1.03 - The Deep End
Transcript by Craig Best

[Episode opens with Max in class, the fish tank is making bubbling sounds and he can't concentrate.]

MAX: Teacher, can you please turn the bubbles down or something?

TEACHER: Max, I need you to be quiet.

[The bubbling gets louder, in Max's mind. He makes a mess of his work and gets up.]

TEACHER: Max, I need you to return to your seat. [He doesn't listen as he watches the fish tank bubbles.] Max, please go back and sit down...

[New Scene - Jasmine and Jabbar at Crosby's houseboat.]

CROSBY: [Chiming a bell.] Ahoy!

JASMINE: [Laughs] Careful. [She tells her son as they come down the gangplank.] Hey, there, captain.

CROSBY: Welcome aboard. What do you got there?

JABBAR: Games.

CROSBY: Oh, games. I love games.

JASMINE: Jump! Jump! [Helping Jabbar.] Yeah.

CROSBY: Come on in.


JASMINE: Hello. [Greeting Crosby] Why don't you set those down over there, sweetie?

JABBAR: Oh, okay.

CROSBY: That's his ejector seat, a flotation device or...?

JASMINE: I can't tell you how much I appreciate this, Crosby.

CROSBY: Hey, a whole day with Jabbar... what could be better?

JASMINE: So you have my numbers if you need to call for anything.

CROSBY: Am I gonna need to call? Is he gonna do something?

JASMINE: No, he'll be fine. You know, things happen... just in case.


JASMINE: The audition's in the city, so...

CROSBY: Well, break a leg.

JASMINE: I might... [chuckles] Seriously. It's been a long time since I danced.

CROSBY: Well, um, you're a great dancer.

JASMINE: Thank you.

CROSBY: You're limber, I think I remember. And as long as you warm up...

JASMINE: Thanks?

CROSBY: You're gonna be... [Laughs] You'll be fine.

JASMINE: Thanks for the advice.

CROSBY: Oh, hey, um, when we play games, I'm supposed to let him win, right?

JASMINE: You might not have to let him.

CROSBY: He cheats. Okay, thank you.

JASMINE: He's a genius.

CROSBY: Okay. I'll be on the lookout for it.

JASMINE: [bending down to Jabbar.] Can I have a kiss good-bye, please? Bye. Be good.


CROSBY: Have fun.

JASMINE: Good Luck.

CROSBY: Dance hard or gracefully or whatever. [Jasmine leaves.] Well, can I get you something to drink?

JABBAR: Mm-hmm.

CROSBY: Whiskey or beer?

[New Scene - Swimming pool, Joel and Sydney in the water.]

DEBRA (SWIMMING INSTRUCTOR): And holding tight to the board. And kick, kick, kick, kick.

SYDNEY: Look, there's mommy!


JOEL: They let you out of the dungeon.

JULIA: Oh, yeah. Oh... [Julia squats down as they exchange a quick kiss.]


JULIA: Hi. Look at my big girl in a grown-up pool!

JOEL: Mm-hmm.

SYDNEY: Mommy, look.

JULIA: That's great, sweetie. Let me see some swimming.

SYDNEY: Okay. [Blowing bubbles]

JULIA: What is she doing?

JOEL: She's getting acclimated. It's all about feeling safe and confident in the water. [Too Sydney] Right?

JULIA: Oh. [Not sounding convinced.] She could do that in a bowl of soup when she was two.

JOEL: Just...

JULIA: What?

RACQUEL: Julia, hi.

JULIA: Racquel, hi.

SYDNEY: Mommy, look. Racquel has a tattoo. See it?

JULIA: We all see it.

SYDNEY: It means abundance.

JULIA: I'm sure it does.

RACQUEL: Hi. I have something for you. Joel told me about your nephew Max and his condition.

JULIA: He did?

RACQUEL: So I got this in Tibet last summer, and will you please give it to your brother for me? For comfort and good luck.

JULIA: Wow. [Looking at the decorated stone.] Thank you.

RACQUEL: Okay. [She gets back into the pool.]

JOEL: That's really sweet.

[New Scene - Adam in his office and the phone rings.]

ADAM: Yep?

ASSISTANT: Adam, it's your son's school on the line? They say it's an emergency.

ADAM: Adam Braverman.

[New Scene - School, the remains of the fish tank are on the floor.]

ADAM: Were they able to save any?


ADAM: So that's it, then. We're out of here.

KRISTINA: Probably… I was gonna make fish for dinner too.

[New Scene - Berkeley Coffee, Sarah and Jim.]

JIM: Hey, I'm so happy you came in.

SARAH: Thanks. I'm so happy to see you. I just wanted to say hi-hi.

JIM: Yeah, I know. I left you a couple messages, uh, at your house...

SARAH: I know. I'm sorry.

JIM: At home. No, no, it's, like, you're busy...

STACY: Half-caff soy latte, extra large. I gave you an extra shot of hazelnut... my personal favorite.

SARAH: Thank you. I-I didn't order anything.

STACY: Oh, it's our pleasure. Hmm. Enjoy.

JIM: That's Stacy, and that's Bob, Alex, and Troy.

SARAH: Hi. Oh, thanks.

JIM: One of the perks of, uh, working at a coffee shop.

SARAH: Perk...

JIM: Perks...

SARAH: I get it.

JIM: Free coffee.

SARAH: Um, I really had fun the other night. And, uh, it was really fun to, you know... You know. [Chuckles]

JIM: I did too, and I'm so glad you said that, 'cause, you know...

SARAH: It was nice. It was nice. You're so nice. [Hangs her head and sighs]

JIM: Nice.

SARAH: Yeah. You know, the timing right now is not great. Really, it's...

JIM: Is that it?

SARAH: I just got here. I'm living in a room in my parents' house with my daughter. You know, I don't have a job. I-I mean...

JIM: I got it. It's not me, it's you.

SARAH: Exactly. It's not you, it's me.

JIM: [Scoffs]

[New Scene - outside Sarah in her car. She sighs before trying the start the engine.]

SARAH: No, no. Uh-uh, no, no. [The engine sputters.] No, no, not today, baby, not today. Come on, let's go. Let's go. This is not funny. Please... [She gives up and tried to call for help on her cell phone.] Oh, crap. No! No! Ahh! [The phone beeps before turning off.]

[New Scene - Sarah re enters Berkeley Coffee.]

SARAH: You'll never believe what... [The co-works have rallied around Jim.] Can I borrow a phone? I'm so sorry. [Seeing their angry looks.] You know what? Never mind. Never... I'll find a... Thanks for the co...coffee.

[Opening credits - featuring “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan]

[New Scene - A tow truck backs Sarah's broken down car next to the house. A short time later Sarah is working on the car.]

ZEEK: Whoa. Whoa, what happened here?

SARAH: Uh, angry baristas, bad starter motor.

ZEEK: Oh, no, no, you got a blown head gasket. Look at all the coolant here.

SARAH: No, that's old, dad. I fixed that eight months ago.

ZEEK: You pulled the head and replaced the gasket yourself?

SARAH: You know who taught me.

ZEEK: That is my girl! I tell you what... Why don't you and I work on this puppy together? It'd be just like old times.

SARAH: Dad, I think it's a goner.

DREW: God, again?

SARAH: Oh, no, honey. You know what? Grandpa and I are gonna fix it.

DREW: I guess I should get used to taking the bus.

ZEEK: Hey, excuse me. Sorry, I-I couldn't hear that. You mumbled. What was with that little smirk?

[New Scene - Haddie arrives home.]

HADDIE: We won! We won! [Singing] We're going to the final, we're going to the final.

ADAM: Wow, that's great. That's fantastic.

KRISTINA: That is awesome. Honey, I'm sorry that we didn't make it. We just...there was some...

ADAM: When's the big game?

HADDIE: That's okay. Why are you guys being weird?


KRISTINA: We're not.

ADAM: We're not being weird. When's...when's the big game? What's the, uh...what's the exact date of the finals?

HADDIE: Max, what's wrong?

MAX: I got kicked out of school.

HADDIE: Oh, um... You know what, big guy? That's their loss. That school sucked.

[New Scene - Jabbar and Crosby.]

JABBAR: Yes! I won... again.

CROSBY: Uh-huh. All right, you clocked me fair and square.

JABBAR: One more.

CROSBY: There's only so much defeat a man can take.

JABBAR: I can play even easier.

CROSBY: Oh, really? Is there anything else you want to do?

JABBAR: Not really, no.

CROSBY: Well, okay, we've got a solid six or seven hours before mom's back. Ooh... ESPN, anyone?

JABBAR: I don't really watch sports. We can watch more SpongeBob!

CROSBY: Ooh, well, let's not be hasty. I would hate to see you O.D. on Bob. Maybe we could, uh... let's go for a car ride. That's what my dad used to do. You like car rides?

JABBAR: Can I take the board?

CROSBY: Oh, could you? Okay, well, what if I don't want you to do that for me, huh?

[New Scene - Doctor Pelikan's office.]

DR. PELIKAN: So was this a fish bowl or an actual...

KRISTINA: It was a tank.

ADAM: Yeah.


ADAM: Pretty sizeable tank.

DR. PELIKAN: Were there any...?

KRISTINA: Survivors? No.

DR. PELIKAN: Well, Sullivan's recommending you change Max's placement.

ADAM: If that means that they kicked him out of the school, then, yes.

KRISTINA: We've looked into a few schools. The one that everybody keeps telling us about is Footpath Elementary.

DR. PELIKAN: Footpath, yeah. Yeah, that would be best, And it would be a good fit for Max. However, it is very hard to get into. It is quite expensive.

KRISTINA: How expensive?

DR. PELIKAN: You know how much private school costs... Double that.

ADAM: Doesn't matter, okay? Okay. [First to Kristina then Dr Pelikan.]

DR. PELIKAN: Well, you would need to contact Dr. Robertson in admissions.


ADAM: We have called her.

KRISTINA: Several times.

ADAM: Radio silence.

DR. PELIKAN: I'm sure that she'll get back to you within the week.

ADAM: Look, Dr. Pelican, my son Max doesn't have a school to go to. What am I supposed to tell him?

KRISTINA: You know, what if you called her on our behalf?

ADAM: Please. Look, don't make us come and sit in your waiting room on a daily basis.

KRISTINA: 'cause we'll do it. We will.

[New Scene - Crosby and Max driving in San Francisco.]

MAX: Can you take me home now?


MAX: Can you take me home now?

CROSBY: Are you kidding, buddy? We got two and a half hours of bonding time left. What do you think of these streets? They're like roller coasters, right? [Max shrugs his should.] Are you all right, buddy?

MAX: Now I remember why my mom says that I can't eat chocolate. I'm intolerant.

CROSBY: You're what? [Mac vomits on the seat.] Ahh!

MAX: Lactose.

CROSBY: Yeah, yep. I see that. [Looking at the mess.] Aw, come on.

[New Scene - Julia comes up the stairs and looks into the bathroom where Sydney is slashing around.]

JULIA: Question.

JOEL: Yes, counselor?

JULIA: Are we a little concerned that Sydney has had five swim lessons now... All she can do is the blub blub blub...

JOEL: Uh, we are not concerned. I know you were on the swim team, and you were really, really good.

JULIA: I was not just really, really good. I was all-C.I.F.

JOEL: Oh, okay.

JULIA: Well...

SYDNEY: Mommy, come see.

JOEL: [Whispering to Julia.] God, Bravermans are so cocky.


SYDNEY: Mommy, look. [She blows bubbles under the water.] I'm swimming.

JULIA: That's not swimming, baby. Don't let anybody tell you that that's swimming. [Seeing something on her wrist.] What is this?

SYDNEY: Just like Racquel's. It means abundance.

JULIA: I know what it means. [Looking concerned she turns to Joel.] Okay...

JOEL: Swim time's over.

[New Scene - Crosby knocks on Adams door.]

CROSBY: You've dealt with kid puke before, right?

ADAM: Uh-huh.

[Out side at the car.]

CROSBY: Whew! I don't know how you do it, man.

ADAM: Do what?

CROSBY: This kid thing... it's stressing me out.

ADAM: Come on, man, you had Jabbar for what, half a day?

CROSBY: You know, whatever. You had a little warm-up. You know, you got to see your bun bake in the oven. My kid came out talking and walking... A three-foot-tall little candyland master.

ADAM: Well, give it time.

CROSBY: That's easy for you to say.

ADAM: You know what, Crosby? However hard you think it is having a kid, just double it.

CROSBY: Yeah, well, he's coming over again, And I have to work. What, am I supposed to bring him to the studio. I can't handle this.

ADAM: You want us to watch him?

CROSBY: Seriously?

ADAM: No, jackass, he's your son. Grow a pair. Deal with it.

CROSBY: Uh, I wasn't gonna take you up on it anyways.

ADAM: Oh, okay.

CROSBY: What makes all this worth it?

ADAM: What makes it worth it is the connection. It's the bond you feel. They're yours, you know, and... You're part of them.

CROSBY: Well, what if I don't feel a connection, You know, any...any more than you'd feel to any kid?

ADAM: You will.

CROSBY: [Sighs deeply before he sniffs the seat.] I think it's better.

ADAM: [Sniffs as well.] Oh, man! Ugh! Not even close, my friend. I'll see you inside.

CROSBY: What, are you just leaving me here?

ADAM: Yeah, good night.

CROSBY: Hey we're not done here.

[New Scene - Amber and Sarah sharing a bed, she can't sleep.]

SARAH: Ow. [Trying to get comfortable Amber's arm hits Sarah on the face.] Ow! [She is tossing in the bed.] Shh, shh, shh. [Finally Sarah is pushed out.] Aah! Ow! [Sarah tries sleeping in the chair but shortly returns to the bed, tried to wake Amber.] Honey. [Then more forceful.] Honey!

AMBER: Oy! Watch it!

SARAH: I'm trying to sleep…

ADAM: I'm trying to sleep here too. What's wrong with you?

SARAH: I'm so tired.

ADAM: Come on, give me a break.

SARAH: Give me a break. Give me one little break, so that I can get some sleep.

AMBER: Can you just move over a little bit? I can't do this. I need my space!

SARAH: I can't do it anymore either!

ADAM: Can you please remind me why little, tiny Drew gets his own room?

SARAH: Drew's a boy. Do you want to share a room with Drew?

AMBER: Not really, but, you know, I'm not really loving this either. No offense.

SARAH: I'm not loving it either.

ADAM: Whatever. Tomorrow I'm asking grandpa if I can...

SARAH: You're not asking grandpa.


SARAH: You're not asking him…

AMBER: Why not?

SARAH: Because…

AMBER: He doesn't need it back there. He's retired.

SARAH: Oh, God, I'm so tired.

AMBER: What's wrong with you, mom?

SARAH: Nothing is wrong with me.

AMBER: Why are you being such a weenie about this?

SARAH: That's his private space. I'm not being a weenie.

AMBER: Every time I bring up grandpa, you get all, like, weenie, and you're usually so ballsy. What's going on?

SARAH: That's mean. That's not true.

[New Scene - Adam at work, Julia comes in.]

JULIA: Got a minute?

ADAM: For my little sister, I do, yeah.

JULIA: Great. You want to go to Berkeley Coffee? They love me over there. Ever since I hooked Jim up with Sarah, it's like, free Biscotti and an Immensimo when I only order a Minimo.

ADAM: Uh-huh, it looks like maybe you've had a few too many.

JULIA: Well...

ADAM: I would love to go. But I have to get out of here early today. So is it okay if we just talk while I answer some emails, And I kind of half-listen to you?

JULIA: Yeah, that'll work.

ADAM: Okay.

JULIA: Okay, so... [Sighs]

ADAM: What's up?

JULIA: Joel has Sydney in this Zen swimming class, which is basically a joke.

ADAM: Right.

JULIA: And then there's Racquel, which is just...

ADAM: Wait, Racquel the hot one?

JULIA: Is she hot? I hadn't noticed. Do you remember what a great swimmer I was?

ADAM: Yeah, you were all-C.I.F.

JULIA: I was. Thank you! Gosh, that... that means a lot to me that you remember that.

ADAM: You're welcome.

JULIA: Okay, anyway, I don't get a say in how my daughter's learning how to swim. Me, all-C.I.F....

ADAM: 'cause you have to work.

JULIA: Because I have to work.

ADAM: Julia, listen to me. You don't have to choose between being a mom and having to work. Okay?

JULIA: Yeah.

ADAM: You may not be there all the time, but the time that you do have, you can make it count. She's your daughter. Teach her how to swim. She'll remember that for the rest of her life.

JULIA: You're absolutely right.

ADAM: Well...

JULIA: You're the best.

ADAM: Absolutely.

JULIA: Oh, [Kisses her brother.] mwah. Okay.

ADAM: I'll see you later.

JULIA: Okay, bye. No, sorry, wait.

ADAM: What?

JULIA: I have something for you. It's from Racquel.

ADAM: What?

JULIA: Yeah. It's a Tibetan Prayer Stone.

ADAM: Well, that's...that's weird.

JULIA: For comfort and good luck...

ADAM: Okay. [Sounding sceptical.]

JULIA: With Max.

ADAM: Right. Okay, well, uh... Thank her for me.

JULIA: Yeah, if I must.

ADAM: All right. Teach that girl how to swim.


ADAM: Who's a better teacher than you?


ADAM: No one. [Julia leaves closing the door] See ya.

[New Scene - Sarah enters her father's office.]

SARAH: [Opening the draw with the condoms.] God. [Quickly closing the draw when the door opens.] Aah!


SARAH: [She puts her hand over her eyes as the shock passes.] God. [She says under her breath looking back at the desk.]

CAMILLE: [Laughs.] What are you doing back here?

SARAH: Nothing. I just... I was just taking a minute.

CAMILLE: Everything okay?

SARAH: Yeah. I'll see you in there.

CAMILLE: Oh, guess who called.


CAMILLE: Jim Kazinski. I forgot how funny he is.

SARAH: Yeah.

CAMILLE: Do you remember his uncle... the one who married the transsexual? They're still together. Do you believe it? I mean, talk about bucking the odds.

SARAH: How long did you talk to him for?

CAMILLE: A while.


CAMILLE: Because he called.

SARAH: For me. He called for me. And we just broke up. You know we just broke up. I mean, can't you just say, "She's not here, I'll take a message... She'll call you back"?

CAMILLE: Excuse me. I'm not gonna be rude to him.

SARAH: You talk about his transsexual relatives for half an hour.

CAMILLE: I like him. I've always liked Jim.

SARAH: I know. If only I had married Jim instead of that musician, How differently my life... Would've turned out.

CAMILLE: I never said that.

SARAH: You didn't have to say it.

CAMILLE: Don't be so oversensitive!

SARAH: Don't...

CAMILLE: Well, listen, um... Your dad and I want you to let us buy you a new car.


CAMILLE: Well, not a new car, Of course, but a used car.


CAMILLE: But one with a warranty. Not a junkyard car. Come on, you're long overdue.

SARAH: Mom, isn't it bad enough...? I'm living at home. You're feeding me. You're feeding my kids. You may not buy me a car.

CAMILLE: Okay, fine.

[New Scene - Adam and Kristina at Footpath Elementary, walking down a hall.]

ADAM: This place is a lot bigger than I thought it was.

KRISTINA: It's huge.

ADAM: Chipped paint over there on the wall, huh?

KRISTINA: Yeah, I don't see what all the hoopla's about. I mean, it's kind of dirty.

ADAM: Yeah.

KRISTINA: Honey? [They stop at a classroom and watch for a while.]

ADAM: Look, it would be tough to afford this place anyway.


[New Scene - Adam and Kristina talking Dr. Robertson.]

KRISTINA: When we were reading about the kids in your program, they seemed so much like Max it was incredible.

ADAM: And then we just saw this boy down the hall in a classroom. He was dressed up like a sailor…


ADAM: Which is just like Max with his pirate costume.

DR. ROBERTSON: That's Kellen, Kellen James. He's a good kid.

KRISTINA: He is really cute.

DR. ROBERTSON: Yeah, he's good. I understand your enthusiasm. However, we've already taken in one new child for the third-grade class.

ADAM: But you took...you took a look at Max's file, and you spoke with Dr. Pelican?

DR. ROBERTSON: Yes, I did.

KRISTINA: So you understand what we're dealing with here. Our son Max is somewhere in between. He's too high-functioning for a special-needs program, be he doesn't really...

ADAM: He has real trouble fitting into a mainstream school. He needs some help. So what do you...what do you do with a child like that?

DR. ROBERTSON: We bring him to a school like ours... in September.

ADAM: I'm sorry, are you saying that you won't even see him?

KRISTINA: We just feel like if you spend some time with him, and you... you sat down with him, you would see what we do as parents. I mean, he's... the kid's incredible.

ADAM: If you just meet him...

DR. ROBERTSON: See, I don't want to give you a false sense of hope, because it's really, really very unlikely...

ADAM: Listen, he is a fantastic kid, Dr. Robertson.

DR. ROBERTSON: I understand that…

ADAM: I'm not just saying that 'cause he's my son.

KRISTINA: He's great. He's funny. He's bright. He says the oddest, most hilarious things I've ever heard in my entire life.

ADAM: Plays the harmonica in a weirdly good way.

KRISTINA: He does. And he plays chess. He doesn't really play chess so much, but he makes up stories with the little pieces on the board, like, "I'm gonna kick... I'm gonna attack you."

ADAM: You know, we...we just want you to meet him. Just 15 minutes of your time, that's all...just meet him.

KRISTINA: That's it. And if you say no, then at least you'll have made an informed decision.

ADAM: Just meet him.

KRISTINA: Please. Five minutes.

DR. ROBERTSON: I'm not gonna promise anything, all right?

ADAM: But you're gonna meet him? That's all we ask.

DR. ROBERTSON: I'm gonna meet him.

ADAM: Thank you. [Reaches to shake the doctors hand.]

DR. ROBERTSON: Okay, I'm gonna meet him.

KRISTINA: She's gonna meet him.

ADAM: Thank you.

KRISTINA: Thank you so much. [Shakes hands with the doctor.]

DR. ROBERTSON: Thank you. Good afternoon, I have to get some work done.

KRISTINA: Thank you. You look a little bit like Oprah.

DR. ROBERTSON: Good afternoon. Bye. Be careful.

KRISTINA: You take care.

DR. ROBERTSON: Take care.

KRISTINA: Should I leave it open?

DR. ROBERTSON: Please do.

[New Scene - Julia in her swim suit steps up to the pool, dressed in a cap and goggles she stretches before diving in. Joel and Sydney look on surprised as she swims a lap in the middle of the toddlers swimming class.]

SYDNEY: Mommy!

JULIA: Hi, sweetie.

SYDNEY: You're like a fish.

JULIA: You want me to teach you how to swim like a fish?

SYDNEY: Yeah. [She chuckles as Joel hands Sydney over.] All right.

JOEL: Nice entrance.

JULIA: Thanks. You know how grandpa Zeek taught me to swim? [Sydney shakes her head.] He dropped me in the deep end of the pool when I was two. [She leaves Sydney hanging on the side of the pool.] I'm gonna ask you to trust me okay? [And steps back.] All right, swim to me.

[All of the other mothers are watching]

SYDNEY: I don't know how to swim.

JULIA: I saw you kicking. That's all you need to know how to do, okay?

SYDNEY: I'm scared.

JULIA: Just kick off, let go, And come here. I'm right here.

SYDNEY: I can't.

JOEL: Yeah, you can, babe. We know you can. Come on.

JULIA: We're right here. We're not gonna let anything bad happen. We're right here.

SYDNEY: Promise?

JOEL: Promise. Absolutely.

JULIA: Promise.

JOEL: You got it. Come on.

[Sydney let goes and sinks under the water.]

JULIA: Okay, she's gonna kick. She's gonna kick.

JOEL: She's sinking is what she's doing.

JULIA: Well, give her a second.

JOEL: Come on.

SYDNEY: [She kicks to the surface.] Help, daddy! Help!

[Joel rushes to help]

JULIA: You did it, baby!

SYDNEY: Daddy, help! Daddy... [She coughs as Joel holds her.]

JULIA: You swam!

SYDNEY: You 'Drowned' me! [Coughing and crying]

JOEL: It's all right.

JULIA: [With all the mothers looking on in disapproval.] She swam.

[New Scene - Sarah and Zeek at the junkyard.]

ZEEK: I love how they call it "automotive recycling." I mean, what's wrong with "junk"? Junk is an honest word.

SARAH: Look at these, dad. Some of these cars have been around since the first time you brought me here. [chuckles] Oh, dad, look at that...Pontiac. What is that, a T1000? Maybe we can use some of that.

ZEEK: That's a good eye, But it looks like it's been stripped. Oh, look at this. 1948 Cadillac... Now, I always wanted one of these. [He pounds on the hood.] Huh? [Sarah joins in and laughs.] That's American steel right there. The big iron!

SARAH: What would you think, dad, If I moved into your office for a little while?

ZEEK: Well, honey, why the hell do you want to sleep back there? It's all mouldy.

SARAH: Well, maybe. But me and Amber in that little room... It's kind of tight.

ZEEK: Well, I work back there, sweetheart.

SARAH: Right.

ZEEK: Oh, now, here you go. See, this is an engine you can work on. Isn't that beautiful?

SARAH: Dad, why do you have condoms in the office?

ZEEK: [He takes a moment.] I don't want to talk to you about that.

[New Scene - back at the pool, Julia and Joel are now dressed.]

JULIA: I'm so sorry. I just... I thought that I could help...

JOEL: Just pop in and have everything your way, and then pop out?

JULIA: You're mad.

JOEL: You should have told me.

JULIA: She did swim. You saw that.

JOEL: I'll see you at home.

JULIA: Joel.

JOEL: Yeah?

JULIA: I'm sorry.

JOEL: Yeah. [Racquel comes up with Sydney.] Hey, sugar. [Then to Racquel and Harmony.] Hey, guys.

[New Scene - Crosby in the sound studio.]

CROSBY: All right, you want to learn how to work this thing?

JABBAR: Mm-hmm.

CROSBY: All right, here we go. What we want to do is add some drums, right?


CROSBY: Hear that? [A drum beat plays.] Hmm, what does that need? Ooh, I know. A little bass. [A bass line is added.] Put some bass in there. Okay. Starting to sound pretty good. But I think I need a little something more. Let's throw some guitar in there. Then we go like this, And then boom!




[The full mix is playing loudly now.]

CROSBY: Right? Don't tell anyone around here what you saw, 'cause I don't want everyone to know how fun my job is.


CROSBY: Oh, look, it's Happy Hollow. Hey, how's it going?

SARAH NEGAHDARI: We're so excited.

CROSBY: Oh, good.

SARAH NEGAHDARI: We were thinking tonight maybe we could just do it, um, live and kind of get that raw, natural sort of feel.

CROSBY: That's good. We'll capture it.

SARAH NEGAHDARI: Cool. [Noticing Jabbar.] Who's that?

CROSBY: Oh, this is my sound engineer assistant, Jabbar.



CROSBY: He's very gifted.

SARAH NEGAHDARI: Can I talk to you for a second?


SARAH NEGAHDARI: Is he gonna impinge?

CROSBY: Oh, no, he never impinges. I promise.

SARAH NEGAHDARI: 'cause this is really, really important to us.

CROSBY: Take how important it is to you, Quadruple it... That's how important it is to Jabbar.


CROSBY: Go set up, get wild.

[New Scene - Sarah is trying to fix her car. The cars radio is playing.]

SARAH: Hey. Hi. How was your day?

DREW: Um, maybe you should let grandma and grandpa help us buy a new car. I'm just saying.

SARAH: You too?

DREW: I'm just saying.

SARAH: Hey, come here for a second. I want to explain to you why I don't want to do that. In this family, we take care of ourselves, And we don't expect other people to help us, Which is why, by the time I was your age, I knew how to change a tire and, uh... Bake a casserole...

DREW: A casserole?

SARAH: And break into a car and fashion a tepee out of wood and leather.

DREW: Really? Really, now? I was just saying...

SARAH: You don't believe me? I don't think you get my point. Come here.

DREW: Mom, I get the point.

SARAH: Do you?

DREW: Yes. I understand.

SARAH: Then give me a hug. [Holding up her dirty oil covered hands.] What? What?

DREW: Look at you.

SARAH: Come here. [He walks off.] You're still my favorite son.

[New Scene - The Sound Studio, Happy Hollows are playing “Lieutenant” as Crosby sets up.]

CROSBY: Don't half-ass it! [He shouts over the music.]

[Scene cuts between Crosby in the studio and Jabbar in the control room, who is getting bored so starts playing with the controls. He breaks one of the slides and runs off after he can't fix it.]

[New Scene - Max and Kristina are waiting in the school hallway, distant chatter can be heard as Kristina is playing with his hair, Max removes her hand.]


ADAM: All right, now, remember, Max, there's no pressure, okay? You just be yourself.

MAX: I will.

KRISTINA: Are you hungry, honey? Do you want a snack? I have crackers. I have a banana. I have an apple. I have some trail mix…

MAX: I'm fine.

KRISTINA: …I have a granola bar. I have a hard-boiled egg.

MAX: I'm fine. I'm fine.

ADAM: Do you have to pee?

MAX: Nope.

KRISTINA: Are you sure?

ADAM: It's right down the hall.

KRISTINA: Granola bar? Chinese mix? An apple?

MAX: You just said that. Is something wrong?

ADAM: No. Why?

MAX: Because you're saying the same thing over and over again, which is what you do when something's wrong.

KRISTINA: No. No, we don't.

[Door opens.]

TEACHER: Okay, Max, we're ready for you.

KRISTINA: Exciting.

ADAM: No pressure.

TEACHER: Good luck.

KRISTINA: Thank you.

TEACHER: He'll be just fine.

[New Scene - Crosby enters the control room.]

CROSBY: Pretty cool, huh? [His son has gone.] Jabbar? Jabbar. Oh come on. [He starts searching the studio.] Jabbar? Jabbar? Oh, man, you scared the crap out of me.

JABBAR: Sorry.

KATIE: Hey, fiancé.

CROSBY: Hey. Uh, what are you doing back?

KATIE: Oh, I came straight from the airport. Apparently, music history is being made, and the band's manager told me that I needed to be here. Here you go, big guy.

CROSBY: Uh, oh, no, no, no, no.

JABBAR: Thank you.

CROSBY: No, no, no, no. He...he can't drink that. He's lactose intolerant.

KATIE: Oh, well, sorry.


KATIE: Let's see what else we can get you. So, Crosby, who is this little fella?

CROSBY: Um, hey. Uh, welcome back. I don't know. He, uh... One of the girls up front asked me to watch him.

KATIE: Okay, well, it's really nice to meet you. And I'm gonna go check on the band.

[New Scene - Adam and Kristina wait in the school hallway.]

ADAM: Hey.



ADAM: What are you doing here?

KRISTINA: Hi. What...what's up?

SARAH: I just...I thought you might be nervous, so...

ADAM: So you brought us coffee to calm us down.

KRISTINA: That was very nice of you.

ADAM: I'm just kidding. That's very nice. Thank you, Sarah.

SARAH: What do you got there, a rock or...

ADAM: No, it's a Tibetan prayer stone.

SARAH: Oh, dear God. It's come to this? [She mocks.]

ADAM: I'm not taking any chances.

SARAH: This?

ADAM: Hey I'm not…

DR. ROBERTSON: It was an absolute pleasure to meet you, Max.

ADAM: Hey!

MAX: You too.

KRISTINA: Hey, bud-zo.

ADAM: Is everything okay?

DR. ROBERTSON: We'll call tomorrow.

ADAM: All right.

DR. ROBERTSON: See you, Max.

MAX: See you.

SARAH: Hi, bud.

MAX: Hi.

ADAM: Look forward to your call.

MAX: Did Haddie win her game?

ADAM: Oh, God, we got to go.

SARAH: Where we going?

ADAM: Come on. Come on, you guys, we got to go. Let's go.

KRISTINA: Haddie's game. Her finals are today.

SARAH: You forgot her game?

[New Scene - Soccer field. Haddie is alone.]

ADAM: Haddie.

KRISTINA: Hi, sweetie.

ADAM: Haddie, listen, we are so sorry.

KRISTINA: I'm sorry, we got stuck at Max's interview.

ADAM: Hey, you won.

KRISTINA: It looks like...yeah.

ADAM: Haddie...

HADDIE: Can we just go, please?

ADAM: Alright.

KRISTINA: Okay, you know what, honey? I'm sorry.

ADAM: We're very sorry, can you understand that?

KRISTINA: Max, come on, honey.

ADAM: Max!

KRISTINA: Max, come .

[tools clattering]

[New Scene - night, Sarah is reading a repair manual when she hears tools and banging from outside. She goes to investigate, Drew is alone working on the old car.]


DREW: I put some oil on this bolt, so I think it's loosening.

SARAH: What do you have, the half-inch?

DREW: Yeah.

SARAH: You might try a smaller one.

DREW: That's true. Here. Oh...

SARAH: Maybe a little more oil.

DREW: Could you use this, see if it works? Oh, boy.

SARAH: Here it goes, kind of.

DREW: Here, I'll try to put this on there, See if it works.

SARAH: Did you get those off?

DREW: Yeah.

SARAH: You're getting really strong.

DREW: Thank you.

SARAH: Come here, give me a hand. [Laughs as the try and loosen the bolt.]

[New Scene - Haddie is in her room listening to music, she hears a knock on door and removes her earphones as the door opens.]

ADAM: You mind if I come in?

HADDIE: It's fine, dad. I'm over it.

ADAM: No, it's not fine. There are some days when you just blow it. You know? And that is what happened today. I blew it. And I'm... I'm really, really sorry.

HADDIE: It's okay. Really.

ADAM: And I know with everything that has been going on with Max, you've been having a rough couple of weeks too.

HADDIE: Weeks? Dad, try years.

ADAM: What?

HADDIE: It's been years, dad. Why is everybody acting like this Max thing is big news? He knocked over the cake at my tenth birthday because he was afraid of the candles. We had to change rooms because he couldn't be by the air conditioner. Whenever he wants to watch TV, we all have to give up. It's like... it's never-ending. And ever since I can remember, it's been all about Max.

ADAM: You're right. You're absolutely right.

HADDIE: Do you think he's gonna get into this school?

ADAM: [He picks up the trophy off the floor.] I am very... very proud of you... in so many ways.

[New Scene - Julia arrives home, Joel is on the couch reading.]


JOEL: Hey. They kept you late.

JULIA: Yes, they did. [Sighs] The price you pay for taking a little dip in the middle of the day.

[They greet each other with a kiss.]

JOEL: Yeah, speaking of that... Hey, Sydney, mom's home.

JULIA: Hi, sweetie.

SYDNEY: Mommy, look.

JULIA: What is it?

SYDNEY: Look, it's me. [Showing her a small video player.]

JOEL: [On the recording.] Ready? Go! You got it. You got it. Keep going. Look at you!

SYDNEY: [On the recording.] I did it!

JOEL: [On the recording.] Yeah, you did it!

JULIA: You swam?

SYDNEY: Yeah, away from the side and back.

JULIA: Oh. Show me again.


JOEL: [On the recording.] Ready? Go!

JOEL: She never would have been able to do it without you torturing her.

SYDNEY: [On the recording.] I did it!

JOEL: [On the recording.] Yeah, you did it! High five.

JULIA: Show me again.

[They laugh together.]

[New Scene - Crosby and Jabbar outside of the house boat.]

JABBAR: How much longer?

CROSBY: Uh, your mom said she'd be here any minute now. Hey, listen... You know what I told that lady before, about who you were? I just got really scared. It was stupid.

JABBAR: It's okay. I understand.

CROSBY: You do? [Jabbar pulls out the piece of the mixing board from his pocket.] Is this why you ran and hid, 'cause you broke this off the mixing board?

JABBAR: I thought you'd be mad.

CROSBY: You know... I would have done the exact same thing.

[Jabbar chuckles as does Crosby.]

[New Scene - Sarah watching with Zeek as her car is being readied to be towed away.]

SARAH: All right, then. [Sighs] I guess that's it.

ZEEK: You sure?

SARAH: Mm-hmm.

ZEEK: You're not gonna cry over this piece of junk, are you?


ZEEK: Okay.

SARAH: I know it's a bad car. It's just... Amber said her first word in it... "no." Drew came within two blocks of being born in it. It hardly ever worked, but the day I needed to move them out of Seth's, it started on the first try. [Sniffles]

ZEEK: Ready?

SARAH: Yeah.

ZEEK: Okay.

TOW TRUCK DRIVER: We're good. [He starts the engine and pulls away.]

ZEEK: Sarah, um, your mother and I, we haven't been doing very well. I've been spending a lot of time in the guesthouse. I've been sleeping there, and that's… why I told you, you couldn't move in, So, uh... It was selfish. I'm selfish sometimes. I want you to know that, please, go ahead, move in.

SARAH: You sure?

ZEEK: Yeah.

SARAH: And don't worry about your mom and I. We're gonna be doing okay. Okay.

[New Scene - Adam and Kristina in bed 7:28am.]

ADAM: What time did those people from Footpath Elementary say they were gonna call?

KRISTINA: 11:00, I think.

ADAM: I'm not gonna make it.

KRISTINA: You want to make out?

ADAM: Hmm.

[The doorbell rings, Adam goes to answer it.]

JULIA: [She knocks on the door.] Hey!

JULIA, JOEL & SYDNEY: [Together] Good morning!

ADAM: Good morning!

JULIA: We're going swimming.

ADAM: Swimming?

SYDNEY: Swimming!

JOEL: Swimming, you know, the thing where you go...

ADAM: Listen, you guys, I'm waiting for a very important phone call...

JULIA: I know, but that's not for four hours, so let's go. Bring your cell phone. Come on! [Adam half closes the door.] None of that.

ADAM: All right, all right.

JULIA: We brought coffee.

[Adam kisses his sister and the growls playfully with Sydney who is on Joel's shoulders.]

[New Scene - The swimming pool.]

[Back ground music plays as Crosby jumps of the diving board, the whole family is there.]

CAMILLE: No, but I like Hungarian goulash.

KRISTINA: I love it. [A cell phone rings] Oh, my God. Adam, honey, it's Footpath. It's Footpath. Yes, it is. Can you answer it? [Adam gets out of the pool.] Hurry, hurry!

ADAM: Hi. Yes, this is Adam. Yes. Okay, I understand. Okay, bye. He got in!

KRISTINA: He got in!

ADAM: He got in!

[The family cheers from the pool.]

ADAM: [Hands the phone to Kristina and jumps back into the pool.] Whoo!

[More scenes of the family in the pool, some jumping off the diving board.]

[New Scene - The school bell rings as Adam and Kristina take max in for his first day at the new school.]

KRISTINA: Here you go. Still excited? I'm excited.

MAX: Okay if I run ahead? It's 8:14.


ADAM: Yeah.


ADAM: Have a good day, Max.

KRISTINA: We love you.

[They watch Max run off, close shot of them holding the Tibetan Prayer Stone.]

[New Scene - Sarah goes to see Jim, she knocks on his door. Jim answers and the exchange looks for a few moments.]

JIM: Hey, Sarah.

SARAH: Can I come in?

JIM: [He takes a moment.] You like Lasagna?

[Sarah smiles and enters]

Episode End
1.03 - The Deep End
Original Airdate (NBC) March 16, 2010
Written by Jeff Greenstein
Directed by Lawrence Triling

Transcribed by Craig Best
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