Lost and Found

Episode Number: s01e13
Original Air Date:
May 25th, 2010

Director: Lawrence Trilling
Jason Katims


Tensions run high for Sarah (Lauren Graham) and Amber (Mae Whitman) leading Sarah to meet with Mr. Cyr (guest star Jason Ritter) to discuss her complex daughter. Elsewhere, Crosby (Dax Shepard) must decide whether to move with his new family or stay with his old one. Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) tries to win his way back into Camille's (Bonnie Bedelia) heart. Meanwhile, Julia (Erika Christensen) is forced to be on the Angel committee at Sydney's (Savannah Paige Rae) school but is nonplussed when she has to take care of a single mom recovering from a breast augmentation. Peter Krause, Monica Potter, Joy Bryant, Sam Jaeger, Sarah Ramos, Miles Heizer and Max Burkholder also star.

2.6 rating (adults 18-49) and 6.04 million viewers

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"1600 Armadillos" The MiGs
Plays in the diner as the siblings eat and talk. - iTunes

"Gone Away" Lucy Schwartz
Plays as Sarah apologizes to Amber only to realizes she has run away. - iTunes

"Transparent" Awesome Color
Plays in Damien's aparent as Sarah and Adam look for Amber. - iTunes

"Ottawa Backfired Soon" His Clancyness
Plays in the car with Haddie and Kristina. - iTunes

"Let It Be Me" Ray LaMontagne
Plays as Amber and Haddie make up in the truck stop. - iTunes

"I'm Into Something Good" Herman's Hermits
Zeek plays it on a ukulele at the end of the episode - iTunes


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My Thoughts

Haddie you rebel! Really how much did her color change, it was dark to start with, maybe she should have gone bleach blonde? I do like that in the end she made up with Amber, blood thicker than water I guess. But what of Steve now?

Love Amber's glasses at the start, and Mae's acting was outstanding, I hope she's up for an Emmy nom. Love the scene with Lauren but poor Drew got caught in the middle yet again. On that it was nice to see the family came together in the end but anyone else have a felling this ep should have been longer, maybe 50-60 minutes?

Kristina was frosty with Sarah, calling her "The old one" when she came over LOL and her attitude was harsh but I guess it's what a mother does, protect her young. I like that she changed towards the end and they all made up.

I didn't like Sarah constantly saying it might have been wrong to move and they should leave, nice to see Mr Cyr set her strait, speaking of their scene was too short and could be good together, timing is a bitch it's it!

Crosby was great this week and I think has changed the most in the last 13 episodes, wanting to move to MYC to be with Jasmine and Jabbar, it was so cute that Jabbar bought up the topic of him calling Crosby 'daddy', I've been waiting all season for that.

Adam was great with Drew and the baseball in the last scenes, love Sarah stepping in an the baseball cap, throwing like a girl, classic Sarah.

Tough choice of best lines, it's either the one from Crosby about Adam getting drunk and the 'stick falling out of his ars,' or Sarah telling Adam he's the muscle and to 'man up'.

Nice to see the siblings together again having their weekly meeting and finally telling Julia/Crosby about Zeek, wonder when/if they will find out about Camille and the teacher.

I was sad to see Sarah talking to an empty room and then realizing Amber was missing, nice that Adam went to help find her and then meeting up with them at the truck stop in Gilroy.

And how could I forget Zeek/Camille having dinner with Joel/Julia and Timmmm. Zeek had a Mohawk, love it! also love how he saw right through Timm with 2 'Ms'.

Overall a great final episode for the season, the 13 have gone by so fast! It should have been a longer episode and I'm going to miss it for the next few months but I'm grateful it is coming back.

In closing we all should go and watch Zeek play 'I'm Into Something Good' on his ukulele.