Let's Be Mad Together

Episode Number: s05e05
Original US Air Date:
October 24, 2013 October 23 in Canada)
Dylan K. Massin
Jessica Goldberg


Max's (Max Burkholder) photography knows no bounds while Joel (Sam Jaeger) struggles for boundaries with Peet (Sonya Walger). Adam (Peter Krause) and Crosby (Dax Shepard) too must set boundaries with the band for the betterment of their new business. Meanwhile Julia (Erika Christensen) and Camille (Bonnie Bedelia) have something in common that does not make them happy. And Sarah (Lauren Graham) talks toe-to-toe with Ryan (Matt Lauria) and Amber (Mae Whitman). Also starring Monica Potter, Joy Bryant, Ray Romano, Craig T. Nelson, Miles Heizer, Savannah Paige Rae Xolo Mariduena, Tyree Brown.

1.3 rating (adults 18-49) and 3.96 million viewers
tvbythenumbers.com - Parenthood also matched last week's 1.3 adults 18-49 rating


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"Sweet Persuasion" by Brett Dennen
Drew taking photos at school - iTunes

"Ya Never Know" by Terraplane Sun
Amber and Ryan argue in their apartment - iTunes

"Another Life" by James Maddock
When? - iTunes

"Burning Love" by Elvis Presley
Crosby and drunk Joel, talking in the car - iTunes

"After All Is Said and Done" by Junip
Max and Kristina sit on the bed being mad together. Ryan speaks with Sarah about his past - iTunes

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My Thoughts
Its good to see the guys going forward with their plans to start a record label. Adam getting the rights to the songs the band had already recorded. Cute seeing Crosby balancing the baby while getting Jabbar ready for school. And while the band was a pain for Crosby to work with, wanting the impossible it was great how Crosby dealt with them in the end. Fun to see a few Joel and Crosby scenes, drunk Joel in the supermarket after the bad dinner with Meredith ‘Pete’. The cake bit was a nice touch and Julia seeing right though him the next morning.

This all lead to another fight with Julia over Joel’s working relationship and boundaries, it all makes for good drama and I’m sure more is to come. Julia found she had a further connection to her mother Camille, with Zeek sticking his head in the sand over selling the much too big house and moving into a condo. But it was nice to see Zeek helping Victor with his reading.

Max was learning about boundaries this week, taking that fantastic but inappropriate photo of the girl crying. Nice t see Hank and Kristina backing him, just a shame it amounted to nothing with those in charge at the school.

Sarah isn’t a very good super, how did she get the job? Previously she smashed a smoke alarm to stop it making noise and now this. The toilet scene at the start is pretty improbably or one hell of a coincidence that the inlet pipe burst just when she was snaking the drain. It was a bit of a forced story line, having Carl half naked in Sarah’s apartment and the meetings with Ryan, called in by Joel to help fix the problem. Maybe in future Sarah will call Ryan for any plumbing jobs? In the end he fixed the leak and repaired the wall. And the final scene with Sarah almost in tears was well worth it.

Another well balanced episode, even with the absents of Drew, maybe he was spending more time with his new girl friend?