Qualities and Difficulties

Episode Number: s02e18
Original Air Date:
March 1st, 2011
Director: Bob Berlinger
Bridget Carpenter


Adam (Peter Krause) and Kristina (Monica Potter) find it difficult to talk to Max (Max Burkholder) about his Asperger's Syndrome and come to Dr. Pelickan (guest star Tom Amandes, "Everwood") for guidance. Sarah (Lauren Graham) revisits her relationship with Mark Cyr (guest star Jason Ritter, NBC's "The Event") when she goes to him for help with her latest project. Elsewhere, Crosby (Dax Shepard) attempts to mend his relationship with Jasmine (Joy Byrant), while Julia (Erika Christensen) and Joel (Sam Jaeger) prepare to celebrate their eight-year anniversary. Savannah Paige Rae, Tyree Brown, Miles Heizer, Sarah Ramos, Mae Whitman, Bonnie Bedelia and Craig T. Nelson.

1.9 rating (adults 18-49) and 5.04 million viewers


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"Electric Twist" - A Fine Frenzy
Sarah outside Jason Cyr's apartment when he catches her - iTunes

"unknown song" artist
Playing in the Bar, Sarah talking to Lou - iTunes

"Without You" Junip
Jasmine calling Julia, Crosby coming home to his houseboat - iTunes

"unknown song" artist
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"Slight Figure of Speech" The Avett Brothers
At Galaxy Point park - iTunes

"Loose" The Stooges
Music playing too loud on Crosby's houseboat - iTunes

"Like the Wheel" The Tallest Man on Earth
Starting with Zeek Bailing Crosby out and playing into the next scene - iTunes

"Going Back Home" Jesse Marchant (also known as JMB)
Sarah and Mark on the couch - iTunes

"Make You Feel My Love" Adele
As Crosby and Jabbar talk then into the next few scenes to - iTunes

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My Thoughts

First to Max and his situation. I know it must be hard to talking about this stuff to someone with Aspergers but I would have thought Adam and Kristina would have been preparing for this situation since having him diagnosed over a year ago. That aside they were emotional scenes this week, Kristina fighting to hold it together as Max with Aspergers being so clinical and void of emotion. Doctor Pelikan wasn't much help at first but his method came through in the end. Then again Adam and Kristina not agreeing didn't help matter. the day playing hooky might be good for most kids but not the best thing with Max.

Sarah writing what turns out to be a play, wonder if Lauren had any say in that? Not wanting Camille to see it but then going to Mark Cyr's apartment and being caught trying to retrieve her writings. Their scenes together were so cute, as was the dress and boots she wore. It was nice to see Mark returning. It's nice Sarah wants to do more whether that's the play or a promotion at work. The recent visit by Seth helping to push her in the right direction and Mark's encouragement at the end of the episode is sure to help. Love the banter they share and it didn't feel awkward after their one night stand almost a year before. Telling her how good it was and to shut up, when she followed Mark outside I was half expecting them to kiss or more before her drove away. I must also comment on Lauren's wardrobe this week, when did the cleavage come from, maybe someone found some new pushup bra's?

Crosby was working hard to make things better with Jasmine and failing, being bailed out by Zeek (probably not for the first time) might be a turning point. It is good that he is talking to his sisters and it is understandable Adam not wanting to talk but many he needs to step back a moment and not blame everything on Crosby. Yes Gaby is gone but it was just as much her choice to spend the night together. I guess its just easier to blame Crosby than admit he should have told Max sooner.

Joel and Julia trying to celebrate their anniversary and debating to go through with the sleep over at Jasmine's with Jabbar for Sydney, it was nice that they decided to be their for Jasmine and put aside their date. Kinda cute then trying to not bring up the anniversary to Jasmine.

Other things where were Haddie, Amber or Drew? Sarah quickly cleaning the guest house as Mark followed her inside and I'm not sure about the Joel telling Julia he would never cheat on her, sounded a bit forced. I mean if you are married for that long does it need to be said?

Now we take a few weeks off before the final few episodes of the season and hopefully good news about a renewal for the Fall season return.