Forced Family Fun

Episode Number: s03e07
Original Air Date:
November 1, 2011
Director: Patrick Norris
Sarah Watson


Sensing her family growing apart, Kristina (Monica Potter) demands a family night that doesn't go as she had expected. Crosby (Dax Shepard) fears Jasmine’s (Joy Byrant) new date will replace him as Jabbar’s (Tyree Brown) father. Julia (Erika Christensen) oversteps her boundaries with Zoe (Rosa Salazar) and Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) continues to have mixed emotions about Sarah’s (Lauren Graham) involvement with Seth (guest star John Corbett). Also starring: Bonnie Bedelia, Peter Krause, Mae Whitman, Savannah Paige Rae, Sarah Ramos and Max Burkholder.

2.2 rating (adults 18-49) and 5.29 million viewers - Parenthood was up 10% to a 2.2 adults 18-49 rating, matching its season high.



"Diggin' In The Sand" Josh Rouse And The Long Vacations
Kristina tries to have a special family breakfast - iTunes

"Official" Junip
Julia confronting Zoe about the seafood, then Zeek talking to Adam at the Luncheonette - iTunes

"Wreckage" Jolie Holland
Sarah and Julia talking about Seth and Mark - iTunes

'Mockingbird" Inez & Charlie Foxx
Kristina speeding off and leaving her family in the street - iTunes

"You don't know what love is" Chet Baker
Mark and Sarah having dinner in his apartment - iTunes

"A Case of You" James Blake
Zoe coming over for dinner, Jasmine coming to the studio, closing song. - iTunes | | |

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My Thoughts

So Kristina spends the whole episode trying to get the family to spend time together before Haddie goes off to college, leading to a break-down of sorts and her speeding off in the minivan with Max asking if she realizes Nora is still in the back seat. Lots of laughs with a touching end when she speaks to Haddie and Max apologizing in his own special way.

Julia over reacting again when she found Zoe eating the sushi. The Little Mermaid talk was funny but then back into research and protect mode for 'her' unborn child. It was nice how Joel somewhat talked Julia down from the over reacting and bad confrontation with Zoe, and not peeing for 7 hours. Good that Zoe accepted help, took the lunch and then came over for dinner.

On to Sarah's ongoing drama's with Zeek over Seth, now in rehab. I get why Zeek is being protecting and its good he talked to Adam about it but I'm not sure if he should have dragged in her brother. Also nice that Mark is being so open about his feelings. Fun how Sarah was going to make up a lie about her sick cat, then realizing she would need to get can and poison it, not that she would.

Sarah talking to Julia about it was the right thing to do and she did make a good point about irony of guzzling wine while taking to Julia about Seth rehab. Sarah sis a lot of talking this week, even keeping the kids informed for their brief appearance on screen this week, hope Amy is okay. Back to Adam returning the toolbox to Sarah and here seeing right thought it, then telling Zeek she was going to see Seth.

Rehab appears to be working but I would be surprised if he falls off the wagon, Sarah is clearly still has feeling for the father of her children, as she should. It was touching to see her bring him the family photo, also a connection with The movie Vertigo. I think she more in love with Mark right now, the dinner at his place was over due. Nice how they bought up Ambers paper from S1 and Lauren's real life aversion to the internet, she still doesn't have a Twitter account.

Finally Mark asking Sarah about Seth and if he should be worried, she said no but I'm not 100% sure it won't be an issue for Captain Morgan.

Then we come to Crosby dropping off Jabbar only to find Dr Joe making himself at home, nice coffee cover story for Jabbar. Good that Crosby confronted Jasmine about it and she finally saw his point of view.

About the only regular cast member missing this week was Camille, maybe she was off having lunch with Amy?