Tales from the Luncheonette

Episode Number: s03e06
Original Air Date:
October 18th, 2011
Director: Allison Liddi-Brown
Kerry Ehrin


Kristina (Monica Potter) exhausts herself by diving back into supermom mode while Adam (Peter Krause) and Crosby (Dax Shepard) prepare their new music studio, in hopes of impressing their first potential client, Cee Lo Green. Meanwhile, Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) plants doubts in Julia (Erika Christensen) and Joel’s (Sam Jaeger) adoption plan and Drew (Miles Heizer) takes advice from Amber (Mae Whitman) to move forward with Amy (Skyler Day). Meanwhile, Mark Cyr (guest-star Jason Ritter) continues to feel uneasy with Seth’s (guest-star John Corbett) involvement in Sarah’s (Lauren Graham) life.
Also starring Savannah Paige Rae, Bonnie Bedelia and Sarah Ramos.

2.0 rating (adults 18-49) and 5.03 million viewers

"Embrace" Ben Sollee
Sarah helping patch up Seth in the guesthouse - iTunes

"Into the Sea" Aidan Hawken
Amy lying on Drew's Bed - website

"Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us" Fink
Studio with Adam and Crosby then Seth coming to ask Sarah for help - iTunes

"I Can Hear the Trains Coming" Mathieu Santos
Playing in the back ground as Drew visits Amber's apartment - iTunes

"Take A Little (Piece Of My Heart)" Cee Lo Green
Cee Lo Green singing in the studio - unreleased?

"Skull & Bones" A.A. Bondy
Mark driving with Sarah, talking about Seth - iTunes

"When the Sun Gives In" Miles Heizer
Adam with baby/Haddie&Kris talk/Drew&Amy cooking - myspace
Hey, remember the song that played up until the last scene on Parenthood tonight? My friend Allie and I wrote/sang it! - twitter

"The Rising Tide" Mia Doi Todd
Seth telling Amber and Drew about going into re-hab - iTunes

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My Thoughts

The Sarah/Seth/Mark situation is getting interesting, starting with Sarah patching Seth up again and lawing down the law, I thought it was a little easy how he came back to Sarah for help, and money. Even if he didn't ask for it, I thought he had money in the bank? I know Zeek was being protective but Sarah is doing this more for her kids than Seth and it was nice of Joel to step up and defend Sarah's choice to Zeek. Also nice he spoke up about adopting Zoe's unborn baby boy.

Mark has every right to feel uneasy with Seth back in Sarah's life, hope he has nothing to worry about, I'm sure he doesn't. But it wasn't fun for him to find another mans smokes in her bed, then finding out they spent the night together in the same bed. Honesty is always best but too many details can be worse and we all know how that ends in TV land.

Can Drew & Amy get any cuter, like how Amy was making the first move early on, in his room (gotta wonder how long before the grand parents take an interest in this relationship?) Also don't know if I would have ever gone to my sister for that advice about his kiss and girls. Its good they still have a relationship now Amber has moved out but Amber doesn't have much of a story right now, helping Max last week and now Drew, hope she gets more soon.

The Crosby & Adam stuff was great, like the link to them running a lemonade stand as kids. Also kinda strange Adam was the one wanting to push forward with Crosby being the cautious one for a change. Then Crosby snapping at him when things went wrong, the toast was a nice touch as was Crosby coming back to get Adam to help. Even the Cee Lo Green scenes were well placed and not over done but what happened to Mistah Ray?

Even the Haddie & Kristina stuff was nicely done with the college letter, Kristina tired running the house while Adam was out for a few days at the studio. Kristina going up to see Haddie's room with the puppet on her hand and then them in bed resting.

No Jabbar or Jasmine this week. And now ep next week... Also Zeek recording Nora coming home for the first time. Crosby teasing Adam about his music knowledge. The cross promotion with Cee Lo Green fresh from that other NBC show, The Voice. Kristina calling Adam at work and Adam falling asleep with the new baby.

If there was one scene that bugged me it was Sarah going to Julia for help and crying, but it kinda felt like we cut to the scene half way in and missed the start.