Perchance to Dream

Episode Number: s01e09
Original Air Date:
April 27th, 2010

Director: Lawrence Trilling
Becky Hartman-Edwards


Adam (Peter Krause) has his hands full when Kristina (Monica Potter) goes back to work and leaves him with Max (Max Burkholder) and Haddie (Sarah Ramos) for the weekend. Along with taking care of his own kids, Adam gives Drew (Miles Heizer) girl advice when a school dance approaches. Sarah (Lauren Graham) tries to get Amber (Mae Whitman) excited about college by taking her to an event on campus and unexpectedly runs into an ex. Meanwhile, Julia (Erika Christensen) attempts to teach Sydney (Savannah Paige Rae) a lesson about lying and Crosby (Dax Shepard) takes Jasmine (Joy Bryant) on a real date without Jabbar (Tyree Brown). Craig T. Nelson, Bonnie Bedelia and Sam Jaeger also stars.

2.4 rating (adults 18-49) and 5.91 million viewers

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"Hell" Tegan & Sara
Plays as Drew goes to his locker. - iTunes

"Slippin'" Quadron
Plays in the diner with Crosby and Adam talking. - iTunes

"It’s Tricky" Run DMC
Adam plays the song to dance to by himself and then with his wife ans sisters. - iTunes

"The Wheels on the Bus"
Crosby and Jasmine sing to Jabbar in the bathroom. - iTunes

"Oh, Look What The Sun Did!" Josh Rouse
Plays as Croasy and Jasmine lie in bed. - iTunes

"Solitaire" Wilco
Plays as Sarah and Amber are talking in the kitchen. - iTunes

"Freely" Devendra Banhart
Final song as Adam and Kristina are talking. - iTunes

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My Thoughts

Adam "Get it off, get it off!"

The Haddie story line was okay but yes the protective dad bit is getting old as is "You live under my roof..." we all knows what happens next, they end up moving out! But I did love the bit where Haddie took the bra off in front of her dad and Drew and then left to making-out with Steve on his bed. I'm not a big fan of Steve!

Finally Crosby and Jasmine had a date, then more. I guess since they have a kid they can skip the whole 3 day rule before sleeping together. Jabbar was cute not being able to go at Julia's.

Kristina was great at work but in the last 15 or 20 years things have moved on with the Tweets and such but she still knows her stuff, she just need to get more tech savvy and will do fine, I'm glade she's going to stick with it.

Julia trying to make a point, it might have been over the top but Sydney caved in the end.

Nice to see Drew again but why is it we got nothing of Zeek and Camille again? Okay back to Drew, I don't get it one episode they are bitting each others heads off and then the next Amber is helping Drew pick out clothes for the dance? Not a fan of the talking over each other, yes it's normal but hard to follow or understand what each is saying.

OMG the oldies dancing, poor Drew just wanted some help, I know he's closer to Adam but why not go to Joel or Crosby, being a 'party guy' I'm sure Crosby can show him some moves. BTW Love seeing Lauren dance. Also great girls talk again and this time it wasn't even dirty!

Jim, well what can I say, I'm a fan of Mike O'Malley, nice scenes with Sarah and Amber. Sarah is his muse, love that Amber worked out what Jim was on about in the poems and the talk before about meeting Drew (Remember in the Pilot in the kitchen.) I like the talk in the car and how she is still friends with Jim maybe not her soul mate but still nice. BTW you can tell that Nissan is a sponsor of the show, with them clearly showing the car badge before tilting up and focusing on Sarah and Amber. This after the road trip with Zeek and Adam last week. The kitchen scene was nice with Amber encouraging Sarah to go back to school.

Over all another great episode but with only 4 more to go the season seems way too short, good thing they are renewed and will have 22 from next fall.


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