABBAR: Mom, are you in there?

JASMINE: One second, honey. [To Crosby] Hurry, hurry, hurry. [To Jabbar.]

CROSBY: Shoes, shoes, shoes.

JASMINE: [To Jabbar.] Mommy will be right there. [TO Crosby.] Hurry up.

CROSBY: Really 'cause I just…

JASMINE: No, just hurry up. Go, go, go, go, go, go. Go, hurry.

[Crosby falls out the open window on to the ground, some neighbours notice.]

CROSBY: [Jasmine throws out his shoes hitting him.] Oh! oh! [He gets up gathering his things, then notices the people in the street.] Morning.

[New Scene - Outside the Lessings' house.]

ADAM: Okay.


ADAM: Max, his name is Noel, and he's a real interesting kid.


ADAM: And, you know, you might, you might like him.


ADAM: You know…

KRISTINA: Fantastic.

ADAM: Maybe he could become a friend.

MARK: Why do I need a friend?

ADAM: 'Cause friends are fun.

KRISTINA: You don't need a friend.

MARK: Can you give me a reason why friends are fun?

ADAM: Uh...

KRISTINA: They're fun because they're friends.

ADAM: Yeah.

KRISTINA: And friends are friends. In order to be a friend, you have to have a friend.

ADAM: You know what, let's just try to have a good time.

SUZE & PHIL: [Together.] Hi.


[New Scene - Shortly after in the back yard. Suze and Kristina are seated at the table, Max and Noel are playing on the law and Adam is talking to Phil about his strange bike.]

PHIL: It's all about a low center of gravity.

ADAM: Uh-huh.

PHIL: Here, give it a shot.

ADAM: Oh, that's all right.

PHIL: No, go on.

ADAM: All right.

SUZE: Oh my God we found the most amazing physical theorist but no, he comes to the house, can you believe it?

KRISTINA: That's great.

SUZE: Am I talking too much about Noel? [Kristina shakes her head.] I try to think about other things, but it's just that I love him so much, you know what I mean?

KRISTINA: Yeah, I know.

SUZE: It's just so good for him. 'Cause he doesn't get a lot of…

KRISTINA: [To Adam.] Hey, honey?

ADAM: [Now on the bike with Phil's help] Yeah.

KRISTINA: Okay. Um, can you go check on the kids for a minute?

ADAM: Yeah, yeah. Uh-huh, I'm on it. [Gets off the bike.] Hey, guys…

MAX: Dad, hey…

ADAM: How's it going?

MARK: Can you get him to stop hugging me?

ADAM: Uh, Noel, Noel, Noel. Could…

NOEL: Let's roll around, let's roll around.

SUZE: He loves rolling around.

ADAM: Oh, yeah. Well, hey, that looks like fun. You want to roll around, Max?

NOEL: Oh, God, he's such a good boy.

PHIL: Hey, Adam.

ADAM: Yeah?

PHIL: I borrowed another recumbent so we can go biking later.

SUZE: Philly! Philly! Where did you find that?

PHIL: From Jim.

KRISTINA: You know.

ADAM: What?

KRISTINA: Max is not feeling so great.

ADAM: Oh, really?

KRISTINA: I think he's a little…

PHIL: Is it diarrhea? Noel had diarrhea a couple weeks ago.

SUZE: He did.


ADAM: Oh, well, we should probably go.

SUZE: It's okay. You know, we can do it another time.


MAX: Time to go.

KRISTINA: …definitely.

ADAM: Okay.

PHIL: It's okay. Got it.

ADAM: Rain check on the recumbent.

PHIL: Yeah.


ADAM: Uh, Max!

KRISTINA: Thanks for the nuts.

SUZE: You're so welcome.

PHIL: Noel, say good-bye.

NOEL: Bye!

SUZE: Bye.

KRISTINA: Bye-bye.

[New Scene - Joel and Julia's back yard. Sydney is kicking a soccer ball and Joel is talking on the phone.]

JOEL: Yeah, all right, bye. [Hangs up.] Unbelievable.

JULIA: What's wrong?

JOEL: Greg Davis quit. Sydney's coach. He's got some new project at work or some crap.

JULIA: That happens.

JOEL: Not three days before the season starts, leaving all the kids in the lurch. That's ridiculous. The work thing, by the way, utterly bogus. Totally.


JOEL: Greg Davis is hyper-competitive. He just wants to coach the stars. He doesn't want to coach the loser team.

JULIA: Syd's on the loser team?

JOEL: Yeah. Athletically challenged.

JULIA: She doesn't need that kind of energy around her anyway. She's better off without it. This is a good thing.

JOEL: I agree. She needs some kind of energy, Julia. They have to have a coach.

JULIA: Well, how about if I do it?

JOEL: [Mockingly.] Yeah.

JULIA: What?

JOEL: Oh, you're serious? Okay.

JULIA: Yeah, well, why not?

JOEL: Yeah, yeah. And you don't think it's gonna be an issue with the…

JULIA: What?

JOEL: You know, with the team if they may not…


JOEL: That's it, yeah. We both know you hate to lose, so…

JULIA: Yeah, I would love to coach a team of rejects.

JOEL: Sure you would.

JULIA: Of losers. Yeah. You know why?


JULIA: Because it pisses me off that the world is divided up that way, at five years old?

JOEL: Yeah.

JULIA: Yeah. No. I'm not just saying, "okay, I'll do it."

JOEL: No. You're getting right in there.

JULIA: I am gonna give these kids a great coaching experience that isn't about winning.

JOEL: Right. No, no.


JOEL: It wouldn't be, with you. God, no. It's gonna be about having a good time. Yep.

JULIA: Hey, Syd, guess who's gonna be your new soccer coach this season.


[Julia smiles and points to herself, Sydney smiles back.]

[New Scene - Pawnshop.]

SARAH: Hi there, I am looking for the practically new laptop at the low, low price. [The assistant gets the laptop.] Oh, look there's a bunch of them.

DREW: It's probably because they're…

ASSISTANT: That would be this one.

SARAH: Okay.

DREW: That's, like, ten years old.

SARAH: Ten years? How can you tell?

DREW: What do you mean? It's huge. Newer computers are slimmer. It's just, [Softly to Sarah.] It's like a bait and switch.

ASSISTANT: Well, that one's a year old, but if your son wants you to see something slimmer, fine.

DREW: I told you, just look on craigslist, everybody else does.

ASSISTANT: How's your mother gonna look on craigslist if she doesn't have a computer?

SARAH: Excuse me, can I see these? The cuff links with the "Z" on them? That's incredible. Do you know where these came from?

ASSISTANT: I don't remember, honestly, but they're very nice. Very elegant. You like them?

DREW: Hey, mom, I think that one up there has maybe a possibility for running Photoshop.

SARAH: Would you mind if I took a picture of these?

ASSISTANT: Sure. Thank you.

DREW: Isn't the computer more important than these cuff links?

SARAH: Yeah. It's just weird. You know, your grandfather has a pair just like these. I mean, exactly.

[Opening credits - featuring “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan]

[New Scene - Golf Club Café.]

HADDIE: Yeah, who we just saw, because his thumbs were like this. [Steve Laughs.] Like, no, like, they were, it was on one hand.

STEVE: Really? Like, miniature, like?

HADDIE: Yeah, but I think that's what used to happen.

AMBER: Oh, boy.


ADAM: Hey.

HADDIE: Hi. Amber. What, do you work here or something?

AMBER: Yeah, you know, serving the ruling class. As usual. So can I get you guys something?


STEVE: Uh, how about two beers? Is that cool?

HADDIE: Steve, don't, like, put her on the spot.

AMBER: [Joking] Unbelievable, Steve. You know, you got a lot of nerve, you kids, coming in here. [Getting the beers.] Just this once, okay, guys?

STEVE: You're amazing. Thank you.

AMBER: I know.

STEVE: I'll see you in a sec.

AMBER: Be careful.

HADDIE: Do you want me to pay for that?

AMBER: No, it's fine, dude. I got it.


AMBER: What are you guys doing here?

HADDIE: Yeah, I don't know. He said we should have a picnic on the golf course, which is kind of cute.

AMBER: Why would you have a picnic on the golf course? That's kind of weird, isn't it? It's probably code for, like…


AMBER: Doing it. [Haddie isn't sure.] I'm serious. I think it's, like, a thing. 'Cause I saw couples going out there with, like, blankets and bottles and stuff.

HADDIE: You know what? He probably doesn't even know about it. It's probably, like, an urban legend or something like that. You think?

AMBER: Yeah. You know?


AMBER: Yeah, that's a blanket. That's a blanket in that bag. Good luck.

[New Scene - Braverman kitchen.]

SARAH: Hey, dad.

ZEEK: I'm on my way to recharge my batteries.

SARAH: Dad, dad, dad, wait. Do you still have your cuff links that you had? Those black ones with the gold "Z" on them?

ZEEK: Why?

SARAH: I was at a pawnshop the other day, and I swear I saw ones that looked exactly like yours.

ZEEK: Well, what were you doing in a pawnshop?

SARAH: I'm looking for a laptop for my Photoshop class. But do you still have 'em? Look, I took a picture. They're exactly the same, I swear.

ZEEK: Oh, there could be, like, a thousand of those. I don't know.

SARAH: I don't know, dad. Do you still have yours? I mean…

ZEEK: Ah, a pawnshop. That figures. Don't tell your mom, but I, uh, I did lose 'em. I lost 'em at the gym about six months ago. Promise me you're not gonna tell her. Promise?

SARAH: Yeah, I promise. Okay.

ZEEK: Okay.

CAMILLE: Promise what?

SARAH: I won't tell you dad's been drinking out of the carton again.

CAMILLE: Barbarian.

ZEEK: You rat.

[New Scene - Adam's Kitchen.]

MAX: A host is someone who has a friend over.

ADAM: That is exactly right. And do you know what the first rule of being a good host is?

MAX: Sharing.

ADAM: That's right, sharing. And also letting your guest choose what they want to do.

MAX: Okay.

ADAM: So these people, the Genatasios, are coming over, and they have a son David right around your age.

MAX: Uh-huh.

ADAM: And I work with David's dad. So, I mean, it would be nice if we all did our best to get along.

MAX: Okay.

ADAM: So let's say you and David are playing with your bugs, and David decides that, you know, he doesn't want to play with your bugs anymore. He wants to play basketball. What are you gonna do?

MAX: Play basketball. Right, right.

ADAM: Even if you want to…

MAX: Still play with bugs.

ADAM: Exactly. Okay?

MAX: Can we stop talking about this now?

ADAM: Sure.

MAX: You owe me a sticker for this.

ADAM: You got it.

[New Scene - Soccer field. Julia with the kids she is coaching.]

JULIA: This is awesome, Brian. Hey, team, this season, a miracle is going to happen. We are going to win every single game.

BOY: No, we're not.

JULIA: We are, because we will define winning not by what's on the scoreboard but by each of us getting better at our special skills, by putting them together into a team, and by having fun while we're doing it. Okay, let's give Brian a hand. [The all clap.] Nice work. Is there anyone else that has a special skill they want to share?


JULIA: Okay. [Marcus takes the bubble gum from his mouth, stretching it he puts one end in his mouth before sucking it all back in.] Okay, Marcus. That, that looked difficult. [That clap again.]

[Mean while they all look across the field to Racquel's team, she is putting the kids though there places as if they were a professional soccer team.]

[New Scene - Night time, Haddie and Steve sit in car outside her house.]

STEVE: Look, Haddie, I, I don't want to force you into anything that you don't want to do. I love you.

HADDIE: I'm sorry for being weird tonight.

STEVE: No, it's, it's cool. We can, uh, we can try for next week.


STEVE: Well, that's what we talked about. You said, what you indicated…

HADDIE: Are you telling me that I led you on?

STEVE: No. No, I'm saying, I'm saying I care about you. So whenever you're ready, I'll wait.

HADDIE: Steve.

SARAH: What?

HADDIE: I, I'm not going to just, like, ripen like a piece of fruit.

STEVE: That's not what I'm saying.

HADDIE: I don't, I don't think that this whole thing is working.

STEVE: What whole thing? What are you talking about?

HADDIE: Like us.

STEVE: Why would you even say that? I mean, you're just upset, obviously, right now, and…

HADDIE: I'm upset. I'm not just upset.

STEVE: So one minute we're going from almost having sex to what, a breakup?

HADDIE: Steve.

STEVE: What is your deal?

HADDIE: Steve. Okay, listen. I care about you. I really do, a lot. I just, I, I feel like this is what I have to do right now. She looks to the house, Adam has been watching.] I have to go.

[Steven sighs as Haddie walks inside.]

[New Scene - Next morning, Adam is having coffee in the kitchen when Haddie come in and goes to the fridge.]

ADAM: Hey.


ADAM: You okay?

HADDIE: Yeah, perfect.

ADAM: Haddie.

KRISTINA: Honey, that outlet upstairs is…

HADDIE: [Brushing past her mother.] Excuse me.

KRISTINA: Are you okay, babe? [To herself] She's not okay.

ADAM: Hey, did you talk to her? Did you find out why they broke up?

KRISTINA: I don't know, honey. They just did. That's all I could get out of her.

ADAM: Well, was it him? Was it her? I mean, who broke up with who here?

KRISTINA: She broke up with him.

ADAM: Good. [Kristina looks at Adam.] What? That's good, isn't it?

KRISTINA: How is that good?

STEVE: I don't know.

HADDIE: I feel really bad for both of them. They were really cute together, you know?

ADAM: Hey, don't forget, the Genatasios are coming over tonight.

KRISTINA: Yeah, I know, you've reminded me, like, 16 times. Why is that? Let's see. Do I embarrass you socially?

ADAM: Hey, hey, I just think that we're really gonna get along with these people, okay? Max could have a new friend in David.


ADAM: You know, these people are cool. You know, they have potential to become top five friends here. Top five.

KRISTINA: Yeah. Mm-hmm. Top five friends. That's pretty cool, honey.

ADAM: Yes, it is.

[New Scene - Braverman house, Sarah is working on the computer.]

CAMILLE: I'm going to the market. You need anything?

SARAH: Mm-hmm, could you get me a six-pack of a different kind of intelligence?

CAMILLE: Okay. What kind would you like?

SARAH: I don't know. Just some kind that I don't have. Whatever kind it takes to do this. I can't do it. The Professor already gave me an incomplete, and that was just out of the kindness of his heart.

CAMILLE: Is this the manual?

SARAH: Mm-hmm.

CAMILLE: [Putting her reading glasses on.] Have you started reading it?

SARAH: I mean, look at it. It's so big. It's like, in a foreign language.

CAMILLE: Well, if you don't start, you're never gonna succeed. I think you're afraid of trying.

SARAH: Now I'm afraid of trying? You always said in High School, I was afraid of failing. I mean, which is it?

CAMILLE: It's your life.

SARAH: Well, I'm just saying, mom. You know, what do you know about failure?

CAMILLE: I'm acquainted with failure.

SARAH: No, mom, real failure. Not like, oh, my organic pastry dough didn't rise. I mean, real failure.

[Camille is silent for a few moments.]

CAMILLE: Sure you don't need anything?

SARAH: Hey, mom, just kidding.

CAMILLE: I know.


CAMILLE: Bye-bye.

[New Scene - School hall, lots of students around between classes.]

HADDIE: I mean, we're outside, and it sounds really nice and sexy, but it was cold, and there was, like, a rock digging into my back.

AMBER: Oh, dude, yeah. There you go, man. You don't want that. It's a bad vibe.

HADDIE: Amber, that's not what it was. Like, you're right. I just, I want it to be working, but it wasn't and, like, it just wasn't good.

AMBER: So you broke…

HADDIE: [Someone bumping into her.] Dude, watch it.

AMBER: [Pulling them to the side of the hall.] I know. Unbelievable. But… so you broke up with him?

HADDIE: Basically. It was like I wasn't even with a person anymore. I was with a stupid cliché.

AMBER: Dude, I'm so sorry, but believe me, if there's one thing I know, you don't want to cash in your v chip with a cliché or a jerk or a douche. So I guess that rules out Steve. You did the right thing for sure, man.

HADDIE: Really?

AMBER: 100%.

HADDIE: Okay. Thank you.

AMBER: Shall we?


[New Scene - Pawnshop.]

SARAH: Excuse me. Hi. I was in here the other day. I don't know if you remember. I was looking at the cuff links.

ASSISTANT: Couldn't resist 'em, huh?

SARAH: Well, actually, I, um, I would really like to know who brought those in.

ASSISTANT: I can't tell you that.

SARAH: No, you said that the other day. I understand. Believe me. But, see, my dad thinks they might have been stolen from his gym.

ASSISTANT: Lady, it's policy.

SARAH: Please.

ASSISTANT: [After a pause.] All right. Jewellery. Cuff links. That item was pawned by Zeek Braverman.

SARAH: That's my dad.

ASSISTANT: Well, look, he had some other items. I was gonna put them out today. Uh, it's probably a cash flow thing. Uh, he'll be back for 'em.

SARAH: [Holding up a baseball.] How much?


[Sarah is surprised and puts it back.]

[New Scene - Soccer field, a game is underway, Julia's team is not doing very well. The whole family is there to watch and support her.]

JULIA: That's it. That's it, guys. Don't give up. All right. Yes. All right. All right. Good game, guys. Huddle up. Huddle up, huddle up. That was a good game. We're gonna have practice again, so… [To Racquel.] Hi.

RACQUEL: I love your kids. They are so cute.

JULIA: Oh, well, if you came here scouting, forget about it.

RACQUEL: No, I, I came to see if you wanted to take one of my players. We have so many good players. If you take one, it would, you know, make the game more fun for everyone.

JULIA: [She looks at the scoreboard (11-0) then spots Jabbar kicking the ball like a pro, still smiling she looks at Racquel.] Namaste.

[New Scene - Adam and Kristina's, BBQ with the Genatasios in the back yard.]

MAX: If you're not interested in the ghost spider, we could look at weevil snout beetles. Weevil snout beetles are part of the largest family in the animal kingdom. There are over 2,500 species in Southern Africa alone.

[We join the parents mid conversation , around the BBQ.]


BEN: Premature, but I did it then.

KRISTINA: He's David Hasselhoff.

ADAM: I just want you guys to know the things I'm about to do with this bleu cheese should probably be illegal.

LISA: [laughs.]

BEN: Fiendish.


ADAM: Let it get all nice and melty. Let it caramelize.

KRISTINA: That cheese is hot, quick.

LISA: [To here son as he comes running over.] Hi, hon.

ADAM: Hey, Max, what's up?

MAX: I asked if he wanted to play with other bugs.

MAX: Yeah?

LISA: Uh, you guys, I'm, I'm sorry, but David says that he's not feeling so well.

KRISTINA: Oh, you're, oh, no. Head or tummy? 'Cause we have…

LISA: Oh, no, no, no, no. It's okay. It's just, if he's contagious, you know what they say about the first 24 hours, and we should probably…

BEN: Babe, we just, we just got here. The food, I mean, it looks delicious…

[Lisa and Ben exchange looks, he finally gets it.]

KRISTINA: Yeah. Oh, that's okay.

BEN: We're gonna make it another day.

ADAM: [Knowing they are being blown off.] Yep.

BEN: Okay.

ADAM: No worries.

BEN: Adam I'll, see you at work.

ADAM: See you at work. We'll try and hit Bellino's sometime, alright.

BEN: Good buddy.

KRISTINA: I'm sorry. I hope it wasn't something that I cooked.

LISA: No, no, no, no, no. It happens, you know kids.

KRISTINA: All right, bye.

BEN: Bye. Thanks.

KRISTINA: Thank you very much.

BEN: See ya.

KRISTINA: Thank you.

BEN: It looks delicious.


ADAM: Max, you want me to look at some bugs with you?

KRISTINA: Your shoelace, buddy.

[They know they were just blown off, like they did to the Lessings.]

[New Scene - Adam and Kristina's bedroom, Adam is brushing his teeth, Kristina is in bed reading.]

ADAM: That kid was not sick.


ADAM: You know, I can't believe they would just leave like that. You know, we hadn't even brought out the damn apple crisp yet. You made apple crisp.

KRISTINA: Honey, we did the same thing to the Lessings, remember? Same thing.

ADAM: Well, look, so what? Now we're relegated to the short bus? We have to hang out with people like the Lessings instead of cool people like the Genatasios?

KRISTINA: Well, maybe it's not about us right now, okay? Maybe it's about Max.

ADAM: Well, can't it be about us just a little bit? Little bit?

[New Scene - Crosby and Jasmine in her bed.]

JASMINE: [Giggles.] So what do you think?

CROSBY: Round three? I'm gonna need to hydrate or something before…


CROSBY: That's not what you were talking about?

JASMINE: No, I was not talking about that. I meant about your sister asking about Jabbar playing on the soccer team. What do you think?

CROSBY: You know what?


CROSBY: I have to pee, but when I get back, I would love to talk about this with you. So...


[Crosby dress in just his boxers leaves the bedroom and goes to open the bathroom, but the door opens for him.]

JABBAR: Crosby.

CROSBY: Hey. Uh, you tired? [Jabbar nods.] Okay, uh, you're, you're still sleeping. This, this is a dream.

JABBAR: It is?

CROSBY: Yeah. I'm not really here. It's just a fun dream.

JABBAR: Okay. Okay, Crosby.

CROSBY: All right.

JABBAR: Should I go back to bed and make believe I didn't see you?

CROSBY: Yes, that's a good plan.



[Jasmine stands at the door way seeing the end of the exchanged between Jabbar and Crosby, he goes to the bathroom.]

[New Scene - Golf Club Café. Amber is helping her self to some mixed nuts.]

STEVE: Oh. Excuse me.

AMBER: Don't take all those. Those are my favorite.

STEVE: Have you talked to Haddie?

AMBER: It's none of your business.

STEVE: Look, she broke up with me.

AMBER: Were you pressuring her, perhaps?

STEVE: No, I wasn't pressuring her. I just wanted it to be special.

AMBER: Well, I don't know what to tell you. Maybe it wasn't the right time for her or something.

STEVE: Well, so she did talk to you.

AMBER: Yes, she talked to me. I told her she should just do whatever she felt was right in the moment, you know? So are you feeling more heartbroken or are you feeling rejected?

STEVE: I guess a little bit of both. They're, uh, they're pretty inseparable.

AMBER: I wouldn't say they're inseparable. I mean, heartbroken, to me, seems like you're more sad about what happened, you know? Like, that you can't be with a person anymore. But rejected is more, like, you're taking it personally and you're mad, you know?

STEVE: Wow. Where did, uh, where did all this wisdom come from?

AMBER: From Fresno, of course.

STEVE: The wisdom capital of the world?

AMBER: Ah, yes, you've heard of it. [They both share a laugh.] Yeah, I don't know. Well, my mom's kind of crazy…

STEVE: Mm-hmm.

AMBER: …Ish. And my dad really wasn't around very much, so I guess you just kind of have to figure stuff out for yourself when you're raised like that, you know? So...

STEVE: To survive, yeah.

AMBER: What about your parents? What are they like?

STEVE: Um, they're pretty normal, and, oh, there's my dad, actually, as we speak.

AMBER: Really, that's him?

STEVE: Um, actually, yeah. This last year, my dad got diagnosed with M.S.

AMBER: Really?

STEVE: Yeah.

AMBER: I'm so sorry.

STEVE: I haven't really told anyone that. But…

AMBER: Well, I'll keep it a secret.

STEVE: It's okay. Do you see him limping?

AMBER: I can't tell.


AMBER: Do you know what I read?


AMBER: I read that, um, people with M.S. Sometimes like to go horseback riding, I guess, 'cause it, like, stimulates their muscles or something.

STEVE: Really.

AMBER: I don't know.

STEVE: Well, that's cool. I don't think he'll be going horseback riding anytime soon. But that's…

AMBER: Well, it was worth a shot.

STEVE: Yeah. No, thanks. So can you maybe pass a message on to Haddie for me?

AMBER: Aw, dude, no way. No. You've got to deal with your own stuff.

STEVE: Okay.

AMBER: You're okay.

[New Scene - Adam's work, the warehouse.]

ADAM: What do you mean when you say "everything"?

SARAH: Well, I mean, I couldn't see every piece, but I saw his gold watch and his coin collection…

ADAM: Uh-huh.

SARAH: And that baseball that Reggie Jackson signed.

ADAM: Wait a minute, the Reggie Jackson home run ball from '77?


ADAM: He pawned that?

SARAH: Do you have those in an 8 1/2? They're cute.

ADAM: Yeah.

SARAH: I don't know what to think.

ADAM: Well, look, I know he was having some financial trouble.

SARAH: You do?

ADAM: Yeah. Do you remember that trip I took with him up north to look at that real estate?


ADAM: Well, I did, and anyway, he apparently went completely upside down in this real estate investment.

SARAH: What? Why didn't you tell me that?

ADAM: I don't know. It was private. It was, you know, he was embarrassed about it, and I, you know…

SARAH: Well, why didn't he at least tell mom?

ADAM: Well, he was supposed to tell mom. I made him promise. I guess that maybe he hasn't.

SARAH: Oh, Adam, how bad do you think it is?

ADAM: It's bad enough for him to sell the Reggie Jackson ball. Which I wanted to be mine, eventually.

SARAH: Oh, my God. It's not really about your heirlooms.

ADAM: I have to figure out how to get that back. That's a valuable baseball.

SARAH: Okay, but, it's, what are we gonna do in the meantime? What about mom?

ADAM: I think you should tell her.

SARAH: [Scoffing] You should tell her.

ADAM: Why should I tell her?

SARAH: Because you're the oldest. Ooh, is that a hiking boot? I mean, I don't hike yet, but I might, now that I have the shoes. Thank you.

[New Scene - Soccer field practice.]

JOEL: [To Sydney] All right, here we go. Get on in there. Go get 'em.


JOEL: Hey.

JULIA: Get in there, sweetie.

JOEL: Hey.

JULIA: Hey. [He greets her with a kiss.] So? [Looking at her watch.]

JOEL: Yeah.

JULIA: Eight minutes late to practice.

JOEL: Your player forgot her lucky barrette, and we had to run home to get it, so.


JOEL: What's, uh, what's Jabbar doing out there?

JULIA: Oh, I didn't tell you?


JULIA: Cros begged me to let him play, so…

JOEL: Really?

JULIA: If you'll excuse me, I have some self-esteem to build.

JOEL: Oh, I'll just hold this for you. [Coffee]

JULIA: Thank you.

JOEL: Coach.

[Meanwhile else where on the soccer field.]

CROSBY: Wave to the freak. Hi.

JASMINE: Who are you calling a freak? You're the freak.

CROSBY: What are you talking about? I've never had a maniacal smile like that.

JASMINE: No, but you only tried to brainwash our son.

CROSBY: Brainwash?

JASMINE: Yes, brainwash.

CROSBY: I merely made a suggestion, all right? It wasn't an ideal situation.

JASMINE: Right. Well, I have a suggestion. No more fooling around. Period.

CROSBY: S-so that's what you think we've been doing is fooling around?

JASMINE: I don't know. What would you call it?

CROSBY: I don't know.

[Jasmine shrugs her shoulders.]

[New Scene - Golf Club, outside tables.]

AMBER: Hi. What can I get for you? A sad guy sandwich? I mean, really, you look like I'm gonna have to fish you out of the pond later.


AMBER: Are you okay?

STEVE: Hey, you're not gonna believe this, though.

AMBER: What?

STEVE: My dad was, uh, he was interested in the whole horseback riding thing.

AMBER: You're kidding.

STEVE: Uh-huh.

AMBER: That's so cool and weird.

STEVE: I've been thinking about this whole thing with, um, with Haddie.

AMBER: Yeah?

STEVE: I was a real jerk.

AMBER: Really? How?

STEVE: I-I-I feel like I kept making appointments with her to lose my virginity.

AMBER: You're a virgin?

STEVE: Can you drown me now, please?

AMBER: Yeah…

STEVE: That would be awesome.

AMBER: I think I have to. We have a very strict "no virgins" policy here.

STEVE: Oh, is it. Oh really? [Amber giggles.] Well, I'll leave soon.

AMBER: So, what else?

STEVE: You know, the whole thing you said about, you know, feeling in the moment, I wasn't feeling in the moment at all. Why would she?

AMBER: I thought you were the guy. Can't you just feel in the moment whenever you want?

STEVE: Well, what I'm feeling now isn't what I was feeling with her.

AMBER: I gotta go.

[New Scene - The four siblings around at Adam's house.]

JULIA: How long have you known about this?

SARAH: The pawnshop? Just…

JULIA: No, the real estate situation.

SARAH: I didn't know…

ADAM: I've known for a couple weeks.

SARAH: He didn't tell me either.


CROSBY: Why does it matter?

JULIA: It mat, it's just, it's very important information that I'd like to have.

CROSBY: Well you're talking about you and it's not about you.

SARAH: It doesn't matter now.

JULIA: All right.

ADAM: Okay?

SARAH: Don't be all…

JULIA: No, I understand. Come on.

ADAM: Julia.

CROSBY: Are they gonna lose the house?

ADAM: No, we're not gonna let that happen.

CROSBY: Is dad gonna have to get a job?

SARAH: We don't know, we don't know.

JULIA: How has he not told mom?

ADAM: Look, I was trying to give him some time to tell mom, and he hasn't done it.

CROSBY: What are we supposed to do?

ADAM: We were thinking that tomorrow we could all have dinner over at mom and dad's house, just the six of us.

JULIA: Okay.

CROSBY: It makes me uncomfortable, but I will be there.

[New Scene - Soccer field the game starts, Jabbar is the star player. The family is there again to support the team.]

JULIA: Yes! You can do it, Jabbar! You can do it!

CROSBY: Whoo! Yeah!

[Racquel is not looking happy.]

JULIA: [To Joel.] So I want them to win, all right? I'm a horrible person. Losing sucks. Is that what you want to hear?

[Score board reads Hone 6, Visitor 7. Julia picks up Jabbar to celebrate their win.]

[New Scene - The four siblings are in the car together. Adam and Sarah in the front.]

CROSBY: This is the worst, Adam. It sounds like Dr. Phil wrote this. "We love you, dad. You've always been there for us, and we want you to know we're here for you unconditionally."

JULIA: That sounds good.

ADAM: I was just brainstorming.

CROSBY: It was a lame brainstorm.

ADAM: Ah you know what, you're a jackass.

JULIA: You expressed the sentiment correctly.

CROSBY: Well, you want to read it? You think it's, the sentiment's so great?

SARAH: Don't worry about it.

CROSBY: You know what Sarah…

JULIA: You misspelled "unconditionally."

SARAH: Dad is in trouble.

JULIA: Yeah, you did. It says "unconditionally" with one L.

SARAH: Can we take this seriously? You shouldn't be giving Crosby lines. You're not taking this seriously. I could do this much better.

ADAM: Okay, you guys, you guys, listen to me. Hey, when I bring up the economy, just follow my lead, okay?

JULIA: Okay, good.

JULIA: The economy's the cue, right?

SARAH: The cue is the economy...

CROSBY: Listen, before we take off, why do you guys get to sit up front?

SARAH: Oh my God.

ADAM: Wow, let's deal with that.

JULIA: He is taller than either of you.

CROSBY: Did you hear, Julia? I'm considerably taller than you, Sarah.

SARAH: You've always been taller than us. And we've always been older than you. And the one thing we get is to sit up in the front, but you know what, tonight? [She unbuckles to get out.]

ADAM: We're late already, we're late already.

SARAH: Let's switch.

ADAM: We're late already, we're, hey! We're late already.

CROSBY: Listen, my back and knees are already over.

ADAM: We're late already. Can we get back in the car? Can we just be united on this?

CROSBY: Fine, but I'm not saying "unconditionally."

[New Scene - 80's themed party at the Golf club. Amber is working, serving drinks. “Come On Eileen” by Dexy's Midnight Runners is playing.]

AMBER: Look at you. I can't believe you're here. You're wearing sunglasses.

STEVE: Do you like them?

AMBER: It's night time.

STEVE: You don't like anything.

AMBER: You're all dressed up. Here, I have some extra of these.

STEVE: Oh, wow.

AMBER: Look at you.

STEVE: Thank you.

AMBER: You're welcome. Can you believe this? It's like a horrible nightmare. Tell me that your parents forced you to come. Or they paid you or something.

STEVE: Yeah, they did, a little bit. But I also heard you were gonna be here too, so of course...

AMBER: That's not good. That is not a good reason.

STEVE: Well, I came for the dancing, of course, too.

AMBER: You came for the dancing?

[A slower song starts playing, “Just Once” by James Ingram.]

STEVE: Yeah.


STEVE: Yeah.

AMBER: I almost believe you, except that you're not dancing. You're just standing out here by yourself.

STEVE: Well, I don't know why we can't dance out here... If you'd like.

AMBER: Yeah. I guess I hadn't thought about that.

[They start dancing, Amber resting against Steve.]

STEVE: I guess this isn't so bad, right?

AMBER: Um... I think it's pretty bad.

STEVE: See, Amber, that's what I like about you.

AMBER: That I do bad things?

STEVE: No, of course not. You're honest.

AMBER: I'm honest. Thanks.

[New Scene - Dinner at the Braverman's house with the four siblings.]

JULIA: You know what? I like soccer. I think we're gonna give it a shot. I mean, I mean…

SARAH: Uhh! Soccer's so boring.

ADAM: Hey, I was kind of thinking maybe we could talk about something besides our, our kids.

ZEEK: Like what?

ADAM: I was…

CROSBY: This pasta is dynamite, mom. Did you put potato chips in it? I mean, it's pretty awesome.

CAMILLE: [Laughs in appreciation.]

ADAM: Yeah. [Brief pause.] It's amazing you can continue to throw these meals together, given the...Economy.

JULIA: With everyone struggling to make ends meet, you know?

SARAH: I know I am. You know, how are you, how are you guys?

CROSBY: You've always been here for us, and we want you to know that we'll always be there for you... Totally. And completely.

ADAM: Unconditionally.

JULIA: Um, yeah, absolutely.

CAMILLE: Oh, goose, that was sweet.

ZEEK: Hmm, yeah. Yeah, that's sweet. Very sweet. Too sweet. Well, you guys have an agenda for this little soiree, right? I'm guessing money, am I right?

ADAM: Yes.

JULIA: Yeah.

ZEEK: Okay, you're worried about money for your kids' college education, right?

JULIA: Oh, not, well…

ADAM: No, dad, we're, actually, we're worried about your guys' future.

CAMILLE: Our future?

SARAH: You know, financially.

CROSBY: Staying solvent in an economic…

SARAH: Stop now.

CAMILLE: Why would you be worried about our future?

ADAM: Um, well...


ZEEK: You found out about the cuff links?

SARAH: I didn't mean to.

CAMILLE: What about the cuff links? [She stares down Zeek until he answers.]

ZEEK: Okay. This is, uh, what family is all about, isn't it? I made a bad investment.

CAMILLE: That property up north?

ZEEK: It went South. And the interest rate on the loan went north. Way north.

CAMILLE: So what does this mean?

ZEEK: It means that I had to scramble around to make the payments, and so I ended up, you know, selling some of my personal items. And, uh, we've got some financial problems, some issues there.

CAMILLE: Perfect. More lies, huh?

ZEEK: Look, Camille.

SARAH: Mom, we're here to help you, you know, any way we can.

JULIA: That's what we're here for. That's what this is about.

CAMILLE: This isn't just about money, is it, Zeek? Well, I, I don't want to continue with this right now, but, um... You're all so sweet.


CROSBY: Look, we can, uh…


SARAH: I got it. [She follows her mother out the room.]

CROSBY: Um... Adam has a plan...

[Adam, Crosby and Julia look at Zeek. How after a moment leaves as well.]

ADAM: Dad. [Zeek grabs his jacket and exits the house.] Dad?

[New Scene - Upstairs at Camille's bedroom door.]

SARAH: [knocking] Mom, can I come in? Mom, let me talk to you.

[Outside Zeek starts his truck and leaves. The siblings gather to watch

[New Scene - Jasmine's house, Jabbar's bedroom, they are tucking him in for the night.]

CROSBY: Good night, Pele.

JABBAR: Night.

JASMINE: Good night, sweetie.

JABBAR: Are you sleeping over?

CROSBY: Uh, not tonight.


[Jasmine turns out the light and closes the door before they go to the living room.]

CROSBY: It's, uh, it's not fooling around.


CROSBY: What we've been doing, that's, it's not fooling around. I've done a lot of research on that topic, and I want to be with you, Jasmine.

JASMINE: Cros, you've been through a lot with your parents and everything tonight. Let's just give it some time. Let's see. [He goes to leave.] Crosby? You want to have a sleepover?

CROSBY: Yeah. I like sleepovers.

JASMINE: You do?


JASMINE: Yeah, so do I.

CROSBY: They're like my favourite.

JASMINE: Really?

CROSBY: Yeah. [Whispering] I didn't bring any jammies, though.

JASMINE: [Whispering] You don't need any.

[New Scene - Next day, the guesthouse. Sarah is working on the computer.]

SARAH: Hey. Mom, thank you so much for this computer. I cannot tell you how it's helping me.

CAMILLE: I'm sorry about last night.

SARAH: Mom, please, don't worry. It's fine.

CAMILLE: We've had money problems before, and we'll have them again. What I care about is that your father doesn't respect me enough to tell me what's going on.

SARAH: Oh, mom, it's, you know how he is. I'm sure he just doesn't want to worry you, you know?

CROSBY: I know. There's been a lot of lying going on for a lot of years, and not just about money.

SARAH: What do you mean?

CAMILLE: There was a woman, up north.

SARAH: Oh, mom.

CAMILLE: Yeah. I covered for him. I've been covering for him for years, telling myself that I was doing it for you kids and, you know, it's only partly true. So I, I don't know. I just couldn't, for some reason, confront him about it. So I let it go. I just let it go. And now you know.


CAMILLE: Don't tell the others about it, okay?

SARAH: Oh. Okay.

CAMILLE: So how's it going?

SARAH: No, no, don't. It's nothing. I'm not done. It's, I'm just, for class.

CAMILLE: Wow. [On the computer screen there is a family collage of lots of photos.] See? I told you, you could do it.

[The background music ("Live Forever" by the Ellie Holcomb) rises as the scene ends.]

[New Scene - The Lessings are visiting at Adam's house, the family is enjoying it. Adam hears a knock on the front door.]

ZEEK: Hey, Sonny.

ADAM: Hey. [He sees his father has a bag with him.]

ZEEK: Well, are you gonna let me in or what?

ADAM: Come on in. All right.

Episode End
1.10 - Namaste No More
Original Airdate (NBC) May 4, 2010
Written by Tyler Bensinger
Directed by Ken Whittingham

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