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5.01 - It Has To Be Now

"Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye
Adam & Kristina at the Bar - iTunes

"Wrap It Up" by Sam & Dave
Jasmine Giving Birth - iTunes

"Yonder Wall" by Buddy Guy & Junior Wells
Family visits new Baby - iTunes

"Our Love Is Here To Stay" by Shirley Horn
Unknown - iTunes

"I'll Be Your Mirror" by The Velvet Underground & Nico
Unknown - iTunes

"If You Want Me To" by Adam Green & Binki Shapiro
Sarah Fixes Smoke Alarm - iTunes

"Unknown Song" by ?
Kristina runs for Mayor - iTunes

"My My Love" by Joshua Radin
Ryan returns home - iTunes

5.02 - All Aboard Who's Coming Aboard

"Heavy Feet" by Local Natives
Amber and Ryan Discussion if the marriage proposal was planned while making out - iTunes

"What's a Man to Do" by Beans & Fatback
Max and Hank talking about Amber and Ryan- iTunes

"Time Has Told Me" by Nick Drake
Zeek fixing the window at midnight - iTunes

"I Need My Girl" by The National
Sarah visits Amber telling her she wants to help plan her wedding - iTunes

5.03 - Nipple Confusion

"East Coast Girl" by Cayucas
When? - iTunes

"Lonelier Than This" by Steve Earle
When? - iTunes

"Kindness Be Conceived" by Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
When? - iTunes

"Other Voices" by The Orwells
When? - iTunes

"Lonely Are the Free" by Steve Earle
Camille and Zeke chat in the yard - iTunes

"Ponce Pilato" by Y La Bamba
Drew plays scrabble with a girl and Victor reads out loud - iTunes

5.04 - In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

"A Case of You" by Joni Mitchell
Natalie plays the song for Drew - iTunes

"Song" by Joni Mitchell
Adam tells Drew about Joni and the "fun zone" - iTunes

"Only For You" by Heartless Bastards
Drew plays the song for Natalie - iTunes

"My My Love" by Joshua Radin
When? - iTunes

"Modern Jesus" by Portugal the Man
When? - iTunes

"Beautiful Day" by Joshua Radin
Closing scenes - iTunes

5.05 - Let's Be Mad Together

"Sweet Persuasion" by Brett Dennen
Drew taking photos at school - iTunes

"Ya Never Know" by Terraplane Sun
Amber and Ryan argue in their apartment - iTunes

"Another Life" by James Maddock
When? - iTunes

"Burning Love" by Elvis Presley
Crosby and drunk Joel, talking in the car - iTunes

"After All Is Said and Done" by Junip
Max and Kristina sit on the bed being mad together. Ryan speaks with Sarah about his past - iTunes

5.06 - The M Word

"Air" by Tyson Ritter
Band playing live in studio... - iTunes

"Battlefields" by Misun
Drew is waiting and then meets Natalie - iTunes

"I Threw It All Away" by Bob Dylan
Closing song with Drew and Natalie, then Camille leaving for Italy? - iTunes

5.07 - Speaking of Baggage

"Air" by Tyson Ritter
Band playing live in studio... - iTunes

"Battlefields" by Misun
Drew is waiting and then meets Natalie - iTunes

"I Threw It All Away" by Bob Dylan
Closing song with Drew and Natalie, then Camille leaving for Italy? - iTunes

5.08 - The Ring

"Fortunate Son" by Creedence Clearwater Revival
Opening with Zeek home alone and enjoying himself- iTunes

"22" by Night Beds
Amber & Ryan talking about ring coming out of movie - iTunes

"Just Beneath the Surface (Reprise)" by Dawes
When? - iTunes

"Hawk Fly Tiger Run" by Ofelia
Jabbar in ballet class, closing scenes - iTunes

5.09 - Election Day

"Searching" by Smoke Signals
When? - iTunes

"Cherry Blossoms" by Night Beds
Adam and Kristina voting - iTunes

"Little Dipper" by Big Deal
Amber and Ryan talk about the pills she found - iTunes

"Joy to You Baby" by Josh Ritter
Closing song - iTunes

5.10 - All That's Left is the Hugging

"Wings" by HAERTS
When? - iTunes

"Lost Springs" by Night Beds
Julia gets a text from Ed while cleaning the kitchen? - iTunes

"This place is haunted" by Devotchka
Closing song - iTunes

5.11 - Promises

"Ride On / Right On" by Phosphorescent
Opening song with Drew and Amy - iTunes

"Life is Hard" by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Zeek working on his car and home alone - iTunes

"Song" by?
Bar song with Zeek and new friend - iTunes

"Train Song (This Disc)" by Feist and Ben Gibbard
Amy and Drew kissing - iTunes

"Supernumerary (Effie Version)" by Vanaprasta
Closing song starting with Amy and Drew kissing the 2nf time - iTunes

5.12 - Stay a Little Longer

"Sunrise" by Lonesome Animals
Ryan collecting his things from Ambers apartment - iTunes

"Islands" by Nathan Reich
Zeek saying goodbye to Ryan - iTunes

"If You Wait" by London Grammar
Julia telling Joel about the kiss with Ed - iTunes

"Point Panic" by The Surfaris
Hank being blown off at the interview - iTunes

"Song" by?
Zeek talking to Amber - iTunes

"Close Your Eyes" by Big Deal
Amber seeing Ryan off at the motel - iTunes

"Sad Reunion" by InDreama
Closing song with Zeek/Amber - iTunes

5.13 - Jump Ball

"Isolation" by Joy Division
Opening song with Amber - iTunes

"What Doesn’t Kill You" by Jake Bugg
Amber driving calls work - iTunes

"Lost My Driving Wheels" by Cowboy Junkies
Amber driving- iTunes

"When Were You Happy? (And How Long Has That Been)" by Laura Marling
Drew goes back to Amy - iTunes

"Someone To Watch Over Me" by Rickie Lee Jones
Amber having breakfast with Seth - iTunes

5.14 - You've Got Mold

"Awkward" by San Cisco
Hank and Sarah argue over there ideas for the photo shoot - iTunes

"Sons And Daughters" by Allman Brown
Joel tells the kids he is moving out - iTunes

"Another Love" by Tom Odell
Joel leaving the house - iTunes

"When We Were Young" by Brett Dennen
Sarah taking photos at the beach with Hank
- iTunes

"Come Clean" by Tristan Prettyman
Crosby and family moving in with the grandparents - iTunes

5.15 - Just Like Home

"Loose Change" by Neil Halstead
When? - iTunes

"Lonely House" by Abbey Lincoln
When? - iTunes

"Burning Down the House" by Talking Heads
The siblings dancing at Julia's - iTunes

"Broken" by Jake Bugg
Drew and Amy outside her parents house - iTunes

"Wittgenstein's Arm" by Neil Halstead
Julia talking to Victor on the phone late at night - iTunes

"Dorian" by Agnes Obel
When Joel arrives to pick up the kids - iTunes

"Isolation" by Joy Division
When? - iTunes

"Twisting the Night Away" by The Hit Crew
When Crosby gets to Julia's house - iTunes

5.16 - The Enchanting Mr. Knight

"Years Gone By" The Milk Carton Kids
Carl in bed with Sarah - iTunes

"Curse of the Nightmare" California X
Frat Party - iTunes

"Wild Country" Wake Owl
Julia apologise to Ed - iTunes

5.17 - Limbo

"What a Way to Die" by Pleasure Seekers
Max helping Sarah and Hank with the printing - iTunes

"Are You Ready?" by Luscious Jackson
Drew goes to Natalie's room - iTunes

"Slow Motion" by Phox
Drews room mate doesn’t understand what he did wrong - iTunes

"I Got Burned" by The Bamboos (Feat Tim Rogers)
Natalie comes to see Drew in his room - iTunes

"Part From Me" by The Avett Brothers
Sarah and Hank arguing about Max's behavior - iTunes

"Line of Fire" by Junip
Drew and Amber stoned in her apartment - iTunes

"Church (Part of Someone)" by Stephen Stills
Closing song in the church - iTunes

5.18 - The Offer

"Hit Or Miss" by Odetta
Opening with Hank and Sarah working - iTunes

"Don’t Blow It" by Eyes Lips Eyes
Max getting on to the bus - iTunes

"Song" by?
Hank giving Sarah a massage to calm her down - iTunes

"Somedays Are Diamonds" by Lloyd Mabrey
Max in the car with his parents - iTunes

"Some Days Ar Diamonds" by John Denver
Zeek and Camille outside by the fire place- iTunes

"Interstate" by Nathan Reich
Victor returns his cell phone/Hank waiting for Sarah - iTunes

5.19 - Fraud Alert

"Song" by?
Amber runs into Mr Cyr - iTunes

"Paradise Here Abouts" by Howe Gelb
Joel having dinner with his boss - iTunes

"Song" by?
Zeek/Crosby driving ATV - iTunes

"Out Among My Flowers" by Heirlooms of August
Joel tells Julia how he feels about the situation - iTunes

"You Just Got Played" by lim Wolfe
Zeek arguing over the GTO parts price- iTunes

"Song" by?
Sarah hand Mark have dinner - iTunes

"Underwater" by Joshua Radin
Closing song - Adam and Max surfing - iTunes

5.20 - Cold Feet

"The Only Place" by The Best Coast
When? - iTunes

"The Universe is Going to Catch You" by The Antlers
When? - iTunes

"Speed of light" by Ola Podride
When? - iTunes

"Recovery" by Frank Turner
Drew drinking with roommate - iTunes

"Spinoza" by Generationals
When? - iTunes

"Suffer Like Me" by AM & Shawn Lee
When? - iTunes

"Snowflakes Are Dancing" by Kurt Vile
When? - iTunes

"The Innocent" by Mayer Hawthorne
When? - iTunes

"Collide" by Leonard Jackson
When? - iTunes

5.21 - I'm Still Here

"Take Care" by City and Colour
Kristina talking to Adam about Grwn dying in their bedroom - iTunes

"Deep Shadows" by Beans & Fatback
Drew and Natalie on the football field screaming - iTunes

"In Every Direction" by Junip
Hanks driving Amber to see Ryan at the Hospital
- iTunes

"Young Fathers" by Typhoon
Drew and Natalie are on the football field screaming - iTunes

"I Got You" by Jack Jackson
Dax and the family move back in - iTunes

"The Closer I Get" by Rogue Wave
Amber and Sarah visiting Ryan - iTunes

5.22 - The Pontiac

"Storm Passes Away" by Jake Bugg
Opening song - iTunes

"Oh! Sweet Nuthin’" by The Velvet Underground
When? - iTunes

"Beautiful Question" by Richard Buckner
When? - iTunes

"Ain’t Gonna Lose You" by Brett Dennen
When? - iTunes

"Berlin" by RYX
Amber and Ryan share a moment in the hospital - iTunes

"Lit from Underneath" by Andrew Bird
When? - iTunes

"The Times They Are a-Changin"’ by Richie Havens
Closing song with montage - iTunes

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