Episode Number: s02e17
Original Air Date:
February 22nd, 2011
Director: Jason Katims
Jason Katims

CROSBY PAYS FOR HIS MISTAKE, ADAM AND KRISTINA ARE FACED WITH A HUGE PROBLEM, SETH DISAPPOINTS AGAIN, SYDNEY MAKES A DECISION – JOHN CORBETT, MINKA KELLY AND MICHAEL B. JORDAN GUEST STAR – Crosby (Dax Shepard) pays the price for a mistake that will change his relationships with those closest to him. Adam (Peter Krause) gets annoyed with Alex's (guest star Michael B. Jordan, "Friday Night Lights") frequent visits. Meanwhile, Adam and Kristina (Monica Potter) are then forced to deal with a huge problem that will affect Max’s (Max Burkholder) progress. Elsewhere, Drew (Miles Heizer) is hit with some disappointing news from his father (guest star John Corbett, "United States Tara"), while Sydney (Savannah Paige Rae) makes a decision that her parents, Julia (Erika Christensen) and Joel (Sam Jaeger), are supportive of. Lauren Graham, Sarah Ramos, Tyree Brown, Joy Bryant, Mae Whitman Bonnie Bedelia, and Craig T. Nelson also star.

2.1 rating (adults 18-49) and 5.5 million viewers


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"While Men Are Dreaming" Jenny and Johnny
Plays during the opening scene with Crosby leaving Gaby's home - iTunes

"Rome" Yeasayer
Plays as Alex, Adam, Crosby and the guys play basketball - iTunes

"In Sleep" Lissie
Plays at the bar when Seth comes to see Sarah - iTunes

"Slow Show" The National
Plays when Jasmine visiting Crosby at his houseboat - iTunes

"Hear the Noise That Moves So Soft and Low" James Vincent McMorrow
Plays as Seth say goodbye Sarah and the kids - iTunes

"unknown song" artist
Amber plays 'Sarah's song' on Seth's gift guitar - iTunes | | |

My Thoughts

Crosby you may have come far in the last year but you managed to screw things up in the last 2 weeks. I still hold Gaby partly responsible, for the mess and the only thing I can commend them on is coming clean to those involved. The final scene was powerful, all along I had a feeling Max would find out with someone slipping up and Max over hearing. Next week should have a great episode as they come to terms with everything.

Back to Jasmine for a moment, I really can't see why or if she will every forgive Crosby for this, he'll be lucky to get visitation rights after this.

I knew Amber would have a meltdown over Seth, he could not win her trust again. Amber was a little mean to him but I can understand the years of disappointments building up over the years. It was nice that things worked out with Seth in the end and her learning the song written by Sarah. One thing I did notice was the Apple iBook she was using is about 10 years old, would it even still be running? Seth seems to have some kind of control over Sarah but it was good that Sarah spoke her mind to Seth at the bar, making him say goodbye in person and not leaving it to Sarah once again.

Amber apologizing to Drew and him realizing it wasn't her fault, it's just who Seth is. I did love that Amber learned and played the song Sarah wrote on the guitar Seth gave her.

Other things, Sydney is now a vegetarian. I think the grand parents made too big a deal about it but it was nice to see them working as a team and telling Julia that the kids shouldn't be in control like Sydney seems to be most of the time. I did like the Sydney v Zeek face off and apparently Zeek loosing. The Alex being around 'again' must be a TV thing as I don't remember him actually visiting them before, apart from that diner a few weeks back. I thought we would have seen more of him but I guess other stories got in the way. Gaby yelling 'I like you' to Crosby, that won't complicate things.

Zeek telling Sydney he ate dog in Vietnam was priceless and Sarah cooking and the guys teasing her "I've got a big knife." LOL

And how could we forget Zeek telling Millie is was going to kiss her, okay it was awkward at first but then Camille closing the laundry door with her foot, good one them!