The Deep End

Episode Number: s01e03
Original Air Date:
March 16th, 2010

Director: Lawrence Trilling
Jason Katims (developer) Jeff Greenstein (written by)


After Max (Max Burkholder) gets kicked out of school, Adam (Peter Krause) and Kristina (Monica Potter) explore the best educational options for their son. Sarah (Lauren Graham) hits a wall when she ends things with Jim (guest star Mike O'Malley) and succumbs to car problems. Meanwhile, Crosby (Dax Shepard) spends a fun-filled day with Jabbar (Tyree Brown) and Julia (Erika Christensen) realizes that she's missing out on her daughter's life. Craig T. Nelson, Bonnie Bedelia, Sam Jaeger, Joy Bryant, Mae Whitman, Miles Heizer, Sarah Ramos and Savannah Paige Rae also star.

2.3 rating (adults 18-49) and 5.93 million viewers

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"Wilco (The Song)" Wilco
Plays when Jasmine drops off Jabbar for a visit with Crosby. - iTunes*

"Make You Crazy" Brett Dennen
Coffee Shop after Sarah and Jim break up. - iTunes

"The Whip" Locksley
Plays as Crosby and Jabbar play board games. - iTunes*

"Two Weeks" Grizzly Bear
Plays as Julia dives into the pool for the first time. - iTunes

"Shine On" The Kooks
Sarah and Drew's conversation at the car. - iTunes

"Second Lieutenant" Happy Hollows
Band playing in the sound studio. - iTunes

"In the End" Ida Maria
Plays as Adam talks to Haddie in her room. - iTunes

"Alice Marble Gray" Califone
Plays when jJulia comes home and Sydney shows her the video. - iTunes

"Swimming Song" Loudon Wainwright
Plays during the Final Pool Scene. - iTunes*

I'm unsure of this song.
"Do We Belong" Test Your Reflex
Crosby & Jabbar in Car. - iTunes

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My Thoughts

Another good episode, great to see Jim back but what is Sarah doing? He's a good guy and they (the writers) couldn't do any better than the tired old line "It's not you, it's me."? What it did show was the moment that happened life went down hill for Sarah once again, he car wouldn't start and of course her smart phone was out of power forcing her back into the coffee shop to ask for help. I was surprised to see Sarah go to Jim in the closing scenes, I just hope she realizes Jim is a good guy and stops using him.

Julia is a little overbearing when it comes to Sydney and her swimming lessons, this coupled with her jealousy of Racquel could spell trouble in the future. It might have been okay in the past to throw a kid in the deep end and let them 'swim' but times have changed. That said only hours after Julia did her stunt in the pool Sydney was swimming so maybe it still applies.

It was nice to see Crosby getting to know his son, but I wish he would tell Katie and the rest of the family about Jabbar. Also fun ti see a real life band Happy Hollows on the show and not some made up band.

Zeek and Camille are having marriage problems, which was kinda hinted at in the pilot with the condoms, nice to see Sarah trying to talk to Zeek about it and in the end Zeek opening up and letting Sarah move into the guest house slash office.

Not much from Amber this week appart from the bed scene which bugged me, in the pilot Drew and Amber shared a room with 2 beds, why not have Drew move into the single bed room and have the girls share? I know it was done for laughs but it just didn't make sence to me.

Lastly of course there was Max and his continuing troubles starting with knocking over a fish tank, was it just me or were his parents a little too pushy, first with Doctor Pelikan and then Doctor Robertson, almost badgering her into seeing their son. And Kristina's comment "You look a little bit like Oprah" was just weird. But it was nice to see Max get the help he needs even if it was at the expense of Haddie.