Episode Number: s05e17
Original US Air Date:
March 13, 2014
Lawrence Trilling
Jessica Goldberg


Jasmine (Joy Bryant) and Crosby (Dax Shepard) disagree over a crucial point in Aidaís upbringing. Julia (Erika Christensen) finds out some unsettling news about Joel (Sam Jaeger), but then is pleasantly surprised by his final decision. Sarah (Lauren Graham) and Hank (Ray Romano) continue to work together, but Max (Max Burkholder) is interrupting their flow, which causes Kristina (Monica Potter) and Adam (Peter Krause) to intervene. Also starring: Mae Whitman, Craig T. Nelson, Bonnie Bedelia, Miles Heizer, Savannah Paige Rae, Xolo Mariduena, Tyree Brown

1.2 rating (adults 18-49) and 3.87 million viewers - Parenthood matched last week's 1.2 adults 18-49 rating.

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"What a Way to Die" by Pleasure Seekers
Max helping Sarah and Hank with the printing - iTunes

"Are You Ready?" by Luscious Jackson
Drew goes to Natalie's room - iTunes

"Slow Motion" by Phox
Drews room mate doesn’t understand what he did wrong - iTunes

"I Got Burned" by The Bamboos (Feat Tim Rogers)
Natalie comes to see Drew in his room - iTunes

"Part From Me" by The Avett Brothers
Sarah and Hank arguing about Max's behavior - iTunes

"Line of Fire" by Junip
Drew and Amber stoned in her apartment - iTunes

"Church (Part of Someone)" by Stephen Stills
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My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this episode, the stories interacted better than some others this season, topped off with them coming together for the family dinner.

All of a sudden Jasmineís mother wants Aide to be Baptised so they plan the big day with a dinner. I do like they used the family home, but that was bound to happen. So many good moments like Jasmine talking to Camille about it, Dax talking to his mom and Zeek once again using the kids to help with the car he is fixing. Of of course the problem of Julia and Joelís separation comes up since they are the god parents. I do like how Zeek went to talk to him, maybe its the push needed for them to start talking and get back together.

We also hod drama with Sarah and Kristina after Max being his usual self disrupted her at work and Kristina and Adam resented Sarah trying to tell them how to discipline Max, ironically while Amber and Drew sat next to her stoned. The interactions this week we great, I liked how Adam found out he was 2nd choice for godfather and Julia felt responsible for all the problems because Joel left. It was so week written and acted and just shows how good this show can be.

Lets not forget Drew and Natalie with her sleeping with his room mate and not realising how Drew felt, of course he then went to Amber to talk all while she was talking about how Ryan left for the army. And they Amber getting them both stoned so they had to take a TAXI to the family dinner and get ready outside so know one would find out, until the middle of the dinner.

The final scene at the church was great, nice to see Joel come after the talk from Zeek. Itís nice how the show normally ends on a happy note, including Sarah trying to make up with Kristina and Max after her talk with Hank.