Jump Ball

Episode Number: s05e13
Original US Air Date:
January 16, 2014
Ken Whittingham
Jessica Goldberg


Camille (Bonnie Bedelia) returns home to an ecstatic Zeek (Craig T. Nelson), but not everyone makes an appearance at her welcome home party. Joel (Sam Jaeger) continues to spend long hours at work and away from Julia (Erika Christensen). Hank (Ray Romano) spends time with Adam (Peter Krause) and confronts his problems, while Amber (Mae Whitman) runs away from hers. Also starring: Lauren Graham, Dax Shepard, Monica Potter, Joy Bryant, Miles Heizer, Max Burkholder, Savannah Rae Paige, Xolo Mariduena and Tyree Brown

1.2 rating (adults 18-49) and 3.97 million viewers
tvbythenumbers.com - Parenthood earned a series low tying 1.2, down a tenth from last week's 1.3 adults 18-49 rating.


"Isolation" by Joy Division
Opening song with Amber - iTunes

"What Doesn’t Kill You" by Jake Bugg
Amber driving calls work - iTunes

"Lost My Driving Wheels" by Cowboy Junkies
Amber driving- iTunes

"When Were You Happy? (And How Long Has That Been)" by Laura Marling
Drew goes back to Amy - iTunes

"Someone To Watch Over Me" by Rickie Lee Jones
Amber having breakfast with Seth - iTunes

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My Thoughts

Amber starts the episode well, cleaning her apartment for a fresh start but soon finds one of Ryanís shirts, she decides to go for a drive to clear her mind. This is all understandable but what I donít get is how she found Seth, Sarah didnít have his address or place of work. That said the scenes with her father were fantastic, also that he called Sarah to let her know and ask is he could help.

Julia wakes up alone, it wouldnít have been for the first time recently. After telling the kids he had left early for work Joel turns up with donuts to trump Juliaís home cooked breakfast. I donít get why Joel is being so closed off, maybe something is happening with his boss but I hope not and now heís decided to move out, thatís going to be tough for the kids and Julia. It was good to see Julia go to Sarah for help after talking to Adam last week.

So Hank thinks he might have Aspergers like Max, and ends up going to Maxís doctor for a talk, itís good he knows he has a problem but its a tough call. Liked the talk with Adam and the poker game, this is all laying the ground work for a reunion with Sarah is he gets to know the family this well.

Amy is staying with Drew and not wanting to return to school, this is not going to end well, I just hope she doesnít break his heart again. And finally we have Camille return after her time away but she canít stop talking about it and wants to travel some more, Zeek is understandable not happy thinking she got it out of her system. Also it looks like the house is still on the market. I really hope is she goes to France than Zeek goes with his wife this time.

Also love the music collection this week, mostly for Amber and they really suited the episode.