Who Said That Episode Title?
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This is a list of who said what titles and when.

1.09 - Rory's Dance (9)
transcript - episode description

EMILY: You sound terrible.

LORELAI: I'm fine, Mom, I just stubbed my toe.

EMILY: Maybe you should get rid of some of that clutter in your living room.


EMILY: That room is a hazard.

LORELAI: Ah, you know, I've seen the light. Everything goes. What else have you got?

EMILY: I want to talk about Rory's dance. It's just killing me that she's not going.

LORELAI: Uh-huh.

EMILY: It may seem frivolous and silly to her now but belive me, these are the kind of experiences you regret missing later.


Emily calls Lorelai

Said by Emily

1.12 - Double Date (12)
transcript - episode description
LORELAI: Which is?

SOOKIE: That we double date with his cousin Rune and you.


SOOKIE: Yes, ok, not as good as your option I agree. But it seemed pretty good at the time - though I wasn’t standing here watching you make that face.

LORELAI: Sookie no. I hate blind dates.

SOOKIE: I know, but this isn’t a blind date. This is you keeping his cousin company while I have a date with Jackson.


Sookie has a date

Said by Sookie

2.01 - Sadie,Sadie (22)
transcript - episode description
SOOKIE: You're gonna be a sadie.

LORELAI: A what?

SOOKIE: A sadie. [sings] "Sadie, sadie, married lady. Meet a mortgagee."

LORELAI: Funny Girl!

SOOKIE: Streisand!

LORELAI: Love it!
Sookie and Lorelai are talking about the engagement

Said by Sookie to Lorelai

2.07 - Like Mother, Like Daughter (28)
transcript - episode description
LORELAI: I was busy.

HEADMASTER: Without fraternizing with the other Chilton parents at all.

LORELAI: Busy, busy, busy like a really tall bee.

HEADMASTER: Like mother, like daughter.

LORELAI: Okay, hold on.

HEADMASTER: Ms. Gilmore, active participation in Chilton activities for a parent is vitally important.


Lorelai has a meeting with Headmaster Charleston

Said by Headmaster Charleston

2.10 - The Bracebridge Dinner (31)
transcript - episode description

LORELAI: Hey, the auditions are starting. You wanna come watch?

SOOKIE: Ooh, yes!

JACKSON: Auditions for what?

SOOKIE: Musicians.

LORELAI: For the Bracebridge Dinner.

Lorelai and Sookie talking to Jackson

Said by Lorelai Gilmore

2.22 - I Can't Get Started (43)
transcript - episode description
ELLA FITZGERALD [Singing]: I've flown around the world in a plane. I've settled revolutions in Spain. The North Pole I have charted, but I can't get started with you...."


LORELAI: Sookie, you’ve gotta be kidding.
Lorelai, Rory, Michel, and Sookie are sitting at a table in the dining room listening to a CD.

Sung by Ella Fitzgerald

3.01 - Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Day (44)
transcript - episode description
LORELAI: Hey, you’re home.

RORY: Yup, I’m home.

LORELAI: Oh, hey, I figured how to get the Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer out of our heads – to sing the Small World song over and over for the next forty-eight hours. Of course, how we get the Small World song out of our heads, I have not worked out yet. Okay, see, that was not how that whole scene between us was supposed to go.


Most of the title said by Lorelai but it was a song sung Sung by a group in Gazebo.

3.03 - Application Anxiety (46)
transcript - episode description
LORELAI: Hey. Guess who I actually had a very productive conversation with today? Headmaster Charleston.

RORY: You’re kidding.

LORELAI: No, and I think we came up with the solution to our application anxiety, you wanna hear it?

RORY: I guess.

LORELAI: Well, we spent the first ten minutes on him bugging me to volunteer for more stuff at school, or in lieu of that to make a donation to build the new basketball court, and then another couple of minutes of me convincing him that what sounded like me going "Ha!" was really me clearing my throat, but after that we had a very pleasant, productive conversation.

When Rory comes home from school

Said by Lorelai

3.06 - Take the Deviled Eggs (49)
transcript - episode description
LORELAI: We had no choice.

RORY: She was insistent.

LORELAI: "Take the deviled eggs!" How many times did the woman say it? And then her drunken friends hear it and they’re all shouting, "Take the deviled eggs!"

RORY: Every one of those ladies was slobbering drunk.

LORELAI: Maureen and Susan almost coming to blows was worth it, though. How did that happen, anyway?

RORY: From what I can tell, Susan said, "Bla ra um beh bleh," and Maureen took great offense.

LORELAI: Well, yeah.

Rory and Lorelai are in the Jeep returning home

Said by Lorelai

3.08 - Let the Games Begin (51)
transcript - episode description
RORY: Oh, so now you’re just waiting for the day I’m not with Jess anymore, is that it?

LORELAI: You know what, I’m actually looking forward to my mother getting here.

RORY: I’m kidding and thank you.

LORELAI: You’re annoying, and you’re welcome. [doorbell rings] Let the games begin.

Rory and Lorelai are getting ready for a day out with Emily and Richard.

Said by Lorelai

3.10 - That'll Do Pig (53)
transcript - episode description
EMILY: I’m not done.

TRIX: What do you mean, you’re not done? You had twelve minutes.

EMILY: I’m not done.

TRIX: Fine, we will wait.

[Emily begins to slowly eat the rest of her meal]

LORELAI: That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.

Lorelai, Trix, Emily and Richard are having dinner at the Independence Inn

Said by Lorelai

3.16 - The Big One (59)
transcript - episode description
[Lorelai opens the mailbox. She pulls out a large envelope and hands it to Rory]

LORELAI: The big one.

RORY: Looks like Paris was right.

[Lorelai pulls out two more large envelopes]

LORELAI: Apparently, you are the biggest virgin in the world. Wow. So, what?

RORY: I don’t know.

LORELAI: Well, what does this mean?

RORY: I don’t know.

Rory and Lorelai are checking the mail

Said by Lorelai

4.04 - Chicken or Beef (69)
transcript - episode description
DEAN: You and Lorelai, I want you to.

RORY: Well. . .

DEAN: Chicken or beef?

RORY: What?

DEAN: Wait, beef. Of course, beef. I mean, the two of you are definitely beef. I mean, not like you resemble beef or anything.

Dean stops Rory on the street

Said by Dean

4.08 - Die, Jerk (73)
transcript - episode description
[Rory arrives at her suite door, which says "Die Jerk" on it]

RORY: Whoa.

LANE: What?

RORY: Someone wrote something on our door - "Die Jerk."

LANE: It says "Die Jerk"?

RORY: It's not coming off.

Rory returns to her dorm room

Said by Rory, Lane and it is also written on the dorm door.
RORY: Look, I -

SANDRA: You're a jerk! I just wanted to come tell you that to your face! You're a jerk, and I hope you die! Bye, jerk. Die, jerk. [leaves]

PARIS: The door thing was about you?

RORY: Apparently.

PARIS: [on cell phone] The strike is off. Stand down. I repeat, stand down.

Later Rory meets Sandra

Said by Sandra

4.12 - A Family Matter (77)
transcript - episode description
LUKE: What do you mean? I'm the owner.

COOPER: Well, not according to the registration. It's registered to a --

LUKE: Jess Mariano. [watches the tow truck drive by]

COOPER: Yep. Says you're his uncle. Registration's long expired, too. It needs seeing to. But I just figured that since these seems like a family matter, I'd bring the car and the kid back to you. [Luke watches Jess step out of the police cruiser.]

LUKE: Yeah, a family matter.

Jess returns to Stars Hollow

Said by Sheriff Cooper and Luke,

4.16 - The Reigning Lorelai (81)
transcript - episode description
MARILYN: That was a different Lorelai. This is her granddaughter. This is the reigning Lorelai.

REVEREND: Oh, how nice. And who are you?

LORELAI: This is Gran's niece, Marilyn.

After the funeral at the Gilmore House

Said by Marilyn
LORELAI: Good. So, apparently, I am now the reigning Lorelai.

RORY: Huh. I guess you are.

LORELAI: It's a lot of responsibility.

RORY: Well, sure.

LORELAI: It's mostly ceremonial stuff nowadays -- declaring knighthoods, opening supermarkets -- but now and then, you get to banish someone or pose for a stamp.

RORY: Neat. And coins.

LORELAI: Yeah and coins. You know, someday you'll be the reigning Lorelai.

RORY: I don't like that idea.

LORELAI: Why not? You get a cape.

RORY: Because if I'm the reigning Lorelai, that means you'll be gone.

LORELAI: Gone? No, not me. I'll step down way before that. I'm not gonna pull a Queen Elizabeth on you, make you wait around forever, force you to develop interests in polo and architecture.

RORY: I am scared of horses.

LORELAI: I know that.

RORY: So, there's a cape, huh?

After the funeral at the Gilmore House

Said by Lorelai

5.01 - Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller (88)
transcript - episode description
LORELAI: I wasn't planning on it, but maybe in the back of my mind, I just thought -

RORY: - Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller.

LORELAI: Okay, fine, so maybe I suggested the trip to give you some time to --

RORY: Travel back to the turn of the century?

LORELAI: To think -- but you did not have to accept.

RORY: I did too.

Rory and Lorelai are talking

Said by Rory

5.02 - A Messenger, Nothing More (89)
transcript - episode description
DEAN: No. Why did she go? Whose idea was it?

LORELAI: That doesn't matter.

DEAN: It does.

LORELAI: Dean, please. I'm a messenger, nothing more. Just take it.

[He hesitates, but takes the letter. Lorelai smiles with sympathy then leaves]

Lorelai gives Dean a letter from Rory

Said by Lorelai

5.05 - We Got Us a Pippi Virgin (92)
transcript - episode description
LORELAI: Wait a minute. Have you never seen this movie?

LUKE: Never.

LORELAI: [gravely looks at Rory] We got us a "Pippi" virgin.

RORY: [solemnly] I didn't think there were any left.

LORELAI: [To Luke] And it's not a kids movie.

RORY: It's a classic of surrealism.

LORELAI: And bizarre cinematography.

RORY: And atonal singing.

LORLEAI: And forced acting.

About to watch the movie

Said by Lorelai

5.06 - Norman Mailer, I'm Pregnant! (93)
transcript - episode description
SOOKIE: Norman Mailer! I’m pregnant!

NORMAN MAILER: Congratulations. (She hugs him, giddy, and runs back to the kitchen.)

Sookie runs into the dinning room

Said by Sookie

5.07 - You Jump, I Jump, Jack (94)
transcript - episode description
LOGAN: You trust me?

RORY: You jump, I jump, Jack.

CROWD: In Omnia Paratus!

LOGAN: I really should have confirmed that those potatoes were okay.

(He grabs her hand and they jump. The crowd cheers as they land safely.)

Rory and Logan are on the tower

Said by Rory

5.10 - But Not as Cute as Pushkin (97)
transcript - episode description
LOGAN: I got lost. Don't tell anyone I was here. It'll ruin my rep. Anna, it's been a pleasure. See you, Ace. [Logan exits]

ANNA: He's cute.

RORY: Yes, he is. But not as cute as Pushkin. Right this way, missy.

Rory giving Anna a tour of Yale

Said by Rory

5.12 - Come Home (99)
transcript - episode description
[Richard takes a few steps forward, then stops.]

RICHARD: I don’t want to go back to the pool house.

EMILY: Come home.

[Richard turns to look at her.]
After the car "crash"

Emily to Richard

5.14 - Say Something (101)
transcript - episode description
LORELAI: This isn't stupid.

FILM LUKE: Lorelai, this thing we're doing here, me, you. I just want you to know I'm in. I am all in.

[Film Lorelai says nothing.]

LORELAI: Say something.

[Luke on the couch next to her is replaced by a large blue ribbon.]

LORELAI: Say something!

[Lorelai wakes up in her bed. She rolls over and Rory is looking at her.]

Lorelai is dreaming, she is watching a film

Said by Lorelai

5.16 - So...Good Talk (103)
transcript - episode description
RORY: He is. I'm having fun. A lot of fun.

LORELAI: Okay, well. If he's that important to you, I should probably, you know, meet him again, under different circumstances.

RORY: Right.

LORELAI: Everything all buttoned and zipped.

RORY: You will, I promise.

LORELAI: Good, that's good.

RORY: Anyhow, I just wanted you to know.

LORELAI: Okay, so. Good talk.

RORY: Yeah?

LORELAI: Absolutely. [She sighs.] Man, I feel like I should buy you a shot
RORY: How about a rum ball?

LORELAI: Two rum balls, coming up.

Rory and Lorelai are talking about Logan

Said by Lorelai

5.19 - But, I'm A Gilmore (106)
transcript - episode description
RORY: But why don’t they think I’m good enough?

LOGAN: Rory.

RORY: I mean, I’m a Gilmore! Do they know that? My ancestors came over on the Mayflower!

LOGAN: Don’t try to analyze it, there’s no rhyme or reason!

RORY: I had a coming out party! I went to Chilton, and Yale, and why are they okay with Josh? I mean, he doesn’t even say anything! At least I noticed the Velazquez!

After dinner with the Huntzberger

Said by Rory, but she only says "I’m a Gilmore"

6.01 - New and Improved Lorelai (110)
transcript - episode description
LORELAI: Rory! Here! Right under your roof. Excellent!

EMILY: You're being ridiculous.

LORELAI: Now you get your do over. A new and improved Lorelai. Congrats. Very well played.

RICHARD: Lorelai, listen to me. I know that you think some sort of con has been perpetrated on you...

Lorelai is in Emily and Richards bedroom

Said by Lorelai

6.02 - Fight Face (111)
transcript - episode description
EMILY: Oh, you're right. That's on the list, too. Staring: it's bad. You shouldn't do it for more than one or two seconds.

RORY: I won't.

EMILY: And they really emphasize that you should "keep your fight face at home". I'm guessing that's any sort of aggressive expression, whether you're staring at the person or not. Fight face...remember that.

RORY: Okay. I'll be fine, Grandma. Thanks for driving me.

Emily drives Rory to her comunity service job

Said by Emily
SUPERVISOR: You're on the side of the road. Cars rushing by, trucks, tractor trailers. You see my point? That's not a playground out there. It's a work environment with inherent dangers. Obvious dangers. And there you are pushing someone around. That's unacceptable. Now, I cannot have you out there with your fight face on. Do you understand me?

RORY: Yes, sir.

After Rory and Liza have a fight on the road side.

Said by the Supervisor.

6.05 - We've Got Magic To Do (114)
transcript - episode description
LORELAI: She always does a fun opening number.

(the boy starts singing the song "We've Got Magic To Do")

LORELAI: Isn't he cute?

SOOKIE: Darling.

(as he keeps up with the song a bunch of kids join him. They are taking the show off the stage and in the audience. All the kids are dancing and singing)

SOOKIE: Uh-oh, they're in the audience.

LORELAI: Oh! I...I hate it when they come into the audience. Okay. Yeah... (the kids start gesturing vividly in front of Lorelai and Sookie's faces) This is...this is not good.

Sookie and Lorelai are waiting for the show to start

Sung by boy

6.11 - The Perfect Dress (120)
transcript - episode description

SOOKIE: Pretty

LORELAI: It's pretty, it's perfect, it's the perfect dress

SOOKIE: Really, you think.

LORELAI: I don't believe it I just turn around and there it is the perfect dress.

SOOKIE: It's in your size.

LORELAI: The perfect dress is my size, that is weird. Does anyone work here. [Raises voice] Hello does anyone work here.

SOOKIE: Oh my god.


SOOKIE: It's on sale

LORELAI: It's the perfect dress, that's it I'm trying it on. [Lorelai giggles and Sookie squeals, then to the mannequin] Don't get the wrong Idea, I'm not looking for anything serious.

Sookie and Lorelai in the Bridal shop
LUKE: I don't understand, how did this happen this morning you didn't even know if you were going to wear a white dress or not

ORELAI: I know, but when Sookie and I went to check out these invitations and you know right next door there was this little bridal shop and we though we'd just go in, look around, you know no big deal just girl fun right and there it was, the perfect dress.

Lorelai says it to Luke at the diner

6.12 - Just Like Gwen and Gavin (121)
transcript - episode description
RORY: I'm sure he panicked. I'm sure his not telling you says nothing about your relationship. Maybe this is a cheesy perspective to offer you, but Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale went through the same sort of situation. He found out he had a kid that he didn't know about, but they made it work...as far as I know.

LORELAI: Meaning?

RORY: If they can, you can.

LORELAI: Really?

RORY: They're people. You're people. I mean, you don't sing and neither does Luke, but really, neither do Gwen or Gavin, but they're still together...I think. I haven't read anything to the contrary.

LORELAI: I guess.

RORY: You and Luke just need to talk some more.

LORELAI: Yeah. Maybe I'll tell Luke about Gwen and Gavin. I mean, if there's any people whose lives Luke would relate to, it's Gwen and Gavin.
Rory to Lorelai in the kitchen

I know that neither one really said the title but it was close and I like the scene.

6.14 - You've Been Gilmored (123)
transcript - episode description
LUKE: What is this feeling, this tightness in the chest, this anger filled with paralyzing weakness.

LORELAI: Your've been Gilmore'd!
Lorelai to Luke outside the Gilmore house after FND

6.18 - The Real Paul Anka (127)
transcript - episode description
LORELAI: Well I was home, and I was finishing up my usual morning routine you know, coffee, shower. And then - picture this, very weird - I take Paul Anka for a walk.

RORY: You walk Paul Anka every day. What's weird about that?

LORELAI: Not the dog Paul Anka. The real Paul Anka.

RORY: Whoa.
Lorelai is telling Rory about her Paul Anka dream.

First said by Lorelai to Rory but it's said 6 times in the teaser by poth of them.

6.20 - Super Cool Party People (129)
transcript - episode description
SOOKIE: You tried to start a limbo contest, a poker game, and a secret club for “super cool party people“ only. None of those really you know took off, especially the limbo, considering your choice of limbo stick was Zach's …

A few minutes later

SOOKIE: Excellent. [Chant] Super cool party people bid you supercool adieu! [Lorelai looks at Sookie] That's how you were saying goodbye to people.

Sookie to Lorelai about her behavior at the wedding party.

7.01 - The Long Morrow (132)
transcript - episode description
RORY: And this episode of "the twilight zone" came on -- "the long morrow."

LORELAI: That's a bad title.

RORY: That's not the point.
Rory to Lorelai about the Rocket

7.02 - That's What You Get, Folks, For Makin' Whoopee (133)
transcript - episode description
LANE: A baby. Sex sucks so bad. Sex sucks worse than I thought.

RORY: You only did it one time, and - wow, a baby.

LANE: That's what you get, folks, for making whoopee.
Lane and Rory talking about the baby.

7.04 - 'S Wonderful, 'S Marvelous (135)
transcript - episode description
[Movie is playing and there is music]

MOVIE: “You can't blame me for feeling avarice oh, S'Wonderful S'Marvelous that you should care for me [Music swells and ends]

LORELAI: Ooh, it's so good! It's so chock-full of...words like "chock-full." And even if Audrey Hepburn was 20 and Fred Astaire was, like, 80…

CHRISTOPHER: He's still Fred Astaire.

LORELAI: I mean, he could really tap-dance. That was so nice, Chris. That was so romantic and fun and wonderful.

CHRISTOPHER: S'wonderful?

LORELAI: S'Marvelous.

CHRISTOPHER: I'm glad you liked it.
Movie - Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire.

Then Chris and Lorelai

Music plays again at the very end of the episode.

7.06 - Go, Bulldogs! (137)
transcript - episode description
SMILEY STUDENT VOLUNTEER: Have Fun you two, Go Bulldogs!



LORELAI: Let me ask you something, do you really go here or are you an actress hired by Yale.

SMILEY STUDENT VOLUNTEER: [very perky] What, I go here, I go here

LORELAI: Ha, you’re good I almost believe you.


CHRISTOPHER: Hi we’re Rory Gilmore parents.

SMILEY STUDENT VOLUNTEER: Well Rory Gilmore parents welcome to parents weekend, heres a parent’s packet.

LORELAI: Fabulous.

SMILEY STUDENT VOLUNTEER: Inside you should find a map of the campus, you are here…

LORELAI: So we are.

SMILEY STUDENT VOLUNTEER: A schedule of the weekend’s events and the nametag.

LORELAI: Thanks great, Go Bulldogs!

SMILEY STUDENT VOLUNTEER: I was just gonna say that! Have fun you two.
Smiley Student Volunteer to Lorelai then Lorelai back to Smiley Student Volunteer.

7.11 - Santa’s Secret Stuff (142)
transcript - episode description
LORELAI: So what do you have in the bag?

CHRISTOPHER: No snooping. This is Santa's secret stuff.


CHRISTOPHER: What you got there?

LORELAI: Uh, nothing. Just some of Santa's secret stuff.
Chris to Lorelai about the xMas gifts.

Lorelai to Chris about the list (which is her letter for Luke)

7.13 - I'd Rather Be In Philadelphia (144)
transcript - episode description
RICHARD: Well all in all, I think I'd rather be in Philadelphia.

RORY: [Chuckles] Ronald Reagan.

RICHARD: Quoting W.C. Fields.

RORY: Oh, I didn't know that.
Richard while in hospital.

7.15 - I Am Kayak, Hear Me Roar (146)
transcript - episode description
EMILY: But you. You provide for yourself. You're not dependent on anyone.


EMILY: You're independent.

LORELAI: I am kayak, hear me roar.

EMILY: I mean, look at you. For all these years, you've done very well without a husband.

LORELAI: Maybe so, but I still wanted it to work out.
Lorelai and Emily talking about the break up and Lorelai being independent.

7.16 - Will You Be My Lorelai Gilmore? (147)
transcript - episode description
LANE: Hard-core. Listen... here's the thing. Um...my kids are gonna need that, too -- you know, when they're hiding bibles and they can't stand me. So what I wanted to know is... would you be their Lorelai Gilmore? I guess that's the proper term.

RORY: Real??

LANE: I can't think of anyone who would be better. Plus, you already have the name.


RORY: But I'm sure we'll figure it out. Oh, hey, Lane asked me to be her Lorelai Gilmore to her kids, like you were to her.


RORY: Yeah. Big shoes to fill.

LORELAI: Well, luckily, we have similar feet.
Lane to Rory and Rory to Lorelai.

Not quite the same but close.

7.18 - Hay Bale Maze (149)
transcript - episode description
LORELAI: Oh you know what should be on here is hay-bale maze.

SOOKIE: I can't believe we're actually having a hay-bale maze.


LORELAI: yeah. This year he gave an impassioned speech about how his childhood dream was to visit a hay-bale maze. And and he was clutching hay and crying. It was very disconcerting but oddly moving. So we voted yes. It was a pity vote.

LOGAN: And this hay-bale maze -- this is all Taylor’s idea?


TAYLOR: Everything is under control. Take, for instance, the hay-bale maze. It’s coming along wonderfully.


TAYLOR: The budget for the lemonade booth has been reallocated to the hay-bale maze.


TAYLOR: Well you don't have to worry about that, Babette, because there’s not going to be a salty nuts booth because the budget for the salty nuts booth has been reallocated to the hay-bale maze.


LORELAI: He spent the entire budget on the hay-bale maze.


TAYLOR: I put the entire budget into the hay-bale maze.



LORELAI: They expect certain things, the traditional events -- pie-eating contests, pony rides. They don't want just a hay-bale maze and nothing else.


LOGAN: Oh man, am I glad I got out of that waterslide park so I could come to the hay-bale maze!


LORELAI: Well, just keep it real. Well, the hay-bale maze is gonna be really fun, and then afterwards, Sookie has prepared hot dogs and funnel cakes and salty nuts -- all the festival classics.

KID: You like hay-bale mazes?

Used a lot!

This is the most used title every.

Said by Lorelai first but also
  • Sookie
  • Logan
  • Taylor
  • and the Kid

7.19 - It's Just Like Riding a Bike (150)
transcript - episode description
JACKSON: You bike?

LORELAI: Well, I don't bike, but I have a bike. There were about two weeks when Rory was 10 that we were really into biking. Then we got over it and moved on to roller skating, but for those two weeks, it was biking all the way.

JACKSON: 12 years ago?

LORELAI: Is that how long ago it was? Oh, well. I'll be fine. They must have the phrase "it's just like riding a bike" for a reason. Okay, so, I'm gonna get a snack. You want to join me?
Lorelai to Jackson

Explain the last time she rode a bike.

7.20 - Lorelai? Lorelai? - (151)
transcript - episode description
LOGAN: But not just as my girlfriend, which is why I'm here. I'm here to ask your permission -- your permission to ask Rory to marry me.

[Lorelai looks stunned]

LOGAN: Lorelai? Lorelai?
Logan to Lorelai

Logan say Lorelai? before the screen fades to black, then repeats it. The original screened copy I watched must have been cut off. Maybe I should watch the DVDs I bought?

7.21 - Unto The Breach - (152)
transcript - episode description
WOMAN: Okay, G’s, you're on the move!

[Rory see Logan in the distance, with his friends, he waves to her]

PARIS: Unto the breach.

7.22 - Bon Voyage - (153)
transcript - episode description
TAYLOR: May I have your attention, please? I'd like to welcome you all to this Bon Voyage party in honor of one of Stars Hollow's favorite daughters, Ms. Rory Gilmore!

[Cheers and applause]
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