Episode Number: s03e15
Original Air Date:
February 7, 2012
Director: Peter Krause
Sarah Watson


Mark (Jason Ritter) invites Sarah (Lauren Graham) to a friend's engagement party which stirs up a serious conversation about a baby in their future. Meanwhile, Amber (Mae Whitman) receives a job promotion but questions her own qualifications, Adam (Peter Krause) and Crosby (Dax Shepard) clash over business strategy for The Luncheonette and Zoe's (Rosa Salazar) behavior causes Julia and Joel to question their adoption agreement.

1.6 rating (adults 18-49) and 4.64 million viewers
tvbythenumbers.com - Parenthood was down a tenth from its last original on January 17 to a 1.6 adults 18-49 rating.

"Triumph Over Will" The Rogues
Crosby and Adam in the record store- iTunes

"Why" Josh Ritter
Dr Joe asking Jasmine to move in with him - iTunes

"Escape" Apparat
Amber and Bob kissing - iTunes

"Million Dollar Bill" Dawes
Adam talking to Crosby about getting Dawes to record at the Luncheonette - iTunes

"It Makes You Feel So Bad" Insight Out
Sarah meeting Marks friends - iTunes

"Never on Sunday" The Rassle
In the bar with Adam and Crosby meeting the Dawes - iTunes

"Cuz A Good Man's Hard To Find" The Fling
Lily comforting Crosby at the Luncheonette - iTunes

"On Fire on a Tightrope" JBM
Sarah getting out of the car crying? - iTunes

"Swan Song (for Bella)" Jennifer O'Connor
Amber returning to work - iTunes

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My Thoughts

Just a quick note, I'm trying a new writing style for the review below.

Nice return for the show with a good balance from the and only a few MIA this week. First off Adam and Crosby walking down the street near work drop into an old style record shop and of course Crosby runs into an old work mate from his last job. They get to talking and a young local band (Dawes) is looking for a recording studio so Adam goes about stealing them away for the Luncheonette which is in need for the business. Crosby can't stomach betraying his friend and calls on Lily to help, half drunk he tells her his secrets and is still in love with Jasmine, who he bought a house for last season to win her back.

Dr Joe is getting serious with Jasmine and asks her to move in with him to a new house he is looking at buying. She tells Crosby over a thick-shakes at the Luncheonette, later she drops Jabbar of at his house and tells Crosby she wants to move in with Joe. And will tell Jabbar later. Crosby gives Jasmine a door knob he made for her for the house they are standing in, but next had time to fit it.

Amber gets promoted to be Bob Little's assistant, giving her a special project of sorting through hand written notes but Amber is wary after they kiss late at night at the empty office. She asks if she got the job because she might sleep with him. Things are made awkward at work when flowers come from Sarah and Kristine jokes they were from Bob. later Sarah calls and they talk for a short time Sarah telling Amber how good she is to be promoted so quickly. Amber runs home faking being sick, later he visits her with soup and assures Amber she got the job because of her independent thinking. Just a side note, Amber is using an old Apple iBook last made in 2001, and barely able to keep up with todays applications, surely the office would have something newer?

Zoe is still staying with the Graham's but that changes quickly after an awkward morning with Sydney talking about her new baby brother. So she moves out and finds a new apartment and quits her job after being put on bed rest. Julia panics of course thinking Zoe wants to keep her baby but Joe finds her and is told the deal is still on, she just needed here own space.

Finally we come to Sarah and Mark all playful looking at his year book. Sarah telling him she loves him, while continuing to tease Mark about this attempts at growing facial hair. Later Sarah asks for Camille's help in choosing something to wear when meeting Mark's friends for the first time, Sarah does need to wear more colours and lay off the black and grays. During the conversation to becomes clear to Camille how serious she is about Mark, even considering a baby with him.

Meeting Mark's friends and ex-girlfrield of 6 years from Hight school make her feel old when she talks about her grown kids while the sub 30s are still all childless and doing exciting things.

Later Sarah has a break down not wanting to hold him back is Mark wants to travel like his friends. Marks assures Sarah he is their for her if she wants to have a baby before it's too late. Personally I think things are moving too fast and I'd feel better if they got married first, even if it's a quickie wedding. Also I wonder if the Kristin/Kristen name was a nod to Crosby's (Dax Shepard) real life fiancée Kristen Bell?

Also this weeks episode was directed by Peter Krause, those wrestling scenes between Sarah (Lauren Graham) and Mark (Jason Ritter) might have been a little awkward.

MIA this week include Zeek, Drew (again) Max and Haddie.