Episode Number: s03e08
Original Air Date:
November 8th, 2011
Director: Patrick Norris
Eric Guggenheim


After offering to let Seth (guest star John Corbett) stay at her apartment once he is released from rehab, Amber (Mae Whitman) begins to understand what Sarah (Lauren Graham) has been going through all these years; Meanwhile, Adam (Peter Krause) attempts to get intimate with Kristina (Monica Potter) for the first time since Nora's birth; Elsewhere, Crosby (Dax Shepard) struggles with the prospect of a new father figure in Jabbar's (Tyree Brown) life; and Drew (Miles Heizer) and Amy (Skyler Day) take their relationship to a new level. Also starring: Sarah Ramos, Max Burkholder, Joy Bryant, Craig T, Nelson and Bonnie Bedelia.

2.0 rating (adults 18-49) and 5.24 million viewers - Parenthood fell two tenths to a 2.0 adults 18-49 rating, though it won the hour with adults 18-34.

"Unknown songs" & artist
Playing during the interview montage - iTunes

"Lost In My Mind" The Head And The Heart
Sarah and Seth entering his apartment at the Relapse Motel - iTunes

"Here We Go Again" Angus and Julia Stone
Zeek visiting Adam at home and talking about going to the Luncheonette opening - iTunes

"Another Kind of Blue" Slaid Cleaves
Sarah visiting Seth at Amber apartment then they kiss - iTunes

"Slow it Down" (feat. Bella Boncat) 6brooks
Luncheonette Studio Opening Party - iTunes

"To Whom It May Concern" The Civil Wars
Adam finds and comforts Kristina at the studio opening party - iTunes

"Somebody to Love" Jefferson Airplane
Zeek plays this record and then dances with Camille and the kids - iTunes

"Unknown songs" & artist
Amber taking/cry to Seth about Sarah and Mark.

"Catch The Wind" Donovan
Final song, starts with Seth leaving & saying goodbye to Sarah - iTunes

Unknown Song Placement
These songs are listed on the site but there are no iTunes links so I can't determine what scenes they are in.

"Street Soul" Wendy Wang and Benjamin Forrest Davis
"Feel the Glow" Padric Peyton
"TV Skies" Evil Twins

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My Thoughts

What are they doing to Sarah, an extended kiss with her ex and then crying as he decides to leave and not come between her and Mark, I hope she tell Mark some of what happened, this being TV we all know he's probably gonna find out at some point. That aside they do have a connection and Sarah still clearly love the man, I just hope Mark doesn't get hurt in all this. Speaking of he held his own at the party, when confronted by the Braverman men. Still nice to see Sarah rescue him in the end.

Drew was beyond cute with Amy, and making it official to stop the confusion. He still seemed nervous but it's nice to know he's talked to his dad about his first kiss, guess that's something he couldn't go to Amber about. It was nice of Amber to let Seth stay at her place even if it was just for a few nights, hard to tell with TV time. But in the end Seth showed a lot of strength in leaving them, I just hop he stay sober. Nice touch with the birthday cards to Drew and Amber.

Zeek was annoying, wanting to hang with the bands and recapture his lost youth and not baby site with his wife, at least in the end realizing he's not a kid anymore and went home. Lovely scene with them dancing and the kids getting the fever, dance fever.

Adam was great talking Kristina down, I guess she has a right to be jealous/nervious with Rachel to hot young receptionist at the Luncheonette. Of course we had Crosby busting him as Rachel help get his printer working. Mind you Kristina stared at her chest a lot longer, I'm just glade that wasn't over done compared to the promo we got for this episode.

Crosby laying down the law with Dr Joe, it's about time he stood up, when Jasmine came to the opening I thought she was there to confront him, but I guess Joe kept quite.

Other fun things this week, Amber calling Mr Cyr 'dad'. Kristina meeting Rachel for the first time. Julia helping Kristina choose a dress for the party, pity Sarah wasn't there.