Clear Skies From Here On Out

Episode Number: s03e04
Original Air Date:
October 4th, 2011
Director: Adam Davidson
Bridget Carpenter


Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) lands his first commercial, prompting Camille (Bonnie Bedelia) to reflect on her own achievements. Sarah (Lauren Graham) and Mark (guest star Jason Ritter) take their friendship to a new level while Haddie (Sarah Ramos) and Alex (guest star Michael B. Jordan) grow apart. Meanwhile, Crosby (Dax Shepard) and Adam (Peter Krause) disagree over a minor parenting crisis, Drew's (Miles Heizer) first date with Amy (guest star Skyler Day) doesn't go as planned and Jabbar (Tyree Brown) and Max (Max Burkholder) hit a rough patch in their friendship.

2.0 rating (adults 18-49) and 5.0 million viewers

"Stormbringer" Beck
Starts with Crosby on his date, plays into the next scene with Seth - iTunes

"Click Click Pow" Lexicon
Adam chosing aome "Hip" clothes for the meeting - iTunes

"Hope You Know" Megafaun
Sarah visiting Mark at school - iTunes

"Save Me" Ryan Adams
Zoe's morning with the Graham's - iTunes

"Nobody Hot as Me" Ku
Adam all "Hipped up" and walking down the street - iTunes

"Such Great Heights" Iron And Wine
Right after the birth of Nora with Adam running down the hall - iTunes

"Will I Ever" Kitty, Daisy & Lewis
The family meeting baby Nora for the first time - iTunes

"Jewel" Bombay Bicycle Club
Zoe telling Julia and Joe they can have her baby, then plays into the scene with Seth & Sarah - iTunes | | |

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My Thoughts

First, What was the deal with the slow-mow at the start with Max and Jabbar being dropped off at school?

I didn't like how Alex and Haddie broke up, seamed weak to me. I'd almost have preferred it if he had to do time or something. Yes Alex opened up but is he going to do this with everyone he dates? The talk with Kristina was nice, I hope he comes back at some point.

Jabbar and Max fight was a little over the top in my opinion but from Max's POV his world was not making sense so it's understandable they he pushed Jabbar over. It was a little weird how quite they were with the parents around. I think that Crosby needs to speak up but he's probably afraid of loosing contact with Jabbar after screwing up so bad last season.

Don't know how well Adam and Crosby are going to do in business if they keep fighting like this, good thing they made up and I guess it will provide the drama for the show.

Who would have thought a teacher 'making out' in the car park would end up on Facebook, just a shame Drew had to see it and then after thinking he blow any chance with Amy finds them at it again outside his home. No wonder he's a quite kid, and all after that bad date with Amy and his sister. I did like how Amy came over visiting Drew, throwing the pebbles at the window to wake him up. Somewhat turning the tables on what is normally the guy's job, "Love the PJs:, I hope things are turning around for Drew.

Zeek and his acting job, again providing conflict with Camille but also the comedy, well done. Best part was the end talking to Camille and she throws the pill away and telling him he doesn't need it. Love the familys reaction and Sydney, ah kids.

Also I liked how Amber and Sarah talked after the date with Drew.

Other things, one of Ambers headlights were not working. Nice how Adam applogised to Drew for last week. Camille with the iPad, noticed her fingers clear of the logo on the back. Someone has a new iPhone coming her way. Cute bit in the studio with Jabbar and Crosby. Zeek at the commercial shoot. And we hardly got Julia/Joel this week but I guess that's gonna happen with a cast this big.