How Did We Get Here

Episode Number: s06e10
Original US Air Date:
January 8, 2015
Michael Weaver
Jason Katims


Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) is rushed to the hospital and the entire family hurries to his side. As Adam (Peter Krause) and Crosby (Dax Shepard) nervously await news of Zeek's health, a serious emergency at The Luncheonette pulls them away. At the hospital, Joel (Sam Jaeger) sticks by Julia (Erika Christensen), offering unwavering support, and further blurring the lines of their relationship.

Also starring: Monica Potter, Lauren Graham, Miles Heizer, Joy Bryant, Bonnie Bedelia and special guest star Ray Romano TV-PG L

1.4 rating (adults 18-49) and 4.61 million viewers - Parenthood returned to a 1.4 adults 18-49 rating, up 8 percent from a 1.3 for its most recent original episode.


"Reminders, Defeats" by Jesse Marchant
Opening scenes with Zeek being taken to the Hospital and the family arriving shortly after - iTunes

"Too Bright" by Perfume Genius
Calmille and the the family take it in turn to see Zeek, before he crashes and the Doctors rush in again to save him - iTunes

"Have You Ever Seen the Rain?" by Creedence Clearwater Revival
Song playing at the bar with Hank, Joel, Adam and Crosby - iTunes

"Lights" by Josh Ritter
Playing at the baby shower - iTunes

Songs on this list are TBC as I have not had the time to check them, they are listed at

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My Thoughts

So this week its all about Zeek’s health as the family rushes to support Camille at the hospital.

Still as usual there was a lot going on this week. Julia turning up with Joel, Sarah and Amber already knowing what has happened, very interesting how Julia is considering it as a pathway to them getting back together. And telling the nurse Joel is her husband even though she just signed the divorce papers, weather they will actually file them and make it official is now in doubt.

Joel was great, bringing them coffee, joking with Crosby and rescuing Julia when the family was firing all those questions at her after Zeek crashed and went into the operating room.

Meanwhile Hank wants to be there for Sarah but she was a bit cold to the idea of him hanging around, I put it down to bing worried about her father. Then the some would say badly timed proposal, which was sweet as he wants to be a part of Sarah’s life and after the talk with Drew now feels he can do that. There was also the great scenes with Drew, calling the guys him mom has dated losers.

We also had Amber turning up to be there, best part was the baby shower being moved to the hospital cafeteria and the book they gave Amber, a real tear jerking moment this week. No sign of the kids, but I guess they were to young for this event.

On top of this bad night for the family the Luncheonette was trashed, thousands in equipment stollen and no video cameras to catch them. Bit weird they got an insurance offer so quickly and interesting that Adam wants out but Crosby with Jasmine’s backing wants to keep his dream alive.

The ending with Joel and Hank talking in the bar and Crosby and Adam was a nice end to the drama filled episode.