Too Big To Fail

Episode Number: s06e06
Original US Air Date:
October 30, 2014
Jessica Yu
Ian Deitchman & Kristin Rusk Robinson


Business is slow at the Luncheonette, and Crosby (Dax Shepard) feels the financial pressure. He fears that he'll disappoint Jabbar (Tyree Brown) until Jasmine (Joy Bryant) comes to the rescue. Hank (Ray Romano) and Sarah (Lauren Graham) plan an ill-fated game night that fails to win over Ruby (Courtney Grosbeck), but Amber (Mae Whitman) steps up to help. Drew (Miles Heizer) must declare a major, and he confronts the practical realities of choosing a career.

Also Starring: Peter Krause, Monica Potter and Max Burkholder

1.1 rating (adults 18-49) and 3.85 million viewers - Parenthood tied its series low with a 1.1, down 8 percent from last week's 1.2 adults 18-49 rating.


"I Feel for You" by I Feel for You by Sense Motive
Opening scene with Amber and Drew shop for the new baby - iTunes

"Half Mine" by Bahamas
Drew and Natalie discussing their college majors in his dorm room - iTunes

"Star" by Luluc
Adam and Kristina talking about Dylan and Max, Amber helps a drunk Ruby - iTunes

"Best That I Can" by Vance Joy
Closing scenes starting with Ruby apologizing to Hank - iTunes

Songs on this list are TBC as I have not had the time to check them, they are listed at

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My Thoughts

So we start off this week and itís 3 months later. Amber is clearly pregnant, now about 6 months along. She is shopping for baby stuff with Drew and just now realizing how expensive things can be. Maybe Amber should ask Zeek to make a, could be good to keep him busy and getting stronger.

It has been good to see Drew growing up this year, and wanting to help his sister by doing his major in business to find a good job when he graduates. I donít understand why heís still with Natalie when they clearly donít have the same outlook on the future.

Seeing Amber so in-sync with Sarah at game night was fun, its a shame Hank is not understanding his daughter and didnít even remember the peanuts allergy. It was good that Amber was there to helped Ruby after drinking too much at the party. I really hope we get more scene with Amber and Sarah in the second half of the season.

It was good to see Amber speaking her mind about how much she does at the Luncheonette, Also good to see Adam and Crosby will help support Amber (with a job) because she is family.

Dylan is interesting and now we learn her parents arenít around much so she is hanging on to Max and Kristina as a surrogate family also the who sleeping over thing was funny. Of course Max wasnít thinking of sex but it still got his parents worried.

Lastly with the Luncheonette not doing very much business and things getting tight it was good to see Crosby organize the Harry Potter themed birthday party at their home with all his friends because they couldn't afford to go to Harry Potter World.