If This Boat is a Rockin

Episode Number: s02e08
Original Air Date:
November 9th, 2010

Director: Allison Liddi-Brown
Tyler Bensinger


Adam (Peter Krause) confronts a man in defense of Max (Max Burkholder). Crosby (Dax Shepard) and Jasmine (Joy Bryant) delve into domestic discussions, beginning with the selling of Crosby's boat. Meanwhile, Sarah (Lauren Graham) and Gordon (guest star William Baldwin) spend an afternoon together, which carries on until sunrise the next morning, creating tension with Amber (Mae Whitman) and Drew (Miles Heizer). Elsewhere, Haddie (Sarah Ramos) discovers intriguing information about Alex (guest star Michael B. Jordan). Bonnie Bedelia, Tyree Brown, Erika Christensen, Sam Jaeger, Craig T. Nelson, Monica Potter, Savannah Paige Rae also star.

2.1 rating (adults 18-49) and 5.03 million viewers

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"Madder Red" Yeasayer
Plays when Adam punchs guy at supermarket - iTunes

"People Gonna Talk" James Hunter
First song as Sarah and Gordon talk in the limo - iTunes

"Is This Love" Corinne Bailey Rae
Plays as Sarah And Gordon make out in the limo - iTunes

"Trouble" Cowboy & Indian
Starts playing as Drew wakes up Amber and continues as Sarah arrives home in the limo - iTunes

"Roll On Oblivion" Jason Collett
Plays on the TV as Sarah tried to talk to her kids - iTunes

"The Rock and the Tide" Joshua Radin
Starts playing as Haddie and Alex talk in his office, then into the next scene - iTunes

"If I Had A Boat" Lyle Lovett
Starts playing with Adam and Kristina in bed and continues until the end credits - iTunes

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My Thoughts

Solid episode with lots of great scenes and moments.

The shoe clicker being a flop was a bit of a let down. And after all the hard work and build up that's it, it's over? Sarah's DOA 'Do Over Again' line was funny. Not sure is I liked the limo scenes, on the one hand Gordon was sweet showing Sarah his book of failures but was it just it to get to more than second base with her, and I'm sorry but he should have at least taken her to a hotel room or back to his place. I understand Drew being worried about his mom not coming home but I think over all they were a little hard on Sarah for staying out the night, really with her history has that not happened before, I mean Drew even caught her with Jim in the kitchen that time back in the pilot.

Okay on to Crosby and the new apartment. I can understand him not wanting to sell the houseboat. He said it's been where he's lived since he left home, so a lot of memories. Love the talk he had with Jabbar and then with Julia about the boat. The houseboat party with the four siblings was a nice touch, now we know where the ep title comes from! I like when they hang out together, nice stories about the boat, if he hadn't made his mind up to sell that probably would have convinced him.

Adam punching out the guy at the checkout was a surprise, I guess the pressure building had to go some place, it's a good thing Max didn't see it though. I still wonder how he is going to find out he has Asperger's. The scene where he told Kristina was well done, she jokingly saying it was okay he hit the guy and in the end telling Adam he's not Zeek.

Haddie and Alex are developing into a couple, I'm sure even with his AA meetings a date is right around the corner. I like how he told her about being in an alcoholic, I'm sure that will be a topic for debate when he meets the family. Like how Amber teased Haddie about it and she blushed.

Some other things, during the Limo ride, when they stopped over looking the see where was the driver at 4:30 in the morning? Finally Jasmine and Joel talking, welcoming her to the family and it wasn't to late to get out. Crosby trying to build the cabinet after the others had left. Adam and Zeek talking 'Who are you?' he joked as Zeek talked about feelings, love how Adam filled in some of the blanks of the families past. Sweet moment with Amber and Drew still not forgiving their mother, by the way were they knitting?

And then the closing scene with Crosby at the piano in his empty houseboat and Jasmine coming over to surprise him, nice ending.