Team Braverman

Episode Number: s01e12
Original Air Date:
May 18th, 2010

Director: Ken Whittingham
Jeff Greenstein


A family walk for autism is jeopardized when Sarah (Lauren Graham) and Adam (Peter Krause) disagree over their daughters' behavior. Haddie (Sarah Ramos) and Amber's (Mae Whitman) secret anger comes to a head and splits the family in two. Elsewhere, Julia (Erika Christensen) tries to help Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) by arranging a dinner meeting for him. Meanwhile, Crosby (Dax Shepard) risks losing Jasmine (Joy Bryant) to New York after she auditions for a dance company. Monica Potter, Sam Jaeger, Bonnie Bedelia, Miles Heizer, Max Burkholder and Savannah Paige Rae also star.

2.6 rating (adults 18-49) and 6.24 million viewers

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"Try" Ben Sollee
Plays as Amber and Haddie are fighting on the track field. - iTunes

"Sweet Pea" Amos Lee
Plays as Crosby and Jasmine and in bed. - iTunes

"Vengeance Is Sleeping" Neko Case
Plays from when Haddie is talking to her friends at lunch through to Amber and Steve kissing. - iTunes

Unknown music
Playing at the dance audition with Jasmine. - iTunes

"Bird On A Wire" Leonard Cohen
Haddie plays it loudly in her room. - iTunes

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My Thoughts

Max - (the character) can be annoying but isn't it just the autism coming into play? I think they really need to tell him, you just know someone will spill the beens and that only spells trouble, but makes for good drama I guess. I liked the ending with his dad and the trophy.

Kristina - I understand her protecting her family but as Sarah said maybe Haddie is not the little angel she thinks she is and IMO the truth had been twisted and that needs to be addressed before they can get past all this. I have a feeling that won't be until early in the next season, makes for good TV.

Julia - I've never had a problem with her, nice to see her bonding with Camille over soup and Luck (aka boob job lady) she has grown and is trying to be more than just a lawyer.

Adam - trying to hold his family together. I like the scenes with Sarah better that his wife who is too one sided. Of course they were going to win the walk, but where was Joel and Sydney? Yes Julia was busy with boob job lady no Joel? Also Zeek was there but we didn't see him, why?

Amber - Of course Haddie was going to see them but as she said it's more complicated than it looks. Nice she is fighting back and not taking Haddie's lies. lying down.

Drew - Nice to see him backing Amber, being her 'wing man' LOL but it was weird that he took a picture of the locker and then passed it on to his mom. I don't think Haddie did it, it was clearly her 'friends'.

Crosby - of course Jasmine was going to get it and have to move to NYC (more on that next week I guess) in the mean time it was nice to see him help Jasmine get better, what was Crosby doing under that sheets LOL Also love how he still provides some comedy including the sea horse tea and talking about Kristina and Sarah fighting, and who would win.

Zeek - wish we got more on this, I'm surprised Sarah told Adam and then he told his dad. My personal opinion is things have been going on for years between Zeek and Camille and this might not be the first time for either of them. Also love the bit where he walked back wards in the shoes, will the counter go backwards.

Sarah - Good bonding scene with Amber and nice to see her stay with her family and not go on the walk, like how she acted like a kid with the "Can you make pancakes too." I like how Sarah stood up to Adam but is now questioning if they should have moved from Fresno.

Another top episode, just the final to go for the season!