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2.01 - I Hear You, I See You

"Smile" Evil Twins
Joel and Zeek work on the roof first time - iTunes

"Well Runs Dry" Peter Case
Joel and Zeek work on the roof when the pipe bursts - iTunes

"Quick Canal" Atlas Sound
Joel offers to make a desk for Sarah - iTunes

"It Takes A Muscle" M.I.A.
Crosby and Jasmine during their Skype Sex - iTunes

"Older Guys" Flying Burrito Brothers
Joel and Zeek having their argument on the roof - iTunes

"Take A Bow" Greg Laswell
Plays as Haddie and Kristine are talking next to the car and continues through the next scene with Max and Haddie - iTunes

2.02 - No Good Deeds

"Beg Steal or Borrow" Ray LaMontagne
Plays in the car with Adam and family on the way to the party - iTunes

"California Here I Come" Bill Evans
Plays at the party to welcome Jasmine and Jabbar home - iTunes

"Are We Really Through" Ray LaMontagne
Plays as Adam is picking up Sarah for work. - iTunes

"You Come Up Like a Rose" Northstar Session
Band/Artist at Crosby's studio - iTunes

"Devil's In The Jukebox" Ray LaMontagne
Starts playing at the end of the 'Pac-Man' scene and into the next where Adam enters then leaves his house - iTunes

"Hamster Dance" Hit Crew
Plays as Adam arrives home to chaos and then backs out of the house - iTunes

"On My Way Back Home" Band of Horses
Starts as they see Jasmine off at the airport and plays through the next few scenes at the end of the episode - iTunes

2.03 - I'm Cooler Than You Think

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"You Made It" DJ Shadows with Chris James
Plays in the opening scene as Joel and Julia are getting Sydney ready for school - iTunes

"What 'cha Gonna Do About It" Small Faces
Plays while Joel is building the desk - iTunes

"Dos Finale" Sporto
Plays as Sarah and Mike talk in the break room about bands - iTunes

"Unknown" Band
Plays as Sarah invites the girls to Ben Harper - iTunes

"Your Hands (Together)" The New Pornographers
Plays as Amber helps dress her mom - iTunes

"Gonna Be A Long Time" John Butler Trio
Plays when Sarah asking the bouncer if they are on the list. - iTunes

"Powerful Stuff" Sean Hayes
Plays when Sarah and the girls are about the leave when Mike turns up - iTunes

"In Vain or True" Fistful of Mercy
Plays when Sarah and the girls enter the concert with Mike - iTunes

"Mozart's Serenade No. 13" Mozart
Plays in the car with Max and Adam - iTunes

2.04 - Date Night

"This Ain't a Scene" Henry Clay People
Crosby is listening to it while doing his Laundry at Adam's - iTunes

"The Featherweight" Astra Heights
? - iTunes

"Hometown Fantasy" The Wooden Birds
Plays at Suze and Kristina take their power walk - iTunes

"Working Part Time" Henry Clay People
Plays at the album celebrations when Renee calls - iTunes

"There is a Mountain" Donovan
plays when Joel and Zeek are talking in the garage - iTunes

"Can You Find Me Love" Harrison and the Majestic Kind
? - iTunes

"I'm a Fool to Care" Les Paul & Mary Ford
Plays when Drew kisses Holly - iTunes

"Finalmente" Sporto
Plays as Kristina and Adam enter the restaurant - iTunes

"That Year" Brandi Carlile
Plays when Jassmine comes home - iTunes

"Love That Conquers" The Swell Season
Plays in the closing scenes from the party until the closing credits - iTunes

2.05 - The Booth Job

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"Mixed Bizness" Beck
Plays in the opening scene, Joel and Julia are in bed - iTunes

"Gardenia" Landon Pigg & Mae Whitman
Amber sing this in her bedroom, also plays at the end of the episode - iTunes
Landon Pigg - Gardenia - YouTube

"My Heart Stood Still" Chet Baker
Plays at the family dinner - iTunes

"Unknown" Artist
Plays as Zeek and Camille dance - iTunes

"Us Again" Brandi Carlile
Plays during the Spring Shoe Show montage - iTunes

"Taos" Menomena
Plays Amber trying to study as her tutor (Howard) and Kelsey smoke pot - iTunes

"Surprise Ice" Kings of Convenience Surprise
Plays as Crosby and Jasmine are at the interview for Jabbar's school - iTunes

"You cast a spell on me" Unknown Artist
Zeek plays this record and dances with Camille - iTunes

"Firsts" Richard Buckner
Plays as Adam joins the support group - iTunes

"Neighbor-hoods" Josh Rouse
Plays at the end of the episode - iTunes

2.06 - Orange Alert

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"This is Life" Danny Chaimson & The 11th Hour
Plays as Crosby & Jabbar work on pumpkins and talk with Jasmine - iTunes

"I'm An Animal" Neko Case
Plays as Amber and Kelsey talk about their Halloween plans - iTunes

"unknown rap" artist
Plays as Sarah works the bar and Gordon enters - iTunes

"Hot n Fun" N.E.R.D
Plays as Amber and Kelsey arrive at the frat party - iTunes

"Alright" Pitbull (feat. Machel Montano)
Plays at the bar as Sarah gets the call from Amber - iTunes

"AM/FM" !!!
Plays as Sarah arrives at the frat party to pick up the girls - iTunes

"Everyday" Vetiver
Plays as Sarah thanks Gordon for his help and continues in to the next scene. - iTunes

2.07 - Seven Names

"Gone Gone Gone" The Donkeys
Plays as Joel is showing Sydney the work he's doing - iTunes

"Needn't Say A Thing" Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore
Plays as Sarah and Gordon talk about the frat party night - iTunes

"Bitter Heart" Zee Avi
Plays as Joel leaves for work & with Crosby and the kids - iTunes

"Don't Let It Pass" Junip
Starts playing as Joel is about to leave for work after fighting with Julia - iTunes

"Try" Wesseltoft, Bugge & Sidsel Endresen
Plays as Adam is starting to fire the seven people - iTunes

"Something About Your Love" Mason Jennings
Starts playing as Haddie leaves the volunteer work and into the closing scenes of the episode - iTunes

2.08 - If This Boat is a Rockin

"Madder Red" Yeasayer
Plays when Adam punchs guy at supermarket - iTunes

"People Gonna Talk" James Hunter
First song as Sarah and Gordon talk in the limo - iTunes

"Is This Love" Corinne Bailey Rae
Plays as Sarah And Gordon make out in the limo - iTunes

"Trouble" Cowboy & Indian
Starts playing as Drew wakes up Amber and continues as Sarah arrives home in the limo - iTunes

"Roll On Oblivion" Jason Collett
Plays on the TV as Sarah tried to talk to her kids - iTunes

"The Rock and the Tide" Joshua Radin
Starts playing as Haddie and Alex talk in his office, then into the next scene - iTunes

"If I Had A Boat" Lyle Lovett
Starts playing with Adam and Kristina in bed and continues until the end credits - iTunes

2.09 - Put Yourself Out There

"Walilamdzi" Devendar Banhart
Starts playing in Zeek and Camille's therapy session, then into the next scene with Adam and Kristina in bed - iTunes

"Birth of a Cabin" Wild Orchid Children
Plays in the back ground as Haddie makes a phone call to Alex - iTunes

"45" Ozomatli
Starts playing as Gordon asked Sarah to dinner, continues into the next scene with Alex and Haddie - iTunes

"Make Her Say" Kid Cudi feat. Kayne West & Common
Second song with Alex and Haddie playing Scrabble - iTunes

"Boots of Spanish Leather" Bob Dylan
Camille confrunts Zeek about Matthew - iTunes

"Life in Letters" Lucy Schwartz
Starts as Sarah and Amber are talking outside at night and into the next scene with Kristina and Andie - iTunes

"Gold on the Hillside" Crosby and Kids
Crosby playing the piano as the kids rehears - iTunes

"Evening Kitchen" Band of Horses
Play in the final scene with Haddie and Camille - iTunes

2.10 - Happy Thanksgiving

"Diggin' Me" Martin Sexton
Plays as Drew is pumping up the football up with Zeek. - iTunes

"Little Lessons" Kathryn Williams
Julia caves in to Sydney's demands for a snack - iTunes

"Open house" Bombay Bicycle Club
Plays during the football game - iTunes

"Surely" Black Dub
Plays as Sarah and Gordon talk and then decide to break-up. - iTunes

"Islands" The XX
Starts playing as Amber says thanks to Camille then as Alex and Haddie lock up and Kristina picks up Haddie - iTunes

"O.P.P." Naughty By Nature
Crosby puts on the song as the siblings clean up and dance. - iTunes

2.11 - Damage Control

"And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop" James McMorrow
Plays during the A.A. meeting and then into the next scene with Haddie and Alex. - iTunes

"It’s Alright" The Redwalls
Plays when Drew meet the other boys in the school yard. - iTunes

"I Believe In You" Yacht
Plays as the boys drink Zeek's beer. - iTunes

"At The Doors" Junip
Plays as Alex and Haddie are sorthing the clothes and then Adam shows up. - iTunes

"Melody" The Rolling Stones
Plays as Julia and Sarah get ready for their girls night out. - iTunes

"Start A War" The National
Plays as Joel and Julia hug, then into the next scene with Crosby disciplining Jabbar. - iTunes

2.12 - Meet the New Boss

"Here We Go" Ozomatli
Plays at the Fish Taco's fast food stand - iTunes

"The Working Man" Creedence Clearwater Revival
Plays as the new boss tours the T&S stockroom - iTunes

"Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell (Wallpaper. RMX)" Das Rascist & Wallpaper
Plays in the new bosses office - iTunes

"Little Room Of Mine" Tom Freund
Plays at the end of the laundry room scene, continues as Adam talks to Max - iTunes - YouTube

"Undertow" Stars
Plays during the roof top date with Alex and Haddie - iTunes

"Deep Blue Sea (Dark Was The Night version)" Grizzly Bear
Plays as Zeek talks to Amber then into the next scene with Adam. - iTunes

"Like Love" Tony Lucca
Sings in the club before Amber - iTunes

"Graveyard" Amber Holt (Written and sung by Mae Whitman -
Sung by Amber in the closing scene - iTunes N/A

2.13 - Opening Night
"Simple Girl" Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.
Plays as Haddie gets ready to meet up with Alex - iTunes

"Drunk Rich People" Christina Black
Plays as Drew and Sarah try selling the Christmas paper on the street - iTunes

"Don't Leave My Mind" Azure Ray
Plays as Haddie leaves the food bank and then in the car with Camille - iTunes

"My Brain" Mose Allison
Plays as Sydney and Crosby talk - iTunes

"Signs in the Leaves" Azure Ray
Plays as Amber goes to see Haddie in the car - iTunes

"Burn" Ray LaMontagne
Plays as Alex calls Haddie - iTunes

"Runaway" The National
Plays as Haddie goes to her Grandparents house to stay - iTunes

2.14 - House Divided

If anyone can help fill in the missing songs please email me the details.

"Ghost In This Town" Tom Freund
Plays in the car with Kristina and Adam on the way to see Haddie - iTunes

"unknown song" artist
Plays as Julia prepaires food for the party - iTunes

"unknown song" artist
Plays at the bachelorette party - iTunes

"Take Your Chances" The Black Seeds
Plays at the guys party as Joel and Crosby play computer games - iTunes

"Let's Dance" David Bowie
Plays when Crosby turns on the music, to dance - iTunes

"Aura Lee" The Blazers
Sung by Zeek on the camping trip. - iTunes

"Next Time" Meredith Bragg
Plays at the end of the episode, starting with Crosby and Jasmine through to the closing credits - iTunes

2.15 - Just Go Home

If anyone can help fill in the missing songs please email me the details.

"Off I Go" Greg Laswell
Plays at the start of the episode. - iTunes

"Double Knots" The Living Sisters
Plays as Crosby and Jasmine talk to the minister. - iTunes

"The Poet" Ryan Bingham
Plays when Sarah goes to see Seth. - iTunes

"Be OK" Ingrid Michaelson
Plays when Haddie returns home. - iTunes

"Rock & Roll Stooge" The Ton-Ups
First song played by 'Seth's Band' at the gig. - iTunes

"unknown song" Seth's Band
Second song played at the gig. - iTunes

"Alone in Babylon" F-Units
Plays in the background as Drew and Amber go back stage to see Seth. - iTunes

"Northern Lights" Bowerbirds
Starts to plays with Crosby along in his houseboat and comtinues to the end credits - iTunes

2.16 - Amazing Andy & His Wonderful World of Bugs
"Struck by Lightning" The Wooden Birds
Plays as Crosby and Jasmine talk on the phone. - iTunes

"What Are You Wearing?" Butter 08
Playing while Julia and Joel are in bed. - iTunes

"El Otro Yo" Pilar Diaz
Plays at the bar with Crosby and Gaby. - iTunes

"Love Is a Dirty Word" Jason Collett
Plays in the kitchen as Julia and Joel cook. - iTunes

"Unknown Brother" The Black Keys
Plays at the batting cages with Seth and Drew. - iTunes

"Love and Permanence" Azure Ray
Starts playing at Seth leaves until the ending credits. - iTunes

2.17 - Do Not Sleep With Your Autistic Nephew's Therapist

If anyone can help fill in the missing songs please email me the details.

"While Men Are Dreaming" Jenny and Johnny
Plays during the opening scene with Crosby leaving Gaby's home - iTunes

"Rome" Yeasayer
Plays as Alex, Adam, Crosby and the guys play basketball - iTunes

"In Sleep" Lissie
Plays at the bar when Seth comes to see Sarah - iTunes

"Slow Show" The National
Plays when Jasmine visiting Crosby at his houseboat - iTunes

"Hear the Noise That Moves So Soft and Low" James Vincent McMorrow
Plays as Seth say goodbye Sarah and the kids - iTunes

"unknown song" artist
Amber plays 'Sarah's song' on Seth's gift guitar - iTunes

2.18 - Qualities and Difficulties

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"Electric Twist" - A Fine Frenzy
Sarah outside Jason Cyr's apartment when he catches her - iTunes

"unknown song" artist
Playing in the Bar, Sarah talking to Lou - iTunes

"Without You" Junip
Jasmine calling Julia, Crosby coming home to his houseboat - iTunes

"unknown song" artist
At the Bar, Sarah talking to her boss - iTunes

"Slight Figure of Speech" The Avett Brothers
At Galaxy Point park - iTunes

"Loose" The Stooges
Music playing too loud on Crosby's houseboat - iTunes

"Like the Wheel" The Tallest Man on Earth
Starting with Zeek Bailing Crosby out and playing into the next scene - iTunes

"Going Back Home" Jesse Marchant (also known as JMB)
Sarah and Mark on the couch - iTunes

"Make You Feel My Love" Adele
As Crosby and Jabbar talk then into the next few scenes to - iTunes

2.19 - Taking the Leap

If anyone can help fill in the missing songs please email me the details.

"Graveyard" Lucy Schwartz
Plays at the opening as Julia checks her pregnancy test and then tells Joel the bad news - iTunes

"unknown song" artist
Muzak plays in the room with Joel - iTunes

"I'll Never Leave You" Rogue Wave
Plays as Jabbar and Jasmine are working on his 'Star of the Week' poster - iTunes

"Options" Landon Pigg
Plays in the bosses car with stoned Amber - iTunes

"Infinite Arms" Band of Horses
Plays as Jasmine leaves Crosby, then into the next scene with Joel and Julia - iTunes

2.20 - New Plan
"Sweet Dream" Greg Laswell
Plays as Crosby re-caps his life, looking for a new house. - iTunes

"Darling I Do" Landon Pigg and Lucy Schwartz
Plays as Alex and Haddie dance at the Prom. - iTunes

"Loops" Junip
Plays as Haddie and Alex are making out in the hall way before entering the hotel room. - iTunes

"Through the Dark" Alexi Murdoch
Plays when Haddie gets home and then through the next few scenes until the end credits. - iTunes

2.21 - Slipping Away
"I know Places" Lykke Li
Plays at the start with Haddie and Alex in bed and her parents overhearing the phoen call. - iTunes

"Lucidity" Tame Impala
Plays as Amber and Gary play golf in the office. - iTunes

"The Deserter" Shalants
Plays as Adam and Kristina discuss what they heard on the car phone. - iTunes

"All We Grow" S. Carey
Plays as Haddie tells Kristina she has had sex, then into the next scene with Kristina and Adam.- iTunes

"Bread & Butter" Hugo
Plays as Amber and Gary are making in Julia's office - iTunes

"Mothers" S. Carey
Plays at Sarah and Amber fight before she leaves with Gary - iTunes

"In a Different Time" JBM
Starts playing as Sarah and Adam are talking, then through the scenes with Haddie and Adam - iTunes

"Walk The Line" Erwin Steijlen
Plays in the car with Amber and Gary before the crash. - Amazon

2.22 - Hard Times Come Again No More

"I'm There Too" Michelle Featherstone
Plays at the start as the family gathers at the hospital. - iTunes

"Pull Out" The Soft Pack
Plays as Adam yells at Cory in his office. - iTunes

"While I Shovel the Snow" The Walkmen
Plays as Crosby apologizes to Jasmine. - iTunes

"Charcos" Gonzalo Bergara
Plays before the play as the family arrives. - iTunes

"House of Diamonds" Bowerbirds
Plays as Sarah receives applause for her play. - iTunes

"Hard Times" Brett Dennen
Plays at the end from Jasmine coming to see the house. - iTunes

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