The Booth Job

Episode Number: s02e05
Original Air Date:
October 12th, 2010

Director: Adam Davidson
Kerry Ehrin


Kristina (Monica Potter) goes to an Asperger's support group alone and later tries to convince Adam (Peter Krause) to join her. Meanwhile, Crosby (Dax Shepard) and Jasmine (Joy Bryant) enlist Julia's (Erika Christensen) help in getting Jabbar (Tyree Brown) accepted at Sydney's (Savannah Paige Rae) school. Sarah's (Lauren Graham) performance at the shoe booth exceeds Gordon's (guest star William Baldwin) expectations, causing him to make an unexpected move. Elsewhere, Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) and Camille (Bonnie Bedelia) sign up for ballroom dancing classes with hopes of connecting on a deeper level. Sam Jaeger, Sarah Ramos, Mae Whitman, Miles Heizer and Max Burkholder also star.

2.0 rating (adults 18-49) and 4.66 million viewers

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If anyone can help fill in the missing songs please email me the details.

"Mixed Bizness" Beck
Plays in the opening scene, Joel and Julia are in bed - iTunes

"Gardenia" Landon Pigg & Mae Whitman
Amber sing this in her bedroom, also plays at the end of the episode - iTunes
Landon Pigg - Gardenia - YouTube

"My Heart Stood Still" Chet Baker
Plays at the family dinner - iTunes

"Unknown" Artist
Plays as Zeek and Camille dance - iTunes

"Us Again" Brandi Carlile
Plays during the Spring Shoe Show montage - iTunes

"Taos" Menomena
Plays Amber trying to study as her tutor (Howard) and Kelsey smoke pot - iTunes

"Surprise Ice" Kings of Convenience Surprise
Plays as Crosby and Jasmine are at the interview for Jabbar's school - iTunes

"You cast a spell on me" Unknown Artist
Zeek plays this record and dances with Camille - iTunes

"Firsts" Richard Buckner
Plays as Adam joins the support group - iTunes

"Neighbor-hoods" Josh Rouse
Plays at the end of the episode - iTunes | |

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My Thoughts

Anyone else still annoyed at the edits sometimes between scenes?

Okay loved the whole episode apart from the fact they haven't told Max yet. IMO it's just a matter of time before he finds out and it's probably going to be from him over hearing someone or a strange spilling the beans.

Zeek was sweet and got a lot of the good lines again, love the family discussed what they should do as a couple. Then the dance and the bit at the end, all nice.

Of course the scene with Amber and Sarah was great but does it make up for Drew MIA again?

Love that Crosby is wanting to go 'all in' with Jasmine, the scenes at the school was fun when they put on their rings.

The Joel and Julia moments were good, nice to see them talking about things, Also Julia explaining things to Sydney and in the first scene Joel covering himself as he left the room.

Kristina looked so sad in the support group, nice to see Adam come around in the end.

Lastly Sarah, what is she doing? I know Gordon made the first move and is likely to get things he wants but I'm just annoyed that Sarah is getting sucked into his world. I feel sorry for Mike and just waiting for the blow up with Adam and Sarah.

Very good episode, can't wait for more!