Meet the New Boss

Episode Number: s02e12
Original Air Date:
January 11th, 2011
Director: Lawrence Trilling
Sarah Watson


Adam (Peter Krause) tries to cope with the idea of a new boss and is concerned about the stability of his job. Kristina (Monica Potter) tries winning Haddie (Sarah Ramos) over as she seeks comfort in Amber (Mae Whitman) when she realizes her parents refuse to accept her decision. Meanwhile, Crosby (Dax Shepard) is attempting to overcome a few obstacles of his own as a coordinator of a kindergarten performance at Jabbar’s (Tyree Brown) school. Amber is taking on the challenge of performing at an open mic night, but she is surprised by who her biggest critic is. Lauren Graham, Miles Heizer, Erika Christensen, Savannah Rae Page, Max Burkholder, Sam Jaeger, Tyree Brown, Joy Bryant, Bonnie Bedelia and Craig T. Nelson.

2.2 rating (adults 18-49) and 5.63 million viewers


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"Here We Go" Ozomatli
Plays at the Fish Taco's fast food stand - iTunes

"The Working Man" Creedence Clearwater Revival
Plays as the new boss tours the T&S stockroom - iTunes

"Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell (Wallpaper. RMX)" Das Rascist & Wallpaper
Plays in the new bosses office - iTunes

"Little Room Of Mine" Tom Freund
Plays at the end of the laundry room scene, continues as Adam talks to Max - iTunes - YouTube

"Undertow" Stars
Plays during the roof top date with Alex and Haddie - iTunes

"Deep Blue Sea (Dark Was The Night version)" Grizzly Bear
Plays as Zeek talks to Amber then into the next scene with Adam. - iTunes

"Like Love" Tony Lucca
Sings in the club before Amber - iTunes

"Graveyard" Amber Holt (Written and sung by Mae Whitman -
Sung by Amber in the closing scene - iTunes N/A | | |

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My Thoughts

Must say I liked the new boss at T&S Footwear, but poor Adam and his concerns over the business going under. He did have a point and it was nice to see them come to an agreement. Just a shame we didn't get any interaction with Sarah at work, maybe her internship was ended? Kristina wasn't much help getting hooked on the game and too busy trying to get rid of her guilt over forbidding Haddie from seeing Alex.

Haddie asking Amber for help and covering for her with the movie sounded so real, I liked the Arrested Development link with the references to Mae Whitman's friend, Michael Cera and the phone trick was a nice touch with Kristina seeing the number at the end. Wonder who chose the date movie (16 Candles) wasn't that Lauren's favorite or am I thinking of Lorelai? Also it was nice to see that Alex already seems to know Haddie so well, but you just know that when the parents will find out what is going on the sh** will hit the fan.

I didn't mind the Crosby/Joel story this week but how long is this play taking to produce, Broadway productions don't take this long but I guess that's the point. Crosby got in over his head and as they put it was handed his butt by a group of 6 year olds. The apology to Joel was good, nice touch that he knew what was happening after speaking to Julia.

And that brings us to Amber and probably the main story of the week. Mae has a great voice, nice to see they found a way to use it on screen. The story with Sarah and Camille was one of their best, especially loved the talk in the laundry and bed room. Good she concurred her fears and sung in the club. I didn't know Amber had a license to drive, guess she's a little older then Haddie so it makes sense.

Other points I liked, Sarah, Amber and Drew all with the guitars at the end during the closing song. Adam's face with the 'reject pancakes' at the start and Drew once again stepping in it and blowing Ambers secret. Also Adam with the new boss handshake, playing the iPhone game and stand up lunch, all good stuff.