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3.01 - I Don't Want To Do This Without You

"Coconut" Harry Nilsson
Montage scene with Adam at home - iTunes

"Million Years" Alexander Ebert
Back ground music in the Pancake Place as Adam and Crosby eat - iTunes

"Summer of Love, Add 40" Terry J Low
Plays in the with Alex, Haddie and Max - iTunes

"Only a Fool Would Say That" Steely Dan
Plays during the BBQ when Amber arrives for the party - iTunes

"Watch Me Dance" Toddla T with Roots Manuva
High School Party when Haddie first enters - iTunes

"Pump it Up" Elvis Costello
Sarah's 40th birthday party - iTunes

"Singalong Junk" Paul McCartney
Closing scenes from when Adam and Crosby visit the studio - iTunes

3.02 - Hey, If You're Not Using That Baby

"Already Yours" Bahamas
Kristina watching Max sleep then walking nim to school with Adam - iTunes

"Sensations in the Dark" Gruff Rhys
Sarah and Mark Sleepover - iTunes

"Weird" Sebadoh
Adam visiting Crosby's house - iTunes

"Unknown Song" Or Artist
Mark & Sarah at dinner - iTunes

"Odds of Being Alone" Amy Stroup & Trent Debbs
Adam comforting Kristina then Mark and Sarah in the car - iTunes

"Pine Away" The Apple in Stereo
Sarah talking to Camelli about Mark - iTunes

"Wonder Why" Vetiver
Crosby and Adam in the studio with the owner - iTunes

"Our Hearts Are Wrong" Jessica Lea Mayfield
Sarah visiting Mark to tell his she's 'in' - iTunes

"What I Wouldn't Do" A Fine Frenzy
Crosby tells Adam he got the studio, then into the next scene with Max at school - iTunes

3.03 - Step Right Up

"Unknown Song" artist
Opening scene with yard sale - iTunes

"Unknown Song" artist
Zeek giving Drew dating advice - iTunes

"Unknown Song" artist
Coffee shop with Amber and Sarah - iTunes

"What'll I Do" Lisa Hannigan
Julia avoiding Zoe in her office - iTunes

"Cecilia" Simon & Garfunkel
Drew dropping off the shears for Amy's Dad - iTunes

"Unknown Song" artist
Baby Shower - iTunes

"It is Well With My Soul" Daniel Martin Moore
Kristina walking thought the house - iTunes

"Whole Love" Wilco
Drew flirting with Amy with Sarah and Zeek watching - iTunes

3.04 - Clear Skies From Here On Out

"Floating (Time Isn't Working My Side)" Portugal. The Man
Plays in the car with Jasmine and Jabbar - iTunes

"Love & Lay Down" Lazer Cake
Plays while Drew and Amber are talking in her apartment - iTunes
Thanks to Robby Sinclair from the band for contacting me about this track.

"Sugar On My Tongue" Talking Heads
Plays in the car as Amber drives Drew and Amy to the Cinema - iTunes

"With Wings" Amy Stroup
Alex talking to Kristina about breaking up with Haddie - iTunes

"Teeth" Thao & Mirah
Drew talking to Amy about his family - iTunes

"O My Soul" Daniel Martin Moore
Zeek & Camille talking then go into their bedroom - iTunes

"Fortyfive" Bootstraps
Plays at the very end after Crosby is on the drums - iTunes

3.05 - Nora

"Stormbringer" Beck
Starts with Crosby on his date, plays into the next scene with Seth - iTunes

"Click Click Pow" Lexicon
Adam chosing aome "Hip" clothes for the meeting - iTunes

"Hope You Know" Megafaun
Sarah visiting Mark at school - iTunes

"Save Me" Ryan Adams
Zoe's morning with the Graham's - iTunes

"Nobody Hot as Me" Ku
Adam all "Hipped up" and walking down the street - iTunes

"Such Great Heights" Iron And Wine
Right after the birth of Nora with Adam running down the hall - iTunes

"Will I Ever" Kitty, Daisy & Lewis
The family meeting baby Nora for the first time - iTunes

"Jewel" Bombay Bicycle Club
Zoe telling Julia and Joe they can have her baby, then plays into the scene with Seth & Sarah - iTunes

3.06 - Tales from the Luncheonette

"Embrace" Ben Sollee
Sarah helping patch up Seth in the guesthouse - iTunes

"Into the Sea" Aidan Hawken
Amy lying on Drew's Bed - website

"Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us" Fink
Studio with Adam and Crosby then Seth coming to ask Sarah for help - iTunes

"I Can Hear the Trains Coming" Mathieu Santos
Playing in the back ground as Drew visits Amber's apartment - iTunes

"Take A Little (Piece Of My Heart)" Cee Lo Green
Cee Lo Green singing in the studio - unreleased?

"Skull & Bones" A.A. Bondy
Mark driving with Sarah, talking about Seth - iTunes

"When the Sun Gives In" Miles Heizer
Adam with baby/Haddie&Kris talk/Drew&Amy cooking - myspace
Hey, remember the song that played up until the last scene on Parenthood tonight? My friend Allie and I wrote/sang it! - twitter

"The Rising Tide" Mia Doi Todd
Seth telling Amber and Drew about going into re-hab - iTunes

3.07 - Forced Family Fun

"Diggin' In The Sand" Josh Rouse And The Long Vacations
Kristina tries to have a special family breakfast - iTunes

"Official" Junip
Julia confronting Zoe about the seafood, then Zeek talking to Adam at the Luncheonette - iTunes

"Wreckage" Jolie Holland
Sarah and Julia talking about Seth and Mark - iTunes

'Mockingbird" Inez & Charlie Foxx
Kristina speeding off and leaving her family in the street - iTunes

"You don't know what love is" Chet Baker
Mark and Sarah having dinner in his apartment - iTunes

"A Case of You" James Blake
Zoe coming over for dinner, Jasmine coming to the studio, closing song. - iTunes

3.08 - In-Between

"Unknown songs" & artist
Playing during the interview montage - iTunes

"Lost In My Mind" The Head And The Heart
Sarah and Seth entering his apartment at the Relapse Motel - iTunes

"Here We Go Again" Angus and Julia Stone
Zeek visiting Adam at home and talking about going to the Luncheonette opening - iTunes

"Another Kind of Blue" Slaid Cleaves
Sarah visiting Seth at Amber apartment then they kiss - iTunes

"Slow it Down" (feat. Bella Boncat) 6brooks
Luncheonette Studio Opening Party - iTunes

"To Whom It May Concern" The Civil Wars
Adam finds and comforts Kristina at the studio opening party - iTunes

"Somebody to Love" Jefferson Airplane
Zeek plays this record and then dances with Camille and the kids - iTunes

"Unknown songs" & artist
Amber taking/cry to Seth about Sarah and Mark.

"Catch The Wind" Donovan
Final song, starts with Seth leaving & saying goodbye to Sarah - iTunes

Unknown Song Placement
These songs are listed on the site but there are no iTunes links so I can't determine what scenes they are in.

"Street Soul" Wendy Wang and Benjamin Forrest Davis
"Feel the Glow" Padric Peyton
"TV Skies" Evil Twins

Any help placing them would be appreciating.

3.09 - Sore Loser

"Get Me Free" Wendy Wang and Ben Jaffe
unknown - iTunes

"What Quid?" Kitty, Daisy & Lewis
Braverman Charade Night - iTunes

"Unknown song" Arty Party
Luncheonette Studio - iTunes

"Revel" Bootstraps
Drew and Amy in his room before Sarah enters totalk about his 'D' - iTunes

"What You Were" The Drums
Drew and Amber taking about their mom, Amber giving him advice on seeing Amy. - iTunes

"You're The One That I Want" The Lennings
Amy and Drew kissing outside the Braverman house - iTunes

"It's Gonna Be a Mess" The Mighty Dogcatchers
Julia watching the door outside Sydney's room - iTunes

"Unknown song" & artist
Mark talking to Sarah about Drew at the bar - iTunes

"Bitter Heart" Mason Jennings
Joel finding Julia asleep outside Sydney's room - iTunes

"Bitch" The Rolling Stones
Rachel, Adam and Crosby party at the Luncheonette - iTunes

"River of Life" Mia Doi Todd
Rachel kisses Adam at her front door - iTunes

"Unknown song" & artist
Kristina confronts Max's bully/friend - not sure if this is a song the made for Parenthood music.

"Of the Days" Grey Reverend
Final song start as Sarah talks to Drew, plays through the next few scenes - iTunes

3.10 - Mr. Honesty

"Just So" Agnes Oble
Opening Song, Julia and Joel wait with Zoe for here Boyfriend Troy - iTunes

"Silly Little Things" Landon Pigg
Montage of Amber working at the coffee place - iTunes

"Little Darlin'" Landon Pigg
Playing guitar & ukulele at the Luncheonette - iTunes

"Moonlight Sonata, Adagio Sostenuto" Beethoven
Rachel playing the piano before Adam walks into the room - iTunes

"I Move Badly On'" Sahara Smith
Sarah helping Amber at the coffee place - iTunes

"Hots Full of Love" Josh Rouse and the Long Vacations
Closing song with Crosby & Jasmine drinking then sleeping together - iTunes

3.11 - Missing

"Rave On" Cults
Jasmine and Crosby waking up together - iTunes

"One More Time" Tommy Strange
Rachel talking to Crosby about quitting - iTunes

"Hey Mama" Mat Kearney
Montage of Mark and Sarah with baby Nora - iTunes

"Break It on Down" Red Light Green Light
unknown - iTunes

"Carlos Magic" Sporto
unknown - iTunes

"It's Over" Civil Twilight
Crosby and Jasmine talking about what happened - YouTube - iTunes

"Human After All" Sierra Noble
Sarah and Mark on the couch, Mark seeing them having a baby - iTunes

3.12 - Road Trip

"The Nitty Gritty" Shirley Ellis
Drew walking in on Sarah & Mark - iTunes

"Goodbye Geoffrey Drake" Graffiti6
On the road (just after the credits) - iTunes

"I’m Coming Home" Kitty, Daisy & Lewis
Second song in the cars - iTunes

"Give Me Time" Circus
First song in the Diner - iTunes

"Dream Away" Hope
Second song in the Diner - iTunes

"I Love You" The Jetzons
Sarah listening to this on her iPhone before the call from Mark - iTunes

"Ride Hooker Ride" Earl Hooker
Sarah on the phone with Mark - iTunes

"A Shade of Difference" Bozo Darnell
Haddie and Adam talking in the road side gift shop - iTunes

"Startin' the Day with a Song" Blue Shoes
In the car with Haddie and Adam apologizing to each other - iTunes

"OMGCD" The Low Anthem
The family arriving at Grandma Blanches house - iTunes

"Honey I'll Try" Emile Millar
Closing Song - iTunes

3.13 - Just Smile

"I Can Only Give You Everything" Nick WaterhouseI
Makeup with Sam Pancake / Amber looking for the copy room - iTunes

"Lead Me Love" Shelby Lynne
Mark and Sarah walking down the street - iTunes

"Ballin' Time" Bill Lamont
Setting up for the poker game - iTunes

"Albatross" Fleetwood Mac
Getting into the poker game proper - iTunes

"Life on Mars?" David Bowie
Poker game fight between Adam and Crosby - iTunes

"252" Gem Club
Lily calling Crosby - iTunes

"June Eyes" Winterpills
Coffee shop with Amber, Bob comes in for coffee and to talk. - iTunes

3.14 - It Is What It Is

"Lost In Time" Whitley
Zeek having his check-up at the doctors - iTunes

"I Still Believe In You" Matthew Ryan
Zeek and Camille Christening the trailer - iTunes

"All the Good Things" Imperial Mammoth
Final song starting with Jasmine alone in her bed room and ending with Amber and Bob Little - iTunes

3.15 - Politics

"Triumph Over Will" The Rogues
Crosby and Adam in the record store- iTunes

"Why" Josh Ritter
Dr Joe asking Jasmine to move in with him - iTunes

"Escape" Apparat
Amber and Bob kissing - iTunes

"Million Dollar Bill" Dawes
Adam talking to Crosby about getting Dawes to record at the Luncheonette - iTunes

"It Makes You Feel So Bad" Insight Out
Sarah meeting Marks friends - iTunes

"Never on Sunday" The Rassle
In the bar with Adam and Crosby meeting the Dawes - iTunes

"Cuz A Good Man's Hard To Find" The Fling
Lily comforting Crosby at the Luncheonette - iTunes

"On Fire on a Tightrope" JBM
? - iTunes

"Swan Song (for Bella)" Jennifer O'Connor
Amber returning to work - iTunes

3.16 - Tough Love

"Out of Tune" Real Estate
Mark driving Drew home from school - iTunes

"Unknown Music" Unknown Artist
Jazz music playing as Crosby and Camille discuss Zeek's medication - iTunes

"We Can't Sit Down" Joe Tex
Max playing basketball with the guys - iTunes

"In Knots" Carter Tanton
Amber packing for the trip to Sacramento - iTunes

"In the Morning" Jack Johnson
Max making a new friend at school - iTunes

"Big Jet Plane" Angus & Julia Stone
Amber and Bob at the bar - iTunes

"Swoon" Big Deal
Amber and Bob making out on the bed - iTunes

"The Shape of Us" Ian Britt
Final song starting from when Adam & Kristina meeting Mika's parents - iTunes

3.17 - Remember Me, I'm the One Who Loves You

"Love Is All I Am" Dawes
Marshmellows with with Jabbar at the camp out - iTunes

"(Remember Me) I'm the One Who Loves You" Dean Martin
In the tent, Jasmine, Crosby and Jabbar singing, Crosby playing guitar (not the actual song) - iTunes

"That Cry" Piers Faccini
Adam having drinks along with the potential Luncheonette buyer - iTunes

"When I Was Young" Nada Surf
Crosby watching Jasmine sleeping before going outside to talk - iTunes

"Transatlanticism" Death Cad For Cutie
Final song, starting with Julie crying over the loss of her new baby - iTunes

3.18 - My Brother's Wedding (Season Final)

"Bread" Yellow Ostrich
Opening scene with Lily and Dr Joe being told about the wedding - iTunes

"Time Spent in Los Angeles" Dawes
Crosby at work listening to music - iTunes

"Baby Don't Laugh" J.P. McClain & The Intruders
Mark and Sarah talking at the bar while she works - iTunes

"Far & Wide" Gardening, Not Architecture
Zoe visiting Julia and thanking her - iTunes

"Make You Feel My Love" Choir
Wedding Song as Jasmine walks up the isle - iTunes

"Party Rock Anthem" (Feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock) LMFAO
First song at the party - iTunes

"Colour My World" Chicago
Haddie and Adam dancing, then Sarah and Zeek - iTunes

"She's So Cold" The Rolling Stones
Drunk Billy trying to pick up Sarah - iTunes

"Ribbon In The Sky" Stevie Wonder
Amy and Drew kissing before going to his room - iTunes

"Wild Night" Van Morrison
Adam and Crosby talking about the Luncheonette at the party - iTunes

"Porcelain" Lucy Schwartz
Drew & Amy having sex for the first time - iTunes

"Heart & Bones" The Pines
Adam's toast to Crosby - iTunes

"U Can't Touch This" MC Hammer
Another song at the party - iTunes

"Be My Witness" Bahamas
Mark proposing to Sarah - iTunes

"Are You Ready Yet?" (feat. Gotye) Clare Bowditch
Crosby and Jasmine leaving for their honeymoon - iTunes

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