The Enchanting Mr. Knight

Episode Number: s05e16
Original US Air Date:
March 6, 2014
Allison Liddi-Brown
Julia Brownell


Kristina (Monica Potter) goes in for a checkup, but that doesn't stop her from starting a new adventure. Amber (Mae Whitman) encourages Drew (Miles Heizer) to move on from his past, while Julia (Erika Christensen) struggles to let go of hers. Sarah (Lauren Graham) gets an appealing offer from Carl (Josh Stamberg), but decides her work is more important. Hank (Ray Romano) admits that feelings are still lingering for an old relationship. Also starring: Peter Krause, Dax Shepard, Sam Jaeger, Joy Bryant, Craig T. Nelson, Bonnie Bedelia, Max Burkholder, Tyree Brown, Xolo Mariduna, Savannah Paige Rae TV-PG D

1.2 rating (adults 18-49) and 3.80 million viewers - Parenthood notched a 1.2 up 9 percent from its last week's series low 1.1 adults 18-49 rating.

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My Thoughts

Sarah is back with Carl, after their one night stand a few months ago, he invites Sarah to Africa which would be a dream trip for her and a great opportunity to do some photography. In the end with a nudge from Hank she decided not to be distracted and doesnít go with Carl, is this the end of their romance? Hank was a little pushy but he clearly still likes Sarah, he just needs to tell her, their final scene was nice. Itís still interesting that Max seems to have a better eye for photography than Sarah, a clear path he could take later in life when he finishes school.

Dax doesnít like Karen the realtor or his mother appearing to push Zeek into selling the family home, the grandparents Ďargumentí with Dax and Jasmine listening through the vent, something heís done for 30 years was fun. It was good to see Camille argue her point of view with Dax. Camille like most women of her time spent most of her life serving the family, itís only fair she gets a change to do what she likes. It was nice to see them coming to an agreement by the end of the episode.

Julia is still trying to adjust to he new life, complicated by Green week, Ed and Sydney not wanting to stay with her dad. There is no fooling the kids with the $200 worth of veggies they hurriedly planted in the garden that didnít work. Does it matter if the Tomato is a fruit or vegetable, Ed was right about the legal case though. I did like that Julia went to Ed to apologise but didnít like how she stayed for dinner.

Kristina gets good news that she is still cancer free and decides to push forward with her plans for a special charter school for Max and other kids like him. Zachary Knighton was good as the teacher which at first Kristina wanted to hate but ended up liking him and inviting him to help them set up and run the new school.

Lastly we had a nice story with Amber and Drew, who has been mopping in bed since Amy left. Amber is also lonely and gets Drew to go to a frat party. He tries to invite Natalie but she turns him down, doesnít mater as she turns up later. Amber wants to make out with someone but comes to her sensors when Drewís roommate tries to kiss her, she really needs to find some more friends her own age.