Step Right Up

Episode Number: s03e03
Original Air Date:
September 27th, 2011
Director: Adam Davidson
David Hudgins


Amber (Mae Whitman) revels in her new independence, while Sarah (Lauren Graham) strives to remain a part of her life. Crosby (Dax Shepard) is unsure how he feels about Jasmine (Joy Bryant) dating and she wonders if she now fits in the Braverman family. Meanwhile, Kristina (Monica Potter) is concerned about Crosby and Adam’s (Peter Krause) new business venture. Also, Alex (guest- star Michael B. Jordan) receives good news and Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) imparts relationship advice to Drew (Miles Hiezer). Also starring Sam Jaeger, Savannah Paige Rae, Erika Christensen , Sarah Ramos, Tyree Brown and Bonnie Bedelia.

2.2 rating (adults 18-49) and 5.51 million viewers - "only a handful of shows on broadcast saw gains over last week among 18-49s, including NBC's "Parenthood" (up 5 percent to a 2.2) "

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Coffee shop with Amber and Sarah - iTunes

"What'll I Do" Lisa Hannigan
Julia avoiding Zoe in her office - iTunes

"Cecilia" Simon & Garfunkel
Drew dropping off the shears for Amy's Dad - iTunes

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Baby Shower - iTunes

"It is Well With My Soul" Daniel Martin Moore
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Drew flirting with Amy with Sarah and Zeek watching - iTunes | | |

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My Thoughts

Finally Drew has a half decent story line and was it just me or does he look older particularly at the start? Or maybe it's the fact we haven't seen much of him yet this season? Zeek helping Drew flirt with Amy was cute and weird especially when he called Sandy the waitress over. The end was classic with Zeek and Sarah looking one. And of course when Adam tried talking to Drew it was fun to see Sarah and Camille try and stop him.

Okay Kristina and Adam are having a girl reducing their fears about it having Asperger's. Speaking of, Max had no lines this week. I can understand them holding off wanting to know but it's was nicely done when they found out. The scene after the baby shower when it was just family and Kristina walked though the house was good, also like she talked to Crosby and laid down the law, so to speak and not to the mess it up with the recording studio.

I don't know why Crosby was so against the doctor, maybe he was jealous and now having Jasmine going on a date with him should provide some fireworks in the coming episodes.

Sarah having trouble letting go of Amber and popping in on her at home and bringing her mail to work. Again Camille was the voice of reason showing Sarah she is no different than her daughter, in the end I loved that Amber still ended up calling Sarah in her time of need. Providing the laugh out loud moment for the episode when they found the rat, um why didn't Amber just put on the lights?

Haddie opening up about Alex and then Adam going to the parents, good to see if not too predictable that things would work out in the end, but will this change his relationship with Haddie and the other Braverman's?

And then we have Julie, trying to avoid Zoe after last week wanting to take her baby. I can understand Zoe wanting a closed adoption, it must be hard to know some else is raising your kid but worse if you ran into them years later.